Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kate Plus 8 Film In Australia & New Zealand! Jon Gosselin (of Course) Tries To Stop It

Kate Gosselin is following in Oprah Winfrey's footsteps by jetting down-under to Australia with her eight kids to bring in the New Year. The reality television mom will also pay a visit to New Zealand during the whistle-stop tour where she will be accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Nield.What's more, we've learned Kate is doing it in style: the 35-year-old and her brood are flying first class! It's understood TLC is picking-up the tab for the expensive tour, as the family will be filming upcoming episodes of their hit show Kate Plus 8.However, neither Jon Gosselin or his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, are traveling with the group and will be staying Stateside to see in 2011.

"Kate and the kids flew-out just before midnight last night in what will be a staggered trip to Australia and New Zealand," a source said. "Obviously, Jon was informed of the excursion and the kids will not see their father again until mid-January when they return to America with their mom. "They will be filming for Kate Plus 8 and the kids are excited about visiting both Australia and New Zealand."Steve Nield - who is from New Zealand - will also be traveling with them while they tour both countries." As we previously reported, Gosselin tried to prevent Kate from doing her own reality show after the couple divorced once their original series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, ended. But the courts in Pennsylvania allowed the controversial mom to keep filming with her kids.

Jon Gosselin Asked Judge To Stop Kate From Taking Kids To Australia:

Jon Gosselin made a desperate attempt to stop his ex-wife Kate's trip to Australia with their eight kids -- and even went to court over it -- but a judge ruled that she could make the excursion because it was work related, has exclusively learned (through REAL source Ellen Ross lol). The decision to allow the trip was made following a secret closed door hearing at Berks County Court in Pennsylvania earlier this month by the same judge that allowed Kate to film her spin-off reality TV show Kate Plus 8 on the TLC network, despite objections by Jon.“It was another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia. “But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans to get together with his kids and friends for New Year, but now he will not see them until they return in the middle of January.

“He was scheduled to have them this weekend, but there was nothing he could do as the decision was taken out of his hands.“Kate told Jon about the trip, and when he did not agree it was decided that the judge should intervene and the ruling went in her favor. “He is trying to put a brave face on it and has explained the situation to his own family and friends, but obviously not being with his kids for New Year is a big disappointment for him. “But they all respect him for trying to stand-up to Kate and for fighting for what he thinks is right for his kids too.” exclusively reported that Kate flew to Australia with her eight kids, plus their body guard Steve Nield, on Tuesday night. The trip is being paid for by TLC and the party will also visit New Zealand. During the excursion they will shoot footage for future episodes of Kate Plus 8.

The source added: “Jon’s friends are determined that he will have a good time at New Year even if his kids are not around. “It is most likely that he will be staying in Pennsylvania to be with his girlfriend Ellen Ross plus family and friends as they see in 2011 together.” In October, 2010, Jon was snubbed by the same court when he tried to keep his kids off television because he claimed they were suffering from emotional and behavioral issues.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

TLC Edits Kids To Look Sad Camping, INF Tries To Keep The Lies Straight

Wow Holy Blizzard everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day home before the nightmare that will be work tomorrow. I finally got the baby to take a nap after the kids drove me crazy today. Are they done playing with their brand new gifts already? Sigh. There was a few things that I wanted to cover last week before the chaos that was Christmas. Did everyone get what the wanted? See my wish for snarky vile hate sites to be wiped from the Internet sadly did not come true. I was deeply concerned that poor Wormy Gal will become frostbit from setting up camp along Gosselin's shrubbery. So lets get back to all this craziness that is all things Kate Plus 8, minus Jon, plus fans minus non-fans...

TLC in need of sad, upset-looking kids, uses the same shot multpile times!!

Photos courtesy of ZiggyFlo:  Obsessed haters excited to exclaim!: "More proof of TLC's manipulation and how "reality TV" is anything but real... Sarah Palin/Gosselin Camping episode on MY PREVIOUS POST  take notice of Part 4 at the 3:42 minute mark and Part 5 at the 4:23 minute mark.   TLC uses the exact same clip of a tup looking very forlorn. In Part 4 the clip is used while Chuck is instructing the kids about bear safety at the campsite.  In Part 5 the same clip is used again when Kate asks the kids if they are Palins or Gosselins as she wants to leave the campsite.  This is a good illustration of how clips can be manipulated to fit different scenes. Sure, the event actually happened, but TLC uses it twice, in completely different scenes, to enhance different storylines they want to portray at different times." Ok so basically TLC is trying to make the kids look sadder than they actually WERE? Go figure? You mean, someone was INTENTIONALLY making Kate Gosselin appear to be a bad mother? "TLC sees something that's great for ratings, something that appeals to people. Kate had this appeal to people with a moral center, back when things started going. She was very pro-life, and that was attractive to the religious community. You supported her, you wanted to be there for her, because now she had this incredible plight on her hands. And what is she going to do? So the show was more, in the beginning, about looking at cute kids and watching home movies, because everybody likes home movies. Now, they're getting older and it's not the same type of thing, so you have to amp up the drama. You have to put something else in there that will attract the viewers, and if it's not the show-and-tell of cuteness, there's got to be something else out there."

INF Gets Caught Red Handed Changing Their Posts To Make Kate Look Bad

OK so if anyone was the nasty, lying ,money grubbers out there in 2010, the award hands down goes to INF. Poor Chris Watts probably has not bathed in days. Forcing him to live a life of despair in his beat up car living at the Gosselin Gates this year just to get a glimpse of anyone to get a photo of from the Gosselin family. Wormy Gal bonded with him and the slug that is Al Walentis, while they got their "child exploitation signs" all muddy waiting there for so long. They wanted their exclusive photos to have a voice, so they picked up the steam with their site by allowing the trash commenter's basically say whatever they wanted, AND deleting fan posts. (Since we all know that INF pulled a Nina Frye because haters make up more readership and vile hate is more vocal than the fans who are too scared to post. .) What people started noticing recently was INF getting caught in a few of their lies and changing their posts after fans caught wind that their sources may not be legit.

When many of the posts were having WAY to much of a "Jon Gosselin REALLY loves his girlfriend" slant, many were accusing Ellen Ross of planting stories to make her only 8 month boyfriend Jon Gosselin look like father of the year.

So while I don't blame her for running away from the Internet after blabbing to blogs too many times, this behind the scenes "source" needs to stop trying to became the Gosselin Stepmother she ain't.. Not a good thing. And I'm all for Jon to announce to every blog on the planet that he FINALLY got a job, but leaking stories that are WAY too obvious who the leak is also, not a good thing. Get away from INF in 2011 and legitimately try to just work on being a good father and a civil ex-husband. xoxoxo BM