Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toginet's Record Breaking Numbers for Baby Mama Interview, Happy Birthday Cara & Mady Gosselin!

"If they're not talking about you, then your not relevant!"  ~Real Housewives

Good afternoon Gosselin Fans! Wow what a crazy morning for me! I just want to say thank you for my readers that called in as well as all the amazing e-mails! TashaPork, FiredUp4Kate, Anothermom..I just loved finally getting to hear everyone voices of real love and support. It really meant the world. Some of us have been blogging for a long time, and it's always fun to put a face with the words they so eloquently put on the page each day! And again to put a voice to a commenter made for a fun quick program. I had a blast! (FYI: My allergies here killing me this morning and normally I do not sound that nasal. Ok moving on..
I received a call from Nina shortly after the show. The callers trying to get though and the listener numbers actually beat out Kate Gosselins July 8th interview! Is that crazy or what?? So many people had so many questions to ask me but I didn't get around to talking to everyone. Lets just say I was immediately asked back, and excited to talk again sometime in November. We didn't get the chance to discuss Jon and talk more about the kids. We will definitely do that the next time. Who knew that the time was going to fly so quickly? I really wanted to get on there to share the story of the reasons behind the blog and why it has become as successful as it has. And of course, to show my unwavering support of Kate Gosselin.

Please stay tuned every Thursday for 10-11am EST at Toginet. Nina is interviewing "Buddy" from Cake Boss next week as well as an interview at the end of the month with Michelle Duggar. She is also scheduled to interview Kate Gosselin again before the end of the year. Who wants to be on that show?? I'm so happy to see the progress of this site in the past year and I hope that it continues on this path for years to come. We are sticking by our motto..We will be here on the web until ALL the Kate Gosselin hates sites just fade away...Ohh and do you think I should change my screen name??? ;)

Happy Birthday Cara & Mady From The Fan At The Gosselin Family Fansite!

This was my absolute favorite shot of the Twins. It reminds me so much of how my old blog looked. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was just last year. I thought it would be great on this post to extend birthday wishes to these wonderful girls. Having a child turning 10 myself, I can't believe where the time has gone. Kate has said it many times. We have watched these beautiful girls grow up right before our eyes, and even watching the old episodes sometimes brings a tear to my eye! Gone are the big birthday bashes replaces for larger more expensive gift requests. Entering your "Tweens" is a very traumatic experience for us moms. I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with love from your parents and siblings. Hope it's an amazing day!


  1. I forgot to add that Nina's recent shows are on the bottom right of her page. Clicking the "Listen Live" button only gets you what's on now. Those that are listening for the first time please tell me what you think!

    Also, you can give me suggestions on what you would like to hear or that we talk about on the next show. I am saving everything. My interview will be promoting the next Kate Plus 8/ Sarah Palin Alaska episodes coming in November.

    And yes, we did promise to talk about Jon, but did not have the time. It went way too fast and we will talk about him at length next time.

  2. I could not listen during airtime, however I am listening now. Good job!!! You rock, very enjoyable. Keep doing what you do.

  3. So can you really kill them with kindness? Good job handling sweet Becky. How funny was she? Love the picture of your baby/toddler! There ya go Becky~

  4. Babymama-You are liking to talk on the Radio-and kate has said she has "the gift of gab"- wouldn't it be great for both BabyMama and kate to have a radio show together! I think alot of people would listen to it! I am serious about this, what does anyone else think about this idea?

  5. Loved the interview, this is my first time posting to your sight, tho i have been "stalking" it for a lonnnnnng time. Thank you so very much for not giving into the haters! I wished i could of called in this morning, maybe in November! Thanks again for providing such a great sight!

  6. carrienmarc - Welcome. So glad you took the plunge from lurking to posting,,,

  7. Will I be able to listen to it tonight?? Please say yes!

    I'm dealing with a horror show right central vac is clogged & the oven just blew up,was flaming & died.. with a cake in it!! My mom is on her way for a birthday dinner YIKES..
    I'm going to have to order chinese I guess.

    I'm hoping I can listen tonight when the kids are asleep with a nice big glass of wine.

    Congratulations Baby Mama I don't even have to have heard to know you were awsome.

  8. Oh and my baby had a complete meltdown at our thing & as I was dragging her out I got some of those"looks" from a couple of the other moms:(

    Glad your day was better!

  9. Baby Mama - You rock girl!!!! Fantastic job! I so wanted to support you on air. I can't wait for your November appearance.
    Finally I am home and got to listen to just part of it (Took a phone call, thought I punched the pause button but stupidly did something wrong because I have to start over.) Can't wait any longer, I have to go listen now!
    Again, you rock!

  10. Baby Mama - You did awesome. I can't believe how fast the hour went. You sounded like a seasoned talk show host! I liked the way you handled Becky, so calm and polite. I just wish Nina would have jumped in and cut her off.

    I was not brave enough to call in so I went to the chat site and the haters were already there spewing their vitriol. I cannot believe how grown women act, just disgusting. Hate to admit it, but I let them get to me and did not respond politely.

    Your miracle baby is absolutely adorable.
    Congratulations on being asked back in November.

    Firedup4kate, another mom and tashapork - I'm so glad you were brave enough to call in. You all sounded great.

  11. Hope I didn't come across as a dufuss...I really wanted to convey my concern for the unfounded hateful scrutiny of Kate and the bad press she receives from greedy media sites that compromise integrity just to get another hit or sell another magazine at Kate's expense.

    I thought you handled yourself very well...although I have to, you do talk fast BabyMama!

    I think we need to promote more stuff like this for Kate. Put the positive out there...let folks know there is another side to Kate beside what they see in the tabloids and on rumor/innuendo laced internet blogs and media sites.

    If all 600 of your followers just shared what happened today with one or two others...we could get things going again for Kate in a good way.

    She's not my idol...I can't devote much time here as I have family, work, volunteer assignments and other matters to attend to. But I can take a few minutes a day to say something to support Kate. Can we all not do that?

  12. You said "You know" in your interview this morning about as much as Kate says "Uhm" when she is interviewed.

  13. Well, thanks Carol...that was nice of you to point that out. I'm not a trained speaker...but will surely try to watch out for that "you know" expression next time.

    Now, other than that...can you find anything good about what I said?

  14. firedup4kate - Don't pay any mind to Carol. You made excellent points they cannot defend so they resort to idiotic comments.

  15. I enjoyed listening to the talk radio show and didn't even notice the "you knows" that Carol so graciously pointed out.

    I haven't been reading at your site recently because of all the negative Kate/pro Jon-Ellen poster(s), so am happy to hear that you have made the decision to have no Kate bashing.

    BTW...LindaO is one of my favorite posters. I have always enjoyed her insights.

    Thanks again, congratulations, and keep up the support of Kate & 8.

  16. Carol - That's funny. Martha Stewart Omnimedia, as in Martha Stewart has many tv shows, appearances on others, and I don't think she's ever completed a sentence without an "um," "you know," or "well." Does it really matter? Does anybody care? It certainly hasn't hindered Martha Stewart's success.

    My advice would be the same as always...Regardless of whom the person/individual/program or celebrity is...If you don't like it or it bothers you, then why would you listen or watch? Most of the world just changes the channel. It really is quite a simple concept.

  17. Baby Mama it appears that this afternoon is filled with homework challenges. I won't get to listen to the rest of the broadcasr until tonight. (: But you can bet I will do it because it's something I want to hear. (As in by choice! Freely made choice, lol.)

  18. Ahh Linda, tell the truth. You know I am seriously forcing you to listen!

    UMMM So I say UMM alot huh? Carol you are a crack-up. I would LOVE to hear you over the radio sometime. Lets try to make that happen!

    Leslie~ SOO HAPPY to see you back. You haven't been on the site in a long time. You were one of my first regulars on my old site! I miss you and glad to see you are back!

    Momsby~ My interview will be up for a month or so. So feel free when you get a chance to listen to it. After that it will be available on cool is that? So Click on my link and it's under "recent shows" on the bottom right side of the page. Tell me what you think!

  19. BabyMama - I thought the remark from Carol was for me? I haven't listened to a replay, but thought maybe I was nervous and came across kind of not too astute! LOL

    Anyway, who cares? Linda as always made some good points. If that is the worst they can say about the show...whether it was at me or you, that's not a whole lot to worry about, is it?

  20. Baby Mama--You did a fantastic job and I can't believe how fast it went. You need to do a monthly or even a weekly broadcast! The more the better!

    Tashapork, Another Mom and Firedup4Kate--You all did great and it was so nice to hear your voices!!

    Annastasia--Yes, Baby Mama and Kate doing a show/s--how cool would that be?

  21. Baby Mama - got a break and hubby figured out how to take it back to the point where I had stopped. You don't um any more frequently than ,for example most of the other people on radio or tv, excepting professional broadcasters who have it drummed out of them in journalism school. There, they teach you to speak slower to give yourself time to think. (It is a normal habit that occurs in every day conversation.) Also in J school they zap you with an electric shock; I'm just kidding of course. Funny thing is that I hear the ums, you knows, and uhs in off air conversation from even most of the broadcasters. You never hear it from news broadcasters on air and there is a reason for that. They write and time their pieces ahead of time with a stop watch usually. Then it appears on the TelePrompTer and they read what they wrote on air. It is so unimportant that you shouldn't give it another thought. What was important was that you were funny, natural and yourself.

    They only negative is personal. I really wanted to call in and I couldn't. I do have a new hard shell back brace as a result of today's appointments so I've decided to paint it like a turtle shell and be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween. If it doesn't wash off I'll just make mock turtle soup for Thanksgiving.

    It was great to have some voices to put with names. I want to be among them in November.

  22. Puff the MD - Hey girl! So glad to see you post!

  23. i enjoyed the show!!!! i sure didn't hear too many you knows. lol

  24. BabyMama, I'm just popping in quickly to say I enjoyed the radio show. You did an amazing job :) I loved hearing the voices of some of the ladies here, FiredUp4Kate, you sounded great! I loved your accent. BabyMama I was hoping "Becky" was Schecky, but clearly she wasn't. You handled her with class, I was proud of you. Gotta run. Parent Teacher meetings tonight. Bye all !

  25. LoriAnne~ "Just Wondering" is talking to the walls about her brush with "greatness" today aka "coming on the show" as Becky. If you read anywhere that she was chatting with Schmecky in Live Chat today (hence the name) that is 100% false. I wanted SG to be on the show but she was not available.

    And I'm sorry to those that did try to call in and couldn't. Nina did mention during the show that the phone lines were burning up. How crazy is that. It's truly like your in another world talking to someone you only chat with on the internet! Really UM cool. :)

  26. And Puff~ thank you for stepping in again and saying hi. I appreciate the fact that you came in and showed your support. It meant alot to me!

    My daughter keeps asking me why I didn't find out what Cara & Mady were getting for their birthdays. I told her it was time with their family and she said "no way! Who want's THAT for their birthday! I think they each want an IPod Nano".

  27. I am thinking of the episode where Kate gets new stove before they tell the kids they are moving. I hope for the sake of the people who moved into that house that it still works so they don't have to spend a month with several failed attempts to get it fixed. Oven cooked meals like casseroles are yummy ovens should last more than 2 1/2 years and repair should not take a month.

  28. Tashapork - OMGoodness are you still having problems with that stove of yours? So sorry because that's got to be frustrating beyond reason!

  29. Baby Mama - Your daughter is adorable! Give her a big hug from all of us who appreciate her inspiration to you.

  30. Thanks Linda! Ok so this is per Jon Gosselin himself on Twitter regarding having the Twins tonight for their birthday. Sounds like they had a great night with their dad! It really makes me happy to hear it:

    "Just dropped my Birthday girls off after a really fun night together. I asked them what they wanted to do for their Birthday and they said the mall and Olive Garden. So that's what we did!"

  31. Happy Birthday Girls!

    Baby Mama I didn't get a chance to listen yet but I will soon I promise. Congrats! though it sounds like it went well.

  32. You did an awesome job today Baby Mama. I just listened to most of the show. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and allowing us to voice our opinion!

    I hope Mady and Cara had an awesome birthday today. The tween years are scary and wonderful. I'm smack in the middle of them with my oldest son.

    Your baby is adorable!

  33. I tell ya what, BabyMama you were BORN to do radio, you talk so fast and are super funny. I just got done listening to the radio show and am sitting here dying laughing. "Come and get your popcorn" LOL and for God's sake get your behind out of those bushes and get home before you catch a cold. I really really enjoyed listening to it. I would seriously love to listen to that everyday on my way to or from work. You and Nina are amazing together.

    I LOVED your reaction every time one of the posters called in you recognized, lol so funny. You ladies did a great job calling in and supporting this amazing site. I wanted to call in and would have (I have no shame) but I had to be at work and with 12 2yr. olds in my care I dont think it would have been a good idea, lol

    I really wanted to point out that I think firedup4kate brought up a REALLY REALLY good point in her call about internet bullying. This is exactly what these haterz are doing. We have so much distain for teens who get bullied and result in suicide but yet turn on the computer everyday and see it happening to another adult, Mom, women.

  34. I just have to say BabyMama I so appreciate everything you do for Kate Gosselin. Its so amazing to come to such a great site and share your opinion with people who are as passionate about Kate as I am.

    Your precious little baby is so adorable!! I am proud of you for posting a picture and let us see a glimpse in your personal life, I am a fan. (I know the picture was different reasons but I still enjoyed it :)

  35. Oh, in my giant tizzy this afternoon.
    I missed the picture of your adorable baby!

    I remember her from the old site, when I was a timid lurker. I always felt like we were in the same boat with kids in those days.

    I'm off to listen now:):):)
    BIG WAVES to one of my favourite gals..Puff!

    Fascinated& another mom...We've got a few Crazy Canucks in Gblogging, I'm one too.

  36. Add me to the list of Crazy Canucks! Hey, the Leafs won tonight!!

  37. Wonderful, so some of you do have Canadian accents. No wonder I agree with your posts so much. LOL.

    What a wonderful interview. I could only listen to half of it this morning but it was so much fun. My son and I listened. We use to walk Jon & Kate together Mondays and now he checks in on my blogging. He thought it was cool that we could hear the voices of the people that blogged. I love a site that is positive and supportive. This is the wave of the future for sure.

  38. DandelionGirl~ thank you for the sweet comments.. Wish you would post more!

    KatherineDenise & Momsby..thank you for the sweet words. Hey maybe in November you guys can come on too?

    LoriAnne~ Have no idea what a Canuck

    Guys you know that I'm always up at like 1am right? I'm so happy today I'm in bed right now with my laptop going to sleep. I'm that exhausted. But I need to say something very important....I never mention that I couldn't do a quarter of what I get to do without the help of my amazing husband. He supports me in anything that makes me happy. He took care of my little one today and even kept her busy in my "headquarters" so that I can have a great day with all I had going on as sick and nasal as I was.

    Yes I yell at him that he needs to use a coupon. Yes at night I wish to suffocate him when he breathes loud. But tonight it was all about appreciating my better half to let him know that I never take a moment of my time with him for granted. He is one of the reasons why I am able to talk to you all each day. He pays the bills and provides me with da $$$$. So I wanted to publically thank him for that.

    "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants. "~My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Nighty Night......... xoxoxox

  39. Good night Baby Mama have a well deserved sleep and I too have one of the great ones. They are invaluable.

  40. First off, Happy Birthday Mady and Cara!! Officialy into the double digits now!

    Secondly, Wow! I didn't know there were so many of us Canucks here. Btw, Baby Mama, a canuck is just a nickname for Canadians. I think it is more specifically a nickname for french canadians but they do use it for canadians in general.

    Thirdly, I just had to say again how wonderfully you did today Baby Mama! It was like you were just made for radio! No wonder the numbers were so awesome! I am glad I mustered the nerve to call in and I am so flattered you were so excited to hear from me. :) Can't wait till November to catch you on radio again. I bet they will definitely ask you back if/when Kate does make it on the show herself! The phonelines will be jammed then!

    Lastly, but definitely not least, What a beautiful little girl Baby Mama! She truly is precious and a miracle. God Bless her!

    Have a wonderful night everyone. :)

  41. I just finished it was great fun! Tasha, Another Mom & fired up AWSOME job ladies that took some guts I'm sure.

    You, did a really great job dealing with the two "silly" people.(I say with a forced grin biting my tongue)

    She's a peach is'nt she? Although, now we get to learn more about BMama AND maybe have the opportunity to learn more about her adorable children. The picture already made me smile, thanks JW.
    I have to go wrap my husbands birthday presents now & figure out how I'm going to feed 12for Thanksgiving dinner..with no oven :)

  42. Happy Birthday Cara and Mady! I wish you all the best!

    Baby Mama--What a sweet baby girl you have. You are truly blessed and she has a very special Mommy.

    My MIL is French Canadian--she always called herself a Canuck and I never knew until now what that means.

  43. I'm a Canuck by marriage! My husband's family is french-canadian and he's got French indian in him too. (Don't know the politically correct word for it sorry! LOL )

  44. BabyMama, you rock my socks! I love this site sooooo much, I also appreciate how you stand up for us Kate Fans!

    Happy Birthday Cara and Mady :-)

  45. WOW, Chris the pap should stake out the airport in PH., Its Friday and TLC could be putting the twins and Kate on a plane to somewhere?????

    I know its going to be a big event, somehow? That's why Jon only got the girls on a Thursday evening for dinner. I just can't wait to hear what their celebration is going to be. You know they are not going to stay home. Right??? JMO!

  46. Baby Mama - Your little girl is gorgeous! I am surprised you gave in to Becky and put it out there, but I guess she did have a point. Your Interview was well done and I have to say that I feel you spoke, and handled your words better then Kate. JMO, but that is because you have had more experience then her. She'll catch up.

    Today, should be all about the girls!

    Again, Happy Birthday Mady and Cara!

  47. I don't know about that number 1. Girls that age usually enjoy hanging with their friends..maybe they'll do a sleepover like last year. It seems like Kate lets them choose.

    My daughter chose had a big sleep over party, 12 for her 12th! Still managed to scored a few big from Dad & a couple from us. Hopefully, next year won't be as expensive..(or so I've promised Mr.M.

    Somehow her Ipod Touch was misplaced during the party now I'm probably going to have to replace it for Christmas.

    I feel badly for her she loved it..what do you moms think? Replace it or use it as a life lesson?

  48. My husband & the girls share a birthday..Oct 8 has produced some great people.

  49. Baby Mama you are so lucky to have such a supportive husband. Tell him thanks for giving you time to dedicate to your blog thus allowing us a place to share our positive opinions of Kate.

    Happy Birthday Cara & Mady.

    I'm glad the twins had a good time celebrating with their dad. I just do not understand why he has to tweet the details.

  50. Momsby - Gosh, we have some similar teens I think. My 11 year old daughter misplaced her iPod touch during her party. Nobody knows what happened. We had asked her to put it away before the party but she felt strongly she was old enough to be responsible. (She has many strengths but she is disorganized and a scatterbrained. But, her dramatic ability and singing is extraordinary in Mom's opinion.) We decided that if she earned half the money to replace it then we would match it so that she had a vested interest in keeping up with it. Nobody is perfect but we do have to learn from our mistakes, i.e. No free ride.

    While her room remains a disaster and she still struggles with arriving at school with the homework she completed the night before, she has not lost the replacement iPod. Every family (and every child) is different. What works for one doesn't work for another. Her twin brother seldom leaves his room without putting things away. Twins but as different in personality and approach to life as day and night. Neither all right or wrong, just different.

    Sometimes I admit I yearn for the "simpler" days of two-year-old meltdowns. I'm never quite sure what attitude or emotion the tweeners will express and I don't think they do either. Just like the twos, I'm glad tween years don't last forever or I don't think parents would survive. :) For me, the younger years were more physically demanding and the tween years more emotionally demanding. JMO

  51. I am very happy for Mady & Cara as well as Jon that they got to spend an evening together.

    I couldn't help but think of what an improvement it was over last year. At the time, with the birthday cake with a name spelled wrong and the E! cameras invited to follow Jon's shopping day and trip to the house and to see the reaction of Jon & Kate together for the party. The strain of Jon & Hailey together in New York. Personally, I'm glad that part couldn't be filmed. I'm sure there are some rare couples who can celebrate together but they tried it; it didn't work; time to move on and handle it separately in a different way.

    Maybe they are alternating? Jon had the 6 on their actual birthday. Jon celebrates with the twins a day early. They get a party with Kate based on her shopping trip to get supplies. Who knows? Maybe they get a party with Jon, a party with Kate and their siblings, and some sort of party or sleepover with their friends.It's mostly just speculation at this point.

  52. Momsby - Shoot! I was trying to type Tweens in my first sentence but somehow I typed teens. I think you know what I meant, lol. Just call me Mom of Tweens brain dead.

  53. oh wow, what is it with these ipods, I got soo mad when B lost hers soo nonchalantly and I am not buying another one. It was a big thing about what color and memory for it to have and a couple of months later she lost it, supposedly leaving it in her purse in a locker room, she had soo much attitude when I tried to discuss how you could keep that from happening again and took no responibility saying it's only stuff. I do think Apple needs to have some kind of gps tracking or way you can make it beep so it is easier to find in the car and such.
    My nephew is supposed to come over this week end for two days of chores so he can earn my old ipod touch. I don't intend to slave him, but I really think it is better for him to earn it.

  54. Good morning everyone! Blame the show "Hoaders" as the reason why I'm not allowed to post this morning!

    Every time I watch that crazy show I get itchy. I'm pretty neat and steamlined in my home. But I got extra itchy a few days ago and decided to once again call The Lupus Foundation and ask for the big truck. I was really excited to get rid of clothes, old toys no longer used and lots of other things for a great cause. However...

    My husband pitched a "Gordon Ramsay" size fit this morning when he saw his closet was looking a little light before work. Apparently I got rid of a few fav. sweatshirts and other things. So much for the love I was expressing to you all last night. lol I am off to go shopping now.

    HOADERS=SPENDING MORE $$$$ who knew?

  55. I used to not be able to watch the hoarding show because the mess discusted me too much, but now I watch it because the people who get themselves in such mess really have some stories and dynamics going on. It is one bad sickness. I have hoarding tendencies that I have to work at controlling like not overbuying the cleaning supplies because I grew up where things like that were scarce. I have gotten where I feel okay with toilet paper under the sink in the bathrooms and just one costco package in the closet.

  56. Baby Mama - That is so funny. Hope your shopping goes well.

  57. Momsby, I can chime in about the whole ipod thing. My daughter recently broke, then lost the charger to her Nintendo DS and wanted me to buy her another charger. She has a reputation of being very careless and scatterbrained also and she thinks that anything that gets lost can be replaced. I am losing my mind trying to teach her to keep her room neat and keep track of her things in the proper places and when this happened, I told her to find it and give it to her grandfather who is a whiz at fixing all things electrical. She kept saying no at first, and the she fessed up that she can't find it. My suspicion is that she threw it away thinking it was broken and doesn't want to tell me. I confronted her with that and she denies it and says she can't remember throwing it away. How does one not remember throwing something like a charger away? Sigh... Anyway, I basically told her that she needed to learn that having things like these very expensive toys were privileges, not rights and that she was warned ahead of time to keep her things in good order and I remember many times seeing her nintendo on the floor thrown around here and there so I was not going to spend even 10 dollars to buy her a new charger. Here we have Shoppers Drug Mart which has a points card and when you collect enough points you get to redeem for merhandise. I told her that if she didn't "find" her charger, the only way she would get a new one was if points redemption came along and I got a hold of one there for free. She wasn't too happy about it but she had no choice. In fact, she kept giving me arguments about how I was letting a $200 toy go to waste over a charger and that now her brothers and sister wouldn't be able to use it and my money was wasted. I told her that when it was time for her sister (who is just 4 and nowhere near me letting her have that stuff) to get it passed down to her, I would then buy a new charger for her because she was not the one that lost it so never fear, your sister would not suffer for your carelessness. She had no comeback to that. Anyway, as luck would have it a few weeks later, the store did have a redemption day and I found a charger for $20 so I did get it for her.

    Obvioulsy I know she is just a kid and it would be harsh to never get her another one (it's only a charger not the expensive part) but I felt like this way, she at least had to wait for redemption to come around before getting to use her DS again and that inconvenienced her because she wants everything yesterday and she wasn't happy having to wait so long. She also definitely realized that if I made such a big deal over a charger, then she had better hang onto her expensive things (like ipod) for dear life. lol

    Sometimes you have to stick to the principle of the issue to teach them a lesson. I know she is now a million times more careful where she puts her ipod and DS. She doesn't throw them around anymore and that was my goal. Ofcourse, this is only my opinion and the way I chose to deal with a situation. If your child is not normally irresponsible, you may choose to do things differently after all everyone makes mistakes in life. Mine had just made a career out of losing things and throwing things around like they are easily replaced so I had to take that stance to prevent her from ending up some self entitled, spoiled teenager and adult. In the end she got her charger and I stuck to my guns by not paying money again out of my pocket to fix her mistakes. I'd say it was win win.

  58. Baby Mama, too funny about Hoarders and your closet cleaning episode. Yes, I can relate to that show because I have way too much stuff too and no matter how much I get rid of, I can't seem to get rid of enough. I think I get too sentimentally attached to things so I can never throw things away because everything means something.haha

    Oh, and isn't it just the case that everytime you sing your husband's praises, he'll turn around and make you wonder how you ever said anything nice about him? lol Mine has that radar too. It's like he knows I'm praising him so it's time to act miserable.

  59. Another Mom, I love how you handled that. Kids need to learn to be careful and that money doesn't grow on trees. For me, the problem comes more with the atttitudes and the behaviors that cause the things to get lost or broken. I do think it is kind of sad that kids today typically have little opportunity to earn and save for things. They don't have paper routes and other jobs for kids like they did before, the economy has even dried up a lot of the parttime jobs for the 16+ I remember being around eleven and getting paid to clean friends and relatives houses or be mother's helper for the neighbor.
    Yay, Kate put up another blog about getting the kids ready for school. It doesn't seem like she has the babysitter come help her in the morning anymore.

  60. Twice today I've come in to say something specific and I've forgotten both times.

    Before I forget again, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!,

  61. Hello everyone! I am back and now broke again! lol BLame Hoarders! Also we need to blame Costco! You never leave out of that place spending less than $100 and you realize only when you get back that you ALREADY had paper towels in the closet...

    Just wanted to tell you that Kate is back with a new blog post up! It's short but sweet. Click "Kate's Take" to check it out.

    Speaking of Nintendo DS, I hate to gripe but I'm pissed at Toys R US. They push you to buy these extended warantees. Normally I don't buy them but I figured with the way kids play w/toys it's worth it. But then it falls out of a tote bag and I crack it slightly. Me! Well it has become such a pain to pay to ship it back only for them to tell me that may not be covered under the warantee. WTH? Pissed me off so I had to gripe.

  62. YAY! She has a new post up on her blog!!

  63. Babymama, Toys R US sounds like Sears.

  64. Hello All! - I wanted to say hello and introduce myself as the Living the Dream Mom! Thank you all for the great comments and support and I am thrilled to give the bloggers about Kate a chance to voice their opinion LIVE! We have decided to add another show just like yesterday's - "All About Kate" on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 10am ET. Please stay tuned for details!
    - Nina Frye

  65. I wanted to add one more thing... if you need to contact me you can reach me at (973)6707384 or email me at

  66. Nina, I love your radio show, last night, I was listening to some of your other episodes, I am especially excited for you to interview Michelle Duggar. Compassion and care can smother out hate any day.

  67. Thank you Tashapork - I look forward to the interview as well! Thanks for the nice comment about the show.

  68. Nina - I too loved your radio show. So nice for the Kate supporters to be able to voice support. I also like that it is driving the negative naysayers crazy!

    Look forward to the show in November.

    All of your tween stories brings back so many memories. I am so glad mine are grown and I no longer have those problems.

  69. Nina - I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast. I wish I could have heard it live. I'm looking forward so much to the next broadcast.

  70. Gee Whiz - With all your experience, would you like to take in some tween boarders? Z(Just kidding, I think, lol.)

  71. Linda O, thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!

  72. LindaO - No way. I now get to enjoy spoiling my grandson and send him home for his parents to deal with!

    Just enjoy them because when they are gone you will really miss them.

  73. AnotherMom: Question on the electronic discipline story.

    To me it sounds great except you didn't make her pay for the replacement. Didn't she have money to pay for a new charger no matter the cost?

    I would have made her pay the true cost for a new charger. And I mean pay in cash, not chores.

    Just my opinion!!


  74. Linda..our daughters could be twins. Right down to the singing & acting(maybe the drama queen can be channeled for good not evil)

    Her rooms a mess & she does not take care of her stuff. AM, just like yours, thinks things can just be "replaced". In fact I've vowed never to buy her anothe DS game in my lifetime..she does not take care of them & loses them & they are very expensive little things.

    One problem..she did take excellent care of the IPOD. When it went missing, I was sure it would turn up, but then I found out she'd shared her password so that the other girls could use it at the party..hmm

    Only two other girls had one. So it either was lost or there was another scenerio that hurts my heart to think.

    Regardless, a very hard life lesson. Her birthday was in June & still we have not replaced it..I think I'll compromise & pay half.

    Now my 4yo actually counts & puts her Polly Pocket shoes in pairs before she puts them away.
    So she will not lose any.

    Wonderful, except it makes cleanup painfully slow.

    My two year old is known as the Tasmanian Devil..never stops, she is currently in training to climb MT Everest. Feels her emotions deeply either laughing or crying no in between with that girl.

    She is tiny & wild & has the rest of the family wrapped around her finger...she'll either keep us young or age us greatly not sure yet.
    In my family I have a Mady(I was one too) A mommys helper/professor Hannah & Aiden mix. A tiny wild child Alexis & Leah..It's one of the reasons I loved the show.

    Plus, of course I've been known to have some Kate Great moments & more than a few Kate oops moments.

  75. AM, and you thought your posts were too long..tee hee.

  76. Many things to address here. I'm going to bullet them so I keep on track. hehe

    * LindaO - Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! I'm having our whole clan over so I probably won't be able to move come Tuesday. :)

    * Nina - A heartfelt welcome to the blog, and hope you have time to post sometimes. I mentioned this several times, but I LOVED the show! You have a good thing going there and I am so looking forward to listening to Deb again in early November! I also can't wait to hear Buddy next week. Love him!

    * Momsby - I think I can make a triplet out of your and Linda O's twins (did that make sense? I meant two daughters that are so alike). My oldest (the one with the whole DS charger issue) who is turning 11 in a week is your quintessential drama queen. She also loves anything to do with singing and dancing and is convinced she is going to be the next Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez or whatever the kids are into these days. Could it be a pattern that all these artsy, imaginative types are also scatterbrained and up in the air? Oh, and fear not, your post may have been longish but at least it was split up into short paragraphs which makes it easier on the eyes than my novellas! I'm working on it; hence the attempt at bulleting. :) Btw, I want to address the Ipod thing in another post with my reply to tiggerfan1965 since it is on the same subject.

    * Baby Mama - I hear ya on those warranty things! I have bought my share of extended warranties on things only to have the stuff break once the warranty is done! The worst thing is that there is always some fine print somewhere that doesn't apply to this, that or the other and it is usually the thing that will go wrong within the warranty period. go figure. I did have a good warranty story though. In July I got the dreaded white screen of death on my iphone. Nothing I did helped it and the new iphone4 was still nowhere to be found as it was sold out everywhere so as a last ditch effort, I took it into apple to see if there was anything that could be done for it and when the guy took it to the back he told me that the lcd screen was gone (bummer). I knew it was out of warranty so I figured it was a goner. Then he said to give him a minute and he came back 5 minutes later and had repaired it for me. He said that I was only 23 days out of warranty so just this once he was going to fix it for free. I could have kissed the guy, I was so happy! Now that rarely happens but maybe your situation will turn out well too. Sending good vibes to Toys R Us for you!

    Well, I tried to keep it short. Oh well, me and my darn stories. ;)

  77. Thanks Linda O for the thanksgiving wishes.

    Hello Nina. I thought your show was great. And how wonderful that you decided to post and enter Baby Mama’s world.


  78. My son had a party for some friends and his IPOD went missing. I was hoping that one of the boys didn’t take it and all the boys searched the house before they left. Nothing came up. My son was great because he is very careful with his stuff and he was quite confused that it went missing. We talked about the possibility that someone might have taken it. We both didn’t want to believe this but we searched EVERYWHERE. So, my son went to school and said that he is no longer allowed to have parties until the IPOD shows up. (My son is quite a social butterfly and has lots of parties. The boys are great and my son makes sure everyone is respectful. )

    He then said that I would call parents to say that the IPOD went missing and that I would appreciate them asking their sons if they know what happened to it. Last, my son gave them all an opportunity to come back and look for it again. A few days later, some of the boys came back and the boy that we thought may have taken it, found it in the couch. Everyone was excited because the parties were back on and no one was accused of taking it.

    My daughter however, is a walking dust storm and would lose her IPOD in her room, and yes possibly throw it out by accident not because it was possibly broken, but because it was attached to a chocolate bar wrapper. Not that the chocolate bar wrapper would end up in the garbage. LOL

  79. Tiggerfan1965,

    In answer to your question, I thought about making my daughter pay for a charger but decided against it for a couple of reasons.

    1.) She kind of goes against the regular kid in the sense that most kids would really resent "wasting" their own money on stuff when their parents can buy it for them. My daughter is actually very generous with her money and always wants to buy us stuff with it as well as spend it on frivolous stuff for herself. I don't allow her to do this because then she will have never saved anything. Occasionally though, I do let her buy small things like gum or ice cream for us so that she's happy that she treated us to something.

    2.) Whenever she wants something that I say no to, she always threatens that she will buy it with her own money. To me, that is not the answer to everything because she is satisfying a short term desire without thinking of the long term effects. Ex. If I blow my money on a dumb toy now, I'll be happy for a day or two but when the day comes that there is something I really want or that is important, I have no money left for that. This is besides the fact that if I had said no to her having the thing, then there must be a reason I don't approve of her having it. Either it is not age appropriate or too expensive or unnecessary etc. I'm the type to give my kids the world within my means, but at the same time I am very strict about things that I don't believe are good for them. This is just me and no offense to someone that might think otherwise, but my daughter was begging me for an Ipod since she was 8 and everyone was getting them. I kept saying no because I didn't think an 8 year old needed to have such an expensive toy. Knowing my daughter and how careless she was, why would I spend a couple of hundred dollars for her to just lose it or break it? I finally broke down when she turned 10 because I thought she was mature enough to take care of it and I thought it would be a nice gift in honour of her turning double digits. Even after I got her the ipod, I refused to put my wifi key into it so she still can't access internet on it. At 10 I don't trust the kinds of things she will come across on Youtube which is where all the kids like to go to watch music videos. For now, I think the ipod is good enough to download songs and games on and use as a listening device.

    Bottom line is that in this case, I didn't think having her pay for the charger was going to teach her the lesson I wanted her to learn. She wouldn't have cared about giving up her money to buy another charger and she also would have gotten it into her head that the next time she loses something, she can just fix the situation by buying herself another one if mom won't buy it for her. Instead, I think the fact that she had to do without a charger for weeks taught her a more valuable lesson in that if you are going to be careless and lose everything, then you will have to go without. I see it working because she is taking extremely good care of it now. She was told that if she leaves it around again and something happens to it, then she won't get another one even if it is free!

    I guess there are some cases where money is not the answer to everything. Each child is different and what psychology works for one may not work for another. As parents we are always learning along the way and we do so by making mistakes too. Maybe this isn't how others might do things but it seemed to work for me and my daughter.

    Momsby, my post was too long (big surprise) so I had to put the rest on a separate post. lol

  80. Ok, here we go finally...

    Momsby -I hear you on the DS and those super expensive little game chips. Don't kids play with cheap stuff anymore? What about barbies and tonka trucks. lol

    About the ipod, when you first mentioned it, I have to say I thought the same thing too, that maybe your daughter didn't really lose it after all. Such an awkward situation because how can you get to the bottom of it? If it was a case of sticky fingers, no one is going to come forward and admit to doing it so you may have to accept that it is gone for good! Hmm, hard to say what you would do in this case. A couple of hundred or more is a lot to shell out for a second time and I would hate doing it but if it really wasn't your daughter's fault then you might consider it. As another view, you could take the stand that you told her not to bring it out and that it might get lost or broken and that she insisted she was able to handle it but apparently she didn't keep a handle on it well enough so for now she will have to do without. Maybe then you could search around for a really good deal and give it to her for Christmas or something. I don't know, it's a tough call on that one!

    As for your kids, wow they sure remind me of mine. So full of energy and so many different personalities.

    My oldest is very hyper, high strung and high intensity. She was every since the moment she was born. lol

    The second girl (4 years old) was the total opposite. She was an angel all the way till she turned 3 and started going to school. She's very cute and very spoiled by her father and very smart too. She knows how to play everyone and she knows how to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar whereas my oldest just rants and raves about everything and causes fights. So funny how they are so different.

    Last, there are the twins (boys). Again, night and day. One twin is the spitting image of eldest daughter in looks and personality and the other twin is exactly my younger daughter in looks and personality. So funny. They are great kids though and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

    It's great getting to know each other a bit better this way but I hope Baby Mama doesn't slap our wrists because this is supposed to be a Gosselin fan site and here we are talking about our own kids. :) Sorry BM!!

  81. Gee Whiz - We do try to enjoy them at whatever age they are. I'm amazed at Moms like Kate who daily rear 4-6 at the exact same age. You love your kids and just pray for wisdom and stamina so you can one day look back fondly at the preceding stage. :)

  82. Good morning everyone! So sorry I went MIA yesterday. Twice a month my dad and my family get dressed up and go out to a nice restaurant in Manhattan. Since the kids have been so good and well behaved, we decided to take them to American Girl last night for dinner (horrible, sadly) followed by picking out a new outfit for their dolls. My dad is big on trying new and exciting places to eat in NYC, so lets just say for him to look at the minimal menu choices that appeared to be prepared by the TGIFridays crew, did not make him happy. Also the store was soo packed, it was actually hard to move in there. Has the Holiday season started early? But he did it for his grandkids and we were exhausted when we got home. I can thank Kate Gosselin once again for introducing my soon-to-be 10 year old eldest daughter to American Girl, and the cost of these dolls and their clothes! ;)

    Today My parents are taking me and the kids out pumpkin picking on the Island! We are very excited but sad that Daddy has meetings today and can't come enjoy it with us. I know we will still have a great day regadless I hope. Will definetly be on tonight and will check in later and make sure everyone is playing nice ;)

    As far as Kate Gosselin doing another book for Zondervan.. I am personally recommending a guide of all the great places she has been with the kids. I'm running out of ideas from the Kate Tour. A fun kids activity guide all in one polace would be very handy for us moms! TTYL!

  83. Another Mom, thank you I was worried about the same things with kids on the internet on mobile devices, it is harder to monitor than on a computer. I also wouldn't want them buying things on my itunes account without approval.
    My nephew is coming over to earn my used touch. I know his dad thought I should just give it to him for his birthday or something, but if I did that I would feel that I would neeed to give his sisters one as well. He is fourteen and so I told him he could come down for the week end and do chores such as helping me clean the garage and such for two days to earn it. If I was paying him for the chores, I would pay about what at&t offfered me for it when I got the phone. He was interested in the chores and his sisters weren't so it works. His sister said her teachers allowed and encouraged them to use Ipod touch in the classroom, she is in honors classes, but I see major problems, 1)ipods leaving the school not in the hands they came in and 2) the kids spending the class period places like face book and chat.
    Fascinated, I love how you were able to find a way to get the ipod back while saving face for the sticky fingers boy. Maybe he learned something. I do wish they had gps locators. Imagine when Kate's six are old enough and she's having to keep track of soo many.

  84. Folks - There is an app for finding your iPhone, iPad,Ipod, etc. Once you've downloaded it, you can use GPS to find the location for iPods and ipads, etc.

  85. The app doesn't work if electronic is dead or turned off. When it is recharged or turned on, it does work. I put mine down on a counter at Starbucks, paid, and it was gone when I finished. I borrowed their phone, dialed the alert and it started ringing in a man's pocket. I handled it by sang, "Excuse me, but I think you puked up mine by mistake." Everybody in there saw what happened. Asking afterwards there were many folks downloading the app. But you need to do it before something happens. (I've used it to locate my daughter's iPod in her room.) :)

  86. Linda, I never ever comment on misspellings since I have plenty of my own--but this one made me laugh so hard, I dropped my garlic bread on the keyboard. Love ya!! Sorry.

  87. Corrina - the irony is "puked" was exactly what I said in Starbucks 'cause I was so nervous. Then I corrected it to "picked up" Of course, by then it was deadly quiet and everybody was watching, lol. But I got it back!

  88. Linda, I'm sure I would be shaking in my boots to have the proof right there and everyone watching. Thank goodness you got it right back.
    I didn't know there was an app for that, but I surely will download it. Thanks a million and I
    didn't mean to minimize your situation.

  89. Corrina - Two minutes later after the guy left everybody was laughing about the short lady who just spoke right up. My friends thought it was hilarious that I used puke instead of pick. Starbucks told me that the guy has never come back. Maybe it was an innocent mistake. I just wanted my phone back, lol. Watch out for strong-willed women (or fools who rush in, lol.)

  90. hey babymama i think this is great what your doing i think of us kate fans as a family and some of us would die for her , the haters are getting worse and we need to stand up and put them in thier place i think its time ...:)

  91. Linda--I was once a fool who rushed in--heels and all. I saw a car in front of our office being broken into and I went out and told the kid to "Come inside with me now"--(he had stolen from numerous cars at work including mine).--Well he came in with me and I just sat down shaking so badly until the police came. It never occured to me that I might have to chase him or that he would be armed. It was foolish of me.

  92. LOL. I have been behind on my post reading because of work and shopping for my new computer (which I got yay!) and I have been laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. :) Y'all are awesome.

    So now hopefully I can catch up on work and be on here more! So much nicer not to have to type on my little phone keyboard! Yay! Have a great weekend every one. We are off to a corn maze and bonfire tonight.

  93. Hey CMO3--Enjoy the corn maze and bonfire--Oh and the new computer!! Good for you!

  94. Hi, BabyMama and all you other wonderful ladies!

    I’ve been dealing with a life and family altering crisis these last several months and still am, so haven’t been able to post, just scan now and then. Today is one of my very few “free” day so just poking my head in here to not only wish the twins a Happy Belated 10th Birthday, but congratulate BabyMama on such an awesome radio appearance with Nina Frye that I just listened to. You rock, BM! You handled Becky with so much class. I can’t wait for your next appearance with Nina.

    I appreciate all your discussion about lost expensive toys like iPods and such because it reminded me of when one of my girls lost her portable cd player back in the day, which was no surprise. I never replaced it. The only small expensive item I ever bought her since then was a phone which she had to replace herself if she ever lost it. Within a few months, she did (no surprise there), so I made her use an embarrassingly horribly ugly used phone as a replacement until she bought herself her own by having a job after school. After that, she was much more careful. And talk about lost sweaters and jackets… that’s another long story. Threats about shopping at thrift stores for replacements didn’t help much neither.

    I often wonder how Kate would have handled lost clothing and other items. I remember her blog post about the lost hairbrushes. I would have gone crazy with having to deal with 8 kids losing things.

    Your discussion of “Hoarders” was perfect timing for me right now because as a neat freak and a little OCD in regards to organization, I’m fascinated with the show. Right now I’m trying to learn to dispose of some old things because of our new family situation but having a hard time. One of which is what to do with one of my girl’s American Girl doll sitting on top of a book shelf which was collecting dust until I put a plastic bag over her. Neither of my girls want it and I’m thinking of selling it but it’s a reminder of their childhood innocent years before the tween years gone by. But I already have too much other stuff I need to keep.

    Linda, your story of your lost iPhone was hysterical!

  95. No problem Tashapork. I hope I didn't offend anyone who has different ideas on ipod/internet use but for my family, I decided that too much exposure to the internet is not a good thing. Many of her friends are already on Facebook with fake birthdays and I don't agree with it. I know the child may be a great kid and would never look up bad stuff but with so many sickos out there these days, how would you know who is really contacting them online? My daughter is not allowed on MSN chat, FB or any of those things. She uses the computer strictly for homework related things and if she wants to do downloads for her ipod, she will do it with me there. She always gets mad that I don't trust her to download things by herself but I told her that at her age, it wasn't a matter of trust but a matter of experience. I also lucked out because once she tried to dowload stuff by herself when I wasn't home and because it was taking too long she kept hitting the purchase button and ended up getting the same song 4 times. Of course I got charged for all 4. I emailed apple and they were nice enough to reverse 3 of them for me but at least now I have an additional excuse for not letting her do it on her own. It was also the perfect opportunity to say 'see what happens when you don't listen to me, this is why you are not allowed to download things by yourself.

    I know it sounds a bit much sometimes but I have good reasons. A couple of times when she was looking up a game online, this really rude advertising popped up and I was horrified. When I saw that, it made me even more paranoid of all the things that they can inadvertently come across online. It even happened to me once. I was trying to access a website for photography and when I entered the www address, it took me to this horrible abortion site. It literally showed pictures of abortions after the fact and it was traumatizing! If I as an adult was sickened, how would a child feel having something like that pop up in their face? Some overzealous pro lifer had managed to take a normal web address and link it to their site so innocent people just got redirected there. I reported it to some cyber police type site but don't know if it helped. Anyway, having experiences like that has definitely made me afraid of letting my daughter have lone internet time. So for now, I can be the worst mom in the world for not programming my wireless key onto her ipod. :)

  96. Another Mom,

    I hear ya and good for you! I set the same type of boundaries for my kids regarding the phone and internet no matter how independent they tried to be. That's our job as moms regardless if they think we're just being mean or distrusting or downright paranoid. Our job is our kids and our Mom-Radars need to stay vigilant against the harmful forces out there.

  97. OMG I just listened to the radio show right now before I am leaving and you girls were awesome!!! tashapork you sounds EXACTLY like I thought you would. And you sound beautiful. :)

    Hopefully I can call next time. :) It was great. Wonderful job.

  98. And yes Corrina! I got a computer. It's about time huh?

  99. Fascinated,

    I second Tashapork by saying that was amazing how you handled the ipod incident. Had you not offered the boys to come back and "look" for it again, you never would have seen that device in this lifetime. What a wonderful way to give the culprit a chance to "return" the item without getting into an ugly scenario with accusations
    and having parents involved. I really hope this boy learned a lesson though. He got off easy that's for sure!

    Linda O - that is awesome that there is such an app. I will download it for sure! I guess we don't realize how in demand these things are and that people are ready to snatch them up in an instant. I love the way the perpetrator was busted though! Priceless. Maybe it will make people think twice about taking something. Technology is awesome isn't it? And, I bet he didn't come back there. I wouldn't either knowing everyone would remember that. I wonder if he could have 'puked' it up by mistake? Yeah, I tend to really try and see the good in everyone don't I? Some call it naive. lol

    Corrina - Wow, that would have been scary. I don't think I'd have had the guts to do that. Thank goodness he wasn't armed or anything like that. My sil's brother has a jewellery store in a mall and he got held up one morning at gunpoint. He let the thieves take the stuff and when they turned around to leave with the stuff, he let his anger at them taking all his stuff get to him and he chased them. He ended up getting shot in the leg. Thank God he wasn't killed but his leg had to be reconstructed and it took months for him to walk properly. Sometimes it isn't worth it but just like you said, he never thought of the possibilities at that moment.

    Lucy'smom - Sorry you are dealing with a lot right now but it is nice to see you again. I hope everything will be ok.

    In terms of kids and losing stuff I think we could all come up with tons of stories! I guess part of it is called kids being kids. I remember rolling my eyes at my parents' speeches about money not growing on trees and being appreciative of what you have. I guess it's part of being a kid not to have that understanding of not taking things for granted but it's also part of being a parent to lecture our kids and make sure they learn certain lessons. lol

    Oh, and I totally understand your dilemma about getting rid of the American Girl doll. I am so attached to memories and things with sentimental value like all the artwork my kids make at school. it kills me to throw away something they sat and made with their little hands but at some point you have to get rid of things or your house will look like the ones on Hoarders. Doesn't mean it's easy though. Trust me I know :)

  100. CMo3,

    Yay on the computer and you know, tashapork also sounded like I imagined. lol Funny thing, huh? Personally, I can't wait for you to call in next time and hear your Demi voice. :)

  101. Too funny. You should hear it when I get a cold! :) My husband says I exaggerate but it's pretty deep. Just got to your part and I really enjoy your posts! I wish my thoughts were as organized as yours!

  102. another mom--I can understand how your sil's brother felt in the moment and was so compelled to do something. So sorry to hear he was shot!
    Ohhh the situations we put ourselves in.

  103. Hi! Just heard your radio interview, so glad to find your site! And a positive one at that! I'm the mom of 3 miracles after fighting infertility for many many years (now I'm an 'elderly' mom, LOL, but that's okay) and I too like Kate (no, I don't worship her by any means) and her kids (even like Jon, but really sad at his behavior)--I'm 'fighting the Khatred' over on the FB TLC "fan" page (WHY DO PEOPLE SIGN UP TO BE KHATERS ON A FAN PAGE?!?!) so I get what you are going through (way to handle the Khater who called in trying to bait you!)...Anyhoo, thanks for the articles, etc. I really appreciate it and when I get a chance I'll try to read through your blog and check it out! (I say, having 2 toddler twins to deal with, LOL!)

  104. Lucysmom - So glad you were able to drp in; you're missed. I'll keep you in my thoughts and add prayers also. We'll be thinking of you and hope the situation improves.

  105. A second (or third?) on the Internet usage. Ours have daily school projects requiring the Internet. I have the history portion set up to email to me daily from their computers which remain in sight and hearing of at least one adult. It's pretty quick to scan it and delete the history emails it if it's just everyday stuff. On their computers we use a blocking software where we'e entered the only sites allowed and we get emails on text strokes typed. Maybe one day but mine now are too immature to exercise the judgement needed. They have iPods but not iPhones. Even with just iPods there are apps that allow them to text! Yes, I check those also. There are just too many weirdo people to not be a vigilant parent.

  106. What a great afternoon decorating the house for Halloween and fall. Too warm here to carve the pumpkins yet. Pre-season I have foam, fake ones from the craft store that they've carved.(We're eating pumpkin, just can't decorate with real ones.)

    Got a great pumpkin recipe and so delicious. Thank you special person!

  107. Maya,s&SMom - welcome! Very glad to have you post! Come back often. :)
    It's pretty quiet (usually) on the weekends here but gives us a chance to catch up.

  108. Good evening everyone! I just got back and had the most wonderful day. The weather was great here and I hope that everyone got out for a bit for some of this great fresh air!

    I don't think I could get another e-mail telling me that thanks to my interview, GWOP is back off life support. I literally haven't been there in months, but now HAD to go over there after hearing that I was the main topic of discussion. Sadly that site has nothing left but weekly open discussions. And they only started to pick up again when they started talking about me and my radio interview. No wonder the numbers were so high! Half of them were so darn curious they had to go over and hear my voice so they can talk about it.

    It's amazing how you can be on my site and see praise, and how well I handled JW, then you find out that she's gone to several sites bragging that SHE was Becky so they could all gush over how she "took one for the team". Team of what.. Haters?

    So to I was great, there I was terrible..Here I did a great job of dealing with her, there they all all saying that SHE handled me.. there I sounded nasal and immature, here I sounded nasal and mature. lol It's almost a little crazy that they actually think they could have done a better job and I would love to hear them show ME how it should be done...

    And since they read here every night, including still JW..Let me clue everyone in for the next one. I WILL be handling who stays on LIVE and we will immediately cut off any hater that thinks they could sneak on as another "Becky".

    Again, I hope everyone that couldn't get on this time will think about next month. I'm really hoping that it's right before the Kate Plus 8 Alaska special because it will be fun to talk about!

  109. Ohh and Linda, please explain to me how to set up finding your IPhone when you lose it. E-mail or call me and let me know. I have spent so much on my phone and I don't want to lose any of the now 300+ photos I have now on it that I have yet to take off.

    I am sadly soo behind on my scrapbooking that I'm gonna have to pay again to go out to those church nights just so I can get some stuff done! I always get mad that I have to pay to go somewhere for the night just so I can organize my photos and papers because I'm no longer able to do anything at home.. :(

  110. Ohh and I just want to add that I havent yet read the posts tonight, so I'm not ignoring anyone! I am going to go through all of them tonight! :)

  111. BabyMama, why bother going to other sites, and getting yourself all upset by what others say about you? Why do that to yourself? Just hold your head up high, and be proud of what you did, don't let others bring you down! I had to be elsewhere, so did not get to listen to you, so can you please tell me where to set the dial on my radio, the right "call letters", so I can catch it next time? Thanks :)

  112. Annastasia~ Click on the link on the right hand side of this blog w/the radio logo. On that site just look to the right under "recent shows" It's called "All About Kate". It will be up for a month. Next time is currently scheduled for November 4th. Will keep everyone posted.

    I decided to do fresh paper tonight for a new start. In all the time I have has this blog, I have never just thrown up some sort of open discussion post. I usually try to give more than that. But I just wanted to clarify that it's always open discussion, and it's always wonderful to hear whats going on in other peoples lives. It doesn't always have to be about Kate.

    So off and away we go! Tonight the fresh paper scent is yummy spaghetti & meatballs my mom made for us for dinner with hot garlic bread..sniff.. I could smell that toast coming through the screen... ;)