Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin ... The Most Famous Mom In Reality Tv History

Hello Gosselin fans! After church this morning I was speaking to a friend of my moms and the topic came up about blogging. She wanted me to explain to her what it was, as it appeared to be the current buzz word. I talked a bit about this site, & she was anxious to see it. Once she got a computer. "Kate has millions of fans that support her" she says. "But because a few people create places to her attack her on the Internet, they assume they are the majority". I couldn't agree more. Just because there are one or two more sites that get a few more "socks & a few more comments, that doesn't mean that the world isn't there with open arms with whatever Kate decides to do next. I am blessed with wonderful email now from people around the world that are Kate Gosselin fans. Welcome! I for one am still here and I'm glad you all are too! Xoxo BM

 Kate Gosselin, the "The Famous Mom in Reality TV History" By Baby Mama

Looking through the boring lot of predictable Google articles, the same as last week, you wonder what the media does when Kate and the kids are out of site living their lives away from the media. On these quiet weekends, when Kate may be relaxing by the TV with the kids or Jon taking the kids to a rollerskating party.. Haters seem to forget THESE important facts. The kids DO live quite the happy normal life outside of the INF lens. Recently blogs have been throwing around another mindless article by yet another child advocate Called "Exploiting Children In The Media" here's a clip And tell me what you think. I won't even tell you where it's from, because it's from a man who exploits these children the most! Hypocrite!

"Popular culture rewards parents pushing their small children into the limelight to pursue fame and fortune by proxy. Media then turns these kids into a spectator sport. And the kids’ parents want it that way. Meanwhile, children reared in the unrealistic world of growing up in public, routinely flame out in front of millions. This is presently considered acceptable popular entertainment."

To me what is considered popular entertainment is watching a single mom to an amazing job taking care of her children while getting them the opportunities most families wish they had. I see an amazing strong woman living her life not caring what a single negative site has to say about her. These children and others like them should not be taught to think that this type of lifestyle couldn't be sustained with hard work. How dare someone attack precious children by saying their lives will just be reduced to a blown-out flame? Of course parents like myself INCLUDED want to make sure they are given the best in their lives! Of course it's a spectator sport. Not everyone will be able to afford what children raised on TV have. But why show you fangs of jealousy? Maybe with some hard work on your own part you can achieve this success for yourself! And possibly acquire a heart. Because most people would be embarrassed for that statement.. I'm surely embarrassed for you. No one should judge any family on their choices until you have been in that exact situation yourself.. Ohh how the tables would turn, as you were packing for your big vacation no? Xoxo BM


  1. I always appreciate when you provide the editorial for your blog – Baby mama. I have a hard time articulating what I am thinking and I always turn to what others write so that I can reflect on whether that fits for me. If it doesn’t, then I can say how my opinion differs. When the comments made reflect my thoughts on the situation then I can say – Well done, I agree completely.

    So, in this case, my comment to you is the latter. Well done BM. I agree.

  2. Baby Mama - Nice sentiments. Wow, and you did it from the iPad which is a bummer because it changes every other word. I'm proud of you!!!

    I, for one, am so proud to be a part of a blog where we value each other. Where, the sentiment expressed is what's important, not the typing, spelling, etc.

    It's become hilarious when the non-fans attack people because of a typo, etc. Give me a break! (It clearly shows their lack of current equipment, because if you use an iPhone, etc., it IS going to change your words!)

    Again, your sentiments, spoken from the heart are what first drew me here!

    ITA with your thoughts in this post!

  3. Yuk! Ok sorry guys totally fixed it!

    I tried to use me iPad and it just smushed everything together & didn't add the photos. I don't know. I thought that thing would completely replace my computer. Now I'm mad I wasted the money. I could have bought another computer for the price we paid for that thing.. AND we can't play YoVille! lol

    For the past 2 posts there hasn't been an article that I have found that I wanted to post. It was really my only option to post what I needed to say. I may not be the most articulate. But my words IMO rule and if anyone doesnt like it they can go scatch! lol

  4. Baby Mama - Don't give up on the Ipad, lol. It is a problem with Google, not what you are doing. If you lay it out in Word first with photos, it should allow you to upload in Google/Blogger. Blogger has been apologizing for months about it's layout problems.

    You are articulate and you say it well. Don't apologize! ;)

  5. ''I see an amazing strong woman living her life not caring what a negative single site has to say about her.''
    I agree, this is what gives you success, it simply ignores despicable people who hate it.
    Baby Mama-this post is amazing, and you wrote so it gets more interesting. You have talent! and I agree with exactly everything.

  6. Nice job, BabyMama! You are very well spoken...a fast talkin' northerner...but you have your brain in gear!

    I've noticed that most supporters of Kate and the kids are intelligent, eloguent and so reasonable in their comments! I'm talkin' to you all here ladies!

    I so agree that these "so-called chair experts" haven't a clue as to what the real Gosselin life is for Kate and the kids.

    But the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree"! Kate is smart, hard-working and disciplined. She has a positive outlook on life and a big smile to go with it.

    Those kids will emulate Kate in many ways and the comments about their good behavior reflects well on Kate and the way she has raised them.

    She can't control everything and there is no doubt that loose-living daddy has not been the best influence in their life.

    And exposing the kids to the live-in-govt. worker with a big mouth and a "hater hat" surely doesn't help.

    All in all Kate gets my support for doing a super job in handling the "mommy duties" as well as being the bread-winner for those kids.

    No one can take that away from her. Good respectful kids don't happen by accident. And Daddy's 3 or 4 days a month can't take the credit for all that's right with these kids!

  7. Southern kisses to Jacque! Hi baby girl...hope all is well there with you! Still have those hot Brazilian nites?

    I know how uncomfortable it is to sleep in weather like that. I'm spoiled now though! All central heating and air!

  8. It is interesting how the haters deflect the blame for placing the kids in the spotlight, judging them, and then watching them unravel because of their words. If we didn’t have hate sites, rag mags, and stalking paparazzi, I wouldn’t know anything about this family other than what is show on the 30 minute episode. Haters fail to take ownership of the situation and project their anger on the only person that is thinking rationally and has any say in the children’s’ welfare, Kate. What an interesting world we live in whereby people can spread lies and accusations all they want and they receive monetary rewards for it. Nevertheless, if someone works hard, shows their vulnerability as a human being, and reflects on their mistakes, they are crucified because they are monetarily rewarded.

    It is sad that they don't see their own hypocrazy. (yes I spelled it wrong intentionally). : )

  9. So well written, Baby Mama,--I agree! And the new photos are great too! Had never seen those before.

  10. Hey Jacque.
    I love what you said! (I always agree with you lol)
    Baby Mama- post amazing, and very explanatory.
    I love how you always got great reviews.
    And you quote with details for us to understand
    the situation better.
    I loved the photo of the post,
    Kate is very pretty!.
    Good Night!

  11. I'm here! *waves* Sorry I am late to the party. been working my butt off to make up from when I was sick.

    IMO, anyone who has told me things about Kate that they don't like has been a direct reflection on them selves. It was stuff that they don't like about themselves reflected in Kate. I to this day have never heard a solid valid testament as into why Kate & the kids shouldn't be on tv. If I here "Kate stay home and take care of your kids" one more time I am going to hurl. It is SO archaic and such an awful thing to say.

  12. CMo3 - I think I missed the party too! Sorry Baby Mams!
    Waves to all!!!
    After tutoring I tried to catch up on client work and just now stopped. Lost track of time.
    Hearing the reasons the non-fans use frustrates me too CMO3, just air-headed numbskulls.

  13. Good evening ladies! I hope you all had a great weekend! It's Feb already? Ohh wait, one more day. I know we are all so busy, so let's take this last day of January a good one and catch up on all we have to do. Cause I know everyone will be watching E! Wednesday night! Lol

    I saw the commercial. I couldn't even listen to what wad being said. They started with Eric Roberts. Why is he on this thing? Why is he milking his one Stinkin comment? Ugh

  14. Hi firedup, southern kisses for you : *
    I'm fine, and yes, the nights are very hot, we put
    portable fans throughout the home including the kitchen lol.

    Debora- I know you agree with me.
    People with personality opposite sometimes agree lol.

  15. Sorry, obviously I'm too tired to type. Mama, not Mams. Ugh, so sorry.

    Thank goodness you are tolerant all about typos!

  16. Your article says it all. I think I will tweet about this article. I really like it because I also Google to see what is the latest Jon "diarrhea of the mouth" "allergic to work" Gosselin news. Sometimes it seems the Khaters are numerous, if not for the fact Kate is in demand, her TV ratings are high and she made approximately 4 mil in 2010.

  17. MsGoody2Shoes, do you have citations for your comments about Jon? I've been looking for some recent comments from him but can't find any. Where are these "diarrhea of the mouth" and "allergic to work" statements coming from. I'd appreciate your help in finding these articles.

  18. Hi! I am from Brazil, living in Argentina...I just found your blog and IT IS AMAZING!!! I love Kate and I really think everything she does, from the heart, it is really for the good of her doubt of that!!! I have 2 kids and I pray to be just like she as a mother...hard working, organized... a relly nice mother!

  19. It seems like its been ages since I've seen a Kate Plus Eight show and I miss it. It doesn't help that most of the shows I like are are on hiatus or discontiued. At least the Duggars came back on last week.
    It is really something that some of the exact same people who complained about the Gosselins taking Medicaid benefits complain about them earning a heavily taxible income that repays those temporary benefits. Jobs are also created and secured by creating the program.

  20. Lori, MrsGoody was using an expression called "play on words" and while you may not agree some things she is stating are quit obvious. I believe the "khaters" are far fewer than the real numbers as they use many different names on the same blogs or comment boards. Positive or negative they do keep her in the news.

    BabyMama I just wanted to say good job on the article. I don't think I'll ever understand. While Kate and the children actually film only a handful of specials a year now the "hatred" has ramped up even higher and yet Kate is the only reality mom they go after while the majority of other shows the children film quite a bit more than Kate and the kids. I've seen very weak excuses like other family reality shows have a "purpose" while in their opinion Kate's has none. I can think of many "purposes" that Kate and the children's show have done for other families but I suspect those reasons would fall on deaf ears. The real reason for all this "hate movement" is all too obvious but pride is a powerful force and there are some people that will never admit to themselves the real reason they object because they might have to take a long hard look inside themselves.

    BabyMama I just wanted to compliment you for the great find on the new photos I haven't seen before of Kate and the children. My absolute favorite and IMO the most stunning photo I've ever seen of Kate is the one at the top of this photo with Kate's hair up in that beautiful gown.

  21. tashapork--I sure know what you mean about missing Kate Plus 8--and there still seems to be no news about the schedule. And I wonder why we aren't even seeing any reruns at all? Do you know why-Baby Mama or Linda?

    Lexxi--I heard that too--about other shows having a "purpose"--how very lame to say the least. If some of those people who love to hate Kate had to explain why they object, they would have to say (in part) that it is easier to hate and be jealous and to attack someone just because they can. Hate breeds hatred.

  22. Missed you Lexxi, happy to see you back. Good afternoon ladies!

    The photos from this post were from Kate's People magazine article. But I don't believe it was the bikini one, not sure. I really miss a Kate Plus 8 myself and hope that they show it in Feb. Many of the fans are missing the kids. But I do agree that it was nice to give it a little breather and hopefully they have forgotten about the mess that was Alaska. Keep in mind that was filmed over the Summer & shown in November, so the kids hadn't filmed in months before January, and appear to only be filming approx. every 5-6 months! So I don't want anyone to complain the kids film to much as that is complete BS.

  23. They did do a Halloween episode, and they will probably do an Easter/Spring Break special. I just know that the kids seem soo proud of their show. I would love to see Kate do some kind of a special where she talks about divorce, sharing the kids, what has worked for her, what hasn't etc. A lot of people would be interested.

  24. TLC we want a new episode!. And I also think that what happened in Alaska is already being forgotten. So why are they taking so long to display a new episode?.
    Hmm, speaking on TV, E! ths, missing only one day!. Truly a haven for haters, but either way, just like the episode of Alaska is being forgotten, the E! ths will be also.

    (I love the pictures of Kate on the people, I have all the pictures on my phone pink lol).

    *Karinne Ribeiro- Uau, as Brasileiras estão representando! você já é a terceira aqui, (eu a primeira rsrs')...então seja bem vinda.

  25. I am here, mostly reading. I am working a lot, trying not to get sidetracked by FB(which is not working) and getting ready for our ginormous snow storm that is heading my way. Hopefully we won't have school then I can catch up. Wish me luck! I have to go work outside in the snow tomorrow. :(

  26. Hi all, and special welcome to new commenter Karinne!!!

    I have no idea where the day goes. I've been so behind on work with inclement weather and then sick kids that my backlog is backlogged! It's almost 10:30 and I'm still working... almost finished with materials I have to take with me out of town tomorrow.

    Doubt that I'll get to watch the E! special. (: I'll depend on my favorite folks here to describe it and tell me all about it. :)

    I have not packed the first thing (yeah Corrina still trying to get to that all day) and I gotta be ready to leave by 4 am. Yuck. (However, I'm from the grab 4 outfits and go Club, so hopefully it won't take long.)

    I'll miss you all bunches! Hope to be on from time to time but busy schedule until I return Thursday night. Hugs! xoxoxo

  27. Have fun and be safe! I'll be here with my stupid shovel trying to dig my way out of my house.....

  28. Babymama just one question. Where did you find that snow picture at the top? I've never seen anything like it. I would be terrified driving on that road. Talk about a wall of snow! No thank you.

  29. Oh my goodness Linda--I love the "Grab 4 outfits and Go Club"--I need to learn how to do that! :) lol Be safe--have a good trip.

    CM03--With the amount of snow headed your way, I doubt there will be school. Be careful with all that shoveling.

    Jacque--You are so right--the Alaska episode is pretty much history--E! will soon follow.

  30. Lexxi, I didn't understand a word of what you just said to me. I know Goody was using a play on words. I didn't really think there was an article out there called "Jon's Diarreha of the Mouth" for heaven's sake. I just wanted to know what she'd been reading to make her say that and I wanted to be directed to the articles. From what I've seen he's been quiet lately.

    Goody, if you'd like to answer me directly I'd appreciate that. Thanks, Lori.

  31. Karinne welcome
    Jacque and I are also Brazilian.
    Our audience is growing here on the
    is good to know more fans Gosselins.
    Not only of Brazil but also from other parts of the world.

  32. Good afternoon everyone! Just one more day till Kates show! Everyone is foaming to see it. She's been quite MIA. Do you think she's enclosed in snow like that? Lol

    Lexxi, someone send that to me via e-mail on a joke page. I know many people are scared about tonight perhaps worried that this slushy rain will not turn into something more....

    For those of you who have been following the journey of "Fairly Legal" starring Sarah Shahi for quite some time, you probably know that at one point, the show was being referred to as "Facing Kate" -- a title that focused a bit more on the lead character's name. If the title had actually stuck, it would have been the first USA Network series since "Monk" (at least by this writer's knowledge) to actually go with a title that featured the main character.

    So what ultimately ended up happening? Speaking in a new interview, Shahi said the name change actually had to do with viewer confusion with a certain controversial reality TV mom:

    “They did a test audience, a screening, and 80% of the people thought Facing Kate was a reality show about Kate Gosselin ... So with that said, we had to change the title.

    'Fairly Legal' changed 'Facing Kate' title after Kate Gosselin confusion
    January 31st, 2011 1:49 pm ET

  33. Discovery Names New General Manager for TLC

    Bolstered by Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin, TLC has been one of the most talked-about cable channels in recent years, and one of the flagship channels for its parent company, Discovery Communications.

    Now TLC has a new boss.

    Amy Winter, who has been overseeing TLC’s marketing, is becoming the general manager of the channel, Discovery announced Tuesday. She will oversee all programming, production and marketing.

    Ms. Winter effectively replaces Eileen O’Neill, who was promoted last month to be the group president for both TLC and the Discovery Channel.

    Under Ms. O’Neill, TLC enjoyed a hot streak with Ms. Gosselin’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ and, more recently, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The channel features stories about big and small families and targets women ages
    25 to 54.

    They should Kiss Kate! she made them rich!!!!

  34. That's true Kate has made them rich and successful, despite many saying Kate's 15 minutes are up for years it appears that the executives sure wouldn't be complaining. Good to see women climbing up the corporate ladder to success.

    I personally think they might have made a mistake changing the title because the name Kate alone might have brought in more viewers especially women viewers. With the word "legal" in the title it would be a show I wouldn't care to watch.

  35. Good Afternoon everyone, Hope everyone is safe who is stuck in winter storm weather. We are stuck at home with ice everywhere. I am enjoying it with getting some things done around the house.

    It will be interesting to see if this change in general manager of TLC will change any shows like Kate plus 8 or Twist of Kate? I agree, they should all kiss Kate for making this channel more talked about than ever!!

    I agree with you Lexxi, why would they change it when they know how much ratings Kate's name alone brings in. SO what if it wasnt about Kate, people would tune in just to find out, lol

  36. Yay, power and heat is back on. Praise the lord. I was thinking about Kate making the kids hot chocolate. I notice a change in TLC moving from inspiring family programs to showcasing the extreme. I'd rather watch the Gosselins, Roloffs, or Hayes, any day over hoarders, extreme balloon designs or people addicted to their hair dryer and I don't need to see Kate freaking out in the Alaska wilderness or in Austrailia. I enjoy it, but I am happy seeing the kids build a snowman and sit around the fireplace with hot chocolate

  37. Is there any news on when the next Special will air? It seems like forever.

  38. Slowly getting snowed in. School's closed. Hubby's works closed. Should be interesting. They are saying we are going to get anywhere from 18-32 inches. Wish me luck!

  39. Hello Jen! So excited for the next special. Rumors going around that it may be at the end of this month. I think they are waiting for this special to air tomorrow then waiting for the big dust to settle that is the blogs discussing it.. Lol

    I know I promised everyone I will try to get it on this site as soon as I can. Will definitely still be doing that :)

  40. CMo3 - Oh my gosh! That is wayyyy toooooo much snow!!!! Stay warm! And inside! (And weather forecast was wrong where we went... Instead of freezing cold predicted it was a balmy 64. In honor of CMo3, breaking out the shorts, lol.)
    My prediction for K+8 is end of month while it's still a Sweeps period. About the 3rd week.

  41. From E's website:

    ARE WE READY??? The E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin

    Kate Gosselin may not have been Mother of the Year, she was definitely one of the more fascinating moms out there and THS will bring viewers up to date on her intriguing story.

    Read more:

  42. Be safe CM03--Sounds like this storm might break a record for snowfall!

  43. Good Morning, Hope everyone is safe thats stuck in this storm. I am thanking God we still have power after 2 days of freezing rain. I am enjoying being iced/snowed in at home with the kids.

    THS will bring viewers up to date on her intriguing story.

    Pfft, up to date my behind!! People who have no idea who she is speaking on her behalf is not up to date. Grr

  44. KatherineDenise--So good you still have power--
    be safe. Have fun with the kids.

  45. OK SO WHO IS READY FOR TONIGHT? I'm thinking of keeping this post up until later tonight or dedicate tomorrows post (vith hopefully the actual footage) in a new post tomorrow. Pray someone is able to get it for me! I know that every Khater out there will be watching tonight to dissect every aspect of this program toinght. I really want her fans to come here and say a few words and support her too if possible.

    If you don't want to watch the lies tonight because you don't feel its in Kate's or the childrens best interst good for you. I would still love to talk to you tonight here on the site. We (or I lol) will give you a run-down of the dribble that is Werny Gal or the bs that is Eric Roberts.

    Once I get the kids to bed I will also be Twittering, so feel free to ask me a question there as well. I think it's a good idea to have myself available to those that are not regulars on this site to ask me some questions on my thoughts. You KNOW I will have alot to say tonight!

  46. And to those that lurk and don't normally post, I want to hear from you guys tonight. Show your support, I would love to hear from you all! xoxoxox

  47. I have my dvr set but I'm not sure if I want to watch or not. Just the description from E that says, "Kate Gosselin may not have been Mother of the Year" gives me a hint of the "tone" the show may have. When you announce people like Werney Girl & Eric Roberts and Jon's best friend ??? being interviewed I have my doubts it will be positive. This best friend of Jon seems to only appear in the media to say negative things about Kate on Jon's behalf. It's seems strange also that since this guy is suppose to be a friend of Jon's for 15 years there hasn't been a single picture of him (that I've seen) or any article saying he was with Jon going out & doing something togeter. As for the other people announced these people have never met or talked to Kate so how can they give an opinion? I can only hope it's a fair story but just like most of the media it seems that snarking or bashing Kate raises the sensationalism & ratings so I have my doubts.

  48. Still debating on whether to watch the show tonight. It sounds like it will be so one-sided and not in favor of Kate. Might be hard to sleep after watching it.

  49. Good afternoon
    Lexxi,I agree with you, this really is very strange (friend of Jon)
    he at least has appeared in public?
    may be more an invention
    I saw a phrase in the car that reminded me Kate.
    is a familiar phrase that had already heard
    it made me wonder ....
    `` Not everyone liked Jesus''
    is a phrase that pretty much symbolizes the story of Kate.
    Jesus was perfect and was not accepted
    Kate in turn will not be accepted by all.
    one law of life (envy of many)
    she has more people, fans who love and support.
    and has himself
    I believe she has conscience clean before so many objections.

  50. Debora- This is a good sentence, Jesus is not pleased everyone, then imagine Kate!.
    Yesterday I saw a phrase that also reminded me Kate. It's a pity I could not translate it, but it was about having envy.

    E! ths today! I hope the program gets here in Brazil soon, at least E! here is faster with the episodes.
    And I hope it's just true facts, and if not, that people take the right conclusions.

  51. Just out of curiousity, has there ever been any mention of past "Mothers of the year"?

  52. Actually I'm nominating all of us moms for mother of the year! And they are promoting the heck out of this thing. TryIng to make it as scandalous as possible. But the fact is, Eric Roberts, one of Jons friends bitching about Kate & Werny Gal does not a quality expose make. People just need to remember why she gets the Special in the first place. Because the the most famous mom in Reality TV history....

  53. I am thinking I will probably watch, but from the DVR so I can skip as much as I want. I love DVRs they give you a lot of power, I remember the good old days when people used to have to plan their life around the tv. I don't really think the show is going to hurt Kate, nothing we haven't already heard will come out and it will just bring attention and ratings for her. I do think that it does exactly the opposite of what the haters that call themselves child exploitation activists supposedly want. Its just like Jon who says he wants privacy and then puts stuff out there. I do think that it is going to piss me off like turning on the news these days and instead of getting some facts about what happened, you get everybody's opinions and brawls and people tearing apart everything anyone says, another nice use for the dvr, skip skip.
    I agree with Baby Mama about the mother of the year.

  54. If Michael Lohan is given Father of the Year award (ROL) by a Pennsylvania magazine, no wonder people are all over Kate's parenting, If those are the standards of course she falls way short.
    1. She hasn't done things to get court orders against her even seeing her kids,
    2. She is not a drinker or drug addict
    3. Her kids actually talk to her
    4. She doesn't sabatog her kids' efforts
    5. She actually raises them
    6. She doesn't blame everyone else for their issues.
    When I saw him with that award it cracked me up. Kate will fail every time if he is what one admires

  55. Does anyone else wonder if Mady and Cara still play their instruments??

  56. I've seen recent pap pics and Mady was holding the violin case.

  57. Hi all. Sorry Baby Mama, can't get the E! Show in the hotel. Will have to watch re-broadcasts, later. :(

  58. Tiggerfan~ yes Maddy still plays the violin and a few times there have been photos with her carrying the case so thats great.

    OMG who is watching? Polly looks a hot mess. Seriously, I never talk ill about anyone, but between her and Mr Peterson right out the gate I already have a headache. They are droll and boring. I'm loving this so far.

  59. I now understand why Polly is obsessed with Kate's looks! Maybe she should get a make over with the money she earns from her book that exploits the Gosselins.

  60. HAHA She completely looks like someone not happy with her own life and looking to live though Kate. This show only proves it.

    Omg they interviewed the doctor across a busy highway and you could barely hear him speak! Why did they do that? Also Al Walentis is next. Between him, Polly & Paul Perterson she provared to be the biggest liar on the planet. She said that E! was only wanting her, but all they really wanted was for that tri-fecta vile of a group to attack Kate on the show. EPIC FAIL!

  61. HAha, I am here watching and yes laughing too, LOL Oh, goodness gracious. THey are making such a fool of themselves.

    Apparently Polly was there when they filmed the Christmas episode and knew exactly how it went, who knew?? She is so lucky, wish I could have
    been there too.

  62. Well this episode has all the elements that the Khaters love:

    Interviews with people that are just speculating and don’t know her at all (this leads to more lies and rumours, which they love. They hate to live in reality)

    Interviews with people who hate themselves more than anyone else and project it onto an easy target. Come on Polly, you couldn’t have gone to a hairdresser before the taping to display a little self-respect. Now I can see why they focus on Kate’s looks and boobs so much. They have rejected their own.

    I love how they selectively edit to only provide a bit of the sentence so you think it is the truth. For example: Kate was controlling with her first boyfriend … what they left out was, so I’ve been told, or so I am assuming. Because they don’t know and they weren’t there. LOL

  63. Ahh, Polly just said, so she heard. Way to CYA. LOL

  64. The show started off positive and basic for a reason. The "train wreck aspect" is about ot start. Those that are watching, what do you think so far?

  65. You can just see how tired they were, when the kids were babies.

  66. WG says, "As I heard" thus E is proving she is the town gossip.

    WG is speaking like she knows Kate. What a fake.

  67. Come on Polly, tell us what you really think about Kate's boobs. LOL

  68. I have to tell you, seeing the babies again made me miss that show terribly. I remember being so excited to watch it, when I found out I was finally pregnant, how I struggled after losing one when I was pregnant with 2. Now of course I know it was what I was intended to be blessed with and finally at peace. But All of this flooded back seeing the old footage. I loved watching Kate and how much she loved her babies!

    And Polly..well just watching her you can really see this complete obsession with being Kate.

  69. Oh my goodness, jealousy. Wouldn't you fly first class and upgrade your hotel if you are being paid for the trip. Why would you stay in a tent. This is sooo funny.

  70. What type of work does Eric Roberts do that he had treated Kate???? I am confused.

  71. UGH, Jodi and Kevin!

    They may have smoothed Jodi's hair to soften her look but you could see the hate spewing from her eyes.

    What is up with Stephanie S.? Speaking like she knows anything about the kids. She was only around the kids a few times wasn't she? Is she going to talke about boinking Jon in the hot tub?

  72. Eric is full of it. He never treated squat. I have no clue what he is talking about. Al Walentis looks like a man down to his last $1.50. Sadly the only one that has any idea of anything going on is Stephanie.

  73. The thing that irritates me the most is that they are making it sound like the filming is causing problems in the kids; however, they keep showing copies of rag magazines and paparazzi. Wouldn’t a rationale analysis conclude that it is the public reaction through the rag mags and paps that are causing the problem??? If there are problems - they haven't identified them yet.

    LOL – Kate just identified that she goes to Target, the post office and gets groceries and that is all she does. Well I guess ROL got it right when they keep taking pictures of her doing this. Cause she admitted that is all she does.

  74. I agree, Stephanie is articulate and appears stable.

  75. I think Kate is looking just fine during this. And Polly is helping her look great.

  76. They keep talking about the money Kate is making off the kids but they don't identify how much money Al, Polly, the paps, and the rag mags are making off the kids. Hypocrite??

  77. Why didn't they state that the only reason Jon stopped the show was because he wanted out of his exclusivity portion of his contract and TLC wouldn't let him.

  78. Hmm, no one would respond to you Peterson... that is because you are unstable.

  79. Well I thought that went well and I think Polly and Eric really helped to put Kate in a good light. I wonder if they will be washing their mouths out with soap after they see the taping. LOL

  80. Peterson proved he is pissed they did not contact him. What a total turd.

  81. I was really happy with the way the show came out and really happy that even though they showed that horrible spanking shot to make Kate appear to be a horrible mother, she still came out looking good. They got over $75,000 for that one shot. It was probably given to Chris Watts who knows. So to get that kind of money for one photo, you can see why guys like him sleep in their cars just to follow her to Target.

  82. Okay, so after reading the comments about the show, not sure if I want to see Polly & Al.

  83. Did they show any photos of Kate pre-pregnancy? She was gorgeous then.

  84. The show was more positive than I thought it would be. It makes me mad that they did not say that WG, Al and Eric have never spoken to Kate.

    How long was Stephanie S. Jon's nanny?

  85. Although unfortunately I can not watch now, I'm enjoying the comments from you ... Polly Kahl then it's really not that pretty? or rather her appearance does not reflect how she feels superior?
    that explains it! Kate you're the best! lol
    The book of the WG is almost available, and now you can fleece the site amazon. The cover is very poor ... like the mentality of the author!.

  86. 1. Why is Eric Roberts commenting on Kate Gosselin? because he tweeted about her? Well then Golly Gee I must be famous too...why didn't the contact me?

    2. Most of the people they interviewed including the Australian US Weekly person, since US has crucified her, have negative type blogs/sites about Kate. Paul Peterson is only a name I know because of Kate. This was entirely negative. And then they threw some positive in.

    3. When they were filming in the end they were not filming together and when they were they showed the tension. Any one remember the Crooked Houses Episode?

    4. Stephanie was articulate but contradicted herself quite a lot.

    5. Notice how they glossed over Hailey & Kate Major? They were major players that showed the Jon wasn't always telling the truth.

    6.How can it be a true hollywood story with out ANYONE in Kate's life on there? TRUE?? Nope. Speculation?? Yup. I would be saying the same thing if I saw this type of thing about Jon. It's actually why I stopped watching these types of E! shows because they are so tabloid-y now.

    At least it ended on a positive note.

    And I'm not saying anything about any one's appearance. It said enough for itself.

    Good night all.

  87. It could have been worse. It was easier to watch than the Sara Palin episode (I'm never watching that again) for me. I had a hard time watching Kate react badly to the camping. The E! THS was of course full of lies, but Stephanie seemed to have a clue. They made Jon look bad as well. Kate is who she is. Either you like her or you don't. Those who don't to MOVE ON.

  88. I actually watched and didn't get too sick to my stomach. It did help that I knew what angle they were coming from.
    1. I loved seeing the footage of when the kids were small, even though I have watched every episode, there was footage I have never seen.
    2. They made a thing about Eight Little Faces as if it was her only book, forgetting about Multiple Blessings, published a year earlier and very successful.
    3. They skimmed over a lot of background behind Jon's not wanting to film the kids such as his wanting to do Divorced Dad's club and his emptying of the bank account.
    This whole A Minor Consideration needs to have the name changed to A Gosselin Consideration, because that's all they worry about. When I see child exploitation discussed in a framework where the Gosselins are only one example, I might buy that that's what they are arguing, when it's just directed to Gosselins, I don't buy it.
    4. They talked about Kate being hard on Jon, but not about Jon's issues. They should have interviewed Linda Original, she actually saw them in Florida, and knows Kate as well as these others and saw Jon's role in all this.
    5. They claim a child exploitation angle, but I haven't seen Leah paid anything for showing the tabloid of her spanking.
    6. They did a complete no no showing the name of the kids' school, not that people can't figure it out if they work hard enough, but that doesn't need to be under the nose of the Jared Laughner types.
    7. They did not address how much time K&J Krieder actually spent on their show before turning on them or how much money they have made preaching the child exploitation angle.
    I did really enjoy seeing Kate and the kids and can't wait to see them again

  89. I really want to get the show on my site as soon as possible. I have many international fans and please dont think Im forgetting you. Promise you will see it as soon as I can get it!

  90. I just want to say I was disapponted in that show. It started out ok and some of the documenting and editing was ok. But all they interviewed was people who didnt know her or only knew Jon.

  91. Wow I am actually very happy with how that turned out.

    What surprised me that not one comment was made in support of Jon, I mean they made him look REALLY bad. Oh Stephanie, you should have just kept quiet, I mean who goes on national TV admitting sleeping with Jon when he hired her as a nanny, yikes.

    The thing that disturbed me the most was Polly, you can tell just by watching her mouth when she talked that she spewed hatred. Like she is just completly pissed off at the world and hates everything around her. Thats how I took her.

    I have to go back to work in the morning so I am off for the night, will comment more on the new post.

  92. Brenda, you are right, and for us to watch that's one thing because we know that they don't know her, others might not, we also know the context behind things that they said. Even saying that we don't know the full story behind things, such as that maybe the Christmas episode was filmed on a day convienient to the Gosselins so they could celebrate privately with their family on the actual day. They made it sound as if when filming was over, they took the gifts away from the kids, they also don't address the fact that most of them are 3 and don't understand dates anyway.

  93. Welcome Brenda! I have to agree with you completely. I was expecting so much more. When I show my happiness here, it's more about the fact that no matter what your opinion of Kate is, it wasnt a total attack-fest that wasd only out to show those that are only against her. I felt they tried to be as well-rounded as they could be for their type of show.

    KatherineDenise~ I also agree with you 100%. It was really sad to see were TLC went as far as interviewers. The Khate blogs are all like "ohh BM is just JEALOUS she wasnt interviewed." But its quite clear that they olny wanted those with an book to plug or a site to promote. Those three hate a Kate axe to grind and the trio was clearly only chosen for a reason. Polly just proved how obsessed she is.

  94. Thanks for the welcome I would have commented sooner but I was blocked LOL. Dont know what I did.

  95. haha ohh yeah I may have gotten a bit over zealous once Linda gifted me with the greatest thing since the wonder bra. But honestly we just don't want to deal with people that could easily post elsewhere if they don't like whats said here. So sorry, and again welcome!

  96. Thats ok Ziggy took care of me.

  97. I was beginning to take that mental health site personally though. LOL

  98. OMG Im so sorry! If it ever happens again e-mail me! Or ask Ziggy to e-mail me. We are working hars to have each others backs in the face of harting

    Everyone if I can't get a new post up tonight I will definetly have one up first thing. So you can continue to chat here. And if you know anywhere that has it on line please let me know!

  99. No need to be sorry Ive been reading up the last few days. I just would rather not see that mental issue site again though if that is ok.

  100. BM, the gift Linda gave is the greatest things since the wonder bra, isnt' it? LOL I love that description.

  101. Thanks guys.. I don't know how I spent 2 whole years and one miserable trip to Disney last year without it! I hope we can all continue onto the new Thread. It was put up quick and will problably be re-worked. But fresh scent of the evening is the smell of my pizza I just reheated in order to finish this at 12:30 at night.. CHEERS!