Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kate Eases TLC Cancellation W/New Blog, Are The Kids Growing Up Too Fast?

Does Kate Gosselin see her kids growing too fast? Kate Gosselin was snapped prepping for the 10th birthday of her twin daughters Cara and Mady earlier this week. Did Kate get the kids for their full birthday celebration? Not exactly. We remember the Gosselin twins' birthday last year, when Cara and Mady were shuttled between the newly-separated homes of Jon and Kate. Kate Gosselin was said to have acted in nothing more than a "cordial" manner as a stressed-out Jon attend the ninth birthday party of Cara and Mady. At the time, Jon and Kate Gosselin were in a fierce feud over finances as their divorce saga reached its hottest point...but one year later, things were considerably less conflicted.

Jon Gosselin took twins Mady and Cara on a happy dad-and-daughters date Thursday night. Gosselin picked up the little ladies at Kate's house in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and drove them straight to their favorite spot to hang with Dad: the mall. Jon Gosselin tweeted Thursday night, "Just dropped my birthday girls off after a really fun night together ... I asked them what they wanted to do for their birthday and they said the mall and Olive Garden. So that's what we did!" Mmmm, Olive Garden... Anyway, mom Kate Gosselin was getting ready to party on Cara and Mady's birthday proper, Friday. Witness spotted Kate shopping for loads of decorations all over town for what's expected to be a big-deal birthday party -- come on, it's the perfect formula: Gosselin twins hitting the double-digits and perfect weather in Pennsylvania for 10.10.10 weekend! Plus we say this about (recent) Gosselin photos, taken Oct. 6, 2010 (Kate looks tired -- is it because it's early morning, or because the more these kids grow, they more they are to handle?!): "Kate Gosselin, Cara Gosselin, Alexis Gosselin are photographed at the bus stop today. The twins turn 10 on Friday, and there were lots of hugs and kisses coming from Kate." Love the birthday love!

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin eases TLC cancellation rumors with blog:

If you want some sort of definitive proof that Kate Gosselin's time on TLC is not over just yet, all you have to do is head over to her blog, where there is a new entry. While the entry does not directly address the rumors that "Kate Plus 8" has been canceled in any way, it does begin with this note from the editors:"We've all missed Kate during her absence from her blog. But now that the kids are settled in at school, Kate's back at the keyboard."
With this in mind, we can probably assume that the reality TV was not away from writing (or filming) due to the network deciding to go in another direction -- rather, she was trying to get into a new sort of lifestyle with her kids gone at school for the full day. The blog itself is actually rather timid, as Kate talks about how difficult it is to get eight children ready for school every single morning. Not only that, but she touches on her plans to run a marathon at some point in the near future.Finally, let's close with this thought -- if TLC was ready to kick Kate to the curb, would they really have her write a new blog for their website? Are you happy that Kate is still sticking around?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toginet's Record Breaking Numbers for Baby Mama Interview, Happy Birthday Cara & Mady Gosselin!

"If they're not talking about you, then your not relevant!"  ~Real Housewives

Good afternoon Gosselin Fans! Wow what a crazy morning for me! I just want to say thank you for my readers that called in as well as all the amazing e-mails! TashaPork, FiredUp4Kate, Anothermom..I just loved finally getting to hear everyone voices of real love and support. It really meant the world. Some of us have been blogging for a long time, and it's always fun to put a face with the words they so eloquently put on the page each day! And again to put a voice to a commenter made for a fun quick program. I had a blast! (FYI: My allergies here killing me this morning and normally I do not sound that nasal. Ok moving on..
I received a call from Nina shortly after the show. The callers trying to get though and the listener numbers actually beat out Kate Gosselins July 8th interview! Is that crazy or what?? So many people had so many questions to ask me but I didn't get around to talking to everyone. Lets just say I was immediately asked back, and excited to talk again sometime in November. We didn't get the chance to discuss Jon and talk more about the kids. We will definitely do that the next time. Who knew that the time was going to fly so quickly? I really wanted to get on there to share the story of the reasons behind the blog and why it has become as successful as it has. And of course, to show my unwavering support of Kate Gosselin.

Please stay tuned every Thursday for 10-11am EST at Toginet. Nina is interviewing "Buddy" from Cake Boss next week as well as an interview at the end of the month with Michelle Duggar. She is also scheduled to interview Kate Gosselin again before the end of the year. Who wants to be on that show?? I'm so happy to see the progress of this site in the past year and I hope that it continues on this path for years to come. We are sticking by our motto..We will be here on the web until ALL the Kate Gosselin hates sites just fade away...Ohh and do you think I should change my screen name??? ;)

Happy Birthday Cara & Mady From The Fan At The Gosselin Family Fansite!

This was my absolute favorite shot of the Twins. It reminds me so much of how my old blog looked. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was just last year. I thought it would be great on this post to extend birthday wishes to these wonderful girls. Having a child turning 10 myself, I can't believe where the time has gone. Kate has said it many times. We have watched these beautiful girls grow up right before our eyes, and even watching the old episodes sometimes brings a tear to my eye! Gone are the big birthday bashes replaces for larger more expensive gift requests. Entering your "Tweens" is a very traumatic experience for us moms. I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with love from your parents and siblings. Hope it's an amazing day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Are Women So Critical Of Each Other? Understanding The Blogging World

TheFWord.Org: Women’s misogynist behaviour towards each other exposes something deep and dark within women’s relationships. Underneath the popular image of women being good at relationships lies a reality that blocks our ability to support, protect and fight for each other. Something is causing women to hate each other, to feel jealous of each other and to tear each other down. Something is teaching women to use the language and weapons of patriarchy against each other.
We need to understand this deep dark reality if women are to enjoy complete visibility and equality, because without it, we are in danger of sabotaging our progress with our own internalised misogyny. And that is essentially what I believe it is. The ‘bitchy’ adolescent female culture is well documented, but if we see that as a symptom of female adolescence, we are missing something vital. Our young girls are showing us what happens to women’s relationships in a culture where women are not equal or fully visible. These 400 delegates at the Fem 08 conference voiced what all women know; ‘bitchy’ behaviour is not the prerogative of young girls, it happens at all ages!
"I frequently see women react with thinly veiled jealousy when they see other women stepping up and claiming a level of entitlement they can only dream of. An entitlement they either don’t know how to, or don’t feel entitled to claim for themselves"
Jealousy is rife among girls and women. I frequently see women react with thinly veiled jealousy when they see other women stepping up and claiming a level of entitlement they can only dream of. An entitlement they either don’t know how to, or don’t feel entitled to claim for themselves. Female jealousy is a natural reaction to our collective experience of being invisible and starved for attention. Generations of being the uncared-for carers of everyone else, silencing ourselves so not to upset anyone and putting our needs last, has left women emotionally starved. It is hard to see other women feed themselves with attention, entitlement, self-worth and self-care when you are starving for that yourself. And when we don’t recognise how starved we really are, the reaction to criticise, to put down and to tell other women that they are behaving in an unacceptable manner makes sense at some level, even though it isn’t OK.
"Fear of not being liked, of being alone, of the consequences of escaping and standing up for your rights and life, are strong motivators that make women pull each other back down to where it is sad but safe and familiar."
For women to flourish, we need to band together. We need to re-create the sense of female connection we once had during biblical days around the village well and in the Red Tent where women gathered, shared stories, supported each other, and passed on their female wisdom. I am not suggesting that things were great for women then, but I am saying that we have lost that essential sense of community that women had then. The saying “together we stand, divided we fall” is true. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Divided and alone makes it harder to stand up and say “no”. I hear over and over how hungry women are for empowering, supportive and nurturing female connection and community. We need to recognise and unlearn our internalised misogyny so that we can thrive and save this ailing world.