Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watch Jon & Kate: The First 10 Years, The Sport of Bashing Kate Gosselin, Win A Date With Jon

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes even Baby Mama, troll appointed "Kate's biggest fan", can have a good laugh at some funny pokes made on Jon Gosselin. Mock me if you must, that I'm not fair to Jon and defensive of Kate..But it's my blog here, and I thought this stupidity was funny....

Win A Date With Jon Gosselin

The Sport Of Bashing Kate Gosselin:

I decided to change the title of this article because I found it a bit offensive. But the core of the article is what is important....

"It's hard to miss the barely-concealed glee that underlies the reporting. Over the past few months, bashing Kate Gosselin has become a popular sport in America. Pundits have endlessly attacked her weight, her behavior, her child-rearing, and her hairstyle, until it seems that Kate isn't so much a person as the heart of a cottage industry in verbal brutality."

"In a culture that downplays masculine worthiness and demands perfection from children, most moms probably feel a pressure to become Kate. The problem is, however, that many of these assertions are fundamentally wrong. Parents don't have to be perfect. Men aren't completely useless. Children and their caregivers are allowed to just have fun. Until these simple truths regain cultural relevance, however, Kate Gosselin will be a realistic -- if perhaps slightly outsized -- depiction of the genuine problems facing every mom."

Watch Jon & Kate: The First 10 Years HERE!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jon & Kates "No-fault Divorce", Cookbook Postponed, Crooked Houses Giving To Charity

Hello Gosselin fans! I had to just laugh when I read out of all people, Radar Online feels they have the inside scoop on this.. Like it's anyone's business anyway.. "you don’t need surgery, and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star probably didn’t go under the knife either. “You can get the same lift and boost with the perfect under wire,” he said. “It’s all about the fit!”..OK so can we all go about our lives now geeze. (Photo: INF Daily)

Gosselin Divorse Papers Explained:

Beware of reading too much in to the perfectly standard filings that have appeared so far, legal experts tell PEOPLE. About the only thing that is clear is that the couple, who married in 1999 and have eight kids, are opting for a no-fault divorce – the kind that lawyers like to call "divorce with dignity."

There are two grounds for a no-fault divorce request in Pennsylvania – Kate opted for both, which is also standard – and this is where the language in the filings, first reproduced on TMZ, gets technical and confusing. "The first is called 'mutual consent,' " Gold-Bikin says. That means that if, after 90 days, both sides officially agree the marriage is irretrievably broken, then the divorce can proceed.

The second ground states that if, two years from now, the grounds for divorce still hasn't been resolved by the spouses, then one party can file an affidavit alleging the marriage is irretrievably broken. At that point, the court appoints an official known as a master to hold a hearing and work out any unresolved financial issues.

Bottom line: I have seen WAY too many articles written by people that CLAIM they have been living apart for 2 years now, so their marriage must have been a lie. I wonder if they will retract any of that......

Kate Gosselins Book Release Postponed: New York Post

CHRISTIAN publisher Zonder van looks like it's going to postpone the debut date of Kate Gosselin's next book, "Love is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories."It was due out in November.

Suddenly, the book jacket promise -- "an inside look at one of America's most close-knit families" -- doesn't have the same ring it used to. Maureen "Moe" Girkins, CEO of Zondervan, now says the publisher plans to "work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book." Postponing -- or even canceling -- the book will hurt both Kate and the publisher right where it counts, on the bottom line.

Crooked Houses Score BIG on Jon & Kate, And Now Giving Back: CBS

Turns out, Jon and Kate spread their success around. The playhouses they were talking about are called Crooked House Playhouses.

Skewed and cartoonish-looking, the playhouses feature twisted chimney pipes, catty corner roofs and sloping porches. They look as if a kid had designed and built them, and up until Monday night, very few people had heard of them.

But since the show featuring them aired, the Crooked Houses company has been one of the biggest searches on Google. The small concern of five people -- with only two full-time employees -- has been booming. Crooked Houses has also launched a program recently where 10 percent of all profits from every house sold will go toward underprivileged housing.

And Finally:
As I stated in my comments section, the shows line-up changes everyday. TLC decided just recently to pull the new episodes and save them for August. I decided to keep the descriptions up until I have the exact show dates. Obviously most were filmed prior.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jon & Kate: The First 10 Years, Keeping The Cameras Rolling, New Episode Lineup

Hello Gosselin fans! As you can see, I have the current schedule lineup, till the new episodes start. I am here watching last weeks episode and my heart breaks. And while I'm sure this weeks retrospective show will not be shattering in the ratings, its really for the fans to feel a little better after hearing the news that Jon & Kate are separating. I still feel like one of my family is leaving and I am still hoping that things will change for this couple. Until then, we get to see the episodes that were put on the shelf, in the hopes that we can feel more happy watching this family as they were, rather than the heartache they are enduring now. Seeing the photos today of Kate returning home to huge hugs from Cara & Mady was so sweet. Jon was with the kids and his brother Mark. Jon is now wearing his wedding band on the other side.

Positive thoughts now that there is some sort of a happy Holiday coming for both.. It seems that Jon & Kate look to spend July 4th with the kids...TOGETHER. Now that's an episode I can look forward too..

Jon & Kate, Stars On Break: New York

Monday’s episode will be a clip show of the family’s happier times. When new episodes resume — the expected premiere date is Aug. 3 — the focus will remain on the “parent-child relationship,” Ms. O’Neill said. Still, it seems likely that the impending separation — papers for the dissolution of marriage were filed on Monday afternoon in Pennsylvania, an on-screen graphic said Monday night — will permanently change the tone and the content of the show, which has followed the lives of the Gosselins’ eight children for the past two years.

The program may become the most intimate look at a couple’s divorce since “An American Family,” the ground-breaking PBS documentary about the Loud family in the 1970s. Bill and Pat Loud had allowed cameras to follow their family for seven months in 1971, and one September evening, Pat asked her husband to move out of the house, with cameras present.

Reality Experts: Keep The Cameras Rolling: Via USA

"They have the opportunity to explore a situation facing a lot of American families when the parents get divorced. And it sounds like Jon and Kate have come up with a unique situation where they're going to take turns being in the house with the kids," says Jonathan Murray, executive producer of The Real World and The Simple Life. "You can explore what happens when a couple breaks up and how both are working hard to keep things as normal as possible for the kids."

Mike Darnell, who oversees Fox's alternative programming, recommends "making lemonade out of lemons" by following the family's new course. The separation "is part of what really happened. You lean on it. You don't manipulate it."

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