Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate Gossselin Shines At The Red Cross Gala, Moves On From 'Haterz" & Lying Photogs

CelebrityGossip.Net: Treating herself to an elegant weekend affair, Kate Gosselin made an appearance at the American Red Cross Red Ball Gala in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday night (March 10). The mother of eight was decked out in a frilly, black mini dress as she mingled amongst the fellow guests at the Please Touch Museum venue. Tweeting about the soiree, 36-year-old Gosselin wrote, “Thx @redcrossphilly & @dcschrader for a fun night at #redball12 Met many great people!Great food! Hope 2c u next yr!Keep up the good work!:)” The following day, it was back to her motherly duties, as Kate treated her youngsters to a family movie by watching the Martin Scorsese picture "Hugo". Of the weekend-ending doings, she messaged, “It’s been a great day with my kids! All are happily in sleepy land, with bellies full of party foods and a good movie to dream abt! GN!”

Kate Gosselin Moves on from 'Lying' Photog: Effie O. GatherNews.Com

 Kate Gosselin got into a bit of a tiff on Twitter with a photographer who spoke with her at a charity event. He was set to write a piece about the mother of eight and about the fire victims whom the event was really about, but things turned pretty nasty after he began changing his tune. Kate thought he was going to write something positive, but after reading his tweets, she noticed that his story wasn't going to be in her favor at all.

Kate and the "Philly Photog" got into it on Twitter, firing off messages to one another for all to read. Naturally, some people sided with Kate and others with the photographer but no one really knows exactly what happened and why the argument ensued. Kate believes that the story that was going to be written about her was based on "lies" and didn't focus on the charity event as it should have. The photographer felt he was reporting his take on what he witnessed after seeing Kate at the event... so who is right and who is wrong?

At this point, Kate Gosselin has "erased" it from her mind by blocking the man on Twitter. This likely means she won't be talking about the incident any more and that she is doing what she needs to do to put it behind her. That doesn't mean that she is right (or wrong), but she's doing what she can to block out the negativity.

"And, by the way, I've now blocked the Philly paparazzi liar and I encourage ALL to do the same. Whether you love or hate me, one fact remains: He lied to you!" Kate tweeted on Tuesday. In a way, you can't be too cautious if you're Kate. In fairness, the photog/reporter may have wanted to get some publicity for himself by stirring the pot... and that he did. So there's that.