Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watch Kate Plus 8 Gosselins, Ghouls & Goblins HERE! Kate Talks Turkey Day & Homeschooling

E! Jon and Kate Gosselin used to have a rule never to talk to the media about their children—until now. Kate is finally firing back, days after reports that two of their Plus 8 had been expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania."Two of my children, no, are being tutored at home, with a teacher who is working closely with our kindergarten teachers in school, doing the identical curriculum," Gosselin tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview, claiming the kids weren't really booted from the school. However she did acknowledge that her and Jon's acrimonious divorce has been a factor in the youngsters acting out. "The pressure was getting to them," Kate says. "You have the divorce anger mixed in with that."However, she stresses, "the goal is to get them back into school as soon as possible."For his part, Jon Gosselin has stuck to the former couple's previous agreement and maintained silence on the matter. "Unlike Kate, Jon doesn't comment on family matters, he feels those are private," his rep exclusively tells E! News.

On a cheery pre-Thanksgiving note, Kate reveals that she and her ex have amicably ironed out who gets the children on what holiday. "I will have the first half, he will have the second half, and, we just take it year by year and holiday by holiday," she says.Kate also discusses the status of her TLC show Twist of Kate, which was supposed to debut this fall. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant confirmed it's still in the works despite reports to the contrary. "We're sort of still trying to shape it [into] what it needs to be and what is going to be fun. So no, not canceled," she added. Her latest Kate Plus 8 special premieres on TLC this Sunday.

Will 'Kate Plus 8' be saved by Sarah Palin? (Does it even need saving?)

Who would have ever thought we would see a Sunday-night lineup that includes a former Alaska Governor / Vice-Presidential candidate running around in her home state alongside a single mother with eight children. Not only are both of them classified as entertainment -- they have been two of TLC's highest-rated shows at various point of the past two years. However, one of them may now be leaning heavily on the other. On Sunday night "Kate Plus 8" is airing its Halloween-themed special (albeit a month late) following "Sarah Palin's Alaska." In many ways, the Palins could be a saving grace for the Gosselins, who have been the target of cancellation rumors since her past special barely managed to total over a million viewers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kate Gosselin An ET Correspondent For Skating With The Stars, Gosselin Family PSA For Feeding America! School: Gosselin Kids NOT Expelled

Hello Gosselin fans! How much joy does it give me to see that Entertainment Tonight once again using Kate as a Correspondent for them? Just to enjoy rubbing it in the faces of those that attack her on the computer is enough for me. There seems to be some great stuff popping up in Gosselin land this week, and I want to make sure I get it all to you. This week we have Thanksgiving, and I know we all have so much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my beautiful children and incredibly supporting husband.  Not too many would allow me to get away with a quarter of what I do. Through the years he have stayed happily married by: 1) Avoiding him completely the 23rd of every month when both Amex & Visa arrive 2) Not ever asking him to dust or go near a washer or dryer and 3) always assuring him that food WILL be waiting on the table every night regardless if I make or buy it. Cause lets face it, the man did not marry me for my cooking OK? So there you have it, my secrets for a successful happy marriage. So what are YOU thankful for? xoxox BM

Kate Gosselin Will Be The ET Correspondent For Skating With The Stars!
If you thought seeing your favorite stars fumble around the ballroom floor all in the name of a Disco Ball trophy was entertaining, just wait until they slap on some ice skates and tackle a quad.  On November 22, don't change your dial after watching Dancing With the Stars or you're in jeopardy of missing the biggest train wreck to hit the small screen since Kate Gosselin tackled the paso doble. Skating With the Stars has landed. Entertainment Tonight announced on their show Friday that Kate Gosselin will be a special correspondent for the show Skating With The Stars. The show premieres Monday, November 22. In the first round of competition, 6 celebrities and their pro skater partners hit the ice for competitive figure skating and ice dancing.


TLC Lends Its Support to Feeding America

TLC & Feeding America LogosHere’s some food for the soul. TLC announced this week that it will harness the popularity of its food- and family-focused programming to help leading domestic hunger-relief charity Feeding America fight hunger in the U.S. Along with other promotional efforts, TLC will create PSAs for Feeding America featuring TLC stars, including Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and Kate Gosselin and her adorable eight, in order to increase awareness about hunger issues affecting families across the country and tell viewers how they can help achieve a hunger-free America. Over Thanksgiving, the network will serve as official media sponsor, promoting the charity’s Hunger-Free Families Campaign across a number of programming initiatives.

Kate's Gosselin Kids: NOT Expelled From School!

According to dozens of print and online accounts last week, two of the 6-year-old Gosselin sextuplets -- Collin and Alexis, stars of the TLC reality series "Kate Plus Eight" -- were expelled from Lancaster Country Day School, where they were kindergartners. School employees have been warned not to talk about the case, according to one source inside the school. Faculty members were required to attend a meeting designed to inform them about the situation; officials with the Lower School (which includes preschool through fifth grade) asserted that the two Gosselin kids had not, in fact, been expelled, the source said. No further explanation was offered, said the source. Faculty and staff have had to attend meetings with Gosselin bodyguards. Once, a bodyguard led a "tour" around campus, pointing out spots where paparazzi might hide. On another occasion, said a source, faculty and staff were required to attend a meeting to Skype (a type of online video conferencing) with a Gosselin bodyguard "so he could tell us how to behave." Media outlets have reported that the expulsions were prompted by "rage issues," with one source telling In Touch Weekly that the two kids "fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids."

"The things they are saying are not words they should know. They are learning them somewhere -- but Jon [Gosselin, their dad] doesn't know where," the magazine reported. But another source told People magazine that the children weren't behaving as badly as has been reported: "The situation is being grossly overstated," the source said. "Some kids have low self-esteem or insecurity, or they have modeling issues -- they see [bad] behavior being modeled." Dr. Nicholas Martino, a psychiatrist with Life Management Associates in Lancaster said, in a family of eight children, "just think of the jockeying for position ... sometimes the kids who make the most noise get the most attention."