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Jon Gosselin Talking To Everyone Everywhere, Is Mark Heller On His Way Out? Kate Files For Support

I have never seen the media blitz that Jon Gosselin did the days before and after his daughters birthday. I wonder how he had the time today to talk to soo many media outlets, after spending so much time guarding his fence from the media. That and going to pick up his kids birthday cake, the one that had Mady's name on it written wrong..Also he stresses in an article below that everyone in his life is Jewish now and because they have such great family values he is now half -Jewish. I wont even touch it.....Meanwhile...after ten years of marriage, and months after they announced their split, Kate has finally taken the ring off of her wedding finger.
Kate had swapped out her original wedding ring for a ring that Jon bought her in Hawaii in 2008 when they renewed their wedding vows, but when Kate was snapped Friday, picking up the twins from school, she was without a ring at all. Yo go girl!

Jon's Lawyer Mark Heller May Be Out Soon:

TMZ has learned Jon Gosselin's lawyer may be aced out of the Jon and Kate case because the person who vouched for him in Pennsylvania has withdrawn his support. Pennsylvania lawyer Michael Marino sponsored Mark Heller -- Jon's lawyer -- to practice one time only in Pennsylvania court. Heller is licensed to practice in New York, though he had been suspended for 5 years for a variety of misdeeds.

Under Penn law, an out of state lawyer seeking to practice in a Pennsylvania court must obtain a sponsor who is licensed to practice in the state. Marino signed up as his sponsor, but yesterday, he wrote the court a letter in which he said, "My motion ... is hereby withdrawn." It's interesting Marino sent the letter after revelations of Heller's legal misdeeds in NY.

Kate Files For Child & Spousal Support: E!
One way or another, Kate Gosselin is getting her money back: The reality mom is seeking child support and temporary spousal support from her spelling-challenged, account-draining hubby.
Kate filed the application in court last week, at roughly the same time as the emergency petition she filed asking a judge to order Jon Gosselin to return the $235,000 he allegedly emptied from their joint account.
"As this is active litigation, things move quickly," a rep for Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, tells E! News. "What I can say at this point is that a special relief application seeking injunctive relief was filed on behalf of Kate Gosselin on October 5. Additionally, there is an arbitrator's conference—essentially a status conference—on Tuesday for counsel regarding economic issues."
Jon Gosselin Talks To The Media Round The Clock (Just like his lawyer told him to)

POPEATER.COM for the entire article:
"I really messed up in my communication with Kate. I don't know if the marriage could have been salvaged or not, but TLC had a major role in that. I said a lot and they edited it out. It's always good cop, bad cop. Good cop good cop never sells. First, Kate was bad cop and I was the good guy, then it switched in the tabloids and then on TV."
"There's two things. There's the tabloids and their depiction of me. It's hard with the tabloids, because if you don't talk to them, everyone else is a source. So if someone doesn't like you, you're toast. The other thing, TLC hates me, so they have it out against me ... I hate that TLC gets involved because they're making it worse. We'd be done already if it wasn't for them getting involved."
Parent for the antire article:
ParentDish: So, what's going on? Jon Gosselin: I'm just trying to be as cordial as possible. I messed up at the beginning and now I want to be a nice guy, make better decisions and do the right thing. PD: Why? What did you do that you consider bad moves. JG: Meeting Kate Major [former reporter for Star magazine] and Stephanie [Santoro], the nanny. Those were two things.
PD: Let's try a happy topic. What are your plans for Halloween and Thanksgiving with the kids? JG: Thanksgiving is tough. Kate has custody on Thanksgiving, but I will stop by to see my kids. Halloween I don't have custody. Hailey handles my schedule. It's kinda weird, but I can confide in her. She's my best friend. I lost a lot of friends; people burned me left and right.
PD: And Christmas? JG: Christmas, yeah. This is the first year I will celebrate Chanukah. Hailey is Jewish. Everyone in my life is Jewish now, my attorney. I love it. I'm now half Jewish and half Korean. The family values are great. On Christmas, I'll see my kids during the day for a couple of hours.
Jon Talks To Anyone With A Video Camera: And even stops midway on the street to show anyone who will look his wife's personal e-mails! YUCK

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jon Explodes On The Insider, Is Jon & Kate Plus 8 Over? Kate Gosselin is Funny On Jay Leno!

All I can say is wow! Please watch both parts one and two of The Insider as both Donny Osmond and Betheny Frankel from The Real Housewives let Jon have it. You have to watch the whole show, but you can forward to the good parts. Happy Birthday Sweet Girls!

Is Jon & Kate Plus 8 Over? La

It now looks like Jon & Kate Gosselin are riding off into the sunset with their large brood and may never be heard from again. Kidding! You didn't think this pair would disappear that easily, did you? Published reports have stated that TLC has halted production on the reality phenomenon "Jon & Kate Plus 8," after estranged dad Jon said the show was harming his kids and had his lawyers issue a cease-and-desist order.

But the reality, if you will, is a bit more complicated. Producers have for now stopped shooting footage of the couple's eight children, but they are still filming mom Kate alone. They also have previously unaired footage of Jon and the kids that will probably turn up in future episodes, according to a person close to the show. So fans may not notice much difference in the days ahead.
Beyond that, however, the future gets murky. TLC has evidently not decided whether to proceed with earlier announced plans to rebrand the show next month as "Kate Plus Eight," leading some observers to conclude that the cable channel may soon wash its hands of the whole sordid situation. A network spokeswoman declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Jon's representative, New York attorney Mike Heller, said any filming of the show comes as news to him. "As far as I know," he wrote in an e-mail, there is "nothing being shot." It's all a confusing mess -- which may be good news for tabloids that have feasted on the domestic drama for months. Kate is developing a solo show with TLC, as well as a talk show with a syndicated unit of Warner Bros. Jon also remains under contract to TLC, but is reportedly developing a reality-show idea with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, called "Divorced Dads Club."

Kate Gosselin's Hilarious skit on The Jay Leno Show

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Explosive Nancy Grace & Jon on The Insider, Watch Time To Organize Here!

First off hello to all my new readers! Hits have exploded on this site with many fresh opinions. Just when I thought there would be a break in Gosselinland, theres been so much media and issues on both sides, its been hard to keep up. This post will be updated, but I wanted to get the episode on for those that watch it here.

Kate Cleans Up Clutter on Jon & Kate Plus 8 October 6, 2009

As Jon and Kate Gosselin’s he-said-she-said heated up on Monday, a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 focused on a more mundane task: cleaning out the basement of the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa.“In a cluttered world, my mind is cluttered,” Kate said, standing off the set in her basement where she tapes her confessionals on a couch for the show. “When there is clutter, my eyes go to it and it drives me crazy. I can’t stand clutter.” The other part of the basement was her family’s “dumping ground.”

Without any sign of Jon — save for items that ended up in a box with his name on it — Kate hired a pair of professional organizers to help her accomplish her goal. “I just wanted to get everything pulled out of boxes, organized into categories and then I wanted shelves up to display everything so that everything was up off the ground and there was floor space,” she said. They had two days to finish the task. Kate’s best friend Jamie came in from Michigan to help with the chore. “I needed moral support and help and company,” Kate said. “I wish she could live here. We make a good team.”
Meanwhile, the Gosselin children played upstairs with a babysitter and came down periodicaly to rediscover long-lost treasures like Hannah’s kitty stuffed animal, Alexis’s doll and a penguin costume. Kate also made exciting discoveries, both old and new. “I think I’ve waited my whole life for my true love, the label maker,” she said as she printed out labels for boxes and her new shelves.
At one point, Kate found a calendar from her twins’ first year. She used it to document milestones like their first teeth coming in and learning to stand. “We had two kids. Can you tell? I took all that time,” Kate said, amazed with former, more organized self. Compared the increasingly messy divorce the family is weathering, the episode’s drama was mild: Kate had a deadline in order to make time to take twins Mady and Cara to a Jonas Brothers concert later that night, which she did.
“The worst fear is that it got started and did not get finished,” Kate said. “I need a start and completion to everything.” –Aaron Parsley
Jon Gosselin & Nancy Grace On The Insider 10/5 FULL INTERVIEW
Watch Time To Organize

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kate on The Today Show 10/3, Jon on The Insider, Discuss "Time To Organize" Here

Please note, this post will be revised after tonight's shows ...

Kate Gosselin, Today Show 10/5:

The latest twist on Jon and Kate's ongoing conflicts. On the Today Show this morning Kate Gosselin spoke with Meredith about the recent event, that Jon took out $230,000 of their joint bank account. Kate claims she will be unable to pay bills and provide for her children. TLC has postponed "Kate Plus 8" while the divorce proceedings are in the process. Jon is demanding the show be canceled for good, that it is not good for their children. Whereas Kate tells Meredith that her children were "wailing" this weekend when they found out filming was being postponed; they have developed and love and affection for the crew, and an enjoyment of the places and trips they get to go and take.

Jon went on 'Larry King Live' saying he wants to become friends with Kate and be able to reconcile and his kids off the show, "I don't think it is healthy for them. We are going through a divorce right now and I don't think they should be televised." Ok, so why is Jon prolonging the divorce? Kate rebuts by saying she has tried to reach out to him many many times but has not been able to get into contact. She claims she is looking out for her children's best interests and securing the future of their children. Kate made it her duty to set up secure accounts for her children, enabling them to be set for the future; that way whatever happens between the pair her children will not be financially effected.

As the self-proclaimed "money manager" Kate says she once removed money from the account because Jon had taken a large amount of money out before she removed money from the account. She took $100,000 out in case Jon took the money, she would be able to buy food for her children. However, the arbitrator said she had to put it back, and she did. She is afraid that Jon will take all the money and spend it on frivolous things, leaving Kate unable to pay for the roof over their children's heads.

These allegations could be a final straw that breaks the camels back, things are just going to get uglier and uglier. It is a shame that they have to do it so publicly. They pair is speaking through media outlets in order to communicate with one another. I hope someone is really looking out for the children; making sure they feel safe and loved no matter what happens with their parents.

Jon Gosselin Sneak Peak On The Insider

Discuss Time To Organize HERE!