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Jon Gosselin's Shady Money Makers, Watch Kate Plus 8 Websodes HERE, Hearing The "B" Word About Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin Fans! Before you read the article below, I wanted to clarify how this blog is using the term "Bitch" as using your inner. As a slang word that does not mean that Kate Gosselin is actually one.  We have been discussing in comments recently how some people deem Kate as a "Bi@ch" just because of her strong personality. And that depending where you live or how you choose to live life, this personality trait of her can run the gamut between "strong amazing woman" down to plain Bi@ch. Where do your thoughts lie? Are you the type of person that needed a Show like Jon & Kate Plus 8 to question how you talk to your husband? When does strong become mean? Well this interesting article below with one woman's thoughts on Kates "bitchiness" and how it helped her own marriage..And lets face it, after 547 articles about Sarah Palin doing an episode with the Gosselin family, I thought I would discuss something different! lol

Because Jon Eventually Left That #$@#:

I used to be a big fan of Jon and Kate plus Eight. I just loved to watch the chaos of their home (from afar) and the kids were super cute. If you were a fan of the show, you have to remember the way Kate talked to Jon. There were times that she literally ripped this man to shreds on camera. She was going at him about his stupidity, laziness and fatness. I’m not saying that the man wasn’t stupid, lazy or fat. I’m just saying that it must have hurt to have your wife say these things while she rolled her eyes at you every five seconds and interrupted you on national television. Douchebag? Oh yes. But we all saw it coming, didn't we? The truth is that my own marriage owes a lot to Kate and her bitching.

None of us who watched the show were that surprised when their marriage imploded and Jon became a nanny banging, Ed Hardy wearing, media whore douchebag. If you were like me, you almost forgave him for it because he had just spent almost ten years taking daily beat downs from Kate. Almost. I’m a lot like the Kate Gosselin I’ve seen on all those episodes. I have a sharp tongue that I don’t always have full control over. I am also a recovering control freak that likes her life and home “just so.” But because I cringed as Kate would berate Jon in front of his face and behind his back, I’m much more aware of it. In fact, I often ask myself am I “kate-ing” the Hubs. Then I instantly become at least fifteen percent nicer. Because no matter how long he let her talk to him like that, Jon eventually left that bitch.

I love strong women, but. . . When I talk about The Bitch’s Guide to Love, I almost always have to explain that it’s not a man-bashing book. Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean standing on top of other people. I’ve noticed that the strong women stereotype sometimes get out of control. Although I believe that a Bitch says what needs to be said even when it’s not easy, I don’t believe that constantly putting someone down is a sign of a good Bitch. You don’t have to beat another person down to elevate yourself. You don’t have to point out another person’s faults and weaknesses to show how strong you are. Remember the look on Jon Gosselin’s face when Kate went off on him about some showerheads he bought without a coupon? Or that time he was over in one part of the store, and she screamed for him to come to where she was like he was some animal? Well picture that the next time you’re about to give your man a verbal beat down because he forgot to take out the trash again. Or spent more at the store than he should have. Or isn’t doing to the dishes the way you like them to be done.

Because we all make mistakes some times. The last thing anyone needs is the person who’s supposed to love us the most beating us up about it for the rest of my life. As for me, I’m still a work in progress. But I do know that I love my own husband very much. So I’m going to do what I have to do to keep him from losing his mind, running away to the Playboy mansion and spending all his money on Ed Hardy t-shirts. Especially the Ed Hardy t-shirts. Over my dead body.

Is Jon Gosselin Tweeting For Dollars, Or Has The Has-Been, Been Hacked?

Jon Gosselin has been prevented by the courts from earning income via the ‘Jon & Kate‘ brand. Mr. Gosselin enjoyed a quiet weekend at home without the kids, but with his girlfriend Ellen, chillin’ by the air conditioner…This weekend Jon was only plus 1 with no income, how does Jon keep the air conditioner going strong in Pennsylvania in July? He hits the Twit! Averaging 1 in every 7 Tweets over the last 24 hours, Mr. Gosselin is either Tweeting for Dollars, or, he’s been hacked. Hack jobs are common practice with celebrities. Al Roker was recently hacked & his followers were led on a false iPad chase. However, Al Roker is a CELEBRITY. Jon Gosselin is Jon Gosselin.

Jon’s mainly hawking a site called ‘Spiffbox’, where those along Jon’s fame level & higher participate in a chat for dollars scenario. Broke? Hardly! Jon’s scooping .15 cents per hour – per user – on the survey site he Tweets about. He’s livin’ large! At .15 cents commission, Jon can guarantee Kate a spousal support payment for at least one diaper this month! Some Gosselin devotees feel that since Jon helped with raising 8 kids, he must know what he’s talking about…Luckily, most of the Twitterverse is normal.
Jon is also into other internet sensations…While Jon regularly answers his followers, he chose to ignore this question….

Why stop at 2?

Having Cute Gosselin Kid Withdrawal? Check out these Websodes Here!


  1. I just find it very interesting that the article was written from one point of view only. Did she not see any of the many passive aggressive comments that Jon made to Kate also? Did she not see the faces that Jon made behind Kate's back? It takes two as they say to make or break a marriage and the writer of that particular article only saw it blindly with only one eye open. We also saw an edited version of their lives and Kate and Jon both admitted that there were many moments of misbehavior on Jon's part that ended up on the cutting floor. I for one would love to see many of those cuttings from the editing floor and maybe then we might get a fair view of the marriage. To blame it all on Kate is so unfair since even Jon himself publicly admitted that much of his misbehavior did indeed end up on the cutting floor for the effect of drama. Is TLC to blame for this one sided view of Kate? They most certainly are. At the very end of last season we saw one episode where Jon's behavior was left in and we got to see that Jon wasn't certainly perfect then either.

  2. Set in the Cleft- I was too late to get this in on the other thread. That smoothie sounds sooo good! I'm sure there's nothing to it but nevertheless can you give the measurements that you use? Mmmmmm!

  3. Lexxi~ The reason I posted this article was because recently I have been attacked for being the "Gosselin" site and I never have anything written regarding Jon being "attacked by Kate" on their show.

    Also it was important for me to also have something that I was referring to previously..Sometimes you don't realize that how your treating your husband day after day could affect your marriage if your having issues already or stress in the relationship.

    Jon was an equal partner in that relationship. There were ways he could have fought harder to make that marriage work. He chose not to once he smelled freedom and multiple younger women. But unfortunately there are people out there are have similar feeling anout Kate, in that she was the one that ruined the marriage by not talking nicer to him...

  4. It takes two Baby Mama to make a marriage and it takes two to tear it apart. We only saw an edited version of the show and unless we saw it completely unedited I honestly don't think it's fair especially in the light that both Jon and Kate has publicly stated it was edited to make Kate look bad for the sake of drama. I have to hand it to Jon that he admitted that much of his bad behavior ended up on the cutting floor. Also Kate did say to Barbara Walters on The View very quietly that "some people" and it was alluding to Jon act one way behind the camera and act like a completely different person in front of the camera. We've seen Jon's unedited behavior for the past year and nobody couldn't convince me that his behavior that we've seen didn't exist long before the marriage broke up. Just my point of view of course.

  5. Lexxi~ I agree. Which is why I put the article here. I hope that people who have an opinion like that could see other people be angry or at least fustrated when reading it. Your point of view is exactly how I feel about it:)

    Anglesmama~ I love your new look! I'ts great when you have something to go by other than a name. And yes, please tell me about this smoothie you guys were talking about!

  6. A marriage is an equal partnership, Jon is at fault for not being MAN enough to stand up to Kate's behavior against him and Kate is at fault for behaving as such. What THEY have done after the marriage and at the end of it, no amount of excuses are there. I realize both are human and are full of faults..but we each have to go on and try to better tomorrow.

    I hope this post will not be deleted. I am just stating an opinion but if it you said BabyMama this is your blog. I do not HATE Kate nor Jon either.

  7. Sometimes we don't realize we've even gone over the top. Sometimes two people who love each other a lot become so polarized that nothing could save a marriage. Sometimes you look at the other person after x years of marriage and wonder why the heck did I ever marry you, and the other person is probably feeling the same way. I look at J&K and think, "Your outlooks, approaches, goals, and ambitions are so different from each other that it is far kinder to end it than to go on in such different and polar directions." That said, we have no idea what's on the cutting room floor. Did Jon cheat on Kate for years before Deanna? Did Jon yearn for the biker, tattoo freedom spin? Did Kate give up after Jon's 3rd or 4th firing? Did Kate realize that with Jon the worst in her was brought out instead of the best? Nobody knows. Perhaps nobody will ever know. Perhaps we have no business knowing. I look at what has happened since the divorce. Kate has repeatedly acknowledged her sharp tongue and regret for how she handled things. She could have lashed out publicly about Jon's flings. She could have said, "Now you see the real jerk who has declared more than once he's found the 'real' love of his life only to have it end in months" she did not. She spoke up when he emptied one bank account; we heard his lies and excuses time and again. She cannot change what has happened in the past. She can only acknowledge mistakes and move forward. Kate seems softer in personality and yet stronger. We've heard Jon contradict himself in the same interview. That is sad. I wonder if it would have been different if he'd spoken up. We'll never know. I'm a heck of a lot prouder of Kate than Jon since the divorce. I hope that one day he'll stop blaming others and move forward. Kate saw the light and confronted the person in the mirror. I do not believe Jon has. I hope he will, for his own sake and the children.

  8. Linda I agree with all you have said but if any of you have also noticed that Jon still seems to be drawn although much younger women but from what we've seen Jon is attracted to women who do take control still. Maybe that's the kind of woman that Jon needs and that's why he gravitates towards them. We don't know what DeAnna was like but from Hailey all the way to Ellen the women he seems to attract seem to be stronger women who work, have goals and yes we've even seen women that have basically told Jon what to do and how to do it. In the end I'm betting that the woman he does settle down with will be just like Kate and the cycle will start all over again because that's just who Jon is. As they say you can't change the stripes and I haven't seen any changes other than Jon still is being supported by a woman and Jon likes to sit around and just play. That's who he is and I seriously doubt that he will change. They say don't plan on changing the man you marry because you will be disappointed but women always think they can change them and in the end are disappointed when they find that the experts are right and you can't change who a person is. Yes Kate has gotten softer it seems but maybe the reason for that is simply the constant aggravation is gone. She has moved on and hopefully one day Jon will too and they both can have wonderful separate lives but still parent their children together the best way they can.

  9. Baby Mama, thanks for noticing! I am so dumb when it comes to computers that when I finally figured out how to create an avatar and get it loaded here I did a little dance and yelled, "yeah!". A small accomplishment for most here I'm sure, but a monumental feat for me! She's much better looking than I am but after all she is only a cartoon likeness. I can dream. ;)

    Regarding the smoothie. In the previous thread Set in the Cleft mentioned a smoothie she made with peanut butter and bananas. Yummm.

  10. One thing I believe is true, is that both Kate and Jon love their kids. Jon just isn't a leader and hasn't had the best work ethic. They both had their moments of not treating each other very well. Jon is the least mature of the two. Kate is a strong woman and I really appreciate the way she has remained silent on bashing Jon (except for about the bank withdrawals) since the divorce.

    On one of the last episodes, Jon said something like "This was chosen for me" or "I didn't choose this". I wondered if he meant the big family or the show or the publicity. Does anyone know what he was referring to in that statement?

  11. NotMe THANK YOU. That was a good thoughtful opinion. I am not being sarcastic, really.

    I agree because deep down I think Jon is redeemable. I think he is a good man. My problem with him is that although Kate admitted her faults he passed blame off on her. She seemed to mourn the relationship and her part in it, Jon reveled in his freedom and SEEMED to be glad to be free of all his responsibilities. I have liked the change I've seen in Jon lately. But I am not holding my breath.

    And basically if Kate's a am I. I have to admit I am not as anal as she is. But I don't have 8 kids. Who knows what quirks that would bring out in me?

    Sorry OT:
    Corrina (from the other post) if you like to write email me a few posts and we'll go from there. Click on my screen name to contact me. I would love to feature my GFFS friends!

  12. angelsmama said...
    Baby Mama, thanks for noticing! I am so dumb when it comes to computers that when I finally figured out how to create an avatar and get it loaded here I did a little dance and yelled, "yeah!".
    Way to go angelsmama. I am very knowledgeable about computers and I even software troubleshoot other businesses software problem but when it came to the avatar thing even I was confused. I learned a long time ago to never make fun of anyone when it comes to computers because every day we can learn something new about them and to tease someone just because they might not be able to figure out what some may deem simple is just plain wrong because we all draw blanks at times and yes even me! I do like your avatar too.

  13. I so want Jon to succeed and be happy. I wonder sometimes if he just has a need to self destruct. That's sad. IMO I think there is a part of him that would love to go back and handle things differently. Kate said, "We can't go backwards only forwards." Part of me would really like to know which Jon is the real Jon. Kate said Jon's goals changed." I still wonder. I've never seen a guy before that just suddenly needed to go from woman to woman. Almost invariably the guy was going in directions and got caught. Again, I'd still want Jon to succeed. I still want to say, "Would the real Jon G please stand up." Was he trying to be something he wasn't to please his father? Was his father his anchor and without him he's lost? I'm not sure yet that he has a clue what he wants to do to be happy. I wish that. I hate seeing him implode time and time again.

  14. Good night all. Catch you tomorrow.

  15. Well said, all of the comments above!

    As for the B thing: I always thought Kate mistreated Jon on the show but if you look at some of the early, early shows, he was not very kind to her at all. It seemed like she was always trying to work with his attitude. I thought he grew some throughout the few years, but what is being said about him, it seems that he hasn't grown much at all. I did think he was/is a good dad, for the most part. We ALL have our bad moments! And the show seemed to portray him as very helpful, willing to go with the schedule that they (or maybe just Kate) created. That's why it seemed so unbelievable when they first began reporting his bad-boy behavior at the beginning of last year. I told my husband, "No, that's not true. They're not divorcing." And was sooo disappointed when the truth came out :( Even though I didn't like the way Kate talked to him at times, I thought that was just the relationship that they had.

    As for me, I do not talk to my husband that way. I can be pretty cranky at times, as my family will attest to, but I'm also kind of easy-going. And I learned the hard way not to scream and yell and call names. But I was never demeaning.

    As for the smoothie: it's a take-off from Jamba Juice's Peanut Butter Moo'd. I just throw in a banana (whole or part), a big spoonful of peanut butter, a handful of ice and enough milk to get the ingredients liquidy and smooth-blending. It's delish! Jamba also adds chocolate sauce, I believe, but I don't.

  16. Lexxi- Thanks I appreciate that, especially coming from someone who knows computers. :)

    Set in the Cleft- Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Good evening! I Added something to todays post I think you will find interesting. Jon is quietly finding new ways to make side money! Aside from giving In Touch "Exclusive" photos (ie:the slimmer belly photos)

    he is now also getting some "monay" (money lol) on Twitter...So what do we think about that?? I tried to tell him that Wednesdays are "Buy one Get one Free" at Carvel for him & Ellen, he has yet to respond! lol

  18. Wanna hear Kate read her own book?

  19. Good Morning!

    CraftyMomof3 -- Yes I will email you. Thanks!

    Linda O -- I also think Jon's Dad was his anchor and it's sad that he passed. I wonder how things would have worked out if he was still living. From what I've read, he was a special part of their lives.

    Set in the Cleft -- Now I have to buy some bananas--the smoothie sounds so good. It reminded me of peanut butter and banana sandwiches I had as a kid. Oh-and peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches I made when I was pregnant. Thanks!

    BM -- I have Kate's audio book on the MP3 player-- It's really good.

    Will sign off for now--we're under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

  20. Set in the Cleft - Best wishes to your daughter in her boutique.
    Baby Mama - I think Jon's Twitter venture is a waste of time but perhaps smarter than just playing games.

    Bad storms here also. Have a great day everybody.

  21. Whew! Short of south Florida hurricanes, I haven't been through storms like this in years. Downright rattle the doors storms. Hope others' storms have passed. I think this is going to continue into evening.

  22. Are people really paying to email with Jon?

  23. I thought I would weigh in with my thoughts on Kate. I don’t find her condescending or entitled, I find the show entertaining. I don’t love or hate Kate…I don’t know Kate. Once again I find her life entertaining. Yes there are things that I wish she didn’t say or do but those things make her “Kate

    During season 3 and a discussion with a male friend, my point was how she spoke to Jon. I was told to block out what Kate was saying and watch for cues from Jon. How he would do stuff to irritate her and she would fall for it, then end up yelling while he stood there with his woe is me look. Just a different point of view led me from just hearing Kate yell to seeing why she was always bitching.

    On the subject on how much she spends on clothes-shoes-handbags. Just like telling someone how to raise their kids we are all going down a slippery slope with saying how much is too much. Is $200 too much for a purse? How about $100 or $35? Why not just throw your money in a plastic bag that you got free from the grocery store? (This coming from someone who say’s “Coach is my crack”) Do you really NEED more than one pair of shoes….those flip flops for $1.99 at K-Mart will do just fine. If people want to dictate to Kate how much she can have, be prepared to have the same said about you.

    I don’t quite get those that continue to hammer away at how bad, mean, nasty she is….move on people. Find some joy in your life and stay away from stuff you don’t like. Personally I don’t like Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious or Jersey HW. I don’t watch them, but then again I don’t feel the need to go on forums and cry about how crappy I think they are.

  24. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been able to say hi, it's been a busy work day. I'm also sorry to hear about all the Thunderstorms & bad weather! It's actually been pretty beautiful today with low humidity.. Figures on a day when I can't get out! Will get on more tonight but wanted to say hi to Dee and welcome back!

    Linda, yeah, I was really surprised to read what Jon was doing now to make a buck. I always wonder who is feeding him this carp. Is it really worth .15 cents a Tweet to look like like a loser? I think someone is once again giving him bad advice. But the poor guy can't catch a break...

    I read alot of horrible lies people write about Kate, and how far those that claim they hate her so much will go. I wonder what is going on in these people lives to take it to that level. I mean at least the media has an excuse. This idiot from Popeater has made up lies just get copied by the haters all over the web..Case in point.. this trash from the biggest liar of them all Rob Shuter
    who writes for Popeater and hates Kate Gosselin. He claims he has all this "insider" he says no one invited Kate to a DWTS dinner.. boo freakin hoo

    "Her invite must have gotten lost in the mail," one 'Dancing' insider tells me. "Of course she was not invited! We all became close during and after the show except Kate who hasn't returned anyone's calls or emails. You know it's bad when even creepy bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gets invited but she doesn't."

    NOW this is from Prez Hiltons site and hes the biggest troll on the planet..but he posts THIS a month back:

    Evan Lysacek misses being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. And he also misses one of his favorite people - Kate Gosselin! “I’ve kept in really close touch with the entire cast. The people I met were the best thing I took from being on the show. We all walked away with a new family.”

    Kate is in New York right now. We’ve been texting each other back and forth and we’re trying to get together. We are very close. She is the sweetest woman in the world. We were instantly friends and everyone really loved her on the show. We missed her so much when she left. She’s hilarious and she’s always joking around. I don’t think she ever said a serious sentence."


  25. My 2 cents isn't worth much, but here I go again.
    1. IMO Kate never "mistreated" Jon. He never did anything to help. They had a huge load to carry and Kate did 99% of it. When she needed help she had to scream partly to be heard over the roar of children and partly because Jon just didn't listen to her. How many times were they filmed while she was trying to corral and he was off in a world of his own? And that's just what was caught on film. He has continued to prove himself to be aimless.
    2. DWTS. Kate was neither a professional dancer nor a professional entertainer. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to be thrown into a group that included Pamela Anderson! Compete with that! Seriously? If she appeared aloof, I suggest she was scared out of her mind.
    All that is old news.

    I am more aggravated about Joy Behar continuing to bash Kate from her show. She keeps saying that "reality" performers didn't "work" for fame and/or celebrity like she did. (Whoopi agrees, as noted many times before). I think Kate has worked hard and shown herself to be as much of a "performer" as Joy. Kate has grown and learned and outfoxed all those who have tried to bring her down.

    I have been a fan of Joy. Now I just hope she gets off the the "better than thou" soapbox and gives Kate the credit she deserves for taking ball and running with it!!

  26. Hey... Haven't been around for a while. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

    So... where was I? Oh, Kate's boobs.


    Interesting thread today Baby Mama!

    The whole Jon/Twitter/email/survey thing is ridiculous and he should be embarrassed to tweet such stuff. IMO. 15 cents AN HOUR??!?!?! Is that correct?

    As for the first article, I couldn't agree more. I don't think there is ever a valid reason to demean your spouse. No one (husband or wife) has to right to speak so harshly to their spouse. A person deserves to feel loved and respected by their spouse (again husband or wife).

    If BOTH spouses respect each other there would be no reason for either of them to speak to each other that way. I'm sorry but I would never let my spouse speak to me the way Kate spoke to her husband. I'd be surprised if anyone was okay with their husband treating them that way. If they are, there's something wrong. Would it ever really be "deserved"?

    If a wife didn't clean a house, or do the dishes, or laundry the way the husband wanted it done would it be okay for him to yell at her for it or insult her? Would it be okay for him to berate her if she didn't cook his meal the way he liked? Should the wife/mother be able to take out her frustration on her spouse? In comparison if he had a bad day at work should he be able to come home and take it out on her just because he's frustrated?

    I just don't understand why it's okay for a wife to speak that way to her husband if it's not okay for a husband to speak that way to his wife (and it's not). I also can't believe there are some people that defend it and excuse it. There is no excuse.

    If the gender was reversed I think there would be outrage at how the husband spoke to and treated his wife.

    Your spouse is your life partner. They are the one that is going to be there with you against the world. They are the one you should be happy to go home to after having a hard day at work. They are the one you should be happy to see walk through the door after having a bad day with the kids. Your spouse is your equal partner in life and should be treated as such. It's important for both spouses to remember that.

    Whenever they showed an argument on the show we saw what led up to it (Toys R Us episode as an example). Nothing Jon did made him deserve to be treated that way. It’s bad enough if it’s in the privacy of your own home but Jon was humiliated in public and on national television in front of millions of people (his family and friends included).

    I too thought Kate was a bit harsh on Jon and he sometimes was too passive in dealing with her. I too thought "Well it seems to work for them". Apparently it didn't.

    I'm glad the author of the article learned from someone else's mistakes. I'm fortunate that I too was able to learn very early in my life from the mistake of someone else. I'm thankful for that. I'm sure my husband is too.

    I agree that there is a huge difference between being the kind of bitch that is assertive and can handle herself and stand up for herself and not take crap from anyone, than just being a bitch that treats others like crap. Huge difference.

    I don't think Jon was perfect either, but I think he was a very hands on husband and father. He did his fair share of raising the kids. Looking back at old episodes Jon was always doing something around the house or with the kids or errands, etc. He may have seemed slow moving at times but he was not lazy. (Not sure what his story is now.) I don't ever recall him just sitting around watching tv asking for some man time when he came home from work. A lot of husbands do that (not that they should or shouldn't as some find that necessary while others find it unfair).

    I thought the article brought out some great points and again I’m glad the author reflected on her own behavior.

  27. I remember standing in front of the TV last year as Jon and Kate made the announcement of their impending divorce. I tried not to cry, because of all days to watch a show he hated and refused to watch, my husband decided to see what was going on, and I did not want him to see me crying over people I didn't even know.

    I was upset for two reasons. The first was that I just felt horrible for the kids. Their lives were about to change forever and it broke my heart.

    The second reason was that, as I stood there, I remembered standing in that same spot a couple of years earlier watching a Special about an entertaining, real couple who had twins and sextuplets. I remembered stopping my husband and telling him to watch Kate. Telling him "See I'm not the only one!" In the beginning Kate didn't speak as harshly to Jon. I have a "tone" as my husband calls it when I speak so I related to her. As the show continued and her tone became harsher I became uncomfortable and didn't watch the show as often.

    But it wasn't until the announcement that I stood there and thought about the way I spoke to my own husband. Even though I don't speak to him the way Kate did in the later shows it still caused me to rethink my own behavior.

    That day was a wake up call for me. I have been given an invaluable lesson. So whatever people think of Kate (and I am neither a lover or a hater), I personally am grateful to her.

  28. angelsmama,

    Great post! I enjoyed reading it and kudos to you for reflecting on it. It was nice of you to share that story.

    That divorce episode was horrible. Just so devastating to watch. It was just so sad to watch a marriage come apart like that for whatever the reason.

    So has hubby noticed?

  29. So is Jon getting paid for the tweets on his twitter about the surveys? Maybe he gets paid for advertising? He has to be doing it for more than 15 cents an hour. Or was that amount a joke?

  30. I saw Raising Sextuplets ONCE and that's all it took. That husband is so selfish. I haven't watched it since but I sure hope he has looked at himself and changed.

  31. SchmeckyGirl- Thanks! Alas, I am, and probably always will be, a work in progress. ;) I have had my "tone" all my life and have to work on it every day. I got it from my mother and now, heaven help me, I sometimes hear and correct it in my little girl! She's the latest incentive for me to learn to sound differently.

    I get in trouble a lot for saying something because it comes out sounding really bad but I don't mean it to at all. (You see, its not what I say its how it SOUNDS that bugs my hubby so much.) Regardless, I will continue to try. I am constantly having to work at it and that is probably why my hubby has never mentioned noticing a change.:)

  32. Oh I love Raising Sextuplets! Those kids arent as cute as The Gosselins but I love the mom and dad!

  33. SchmeckyGirl - You're right. Kate didn't do 99%. Exageration. But, I don't think Jon volunteered to do a lot. I think he was forced into it by circumstances, not necessarily by Kate. I hope that's less harsh than I sounded earlier. Kate supervised and arranged. Jon followed orders.

    I guess my point is what I've said all along. Jon needs constant guidance or he falls apart.

    I also think you are better at balanced judgment than I am...I was kind of the Jon for many years so I have little patience for behavior that mirrors my own. I did learn to stand up for myself, but it's a struggle every day.

  34. Holli,
    That's interesting! Your last comment, that is.

    I personally feel it's usually a man vs woman thing. Men are "workers" and will usually do as they are told by their wives because they are usually the organizers. Most women/wives want things done the right way... THEIR way.

    I think Jon is like a lot of husbands... It seems like they "need direction" because they know it has to be done their wife's way for it to be done "right."

    My husband could cook, clean, bathe the girls, dress them etc. He can put away dishes, put them in the dishwasher, straighten up the house etc but if it's not done the way I would do it all then as much "help" as it is, it's not "helpful" if I want it done the right way... My way. Is his way really "wrong"? No, just different. So maybe Jon was fully capable but it seemed like he needed direction because he wanted (or agreed) to do things the way Kate wanted. As women we all agree with Kate and how she wanted them done but men (when it comes to housework and child care would handle it differently.

    Men might give the kids a bath and mess up the whole bathroom while doing it... Or cook dinner and not clean up as they go. It's not how we would do it so we tend to direct them. Nothing wrong with that. If we don't want to direct them then we have to settle with them doing it their way.

    It's just how I see things... Men are from Mars... Women are from Venus... But unfortunately we don't all live on Venus so there has to be some compromise. JMO.

  35. My2girls,
    Really??? LOL! I just saw the episode when he came home from work and refused to change one diaper after she was home with all of them and must have changed at least 24 diapers... He was so unreasonable IMO. I thought he was a jerk. Is he better now?

    I may have seen another episode too but I don't remember what it was about. I just felt he was lacking.

  36. SchmeckyGirl, You touched on everything I wanted to say! I was verbally abused by my first husband. Nobody in their right mind would have thought he was just being cute, funny, type A or strong. Whereas if it’s the woman emasculating the man it’s dismissed as all of those. I’m beginning to form the opinion that many of the Kate supporters see a bit of themselves in Kate, or they’ve just never been close enough to mental abuse to really understand how negative it can be. I’m more of a passive personality, like Jon, so I tend to be attracted to strong men. As noted in the above article it’s possible to be strong without tearing others down – my first husband didn’t get that. My current hubby is a total babe and he likes to take charge, so we get along beautifully and respectfully. I believe Jon and Kate would have done just fine in a smaller family. Jon has said he was happy as a family of four, as the world is made for families of four. Kate admits the stress of the multiples brought out the worst in them. I’m sad for them both and I really do wish them all the best.

  37. Schmecky - I guess my biggest Jon issue is the aftermath. You're right about the "my way" of doing things. I'm just not sure Jon ever had a "his way". He did bathe the kids and did morning stuff 'cause Kate didn't get out of bed. That's when they were a team. It deteriorated and partly, I think, because of comments from viewers pointing out Kate's dominance. At some point Jon started listening to viewers instead of his family. We all have a role in our relationships.

    When I decided to take the lead in my life (and my kid's lives), it also ended in divorce. However, I did not go out and date, party and get tattos. I got a full time job with benefits and downsized my lifestyle.

    I just get so angry that he is tweeting for 15 cents a minute and cruising women.

    Does that make sense?

    BTW, what is a Schmecky?

  38. Holli Day said...
    BTW, what is a Schmecky?

    Uh... Don't ask! Lol.

    When I was about 20 there was a dating show on tv and the host would always ask "Was there any schmeck schmeck on the date?". It rhymed with Beck and my guy friends just started calling me Schmeck and then Schmecky... The ONLY reason was because it rhymed. Lol.

  39. I also agree that people overlooked Jons bad behavior and focused on Kate because she was the louder of the two. How many times are people going to harp on the Toys R Us episode? Yes, Kate was rude but she apologized outside when Jon brought it to her attention. You could tell she was sorry she hurt his feelings. There were over 100 episodes yet many people just want to see the negative things that Kate did. I find it hard to believe that these women have never been rude to their spouse.
    Jon may have been quiet but he was just as hurtful with his actions. He would make fun of her behind her back and mumble things. There were many times when Kate tried to hug him and he had no part of it. I remember one time he kissed her and she was so shocked and excited. How about when he yelled Kate take the stick out. Or when he made fun of how she dressed and how her stomach looked before the surgery? When they took the twins to New York to the doll place they were on the street walking and she asked to take a cab. He refused and yelled WALK very ugly. Don’t you think those things were embarrassing and hurtful to Kate?
    I think Kate took control because Jon did not want to. The airport scene where she begged him to lead them but he refused comes to mind.
    Yes, Jon helped when he got home from work as he should. Jon played with the kids but it was usually what Jon wanted to do, not the kids. Jon could be very selfish. Like when he was roller skating and took off and kept going even when one of the twins was yelling for him. When he forced the kids to walk on the property and they cried or when he forced them to go fishing or play soccer. How about when they went to Utah and he spent the whole day skiing by himself? It was very obvious Jon preferred playing without his family.
    Kate has apologized for her harsh tongue and said she is working on how she treats people she loves. At least she is trying to right her wrongs. I actually think the way Kate spoke to Jon is nothing to what Jon did to her and the kids in 2009. He stated I despise Kate; I love Hailey more than I ever loved Kate; Hailey is my soul mate; Making a bar waitress their babysitter; Letting the babysitter sleep over; Going to bars on the nights he has custody; Letting the paparazzi on the property to take pictures of the kids and getting paid for the pictures; Hanging at the fence with the paparazzi instead of being with his children; Making a deal with ET to film the twins birthday party (luckily Kate stopped that); Letting Kevin and Jodi come to the house; Stealing money from the household account; Not seeing the kids for 6 weeks while off vacationing with the newest rich girlfriend; etc., etc., etc.
    Sorry this is so long but I have a lot to say since I have only been a lurker since I posted a while back and upset you Baby Mama. I’m sorry I did not apologize then but I was confused that a fan site would allow posters to bash Kate even in a polite way. Since you have now stated you will not tolerate Kate bashing I will try posting some unless you do not want me to. After reading so many hateful things hurled at Kate I was glad I found your blog. I really enjoy it and hope you continue to take up for Kate and the kids.

  40. I agree Jon was a mess after they were separated... But at that point they were already separated. It just wasn't public yet.

    I actually thought it was great Jon let Kate sleep in late. I say "let" because he did have a choice. He could have let the kids go in and wake her up, or he could have just not done anything and Kate would have had to get up if she wanted the girls to be ready for school. I think Jon did a lot as a father and a husband. If he didn't Kate wouldn't be saying that now she has to do everything, etc.

  41. Gee Whiz,
    Too much to reply to on my BlackBerry... But I don't think Jon should get a free pass. Jon was wrong to say Take the stick out. No excuse for that. Bit it was in reply to how she was treating or talking to him. If she was talking to him with respect he wouldn't have said that. Even then it was not how he should have replied. They both said he never spoke to her that way before and he said he wouldn't again. After toysrus Kate said she wouldn't do that again to him "in public."

    Jon wasn't perfect but he was no where near the way Kate was in the way he treated her.

    I too wonder about their being affecrionte with each other. Every so often you'd see a glimpse of it. I think they were both playful with each other at times. I liked seeing that side of them. Okay I can't type any more in my BlackBerry.......

  42. Scmechy, you say Jon was reacting to Kate. He said ugly things in a reaction to her disrespect. What about HIS disrespect to her? Maybe her disrespect was just in response to his? You seem able to make every excuse for Jon but none for Kate. Why are you here again??

  43. Actually I have some close family members who have been abused. I have witnessed some of it. I loathe yelling and demeaning other people. I have always said that I hated the way Kate spoke and sometimes yelled at Jon. But she was not abusive. She was carrying a huge load, and yeah, in my opinion, Jon was not much help. He had to be forced, she had to plead and beg to get him to do things. I don’t think he was bad, and I don’t think he meant to be lazy, but I do think he was just oblivious to things. And big, fat, deal that he “let” her sleep in. She did most of the work!

  44. Good afternoon everyone and welcome back Jonnie Cade! Well it looks like whatever meeting the kids did with Sarah Palin was quick & HUSH-HUSH..This is from Gossip Girls:

    "Drawing an end to what was quite the adventure, Kate Gosselin and her eight little ones were spotted landing at the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (July 28).

    The reality TV show mommy and her entire brood looked a bit worn out, yet excited, as they made their way through the terminal with the help of bodyguard Steve Neild and a fellow helping hand.

    As previously reported by Gossip Center, the famous family traveled to Alaska to work on their new show “Kate Plus 8" - which is said to have included a camping expedition with Sarah Palin. A friend of Palin's told Life and Style, "She's excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!"

  45. Johnnie Cade said...
    Scmechy, you say Jon was reacting to Kate. He said ugly things in a reaction to her disrespect. What about HIS disrespect to her? Maybe her disrespect was just in response to his? You seem able to make every excuse for Jon but none for Kate.

    I already said there is no excuse for Jon speaking disrespectfully to Kate. The difference to me is that he was responding to her in how she treated him. He still should have replied differently. He should not have responded in kind. He should have told her he didn't appreciate her tone, etc and ask her to change it, etc. He should have right then and there pointed it out to her and told her it's unacceptable.

    Kate would speak disrespectfully to Jon out of frustration when dealing with the kids or house etc, or when she didn't agree with how Jon did things. Jon spoke disrespectfully to Kate in response to how she spoke to him or treated him. Jon's personality wasn't to lash out at Kate personally when things were going wrong. At least they didn't show that side of him. Jon was not perfect. But he in no way treated Kate the same way she treated him, especially no where near as often.

    Kate never complained about how Jon spoke to her on a regular basis. Jon did. He complained about it when it happened, during the interviews and after their separation several times. Kate admitted she was wrong about the way she spoke to him.

    I thought it was disgusting when Jon said he despised Kate. There was no excuse for using such a word. He also later admitted he was wrong and apologized to her publicly and (I think) privately. He also never said that about her when they were together.

    Whatever Jon did in 2009, he and Kate were no longer together as a couple. Wrong, yes, but it's not the same as how you treat someone when you are together.

    As for Kate not being "abusive" to Jon I think if a man spoke to a women that way she might feel as if she was being spoken to abusively. Maybe Jon did feel as if she spoke to him abusively. He said he did.

  46. wildchild,
    I disagree. I don't think Kate did "most of the work." Jon "worked" outside the home for a while. He came home and did his share all the time. When they were both home he did his fair share. When Kate was travelling for book signings, etc he was a stay-at-home dad.

  47. Yep, Schmecky, we do disagree about the workload discrepancy! It’s just like talking about her boobs, there is no point in continuing the debate on that topic.

  48. He was a stay-at-home dad who heated up the meals that Kate cooked and had help watching the kids! As we all know, Jon did not like staying at home and instead chose to party and bang any one in their twenties that would have him.

  49. He was a stay-at-home dad who heated up the meals that Kate cooked and had help watching the kids!
    So, what's wrong with that? If he can't cook it's good that she made home cooked meals. Yes, he had some help. They had a nanny. Kate still has a nanny. They had 8 kids. A helper is great. Kate still has help with the 8 kids and they are older now. Why is it bad that Jon had some help?

    We don't know at what point Jon started seeing other women. They split up in late 2008 and there's no evidence of him seeing other women before January 2009. No one has accused Jon of cheating on Kate before 2009.

  50. wildchild said...
    Yep, Schmecky, we do disagree about the workload discrepancy! It’s just like talking about her boobs, there is no point in continuing the debate on that topic.
    Now that I agree with! ;)

  51. Baby Mamma,

    Have you seen this?

    Polly Kahl who co-authored the Al Walentis book is in some hot water. She's been practicing medicine without a license since 2007.

  52. It is not bad that Jon had help just pointing out he did not do all the work by himself as you seem to imply.
    Until something is filed with the court, a couple is not considered split up. Had he not been caught by the paps partying and bedding other women maybe they could have worked it out. We will never know that. And I wish you would stop stating things you heard from Jons mouth as fact. He is a proven liar (I did not take any money). We will never know what the true time line was. And really, it is none of our business.

  53. GeeWhiz,

    Kate herself said it was over "some time last year." She was referring to 2008 because she said it in 2009.

    I think they both made it clear that nothing was going to get worked out. From the interviews I heard Kate give their marriage was "over."

    I do agree that Jon should not have been with anyone else while he was still "married" to Kate. Even if they were legally separated I think he should have waited until the divorce.

    I do think Jon is a liar. I just don't think he was lying about the time line. There are other instances such as his moving out and in with his mother, and living over the garage that show they were separated. And again, Kate herself said it was over before he was caught with other people too.

  54. I didn't "imply" anything. I wrote that he was a stay-at-home Dad. Kate and everyone else refers to her as a stay-at-home Mom and she doesn't do everything by herself either. I don't see where calling him a stay-at-home Dad is implying he did everything.

    I actually thought it was great that Kate made home cooked meals for when she was away. I give her credit for doing that. I also think that was something that was important to her. Maybe Jon would have fed them mac and cheese or spaghetti and canned or frozen veggies or something simple that he could make himself. They'd still be fed. Kate, and possibly Jon, wanted them to have real home cooked meals. If Jon can't cook other than the basics what other choice did they have?

  55. I will not watch Sarah Palin on anything so if she appears on Kate + 8, I won't be watching.

    Generally when I start to get bored with the whole thing, Jon does something to get me going. I can only hope...

  56. Schmecky,
    I guess I missed the interview where Kate said it was over sometime last year. All I rememeber is her saying she was on a flight when it came to her that they were not going to recover.
    In many of your posts in this thread you tell of all the work John did but never what Kate did. That is how I came to the conclusion you thought Jon did most of the work.
    It is nice to hear you give Kate credit for cooking the meals for Jon.

  57. GeeWhiz~ Sorry I haven't been able to respond, but I had to work today and came home to a complete mess. But I wanted to say that I appreciate you coming back to post. And also that I hope that the great conversations & debates continue. We have a great group right now!

    Polital Junkie~ thanks for the link! Will review it and talk more later tonight...

  58. Schmecky & everyone... I think that it's good that we just agree to disagree regarding how Jon & Kate's marriage was and whether either was right or wrong. Everyone has their opinion on the matter. Both were wrong. It's sad that they couldn't make it work for the sake of the children. I truly feel in my heart that Jon just let go, and didn't fight to make it work. He basically fought her on everything else or gave up and let her do things he may not have agreed with.

    My opinion is that Kate has a strong personality and Jon loved her and went into the marraige knowing that. Whether she was rude to him or not is irrelevant. She was NOT abusive. This along with her boobs, could be debated until the end of time. However since this is my fan site and in complete support of Kate, I do not want to debate those topics further.

    I don't those fans of Kate here feeling that they have to justify their thoughts on supporting Kate here. We get enough of that on other sites. Watching old interviews I truly see the sadness in her eyes when she remembers happier times. Now moving forward I want to use this site to cheer her on as shes works as a single mother and supports her family. I hope everyone thats here can and will understand that.

    So lets bury the discussions over her breasts or the way she talked to Jon and hopefully continue in a more supportive direction. Especially since there are rumors about finally reaching a fair custody agreement with Jon! THANKS!!xoxox

  59. Luv ya, Baby Mama, and thanks for having me here. Sorry if I'm more pro-Jon than Kate, but we all come to the table with our various experiences and filters. I agree, let's move forward!

  60. Thank you LoriAnne. I don't want the Kate fans to feel that I have allowed this site to get too negative again. I know everyone that is my friend here will understand and remember this is a FAN site. That is here to support Kate Gosselin.

    Sometimes we forget all the diffrent people we have on here, all with different things going on in their lives. I LOVE, SUPPORT AND APPRECIATE EVERYONE ON HERE! xoxoxox

    Linda~(Original) Feel better, you are a good friend and I want you back commenting on here ASAP. You are the second voice of this site and I am sending you love and postive thoughts! xoxo

  61. Political Junkie~ I forgot to add that the stupid piece of trash that was written by unemployed Al Walentis is alreay a distant memory thank goodness. I know we all have to put food on the table, but lying and sounding like a 15 year old boy trying to peddle the morning paper doesn't seem to be the best outlet for him. Hope he was able to pay his last months rent though.

  62. Linda get better! **hugs*** I'll send good thoughts your way! I wish I still did reiki. ...

  63. Linda hope your feeling better soon. I havent been posting much just reading, but its so much nicer to read here than anywhere else. I just wish that these him -vs- her sites would lighten up. There is no excuse for all that hatred in the world. I am having trouble sleeping as always so I am up late again. Take care ladies. Have a good day!

  64. Thanks for the welcome Baby Mama. Moving forward is a great idea. Kate needs support with all the ugliness thrown at her. Have a great day.

  65. Linda I want to thank you for the latte recipe with the sweetened condensed milk. After a week and a half away and without it I Had an intense craving for coffee but due to being away and refrigerator malfunction while I was gone had no milk or creamer Alsowe couldn't get to store or coffee place because hail damage work was being done for roof and shed and porch and car was blocked in. Your recipe saved my day. I am soo happy to be home in my own home. Family is wonderful but there is no place like home

  66. Good afternoon everyone! Its been a very busy morning for me.. Sorry Im late ;) Tashapork, I texted Linda the message and all the good thoughts from everyone. I'm hoping that she will be on later. Her strong positive posts are always needed on this site...Also I missed some of yesterdays news..

    Settlement Reached in Jon & Kate Custody War
    7/27/2010 12:02 AM PDT by TMZ Staff
    The epic child custody war between Jon and Kate Gosselin is finally over -- TMZ has learned the former reality couple has reached a settlement agreement ... but the terms are extremely confidential. As we previously reported, Jon filed documents in a Pennsylvania court back in April asking for primary custody of their eight kids -- and demanded an opportunity to renegotiate his child support obligations.

    But earlier this month, the two sides officially agreed on a new arrangement that involves both custody and financial obligations ... but the terms of the deal were sealed by the court.

    A source close to the couple confirmed the deal -- telling us, "An official agreement between Jon and Kate has been reached and they will be working together for the benefit of their children." Lawyers for both sides had no comment.

  67. Ohh I forgot to add..Did anyone else here that Jon was having lunch with some "agent-type" in CA yesterday? Just when Kate is coming back to LA from Alaska? It just sounded very odd. Also photos of him looked horrible in some slacker jacket & sneakers...odd

  68. The picture of Jon was from a year ago and taken in New York.

  69. Tashapork - you are most welcome. I pack a can of sweetened condensed milk (or several of the mini cans) in my suitcase along with a mini 6"wire whisk. Then in hotels, I can use the coffeemaker, mix a small amount of coffee with the condensed milk, whisk away, and fill the cup with coffee. It's not a real "froth" but it's close and it keeps me from going into latte withdrawal, lol.

  70. Thank you all for the many emails. I'm fine. Just an off day with pain, first of all. It's been two weeks and I want to be completely healed and leaping tall buildings. It's nothing that 4-5 months won't take care of completely. I finally set up a countdown calendar. I can handle most anything if I can see an end in sight, no matter how distant.

  71. Yay Linda! So happy to see you back. I missed you :) xoxoxox

    Denise~ ARE YOU SERIOUS? They took a one year old picture from a recent article? Or did I just read it wrong?

    Tashapork~ Are we Farmville friends yet? My daughter is so mad that I get the huge farm with 20 houses and all the great buildings. She has nothing. But I made her an account because she kept touching and selling my stuff! So anything you could help us out with would be appreciated!

  72. My next post will be coming up soon. With the Kate news being so slow and I cant fathom another Sarah Palin Alaska story..I was wondering if I could get suggestions. I was hoping to write a strong supportive Kate post. One filled with perhaps more of her fun recipies and maybe another webisode..Things you havent seen.

    Anyway I would appreciate ANYONE that would like to tell me what you would like to see on this site. The only way I can continue to give you the site you want to come to is if you tell me what you want! xoxox

  73. First, let me say, please just scroll on by my comments if you don't want to read. I can't see you, and it certainly doesn't hurt my feelings at all.

    Now, mostly I did not blog yesterday and the afternoon before when the storms ended because I was too angry. I wanted to make sure that I had a handle on my own anger before I responded. I try hard to remember that this blog is indeed Baby Mama's and not my own. I think she could attest that I frequently email, text, talk, etc. to say, "It's your blog and your call."

    I found this blog (actually it's predecessor) two years ago. For a year or so I read but never commented. Finally, one blogger's comments provoked me to the point that I jumped into the fray. I'm going to say some things now that may anger some. So be it. I'm speaking my mind. (Yes, folks who are emailing me, I'm addressing that issue!)

    IMO this is, as the name states, the Gosselin Family Fan Site. Jon frustrates me. I've given him the benefit of the doubt until I'm at the point where he has to earn a change in my attitude. (Fool me once or twice, shame on you. Fool me a dozen times and shame on me for giving you the chance. That's where I am with Jon.) I'd like for him to be happy and successful, but I think the reality is: the Jon we see now is the REAL Jon and frankly, I'm really, really not liking him at all. I wish he'd realize we are all primarily responsible for our own happiness. ie. quit blaming TLC, Kate, your father's death, somebody from the 2nd grade or whatever, get off your tush, buck up, and get busy!

    I also want to say that I think Jon loves his children. At least he does when his hormones aren't so rampantly out of control that he can remember that he has them. I give him credit for being back in PA. I'd like to believe that it's for the children and not that Utah GF said enough! Geez! His latest counselor says she's been working with him for a year. Oh really. Great! Uh, did you do it over the phone when he was in Utah? I'm curious.

    End of part one

  74. And I AGREE. This is helpful as I think about my next post....

  75. I'm not sure all of part one posted - but this is Part Two

    My next comments are the tough ones. I've given more than 24 hours trying to figure out how to say this. I still don't have any answers. I'm going to just jump in. After these, if Baby Mama asks me not to post, I will accept that graciously and just read and not post.

    SchmeckyGirl, you remind me so much of a sister (I've said that before.) She and I but heads about as often as you and I.

    Schmecky, why do you post here now? You are clearly a nonFan of Kate. You are a fan of Jon, but even you seem to struggle to find praise. You feel the kids should not be filming at all, upgraded from your position that specials were okay. I do not follow you on other sites. I get comments of yours emailed to me. You seem so very happy on sites where you can bash Kate repeatedly. That is your business. So, why do you come back here to bash her? I just don't get it. You post, bash Kate, and people stop posting because they don't want you jumping on them. So, I just don't get it.

    Do I like the way Kate talked to Jon? No. She has apologized more than once, stated she wishes she'd spoken differently, but she cannot undo it. Do we say, "uh oh" we will never accept your regret and we want to punish you for ever? They are divorced. Kate is moving on and looks so much happier. Jon has moved on, but still looks pretty miserable, but that's just Jon. I think it's time for the rest of us to move on. This is a fan site. IMO if you have something to be a fan of, post here. If you have a need to keep bashing, go elsewhere.

    Okay. That said, I respect your position Baby Mama. I don't think it can be a "let's all have positions and it's okay to bash Kate." I think if it is a Fan Site it should be fans posting (fans of Jon, of Kate, or the Kids.) So I accept whatever you decide. For me, I cannot post alongside those who bash Kate. If I wanted that, I'd still be at a non Fan site.

  76. Part 3 and final rant for the day (aren't you all glad!)

    SG, I disagree with your timelines for yesterday. We don't agree. We've discussed them more than once. I have no desire to do it for the 3rd, or whatever time it is. Been there, done that, we don't agree, and that's that. Previously I've retrieved references for citation, listed again, and I don't see the point of doing it again.

  77. Denise was right. Story new (maybe??) but photo is old. Apparently with anything to do with Gosselins it is "fair" to use any photo to illustrate your point even if it is from ages ago. Gosselins equal commenters equal advertiser ratings. Don't have anything new? Then just make up something, dredge out a photo and slap it in as if it were just taken.

  78. Linda, I do usually ignore your posts because they are so strident. BabyMomma makes the decisions here; I am sure she realizes I am not a big Kate fan but because I am usually polite and just furnish information, she has let me hang out.

    So your opinion is no discussion or doubts about Kate should be allowed?

  79. Denise - not at all. Things come up, and discussing the pros and cons is certainly a valid thing to do. I'm tired of discussing the same issues over and over and over. When you know your perspective is at odds and you've debated it at length, I just don't see the point in bringing it up again.

    I know you're neither a Kate fan nor a Disney fan. I assume you are either a Jon fan or a G Kids fan but I'm not sure. You are a history fan :)- I have heard you state that.

  80. Discussing the trips is new, at least their locations.
    Discussing for example, "Which Kate outfit do you like most or least" that's new.
    Discussing Jon's attire - not new - he's still dressing in mostly ragged bottom stained jeans, tee shirts, and flipflops. Discussing how much better he looks with even his new "do" as opposed to his backwards ball cap a la rapper style, that's new.
    Discussing the chickens as a "how much responsibility do you give your kids compared with the Gosselin kids" that's new - Discussing the dogs - that's old.
    Discussing how adorable and grown up Mady and Cara are coming to be, that's new. Kids have differences in temperament and that's normal; discussing that is old.
    Discussing the idea of a notebook to keep up with house maintenance (great idea) but we've discussed it.
    Discussing China Town in NY or Statue of Liberty - we haven't done that yet. How much has visitation changed since 9/11. Are the streets filled with visitors because it's summer vacation when most people go, or are streets empty because of the heat?
    The G kids have their pool at home as a way to beat the heat. How are those without pools keeping cool. How did you keep cool in your childhood as opposed to now?
    What's your favorite Gosselin meal? How have you adapted or changed it for your own family?
    Okay...enough examples.

  81. Wow, good memory.
    I think the children are precious but truly wish they could have a private life. I think it's time for the cameras to go - both TLC and paparazzi. Maybe I am imagining it but I see signs of stress in their behaviour. Filming babies is one thing but these children are well aware of the cameras and we all act differently when we are "on stage".

    I know Kate thinks that going and getting are important but when I look back on my childhood I see things differently. I grew up VERY privileged with a chauffeur driven Mercedes, went to a very expensive private school, crossed the ocean many times (once on the original Queen Mary), met famous people and literally traveled all over the world. When I reminisce I love to recall summers at my grandparents, making a tent with a quilt over a table, watching her shell peas, cutting out paper dolls from the Sears catalogue. (Yes, I am OLD!)

    I can't psychoanalyze but I believe too much emphasis is put on all the trips and gifts. Those basics are so important. Just my opinion.

    And while I am on a roll; I think Kate's train station outfit was skanky!

  82. Denise~ you are good. Your posts have almost always been ;)Did you see my comment before? Was I wrong in the date of that story or did they put a photo up from a year ago?

    I think that this will perhaps open up conversation and thoughts from other fans who may have been scared to post. I almost have 550 followers soon and not even 5% actually post. Most infrequently. I'm hoping that more will feel comfortable doing so in the future..

  83. And I actually thought Kate looked great in that train photo so thats where taste is only a matter of opinion ;)

  84. I don’t mind discussing Kate’s imperfections, I have mentioned some before, but I am still a fan. I don’t mind when people have different view points, as long as they don’t bash or constantly go one note with their disdain and scorn for her, while almost always finding the positive spin on Jon’s behavior. I really believe he cares for his children and wants the best for them, but he seems to be so misguided, and so bad at making life decisions, that it’s hard to support him. Take Lori Ann and Mary Ann for example, both came saying they weren’t huge fans of Kate but wanted to understand why we liked her. They did not come to nitpick Kate’s every move, they are great examples of people who don’t love her but add to this blog in a positive way.

  85. School starts in 2 1/2 weeks here. Ordered things online like crazy. Packages are starting to arrive and kids are excited. We'll go to actual stores for shoes. Does anybody wonder what it's like to get back to school supplies, lists, backpacks, and clothes for 8 kids?

  86. Here's something else we could discuss. We know Jon Tweets a lot. We know that Kate emails her friends a lot and texts a lot. We know that the Gosselin kids (Cara and Mady) have computers. What steps do parents take today to keep their kids "safe" on the internet. What sites get blocked. How old should kids be before they are texting? How and what do you set as rules for your kids?

  87. BabyMama (and Linda ), Thanks for pulling things back into focus. I was really losing it - even apologized for thinking Jon is an ass. I almost forgot why for a second. It's all coming back to me now!

    Have you seen the High Line in NYC? In Chelsea. It's just a terrific example of how New Yorkers can pull together to make the city work. I miss NY terribly since moving to Florida (only 4 months but it feels like forever). We went back to NYC in June and if it were possible, I would have thrown my arms around the city and hugged it!

    I begged my parents to take me to the Statue of Liberty when I was a kid. We went for a birthday trip and the Statue was closed for the day! I never got there again until I had 3 kids and I lived in NJ.

    It may have been hot in NY when the G's were there but it's important for the kids to see the world outside PA. I used to drag my kids to Washington DC and Williamsburg in August (to and from the Outer Banks). They complained and whined but today they'll tell you how wonderful the experiences were. Trips are important and the show has enabled them to experience much more than they would have without it.

    It would be nice to see the G's experience Washington DC thru the Smithsonian. Air & Space for the boys and the American Museum. Such fun. A quick trip thru some of the art with discussions about various ways of expressing art...I think they all enjoy painting and creating so it would be nice to have them see various styles.

    Please keep up the good work with tidbits about personal life alongside the Gosselin Family. I truly think there are some good people here and I enjoy being able to "meet" with you.

  88. Hi Baby Mama. I vote for seeing more of Kate recipes. There are a few in her last book and I have made nana Janet's roast. It's delicious!

  89. BabyMama I'm just going to take a cue from Linda and stay quiet. I found a comment to be very offensive so rather than stating my opinion I'll just keep it to myself as I'm not sure I can hold my tongue. When certain terms like "skanky" are being used it just starts the defense mode into high gear or when too much is read into the Gosslin children's photos or the little bit of filming we see then my alerts go up so for now I'll just stay quiet like many others do and just read. I just find certain words extremely offensive and demeaning so I would rather not say anything. Have a great day everyone.

  90. Lexxi~ my site is a never ending balance. I have met nice people that come here to post but aren't absolute Kate fans. Most that are don't choose to comment on this site for whatever reason. If I only allowed fan posts I wouldn't have many. And again before the trolls have a fiekd day it's NOT because Kate doesn't have fans, but they are too attacked. Perhaps if more Kate supporters felt more comfortable posting I woul only keep those. But for now I see we are adults here and I don't see why we cannot have a decent conversation and/or discussion without any hate, while focusing on support for Kate.

    My site has more infrequent commenters than the hate sites that come in to attack to make their lives seem more wothwhile. So as always, until this site gets more fans on here, I will continue to moderate the discussion. I know the fans ate out there with love for Kate, so lets get postin! :)

    FYI if this has crazy mistakes please blame my phone that changes my words!

  91. BabyMama, yes we are Farmville neigbbors, although the last couple of days, I have been a little farm negligent due to just getting home and dealing with construction and a very unhappy stressed out dog. He just does not see the long term benifit of spending a couple of days listening to pounding over his head and not being able to go in his backyard. If it was the week end we could take him to the neighbors' and the other place we could take him, they are having a lot of company.
    Thank you Linda for mentioning the wisk, I got out the big blender because it was hard to stir.
    One possibility for a future post would be to lay out some pictures of Kate and the kids for people to create stories of what is happening in them. I really think we could learn a lot

  92. OK, Lexxi, I will vanish and everybody can be happy again!

  93. Denise - I'm surely not asking you to leave

  94. Linda O, I'm happy to see you posting again. I'll admit I was worried about you yesterday.

    Denise, don't leave. I'll miss your posts!

    Ladies, if you've read Kate's books (and even if you haven't) you might be confused about this "new Kate." She's not acting/dressing like the Christian mother we all got to know in those books. I had a good friend in high school, as devout a Christian as I ever knew, and she married a minister. Now 20 plus years later I've re-connected with her on Facebook. Guess what? She's exactly the same. Still conservatively dressed, still minimal makeup, etc. Maybe skanky is not a nice word but you can't blame people for reacting and commenting on the changes in Kate. I would have been totally shocked had my friend changed that much even though it's been over 20 years. It's nice to fix yourself up after your babies get a bit older (I've been there myself) but Kate's sudden new look is raising eyebrows all over the place.
    Posters, please let's be patient with each other!

  95. You really should listen to this 7 year old girl. She actually looks like one of the Gosselin girls. This is fantastic.

  96. Re: Kate's wardrobe. Sometimes it takes time for a woman to understand her body and appreciate her assets. Sometimes it never happens.

    She has 8 kids. Good for her!

  97. Very devout people dress the ends of the spectrum from Mennonite, to super hip. She isn't dating, isn't trying at this point to attract mucho dates. She grew up in a very conservative, uber strict family. She's still very young. Yes, she's worn bikinis - on a private island, and in her own backyard; they weren't thongs, lol. She got bashed on DWTS for wearing clothing too conservative. She isn't dressing like the Duggars; thank heavens IMO. Except for two blouses, 95% of her clothing comes from Anne Taylor or ATLoft, which is considered pretty conservative by most folks. She's got a great body now and I think it would be noticeable in pretty much any clothing. She's not old like me, lol. As I said, she isn't out bar hopping, she isn't cruising, she isn't flirting. She's dressing her age. BTW, we had a missionary as a speaker today at a luncheon. She wore an ATLoft dress identical to one of Kate's. Her age: 48. I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder.

  98. Ty vm Short! Always nice to be missed.I had spinal surgery 2 weeks ago midback where they split bones and added rods and screws. I'm pretty impatient. I stopped all pain meds last week. Asked dr today why I had pain yesterday and he laughed. I'm probably always gonna notice rainy days. I'm walking and active. I'm just ready to do a bunch more things. Did I mention that sitting around is not something I'm good at? Lol. Again, tyvm.

  99. Hi Baby Mama,
    I see allot has gone down on this thread, some good, and not so good. I was surprised but happy to hear you pulling in the rains on all the re-hashing of their divorce. It does get old hat to hear it all over again Doesn't it?

    I am really waiting on pins and needles to see my first Granddaughter in her Peace, Love, World T-Shirt. Maybe she will be wearing it tomorrow for her 2nd birthday. The presents are wrapped and I am ready to go. Aren't all kids cute!!! Thanks again for the Tee!

    The new Baby is a cutie too!

  100. It's Baby Mama's site and it's her choice to have whoever she wants on her site. It's also my choice if I don't care to hear words like "skanky" or even worse use Christianity to criticize another woman. That by far is the weakest excuse by far. I was brought up by a very devout Christian family (more than you can imagine) and the one thing I know is that none of us would ever use the Good Lord in judging another person. In fact I could quote verse after verse where this kind of judgment is not tolerated by the Lord, God or Jesus, but again I leave that up to the person's conscience that claims to be a Christian when I know that isn't what being Christian is about. I just choose to not see this kind of verbal attacking of another woman with terms I don't approve of and I am by no means a prude but there are some slang and cuss words that I choose to not tolerate which is my right. I personally think some of the terms are degrading to all women not just Kate Gosselin.

    Oh I know some people love to stir the pot but it's my choice when I would rather not be part of the world of hate or dislike for a woman I feel is doing the best she can to support her children, especially in this particular economy. So thank you Baby Mama and I understand your position but for me some of them take it way too far in showing their dislike for Kate. No Kate isn't perfect but many of the things they are judging her on frankly is none of their business and it's her right to run her own life and that of her children. A long time ago it stopped being about so called child abuse and has turned into something entirely different. Oh the children are still used as an excuse for the hatred but it's easy to see through the true motives especially when they bring up the superficial things. Don't leave because of me, it's my choice just as it's Baby Mama's choice to run her site as she wants. This isn't a judgement on Baby Mama either as it's her right to run her site as she wants.

    I'm not saying I won't ever post again but I will bow out when I find the comments offensive. It's all right to have a different opinion but I feel that boundary has been crossed by some into down right hatred, disgust, dislike or whatever term in their minds they choose to express their opinion whether politely or by offensive terms.

  101. I was glad to hear that Jon was moving forward in his custody case. If its true or not, can we believe anything we hear on TMZ? I am not sure.
    Months ago, I read somewhere that he had dropped the issue and then it came out that he allowed the filming. So I assumed it was down the tubes. Never assume anything, I should know better.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  102. On the not leaving comments if I don't have anything nice to say way of thinking.....yeah I have been in that group lately. There have been quite a few comments lately that have ruffled my feathers, but hey.

    I really like the direction that Baby Mama is going with this site and I hope that every one can respect that it's her site and her main point she's been trying to make is that: yes we all have different opinions, but we need to understand that they are only our opinions. If you state something be ready for the fact that some one else may not like it. Don't put it out there if you don't want it discussed or evaluated. Respect is the main theme of this blog. If your not respectful, you don't have a place here.

  103. I am getting really tired of reading about how people get attacked here. There are not any regular posters here that I have ever experienced "attacking" anyone. And I have been reading on Baby Mama's site since before this one was in existence, on the anti-gwop site.

    Most people (fly by posters I call them) who feel attacked are the one's that call us sheeple and are dumbfounded when they try to "educate" us and we don't fall for it or care.

    My biggest problem I have had lately with the comments is the "you don't know because you haven't been there" statements that are being made. I have been through a lot in just the past three years of my life but I don't think it makes me different or an authority on all I have gone through. Every one has hardships we have to endure. The reason I love this site and IW is that we here at the fan site embrace our imperfections. Yes I identify with Kate. She is imperfect. She states this on a routine basis. Of coarse that is not reported on or put in the tabloids.

    Ok spoke my peace. Carry on.

    Linda I am glad you are doing better and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  104. sorry about all the double post sent to your inboxs. Blogger went haywire on me.

  105. CraftyMom~ No problem! I am still going to get a post together for your site before this weekend. My first obsession before Kate is on tonight. The season premiere of Project Runway has made me literally throw my kids in bed! lol So since it's important for new fresh paper tonight, I will deciate my thoughts to you tomorrow.

    #1Caregiver~ I am very excited for you and the baby and I hope that you will send a private photo to me at I would love to see it.

    HolliDay~ Great comment, AGREE with you 100%! If you got it, use it. PERIOD :)

    Also FYI~ A few people have asked me about my Tweet COMMENTS. Trolls of course. I would never dare put my life on this page other than to discuss Kate Gosselin. My Tweets are my personal thoughts and if Im in the mood to vent watch out. This site is rated G, but my Tweets can sometimes be NC-17. Please do not read if you get offended about me talking smack in any way. Its my personal Twitter & sometimes I go off. Its not for anyone to criticize or judge, and I do not talk solely about Kate Gosselin. That is left for this fan site ONLY. Thanks for your understanding.

  106. Lexxi said ***It's also my choice if I don't care to hear words like "skanky" or even worse use Christianity to criticize another woman. That by far is the weakest excuse by far.***

    Lexxi, I'm the one who used the word Christianity so I assume you're talking about me? I was only trying to mitigate Denise's use of the word "skanky" by juxtaposing it with Kate's claim to Christianity; more so to explain why many non-Kate-supporters criticize, not necessarily what I think. How do you figure I was using the word to insult another woman? Never mind - rhetorical question.

    Is it not possible to support Kate while at the same time tolerate another's point of view? I have a beautiful flower garden in my backyard but I occasionally have to pull weeds out. It makes me love and appreciate my flowers all the more.

    Linda, glad to hear you're doing better! Take it one day at a time.

  107. If you guys havent listened to this little girl sing yet please do. She brings tears to my eyes. You will be so glad you did and read her story. Truely amazing. I would not send out a link with a virus if thats what your afraid of. She is onh YouTube if you want to look her up

  108. Linda - Hope your feeling better each day.

    BM - You mentioned that Kate was on tonight, what time? Did you hear anything about Jon in LA? I wonder if he is trying to get on a Reality show?

    I will make an effort to learn more about sending pictures. My son gave me all the equipment and I still don't have a clue. LOL CU

  109. Good morning everyone! In honor of getting up at the crack of dawn with my kids...NEW FRESH PAPER! With the lovely scent of cinnamon toast, bacon & eggs and fresh OJ!

    Come chat with me on my new post!