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Jon Gosselin Talking To Everyone Everywhere, Is Mark Heller On His Way Out? Kate Files For Support

I have never seen the media blitz that Jon Gosselin did the days before and after his daughters birthday. I wonder how he had the time today to talk to soo many media outlets, after spending so much time guarding his fence from the media. That and going to pick up his kids birthday cake, the one that had Mady's name on it written wrong..Also he stresses in an article below that everyone in his life is Jewish now and because they have such great family values he is now half -Jewish. I wont even touch it.....Meanwhile...after ten years of marriage, and months after they announced their split, Kate has finally taken the ring off of her wedding finger.
Kate had swapped out her original wedding ring for a ring that Jon bought her in Hawaii in 2008 when they renewed their wedding vows, but when Kate was snapped Friday, picking up the twins from school, she was without a ring at all. Yo go girl!

Jon's Lawyer Mark Heller May Be Out Soon:

TMZ has learned Jon Gosselin's lawyer may be aced out of the Jon and Kate case because the person who vouched for him in Pennsylvania has withdrawn his support. Pennsylvania lawyer Michael Marino sponsored Mark Heller -- Jon's lawyer -- to practice one time only in Pennsylvania court. Heller is licensed to practice in New York, though he had been suspended for 5 years for a variety of misdeeds.

Under Penn law, an out of state lawyer seeking to practice in a Pennsylvania court must obtain a sponsor who is licensed to practice in the state. Marino signed up as his sponsor, but yesterday, he wrote the court a letter in which he said, "My motion ... is hereby withdrawn." It's interesting Marino sent the letter after revelations of Heller's legal misdeeds in NY.

Kate Files For Child & Spousal Support: E!
One way or another, Kate Gosselin is getting her money back: The reality mom is seeking child support and temporary spousal support from her spelling-challenged, account-draining hubby.
Kate filed the application in court last week, at roughly the same time as the emergency petition she filed asking a judge to order Jon Gosselin to return the $235,000 he allegedly emptied from their joint account.
"As this is active litigation, things move quickly," a rep for Kate's attorney, Mark Momjian, tells E! News. "What I can say at this point is that a special relief application seeking injunctive relief was filed on behalf of Kate Gosselin on October 5. Additionally, there is an arbitrator's conference—essentially a status conference—on Tuesday for counsel regarding economic issues."
Jon Gosselin Talks To The Media Round The Clock (Just like his lawyer told him to)

POPEATER.COM for the entire article:
"I really messed up in my communication with Kate. I don't know if the marriage could have been salvaged or not, but TLC had a major role in that. I said a lot and they edited it out. It's always good cop, bad cop. Good cop good cop never sells. First, Kate was bad cop and I was the good guy, then it switched in the tabloids and then on TV."
"There's two things. There's the tabloids and their depiction of me. It's hard with the tabloids, because if you don't talk to them, everyone else is a source. So if someone doesn't like you, you're toast. The other thing, TLC hates me, so they have it out against me ... I hate that TLC gets involved because they're making it worse. We'd be done already if it wasn't for them getting involved."
Parent for the antire article:
ParentDish: So, what's going on? Jon Gosselin: I'm just trying to be as cordial as possible. I messed up at the beginning and now I want to be a nice guy, make better decisions and do the right thing. PD: Why? What did you do that you consider bad moves. JG: Meeting Kate Major [former reporter for Star magazine] and Stephanie [Santoro], the nanny. Those were two things.
PD: Let's try a happy topic. What are your plans for Halloween and Thanksgiving with the kids? JG: Thanksgiving is tough. Kate has custody on Thanksgiving, but I will stop by to see my kids. Halloween I don't have custody. Hailey handles my schedule. It's kinda weird, but I can confide in her. She's my best friend. I lost a lot of friends; people burned me left and right.
PD: And Christmas? JG: Christmas, yeah. This is the first year I will celebrate Chanukah. Hailey is Jewish. Everyone in my life is Jewish now, my attorney. I love it. I'm now half Jewish and half Korean. The family values are great. On Christmas, I'll see my kids during the day for a couple of hours.
Jon Talks To Anyone With A Video Camera: And even stops midway on the street to show anyone who will look his wife's personal e-mails! YUCK


  1. Schmeckygirl said he was "genuine", a genuine idiot maybe, but "genuine". Wow. News to me. But yeah, genuinely in denial, genuinely delusional, genuinely vindictive, genuinely hypocritical... need I go on?

  2. I think you said it all...YUCK! I was watching the footage last night of Jon talking to the people at the fence....he was LOVING it. Reminded me a whole bunch of the group of 3 year olds I used to teach. All puffed up like a peacock. I think that if he is trying to improve his public image he should stop smoking whatever he's really smoking before he opens his mouth.

  3. I put this up on twitter for you but I wanted to make sure you got it...this is too funny.

  4. The post and the video says it all. I do not know how many more different ways, we can say the same things, that we have said about him, over and over again. The Jon supporters will try and spin this in some way shape or form; because, of course none of this is "proof" that he is an total Idiot. My husband's favorite line, "It is what it is", and the best line that I have not heard in awhile, (thanks to Linda), "You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

    I continue to be embarrassed for his family, disgusted, and disappointed.

  5. Schmeckygirl I posted an apology to you on the other post.

    With the media storm around all the Gosselins, particularly J&K I'm reminded often of the motivational quote, "Life is not about waiting for storms to pass but about learning to dance in the rain."

    At this point, I would like to blame Jon for getting the pappeople involved the first place. And maybe he would still like to blame Kate for every I'll that has ever happened in his life. But the point isn't about blame.

    Having TLC cameras in your life is completely different from having unknown people with cameras rush up over and around to get that pix. IMO that is a dangerous situation. Dangerous because of the accidents that can happen, dangerous because they don't get paid to exercise good judgment but get paid only if they get the shot. Dangerous too because you never know what child crazy loonies are on the fringe.

    I also think Mady and Cara should not have cell phones because they are too young. What 9 year old wouldn't love to run around calling up people. But IMO they are too young to be put in the position of responsible judgment. Kate got called about Stephanie, Jon says he gets called, etc. I just don't think that's great. My twins drop the cell phone debate at the dinner table daily. When they are much older maybe but not now. But my kids gave 2 full time parents to make decisions. All kids try to play one parent against the other, kids just do that. It's up to the parents to not let it continue.

    My kids have had laptops since they were 7 and we encourage them to research and ask questions. That said, there are intense controls on their 'puters to monitor where they can surf and with whom. And yes, I check the 'puters and TVs at least once a week to make sure they haven't been able to hack around the controls. With the Gosselins, an added danger is that this current drama gets mentioned mainstream such as Yahoo, etc. It's tough being a parent even in the best of situations.

    Kate, may you keep dancing in the rain.
    Jon, may you one day learn the steps.

  6. There is so much in the Popeater article to discuss.

    "I said a lot and they edited it out. It's always good cop, bad cop. Good cop good cop never sells. First, Kate was bad cop and I was the good guy, then it switched in the tabloids and then on TV."

    This suggests that a lot of Kate's image from the show was not real. She was made to look worse than she is and has suffered for it regarding public opinion.

    Asked about the birthday -
    It was super uncomfortable because she stayed. There was that elephant in the room, you know. I was really cool.

    He complained about not wanting to leave early and Kate didn't make him. But now he thinks she should have left? So he should have had all the time until bedtime alone with the kids? That is hypocritcal.

    She's always quick to blame and never takes any blame.

    That's like the pot calling the kettle black. He takes no blame for the Ed Hardy fiasco (he was being used); he says his bad moves were MEETING Kate Major and Stephanie; and he has never said anything demeaning about Kate except he despises (the interview in the street about her email was demeaning).

    She goes on Regis and The View and has no idea of women's rights. She doesn't even vote, which is disgusting. How could she go on a talk show if she doesn't know what's going on in the world?

    Hmmm. Didn't he just say he never demeans Kate. Honestly does he think any of these talk shows invite either of them to discuss world politics or women's rights?

  7. oh, Jon Jon Jon.......ugh.....speaking of scrolling through stuff, I'm about ready to scroll through anything I read about Jon. His brain and mouth are so screwed up it's sickening me to read anything he says.....enough already. He is the King of contradictions and is such a lost soul. I think maybe together his and Hailey's IQ's added together might be the equivalent of one person.

  8. Baby Mama, thank you for putting up the links so the whole article could be read. The rest of the Parent Dish article was most interesting.

    I do hope Jon can continue his counseling and I say that sincerely not facetiously. He still seems very confused and contradicts himself in the same article. Perhaps SchmeckyGirl was right when she said something in an earlier post to the effect that Jon doesn't think as quickly on his feet and needs more time to think. I'd have to agree and suggest that he not do these interviews that get reported verbatim or the life ones. He needs enough time to review back what he's said earlier in the day (much less earlier in the week) and perhaps then he'd come off a lot more sincere.

    His comments on his popularity were astounding and I'm not sure I'd agree with him (kinda wonder where he's getting his info.) Unfortunately for both Jon and Kate, they are two very recognizable names and I'm not so sure that is a positive thing. I wish him well with the book he's writing but I don't think he can be taken seriously as a role model.

    I have some questions and wonder if anybody knows the answers. (Let me qualify first and say that I do hope Jon will get a different attorney; I do think he's making a mistake with Heller.) My questions: 1. How did Jon meet or find out about Heller? I had heard that Heller was a cousin of Dr. Glassman. 2. Does anybody know of a reference or link that would verify or discount that?

  9. OMG,
    So much has been posted and I have so little time to sit here. I see Linda and Schmecky Girl are going round and round!!! I will only add that each is entitled to their op!
    Someone said that TLC removed their equipment. So far, I can't find that tape anyplace but have been busy winterizing my windows. So the Corp. Giant made a move, and Kate files for support, sound like a good stratogy? to me.
    Hailey handles Jons' schedule for seeing the kids. He can't make his own decisions on that. What a crock of shit. I am going to have a hard time to find something nice to say about him if he continues talking to the media.

    It's so sad reading all the blogs and tabloids, that i have to stay away from my computor and get things done. cu

  10. Babymama, I must say that you are doing remarkably well in keeping up with the current Gosselin news (it feels like something new happens every hour) with all that you have going on. Thank you for keeping up with it all. : )

    I'd like to repost this comment. I posted it last night on Babymama's last post (Thursday). Wouldn't you know it... once i commented she made a new post. Haha.

    I don't completely agree with side Jon or side Kate. I think a lot of people (not just on here... a lot in general) think that because they support or like one side, they can't find fault with that side.

    Both Jon and Kate have a lot of faults that have been broadcast throughout the media. Kate was very demanding, sometimes nasty toward Jon... etc. and most recently being on t.v. saying she will work at McDonalds and has no $$ to pay bills. Really? Come on... do you really think she only has $1000 in the bank right now? She is playing it up completely. I am not saying Jon wasn't horrible for taking out the $$ and essentially stealing it. Just that Kate is playing it up for all it's worth to the media now.

    And Jon was too complacent in his marriage. I think that he equally yelled and belittled her, but his yelling was edited out. (Remember the episode where they were arguing about the post office, and the jowls of a dog). Most recently his behavior is appalling and completely immature for a man of his age and with his responsibilities. Not to mention the stealing of $$ and the temper tantrum about being excluded from the show, making sure his kids won't film anymore.

    Neither party is blameless, and in reality both parties have been behaving in a way that makes them seem immature and vindictive. They need to remember that their children WILL eventually see all of these stories, and they need to get themselves out of the media.

    Personally I think I lean more towards Kate's side because her behavior has been more mature than Jon's, but I certainly don't believe either of them have been behaving in ways that they should. They need to remember that kids pick up on waaaay more than adults realize. My mother's parents went through a divorce when she was a teen, and my grandmother refused to let her kids even speak about their father. Actually now some of her children are estranged from her because of the way she was speaking about her ex in front of her child grandchildren. This kind of anger and bitterness at one's former spouse can affect generations, not just the kids themselves.

  11. BabyMama,
    So if the show is no more as J&K+8 after 10/19, what will the title to this site be? If Kate is going to go solo with TLC or whomever, then maybe it should be just "Kate Gosselin Fan Site"?

  12. "Hailey handles my schedule" - I took that to mean that Hailey handles his schedule in general, i.e. meetings, interviews, appearances, etc. I realize that he was talking in the context of when he would see the kids over the holidays, but I don't see how Hailey could possibly "handle" his schedule regarding custody. She would have to discuss with Kate or someone representing her, were she to handle Jon's custody schedule. I don't see that happening.

    J&K both stated previously that they decide custody arrangements monthly. Other than the birthday, they seem to be fairly reasonable with each other on who will see the kids when. I actually give credit to both of them for their maturity on this important issue.

    Jon and the Hellers - I know Jon's publicist is Mike Heller, and I think that Mark is either a brother or father? I don't know where I read it. For some reason, I also think that either on or both of the Hellers were a referral from Lohan. I don't know where I read that one either. Could just be a figment of my imagination.

    I definitely agree that Jon needs a different attorney. I don't think Heller is helping the situation - maybe he's better in COURT that he is in the court of public opinion, but I somehow doubt that. He certainly didn't have any success in his defense of "Son of Sam" (who would want that on their resume?)

    I'm glad to hear he's not doing "Divorced Dads" or any other reality show, for that matter. I also found it interesting that TLC did not comment either way on the subject of how much money they made from J&K+8. I think that if it wasn't true, they would have denied it; like Jon's comment about 152 episodes, and TLC gave their rebuttal that it was 112 episodes.

    Honestly? I think the "Parent Dish" interview was one of his better ones, all things considered. He does not have Kate's self proclaimed "gift of gab" and he more often than not puts his foot in his mouth at least once in every interview. This one was not as bad as most.

  13. Regarding Jon's bd gifts to the twins, Cara got an ATV. Aren't those things awfully dangerous? I've heard of so many kids getting injured and killed on them.

  14. Im confused.... Jon says he is 50% Jewish and 50% Korean... I dont know much about Jews but isnt being Jewish a religion preference like any other religion??? Shouldnt Jon rephrase it and say Im 100% Korean but 50% Christian and 50% Jewish.... Which still sounds idiotic but oh well. Also just a week ago both Jon and Kate said they agree on school and church its hard to raise kids when theres 2 religions in a family.
    Jon is so messed in his head at this point. I really dont think anyone can believe anything he says. I also think that pot is effecting him more and more. I really hope Kate can prove Jon took the money, and I hope she can get full custody of the kids with Jon weekend custody or something. Those kids need a stable parent full time and Jon is far from being stable.

  15. Was that an interview with a 32 year old father of eight or a 12 year old's MySpace questionnaire? He's talking about Judaism like it's something trendy all the cool kids are doing. Being Jewish is not like getting a Twitter account! It's disgusting.

    Also, am I crazy but does the "I am the most photographed person the planet." and the way he kept saying that TLC doesn't pay them enough sound to anyone else like he was telling Kate that they could do so much better / make more money if they don't have a contract with TLC?

  16. So Jon thinks he's more famous than anyone else? Maybe most "infamous" (loser) more like it.

  17. Jon reminds me of the story, "The Emporer's New Clothes". He's going around like a delusional peacock actually believing the paps are his friends and making him famous, but in reality, all the while exposing himself more and more as an idiot while everyone else point and laugh at him.

  18. Interesting...There's an interview with Jon on Friday on the Insider.
    He starts out by almost making nice, coherent comments, even about Kate. Of course he has to go on and comment among other stuff that " sucks that I couldn't stay there last night" referring to staying in "his apartment" on the property. Hmmm...probably a good thing he didn't. If the property is jointly owned, isn't that infamous apartment as much Kate's as Jon's? If so, that could get confusing. Kate could say she's going to stay there when it's Jon's time with the kids. Somehow I don't think he'd like that very much at all. I think we all remember when Kate came during one of his "custody" nights and wanted to stay with the kids instead of his having a babysitter for while he was going out to a bar. He wouldn't let her in the gate but he actually thinks it would actually have been okay for him to stay there during a Kate "custody" time?

    Craftymom - that Judge Judy take on Jon was too funny for words! I got it in your twitter and almost rolled out of my desk chair.

  19. Just finished lunch and reading the parent dish interview with Jon.
    Per dhwh1993, I agree with you about it being one of his best interviews yet. I just don't like it when he says things like Hailey will tell me when i am wrong or make a mistake. God, he's 32 and can't figure it out for himself. jmo

  20. Urrrggghhh! Jon keeps getting worse! What is going on with him?! He's now 50% Korean and 50% Jewish? 1. That doesn't even make sense. 2. Just because "everyone" is Jewish doesn't mean that you should be too! It isn't the latest trend, it's your own personal religious beliefs.

    Also, regarding the birthday gifts, I agree with someone who said that he is probably trying to make up for leaving them all the time. I personally think that a laptop is totally inappropriate for a 9 year old. What will Mady even use it for? The other issue is all of the internet gossip, which will be harder to monitor if it's Mady's very own laptop. And a ATV is a really over the top. I think that that is probably very dangerous, especially for a child! I wonder if Kate will allow the girls to use the gifts when it is her custody?

    I'm so happy that Kate took her ring off! She probably was keeping it on for the kids, but it really needed to come off, even if it was hard. I think that the new ring sounds like such a great idea, and I'm sure that it will be beautiful! Didn't someone on here come up with that?

    Have a great Saturday! :o)

  21. OMG....I think Kate was helping to mask Jon's stupidity all these years. He is half Korean (ethnicity) and half Jewish (religion). Huh???? LOL LOL...............

  22. I read the popeater article and my jaw dropped when I got to this sentence:
    "Now that I look back on it, I was a voyeur and I was very passive and let things happen, and now I'm taking initiative with things."
    Did he really call himself a voyeur?? Is there another meaning of that word that I'm unaware of? Oh my gosh!

  23. JG: Thanksgiving is tough. Kate has custody on Thanksgiving, but I will stop by to see my kids. Halloween I don't have custody. Hailey handles my schedule.

    Umm I thought they had holidays and birthdays together?? Last time I checked Halloween and Thanksgiving were holidays. How does that change is 2 days?? But I know why he wont be there for Halloween, because Halloween is Haileys favorite holiday according what she wrote on her Twitter page so I am sure they have huge plans. Again thinking of no one but himself, screw what the kids want to do on Halloween.

  24. JG: Everyone in my life is Jewish now.

    Huh?? So either the kids are now NOT family or they have somehow converted over to being Jewish. humm interresting comment. My oh MY

  25. Although I'm glad Kate took the wedding ring off but I wouldn't replace it with the one Jon gave her. I know she did say she still loved the "old Jon" and the Hawaii vow renewal was one of her most favorite times. I'm not Kate, but I don't think it would be emotionally healthy to keep any sentimental reminder of him. I think she should just try to forget that and move on.

  26. allibrootob said...
    OMG....I think Kate was helping to mask Jon's stupidity all these years.
    100% agree ,sheesh

  27. He is just such an IDIOT !!!! Cant we all see now that he is 100% full of shit? He goes on & on & says he wants his kids off TV & HE is the one who is giving fenceside interviews!! Seriously, the day of the party he is at the fence talking to the people! Isnt he supposed to be with the kids. You dont see Kate at the gate talking to whoever will listen. I was SO HAPPY to see that Kate filed for child support & spousal support !!!!!! He wants you off TV, ok Jom you pay up then & support your family.
    And he says "Hailey keeps his shedule????" How old is he???
    And him converting to being Jewish, next thing you know he will be spending more holiday tme w/ Hailey & her family!!
    Ughh. Cant wait till his mug is OFF tv !!!!!!!

  28. Well there was absolutely no surprise here that Jon was going to answer and counterclaim Kate's charges. But what upsets me is that he makes sure that not only does ET & The Insider has it first....but that he makes aure that every possible private matter is now public. Doing everything he possible could to stretch hiw $$$ time with ET a bit longer. Also they are supposed to go to court on Tuesday, so here you go....AND FOR THE RECORD: Kate has not been found in contempt..Just that Jon wants her to be. You decide......

    From ET & The Insider:
    “The Insider” breaks the news that Jon Gosselin has filed court papers in which he accuses his estranged wife Kate of making unauthorized money withdrawals. The story follows:

    Jon claims one of the reasons Kate filed an emergency petition last week was “to cover up the fact that she removed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the marital estate” prior to filing for divorce from him in June.

    He also claims Kate violated the terms of their divorce arbitrator’s awards by writing checks and/or withdrawing funds totaling more than $60,000 from one joint account between June 15 and September 15, and approximately $9,800 from a second account in mid-July.

    Jon accuses Kate of not telling the whole truth to the court because she’s failed to provide a proper accounting of the funds she withdrew. He admits that he removed “certain funds” from one of their accounts, but claims bank statements show that Kate took out “more than $100,000.”

    “Jon seeks to hold Kate responsible for what he believes to be her contemptuous conduct,” Jon’s lawyer Mark Heller tells “The Insider.” Heller claims Jon kept the information confidential over the last five days because he didn’t want to “embarrass Kate with the allegations,” hoping instead to resolve their divorce-related issues through private legal negotiations.

    But he says Jon decided to go public with the papers because a legal representative for Kate, Mark Momjian, according to Heller, continued to speak out about their ongoing litigation. “Accordingly, in order for Jon’s side to be known and the picture to be complete, we feel we have no choice but to release Jon’s Answer and Counterclaim.”


  29. Tit for tat... How long are we going to have to put up with Jon's nonsense? I can't wait for this money thing to be settled this week, the divorce finalized and everyone back in their corners.

    Btw: I don't see how he can deny that he terminated both their employment (relating to the stopping the kids from being filmed on TLC). Without the kids there can't really be a "+8" show, and he said he didn't want to do it anymore, neither.

  30. I really don't think anyone is stashing money anyplace. I think their lifestyle is beyond their means. Last year at this time, they were in their little house with part time help and still out giving a lot of speeches and such together that paid well, they had their old cars and a lot of help from friends and family. A new book came out around this time. Now, they aren't as marketable for the speeches, they have eight kids to pay tuition for and all of the expenses of the new house and full time help, divorce expenses and cars and running of three households. Just the amount of starbucks alone that they have is quite expensive. If there are investments, they have lost money like everyone elses, not to mention they still have the house payments and such for the old house. Money is going probably out much faster than it is coming in. I can imagine what the tuition bill was. Also it seems like there is misunderstanding of how much is and rightfully should be put in trust for the kids.

  31. There are so many times that I read things about Jon or things that he says, and I don't post because I don't want to seem that I'm totally against him, and want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and believe that he is a good person inside, and I do think that there are still good parts left of him, however, after reading the "Parent Dish" interview, I'm quite taken back. (can you say run-on sentence! sorry I'm tired after a long few days of work!) I guess I can't say that I'm surprised by anything from either Jon or Kate anymore, but I just find it so surreal that he made all of these comments about his Jewish friends, and possibly converting to Judaism, and so on. I just cannot understand how, after being a Christian, and believing certain things that Jewish people do not believe (that Christians do), Jon could turn away from his Christian beliefs because his new "circle of friends" is Jewish. Just because he enjoys celebrating the various holidays and special-to-Judaism-days, in my opinion, does not constitute a spiritual change in a person. I don't know, maybe I am out of line here, or perhaps it was just once again "Jon doesn't know how to think on his feet in answering interview questions," but he sounded ridiculous in regards to his views on how "cool" it is to be Jewish.

    On another note, I was surprised to see that he stated that he will only see his children for a few hours on Christmas, and that he will be away on New Years. I know that Kate said how she would not want to miss ANY holidays with her children, but I guess I just assumed that Jon felt the same way inside. And maybe he does, I don't know--but he said it so casually about all of the various holidays how he won't really be with the children, and then it was always back to Hailey this, Hailey that. I like feel nauseous after reading all of his comments about Hailey (not because it is Hailey, but he seems to be acting like a young boy falling in love for the first time.) And I guess he is very entitled to feel that way (minus the fact that he is still legally married to Kate), I just would feel sickened by it if anyone else was so "mooshy" when talking about their new found love I guess. The article just rubbed me the wrong way in regards to his feelings about Hailey and Judaism, and the lack of need to be with his children on holidays.

    I guess I would have more to comment on Kate's interviews and words towards Jon if she had numerous different videos and interviews coming out each week, however, for the most part, when she does speak, she doesn't say very many "debate-provoking" statements. I honestly do try to be fair to both sides in my mind, and there are things that Kate has seemed to have done (since we really don't know or have proof that she really does certain things because of editing and yadda yadda yadda--same for Jon) that I don't agree with, but Jon just always seems to give so many reasons for others to dislike him (and by these, I mean interviews given by himself and unedited videos).

    So, I guess this post really wasn't necessary, and I'm sorry if anyone actually read the whole thing because it was more for me to just get my thoughts out--but yeah, I just had my mouth wide open and shocked while reading certain parts of that "Parent Dish" interview.

  32. It is supposed to go to the judge on Tuesday but Jon said it was scheduled to go back into arbitration.
    I just wish they would issue some gag orders and a guardian ad litem for those precious children

  33. OMG I am glad some other posters agree with me about being outraged he claims to be half Jewish now. We don't want him!! Yes we have wonderful family values but wow, he embodies none of what we cherish. Right, being Jewish is not a trend- although there are many Jews by choice they take this decision very seriously and study for a year and sometimes longer and make a real commitment to Jewish beliefs, values, and traditions. Dating someone who is Jewish by birth (and obviously doesn't subscribe to morals of any kind) doesn't cut it. So NO Jon, you are not Jewish and please stop shaming my people by claiming you are a part of us. That lawyer also gives us a bad name ickkkkk so sleazy.
    Btw I am watching the Joy Behar show and they are totally calling Jon out on his BS and showing great clips from Nancy Grace (loved how she hit the nail on the head!)

  34. Ok - let's look at a couple of things.

    IF they made 2.5 million from the show and Kate made 1 mil from the book - that's 3.5 million dollars.

    Then - take out taxes (which would equate to about half) that leaves 1.75 million.

    Deduct the money in the account for the kids: (reported) $100,000

    That leaves 1.65

    Now take out yearly expenses for the kids schooling: (30k for the 2 girls per year x 5 years) 150,000 Add in the sextuplets at (80k for the year) that's 230,000 total

    Then house payments, cars, insurance (health, cars, houses, life), food, gas, etc - which was agreed by the arbitrator runs 15k a month (180,000). Now times that by 12 (assuming this figure included the new house) - then take out, let's say 5k for the new house and leave their monthly expenses at 10k for the last, oh, 3 years. That's 720,000.

    1,650,000. - 230,000 = 1,420,000
    1,420,000 - 720,000 = 700,000

    None of this includes car purchases, clothes, Jon's apartment and parking in NY.....

    I guess I just don't see how Jon's math is working here for 'millions' to be in hiding? We know he has taken another 260,000 out of that - so that leaves less than 500k without taking out those other expenditures.

    I can see why Kate would be panicked about that money being taken out - as what is probably left - would NOT cover the house payments and expenses for very long even if she DID LIQUIDATE whatever is out there in those 'other accounts'!!

    I also want to go on the record that I said a long time ago that Hailey was where Jon was getting his kudos and advice! His decisions have seemed for a long time like that of a naive and inexperienced young adult. NOT how a parent would think at all.

    It was reported that Mark Heller was the brother of Jon's entertainment attorney - I read that somewhere, too.

    I also agree that we will see Jon out with Hailey on Halloween and NOT with his kids. I also wouldn't be suprised if Hailey dressed up as Kate. (gag me)

    I also hope that Kate's attorneys bring up Jon's recent admission that he is Jewish now (and not Christian as his kids are) with regard to custody. I can't imagine how screwed up he could make his kids with this one!

    Jon also made several comments about 'the Heller family are the people who have stuck by me and I love them, they have my back' -- I guess if he 'knows them so well' and such - how could he deny that he didn't know about Hellers past trouble with the Bar Association and not being able to practice law? This again goes to Jon's decision making process and mental stability, IMO.

    For many months people out there have been calling Kate 'narcissistic" - but I believe this label fits Jon much more so than Kate.

  35. Oh yeah - for those saying that ET paid for the misspelled Cake -- WRONG.

    ET has video proving that Jon paid for it:

    So the douchebag DID get his daughters name wrong?! Disgusting. No wonder Mady was crying!!!!!!!!! (remembering Mady in a birthday episode - can you imagine how she must have felt when Jon showed up with her name wrong?)

  36. Why in the hell, would you let Haily handle all the custody? It doesn't seem that she does a good job with it! I mean you don't have custody on Halloween or Thanksgiving an Jon will only see the kids a couple hours on Christmas! Will at least the kids won't have to see Jon on most of the holidays lol!

  37. I think the only reason he waited 5 days was Jon had to rehire his original PA attorney because Heller can't practice in PA. It was a dumb thing for Jon to do releasing them himself and I don't think the court's going tonlike that. We don't know who released Kate's. We're going to gave to see how the court rules.

    $60k would be about right for their expenses for that period (mortgages, quarterly taxes, tuition) perhaps even more than that.

    I sure hope Mady's laptop has good security in place for both parent's sake

    Kate keep dancing in the rain.
    Jon please learn the steps.

  38. Does anyone know how many times Kate has talked to the press?
    I think we should keep score. Being fair to Jon (he says he has changed) we will start Monday. Rules are no points for the bus stop photos unless they (Kate or Jon) talk to the press, even if it is just a mumble (Jon), then it is one point. Pictures out and about are one point (sorry Kate I know the kids have to eat). Two points if they are with their significant other this includes Kate’s imaginary lesbian lover (sorry I would like to include Steve but he is still an employee). Talking to the press is five points, including talking at the fence (I would like to make the fence 100 points but I’m also trying to change and give Jon the benefit of the doubt). I haven’t decided on what to assign for attorneys talking yet.
    I saw this quote on another board (sorry Baby Mama)
    “Jon we're not watching in admiration... we're watching a trainwreck in the making.”

  39. Denise: Tuesday apt. is supposed to be with Att., and the Arbitrator, also the 2 supposedly adult parents. If the arbitrator is there, not sure, he can receive all the info. and then make his ruling, which can take another 30 days. Then that can be appealed by either side if they don't like it. If appealed it will be longer before a final degree reaches a judge. According to the laws of arbitration, once he makes his ruling, and hears an appeal, his final award is as good as gold. It is entered into a final divorce. Usually the arbitration has to been done first so they can finalize everything at the same time. Butttttt, I
    know of 2 cases, where people got a final divorce, and the mediation took about 9 months to get done.
    Its a war over money not the kids. Isn't it a shame!

    Hope - The arbitrator figured out that the 15K was to pay all the bills. Now I thought that covered tuition and all the bills for both houses. Kates' car ins, but not for Jons' apt. or cars. Sounds like pretty high tuition for the kids. They might end up in the public school system!OMG
    I don't have enough info. about your list of expenses, and can't agree or disagree with the totals. Will try to see where you came up with your list.

    On a closing note, I just p/u my scripts at Wal-Marts and Kate and Kids are on the cover of People Mag. with the kids yelling a statement like: STOP ARGUING, YOU ARE RUINING OUR LIVES. Just keep the kids involved right up to the end. I didn't buy the mag. and I don't buy anything that comes out of J&Ks' mouths anymore. Get to COURT, AND GETRRRRRRR DONE.

  40. Linda,
    Aw thank you. No hard feelings here.

  41. NJMOM,
    The chicken salad line WAS funny.

    As for Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro having sex with Jon... I really do go back and forth on that one. I DID say that Jon probably did sleep with them, either one or both. Deanna too, maybe. But he denies it. He is very adamant about it. Maybe he doesn't want to rish losing Hailey over it. Although if he did do anything with either girl I think Hailey may actually already know and decided to forgive him, possibly. He apologized to both Hailey and Kate for poor decisions on who he was seen with.

    My problem with the "proof" is that it IS POSSIBLE that they are lying. They have a lot to gain financially. Kate quit her job for Jon because she said he was going to give her a job. Kate Major seemed to be a little wacky to me. I'm not saying she's definitely lying but maybe for $100,000 she figures she could get back at Jon, etc or get what she feels she is entitled to for quitting her job, which was ridiculous on her part.

    Stephanie? A lot of people here and elsewhere were slamming her calling her a skank and thought she was slime because she met Jon at a bar and went home with him, and is willing to pose nude for money. But she won't lie for money? Why not? Again, I'm not saying I feel 100% sure she is lying but I can't be 100% sure she is telling the truth. She has a child to raise and got paid big money. Maybe she feels she got screwed out of a job by Jon too and is owed money.

    As for people lying in interviews because they get paid for it, a lot of people feel Jodi and Kevin lied for the money. Kate claimed they lied for the money. So if they can lie for big bucks, so can Kate Major and Stephanie. Jon can claim they lied for the money too.

    Again, I'm not defending Jon, I'm not saying he didn't sleep with them or at least make out with them. I'm not saying there has to be "proof" for it to be true. I'm just saying it's odd that neither one of them have show these text messages they claim they have.

    I would NOT be at all surprised if Jon did have sex with them. I just can't be sure 100% either way.

  42. So let me get this straight. J says he was the passive one, giving Kate too much control which J refers to as Abuse. But now he has taken back his power?

    Taken back his power to give to Hailey so she can keep his schedule, so she can tell him when he is wrong....

    And Taken back his power to choose a new religous belief based on who he hangs with?

    Good job J for taking back your power. Seems to me you have just redirected your passive attention towards others. Seems to me you just can't make your own decisions and that you quite prefer the passive role in all relationships you nurture.

    In that case, it is your problem J and you can't blame anyone else for taking charge. Someone has to and you clearly choose not to!

    All this translates to "You are not a victom"

  43. I thought the popeater interview was okay. The parentdish one was a mess. The whole jewish thing? I don't get that. So he likes jewish food? Or he likes the jewish religion?

    The Korean/Jewish thing is bizarre. While I totally get that "Jewish" is a religion, a lot of people, especially in NY refer to jewish people as more than just a religion. I know it's wrong because technically Jewish is a religion, but that's just how it is. I think it's used to refer also to their culture or something along those lines.

    But no, you can't be half Korean and half Jewish. You can't be half Christian and half Jewish. You can be raised by parents that are one of each, but you can't believe that Jesus is the Messiah and Jesus is not the Messiah at the same time. I think Jon was referring to the Jewish culture more than the religion.

    As for the laptop and the ATV I hope they both include safety precautions. I hope he got her a good helmet too and that she always uses it. ATVs are dangerous. She should always be supervised too and not ride it around the other children. Personally I think Cara is too young for an ATV. I wonder how fast hers can go.

    The laptop needs safety features too. I worry because Mady can bring the laptop anywhere in the house unsupervised (if they have wireless of course). If Jon and Kate aren't always home and they are left with nannies will the nannies be aware of her internet activity? I hope Jon as an IT puts in precautions so she can't access certain sites or information.

    Is it possible to set up the options so that nothing containing Gosselin or Jon or Kate or even Mady can be pulled up on the internet?

    Also, I totally agree that Jon needs to stop talking to the media already. He already made his response regarding the money. Enough.

    I also think Kate's attorney should stop giving statements to RadarOnline as they "claim" he is doing, if he is in fact doing so. That's just opening it up to Jon and/or his attorney to make a statement in reply. Why can't they all keep it in the courts? Of course I personally want to know what the court results are after all this... What does the account activity really show? Will either be held in contempt? I seriously hope neither Kate nor Jon have to go to jail. That will be devastating to the children and not serve any good purpose.

  44. Regarding Jon's comment about Michael Jackson I think he was referring to how many hits are made for Gosselin or Jon Gosselin or Kate Gosselin or Jon and Kate on the internet in searches, such as google.

    I'm sure right now Jon and Kate are both very high on that list. I'm not a "pop watcher". I don't follow pop stars lives like a lot of people do but I do follow Jon and Kate stories. I've personally never googled Michael Jackson.

    If you look at the tabloids the past few months Jon and Kate were both on most of the covers so there has to be some truth to that. I don't think it makes Jon or Kate the most "liked" just the most "popular" in the media right now. They could be the most hated and still be the most popular.

  45. Linda said:
    Having TLC cameras in your life is completely different from having unknown people with cameras rush up over and around to get that pix. IMO that is a dangerous situation. Dangerous because of the accidents that can happen, dangerous because they don't get paid to exercise good judgment but get paid only if they get the shot. Dangerous too because you never know what child crazy loonies are on the fringe.

    I totally agree. There should be laws regarding the paparazzi and children. They should not be allowed within a certain amount of yards of a child. And I don't mean 3. The child should not "feel the presense" of the paparazzi cameras. A child should not feel unsafe.

    I also feel the paps should not be allowed within an adult's personal space, at least a couple of yards. While I agree that an adult shouldn't feel "unsafe" either, I think there is a huge difference between a child and an adult being overtaken by paps.

  46. Marie said:
    Did he really call himself a voyeur?? Is there another meaning of that word that I'm unaware of? Oh my gosh!
    I know! LOL!!! I assumed he meant "watch" but I guess he doesn't realize it's always meant in a sexual context. Another prime example of Jon not using the correct term to get his point across.

  47. Reenie said...
    He is just such an IDIOT !!!! Cant we all see now that he is 100% full of shit? He goes on & on & says he wants his kids off TV & HE is the one who is giving fenceside interviews!!
    I totally agree that Jon should stop the fenceside interviews, but the kids weren't there during the fenceside interviews so I don't understand what that has to do with his wanting the children off tv.

    But I totally agree that Jon should not do any interviews with his children on camera if that is the case.

  48. Regarding their income, there are also all the fees for the past speaking engagments they both did together and ones that Kate did while Jon was home with the children. We don't know how much money they made off those but they charged in the thousands to appear.

    They both got paid for their People and InTouch, etc interviews. They made $20 per autographed family photos and sold tons of those. What about the DVD sales? I sure hope they were smart enough to include that and re-runs of the show in their contract.

    Also, if TLC paid for all their living expenses as Jon says they didn't have as many monthly expenses to pay the past few years.

    I do agree that Jon and Kate were not making as much money the past few years as everyone thought they were, myself included. I'm still aghast that they didn't have a personal attorney (not a media company) look over their contracts before they signed, especially when they renewed their contract at the height of their popularity.

  49. Oh and don't forget the donations or love offerings! That all adds up.

  50. I just watched The Insider interview. Jon said he apologized for being an AVOIDER, being passive and not communicating properly.

    I think that's what he said in the interview we read online (through the link Baby Mama put up), not A VOYEUR! The guy who did the interview said there was loud music in the background so maybe he didn't hear it correctly. So, NOT IN DEFENSE OF JON, I really think he said Avoider, not A Voyeur. But that is a pretty funny mis-quote if that's what it was. Makes a lot more sense than a voyeur.

  51. Thank you, Sarah Grace and others, I agree with you entirely about the Jewish issue, especially when he says things like making a fool of himself with a bacon cheeseburger. He totally doesn't get what the religion means. Also I am really surprised that he has had talks with Rabbi Smulley about any of his life because he is completely and totally against the kinds of choices that Jon is making. And I totally agree with how Hope spells out the finances, I totally agree. Also if Mady is feeling the need to be calling Jon and tattling like that it shoud be a sign for both of them that she could benefit from some professional help or some kind of divorce support group. It is probably best to never tell a child that they can't tell a parent anything because they need to feel that it is okay to come to parents and tell them anything, but she must be doing it because she needs something, reassurance, attention, to feel in control or something and she is getting it this way. It is best to say, you need to talk about that with the other parent.
    Maybe Jon needs to really address with himself how much responsibility he wants with the kids. He loves his kids, but maybe for him the best thing would be to spend less time with them like just one or two days a week and more on his other life that he likes so well. Having the kids spend more time with their mother and letting her make the decisions doesn't mean you are a bad father, but maybe it is more honest.

  52. JON'S INTERVIEW WITH PD Let's try a happy topic. What are your plans for Halloween and Thanksgiving with the kids? JG: Thanksgiving is tough. Kate has custody on Thanksgiving, but I will stop by to see my kids. Halloween I don't have custody. Hailey handles my schedule. It's kinda weird, but I can confide in her. She's my best friend. I lost a lot of friends; people burned me left and right.
    PD: And Christmas? JG: Christmas, yeah. This is the first year I will celebrate Chanukah. Hailey is Jewish. Everyone in my life is Jewish now, my attorney. I love it. I'm now half Jewish and half Korean. The family values are great. On Christmas, I'll see my kids during the day for a couple of hours.



  53. I'm hoping one of these soft interviewers say to Jon, why did you feel the need to go on to Good Morning America and say "I DESPISE KATE". That was the most evil comments I have ever heard in my entire life. I wonder if Jon considers that comment a "mistake" as he noted with his "other woman", again, "it's all about Jon".

  54. I doubt Jon was ever really serious about any Christian belief, or at least any more serious than he is about being "half-Jewish" since he doesn't appear to even know or understand either belief system.

  55. I suspect Jon will let Hailey or something else draw him further and further away from the kids as time passes, joint/shared custody or not.

  56. Just wanted to clarify that my 'numbers' came from info of varying sources - and is only an 'estimate' of sorts - but should be a fairly close call on expenses.

    However - I didn't list out all the other expenses such as retainers for attorneys - the percentage they've been paying to their management company and such -- all of those would also eat up profits from speaking engagements and sales of merchandise.

    My point was that although they've made a lot of money - there have also been some pretty hefty expenses to go along with it. I think Jon doesn't GET THAT. When he talks about all the money they made - he says it as if they made it all and hoarded it without spending any of it?!

    So, Jon admits to being a voyeur? TOO FUNNY. He's also 'slipped' on a few occasions now regarding the other women. I believe he slept with them and/or was intimate with them. That's based on his comments and reactions. His avoidance to talk about any of them in more detail. I mean, come on, if they were 'just friends' why aren't there more details about the 'friend' stuff they did. He just clams up which tells me there's something there - since he loves to talk to the Paps about any other details!

    For those of you wondering (like I was this morning) if there's a chance of a different meaning to the word (from
    voy·eur (voi-yûr') n.
    A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.

    An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

    Maybe a bit of a freudian slip there? hahahahaha

  57. Correction to one of my previous post about Hailey handling his schedule. I did speak to soon on that. He probably meant his other stuff and not the children.
    Hope, pertaining to your brake down of income for J&K. Expenses not included in the 15K are:
    tuition, clothes, repairs to homes, taxes (real estate, individual, and quarterly income for 2009.
    I did see that it does include auto. ins. on the big Dodge Sprinter which they share.
    I like the fact that the Arbitrator has the power to get a Court Order to supeana? bank records, if J&K do not turn in all proof of where the money went. Tomorrow is when they go over records, I hope.

    Does anyone know for sure how much they pay for private school?? Do you care??
    We do not know if Jon took 260,000.00 out of their joint account. No Proof. He said/She said! again.

  58. Schmecky Girl - Love Offerings
    Yes, I remember those last year. I also read back in Jan. when I first started reading these post.
    Someone reported that the IRS was doing an investigation because they did not report those love offerings.
    That is when J&K started accepting only cash for their 8 x 10 picture of the family, signed of course. $20.00 each. Lots of cash got run under the table. Soooooo what does this say about their belief is church or religion????? money, money ,money is the root of all evil.

    Everything i just posted here came from this site bacause at that time, I didn't even know about radar, or any of the others. Was it just a bunch of gossip or what??????

  59. Baby Mama,
    I want to correct my last post which was to Schmecky Girl. I apologize to you also, it was not your site where I read about the $20.00 cash for pictures. I saw the J&K contract that they used for speaking engagements. It probably has been changed by now, I don't know. Just wanted to correct myself before anyone else does! lol

  60. make a good point in highlighting his answers to what he will do on the holidays. It shows how he really veers off topic.

    Re: lucysmom, I already seems like he is spending less involved time with the children, more of a "visitor" if you will and this will probably become the trend.... for him to be less and less involved in their daily lives. I suspect living close by would really make a huge difference in the co-parenting.

    It's all just so sad.

    Looking forward to seeing tonight's episode, looks as though it may be the last (or one of the last) of the J&K show.

  61. Well I guess we know now why Hailey hasn't gotten a job. Her job must be to keep track of Jon's busy schedule (I do say that facetiously.) I wonder if that's how Jon went to the CT casino on the wrong date.

    I truly hope they can get things settled in court soon.

    IMO it would be better if Mady is tattling, for the parent to respond something like "I think perhaps you should discuss that with your Mom...or conversely with your Dad." ALL children try to play one parent against the other. It gets worse if it "works" because the parents are in the midst of a divorce. Come on, parents, haven't you had your kids say "Mom said I could" or "Dad said I could?"

    Jon has had the children at the fence in the past. He didn't during the BD celebration but he has had them there in the past. They looked extremely uncomfortable in the photos. (It's got to be confusing.) The sad thing is that I just don't think Jon has any perception of what a dangerous thing that is to do. It attracts the loonies, perverts, etc.

    Terri I so agree with your statements above. I think Jon has confused ethnicity, culture, religion. Well, heck, I think his whole life right now is confused.

    In the street corner interview when he is showing the cell phone and chatting away with the paparazzi about how so and so is his friend. Jon doesn't get it that paparazzi are NOT your friends. When the van pulled up to get him and Heller's assistant came over to him (the blond who also made the trip to L.A.) she says "What are you doing?" I really took her comments to mean "why are you talking to these people?" Jon's response was "I'm just chatting while I'm waiting." He just doesn't get it.

    I'm sorry but IMO his concepts, values, beliefs, judgments, perceptions, and daily life are so confused now that he seems to be just parroting whatever he hears somebody around him say. I certainly don't agree with Michael Lohan about much but even Lohan said "I think Jon's getting bad legal advice." That's why I keep asking how Jon met Heller as his attorney. I realize that the two Hellers are father and son. But how did Jon get connected with Heller the attorney? I've heard it said that Heller is a cousin of the Glassmans but I can't confirm that. It just seems beyond weird that Jon would fire one attorney (the one he just hired back in PA) who can practice in PA and end up with Heller.

    I'm beyond frustrated with Jon but he does need an attorney who is well-versed in family law in PA. Family law varies so much from state to state. For example, in FL you can get a divorce 30 days after filing a legal separation. In NC you have to be legally separated for a year before a divorce is granted. In some states you can be granted a divorce even if financial or even custody issues are not resolved. In other states, no divorce can be granted unless custody and financial issues are resolved.

    I feel for Kate and I feel for the kids. The pain of this has gone on long enough and it needs to be resolved. Not that that is going to make the pain go away, but at least legal issues are resolved so you can move on with your life.

  62. Baby Mama,
    Any ideas for a new poll? How about one about Jon's book?
    1) I will buy the book and read it.
    2) I will read the book but not spend money on it.
    3) I will not read his book.
    4) I want to read it because I'm curious but I won't because I can't stand him.

  63. lucysmom said...
    I suspect Jon will let Hailey or something else draw him further and further away from the kids as time passes, joint/shared custody or not.

    Aw. I really hope not.

    I do wonder why he said he doesn't have Halloween and Thanksgiving with them. I think he said they will share Christmas? But I thought they decided they will share the holidays. He said they didn't discuss anything the night of the birthday so when did they discuss the new holidays? It's just so sad.

    It's so sad.

  64. According to ROL footage, Jon has photogs on the property taking close up pics of the kids while he has custody-- but he says he wants them off TV. What's the diff?

  65. I wonder if Jon made the decision about taking his children off the air after speaking with Rabbi Shmuley. Jon mentioned the rabbi in his interview. Here is what Rabbi Shmuley had to say (Huffington Post):

    America continues to be gripped by Jon and Kate Gosselin whose marriage has now gone belly up and whose TV show seems to be following suit. After TLC informed Jon that he will no longer play a significant role in the show, he informed TLC that he is pulling the plug on his children's participation. Many cried foul. Was this a form of perverse payback? Was he pulling his kids from the show for the right reasons or was it a selfish comeuppance?

    For his part Jon says that he planned to pull his kids from the show way before TLC took their action and that his only consideration was the welfare of his kids.

    My response: who cares? Does it matter what the motive is? Get the kids off the show. They don't belong there as they suffer through the anguish of their parents' divorce. And clearly someone here has to be the adult. And it seems to me that TLC, as a responsible broadcast network, has to understand that now that the Gosselins experiment in fame has ended in disaster it is time to give this family some alone time whether they want it or not. And that especially applies to vulnerable young children.

    (Full disclosure. I spent a very brief time counseling Jon Gosselin to do exactly this. Get your kids off the show).

    My own parents divorce was about 35 years ago. I don't think I have still completely recovered. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have TV cameras in the house as it happened. I was in enough pain without having to become a fish in a fishbowl or wonder how people pitied me.

    What is even more puzzling is that TLC really is a different kind of network. They spent millions of dollars sending me around the United States healing families in crisis on 'Shalom in the Home.' And yes, it was for TV. But a boatload of extra money was spent keeping me in people's homes well after the shows were completed to try and offer some help. So why would they now fiddle while this family crashes and burns?

    Then there are Jon and Kate themselves. In a recent interview Kate joked that 'aliens' had come and abducted her real husband and replaced him with the partying animal portrayed by the media. She was both right and wrong. It wasn't an alien. It was something called fame. And it wasn't just Jon. It affected Jon and Kate, both Jon and Kate were carried away by its current until the entire family crashed against the rocks. Clearly before the show these were good, balanced people. They loved kids, had a huge family, and loved each other. They started the show to help pay their bills. As a father of nine I know the astronomical costs involved. But little did they realize that fame exacts a far higher price.

    It's not that fame is itself a bad thing. Judaism argues, wisely, that everything in life is neutral and it is the use to which you put the item in question that will determine whether it is a blessing or a curse. Many celebrities - Bono and Oprah are fabulous cases in point - have not only survived fame but have consecrated their notoriety to causes larger and more worthy than themselves. It is, rather, fame without foundation, celebrity without balance, that is so deeply corrosive. And once you see that the fame has become an addiction and that you can no longer eat breakfast without simultaneously blogging about it, it's time to go cold turkey, at the very least until you can once again find your bearings.

    Above all else, you dare not infect your children with your own insecure need to always be in the spotlight. Kids are naturally natural. They have no affectations and they don't care what people think of them. Why rob them of that innocence by thrusting them in front of a camera in their formative years? And why continue making them live their lives in the public glare when they are having to deal with extremely painful emotions?

  66. Jon is just using his so-called "concern for his children" as an excuse to use a loophole in the TLC contract. It's his pretext to get out of the contract so he could do his other show with Lohan, even if he says in the interview that he doesn't want to do reality TV anymore. That in itself would seem to me a breach of the TLC contract.

  67. I forgot to mention that according to TMZ photos, Jon's new BFF Michael Lohan was at the PA house on Saturday to visit with Jon and the kids. TMZ has the captions labelled Lohan & Gosselin: Father Knows Worst. "There was a d-bag summit in Pennsylvania this weekend, as Michael Lohan paid Jon Gosselin a visit. Topics covered during the momentous meeting included: alienating your children, fame-whoring your way to the bottom and how to bad mouth your ex and come out looking worse."

  68. Baby Mama, you know the "silent order" was for Jon and Kate, not for you. ;) Where are you woman? Hope all is okay and no one is sick again.

  69. SchmeckyGirl said:
    "I just watched The Insider interview. Jon said he apologized for being an AVOIDER, being passive and not communicating properly.

    I think that's what he said in the interview we read online (through the link Baby Mama put up), not A VOYEUR!"

    Okay that makes alot more sense...thanks for clearing it up. I was shocked when I read it but not completely surprised, given some of the stuff he's said; half Jewish and half Korean.
    Sometimes when he talks I just never know what he's going to say. Sorta like it was when we used to watch J&K together, except you never knew what SHE was going to say. Maybe if they'd both STOP talking and get back to praying and trying to figure out how to work this mess out. They and their beautiful children would be so much better off. I'm still hoping they can stop the divorce...there's always hope.

  70. BabyMama, below is the link that references TLC removing all of their film equipment from The Gosselin house, along with a copy/paste of the actual article from Inside Edition, the very last sentence. Just FYI.
    Momentary Truce in the Gosselin War
    Airdate: 10/9/2009

    A truce was called in the war between Jon and Kate Gosselin to honor their twins' 9th birthday party.

    Jon said, "We make it cordial for Mady and Cara."

    The day began with a somber-looking Kate dropping the twins off at their school bus in Pennsylvania, while back in Manhattan Jon bought a birthday cake at Cupcake Cafe.

    However, when he picked up the cake, it contained a huge mistake. His daughter Mady's name was misspelled! She spells her name with one “D,” but on the cake, there were two.

    The baker in Cupcake Café told INSIDE EDITION, "Jon just stood there holding the cake for several minutes and never said anything was wrong or asked us to fix it. It would have taken just a minute to fix, but oh well...”

    When asked what kind of cake it was and if the twins had a favorite kind, Jon shrugged and replied, "Birthday cake." He clearly didn't know what his daughters prefer.

    Without correcting the obvious error, Jon put the cake on the front seat of his car and drove it three hours to Redding, Pennsylvania, where he waited at the bus stop to pick the twins.

    While the party was taking place, the father of the year stepped outside to chat on his cell phone and sign autographs for fans wearing '’Team Jon'’ t-shirts and screaming “We love you!”

    Despite the problems in his tumultuous relationship with Kate, Jon did stay at the party until all the kids went to bed.

    Although it seemed there may have been a momentary pause in the Gosselin war, the next morning brought a reminder of their bitter divorce. TLC packed up all their camera crews and took all of their equipment with them.

  71. I just want to say that I feel so sad when I read that Mady is calling Jon to tell him stuff. Also, that she called Kate to tell her stuff about when her Dad was there. That is the worse thing you can do to the kids, put them up to tattling if its true. Hopefully both parents will now put a stop to it, and also stop bashing each other within ear shot of the kids. No proof that they do this but I bet they do.
    OK, now that I said that I feel better a little.

  72. Schmeckygirl~ thank you for the concern as to how I'm doing. As always it's a struggle to try to work as well as take care of young children. When you have a baby that is at that rough "not yet terrible two" stage, it requires 100% full attention. (It has taken me a full 20 minutes to write just this, because in that time the kids almost deleted it twice, the baby was touching something she shouldnt & my husband now wants takeout b/c he refuses leftovers).

    Also I have had fustration realizing that I can't please everyone nor do I have the desire to do so. I need to run the show my way. And I hope that although I havent been able to post as much as I should, I am always here enjoying all that is discussed. Thanks for the poll idea, I did put it up!

  73. UGH! Why is Michael Lohan at Jon & kates house???

    The difference between men and boys – is the price of their toys. With that in mind, Jon Gosselin’s pal, Michael Lohan (yes, Lindsay’s dad) checks out Jon’s dirt bike at Jon’s home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

    Lohan – who has had his own share of public embarrassments – has been a staunch supporter of Jon during his crumbling marriage to estranged wife Kate.

  74. WOW, Schmecky Girl, I just read your post of what the Rabbi said. OMG, I love his words and who cares what side he is on. Now I am going to go back and read it again. I am speechless.

  75. Baby Mama - It is your blog and you do an excellent job. Post those you want, leave out those you want, update when you can and for goodness sake don't feel guilty! We're just happy there is one blog that doesn't hate or malign Kate and we'll take it in whatever form and whenever we can.

    Good idea on the poll SchmeckyGirl and thanks for posting it Baby Mama.

  76. What the heck? Lohan's going to the arbitration with Jon tomorrow? I thought it was a private arbitration session with Jon, Kate, the PA lawyers and arbitrator. I'd be surprised if they allow both Heller and Lohan in there.

  77. Also they reported on The Insider or ET, can't remember which one I was watching, that Cara and Mady asked for their Mom when he came to pick them up at the bus stop and when he arrived late to their soccer game and was basically on the phone the entire time asked if their neighbor could take them home. Hmmmm.

  78. dhwh1993~ I am well aware that Inside Edition was the one who made the comment. However, since they were the ONLY ones that ran the info., and Jon is paid exclusively through them, that I wasnt beleiving that it was every single piece of equiptment, or that this meant anything that was final.

    I would appreciate for the future you do not discuss me on any hate sites. I was nice enough to post what you were saying, and I do not have any right to tell you where to post. However, I draw the line, when you comment about me at said sites. I don't appreciate it. I'm sure you would agree not only is it rude, but a conflict of intrest for my site. Feel free to stay there is you feel that you are being censored here. Thank you.

  79. During a preview of next week's J&K+8 episode, I heard the "voice over" guy say something like "with only a few episodes remaining..." .. this was a TLC episode preview -- so does that mean that the show is really ending?? Did anyone else hear this?

  80. oops -- never mind, I just saw the new posts made on the newer blog post

  81. 1st - It IS your site, so of course you are free to censor as you see fit, just as you can choose what you do or do not believe.

    2nd - CNN's Showbiz Tonight aired the report of TLC's removal of filming equipment from the Gosselin house - that's where I originally saw it. I believe they post transcripts of their televised programs each day, so it should be cited as well.

    3rd - "Jon is paid exclusively through them (Inside Edition)". I'm not sure what that means; what they report is not accurate b/c they pay Jon?

    As far as "every piece of equipment" or whether it means anything "final", who knows? Purely speculative.

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Like you accurately said, you can't tell me what or where to post, and you are free to moderate your site as you see fit. We'll have to agree to disagree.

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