Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Kate Gosselin INTERVIEW! "We just Adore Kate" Thank You For Making Me Famous, Is This Season of Kate Plus 8 A Hit?

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes, this is me speaking not only on behalf of Kate Gosselin but also on behalf of myself. Yes its arrogant and a little snarky, but it's all in good fun. While I was thinking of what to post for my new thread I just realized that it was exactly 3 years ago today that I entered my first Jon & Kate Plus 8 forum on CafeMom, after only having my computer for a few weeks and only been on a blog a handful of times. After 3 years, I can agree with the Khaters on one thing. You DID in face make Kate the rich woman she is. Without you, Kate would have never gotten the money she did for her shows, get all those freebies and endorsements. Thanks to those bloggers so obsessed with her, they indeed made her famous, made her the most talked about reality TV Mom of this decade.

This year we have seen a flourish with Kate Plus 8 sites. So with that people not only became obsessed with Kate, but the people that created these sites, especially the fan ones.. So now this made up name  I created for a fertility site made literally 3 years ago me some type of entity that everyone had to talk about to this day still? The same thing with the other sites. Next thing you know I got 2 weird guys and a few retired ladies with too much time on their hands trying to find out anything they can about me.. Why? Are their lives that empty that snarking on Kate's shoes wasn't enough? At then end of the day, anyone that blogs about Kate Gosselin knows who I am. So chew on that for a minute. At the end of the day I can easily hide behind some fake name and never brag about all the cool things I do, but I choose to put myself out there. However I need to be making some money now off all this Internet fame. So watch what happens, you never know where I will be popping up next...xoxox BM

Exclusive Interview From "We Simply Adore Kate & Her 8!"

In our interview we learned that Kate is only human as she confess to us that "My house is always somewhat 'clutter controlled', my bedroom/office is my 'dumping grounds' as I call it. It's always in half packed to go away mode and half unpacked mode... It's atrocious and I long for help in that arena...disturbing even on its best days..." She also filled us in our her newest pet peeves, " toys, snacks, cups, school paraphernalia, etc. rolling around my vehicle while driving" and like us, she probably couldn't survive without her iPhone. Kate is seriously an amazing mother and we were thrilled that she had a chance to fill us in on life. We just adore Kate and her amazing 8!" (For the entire interview Click the link above!)

Dancing With The Stars vs. Kate Plus 8: Can One Get Better Without The Other:

It was precisely at this time last year that "Dancing with the Stars" entered one of its most successful periods to date. For the first time, the show managed to take down "American Idol" to become the most-watched program on television -- and many people attributed its success to one woman by the name of Kate Gosselin. The Kate presence was apparent from the get-go, and the millions of viewers who left following her departure proved that sometimes, viewers just want to enjoy a good ol'-fashioned mix of drama and awkward dance moves. Kate's ratings for "Kate Plus 8" have declined since the appearance on the ABC show -- if for no other reason than that it has failed to provide the same sort of excitement without a tense situation involving either Jon Gosselin or the foxtrot. (Meanwhile, it took a certain controversy surrounding Bristol Palin for "Dancing" to creep back up the chain of success.)

So where are "Dancing with the Stars" and Kate Gosselin going now? In the case of the former, it is a weak cast expected to draw a smaller audience than last season. Kate, meanwhile, spent this past weekend minus the kids at FAO Schwartz (hopefully picking them up a gift). Her new season of "Kate Plus 8" is set to premiere next month, but the buzz has been barely audible thanks to television moving on to other new phenomenons. "Dancing" with likely be in the spotlight far longer than "Kate Plus 8," but do you think either show will ever be able to replicate from here on out the success that the two parties had together?

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