Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kate At NC Southern Women's Show, Special Kate Appearance For 9/11 in CT, Taped Pilot Gets "Thumbs Up", New Episode "Farm To Table"

UPDATE: Hello Gosselin fans! Thank you for your understanding as I needed to take a break and deal with my sick baby. RSV in infants and young children is very dangerous, and sleeping in a Children's hospital on a fold out chair didn't give me much desire to even look at a computer. Thankfully, now that things are better, I can only pray that each of you reading this will go out and get a flu shot as soon as possible. Both CVS & Walgreen's across the U.S. will now offer flu shots for $24.95 or free to the unemployed (check for State availability). I hope that everyone will take advantage and protect themselves before the height of this years flu season....It looks to be the worst in 5 years...

I also wanted to add that I set up a place for discuss the new episode tonight. A few people were wondering who was taking care of the kids when both Jon & Kate were away at the same time..And for that reason, why Jon felt the need to be away while Kate was working? Well I can't answer the second one, but thankfullythe best of sitters Carla and her sweet daughter were taking care of the kids, so they were in good hands. I put one of the photos below, but you can see more at my favorite Gosselin photo site SO SUGARY, who now have a permanent place on the right side of my blog. So glad you are happy & excited to be included!

Kate to Make A Special Appearance To Benefit 9/11

Kate will be a celebrity guest star at The Eighth Annual Stars Stripes and Skates, benefiting The Heritage Foundation of 9/11, will be held on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 at 7:30pm in Danbury, CT. Confirmed guest skaters for this year’s show include 1992 Olympic champion Oksana Baiul, 2007 World champion Miki Ando, three-time U.S. champion Johnny Weir, Japanese national champion Nobunari Oda, and U.S. Olympians Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov.The show will be hosted by Nikki Blonsky, star of the hit film "Hairspray" and Sirius XM radio personality Frank DeCaro. Jill Zarin and LuAnn de Lesseps, cast members from "The Real Housewives of New York City," will also be in attendance.or tickets go to or call for more information (646) 274-0955.

Kate Tapes TV Pilot, Gets "Thumbs Up":

Kate Gosselin taped the pilot for her new TV show Sunday and got thumbs-up reviews from everyone in the studio and her bosses.The show, based on the Web site Mom Logic, was taped in New York City at the Chelsea studios.

Southern cooking expert Paula Deen, Rene Syler and Lee Woodruff have significant roles on the show, which does not feature Kate as the star, but integrates her into the ensemble. Show executives scrambled at the last minute and changed their mind on guests for the pilot. They had originally decided on Mel B and Christie Brinkley but scheduling problems and differences of opinion led to a change of plans during the last few days. That type of upheaval is commonplace with TV pilots, a person connected to the show. And one source familiar with the taping told “It went extremely well. Everyone there loved it. And Kate did great. There’s no question that she was a hit.”

TV mom, superstar Kate Gosselin draws big crowd: WMBF

Sept, 17th, 2009 CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Hundreds people who attended the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte crowded around a stage Thursday afternoon to hear TV's most popular and, sometimes, controversial mother of eight speak.

Kate Gosselin who is the driving force behind the TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" spoke to a crowd consisting mostly of women and young girls at the Fashion and Entertainment Stage.
Gosselin, dressed in a snazzy gold and black outfit and sporting her familiar cropped, bleached blonde hairdo, sat during the entire presentation. Many people in the crowd snapped pictures of Gosselin as she talked about her life and work with the popular cable TV show. Gosselin is the mother of twins and sextuplets. She and her husband rose to sudden fame in recent years after they went public on TV sharing the rewards and challenges of raising eight small children.

She has been a prominent fixture on talk shows and tabloids after news broke earlier this year concerning her husband's desire to end their marriage and his alleged relationship with another woman. One person in the audience asked Gosselin about her favorite experience while working on the show. She said it was probably the time the entire family went Christmas caroling or the trip last year to Hawaii, where she and Jon renewed their wedding vows. Gosselin said some people thought the whole thing was made up, but she said was a very real and special time in the couple's life. Gosselin said she normally picks the activities in which the children will do or where they will go prior to filming segments for the TV show. "I come up with the ideas that I think the kids will like, and they like it," Gosselin said. Right now, she said her 5-year-old sextuplets have discovered the joy of no-bake cookies.

(on the first video, click to the 2:25 mark..Kate talks about the dogs. She says the dog situation is temporary..Thanks Teresa!)

NEW EPISODE TONIGHT, Discuss it here: "Farm To Table"
Kate takes the kids the farm where she gets her organic produce, then later at home plays games with her kids.


  1. If you MUST get a flu shot for yourself or your children, demand they are (Thimerosal) mercury-free. Flu shots still contain the full-dose of mercury (Thimerosal) and only a very small percentage of them are manufactured (Thimerosal) mercury-free. Sick babies and children should never get any kind of vaccination until they are well. Pregnant women should not get (Thimerosal) mercury-containig flu shots. The most effective and easiest thing to do to prevent getting the flu is wash your hands frequently and take Vitamin D3 supplements.

    I am glad your baby is better BabyMama. We, as moms, really need to try to help prevent more babies and children from getting chronic conditions from vaccines like asthma, autism, etc. All those studies citing no correlation are flawed and can be researched at Millions have been paid to vaccine damaged children and their families. You won't hear about it in the mainstream media, except from CBS' Sharyl Atkisson.

    I am so glad things are still going well for Kate! Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest.

  2. ....Baby Mama..hope your little one is on the mend....

    I liked the person who persisted with the question about Beth. So there finally came an answer to that one. I wonder what happened there?

  3. Hi BabyMama.

    Glad to hear you and baby are home and feeling better. I didn' realize you were actually in the hospital.

    I know this is a Gosselin family fan site, but more info about RSV might be useful. Maybe under a separate topic/heading. My kids are grown, but grandchildren might happen some day and certainly many people here have kiddies. Sharing life lessons is always good. And it's good to hear more about those who participate here. Seems to be a nice crowd.

    Will read the rest of the Kate news now. Just wanted to say "hi" and welcome home!

  4. Kate is amazing. I loved the clips from the women's show, lots of questions I had as well...especially about friends, Beth in particular. I could only hope to be as poised and classy as Kate when put in her position. I for one think she could handle a talk show on her own ... she's got amazing presence! I'd tune in for every episode. I don't think we can base much on the view... It would be pretty hard to hold your own with that group of women!! To Kate I say.."stay strong, you are doing one heck of a job girl!" I think her kids are blessed to have such a role model. I was glad to hear her speak about the importance of church in their lives..we haven't heard much mention of it in the last while. She's awsome!!

  5. Kate at the Ice Show with Jill Zarin????

    I would LOVE to see that!

  6. Georgia Peach~ This is all very important information and I thank you for sharing it. My feeling is, so many people feel that they may not get a shot because they don't want ot go to a hospital or locate a doctor, and now there are so many places that are easy to go. But this is also something you can request wherever you go.

    HolliDay~ I was also pretty amazed with the questions they were asking at this show. Ones that everyone had in the back of their mind. I got the feeling that the dogs really may come back, but for right now are being fully and properly taken care of by the breeder. Beth? Well, lets hope that someday we see her on the sohw again. That would be great.

    Denise~ This evewnt sounds really great and you know me..I love me some Jill! That would be really cool to go. I love hearing about cool stuff like this. NEW EPISODE TONIGHT! I will add it ot this post.

    I would also like to add how blessed I am to be near one of 2008's Best Rated Hospitals for Children. I want to thank Schneider's Childrens Hospital for taking such great care of us. The staff is truly amazing, and they helped us get through a hard time staying in the baby ward.

  7. Paula Deen will be on the View tomorrow, Tuesday 9/22. Since I really don't know much about her, it will be interesting to watch this to hear what she says about the show with Kate...

    Check out what Jon's "friends" are saying to
    EXCLUSIVE: Why Jon Gosselin Is Dressing Up
    Jon Gosselin is growing up at least style-wise. The father of eight is ditching his casual designer threads for a more mature look a friend tells exclusively.

    “Jon realized his look was a little immature. He’s focusing a lot on business and wants to make sure he looks appropriate,” the friend reveals. Gosselin had often been seen wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts, baseball caps, and diamond stud earrings.

    “You’ll see him more in button-down shirts and solid colors,” the friend adds. “He’s focused on work and you’ll see that in the way he will dress.”

    I'm assuming by "friends" they really mean Jon's new lawyer trying once again to fix up the damaged image...

  8. It doesn't matter who is advising Jon to dress and act better. If he does, the children will benefit and that's who matters most.
    They love him; it is always obvious.

  9. ....the other thing I think about with respect to her/their friendship with Beth is that Beth (appeared) to be relatively well off, financially speaking. I can't imagine that anything boiled down to money in their case, as it may have with Kevin & Jodi. I wonder how and why that friendship broke down? They seemed so close and she truly appeared to love the kids. I wonder if it had to do with the book?

    Baby Mama, you hit it spot on when you say the grass is always greener. I desperately wanted to stay at home with my three kids, but there have been many days over the past few years when I just want to pull my hair out. As long as we know in our hearts we are doing what is right for ourselves and our families!!!!!

  10. Babymama- O.M.G. I have been RELENTLESSLY trying to leave comments oh the past few posts, but due to not checking a *little* box that says 'accept third party cookies", but fingers got lots of exercise typing to no avail. lol

    Anyway, thanks for posting the women's show video! And glad your little on is doing better. ;)

    And for the record, I DID start my own mommy blog if anyone's interested, at Cut me come slack, it's new. But I'm searching for followers, and have a few posts on my opinion of the latest Gosselin gossip since I couldn't figure out what I doing wrong to post here. :) lol

  11. I've never been to any of Kate's speaking engagements, book signings, etc. so I didn't know what she was REALLY like. In the video she seemed so down to earth, funny, and like she really was just one of your girlfriends. (Now I actually know what people are talking about!) I also liked the question about her friends, since I have been wondering that myself. I was happy to hear that she does have a circle of friends. Especially since they've been around from the beginning, so she knows that she can trust them. As for Beth... who knows? I always thought she seemed so nice and like a true friend for their family, but as Kate said, things are different once people are on camera... especially in the Gosselin's current situation. It's too bad, because Beth was Aiden's second Mommy!

    I was so excited to hear that Kate was coming to Danbury, since that's right around the corner from me!! But I don't think I can make it, which is quite a let down. :o( Hopefully someone that I know, or someone here can go and give me all the scoop!

    As for Jon's new look, I would have to agree that it's the new lawyer doing damage control. I of course think that this will be for the better. (The Jon in my mind is the one from Season 2 or 3, so for me, it's more like his old self.) Still, I wonder if he's upset about it? And also, what will Hailey's reaction be? He certainly isn't going to be dressing like the 20 year old type that she's after!

    Sorry to hear about your daughter, Babymama. It's certainly hard for the parents, so don't feel pressured to do as many post as you usually do! (It baffles me how you have time for these things in the first place!)

    I'm getting ready for tonight's episode! Can't wait! Hopefully it will be a Kate-only night! It looks like she has something fun planned as usual.
    Enjoy, Gosselin Fans!!

  12. Babymama, your little one has been in my prayers. I was really glad to see the videos, especially where she talks about the dogs and the kids being left with the babysitters while both parents are away. I hope they can learn to be flexible so if something comes up for one parent, the other can fill in. It sounds like this show that Kate could be part of would be great for her because she wouldn't have to carry the main weight of it and could work it around her time with the kids. I am looking forward to the show tonight, I love when parents can get veggies to be a positive part of kids' lives.

  13. I have really loved the episode so far. What do you think? It appears that the Tea Time episode people were asking about will be shown next week. I did NOT dig the massive sofas in the basement, but with that many kids, I guess you need them. It was also nice to see Kate deal with Cara's foot injury.

    A few people were discussing how normal and ok it felt to not have Jon in the show this week. Also sans dogs. I do feel that this was definetly a good idea for them, and it was nice ot hear out of Kate's mouth on the video that they are still trying to figurte the dogs thing out. And while they figure out what is best for them, the dogs are being well taken care of.

    Thank you again for all the well wishes. The baby is great, and we continue to learn more about the dangers of infant RSV. And all the while washing our hands in the process!

  14. Wow that was the largest sectional sofa I've ever seen...and something I noticed just tonight...they must've repainted the basement- weren't all the kids helping to paint it green when they moved in? And it was a light blue color tonight.

    I thought it was a cute episode, my 3 yr old watched it with me and questioned why Jon wasn't there, and why was Kate leaving, so it was a nice time to briefly explain differences in families and that some mommies and daddies don't live together. And he asked "Is Jon still their daddy?" just like the tups asking Kate that (didn't they ask her? or did they directly ask Jon? I don't remember for sure, but I remember that being addressed at some point). So I guess that's really what kids want to know in that situation...

  15. Glad to hear that the baby is doing better...

    I enjoyed tonights episode. I think Kate is doing great. I still feel so bad when she has to leave I know it would kill me

  16. I may have the answer about Beth. Unfortunately, the last job that Jon held outside the home, the last one he got fired from, was working for Beth's husband. When he was fired there, my guess is that it just strained things too much for the friendship to continue between Beth and Kate.

  17. I get A LOT of crazy laughable comments sent to me from hate sites. But this particular quote made me so angry I just had to share it. You KNOW where this crap comes from don't you? Of course it only once again shows you the type of people you deal with over there..but lets just read the gem:

    "I am sure Whoopi is jellus of a nut case who waits over a week to take her daughter to get her foot looked at because she is at the “end of her custody”. Then the “f”ing bitch complains that she is tired from buying produce, going to the playground and cooking dinner and game night (which was pure product placement) and has to take her daughter to the ER. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Does this person honestly have children? If you do, girl are you serious to write such stupid crap like that. I mean if your kids are real?? Do you personally know what it's like to take care of 8 kids? Since this site has become THE poster blog for Gosselin sites, let me say this. It IS EXHAUSTNG buying produce, going to the playground, cooking dinner and DOING game night (which I never do) and takeing children to the ER (which I have been doing A LOT). People that have the audacity to spew crap like this make my blood boil. Ignorance truly must be bliss.

    THANK YOU! Had to get that off my chest.

  18. That was a nice episode. I didn't miss Jon at all. Did anyone else notice that it appears Cara got her ears pierced? And Colin was just so cute about where the food comes from.

    I am so impressed with how on top of things Kate is! Both in the show and the posted links. I hope that if I am ever a parent I can be half as with it as she is.

  19. I loved the show and saved it to watch again. I think living with Jon had been causing Kate a lot of stress because Kate is seeming much less uptight now that he is gone. I am not saying Jon is bad, only their relationship had gotten bad. The tone in the house seems to be more peaceful, she even isn't being such a neatfreak and perfectionist.

    The sextuplets have become so mature, the fits were thrown by the older girls, who in their defense probably are shouldering a lot more of the stress from the divorce. This episode was so good because it was down home real life like a lot of the older episodes and not a fantasyland vacation or an activity orchestrated for filming.

  20. This was soooo nice, relaxing and fun to watch a full episode without feeling nauseaus at every sight or voice of Jon.

    Although I've never seen Cara have a severe meltdown like this, I wonder if it's the stress of the divorce that she acted out. I heard that she was one that was affected the hardest by it.

  21. Wow. That was some post above from the hate site BM. Is that really an adult, do you think? If so, how sad. Just can't imagine an adult writing a post like that. Or a teenager for that matter! Is it jealousy to hate someone that you don't even know? I think so. I had a feeling people were going to jump all over the fact that Kate didn't take Cara to the Dr's appt.

  22. I liked the episode last night and continue to be amazed at how wonderful Kate is. What a sweetie she is to keep planning these great times for her kids. I felt sad for her doing all of this alone, but it is better than having an unwilling spouse spoiling things. Those kids are so cute I could watch them until they grow up and leave home. Did anyone notice when one of the kids said: "We only do fun stuff when you're here" to Kate. I hope she gets something else worked out where she doesn't have to leave the kids. I hate the way Jon is always calling Joel a wimp and a baby when he cries. Bad move! Needing to leave the kids with him unsupervised would drive me crazy.

  23. Wow, BabyMama! Apparently Radar is monitoring your blog! Of course the idiots responding there are too stupid to realize the timing. Kate was making the comment at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte on the same day (but just before) Jon's call to the media to have the pickup of the dogs filmed.

  24. I agree that seeing the family at home doing regular things was just wonderful.

    How anyone can say that shopping, cooking, cleaning up, playing games and going to the hospital in one day is not exhausting? That is a joke. And all of it with 8 kids in tow. I'd be dead, in fact I commented to my husband it's tiring just watching her do that much with 8 kids.

    You honestly didn't dawn on me until almost the end of the show that Jon was absent and it was great. We didn't have to hear him whining about the same stuff over and over again.

  25. The people at read my blog daily and I do receive all their Gosselin related stories via e-mail that they send me and other blogs.. I do link most of their aritcles as well, so lets just say.. we both help each other out. I was aware that they were taking this info from my site.

    I am always flattered when major sites have to TAKE FROM ME, when lets face it, I take from them..Goes to show you, this blog is THE BEST! (LOL;)

  26. Thank you, Baby Mama, for keeping the insanity of hate off this site! We appreciate it!

    I, too, thought the episode was great! No Jon made my night and we get a double treat next week with no Jon again. Hooray!! I thought Cara's outburst was very telling. The situation is making her very stressed. Poor thing. Kate should bring a therapist into their home once a week so the kid's can get an emotional outlet without worrying about hurting their parents feelings.

    Awesome episode though - loved it!!

  27. As far as Cara's foot goes Kate was spot on. When you're 8 or 9 (or older) for that matter, and especially if you're a girl - something is always hurting. My daughter was 12 when she was playing bball with her brothers and fell. She complained for days that her foot hurt (mind you this is the same child who had/has every disease known to man including bird flu! LOL can we say hypochondriac?). Anyway I did finally take her to the doctor of course her foot was broken. Luckily it was the 5th metatarsal (the outside bone of the foot) which isn't too terribly severe, but it did warrant a cast. Am I a horrible mother? Of course not, but she-who-cries-wolf has become a little more judicious when she complains of not feeling well, so I'm much more likely to take her seriously now :)

    BTW - she's 20 now and still doesn't let me forget that incident~!

  28. Oh and BTW - I actually think that if all of the parents in the world were as perfect as those who claim they are on that other site, we would have no need for social services or foster care here in America.

  29. Thanks Baby Mama for posting Kate speaking at Southern Women's Show. I was at the Women's show a week earlier in Cleveland and it was just so neat to see Kate in person. She handles herself so well. I wanted her to autograph someting afterwards, but the line was literally 1 mile long. It was a bummer, but I was also happy inside that she has so much support. And that she has to Know it -since its so obvioius at shows like that. It has to give her strength.

    I watched this weeks episode and kind of thought the kids were at each other's throats a little more than usual. It was only a half hour long and I felt there was a lot of tension and fighting going on. Kate seemed more relaxed, the kids seemed more uptight. I don't know.

    Also - With all the talk of Kate teaming up with Paula Dean I had to watch her on the View this morning. I don't know much about Paula and I don't watch her show. She seems kind of kooky? She almost showed her unmentionables by holding her dress up too long before sitting down on the interview chair. Whoopie even had to jump in and address the situation before it went too far. I think Paula just acted Kooky - and I guess that is her persona? I'm not sure why Kate would want to team up with her.

    I'm sure its one of those things where you have to watch her for awhile and "know" her and then you like her. Hope So!

  30. I rarely go to "those" sites because of their pure hate! It is frightening. Those are truly some sicko people. Whenever people question why TLC hired bodyguards for Kate, I want to just say, go read the garbage that people write on the hate Gosselin sites. I'd be scared to encounter any of those whack jobs. It is a sad thing that anybody could be so hate filled. And it's the same people that go from GWOP and radar and back again day after day.

  31. Baby Mama,
    I didn't realize that your baby was in the hospital. I'm glad she's better now.

    As for the show it wasn't bad. I think the produce shopping was nice but kind of long to just watch Kate pick out vegetables. It was nice seeing her cook in the kitchen. Did anyone else notice that her kitchen is now very similar to Beth's? Same two wood tones.

    It's nice to see Cara and Mady being helpful. I know my daughters love helping me in the kitchen. I worry though about them feeling as though they have to help Kate because of the stress and divorce. Kids should not have to help alleviate stress for a parent, they are kids.

    Watching Cara's behavior just really stresses to me that she needs counseling. Kate says she holds in all her emotions and then lets them out all at once. She needs a way to deal with her feelings rather than acting out.

    I too was upset that Kate didn't go with Cara to the doctor for the first visit. And also that she waited so long to get Cara's foot checked out. A couple of days maybe, but over a week? As a nurse I would think she would know better.

    I think that's a normal reaction from viewers and not just trying to find something wrong with Kate. I didn't even know that a babysitter could take a child for a medical visit. I thought a parent or legal guardian had to be there. I think the babysitter should have babysat the children regardless of game night, but that's just me.

  32. As for the Women's Show, I watched the video clip. So she and Beth definitely aren't friends anymore. How sad. I think it has to do with the book Multiple Blessings. Again, she wasn't specific but she made it seem like it was jealousy about the show or something related to that.

    I noticed Kate made a comment about how people change once they are in front of a camera. I'm sure it's true, but does Kate not realize that could also apply to her? Maybe her friends and family saw how she changed once she was in front of a camera. It goes both ways.

    As for the dog comment it's basically what we've all been saying. They were too much to take care of. I still think she should have thought of that before she picked them out and brought them home. I will be shocked if they come back to the house.

    My biggest bone of contention is the fact that both Jon and Kate are away from the children at the same time. They need to work their schedules so that one parent is there with the children. They are away from their children when they don't have custoday and when the children are in school. They need to take advantage of that time to get things done. It's just sad. Why isn't anyone thinking of these poor kids? Their lives as they knew it changed dramatically these past few months. Even if they seem like they are handling it well they probably aren't. They are probably in survival mode. They need counseling. I know I said it before, but I will continue saying it until it happens. It's very frustrating for me as a mother to see that those children aren't getting the emotional help they need.

  33. Schmeckygirl~ I know that everyone out there will have some sort of feeling about Kate waiting to take Cara to the docotor. And for those that don't like her, consider it a few hundred more nasty comments on a blog. But I don't think it's fair to judge a parent with that many kids, as a mom who dismissed her child's pain.

    If any of our kids were in horrible pain we would take them to the doctor. But more often then not, if our child isn't showing signs of serios pain, I know I wait a bit and see what happens. Now every parent handles things differently. She did take Cara to the hospital after the doctor said she should get it checked out. I was glad that she went and did it before she was away. She did the right thing in my eyes by letting the sitter take Cara and get her other 7 children washed and ready for bed. If she had taken Cara to the doctor herself, the blogs would be ragging that Kate had someone else wash and tuck her kids into bed when they wanted their mother! See, she can't win. When the kids were soundly alseep, she was able to quietly (without "paps") bring her daughter to the hospital.

  34. Where is Gosselin Garb Finder when we need her? (lol) On a non-related product placement side note, poor Lenore has been asking me if I knew where the Gosselin couch pillows came from. If anyone knows this let me know ;)

    I am a fan of your blog!!! I was wondering if you had any idea where I could find the pillows that are on the interview chair. They have dots in orange, green, and red and I believe the pillows are brown. They weren't on last night, I believe it was last week. Looked Potter Barn or Crate and Barrelish, but no luck there!
    Thanks so much!"

  35. Baby Mama;

    Regarding the pillows, I really have no idea. Maybe Pier 1? Or even Target? They didn't look like Pottery Barn to me but I would think maybe Crate and Barrel. Did she really write Barrelish? Very Kateish. lol.

  36. Question: Didn't Kate say they got rid of the chewies? One of the girls was sucking/biting hers in last nights episode. I find that such an odd habit. And I'm sorry but it's so gross. All the saliva and germs. Yikes. Really. Those kids are adorable and I hate to even bring it up but it really bothers me that they have chewies at the age of 5. I've never even heard of such a thing before! I wonder if it's an emotional thing. I has to be. Maybe since the divorce she needs it? I wish they wouldn't show that on television. For the kid's sake of course. It could be embarrassing for them.

  37. I absolutely loved last night's show! It was my favorite so far this season! For me, it was kind of like a flashback to the "good old days" before all of the drama. (It didn't even cross my mind that Jon wasn't there.) I love watching Kate and the kids doing everyday things, like what the rest of America does. Most people don't have the time or finical stability to do trips to a ranch, vacations in NC, vacations in Hawaii, tours of battleships, skiing in Utah, getting puppies, etc. Not that I'm not happy for their success, its just I personally enjoy the episodes more when I can relate to them. (Although I think that everyone has had a family game night before!) I loved watching Kate being all goofy with the kids, and oh my goodness they are just acting more and more grown up everytime! Collin was adorable when he said, "God made it, Henry grew it, Mommy cooked it, and we ate it!" It made me laugh! :o)

    As for Cara's foot.... Honestly, I don't see why there is so much controversy! Kate thought Cara was being dramatic, so she didn't take her, after a good amount of time it was still bothersome, so she called the doctor. She did the right thing! People might say that she should have taken her earlier, but Kate is the mother and she knows Cara better than any blogger out there, so she made the right decision for her. There is nothing to argue with there! I did think that asking the babysitter (who was Stephanie?!?!? I'm I the only one who saw those pics on Radar?!?!) to take Cara to the doctor was a bit odd. But who am I to judge? Kate made the right move for her.

    All in all a GREAT GREAT GREAT show! Like I said it's my new favorite! Can't wait to see the little girls have their tea party next week! :o)

  38. I haven't seen the show yet...darn work got in the way again, but its timed and I'll watch it tonight. From what I can tell, there was an incident with Cara's foot being injured. And while reading the blog posts I'm laughing to myself and being ever so greatful there is not a blog dedicated to critiquing my parenting. I too am a nurse and just last week my 4 year old in an effort to be the superhero he feels he is, jumped from the top bunk bed onto the floor. At oportune times since the incident (ie..bedtime...clean up time...time for pre-K on sleepy mornings) his foot is the most painful thing ever, usually with real tears for added effect. However when he's playing or otherwise occupied, its no problem! Am I a bad parent for not taking him urgently to an ER...I truly don't believe I am. I am quietly assessing the situation at home. there is mild bruising which is improving, and yes.. if its still bothering him in a few more days, We'll go get it X-rayed. I do agree with Baby Mama...if Kate left the rest to go to emerg...then she'd be critisized for not prioritizing properly. The poor gal can't win!
    And to Baby Mama I say firstly, Soooo very glad you baby is on the mend, there is nothing worse than sick kids! And secondly, you do an amazing job with this blog. I unfortunately stumbled on some less that encouraging websites regardig J&K8, and it was refreshing to find yours!! I can't imagine how much work it is for you to keep this site up, but Congrats... you have risen well above the rest!
    Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if Kate ever reads these sites? We know some of the "news" sites read regularly, but I do wonder if Kate herself ever checks in.

  39. If I remember correctly there was a rumor going around that the show wanted to compensate Beth and Bob for the times they were in their house filming and the episodes they were in and much like the story with Jodi and Keven Kate didn't want them to be paid. Because of Kate not wanting them to be paid Bob said they couldn't film at their house anymore. Also, remember that the book only had Kate's name on it to begin w/ and the other rumor was that Beth would be paid half of the royalties or something of that nature so Kate had Jon's name put on the book so that they would receive more and Beth would receive less. I honestly have no idea if this is true but that was the rumor going on at the time and who's to say it is or isn't true. It's just one of those things we will probably never know.

  40. I went to the six gosselins website to look up again which type of fertility treatment J&K had. I was astounded to see that there's a new statement there!

    It says that Hailey Glassman does not have a Facebook page. Then it goes on to list the Twitter accounts for Jon and for Hailey. Geez!! I think it's totally inappropriate to have mentions of Hailey on the Gosselin family website. How crude can you get.

    Of course I had to check out the Twitter. Hailey's comments lookike statements a 16 year old would make. Wait, I take that back. Make it a 13-14 year old. It's the same kind of upper & lower case mixture in the same word that young teens do. And apparently she has a dog.

    Kate shows such restraint and dignity. What a lot to put up with from that girl.

    Enjoyed last night's show. Was neat to see the kids involved in choosing vegetables. My oldest commented that Kate was teaching her kids about nutrition and veggie shopping. Nice to see a spontaneous stop at the park.

    We're used to Mady's tantrums but not Cara's. I remember Jon commenting last year that it's Cara's personality to hold things in and then suddenly spill over. I don't feel that the twins are unduly being expected to help Kate (sorry SchmectyGirl we disagree again.) They are at the age where they want to help. My twins that age alternate with meal prep and dish clean up. They feel so proud that they have helped cook. I think the helpfulness is part of them getting older. I've often stood and watched as they chopped hoping they wouldn't cut off fingers.

  41. Lenore, I've seen similiar pillows at Linens and Things and also at Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Hope that helps.

  42. I thought nothing of her waiting to have Cara be seen. If you watch the footage of her & Cara leaving the hospital, she is walking perfectly. Kids have aches & mention them often.
    And as far as her sending the sitter to the visit. I thought nothing of it. Its asking more of the sitter to stay take care of 7 kids than to take one to a Drs appt.

  43. I didn't get to watch Kate's talk. Can someone tell me what she said about Beth. Thanks.

  44. monkie~ that is just a taste of the dysfunctional, angry, bitter people that are on some of these sites. Don't worry, Mama will protect you!

  45. I think the dark haired babysitter from the corn shucking was either the asian nanny that they mentioned once, or and I think this is more likely, the friend of Carla's daughter Ashley who replaced Ashley when she went away to school. It's just a coincidence that she has dark hair like Stephanie.

    As for Cara and her foot, clearly she wasn't crippled. When I was her age, I broke my toe kicking my sister and wasn't hurried to the ER. Kate did the right thing in waiting to see how it went. In regards to her tantrum, I think she was just fed up with Mady trying to intervene in the activity she had planned. My sister would often do the same thing (this is how she ended up getting kicked LOL). It's normal. Kids fight. There's just a lot of them so it's louder.

    I also don't think it's horrific that sometimes one of the parents isn't there. It's unfortunate, but there are millions of families that this happens to daily, and the kids are left with sitters for a much longer period. The important thing is if they're with someone they love and trust and who treats them well. It doesn't have to be a parent 24/7.

  46. I had heard on one of the shows that they were going to take away the chewies at age 5. They are probably holding off a little because of the upheaval and stress from the divorce. Last night's episode was the first time that I could really feel that things were going to work out for them in the end. I would love to see them find a therapist that has experience working with families with public lives, not somebody that is just going to say turn off the cameras because they aren't at that point in their lives and that is probably turning them away from therapy right now, but somebody who can support them through it.
    The kids might also benifit if the parents had a standing agreement that if at anytime, whatever parent's turn it is, if they are not going to be with the kids, that the other parent has first opportunity to be with them or if sometimes the parent who is away from home would take one or two of the kids with them for some more individualized attention. I hope as time goes by, that they can be more flexible.

  47. Peggy: When asked if she still sees Beth, Kate answered, "Not so much." Yet, I remember Jon saying in an interview (might have been the Utah one where he was wearing that silly hat) that they still see Beth and Bob regularly. Once again, who to believe?

  48. ...eeew, that's awful about the Six Gosselins website, haven't seen it, but how inappropriate!!!

    I honestly am not at all convinced that Cara or any of the kids need therapy! All children have meltdowns, it's normal kid behavior. They have said various times in the past that Cara holds it all in and then it all comes tumbling out. Plus, we have seen so many episodes that involved scheduled activities and outings, we haven't had a chance to see the kids too much on their own turf. Siblings also bicker and fight alot. I can only imagine with 8 personalities in the house how much bickering goes on.

    In addition, I didn't see anything wrong with how Kate handled the foot situation (lol). I agree with Baby Mama, no matter which choice she made, there would be criticism. She did take her to the hospital herself, and in Cara's little interview before leaving she looked perfectly well adjusted. I sometimes think we evaluate every move way too much!!!!

    The only thing I personally don't like to see is that neither parent was with them for a few days. This is obviously a time of heightened insecurities for the kids and I think the stability of one parent should always be provided for them. I read Jon was in the Hamptons again over the weekend. How did that take priority over the kids????? "Custody" times will be mixed with the times Kate needs to work, I wish they could just put aside their differences to make sure the kids have mom or dad with them!!

  49. Radar: Gosselin Divorce Date Set For Oct. 20

    Court records show that a ruling on the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce case probably will be made on October 20. A hearing has been scheduled on that date in Norristown, Pa., in the Montgomery County court, in front of a judge.

    Since Kate Gosselin filed for a no-default divorce, it looks likely that the case will be finalized. Celebrity lawyer Mark Jay Heller will represent Jon Gosselin and local lawyer Cheryl Young will represent Kate Gosselin.

    Heller’s son, Mike Heller, is a high-power entertainment lawyer who now advises Jon Gosselin and also has represented Lindsay Lohan in the past. Legally, the Gosselins live in Berks County, Pa., but they filed in neighboring Montgomery County, which has different privacy laws for divorcing couples.

    Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in June, saying in papers that her 10-year marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

  50. tashapork said...
    The kids might also benifit if the parents had a standing agreement that if at anytime, whatever parent's turn it is, if they are not going to be with the kids, that the other parent has first opportunity to be with them or if sometimes the parent who is away from home would take one or two of the kids with them for some more individualized attention.
    I agree. If one parent isn't going to be home during their custody period then the other parent should be allowed to be there with them.

    Then again, I feel that one parent should always be home with them anyway. And since the children are in school during the week it's not like the parent will be with them every second. They will have time to run personal errands or "work".

    I'm not saying that the children can't be with a babysitter for an hour or two during their custody visit, but to be away for the entire day or overnight or even a weekend is just wrong. Children should not be left with a babysitter or nanny for hours on end.

  51. sciteacher said...
    Peggy: When asked if she still sees Beth, Kate answered, "Not so much."
    Yes, that's what she said. However, when she said it I didn't take it literally. To me it seemed like she meant "No. Not at all." I don't think she meant it like she sees her but just not as much. The way she said "not so much" was sort of final.

    That's one thing that annoys me about Kate's answers. They aren't real answers. Say yes or no. She's never specific. We shouldn't have to figure out what her answers mean. To me "not so much" means "sometimes".

    I could be totally wrong but No was my interpretation of her answer. Did anyone else think she actually meant "Yes, but not much"?

    You have to hear her say it to know what I mean.

  52. Linda said...
    I went to the six gosselins website to look up again which type of fertility treatment J&K had. I was astounded to see that there's a new statement there!

    It says that Hailey Glassman does not have a Facebook page. Then it goes on to list the Twitter accounts for Jon and for Hailey. Geez!! I think it's totally inappropriate to have mentions of Hailey on the Gosselin family website. How crude can you get.
    No way!!! On the Gosselin website!?!?!?! Totally inappropriate. I can see them wanting to get it out there that there are people faking being them because that's their "reputation" but to put it on the Gosselin site? Yeah, that's odd.

    As for my comment about Cara and Mady helping Kate to alleviate her stress, etc. those were Kate's words, not mine. Like I said my girls love helping me in the kitchen. But because it's fun and they like helping me, not to take some of the stress or burden off me. I think there's a difference.

    Those children have enough pressure on them with cameras and the divorce and being in the media spotlight and not seeing their parents as much, and school too. They shouldn't feel like they have to help "fix" the situation.

    Children should not feel the need to have to "step up" to help their parents. Especially parents that already have paid help. It should be the opposite. They should be the ones being helped to de-stress.

    No extra responsibilites should be added onto the children after the divorce (they should still have the same chores or responsibilities they normall had). Again, I'm not saying helping their mother in the kitchen is wrong. I think it's good. But it should be something they want to do for fun, not out of responsibility to make the living arrangement better now.

  53. I find it kind of funny that everyone is all up in arms about Kate not taking Cara to the doctor to get her foot checked out. First of all as we heard from Kate's mouth, it was fine!, just bruised. Secondly a lot of times if you take your kid to the doctor immediately after the injury happens, X-rays can be read wrong or broken bones do not always show up right away. Please give this woman a break for once in a while.

  54. The only reason Jon has a celebrity lawyer is for his image. Kate was smart to obtain a local one who has knowledge and experience with PA divorce laws.

  55. It is interesting how Hailey now has revised her twitter background (we discussed it here 2 weeks ago) Her background is now her as a young girl while her "Party shot" was cropped and used as her Avator on the site.

    Serious attempt to save a public image! Can it be done?

  56. I'm not sure if it was on here or elsewhere, but I remember hearing that Jon ran the website because of his IT background. That would explain the new addition of the explanations of Twitter/Facebook accounts.I can't see anyone else feeling the need to add that on the Gosselin family website. BM--glad to hear that your daughter is doing better--she's still in my prayers though for a complete recovery. Thanks for all of your hard work!