Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kate Gosselin's E! True Hollywood Story. What did YOU think? Watch it HERE! On Wednesday night, the world finally got a chance to see the long-awaited E! True Hollywood Story featuring Kate Gosselin in the lead role. So how was the experience overall? Ultimately, it resulted in a special filled with just as much spin as an episode of "Kate Plus 8" on TLC.
Here's an example -- in talking about Jon's post-Kate relationships, the conveniently ignored Hailey Glassman, otherwise known as the woman who ignited many rumors to a whole new level. They also did not talk much about Kate's strained relationship with much of her family outside of a few brief clips -- something that supposedly played a key role in her attitude. The show really didn't work too hard to paint either Jon or Kate in too positive a light, and they also failed to really get too much interview footage from the show's stars that we hadn't heard already. Ultimately, it was a rather disjointed affair that ultimately just showed us one thing above anything else -- that Kate is controversial, but also that the train of fame may be slowing down soon. Did you watch this special -- and if so, what did you think?

E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin” Premiered February 2, 2011 @ 10:00 PM, ET/PT on E!

“Obviously, they [the Gosselin kids] are young. They don’t completely understand what separation or divorce means. But as time went on, the kids would come to me personally and ask questions. ‘Why is my mommy and daddy not living together? Why does mommy not have a ring on? Why does daddy have other girlfriends?’” – Stephanie Santoro, Former Gosselin Nanny, tells E!
(Los Angeles , CA , January 20, 2011) – The public image of Kate Gosselin runs the gamut from nationally adored mother to vilified tabloid target. But who is this mother of eight -really? The success of the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ thrust her into the media spotlight and the glare only intensified when she and her husband went through a very public – and messy – divorce. As E!’s Ken Baker says, Kate is “quite simply the most famous mom in reality TV history.” With exclusive insights from a former Gosselin nanny who claims to have had a romance with Jon, which Jon denied, and interviews with family, friends and neighbors, E!’s THS examines the life of Kate Gosselin – from her working class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut.

The Gosselin’s smash reality show caused America to fall in love with the couple’s eight children, but viewers also began to notice cracks in Jon and Kate’s marriage. “Who is to blame for the fate of the Gosselins? Is it the Gosselins themselves? Or is it maybe this appetite of American viewers to watch a slow-motion train wreck?” asks Paul Petersen, president of A Minor Consideration, a child advocacy group. Eventually the couple reached a breaking point and separated. Jon was soon seen in public with other women. Former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro sits down with E! and explains her connection with Jon and the toll it took, “I was looked at as the home-wrecker and what didn’t make any sense to me was [that] I wasn’t the first girl for him to have a relationship with.”

With their divorce finalized Kate moved on with her own life and experienced first-hand the challenges of raising a child as a single parent – multiplied by eight. “Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person. To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest,” Eric Roberts, supporter of Natural Child Project tells E!.From her early days growing up through present day with all of the joy and sorrow in between, the unique life of Kate Gosselin and her rise to celebrity status is explored in this brand new E! True Hollywood Story premiering February 2nd at 10:00 PM on E!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin ... The Most Famous Mom In Reality Tv History

Hello Gosselin fans! After church this morning I was speaking to a friend of my moms and the topic came up about blogging. She wanted me to explain to her what it was, as it appeared to be the current buzz word. I talked a bit about this site, & she was anxious to see it. Once she got a computer. "Kate has millions of fans that support her" she says. "But because a few people create places to her attack her on the Internet, they assume they are the majority". I couldn't agree more. Just because there are one or two more sites that get a few more "socks & a few more comments, that doesn't mean that the world isn't there with open arms with whatever Kate decides to do next. I am blessed with wonderful email now from people around the world that are Kate Gosselin fans. Welcome! I for one am still here and I'm glad you all are too! Xoxo BM

 Kate Gosselin, the "The Famous Mom in Reality TV History" By Baby Mama

Looking through the boring lot of predictable Google articles, the same as last week, you wonder what the media does when Kate and the kids are out of site living their lives away from the media. On these quiet weekends, when Kate may be relaxing by the TV with the kids or Jon taking the kids to a rollerskating party.. Haters seem to forget THESE important facts. The kids DO live quite the happy normal life outside of the INF lens. Recently blogs have been throwing around another mindless article by yet another child advocate Called "Exploiting Children In The Media" here's a clip And tell me what you think. I won't even tell you where it's from, because it's from a man who exploits these children the most! Hypocrite!

"Popular culture rewards parents pushing their small children into the limelight to pursue fame and fortune by proxy. Media then turns these kids into a spectator sport. And the kids’ parents want it that way. Meanwhile, children reared in the unrealistic world of growing up in public, routinely flame out in front of millions. This is presently considered acceptable popular entertainment."

To me what is considered popular entertainment is watching a single mom to an amazing job taking care of her children while getting them the opportunities most families wish they had. I see an amazing strong woman living her life not caring what a single negative site has to say about her. These children and others like them should not be taught to think that this type of lifestyle couldn't be sustained with hard work. How dare someone attack precious children by saying their lives will just be reduced to a blown-out flame? Of course parents like myself INCLUDED want to make sure they are given the best in their lives! Of course it's a spectator sport. Not everyone will be able to afford what children raised on TV have. But why show you fangs of jealousy? Maybe with some hard work on your own part you can achieve this success for yourself! And possibly acquire a heart. Because most people would be embarrassed for that statement.. I'm surely embarrassed for you. No one should judge any family on their choices until you have been in that exact situation yourself.. Ohh how the tables would turn, as you were packing for your big vacation no? Xoxo BM