Monday, February 20, 2012

Kate Gosselin Enjoys Valentine's Day With Her Kids, Kate On Dr. Drew 2/22,

Love is….

….tucking my eight perfectly healthy children into bed at night, knowing they are safe under my roof! ~ Kate Gosselin

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin has been on Twitter quite a bit, and always tweets about the holidays. Recently, she's tweeted about her Valentine's day dinner spent with the kids, including a photo of their meal. While many celebrity couples are celebrating their love on February 14th, Kate Gosselin is spending time with the kids. She may not have a special someone she's sharing Valentine's with romantically, but that doesn't mean she and the kids can't share the love. Gosselin tweeted about their tasty meal they enjoyed, saying:

...and our Valentines dinner... Heart shaped Mexican pizzas, refried beans and black/mahogany rice! Yum!

Sounds delicious, right? Kate included the following photo of the meal as well. Those are definitely festive looking dishes, but the stuff that is next to the pizzas looks questionable. Hopefully they enjoyed the food though. As of December 2009, Kate Gosselin and Jon had officially become divorced. The two were married since 1999. Since then, Kate had been rumored to have been dating a bodyguard, but there hasn't been too much in the celeb gossip world about her love life. The good news is she can still share special holidays with her eight munchkins at home!
Kate On Dr. Drew Life Changers This Wednesday 2/22. Kate thankfully tells us that Jon is 'trying' to be a good Dad, and the kids are 'now okay going there. She says Jon is working now, and says that things are more "peaceful" now, because Jon is "happier" with himself... Do you think it's because he no longer has Ellen in his life?? What do you think? BM