Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch TLC Websode " Airport" Here: When Hate For Kate Gosselin Should Not Go Goes Too Far

Hello Gosselin Fans! I posted this picture because it's my fav. Beautiful, happy & smiling, with a great cut. lol It's been a while since I have personally made a post here. And a lot has happened in the past few weeks. For some reason, the more slow the Kate Gosselin news, the more vicious the Kate haters are. I don't know if it's because they can't get to Kate personally (more on that later), or they get some sorry of power off attacking and "outing" others on the web. But in recent weeks those that are anti-Kate Gosselin have taken their vile behavior too far.

I currently had a hate site under police investigation after said site starting posting personal information about not only myself but members of my family. Then theres the infamous Werney Gal, boasting with pride after following (stalking) the Gosselins to a film location to comment, and take photos of the family most notably commenting about her "boots". And finally, finding out that sites were originally stating how they do not allow attacks on other sites, are doing just that. Recently a commenter named "BerksPA" went on and on several times about her recent "run-ins" with Kate Gosselin. Her immature hurtful snarky comments finally got to her and in the end, she had to even stop herself from more embarrassment, and fess up to how she really felt after seeing all her horrible posts...

BerksPa said... "Something that really hit me in seeing her was how sad she looked. (or maybe she was tired). I will add for clarity, that on Monday I was at Target and as we were heading down the main aisle to the checkout counter my husband said to me: Did you see who was staring at me. Apparently she made eye contact with him for a little bit. Not with me - wouldn't look at me. She was NOT smiling, did not look happy at all. I posted, and snarked about it. I had not seen her in person...and didn't expect to see her...very odd. No one in the store I saw as we passed bothered her or talked to her. She was all dressed up...skinny jeans, tight grey sweater and super high heeled pumps/shoes.

I don't feel great that I did a snarky post, because after seeing her this morning, and adding it to what I saw on Monday, I really felt bad. I guess that's why I followed the van, to see if she really did have help, or if she was doing it on her own. Seriously, she must be really lonely. She lives out in the county, no one here seems to like her or perhaps they just don't acknowledge her. All I've heard second hand is what a 'b*itch' she is. Seeing for myself, especially this morning sealed it for me. She's doing what she thinks is best for her situation. However at this point it may not be best but she must provide for the kids. The attack on her as a child abuser was UNCALLED for. I wonder if that is why she looked so tired/down on Monday and this morning.

I know I can't make presumptions from just a few brief encounters, however, I do know that she's a real mom/person/friend that is trying to get some good out of her situation. People who sit out in the sidelines and judge her need to grow up. This includes all the 'super mom' judging as well as the snark.No one is perfect. Not very many people can last being put on a pedestal as the 'greatest thing since sliced bread' or survive 'the worst mom in the world' comments. She lives between those two scenarios and unfortunately lives it in the public eye. I wish to God there was a way she could do something else where she wouldn't be judged for every little thing. Kate once said "you can't go back, you can only move forward". Agreed, however she can move forward in a slightly different pattern. I hope that someone offers her something or that her Twist of Kate show maybe would get started. Anything for the kids to be out of public scrutiny. As for being skinny...seriously. Pictures do her no justice...she is thin, thin, thin and when she wore her heels she looked taller than she is, because when I saw her this morning she looked really short."

One down, and more to go. My dream is for everyone to realize that their lives must be incredibly lost if they have to continue to attack someone they don't know in order to feel better about themselves. I am incredibly proud to be able to say I continue to have a positive site. I support and protect my readers. If you moderate your site, then you are responsible for what comes out of it. Why allow people to comment about this site and me personally? It clearly shows that they are still reading here! xoxo BabyMama

- she has NOT robbed her kids of their childhoods
- she has NOT robbed her kids of their privacy
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a voice
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a choice
- she has NOT robbed her children of having a mother (she is quite wonderful)
- she has NOT robbed her children of having normal relationships with friends
- she has NOT robbed her parents of having relationships with THEIR children
- she has NOT opened her children unfairly to ridicule But thanks for asking!


  1. That post actually makes me think that maybe there is hope that there are still some decent people out there. I was beginning to doubt. I for one have had it with all the judgey behavior I have seen come out of people lately.

    And since i missed commenting on it from the other post, fascinated, I am right there with ya. My kids and I would have been fighting over those puppies too! It was sweet because it displayed Kate's and the kids nurturing side. They were soo gentle and appreciative of being able to see the puppies. And it showed how the kids are being raised right because they understood the importance of being gentle with the puppies.

  2. Maybe there is hope that there are some decent people out there.

  3. I am not a hater. I posted here first, several weeks ago. It was here that I learned there were other sites. Sites that were not pro Kate, but still had intelligent and thoughtful comments. I eventually came to realize that I was more in their camp than pro-Kate. But, I, like many of the posters there am NOT a hater. We are just old enough or experienced enough to realize there are some serious flaws in the child rearing of a TV network and a mom who wants a career with celebrity. I think that you ladies seem friendly and family oriented. I enjoy reading your posts. But, if this recent report of the expulsion of two young children is true -- IF -- then the red flags of trouble need to be recognized. I feel sad for the children and I feel sad for Kate. She is undoubtedly doing her "best" -- but she needs to have the humility to listen to those who might be able to give her advice on how to restructure her life. She is showing signs of unraveling (In my opinion.) The sexual way of dressing, the over-reactions with screaching, the attention seeking behavior -- all of this and more that does not need mentioning -- are signals that she needs help. You are her supporters. We all care about children who can't control their lives. Let's pull together instead of insulting each other.

  4. Good afternoon!
    Baby mama continue your good work ... if you want I'll add some things about what you wrote and which was actually very enlightening
    Kate is a non-exploitative because then you would not be happy their children in front of the camera
    - Kate did not steal anything from them, unlike added, which is great.
    actually I've been reflecting and wondering what is the reason people hate Kate and came to some conclusions:
    -Kate is a beautiful, famous, rich.
    -Kate has a beautiful family, healthy children and adored.
    -Kate is loved around the world and like us, people who will love her and not to great lengths to defend it.
    I think it is that drives the hatred of people (which is not justified), the good thing is: we love it!
    Forgive me for the post run over the end of the school year is equal to the duties bent lol

  5. I feel badly that two of the tups were expelled from kindergarten for fighting. It takes a lot to be expelled from kindergarten. I hope and pray that Kate gets these kids the help they obviously need. I'm not a hater, just being honest. Thanks.

  6. Hmmm...gotta wonder. So what exactly is the source for tups being expelled???

  7. Are you kidding? when did it now become 2 TUPS?? We do not even know if this story is even true. No one as far as I'm concerned was expelled. Until I see proof. AND it's hurtful to the kids to bring even that kind of gossip up. No one is allowed to even have that information, and anyone can make up a lie and post it on the web.

    So don't beleive what you read.

  8. MaryAnn~ Lets just start off with clothing being subjective. And that's your opinion as to whether or not she dresses appropriately. And her personality you can either like or don't like.

    But no one is going to come to this site and say Kate is a bad mother no matter how nicely you try to sugar coat it. And exactly how is she attention seeking when she is just living her life going about her business? See Im so sorry, but comments like that infuriates me. Just because she wears clothing that she likes that you may not like, and just because Chris the pap follows her everywhere, does not make her attention seeking. And where exactly does that make her a bad parent??

  9. According to Holly Baby it's being reported by "In Touch Magazine" that two of the tups have been expelled from school.

  10. FYI the crap that is In Touch that lies about everything, had Angelina pregnant and separated 50 times is NOT a credible source! And Hollybaby is just using this info to get readers.

    And FYI if you comment on a hate site, you will be named as such in my eyes..just sayin....

  11. And I'm seriously investigating to see if this is Jon & Ellen selling false stories to make more money for themselves. Seriously. These are just some sick haters that are rejoicing on other sites that Kate's world is crumbling.

    To all of you that read here and post on those sites. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  12. Shame is just ... it's actually stupid and crazy

  13. It's time to stop judging people by what they wear--well it's way past time to stop. Compliment if you like it. JMO

  14. I am reserving judgment on Jon. I don't agree with what he does and says but I just can't imagine that a father would sell his kids out to that extent. That story is a far cry from just letting Chris know where he is. I know it's naive but I can't fathom it. And to those of you that ask why it's different to have that story published opposed to when the kids are filmed? Again, the kids have no say or knowledge. Just because they are in the spotlight does not give us the right to know every detail about them. EVER. I really hope that's not true.

    HollyBaby is just riding the Gosselin bandwagon. I really hope she looks around to see who's on the band wagon with her and what they have been up to.

  15. Baby Mama, thanks for your personal response. I am sorry that something I said infuriated you. It was VERY fair of you to leave my post if that is how I made you feel. I don't know if Kate is a bad mother. I just think that she has made some unfortunate decisions. I am 63-years-old and I am sure that influences my opinion about how much boob should be revealed. Maybe I am just conservative...or maybe, just old! My neices are young mothers and they do not dress the way that Kate does. However, that does NOT make her a bad mother. It is, I suspect, very difficult to be in the public eye all the time. Maybe, she should consider her position and make some adjustments. Thank you for allowing my post to be on this site.

  16. Mary Ann, regardless of what is said, Baby Mama is fair with what she keeps up. The only things she takes down are stuff that is not appropriate to the site or appropriate to be viewed at all. In all seriousness thank you for seeing that. She is a great moderator and gets a bad rap from a bunch of people who don't like that she will not conform to their way of thinking.

  17. Baby Mama, I have a few more thoughts. I already mentioned my age, so you can conclude that I have raised my family. I look back over those young years and I know that there are situations I would have handled differently. Some of you thoughtful posters are young mothers. I dare say that you will review your decisions when you are older and wish that that on some days you had been more patient or friendly or even more strict -- who knows. It is hindsight wisdom and that perspective is quite clear. I am only suggesting that Kate could benefit from some advice. She is struggling with very unique circumstances and IF (notice the capital letters!) IF this is true about 2 of her very young children....maybe something is going wrong. I don't intend to "sugarcoat" my opinions. I am trying to say what I really mean. Thank you.

  18. MaryAnn~ I appreciate your comments and I'm sorry if I misjudged you. I get a lot of people that hop from site to site, saying one thing here and another there. I just can't understand the hatred that comes from peoples mouths for a woman they do not know. Many of these women are older, some even grandparents, that may not remember what it's like to raise young children. I don't judge, I just say we need to be respectful of this woman who is doing the best she can raising her 8 yes 8 beautiful children. No negativity will be allowed here on her fan site.

    That never means that you have to love her or even agree with Kate's views as a parent. Just that you are respectful to the ladies that comment here and to the woman that is the reason we all got to meet each other in the first place.

  19. Baby Mama, you are the fairest moderater I know of. If the "2 tups" story turns out to be false I hope Kate sues somebody's pants off.

  20. I do not see how HATE can ever help any of us on this planet. I really don't know anyone in any situation who isn't doing the best that they know how. That includes me, or Kate, or any of you thoughtful posters. But, we need to recognize that the "best we know" may have some gaps. There are others who could help us. I believe that Kate could use the help of someone else. Thank you.

  21. Lori Anne, I would totally push my kids over to see puppies. I wouldn’t push them into a pit or anything. I have to say though, my kids are 14 and 16, so they can take a little shoving. LOL

  22. Although I commend Berks PA on her acknowledgement of how hateful she was, and the realization that Kate is human like all of us; she said that she wishes Kate would take the kids out of the public scrutiny.

    She missed the irony that if it weren’t for people like who Berks PA ‘used to be,’ there would be no public scrutiny.

    If people stopped criticizing Kate and unfortunately the children, then the family would not have to deal with the hate.
    If people do not like Kate, then stop watching. If people are interested in watching Kate then stop lying to yourself and stop hating. You cannot ask Kate to stop doing something because other people cannot respond like grown-ups. I take that back, my children are more mature than most of the haters, because obviously some people did not learn respect in kindergarten.

  23. My heart is heavy tonight for Kate! The cruelty and rage of these negative posters and rumor-mill media sites reveals an ugly, dark side of humanity.

    When we cross the lines of decency and respect for another human being, and revel with joy and delight over the misfortune of another...we become less then human...less than animals...we become demonic and a danger to civilization as we know it.

    This woman who followed Kate got to see her up close and saw a demure, tired and sad mother of eight. Now the relevance of all the mudslinging and hate becomes more apparent...because Kate is not a made up character. She is a real human being with feelings, desires and hopes just like the rest of us.

    I'm very concerned for Kate...she is strong...but there is a limit to what a person can endure. She has no husband to stand with her, to encourage her and help her deal with all this.

    Honestly, I think the kids are just fine. Everything we know for sure about them reveals a bunch of happy, growing, healthy kids having experiences of a lifetime with a mother struggling to care for all their needs.

    Who is going to care for Kate and what she needs?
    This insane criticism has to stop. TLC, Jon, any decent press people need to step up! We need to continue to press TLC with e-mails to support Kate and darn it...I wish they would moderate her blog! It's become a cesspool of hate and venemous snakes.

    Sweet Jacque from Brazil...I read your nice thoughts and encouragement to Kate. We all need to keep doing that!

  24. At the risk of responding too many times in a row, I am going to throw one last post up and then sit back and read. I find it interesting again that the rumour is that two kids were expelled. Not suspended, not reprimanded, but expelled. This leads me to think that they are no longer allowed to attend school, for the rest of the year. Will Kate now have to home school them???

    I of course am kidding.

    Is it just semantics and they used the wrong term; or was the wrong term used to elicit anger? Kids are suspended a lot now because of no tolerance policies for many different behaviours. I agree with Baby Mama, if they are expelled, or not, it is none of our business, unless Kate chooses to allow TLC to film that. If she chooses to, then we can judge that decision, when the footage comes.

    In Touch magazine has no credibility but there is the law of averages in their favour. They have to get the story right at least once, just by chance.

  25. LOL facinated! My kids are smaller so I was on a different wavelength. Cheers!

  26. firedup4kate no doubt thanks to everyone It is thought well maybe the life of Kate would be happier than it already is surely ...
    enclusive never get tired of writing to Kate on her blog, even though she did not answer and though I do not know if she actually read I always try to somehow support that is what she needs:)
    By the way, and thanks to God here in Brazil sells no such thing as luck TOUCHE IN the newsstands, because if I saw a fire would put in everything lol, depressing magazines instead of doing that successfully selling truths fill their pockets by attacking those who do not deserve. ..

  27. Nerve said,
    It takes a lot to be expelled from kindergarten.
    That may be the case in some schools and I remember it being the case when I was a child, but anymore at least in schools I have worked in, they suspend for throwing snowballs, for repeating a racial slur, even if they have no clue what it means, for what we used to call friday flip up day when I was in kinder/1st/2nd where girls wore shorts under skirts because boys would flip up the skirts. I think a lot of it has to do with schools being afraid of being sued over every little thing such as dragging a child to the time out chair or something. Even if kids did get suspended, it could be something like taking out their brotherly or sisterly love out on each other. We don't know. If it is something serious, Kate will follow through as she has in the past, for instance with Aaden's glasses.

  28. False stories or true? - I have absolutely no idea whether zero, one, or eight Gosselin kids were suspended, expelled, banished or wherever from their school. Nor do I know their grades for fall semester nor whether they were low, middle, or high. More importantly, I D o N o t f e e l I t I s ANY of my business.

    I have tried to track down who was first source, based on time/date stamp. I gave up on that, although I'm pretty sure, it isn't worthbthe waste of time.

    I have never met Kate Gosselin, as in being introduced to her. I have seen her at Disney, and what I observed in person was far different than the slant I saw on TV. Yes, Kate was upset over ice cream at Disney, but it was taken outbox context then; she was upset at Jon chatting with people and being oblivious to needing to help with the kids at the time. Thus, I don't buy a lot of the crud as it is presented.

    Enquirer was a publication we laughed over growing up wondering what kind of idiots would buy a different alien story every week.

    I have decided I was wrong. Grossly wrong!! The people who buy these rags, read and post them are in actuality now second generation alien abductees of the original purchasers. While in the green space ship hovering over earth, they were given shots that affected them such that returning to earth and breathing the atmosphere, converted them into either rabid haters determined to believe the worst about anybody or doomed to travel earth's blogs as the "close source" spewing garbage.

    My apologies to you aliens. I should have realized you were all knowing of how Kate thinks, what she feels, why she doesn't or does smile, and the innermost thoughts of all her children. At least answer and tell me if your medusa head snake tentacles come out when you sleep? I've always wondered.

  29. Unless the article quotes the person, nothing is credible. Many papers quote other articles or summarize other articles without actually speaking to the real source. That is not credible. Articles are particularly not credible if someone will not put their name to it. If you cannot stand behind what you say... don't say it.

  30. ITA if it says "source" usually I don't believe. Anybody and his mother could be a source.

  31. Is this a case of: the story of one Gosselin expulsion this week let's go with saying two this week, and will it double again next week?

  32. Or the source could be solely the person writing the story.

    I didn't like the Taco Bell story with Jon either. I have no idea whether they were upset, wrote a letter of complaint, filed suit against Taco Bell, or whether any alleged gawking happened in the dining room, the drive through, or whether friends did or did not accompany them. All of the preceding were cited in headlines of one rag quoting another rag, quoting another rag. That's crazy! And however Jon and Ellen handled it, it is their business in this case.

    I'd be more upset over the caloric intake of fast food, but that's just me.

    On that note, goodnight all. Long day today and long one coming tomorrow.

  33. Again, I hope Kate sues if it's all bogus.

  34. Baby Mama - Forgot to say how I liked that you went with a post stating your opinion. Your opinions were what initially drew many of us several years or so back.

  35. Folks let's not forget that In Touch magazine was the expert rag that reported the news flash that Kate was going to do a Bachlorette show and they also reported that Kate was going to do a Christmas album with the kids because Kate thought she and her children were like the Von Trapp family!

    Both stories totally, 100% bogus, false!!!!

    Oh yeah...such reliable, credible information from In Touch....rather, excuse me "Out Of Touch" magazine!

  36. I seriously think that someone is just linking lies to magazines and they are printing it without even knowing or caring if it's true. How would ANYONE know whether Kate was sleeping in a car while her kids trick or treated. It's total BS. Lie after lie and the haters are eating it up.

    Which leads me to beleive that if Jon isn't spreading it then they are.

  37. Doesn't it sound kinda idiotic in the first place to think that anybody (even if they wanted to) could sleep in a car, with car doors opening and closing, lights on and off, etc. ?

  38. ladies this is my last post today because here in Brazil are already one in the morning then go forward ja my good night to you!
    I'm enjoying seeing their wild streaks in defense of Kate Gosselin, I always feel when I fix this revolt with ridiculous things to read, and Articles of IN TOUCH MAGAZINE, is it so hard to live life without harm to the next? look back and see every thing that even I enjoy the madness, the first I've seen in In Touch site, beats his daughter Kate, and now this fellow HollyBaby shame that neither has to admit that whoever wrote the article were they belonged and In blaming the touch (though it deserves !)... am revolted almost every day with the blog too (15 minutes gosselin style) almost every day finds time for new posts and new farce, sometimes find myself reading the comments posted and it's all so ridiculous that I refuse to read, my consolation is good to think about the fans, you think they are working well and growing and God willing will not be like these haters one day ...
    Good night!

  39. My thoughts were maybe she was sick? Rather than making the kids go home.. she tried to get somewhat comfortable in the van. Perhaps the perfect moms have never felt that crappy, but I know I have.

  40. Good point momsby. If she gets the pcos fatigue I get it can be very debilitating. But hey, they're perfect right?

  41. It is flu season sometimes people get sick. I bet maybe there were a few kids somewhere who either could not TorT or had to go without a parent.

    There were probably parents "sleeping" in the car somewhere other than PA. too. I really think that if it actually happened she was not feeling well. She seems to love those kinds of activities usually.

  42. This morning I watched the Jon & Kate plus 8 episode when they were skiing in Utah and I noticed at the end of the show when they ran the credits, it said "In Loving Memory of Hope"-does anyone know who Hope is? Forgive me if this has already been addressed in the past.

    God Bless our Veterans!

  43. wow reading that is making me cry , im in class and im trying to hold back my tears. kate is my hero and it kills me to hear theese fals acusations about her parenting. she IS by far the best mother i have ever heard of ,(no offence babymama or anyother mom), she strives to do the best for her kids and protect them.

    these stories about alexis and collin are sickiningly false who in thier right mind would spread rumors about two six year olds? its wrong and discusting . team Kate,Cara,Mady,Alexis,Hannah,Aaden,Collin,Leah and Joel<3 we love you

  44. I wish that people would realize that it is NORMAL for children to go through about three years (on average) of adjustment after a marital transition. (Marital transition meaning, divorce or remarriage.) After three years they usually begin to stabilize and their lives return to a feeling of security and routine. In addition to that, it is in the children’s best interest that their mother’s well-being is improved. Well-being in this case means that she takes time to do what she needs to do, exercise, buy some new clothes, etc. I know people will be upset that I say mother and not father. The fact is that most research has shown that the majority of children live with their mothers after divorce, and in the case of the Gosselins, this is true. When the mother’s well-being is improved, she is able to better focus on her children and improve the time she is able to spend with them. It’s like on an airplane, they tell you that if you are traveling with small children, to first secure your oxygen mask, then your children’s. Why? Because if you were to help the children first, you might have passed out before you could help yourself, or even get to all of the children who would need you, then who would help you?

    Ok, sorry for the rant. I just hate to see Kate slandered constantly and for some reason, people forget that it isn’t just that these children are on television, but that they have been through a huge upset in their lives. Jon is just as responsible for their well-being as Kate. I feel bad for her that in these “reports” they throw in that “Jon is the only one who is helping the children…” and such comments.

  45. To katefan01 - Honey, I know how you feel. All of us are hurting for Kate because of all these ridiculous rumors.

    But now if you are in need to concentrate on your school work. That is what Kate would ABSOLUTELY want you to do!

    Kate is strong and loves her children dearly...she will protect them or help them deal with all this in the best way. And if there is something that she cannot handle...Kate is wise enough to get what help she needs.

    We all just need to be supportive of her....I'm e-mailing TLC with good comments about Kate and I will go back to her blog and try to put up something positive there again.

    Meanness and bullying by lying and hurtful speech has become a real problem today. We have abused the "freedom of speech" we have and many are using this freedom as an excuse for foul language and bad mouthing others.

    With freedom comes responsibility...and we all need to use our speech to upbuild and commend and encourage as much as possible. That is what Kate would do!

    Have a good day katefan01 and you smile now!

  46. Firedupforkate said
    We have abused the "freedom of speech"...With freedom comes responsibility...and we all need to use our speech to upbuild and commend and encourage as much as possible. That is what Kate would do!
    Thank you thank you I needed to hear that. They had on the news the crazy author of the pedophile book they pulled off Amazon. He wants to dismpell the idea that all pedophiles are rapists and murderers. Just by virtue of it being a child makes it rape, period and always. I praise Amazon for pulling him off especially since there are people who don't think that could actually listen to him.
    It's just as how the people who spew lies and rumors about Kate are listened to by those who do not think for themselves and it creates the need for Kate to have security.

  47. INF Daily is reporting that Kate feeds her kids any part of their lunch that they don;t eat. Even the old sandwhich, which could make them sick.

    This is soooooo way over the line. Now they are accusing her of poising her children. Is there someway to report this? They shouldn't be aloud to say things like that.

  48. I agree with Lori Anne and Kayla, there should be legal ramifications regarding these accusations. I think the difficulty would be, does Kate want to pay the lawyer fees to challenge the rag magazines for defaming her character.

    Poisoning her children, abusing her children, demeaning her children, and ignoring her children…

    Sadly there are people out there that abuse their children. It is pure ignorance and hatred that people would compare Kate to actual child abusers. I am sorry but I don’t think that just because she agreed to go in front of the public eye, that she deserves this sort of attention.

    If these people really cared about the Gosselin children, their posts should say…

    I contacted child services and reported Kate because I saw this, this, and this, and they said, this.

    That is a proactive response, NOT

    I followed Kate from the bus stop and she has big boobs. Where is the child advocacy in that???

  49. fascinated..
    Sing it sister! You are SO right..

  50. Fascinated, I agree. That is why I didn't buy the garbage about Jon threatening to turn Kate in to CPS. If he would have felt they were actually abused he would have done it, he knew he didn't have a leg to stand on, so all he might have done is vent.
    When Teen Mom showed Amber hitting her boyfriend in front of the Toddler, Anderson Child Protective Services was flooded by calls. If people. If Kate was being abusive, as public as she is, CPS would be involved.
    The sad thing is that the spewers of hatred can hide behind anonymity.

  51. Should Kate sue? Most of us would say yes. However, let me use an example of Carol Burnett vs National Enquirer. It took years, Ms. Burnett would not give up the fight. Ultimately it probably cost her more than she won, but she was vindicated.
    A quick version of this is on wiki and most of the facts are correct.,_Inc.
    They published a made up account that Carol Burnett, drunk in a Washington restaurant had essentially badgered Henry Kissinger.
    The facts: She'd had 1-2 glasses of wine, but not drunk and had gone to several nearby tables offering samples of her dessert after others had asked her what it tasted like. On the way out the door, she was introduced to Henry Kissinger. The story was based on info from a nameless "source" who had the "real info." Trouble was, it wasn't true. After suit was filed, NE filed a retraction stating they regretted published erroneous info.
    That wasn't acceptable to Burnett so suit in California. It went back and forth, with ultimately the court ruling that the NE story was done with malicious intent (their argument was they retracted it.) She won...but it took years!!! The million dollar award was reduced to $150k because the initial award would have been more than 35% of the rag mag's net worth.
    Part 2 coming

  52. Should Kate Sue - part 2
    The current out that many of these rags use is "we were only quoting the XYZ mag so liability should be theirs." The problem is documenting who published it first.

    It can be a lengthy battle and one that you don't start unless willing to spend much time in court over a long period of time.

    Filing suit against malicious statements in blogs is actually much easier, and costs much less. With cyberbullying, the laws help. :)

  53. ITA with y'all. I think there should be ramifications across the board. Just because some one puts themselves in the public eye does not make them fair game as it's been so eloquently put on other blogs. We all have basic rights. Freedom of speech is one, but we have to own what we say IMO.

  54. Linda O...Agreed, it's difficult to get these lying sources thru the courts. Kate would have to hire a media type lawyer...and a good sue these tabloids and internet sites.

    Kate already has major legal debt thanks to Jon and all his foolery that makes Kate have to go back time and again thru legal means to put a stop to his antics!

    She doesn't have deep financial pockets to go after these slut inside sources and they know that.

    It's a sad commentary on human behavior to see how these negative people are all aglow with glee over the pain that they are causing Kate. I wish there was more that we can do.

    Personally, I have started writing letters to some of these sites that repeatedly run with these obnoxious stories and voiced my strong displeasure over their treatment of Kate. Don't know how much effect if any it will have...but they will know that there are some sane, decent people who are sick and tired of it all!

    I have two children and I would be mad as "hades" if anyone dared to attack me and my kids like they have done to Kate! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  55. Sometimes I wonder if Kate has any idea how many supporters she has here and at other positive sites. Hopefully her family and friends are able to be there for her. My heart goes out to her.

  56. u know if inf would just go paparatzi creep them like they have been for 2 years we would know they didnt get suspended but noo because then the rumor would be over and they want to drag it out and destroy the kids and kate

  57. You are probably right on that Katefan01. Are you feeling better? Don't let this sadden you too much.

    Corrina, I have wondered the same. Sure wish there was a better way for us to let Kate know our support and well wishes!

    We all will just be strong for Kate and say prayers in her behalf and hopefully this injustice will eventually subside!

  58. fredup4kate surely will disappear even if Kate did not know we're here for her and her family, our wishes for happiness will prevail ... even a dumb person has written on the blog of Kate that the''enemies''are going to win, good I think not ...
    goodnight girls have an great Friday tomorrow!

  59. Okay. Major problems. I'm working on them. Sorry that no posts other than administrators appear to be going through, and two of mine haven't posted.

  60. To my wonderful amazing helpful undercover Linda! Thank you so much for helping me with this mess. I know that for the past few weeks this blog as has some serious problems. I am trying to get rid of some stuff and we will get this fixed soon. Keep posting guys! You are all the best!!!

  61. I forgot to say that I am so sorry I have been MIA lately. As you see by my Tweets I have been busy with the cause of cyberbulling. It has gotten so out of hand the way that haters who do not even know who you are get off on trying to find that very information out on you. what exactly? Come to New York so I can enjoy laughing at you from behind bars?

    Speaking of running from the law, I am running away from my husband and this month's credit card statement. Between last night's Pampered Chef party (YES! I know I don't cook but I went for the food and bought stuff for my mom ;) and tonights Bingo, followed by my daughters birthday party Saturday..I am all over the place! one busy spending woman! So now I need a place to crash until the heat is off of me. I will be spending a few days hiding out at Linda's but hopefully we can work out a few days with CraftyMom & her family? Maybe TashaPork? FiredupforKate? And hey, why not really get the feds after me and I will go to Brazil with my girls??

    Now Carol, you know that you are not taking me seriously right? Ohh wait you are to busy bouncing from site to site spreading the Gospel of crazy? Can I stay at your house next week? lol

  62. Nerve - I have pulled your post and link. FYI, the only thing they posted in that newspaper was repetion of the article with the "source." I refuse to be party to the perpetuation of any salacious info that was posted initially to cause harm to the kids!

    Picking on Kate is one thing. Picking on Jon is one thing. Picking on the kids to repete unverified malicious gossip will not be repeated here. We do not pick on the Gosselin kids here ever! Should you feel or anyone else feel the need to do so, please kindly find a different place to post.

  63. Additionally, any references to rags (local, national, or blogs) that relish the posting of crotch shots as "news" will not be allowed. Yes, I know the crotch shots were not of the G's but the issue is the same.

  64. The Canadian border is pretty close! I'll meet you there, thanks for the reminder the Credit Card Bills are coming in..Eeeek. I might need to go on the run, as well.

  65. I was thinking about Kate this morning because I was soo thankful that the trashmen picked up the rest of my junk pile like my old countertop. Most of it left via a free pile in the yard sale but and i had the last few items out front. They are really bigger than what they are supposed to take. Now I don't have to find someone with a saw. It just made me think of Kate and her trash stories. I was also thinking of her when I went into my organized shed that hasn't looked like that since it was built in 94.

  66. Baby Mama - I think (?) for now, anyway, the problem is fixed. We'll see.

    I don't get really angry often, but trolls be forewarned. Logging on from your employer's computer isn't the smartest thing to do. We do have time/date stamps and we (me personally if nothing else) can and will notify your employer, your ISP, etc. of your attempts to hack code.

    Don't like something said here, post elsewhere. We are a family oriented blog. Get it?

  67. Guest room is made up and waiting for you....but bring your circut we have some scrapbooking to do! Corrina can come down and stay too. She's got one also!

  68. Baby Mama - Sure come on and hide out here... Maybe we can trade houses, lol. I've got a gig in Albany in Jan but I'm pleading with them to rebook for spring. I love you northern folks a bunch, but heading north in Jan is plain loco. Last time there was a WI shoot we kept postponing because airports were closed. By the time you redo the permits for location shoots, it's snowing again. Now if anybody wants a Jan shoot at a Caribbean island, my bags are packed and I can be there in a flash.

  69. Clarification re Caribbean island shots... I'm not sure I'm at all interested or would fit at clothing optional beaches, so I would bypass those offers and would not tell my partner they were even offered, lol.

  70. Also - I know it is repeat not repete. I initially was going for repetitious and didn't change it. Oh well, typo police come get me!

  71. Yay! Linda first then CraftyMom! I swear that Cricut is collecting dust and I haven't scrapbooked in ages. Thats why I pay money to go out and actually scrapbook elsewhere. Not once have I sat down at night since Im usually on the computer shaking my head at the things I am sent on my email.

  72. CMO3-- I'll leave here before the snow starts. :) The Cricut is all packed and ready to go! LOL

  73. hello girls!
    already noticed how the news and gossip go fast? good, and I realized I'm amazed because a few weeks ago only a small number of people who knew one of the sextuplets had been suspended from school ... now the fire spread and Kate are being targeted for criticism and accused, particularly in its TLC blog that should be a kind of path for people who favor the program may post good thoughts to her, which is not always (or almost never happens).
    Today I'm very excited because it's the weekend, and also because the channel here today Discovery Home & Health exhibited a reprise of one more episode of the fifth season that I really like that is what the program american chopper (I think it is written so!) visit the Gosselin!
    forgive me for I have left out of context! lol

  74. Hi Everyone! I just got "yelled" at by BabyMama for not posting lately. So I am posting. LOL

    I do come and read but just haven't felt like posting anything.

    I sent her an email tonight to tell her about the announcement I heard. Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company has sold Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, PA) to Palace Entertainment of CA.

    She loves DW, so I thought she'd like to hear.

    Take Care All!

  75. Corrina you don't have long...better start soon! On a serious note, we really do need to plan a bloggy convention at some point!

  76. Ok, my local news is now mentioning the expulsion thing. But again, no proof given. Nada!

    Where's the journalism? Where's the investigation. UGH!

  77. Tigger, is now reporting on the expulsion.,,20441879,00.html

  78. Nothing new and a close "source".

    However, I will say this...If it's false, why isn't Kate debunking it? The longer that takes, the more inclined I am going to be to believe it.


    And what if it's just that Kate pulled the kids because they weren't doing well. They could have been behaving badly and/or they could have had psychological needs that are better addressed at home right now. And word gets out 2 aren't going to school and being home schooled and whammo, they were expelled.

    I miss the fact finding before reporting.

  79. Tiggerfan said,
    I miss the fact finding before reporting.

    Thank you thank you thank you. Walter Cronkite would be rolling in his grave if he saw what goes as news today. Even turning on the real news, spews everyone's opinion, but shows little proof and evidence. If someone is going to say something they should stand by it and prove it.

  80. Tiggerfan - I TA with your 9:57 post.

    Isn't it bewildering that People is considered credible now when just a few years ago it was considered junk fodder? When you compare it to In Touch, N.E., Us, it's better in that there is some semblance of journalistic ethics, but barely.

    Real journalistic efforts do not allow junk like this. People at least didn't use names. They did allow the nameless source.

    I'm ashamed of all of them! If a minor commits a crime, their name is not used in real newspaper or tv reports. If a crime happens to a minor, again, their name is not used in real newspaper or tv reports.

    We do not know, whether something happened to or against any of the G kids. We don't know the rational. Furthermore, it is none of our business!

    It may have been an argument. It may have been that one or more needed additional study in an area. It may have been that one or more has struggled with divorce issues. It may have been that after always being together, one or more has separation anxiety being split apart to be in different classes. Point being, we don't know. Again, we don't know! And we don't need to know.

    Tashapork, I agree with you also. Even mainstream media does it by saying "so and so" is reporting this or that... Um, no...aren't reporting ... It would be more accurate to say, "Without a credible named source, the XYZ publication is gossiping that such and so happened."

    To do it to an adult is gossip. To do it to or about minors is malicious. Because they have appeared on tv Does Not make them "fair game."

  81. All of it grievously contradicts the journalism code of ethics. I've noted that here many times so I won't post a link to it again.

    The only time you allow an anonymous source is when it would endanger their lives to name them. Even then, unless you can find a second source to confirm it, you don't use it. It isn't supposed to be used unless you can find somebody who has integrity and guts to allow their name to be used. A single source is to be considered opinion.

    Where the heck are the editors? Even in the height of the Hedda Hopper, etc days that I studied, it was labeled Gossip Column, and the reporter's real name had to be used, and a contact phone # was given. Never were children's names used no matter whom they were. The only exception was in the event of kidnappings when law enforcement was seeking help for location of the child or the perpetrator.

    Shame on all of them! Kate cannot say anything! If she states a real reason, it focuses more as well as she'd be accused of lying regardless. She'd be speaking about something that should be private. Nosy neighbor, or whatever. It is not our business!

    All I can do is pray. I have and I shall continue to do so. For the G kids, their parents, relatives and for the those that would stoop so low as to hurt them and others.

  82. Noodles - For the record, let's NOT call it an expulsion. We do not know, and neither do you. We do not know why, or if there was an expulsion or a parwnt's choice to remove them.

  83. Hi Tigger, ITA with you.
    I have been reading here and there but have not felt like posting.
    Warm wishes to the G8 and their Dad.

  84. Hmmm. I'm not fully on board with you ladies regarding the source not being credible. This is an extremely sensitive case involving 1) minors and 2) a private school. If my child had been bullied and the bully was then expelled, my arm might be twisted to blab about it but I most certainly would not want my name used for fear of backlash from the school, or undue attention focussed on my child. The source could even be (heaven forbid) a school employee who would lose their job if they went on the record. There are times when a name just cannot be used.

  85. Good morning Lori Anne - I'm not saying the "source" is or is not credible. That the source chose to go to the publication they did, makes me question. That the publication has "apologized" in the past for publishing a source that turned out to be false, makes me go hmmmm.

    I'm saying we do not know what happened. I'm saying it was an inappropriate article initially.

    You are most certainly entitled to your opinion. A school employee who speaks public ally about any child, either pro or con, should be fired. It would be akin, IMO, to a therapist, for example, who felt it appropriate to discuss patients. Or a doctor who discussed patients.

    Could it have been a parent? I have no idea. I hope not. Let's say they were indeed expelled. That is considered punishment. To then go to a public forum, a Skaggy Raggy, and name names of two 6 year children is IMO beyond overboard. I expect the school my children attend to protect them. I expect them to deal with discipline. I expect that discipline to be fair and fitting the issue.

    IMO, because the children have been on tv, I don't consider them fair game. But that's just my opinion.

    Have a great day all.

  86. Linda, perhaps they did not go to the publication but rather the publication went to them. It would take a sleazy rag to even ask for such information, right? We can all agree on that. My money is on a parent as the source only b/c I am one, and I understand that a parent's integrity can swiftly go out the window if her child has been wronged. Outside of that scenario I really don't understand how a story like this would get out. And I totally agree it should not have to begin with.

  87. Oh, also Linda, the parent may not have named the names. Even a rookie reporter could easily find out who the 2 kids were.

  88. tiggerfan1965 said...
    And what if it's just that Kate pulled the kids because they weren't doing well. They could have been behaving badly and/or they could have had psychological needs that are better addressed at home right now. And word gets out 2 aren't going to school and being home schooled and whammo, they were expelled.

    ITA, whammo all of a sudden no matter what happened someone is going to come up with a theory what they think happened and throw in the word "source" and everyone else is going to run with it. I dont ever believe a "source"

    2. This throwing names around of a minor just infurates me. You dont EVER print a minor's name in such cases.

  89. RoxyHelen~ Welcome. I would love to answer your questions and hopefully the fans can as well. First off, as I have said many times, People mag and every site down the line has picked up a story that they are using to increase exposure. We have no idea if it is true. I feel that we know this info definetly because of people that have it out for Kate Gosselin. Its sick haters that are the reason we know this info that we don't know is even true. So yes of course because of Kate Gosselin or the reality show as you put it, are these poor people being put through the ringer. Because of haters.

    And the paparazzi are following Jon & Kate Gosselin. I honestly don't feel they are following specifically targeting the kids at all. Why are you saying these poor children? If they werent on TV you wouldn't know about it. Yeah so what is your point.. Why are you making it sound like it was wrong for them to be on TV? Oh and by the way, why are you here if this is a fan site? To see if you can piss me off?

    I hope I was able to answer your question dear....To my ladies..kisses..hope you all have a wonderful day!

  90. Baby Mama - Thought everything was fine. Somehow, as soon as you posted your reply to RoxyHelen, her post disappeared?:( I have no idea what happened, but I will keep checking.

  91. Hi to all,
    If this story is true, it would be a great time for both J&K to put their differences aside and think of the 8 first. Give the kids your undivided attention, they obviously miss both parents and I feel it would be beneficial to them.

    Share the parenting time more equally, instead of using nannies. JMHO!

  92. I am unclear as to what type of backlash this unnamed source would have to be exposed to if they gave their name.

    If it is a confidential matter than is it legal? If it is confidential then you would think they would have the grace to keep it confidential.

    If they fear that they will be harrassed by Kate fans then they should feel protected by the law that bullying is not tolerated. For gosh sakes this is the gosselin family, not someone that the world needs to know the fine detailsl about. I can't imagine this unnamed source having to go into the witness protection plan.

    Also interesting is that the source would not confirm the expulsion. Wasn't that the point of the story???

  93. In response to your comment earlier Linda about the editor's responsibility to work with the journalist in confirming the sources... Unfortunately, the poeple that are reporting in rag magazines have not taken any type of schooling to make themselves credible. Instead they give journalists a bad name.

  94. I wonder how many sites will spring up about the Palin children being exploited. Isn't tlc ruining their childhood making them work by cutting those fish and putting them in jeopardy letting them that close to the bear.
    OF course not, but I bet many of the same that cry that it is soo horrible for Kate to have the kids on tv see nothing wrong with the Palin kids doing it.

  95. For those of you with children in Elementary School~~Please research what it would take for a child to be expelled at your child's school. Please let us know here or send to me via email (my id at

    I have been asking friends with kids and they really aren't sure. They have mentioned, it would take several instances of the same offense. They aren't sure what kind of fighting/rage issues would mean expulsion.

  96. Tiggerfan - I'll get a clarification from them on Monday to be sure. Ours has a zero tolerance policy for certain issues: spitting, pushing, etc. You are then suspended. Expulsion is different.

  97. Slow down folks! ABC, CBS, FOX, etc. etc. ARE NOT reporting that the G kids were expelled. They are reporting that the RAG MAG has stated they were expelled. That is, in fact, an entirely different thing.

    Saying the XYZ Publication has reported that Martians have landed on earth 1000 times does not make it necessarily true.

    Additionally saying the XYZ Publication has reported Martians have landed on earth does NOT mean that ABC is reporting they've landed. Or the FOX is reported they've landed, etc. etc.

    We have ONE backstreet little XYZ Publication that has made a statement. It has not been confirmed by anybody. There is a huge difference.

  98. I've been mulling over this for the last few days. It is so out of place and considered not productive to ever use the term "expelled" with kindergartners!

    The sextuplets just started their first year in regular daily school's only been two months!

    I also find it very unusual that 2 of them at the same time leave the school.

    That suggests to me that this may have been a mutual decision between Kate and the school that a couple of her kids were having difficulty with the every day requirements of said school.

    If the two named are correct...we know one lad is known for his streak of stubbornness...which I might add is not a bad quality at all when directed in the right way....and the other child is known for mischief and a short attention span.

    So who knows...Kate may have decided that these two needed some individual attention and help and the school may have suggested this arrangement.

    That said...this whole last two weeks has been one drama after another, perfectly timed to disrupt the Alaska special.

    First we had the corn maze hoopla...

    next we had Kate sleep-gate Halloween nite...

    then the expert (not) opinion of drug addict Eric Roberts...

    followed by kids removed from school...

    and finally the ridiculous Kate sends spoiled food in kids lunch boxes!

    One rapid fire rumor after another...all on the heels of Jon's whining about the kids filming!

    I don't for a minute think this is a coincidence. I believe it was all well orchestrated and timed to assualt Kate as a mother and to further the illusion that someone else is better suited to care for the kids!

  99. At schools in my area, I have seen primary K-2 students suspended for throwing snowballs, friday flip up (flipping up a girl's dress, repeating a racial slur that they didn't even know what it meant, bringing firecrackers for show and tell, (the mom should have caught that one) and fights. Remember the time that they called the cops and handcuffed the five year old that was having an outburst.
    Another reason that she could be keeping kids home is maybe other kids are teasing them and she wants to keep them away from that.
    By the way, Becki Dilley homeschooled her kids for several years. It probably would be less costly and more convienient for Kate to hire a teacher for them. I am sure she would do that if she felt it was best for them

  100. I am very glad that Kate or her mom have not responded to these rumours. First of all, it is no one's business. Second, if they begin responding to every rag mag accusation, then they will be bringing their personal business out for everyone. Many haters may disagree but Kate has a right to decide what should and shouldn't be taped. The paps do not believe this and think that just because they are on a reality based tv show, that everything is up for review. The fact that the haters do not understand this is incredibly sad and leaves me to wonder what boundaries they set for their kids. Or don't set.

  101. Also keep in mind Jon's twitter that the kids were having emotional problems...we've not seen any of that from the shows.

    May all this be an attempt to substantiate that tweet and the girlfriend's public plea to suspend the filming because it is harmful?

    Whoever has been putting out these rumours is tenancious in wanting to ruin Kate's reputation as a mother...and to use the kids in this is obscene and beyond being morally repugnant in doing so!

  102. For the record, I don't think home schooling is a good idea when talking about only 2 of the 8.
    These children need to be merged into groups of their own age and/or developmental level. They need to socialize with their own age groups, and not just adults like the filming crew.

    At first the rag. mag. reported that it was only a 2 week suspension and then the story got blown up. LOL I expect those 2 kids will be back in school soon.

  103. My comment didn't make it, although it was not snarky at all - I am very sincere. Kate wants to handle the school situation in private as the family works it out. As her fans we should respect her wishes and stop commenting on the incident. Should her wishes be resepcted? I certainly think so. To do otherwise is to futher push speculation, rumor and gossip.


  104. Sophia...I do see your point. I think what we are trying to establish is that this "expelled" expression is more than likely very inappropriate and that in fact there are other "private" reasons for Kate home schooling them presently!

    We wish to support her privacy and disspell all the nasty rumors against her.

  105. Sophia - Welcome. My apologies. I struggle to keep up with the code and keep it running. Some days it runs great; some days it doesn't. Sorry your post didn't appear. Again, welcome.

  106. facinated: The child of the source might be asked to leave the school, for example. I didn't mean harrassed, but yes, that could happen too.

  107. Lori Anne - That is a good point. That happened in our school several years ago with children of political candidates. There was a situation the school handled. One parent wanted to be a source to tv... They wouldn't run it without confirmation; a playground monitor spoke up and confirmed. The source parent was asked to find a new school, and the playground monitor was terminated. You do not "out" even minor infractions of minor children. What happened was blown way out of sight for political purposes. A sad situatuation but reinforced for all at the school basic tenets of ethics expected for parents and children at the school, not to mention faculty and staff.

  108. Thoughtful ladies...what if your neighbor, or sister-in-law, or best friend, some one you ACTUALLY knew and who had children that your children inter-acted with...what if? What would you say to this friend if she went through a difficult divorce, could not successfully interact with her ex, had painful court dates? What would you say to her if her children started acting out? What advice would you give your friend if her problems became gossip in your neighborhood? Kate is our imaginary friend (or foe). What would we say and do for someone who valued and needed our opinion?

  109. I'd say put the feelings of your kids first and don't put your ex down in front of them. Even if he does it to you, take the high road. Make things as easy and pleasant as possible for them b/c none of it is their fault. Set a good example. A cute story: My husband's best friend got divorced 8 years ago when his kids were small. He ended up at a venue with his new girlfriend that his ex and kids were also at. His little son came over to him and his new girl and said "my mommy says you're ugly." The girlfriend said to the little boy "tell your mommy she's very beautiful." I never forgot that story. So I'd tell my friend to forget how much you can't stand your ex right now. Feelings might be raw and fresh but the kids will remember your words and actions for years to come.

  110. Lori Ann -- there is grace in the story you told and wisdom in your comment about years to come

  111. When my daughter (now 31)was in 7th grade - she attended a private parochial school - she came home distraught, in tears. One of her very close friends, a young girl whose dad had passed away somewhat suddenly of cancer during the girls first grade year, tried an attempt at suicide in the girl's bathroom during school. Another friend grabbed the pills (a handful of sudafed, advil, immodium - basically whatever she got her hands on from the medicine cabinet at home)and managed to flush them. My daughter's friend ultimately left the school and the girls lost touch. I was good friend's with the girl's mother since our daughter's were such good friends (camp, girl scouts, sleepovers, you get the idea). The evening my daughter came home crying I gently reached out by phone to the mom - simply letting her know I was there for her and I was available for her anytime. She never called and she also cut ties with the other moms from school that she had been close to. It was sad. We absolutely supported the family, stopping rumors, out of respect for their privacy even those of us who knew the details - our daughters were present in the restroom - refused to discuss it with anyone, especially those known to be "gossipers". We all lost friends that day - my daughter, me, and the others. It was a teaching opportunity for me with my daughter - a very, very hard one about suicide, depression, gossiping, friendship, etc. - But that is the way it sometimes goes. So, in answer to Mary Ann, what would *I* say? I'd say "I'm here". And by my previous behaviour she would know that I do not gossip, it's hurtful. That's all any of us can do. There is no advice to be given - but the gossipers should be confronted and told it is none of their business(an almost impossible task as it's human nature). If my friend would reach back, I would listen...

  112. Mary Anne - Id tell my friend that real friends stay through good times and not so good times. Real friends accentuate the positive instead of looking for the negative. I'd try to gently remind her that more than half of all marriages end, and the rate is much higher when there are multiples involved.

    I'd remind her that virtually all kids act out after divorce. It's an unfortunate but normal reaction to the pain that kids experience after divorce. I'd advise her to keep and continue relationships that were routine before the divorce. I'd advise her that even if their father and his girlfriend tweeted that I was a bit*ch, that it's better to just ignore it. Many things in your life you cannot control, but you do have to be responsible for your own reaction to those thingsl

    Most of all, I'd suggest that she do what is right for her and the children and to ignore the who world telling her what to do, or that she was wrong. Even if they ate snazzy shoes, she's the one who has to live ilife and walj the walk as best she can.

  113. Try again: Even if they are snazzy shoes she's walking in, she, not me, is the one who has to walk the walk as best she can. That's all anyone should be asked to do.

  114. I think that we are all proving by our words that we are and could be supportive and understanding friends.

  115. Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been MIA. I have had a very busy weekend. I hope that you will come and take your thoughts over to my new posts. I took a lot of thought as to what and how I would discuss Kate and the kids. I hope that you approve of what I wrote.

    The fresh scent of the day is the yummy pink icing on my daughter's birthday cake. I love you more than words will ever allow me to put to paper....xoxox