Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kate Gosselin Dazzles At The Kentucky Derby, Kate Plus 8 Philly Fun Review She is regularly seen jogging around her home town of Wyomissing Pennsylvania while taking a break from looking after her eight children..And all the exercise seems to have paid off for Kate Gosselin as she stepped out on the red carpet at a Kentucky Derby pre-party. She's All that glitters: Kate Gosselin looked striking in a gold and black sequinned dress at tonight's Barnstable Brown Derby party in Louisville, Kentucky. Looking dazzling in a black and gold minidress, the reality star showed off her svelte figure as she , who today soaked up some of the atmosphere at the Barnstable Brown Derby party in Louisville earlier tonight. A few hours earlier, Kate looked more ready for the races, wearing a plum coloured dress with matching hat at a gifting suite. She was clearly excited about going to the races, posting on her Twitter account: '

Lots 2 do before I’m off 2 the races (derby, lol) in next few days. Can u hear me galloping 2 bed? Gotta get sleep & get house back in order 1st.' She joined a few other stars in town early to watch the 137th Derby.

In other related Gosselin news, haters are flocking to any Gosselin blog they can to talk about how JEALOUS they are of Kate Gosselin. Making themselves appear more desparate than ever. News at 11!
On TLC’s Kate Plus 8 the family experienced some Philly Fun! Along with them came Kate’s BFF Jamie to help with the kids. The trip to Philadelphia started with an adventure in the hotel suite. Between the pull out couch and the numerous roll away beds, it was chaos. But once everyone had their medicine on their hands to treat eczema and then had their socks on, the room calmed down.
The day of touring began with the fam taking a Ben Franklin Walking Tour led by a guy dressed like Ben Franklin might have dressed. He showed them many sites throughout the city. The coolest thing brought up was a statue of Ben Franklin’s head made up of pennies and keys. The kids got a history lesson regarding the Liberty Bell and why it was cracked. Of course they didn’t quite absorb it all. When asked why they ringed the bell, one answer was, “They rang it because they were so excited.” Another suggested, “They wanted people to make their own choices.” Cute. Kate has that going for her, those kids of hers are just plain cute!!!

There was a stop to the National Constitution Center. It has a lot of interactive things for children to see. But, I am not sure six year olds were going to learn, or remember it, but still, even if they just remember a little it’s worth it! They took turns pretending to get sworn in as the next president. Two of the boys were talking about why you had to raise your right hand when being sworn in. One of them told the other, “It’s the Liberty hand.” Again, very cute!!!!
Of course, much less cute, was Kate walking around a room with statues, talking to them, even hitting on them. Yes, all in gest, but still a little weird. A trip to the market found the family at a pretzel shop. The owner let them stand on buckets to roll out the pretzel dough and help make some pretzels. That night Kate took them to a hockey game. One of the boys said, “It’s like hockey, but it’s on ice.” The monkey’s piled into box seats. It didn’t appear there was much hockey watching going on, just lots of snacking. A previously injured hockey player who was still recovering came up to the box to answer any hockey questions the gang had and to pass out jerseys to all the kids. Eventually Kate found time to sit down and watch the game and realized she really enjoyed it!!
Day 2 they went to an Insectarium. Kate was fairly okay with the whole scenario, as long as the insects were dead. But when the live scorpion came on, she wasn’t doing so well. Then when the huge spider made its appearance she was pretty freaked out. She came up with, “Who would pay me to hold the spider?” One of crew offered her a crisp $100 bill. Just like past episodes where she tried to rationalize away her fears, and once again she made a deal about her fear. Naturally she held the spider and earned her $100. Later in the tour Kate intervened just in the nick of time when the bug guy had the kids looking at, and just about eating, cheddar covered bugs. Kate was NOT having any of that and neither were they! A trip to Philly was not to be complete without a cheesesteak sandwich so the group did a taste test between two fast food joints and they picked Geno’s Steaks hands down over Pat’s steaks. Apparently it’s all in the cheese whiz. Kate went into the kitchen at Geno’s and they made her a small sandwich with the cheese whiz and she fell in love. It was silly how natural she acted, as if everyone (read that anyone) goes into the kitchen of the restaurant they dine at/in. Too Funny! They finished off their trip to Philly by running up the Rocky stairs, which was a bit more meaningful as she showed them a clip on the movie on her phone.