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The Art Of Viewership, New Episode Mean No Jon? Kate Minus Skates, Discuss Tea Party Here!

UPDATE: Since it has been relatively quiet in Gosselinland I decided just to update this post. My new entry will be for when I have the video of the show for you to watch. Jon had a less eventful day at Pier 1 (See photo), while Kate greeted skaters. I put up a poll to discuss the viewership of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Blog land is on fire because the trolls a doing the dance of joy over lower ratings. May I just add one more time, that I love the show, and will continue to be the #1 Gosselin Fan Site on the Web (Per me!) while the show is on the air..yeah deal with that! ;)

Kate Gosselin: "I'm doing great": Us

Kate Gosselin hit the ice over the weekend, attending the 8th annual "Stars, Stripes and Skates ICEtravaganza" in Danbury, Conn., Sunday. The reality mother of eight, 34, was on hand to show kids the importance of volunteering. Asked how she is doing these days, she told, "Great, thanks".Wearing a tight purple dress with big rhinestone jewelry and heels, Kate — who was with bodyguard Steve Neild — spent most of her time chatting with kids. At one point during the event, she turned to a little girl who was in a wheelchair and told the girl that she "did a great job" and complimented the child on her "hair."

Kate asked her if she "liked ice skating." When the girl shook her head yes, Kate said, "Me too," and smiled. She then posed for some more pictures before heading backstage for the show. Steve was right beside her as they walked down the stairs. When she stepped onto the ice, she said hi. Everyone in the ice rink went crazy, cheering for her. She announced one of the ice skaters and then walked off the ice and went straight to the production office with Steve.

When Kate got outside one fan said to her, "You're leaving already? But the show just started!" Kate nodded her head and gave a little shrug. "Yes we are," she said, as Steve opened the passenger side door for her. The two sped off. Kate's estranged husband Jon also was a do-gooder this weekend. On Saturday, he participated in the "Walk Now for Autism Speaks" event in Philadelphia.

Jon & Kate Ratings Drop

Here’s another reason to support family values: Happy marriage = high ratings. "Jon and Kate Gosselin, once the reality show poster couple for the all-American family, are in danger of succumbing to — gasp! — low ratings. Since announcing their plans to divorce, the pair’s reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, has consistently dropped in viewers. And on Monday, the show hit its all-time low, attracting just 1.714 million viewers.

To put it in perspective, when the reality show returned for a one-hour special on June 22 following the Gosselins announcement that they were separating, 10.6 million people tuned in to watch. That’s an 84 percent plunge in viewership. And the drop has been consistent. Since August 3, the show has lost 62 percent of viewers. According to, 4.2 million people watched Jon & Kate Pus 8 on August 3. On Aug. 10, 3.4 million tuned in. 3 million watched on Aug. 17, and this last Monday, the show got just 1.714 million viewers."

So I ask the fans here, why do you feel the ratings go down? Do you feel its because the media destroyed this show by attacking the family during this divorce? Because after the separation announcement did we need sensationalism to keep viewers? People used to always complain that they wanted to see this family do everyday things and not all the big trips. But now here they are, still doing everyday things with the kids, and it's no longer able to sustain viewership.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8:' Monday's new episode may again mean no Jon:

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" will return on Monday night with a brand-new episode, and the subject of it should seem a little bit familiar for fans of the show: snakes. According to TV Guide, the episode is geared around Kate making a visit to the serpentarium with the kids...but wait, haven't we already seen that? It's possible that "Jon and Kate Plus 8" producers liked the idea the first time around and wanted to expand upon it; or, in another likely scenario, we could be seeing different footage from the same event made into a separate episode. TLC has ordered an enormous amount of episodes for the show, and it may be difficult to come up with new ideas.
Granted, there's not a great deal of information about this episode available just yet (in fact, much of TV Guide's description could be subject to change), but it seems like now Jon and Kate Gosselin are merely being told to rehash old events. While it may be safe and family-friendly, it doesn't always make for great TV. The other half of this episode, meanwhile, does at least sound new: the Gosselin girls throw a tea party. Considering that just about everything on "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is over-the-top in some way or another, I wouldn't be surprised if this event followed suit. The real question for this episode, though, is if Jon will ever even make an appearance. He was not present at all during "Farm to Table," the episode that aired last Monday. Regardless of what some fans may think of the guy, Jon is still an integral part of the show's success. He's a valuable foil to Kate, and without him the show doesn't seem to have any sort of tension.
Do you think that "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is merely rehashing old themes for their episodes now, or are you still as excited to see the show as ever?
Discuss Tea Party HERE!

In this episode: After spending lots of quality time with her boys recently, Kate is now giving her three youngest girls a special day with Mommy. She takes them on a carriage ride through a small town before stopping in a traditional tea room for tea and biscuits.

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Videos Galore! Kate & Kathy Griffin On The View, "Farm To Table" Is Kate Too Shy For TV?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I am going to try harder now to get more posts up now that things are slightly getting back to normal. Again thank you for all the warm thoughts and blessings. I am the new hot topic in Gosselin blog land and I never want to disappoint. I want to say hi to all of our new readers, and hugs to all our older loyal ones. I appreciate you coming to the site and sharing all of your feelings, questions & comments. I have not been able to read all of my e-mails. So please post on the site unless its something you wish to discuss privately. Thanks!

Farm To Table Review & Video:

Kate Gosselin spent a “long single-parent day” with her kids that began at an Amish produce farm and ended at a radiologist on Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“It feels very normal to be here by myself, to take care of the kids not with Jon but with a babysitter,” Kate, who is adjusting to life as a single mom, said during the episode, which she filmed without her soon-to-be ex-husband. “It’s starting to feel like the pity party is gone.”
The day started with a trip to “Henry’s garden,” a produce farm that Kate visited daily before moving to the family’s home in Wernersville, Pa. “He and his family are Amish. They are truly the first Amish family that I have known on a personal level,” Kate said of the owners. Because of “issues with pictures, filming, being on camera,” Kate explained, “his only request was that his face not be shown.” But the cameras caught Kate and her kids scooping up watermelon, peppers, corn and other fresh veggies to make chicken cacciatore.

“I always have much appreciated the relationship I’ve had with Henry and Linda because they don’t have a TV,” Kate said as she loaded up her kids to take them home. “They have no idea who we are. They just know me as Kate that cooks from scratch.” And that’s exactly what she did later that night. “It is pure joy when I can go to a produce stand and buy produce that has been picked that morning and it will land on my table that evening for dinner,” she said. The kids explained it this way: “Jesus made it, Henry growed it, Mommy cooked it, and we ate it.”

After dinner, family game night was nearly interrupted when Kate’s daughter Cara had to have her foot checked out by a doctor. But a babysitter took her to the visit while Kate stayed home with seven children and played Gator Golf and Pictureka in the basement. When the doctor called, Kate decided to take her daughter to a late-night visit to the radiologist. “Since it was still swollen, since it was still bruised, we should have it looked at via x-rays,” she said of her daughter’s foot. Despite feeling “fatigued” after a long day with her kids, Kate decided to head to the radiologist that night. “My custody was coming to an end and I didn’t want to leave anything undone,” she explained. “As it turned out, we were fine and dandy but I was glad I got it taken care of.” –Aaron Parsley

Is Kate Gosselin Too Shy For New Talk Show?: E!

Believe it or not, Kate Gosselin may not be as outspoken as you might think. The famous mother of eight was surprisingly reserved when she shot the pilot this weekend for an in-the-works syndicated talk show with cooking queen Paula Deen.
"She was very shy," a source reports. "She was a lot shier than I thought she would be." How did she jibe with Deen and the other potential cohosts, comedian Judy Gold, former Early Show coanchor Rene Syler and newsman Bob Woodruff's wife, Lee Woodruff? "She's a quiet lady," the source said. "She was very low-key. But all of the women got along great." The show, being developed by media powerhouse Telepictures, is said to be focusing on issues particular to motherhood. Reports claiming Christie Brinkley and Mel B would be guests on the pilot turned out to be false, according to the source.
"There were no guests," the source said. "It was just the ladies getting to know each other. They talked about everything from what's in the news and anything else you could imagine moms would chat about." The pilot was shot over two 12-hour days in a New York City studio. "They're all smart and witty," the source said. "Everyone brings a different dynamic." As for the next step, the source said everyone is waiting to hear back from executives at Telepictures.

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Kate At NC Southern Women's Show, Special Kate Appearance For 9/11 in CT, Taped Pilot Gets "Thumbs Up", New Episode "Farm To Table"

UPDATE: Hello Gosselin fans! Thank you for your understanding as I needed to take a break and deal with my sick baby. RSV in infants and young children is very dangerous, and sleeping in a Children's hospital on a fold out chair didn't give me much desire to even look at a computer. Thankfully, now that things are better, I can only pray that each of you reading this will go out and get a flu shot as soon as possible. Both CVS & Walgreen's across the U.S. will now offer flu shots for $24.95 or free to the unemployed (check for State availability). I hope that everyone will take advantage and protect themselves before the height of this years flu season....It looks to be the worst in 5 years...

I also wanted to add that I set up a place for discuss the new episode tonight. A few people were wondering who was taking care of the kids when both Jon & Kate were away at the same time..And for that reason, why Jon felt the need to be away while Kate was working? Well I can't answer the second one, but thankfullythe best of sitters Carla and her sweet daughter were taking care of the kids, so they were in good hands. I put one of the photos below, but you can see more at my favorite Gosselin photo site SO SUGARY, who now have a permanent place on the right side of my blog. So glad you are happy & excited to be included!

Kate to Make A Special Appearance To Benefit 9/11

Kate will be a celebrity guest star at The Eighth Annual Stars Stripes and Skates, benefiting The Heritage Foundation of 9/11, will be held on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 at 7:30pm in Danbury, CT. Confirmed guest skaters for this year’s show include 1992 Olympic champion Oksana Baiul, 2007 World champion Miki Ando, three-time U.S. champion Johnny Weir, Japanese national champion Nobunari Oda, and U.S. Olympians Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov.The show will be hosted by Nikki Blonsky, star of the hit film "Hairspray" and Sirius XM radio personality Frank DeCaro. Jill Zarin and LuAnn de Lesseps, cast members from "The Real Housewives of New York City," will also be in attendance.or tickets go to or call for more information (646) 274-0955.

Kate Tapes TV Pilot, Gets "Thumbs Up":

Kate Gosselin taped the pilot for her new TV show Sunday and got thumbs-up reviews from everyone in the studio and her bosses.The show, based on the Web site Mom Logic, was taped in New York City at the Chelsea studios.

Southern cooking expert Paula Deen, Rene Syler and Lee Woodruff have significant roles on the show, which does not feature Kate as the star, but integrates her into the ensemble. Show executives scrambled at the last minute and changed their mind on guests for the pilot. They had originally decided on Mel B and Christie Brinkley but scheduling problems and differences of opinion led to a change of plans during the last few days. That type of upheaval is commonplace with TV pilots, a person connected to the show. And one source familiar with the taping told “It went extremely well. Everyone there loved it. And Kate did great. There’s no question that she was a hit.”

TV mom, superstar Kate Gosselin draws big crowd: WMBF

Sept, 17th, 2009 CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Hundreds people who attended the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte crowded around a stage Thursday afternoon to hear TV's most popular and, sometimes, controversial mother of eight speak.

Kate Gosselin who is the driving force behind the TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" spoke to a crowd consisting mostly of women and young girls at the Fashion and Entertainment Stage.
Gosselin, dressed in a snazzy gold and black outfit and sporting her familiar cropped, bleached blonde hairdo, sat during the entire presentation. Many people in the crowd snapped pictures of Gosselin as she talked about her life and work with the popular cable TV show. Gosselin is the mother of twins and sextuplets. She and her husband rose to sudden fame in recent years after they went public on TV sharing the rewards and challenges of raising eight small children.

She has been a prominent fixture on talk shows and tabloids after news broke earlier this year concerning her husband's desire to end their marriage and his alleged relationship with another woman. One person in the audience asked Gosselin about her favorite experience while working on the show. She said it was probably the time the entire family went Christmas caroling or the trip last year to Hawaii, where she and Jon renewed their wedding vows. Gosselin said some people thought the whole thing was made up, but she said was a very real and special time in the couple's life. Gosselin said she normally picks the activities in which the children will do or where they will go prior to filming segments for the TV show. "I come up with the ideas that I think the kids will like, and they like it," Gosselin said. Right now, she said her 5-year-old sextuplets have discovered the joy of no-bake cookies.

(on the first video, click to the 2:25 mark..Kate talks about the dogs. She says the dog situation is temporary..Thanks Teresa!)

NEW EPISODE TONIGHT, Discuss it here: "Farm To Table"
Kate takes the kids the farm where she gets her organic produce, then later at home plays games with her kids.