Friday, July 30, 2010

Wanted: YOUR Comments, Watch Funny Kids Lines! Kate Plus 8 Back From Alaska! Jon's Twitter Obsession

"Drawing an end to what was quite the adventure, Kate Gosselin and her eight little ones were spotted landing at the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (July 28). The reality TV show mommy and her entire brood looked a bit worn out, yet excited, as they made their way through the terminal with the help of bodyguard Steve Neild and a fellow helping hand. As previously, the famous family traveled to Alaska to work on their new show “Kate Plus 8"

Hello Gosselin Fans! Every couple of months or so I gather my thoughts on the over 2 years I have now been blogging about Kate Gosselin. Then I go over and dust off my old Jon & Kate Plus 8 site. Funny that yesterday I noticed that that site is still very much active, people still leaving comments on it. Alot of people even find that site first before heading to this one. Wow! Are you guys missing the old glory days of Jon & Kate Plus 8? Missing the fun simple blog with just my kooky thoughts? Ok maybe not, but Im sure that those that come from there to here see the amazing transformation in such a short amount of time. I am extremely proud of that. I must be doing something right, I went from over 200+ followers on the old site to now almost 550!

Now I know the majority of Kates fans justcome here to read. Many still arent even aware that under each post, there is a comment section where you can log in and actually join the conversation. I know a fan site is very different from a troll blog. Hate is easy to spread. Fans normally don't requently post on a blog. But if you take a peak we now have an amazing bunch of people commenting here. If your not already doing so, I would really love to hear from you. Come into the comments section even to say hi. Give your thoughts or suggestions, or share your feelings about Kate Gosselin. Getting new blood into the mix will continue to make our comments section even more interesting.

In closing, I am incredibly proud of what I have accomplished here. That is my continued support of Kate and her 8. I love those kids! I feel like I still havent yet gotten to where I want to be yet with this blog, and I hope that with your ideas & help I can get there soon. I am but just one mommy with her cape still flying high...Crushing evil and saving the planet one closed-minded troll at a time! xoxoxo

Jon Gosselin claims he is protecting his children not telling Twitter followers when sees his kids:

 July 30, 2010 -- If you follow Jon Gosselin on you can find out exactly what he is doing, except if it has to do with the kids. Claiming that the paparazzi has taken too many liberties, the reality television show personality told fans in a tweet today he no longer uses Twitter to talk about the kids. The father of 8 gave the impression in 140 characters that the family is still in the spotlight of the media and to keep him out of it all, he won't be giving details. "The reason I can't answer when asked if I have the kids is because paparazzi can see and I don't want them looking for me and my kids." This appears to be the exact opposite when Gosselin was thick in media presence to find any camera to share what was going on with him, his family and even the kids a year ago. Today, looking to find some privacy and unable to shake the cameras, his account is all about how he feels and ads. You can follow Jon Gosselin and all his musings at @jongosselin1
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jon Gosselin's Shady Money Makers, Watch Kate Plus 8 Websodes HERE, Hearing The "B" Word About Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin Fans! Before you read the article below, I wanted to clarify how this blog is using the term "Bitch" as using your inner. As a slang word that does not mean that Kate Gosselin is actually one.  We have been discussing in comments recently how some people deem Kate as a "Bi@ch" just because of her strong personality. And that depending where you live or how you choose to live life, this personality trait of her can run the gamut between "strong amazing woman" down to plain Bi@ch. Where do your thoughts lie? Are you the type of person that needed a Show like Jon & Kate Plus 8 to question how you talk to your husband? When does strong become mean? Well this interesting article below with one woman's thoughts on Kates "bitchiness" and how it helped her own marriage..And lets face it, after 547 articles about Sarah Palin doing an episode with the Gosselin family, I thought I would discuss something different! lol

Because Jon Eventually Left That #$@#:

I used to be a big fan of Jon and Kate plus Eight. I just loved to watch the chaos of their home (from afar) and the kids were super cute. If you were a fan of the show, you have to remember the way Kate talked to Jon. There were times that she literally ripped this man to shreds on camera. She was going at him about his stupidity, laziness and fatness. I’m not saying that the man wasn’t stupid, lazy or fat. I’m just saying that it must have hurt to have your wife say these things while she rolled her eyes at you every five seconds and interrupted you on national television. Douchebag? Oh yes. But we all saw it coming, didn't we? The truth is that my own marriage owes a lot to Kate and her bitching.

None of us who watched the show were that surprised when their marriage imploded and Jon became a nanny banging, Ed Hardy wearing, media whore douchebag. If you were like me, you almost forgave him for it because he had just spent almost ten years taking daily beat downs from Kate. Almost. I’m a lot like the Kate Gosselin I’ve seen on all those episodes. I have a sharp tongue that I don’t always have full control over. I am also a recovering control freak that likes her life and home “just so.” But because I cringed as Kate would berate Jon in front of his face and behind his back, I’m much more aware of it. In fact, I often ask myself am I “kate-ing” the Hubs. Then I instantly become at least fifteen percent nicer. Because no matter how long he let her talk to him like that, Jon eventually left that bitch.

I love strong women, but. . . When I talk about The Bitch’s Guide to Love, I almost always have to explain that it’s not a man-bashing book. Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean standing on top of other people. I’ve noticed that the strong women stereotype sometimes get out of control. Although I believe that a Bitch says what needs to be said even when it’s not easy, I don’t believe that constantly putting someone down is a sign of a good Bitch. You don’t have to beat another person down to elevate yourself. You don’t have to point out another person’s faults and weaknesses to show how strong you are. Remember the look on Jon Gosselin’s face when Kate went off on him about some showerheads he bought without a coupon? Or that time he was over in one part of the store, and she screamed for him to come to where she was like he was some animal? Well picture that the next time you’re about to give your man a verbal beat down because he forgot to take out the trash again. Or spent more at the store than he should have. Or isn’t doing to the dishes the way you like them to be done.

Because we all make mistakes some times. The last thing anyone needs is the person who’s supposed to love us the most beating us up about it for the rest of my life. As for me, I’m still a work in progress. But I do know that I love my own husband very much. So I’m going to do what I have to do to keep him from losing his mind, running away to the Playboy mansion and spending all his money on Ed Hardy t-shirts. Especially the Ed Hardy t-shirts. Over my dead body.

Is Jon Gosselin Tweeting For Dollars, Or Has The Has-Been, Been Hacked?

Jon Gosselin has been prevented by the courts from earning income via the ‘Jon & Kate‘ brand. Mr. Gosselin enjoyed a quiet weekend at home without the kids, but with his girlfriend Ellen, chillin’ by the air conditioner…This weekend Jon was only plus 1 with no income, how does Jon keep the air conditioner going strong in Pennsylvania in July? He hits the Twit! Averaging 1 in every 7 Tweets over the last 24 hours, Mr. Gosselin is either Tweeting for Dollars, or, he’s been hacked. Hack jobs are common practice with celebrities. Al Roker was recently hacked & his followers were led on a false iPad chase. However, Al Roker is a CELEBRITY. Jon Gosselin is Jon Gosselin.

Jon’s mainly hawking a site called ‘Spiffbox’, where those along Jon’s fame level & higher participate in a chat for dollars scenario. Broke? Hardly! Jon’s scooping .15 cents per hour – per user – on the survey site he Tweets about. He’s livin’ large! At .15 cents commission, Jon can guarantee Kate a spousal support payment for at least one diaper this month! Some Gosselin devotees feel that since Jon helped with raising 8 kids, he must know what he’s talking about…Luckily, most of the Twitterverse is normal.
Jon is also into other internet sensations…While Jon regularly answers his followers, he chose to ignore this question….

Why stop at 2?

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