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Kate In Talks For Her Own Talk Show, Nanny Affair Breaks, Saying Goodbye To Shoka & Nala

Hello Gosselin fans! Once again there are several new stories breaking now in Gosselin land. Kate was asked back on The View for Friday and it appears Kathy Griffin will be a guest. Who could hook me up for tickets to that one? (lol) But before I get into any of that, I want to say thanks for all the suggestions about the site. I am going to try a few different things in the next few days, but if I don't like it, the layout will stay the way it is. I went with colors I love and not what may be the best to clearly read. I guess the old blog was so boring, it was nice to have something different. So we will see what works out. The baby is FINALLY napping, and tonight is "Meet The Teacher" night, and my parents visiting! So on my day off I'm pretty much all over the place, so bear with me!

Jon Says Goodbye To Shoka & Nala:

Okay animal lovers, divorcing a spouse is one thing, but getting rid of your dogs is quite another. Jon Gosselin is sending his two German Shepherd's back to the breeder as part of the fallout of his divorce from Kate. While the eight Gosselin children are staying in the family's Wernersville, PA home, their parents are splitting time there, trying to avoid disrupting the kids lives but also not wanting to be around each other. Now, Shoka and Nala, the family dogs are being discarded and Jon has been telling pals it's Kate's fault because she won't take care of them when he's not at the house. "Jon blames Kate for having to give up the dogs," a source close to the situation told exclusively. "Of course these days, Jon blames Kate for just about everything."

Jon has given several interview recently and been brutal on Kate, saying he "despises" her and love girlfriend Hailey Glassman more than he ever loved his wife. He's also in the middle of another scandal, with his kids' babysitter, Stephanie Santoro now coming forward and confirming she had a sexual relationship with Jon. But Jon's attempts to blame Kate for getting rid of the dog simply isn't fair. The dogs have always been Jon's and while Kate was willing to do whatever she had to she simply can't handle them and Jon didn't make any other arrangements for them to be taken care of. He now lives in an apartment in New York City and never considered getting a place where he could keep his dogs, the source told "Kate's being gracious about the situation, she's not going to blame Jon," said the source.

Kate Gosselin's New Show, Plus The View Wants Her Back:

Can't get enough Kate Gosselin? Well lucky for you the rumors are true per Kate will be making an extra unscheduled guest hosting appearance on The View this week, taping another show to air Friday, with Kathy Griffin as a guest. And what makes this special, is that Griffin opened the Creative Arts Emmys in Ed Hardy-wear saying, "I just *** Jon Gosselin."

Meanwhile, Kate's guest stint on The View this week was just a warm up for a full-time gig. And while Jon & Kate Plus 8 is still going strong on TLC, Kate is trading in Jon for a much more genteel partner, Southern cooking belle Paula Deen. Industry insiders say that their new show has a working title of Mom Logic and is based on the popular Web site of the same name. Telepictures is behind the site and the new show.

E! Online's Mark Malkin broke the news of Kate's new show this week and now has learned that the proposed pilot will contain a mix of advice, health and beauty tips and celebrity gossip geared toward moms andmoms-to-be. Expect multiple hosts to accompany Kate and Paula. And guest hosting on The View has been good practice for Kate because the new show will be View-like in its approach and that a pilot will begin shooting later this month. Deen has been shopping shows around for the past 5 years, "with no takers," says a source at a competing production company. Meanwhile, Gosselin has been busy taking meetings all over town (which town? c'mon people, LA, of course!) trying to pitch a talk show of her own. Industry sources say she’s cancelled upcoming meetings, another signal that the deal for her new show is in the final stages of completion.

Jon Asked Babysitter To Lie About Relationship Per Mom:
Jon Gosselin sure knows how to juggle his women. Stephanie Santoro's mother Marci says Gosselin was unable to keep his relationship with babysitter Stephanie Santoro from Hailey Glassman, and when Glassman confronted him, Jon asked Stephanie to lie for him, denying they had ever been sexually involved.

“He asked her if she would call Hailey and calm Hailey down and tell her that they never had a relationship, that they never went to eat together, that they never did anything together; that all she was, was a friend and a sitter to the children,” Santoro told According to Santoro, Jon told Stephanie that while he liked Hailey, she was not the kind of woman he saw himself with long term. “He told Stephanie that he cared for Hailey, but he didn’t see her as the person he wanted to spend his life with,” Santoro said. “He didn’t see her as a stepmother figure for the children, but he said that he couldn’t end it now because there was too much stuff, like the clothing line, that Hailey was involved in. He had to be careful how he handled everything.”

More From Kate Gosselin From Monday's "The View"


  1. Will Kate have to move to Savannah?

  2. I have no words for how selfish it is for Jon and Kate to make the kids give up the dogs. Are you kidding me??? After all they're already going through, that is unbelievable. They BOTH agreed to get the dogs for the kids, for a Christmas present no less. Man, that makes me mad.

  3. I just had this strong feeling the sitter would be the next one to step out admitting a relationship with Jon. Just when we thought it couldn't get any when it came to Jon's relationships, here comes yet another, equally distasteful news.

    Truth or not, Jon really needs to get is act together. All these bad choices and him going off like a loose cannon during interviews is not doing him any favours. And ultimately, it's his children who will end up suffering the most. Can he not see that?

  4. As a huge animal lover, I can honestly say I saw this coming. I never thought they should of gotten the dogs in the first place. The dogs were all but ingnored except for the episodes when they first got them. Never a hug or a pat on the head! I really hope they are able to keep them together.

    I am in agreement with SG and really think Dr Phil knows more than we ever will. I did feel he was a little uptight on The View. I really do hope with Kate's new show that the old will end. I will miss the kids but I think it is time.

    Wow, Jon is digging himself deeper and deeper. I think he is going over the edge big time. He went from his Mom's house to Kate's and hasn't a clue about anything. I think it is all too much for him to handle! He needs help.

  5. I wanted to make a post about Tiredmama & SchmeckyGirls concerns about giving up the dogs...

    When Jon & Kate first got the dogs, all the trolls had their panties in a bunch saying how dare they get dogs and what a horrible idea it was. (Like it was any business of theirs either way.) I always thought it was a great idea for them as a family. Mainly because this was a family where both parents were home to properly love, train & take care of them.

    Now this family is going through a very hard time adjusting to divorce. Both parents are are back and forth and working (at least one lol) outside the home. These parents no longer have the time to properly take care of those dogs. I don't feel it has anything to do with the way the kids treat them, & nothing to do with a bunch of hating idiots ringing up ASPCA again, like it's their civic duty. I truly feel its just about a divorced couple fighting over the fact that neither can properly take care of them anymore.

    If Jon loved those dogs so much, he should have brought them to NYC instead of getting in trouble with all the women he's trying to see ;). He should have made his apt. more child & pet friendly. He wanted his cake and eat it to, and thats not fair. He wanted two separate lives, and now he must sacrifice the pets he loved for it. If Kate cannot take proper care of those dogs, then they need to go back to the breeder. Yeah it's sad for the kids, but my friend went back to work and had to give up her dog as well. It happens everyday, to everyone, and this family shouldn't be attacked for making THE RIGHT decision for them. The kids will get over it.

  6. I agree 100% with you Baby Mama on your post. The dogs deserve better. I just never saw any bonding between the dogs or any of the Gosselins. And, I just saw a posting that Hailey made about Katezilla(her name not mine) on Twitter. I don't do Twitter, but is this for real? I can't imagine Jon wanting someone like this in the kids lives.

  7. The ASPCA is only in New York. Berks county has the Humane society and the Animal Rescue league..

    Other SPCAs are not called the ASPCA

    please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. I could maybe agree w/ you Baby Mama if they weren't already going thru so much turmoil, but can you imagine how they feel giving up their pets? My kids would be heartbroken. Do you remember Mady and Cara's reactions when they found out they were getting dogs and when they got to pick them out? They said all their classmates have dogs but them, but "now they do!". I don't love the extra work that comes from having pets, and my husband and I both work 2 jobs each, but we make it work because our kids love them (and my husband could care less about animals). It seems like in this case, they both would get together to make the pet duties work so their kids wouldn't have to give them up. It's so sad.

  9. Just wanted to add, that my point of view on giving up the dogs is that it is a big deal for the kids, not meaning for my opinion on that to be an attack on Jon and Kate. According to ROL, it's a "HE doesn't want to take care of them and SHE doesn't want to take care of them, so we'll just send them back," kinda thing. The kids will get over it I guess, but do they need this on top of everything else they're trying to adjust to?

  10. With everything in their lives already turning upside down, to take the children's pets away is a horrible thing to do. It is also unfair to the dogs.

    I can understand that the chances of Jon finding an affordable apartment in NY that could accommodate two large dogs were slim, so perhaps he could have arranged for a friend to stop by and help take care of them/walk them/brush them on the days when he was not at the house when Kate said that she couldn't/wouldn't 'manage' them.

    Those dogs were bought as family pets and it's not a commitment that should be entered into lightly. In the episodes when the dogs arrived, and Kate named them, it was clear that they were all intending to share in the care of the dogs - not just Jon, or Kate. It's a family responsibility, and if it were me, with the financial resources that the Gosselin's have, I'd do all I could to ensure that I didn't have to pack up my children's pets into crates at a time when it must seem as though the people they love are coming and going and their pets are one of the few constants in their lives. Just my opinion.

  11. Sorry, I'm tired today (is it Friday yet???) - I didn't finish that last thought. In spite of what ROL had up about giving up the dogs, maybe there is more of an explanation than that which hopefully they will talk about on the show.

  12. Am I the only one who didn't think the Kathy Griffin spoof was very funny? I realize that's her "thing" but who finds a family crisis humorous? I'm not sure I could sit there with her and listen to any of her anecdotes on national tv and be gracious about it, if I were Kate.

  13. Wow.. there is a lot going on!

    1. The dog situation, which is number 1 on my list because I'm a huge animal lover, is horrible. I believe that Jon was the primary one who wanted to get the dogs. (The kids too, but they're the kids!) Kate was not so excited. Yes, she agreed to it and they are her responsibility too, but Jon was the one who put the plan to action. HE WANTED TO GET THEM! So, if he felt so strongly that Kate wasn't taking proper care of them, then he should done something about it, like bring them to his apartment. But Jon isn't a big enough person to take the blame for anything, so we all know that this is why the dogs are now going away. Unfortunately the kids have to suffer, and I agree that it is completely unfair to say "Here are your puppies!" one day, and then say, "Shoka and Nala can't live here anymore" the next. I'm sure that the kids are SO upset between this and the divorce.

    2. Yay! Kate has a show with Paula Deen! If this is true, then I'm so happy for her! She has accomplished so much, and if this is what she truly wants to do then I wish her all the best! I wonder if TLC will be okay with her on two shows at once? Or will this be the end of J&K+8?

    3. Jon and the babysitter- This is really surprising.... I didn't see this coming in the midst of all the divorce drama! A lot of people her are saying how wrong of the mother to make her daughter's relationship public. But I was thinking about it, and it's possible that the mother is trying to help Stephanie clear her image. Obviously, Stephanie was still a part of the whole thing, but the mom really made it seem like it was Jon who was the main issue. I'm not siding with either side just yet, I only wanted to share that idea! As for the whole suicide case with Jon- Yikes. I really hope that it's not true. How scary. It would be selfish in my mind for him to do that when there are 8 little people that he brought into this world that love him so much. I'm crossing my fingers that it's a lie.

    Thanks for keeping me posted on all of the last Gosselin news Babymama! :o)

  14. Baby Mama:
    Once again we will have to agree to disagree. lol.

    Those dogs were purchased for the kids as xmas presents not for Jon, athough yes, he wanted them. Kate herself picked them out and wrote the check and I think made the phone call, so she was all for it too. And supposedly all this was while their marriage was on the rocks back in October.

    Those dogs are country dogs. They aren't leash trained and they are used to having acres to run around in. And the Gosselins are their family. It's just sad.

    A NYC apartment is no place for two huge german shepherds. Of course Jon could move back to PA... but then again he has a lease so maybe he has to wait until that is up.

    I hope enough people see the news and adopt them and give them a happy home in the country with some children to play with. It will be sad if they don't both go together because they were raised together... but I'm more sad for the children. It seems there is a lot that these kids will need to "get over".

  15. When my first husband & I divorced, I had to move into an apt. and pay off the ex's debts ('cause I care about bills being paid!) I could
    not find an apt near children's school and my work that would accept a pet. Mt ex would not take the dog and the saddest thing I had to do was find a new home for the dog. We all cried.

    I don't walk in J&K's and don't know the reasons. Go back and look at the last 3 shows alone. The dogs have gotten huge and in those episodes alone the boys were still getting bowled over by the dogs. For all we know it could have been a safety issue. I just watched the Christmas issue and Jon clearly states "I wanted pure bred German shepherds." Kate states "I wanted small dogs...Jon says he'll teach them and clean up the poop." Regardless, I don't think they ever got trained. They are great dogs but I'm a little fearful of them. I know it was on Jon's watch when the dog swallowed the plastic pony and had to have emergency surgery. Maybe it was love for the animals and recognition that the bred is just too large or that their family is too boisterous or that Mom's at the end of her rope or that dad wants to party and be in NY. We won't know!

    Whatever...divorce isn't easy for anybody! Parents or children!

    Blaming others is a truly juvenile attitude. That's what I'm coming to expect from Jon, though. Deanna's brother lies, Kate2 lies, the Stephanie the barkeep turned Nanny lies, Stephanie's mother lies, the bimbos at the bar in January lie, the Vegas bimbos lies!!! You aren't 12, Jon! You are 32! how about acting like a real man!!! Use the brain in your skull and not the "little brain" between your legs!

  16. Denise said...
    Will Kate have to move to Savannah?
    Maybe she will commute? lol.

    Well they bought the house in PA for the kids. It's the one thing that was supposed to make them feel secure. So I'm curious to see how that will work out if it's true. I hope they don't move. That will mean a new house, new school, new friends. How will they see their father? I don't see him moving with them. I guess I won't get ahead of myself here... and just wait and see.

  17. Not everyone is cut out for pets but if the dogs are such an important part of any of the kids lives, there should have been a way to work this out. My frustration is that it's Kate's fault. She may have told Jon she wasn't taking care of them any more. If he was able to stand up to her once about going out at night with his friends, then do it again. Tell Kate "NO" the dogs are staying and you will work out care arrangements for them. Then Jon we all would know that you are serious about your children's feelings. Do the right thing for once and don't invite the pap's to film something like this and let your children say it because mommy doesn't like the dogs.
    We all know Kate was not crazy about the dogs. She now has her hands full, kids, job and a PIA soon to be ex. Grow up and step in Jon, put some effort into something other than girlfriends and crying cause Kate's mean.

  18. Almost completely agree with you, BabyMama, except that I thought from the doggie start that Kate was trying to make J happy by allowing them. She said for a long time that she didn't want dogs. Maybe, she said, someday a cute little thing, but never anything big. Then J decides he is unhappy about EVERYTHING. I can almost hear him saying "when is it my turn?". Not just one - but TWO, large dogs appear. I think Kate was trying to show her support. But she was not thrilled. She's too clean for all that. The dogs were part of her attempt to pacify his unhappiness. J needs to learn that satisfaction comes from within oneself - not from outside sources (dogs, other women, drinking, blame, etc.).

    I am sure some of the kids will be disappointed, some will not. They are outside dogs and they appear to run with J and not the rest of the family. The breeder will take care of finding them alternate care.

    I have a dog and loves animals, but they will thrive in the right environment.

    Not surprised by this one.

    PS-It's time for Kate to remove the ring(s). Replace it with 8 lovely diamonds...the one true thing.

  19. I agree with BabyMama.

    Jon was the one who wanted them in the first place. Kate got the dogs for Jon and the kids. If Jon loved the dogs so much he would have been prepared for them in NYC. Jon can't put the blame on Kate. Kate is working and earning a living for her and her children. With divorce sometimes pets have to be taken back. If that is whats best for the dogs then good. Hopefully later in the kids lifes they will get more dogs.

    As for Jon, when that photo came out a month or two ago i already knew that jon slept with her. It was obvious. Why would the sitter be there all night while jon is there. and why would she arrive and leave in the same clothes and try to hide from the paps. Jon needs to knock it off. He should not have women sleeping over at that house. I really hope kate gets full custody. I hope that the kids don't learn things from their dad, he is definately NOT a good role model.

  20. I am sad to see the dogs go for the children :( You could tell they enjoyed playing with them. BUT, I know pets are ALOT of work, and when you are raising 8 children alone plus throw in 2 big dogs, thats alot of works and stress. So I totally understand why. With Jon living all the way in NY and Kate working outside the home now its just an added stress. I understand but its still sad.

    I seriously wouldnt doubt for 1 minute that Jon is on drugs, infact I think Stephanie said in her interview to InTouch that he infact smokes pot. And one of the first smoking pictures wear he had a rolled up something (which he said was tabacco) and you can tell in pictures since he smokes regular filter cigarettes. Now if you look in interviews leading up to the speration announcements you can tell his eyes are bloodshot and really red. I think if we look closer its not very far out of the question. I think he does need help and fast for the sake of the children. I mean my gosh if this is true, hes there with the kids alone.

  21. I wish I had room for those dogs, I'd get them both. I even live close enough that the kids could see them. Sad, but I understand........

  22. kate looks fab, love love loveeee the hair.... im an animal lover too but if the dogs arnt getting taken care of proper, yes it is going to be sad 2 see them go but it will be better for them in the long run, maybe at a later date a smaller dog might fit in better, becoz them dogs are biggggg and hard to look after unless your a real doggy person and give them attention 24/7,,,im sure kate wud rather give the attention to the kids...., as for jon blamin kate....well at this stage of course he's gonna blame her, he's a bum.

    anywho.... has anyone read the article on rador online about the babysitter stefs mum doing an interview.....i achually dont no who2 belive on this one,.....what mother would go on tv/online and talk about their daughter and her personal relationship.....i no mine wouldnt!!!

  23. Does anybody believe this conversation actually happened (from Radar):

    She said to me, ‘I’m pretty sure you’re daughter’s a nice girl,’” Santoro recalls of speaking to Kate. “I’m sure she’s not the monster people are making her out to be, but welcome to my world. “Anyone who gets involved with Jon Gosselin, this is what happens.’ That’s exactly what she said to me.

    I find it hard to believe that Kate would have taken a phone call from her...I wouldn't have.

    Who knows what really happened or what to believe anymore? It's worse than a soap opera, involving all of these kids' lives.

  24. Oh dear. Just when I'm trying to take the high road, I saw the video of the dogs being crated and carted off right in front of the kids. Just so wrong. And J shrugging - 'it's Kate's fault'. I can't believe his level of stupidity.

    I understand that two large dogs are not easy and they will be better off elsewhere but NOT IN FULL VIEW OF THE KIDS. And that blame Kate attitude. When will he take responsibility for something??!!

    If he is truly smoking dope and a formal complaint is made, Child Welfare can and should do drug testing. I just don't know if a public statment is considered enough for them to step in.

    I can't get a grip on how he continues to be so - oh, what's the word? - STUPID!

  25. I agree about the dogs. Jon has called them "his" dogs.
    So why should Kate take care of them while he is out running around with women. Umm no.
    Dogs ( especially 2) need care & people home for them.
    And lets face it, Its their business!!

  26. I know a lot of people won't be able to imagine giving up their pet (and I am one of these people) but the fact of the matter is, these were Jon's dogs. Kate didn't want them, Kate never felt qualified to have them and the kids are not old enough to fill in the gaps. If Jon wanted to keep them so badly, he should have got property where he could have kept them. It would have been a very simple solution. It would have been irresponsible to keep them. I am sure the kids are upset, but it was the right choice. Maybe when the kids are older and don't require so much supervision themselves, they can try again, but now is not the time to be trying to train dogs (remember, in spite of their size, they are just barely a year old) and manage a divorce. Giving them up is what is best for the dogs, which is an unselfish decision. It's hard to acknowledge that you can't care for something properly and have to give up.

  27. really, the dog issue really BURNS me up......Jon blames Kate because HE chose to send the dogs back to the breeder! And can you imagine what the kids went through (because Monday/Wednesday/Friday is the day for the little kids to be in school) and Cara and Maddy are in school all YOU think they got to "say" goodbye? Nope.....Perhaps Kate will see the ERR of Jon's way with the dogs and may take them back (probably unlikely-but soooooo much change and NOW the dogs are gone too).....

  28. FROM: The Insider Video:

    In shocking new video obtained by “The Insider,” Jon Gosselin loads up the family dogs in cages on the back of a pick-up truck and yells to his kids, “Say bye to your pups!” “The Insider” wants to know what you think — is Jon Gosselin a fit father? Watch the video and let us know what you think.

    In the video, father of eight Jon tells a camera person that the reason he is getting rid of the dogs is that when he’s not at the house he shares with estranged wife Kate, she “doesn’t want to take care of them.” He goes on to say, “She locks them in a cage, kennels them.”

    He says of the dogs, “They’re going to go down to my breeder for awhile until I can decide what I can do with them. I can’t take them to New York (City), they’re country dogs and plus I’m not allowed to have them. … It’s against my lease. And plus they’ll chase every taxi cab known to man, so, I don’t know. I’m going to miss them though. My kids are going to miss them.”

    In the video, before the dogs are shipped off, one approaches Jon, who says to the audibly panting German shepherd, “You’re a good boy, you’re just slobbery and you’re hot. Go get water. Go get water. Don’t drool on me.”

  29. Just watched the video and Jon really ticks me off. He needs to GROW UP. He blames everyone else for everything. Why did he load up the dogs in front of the kids? He just complains all the time.

    Linda said: I know it was on Jon's watch when the dog swallowed the plastic pony and had to have emergency surgery.

    Like linda said things were happening on jons watch with the dogs. In my opinion i don't think that Jon watched them really or did the best for them. Jon blames kate but when kate is off working Jon is supposed to be with the kids and the dogs. the video that babymama put the link up for jon is complaining that Kate wasn't taking care of the dogs that she was off doing the view. She is working jon, unlike you she is trying to make her childrens lifes better. She has college saving and other savings. He needs to grow up. My feelings are if he cared about his children as much as he says he does then he would not do the stuff that he has been doing. He would not be sleeping with women at that house with his children there. I feel like he is trying to do all of this crap. Why would he go so crazy in the couple of months before he and his wife finalize the divorce and see a judge? why would you do that. Is he trying to lose custody of his children? I just don't get it!

  30. Re: The Insider

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM??? I hope he really was kidnapped by aliens because he's acting like a child who throw a public tantrum to embarrass his mother because she won't give him candy.

  31. Stephanie has her side of things in IntouchWeekly. I think her mother said what she did to be supportive and defend her daughter. Let's hope Jon did get a vasectomy. Then he has to be concerned with spreading disease and not more babies.

    Gosselins still own the old house. Jon could have moved there. Oh, but he wanted to be in the country so that's why they moved. Would have been spacious for him, Hailey, and two dogs. Oh, but now he wants city life. And he never got around to leash training the dogs. Oh and the dog had emergency surgery on Jon's watch when it at the plastic pony. I guess that was Kate's fault too for not putting away the toy. Everything is Kate's fault or lies in Jon's opinion.

  32. I just watched the video that you posted. The kids said bye & went inside before the car even pulled away, I dont see tears, anything. I thought they took it well.
    For Jon to do it infront of the kids & w/ papparatzi in his driveway, He is such an ass! Look at the footage & see how close he let the cameras in to tape that. He talks to them all the time. And then he said Kate can do do the View, It sounds like he is JEALOUS that Kate is going somewhere & he's not.

  33. I have a question. The babysitter said that Jon told her he had a vasectomy. I guess that can be confirmed if it's true. Anyway, I do not know anything about the fertility treatments Kate had but I thought she can't get pregnant without "help". My question is: Why would Jon need a vasectomy? I thought there was no chance Kate would get pregnant under normal circumstances.

  34. Dog-Gone Dogs are Gone!!!!!
    That's really too bad. I had my share of lg. dogs in my life. Raised 2 Great Danes, and they are alot of work. I can understand why Kate did not want them. She is going to be very busy soon with full-time taping and tring to complete the contract with tlc. I think they could have built a big dog run on the property for them and at least it would have been better then crating them all the time. But maybe the property will be the next thing. to go????? Let us not forget that they are meditating their assets, because these two adults can't agree on much. lol
    Next: Lets just all drop the Stephanie thats water under the bridge and Jon has to take the flack! He doesn't need anymore flack from this site. Sorry Baby Mama, bit i need to express this.
    When a person is going through such a terrible divorce and drinking, soon they will hit rock bottom because of the sadness and depression that alcohol brings on. If he has suicidal tendencies, its going to be bad. Losing the dogs now could tip the bucket. I think it was Ashleys' post about how worried she is about Jon, and i tend to agree with her.

    When a person is about to lose everything they have it can be devastating and drinking is the worst way to handle the stress. Kate being a success in life just makes it even worse for him. Behavior can take 2 roads:
    1. Depression and Suicide.
    2. Revenge?????
    I think Kate should keep that bodygaurd close at all times. You don't know whats up? Also, lock up all the doors and windows before you go to bed at night. Change the alarm codes too, so he can't just walk in whenever????? Do I sound nuts, better safe then sorry! I know a guy who went out and got himself good and drunk then came home and shot his wife in the face while she slept next to their daugher 6 at the time. She had told him the week before that she was leaving him and taking the the little girl, BIG MISTAKE, He is now doing life in prison but their little girl is being raised by an Auntie. Oh well i am sad about alot of these things that are happening. Sorry this is so long, but i couldn't help. This darn show is addictive!!!!!!!lol
    I have to remind myself it's only tv and whats real or not ?????
    I just have to watch the View tomorrow. Can hardly wait to see this one. lol

  35. Someone mentioned the older girls not being there to say goodbye to the dogs. They probably said goodbye to them before they went to school. Maybe Jon had no control over what time the breeder could come pick them up. I wouldn't expect the breeder to arrange his schedule to accomodate the twin's school schedule. Isn't it a long trip?

    It was weird that the cameras were there to film it. I wonder how that all came about. And the kids had to say goodbye to them from the doorway? Why? Because the cameras were there? I wonder who called the film crew. Did the breeder call them? Did Jon? Were they there already and Jon just allowed them on the property? It was very strange.

    But I can't blame Jon for blaming Kate. He's upset and he's bitter. He feels that if it wasn't for her he'd still have the dogs. He probably never expected that they wouldn't be able to stay in the house so he never thought to get a place that would accomodate them.

    Maybe it wasn't just a matter of getting someone else to care for the dogs. Maybe Kate didn't want them in the house at all. Maybe she just wanted them gone and refused to let someone come in to care for them on her days. Maybe she was tired of the dog hair and the doggy smell and doggy mud. I know I would be. But that's why I don't have a dog. She had to know all this would be the case. I've never had a dog and I know it. I think she always had it in her head that if she wasn't happy with them they would just go back to the breeder. That's not how you buy a dog. A dog is a commitment. A long-term commitment. It's just sad.

  36. Telepictures also owns That's interesting.

  37. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Denise said...
    Will Kate have to move to Savannah?
    Maybe she will commute? lol.

    Well they bought the house in PA for the kids. It's the one thing that was supposed to make them feel secure. So I'm curious to see how that will work out if it's true. I hope they don't move. That will mean a new house, new school, new friends. How will they see their father? I don't see him moving with them. I guess I won't get ahead of myself here... and just wait and see.
    On Sept. 11 in Cleveland that was one of the question's to Kate and she said she would "die" before she would get into a situation that they would have to move. And again said that is the children's home and that would stay there for a long time.

    And yes monkie, Haliey does refer to Kate as Katezilla on her Twitter.

  38. After reading all this about the dogs, I think they probably will have a more stable life. We've adopted several rescue dogs who were found on the streets or abandoned. At least the Gosselin dogs are going to a safe place where they will receive good care.
    I'm also wondering that even if J wanted the dogs again that the breeder would agree.
    The beautiful animals have already been traumatized by having to leave their home and start over.
    I would hope the breeder considers J's situation before allowing J to have them as opposed to finding another home. But, not my business & have no info as to their contractual agreement.
    HOLLIDAY, so true, look within yourself for satisfaction.

  39. Monkie~ Hailey was trying to be all quiet on her Twitter about things no one cared about so that she wouldn't stir up trouble. That didn't last long. Now shes discussing Jon & Kate and has a few thousand more followers because of it. Now everyone will just have to read about the 3-5 movies a day she watches in hiding ;)
    Schmeckygirl~ I think Jon had a vasectomy just in case. We have a few instances in my own Gymboree class where the mommies literally didn't think they could get pregnant again but did.

    I wanted to clarify to everone a comment on my earlier post. While I still feel that the kids will eventually move on after losing the dogs, it will take time. It wasnt to say that the kids wouldnt be upset. I didn't want to appear insensitive to the fact that these dogs were a part of their family as they knew it. My issue was that once the novelty wears off alot of time kids no longer take care of and sometimes even abandon their own pets. Parents are the only ones taking care of them and a lot of times even playing with them. I know with my mom the burden was completely on her to take care of our sheepdog that grew to the size of out tub after we lost intrest. Once my mom went back to work and we were at school, the dog was by himself all day. Thinking back on that now, I feel terrible. He was all over us when we got home and we just pushed him aside. I never realized how happy he was to have us home and thinking about it now (he passed away from tumor) makes me so sad).

    I guess it just makes me feel even stronger about the fact that this was a good idea for this family. I hope the dogs are sold together and find a good home.

  40. ....very sad about the dog situation, but I can see why two big dogs in addition to 8 kids is alot for someone that didn't want them. Kate agreed to the dogs for Jon. I feel sad for the dogs also, it's hard not to. But with divorce comes all sorts of undesirable outcomes. I agree with whoever said Jon (and Kate) should be in the old house when they're not with the kids. They already own it, it's close to home, and it could accomodate the dogs when Jon is there.

    Jon looks like a total a** on the interview. He sounds like a mad little boy, and Kate is doing The View because it is WORK. The only comparison he has is that his pot-smoking, gun-toting girlfriend isn't allowed to see his kids while he is still married?????????? Give me a break!!!! This Jon scenario is not going to end quietly, it feels like a volcano getting closer to erupting. Yikes.

  41. Heres a question...Jon was supposed ot be with the kids while Kate was on The View. But that night he was photographed at The In Touch party. Why would he be doing press for a magazine that this week is showing him and Stephanie on the cover while she spills his secrets? Also Kate Major is now saying shes will to take a lie-detector test to prove she didn't lie. Too funny..

  42. So what does everyone think about the babysitter breaking her confidentiality agreement?

    I almost think that Jon has to sue her. If he doesn't then others may start breaking theirs. Imagine all the stories we would hear!

    Not for anything, this girl is of age, she made a decision to have sex with Jon, he didn't rape her, she knew he was "married" (if she feels that's an issue) and she obviously didn't use protection if she used his vasectomy as birth control. What about the health risk? Supposedly he was sleeping around. Why chance a disease?

    I am not defending Jon for having sex with her, that's a whole different issue. I'm just wondering why she is speaking up. For the money? For revenge? Does she feel used?

    If it's for the money I can understand that because she has no loyalty to Jon. Jon is responsible for the repurcussions of his actions, however, doesn't she realize that legally she is in the wrong? He can sue her for any money she made off the story.

  43. Baby Mama said...
    Heres a question...Jon was supposed ot be with the kids while Kate was on The View. But that night he was photographed at The In Touch party. Why would he be doing press for a magazine that this week is showing him and Stephanie on the cover while she spills his secrets? Also Kate Major is now saying shes will to take a lie-detector test to prove she didn't lie. Too funny..

    I think Kate Major is a little wacky. The whole quitting her job for a man that she just met (and not getting it in writing!) etc. I do tend to believe her that she had sex with Jon. The babysitter too. I think Deanna was the only smart one... she got out of the media attention. Why would you want that reputation and make a spectacle of yourself?

    Yeah, why is Jon doing press for a magazine that is doing stories against him?

    As for Jon being the one to take care of the kids when Kate was on The View, how do we know that? How do we know it isn't Kate's turn and she just left them with a babysitter? I think they need very structured child custody dates and should work their schedules around that. Sure it won't be easy but Kate can't expect Jon to come running whenever she has a show to do. Jon can't expect Kate to drop her shows for when he has a sleazy promotion to do.

    Those poor children are in the middle of a horrible divorce and they need one parent home with them at all times. I understand they have to look to support their children for the future should the show end, but the timing is horrible to try to start up a new career. Those children need their parents now more than ever. The parents should do what they have to do when the children are in school or when the other parent is with them and they should be there when their children come home from school.

  44. There's an interview online quoting the dog breeder. He says that he has kept them in the past for J&K and is keeping them now while they make up their minds about what is best for the dogs. He goes on to say that he will be training them because they are a prime age for training and they haven't received any yet. And, that if they decide the dogs stay with him, he will keep them and will not place them in another home.

    So what do you guess that Kate had a hand in it. I'm betting she that she said something to the effect of "Jon, you promised to train them. If you aren't going to do it, you've got to get them back with the trainer to do it."

    Then, I'm betting the trainer gets called. Jon doesn't say, "I'm not here as much now because I'm in NY so the trainer is going to work with them." Jon says, "It's all Kate's fault the kids are losing their dogs because she keeps them in cages, kenneled."

    Hello! We saw the dogs knock over Aiden and Joel in the last episodes with Jon. Those are BIG dogs. ALL dogs require training and somebody to work with them. Jon promised to do that when they got the dogs (along with cleaning up the poop.) I'm sure Jon must have bathed the dogs sometime, but the only times we saw them being fed OR bathed on the show, it was Kate who was doing it. They aren't bad dogs but big dogs who are unschooled. They aren't quite a year old and dogs that age chew up stuff, etc. and can be a handful. Thank heavens the breeder is getting them training they need.

  45. i thought the same thing babymama, about Jon being with the kids while Kate was away.....he was supposedly at the Talent Resources VMA Party in NYC, but I'm guessing that Kate was also in NYC on Sunday to prepare for the View on Monday.....who WAS watching the kids? Perhaps Aunt Jodi? :0

    Jeff Christopher, the German Shepard breeder who took possession of the dogs, speaks to RadarOnline, stating that he'll keep the dogs INDEFINATELY.....until Jon figures out what he's going to do about them......

  47. I feel it was irresponsible from the beginning for them to get two German Shepard dogs who take A LOT of training and neither one had real experience training dogs..I do believe Kate went with a breeder who would take them back b/c she was smart enough to realize if it got to much to handle she would not have to take them to a shelter..And she did say from the beginning that the kids would have to help pick up after them and that it was Jon's responsibility to I'm just afraid of all of the what ifs..just like they are being thrown on Kate they can be thrown on Jon as well such as what if he wasn't picking the poop up in the yard? That has always been a problem..what if he was letting them go to the bathroom all throughout the house..leading to the question of the dogs not being trained..well if they weren't potty trained correctly and Jon just always let them play outside..and she didn't have the time or whatever when she was there she kept them crated b/c she didn't want them going to the bathroom in the house and didn't have the patience or time to leave them outside..I think they are both to blame really its not fair to the kids but that is life kids usually get the crap end of the stick when parents don't get along and something goes down. Its really hard to judge the situation other then Jon is making a Jacka$$ out of himself by slamming Kate as usual.. The breeder did say today on Radar that he is keeping the forever if Jon doesn't take them back and that Jon is trying to work something out but he is not sure how long that will take..I don't know at least the dogs get to stay together and the breeder is very responsible! Oh and he did say something about training them hisself so maybe Kate just wanted them to go back to him to be trained properly since Jon can't do it..?
    On another note I still feel really worried about Jon I'm so afraid that something really bad is going to happen to him or he is going to go crazy..and I mean really this isn't funny anymore drinking excessively can lead to very bad things..I know that if I drank and was depressed it wasn't ever good..and I'm afraid Hailey just encourages his partying behavior and is to stupid to realize the damage its causing to him mentally..I don't blame Kate for him drinking b/c he is jealous of her its not her fault he took the wrong road..honestly I think she would help him if he just opened up to her b/c she does still love him and its pretty obvious or she would have torn him to shreds by now..And Holliday I think that is an awesome idea for her to get a ring with eight diamonds or even the babies birthstones on a ring in a symbol of her love for them! I think they would love that! I don't like she uses the kids as an excuse she keeps the ring on.. I really think its b/c she doesn't want to let go. Gah and watching the last episode to me it seems if they would just talk to each other and not fight they'd say they still have a lot in common and really do miss each other =( Maybe I am reading to much into it but this whole situation is just so sad they could be so happy together if they could just figure out how to get along..I mean if you watched the home videos of when they first got together they really did love each other..what happened?
    I can't wait to watch the view tomorrow :D

  48. SchmeckyGirl said...
    I'm just wondering why she is speaking up. For the money? For revenge? Does she feel used?
    My guess? Yes to all of those reasons. Can’t you just see her mad because, if what her mom is saying is true, Jon promised her this great life and money and now look, she’s out.

    Also just a question because really I’m not sure if I missed something or not. Do we know for sure that she had a confidentiality agreement?

  49. Wildchild~ Reports are saying that there was a confidentiality agreement signed. But why would a girl risk being sued for millions if in fact there really was one?

    I too feel that this girl was probably waiting for Jon to end his relationship, and when it didn't happen decided to get as much $$$ as she could. I think she was figuring she was on minute 14 and wanted to strike now while she could.

    In other news, now Jon has his father's lawyer. The other guy obviously was not helping Jon the way he needed, like locking his a@@ in a closet until the dust settles. The old lawyer has since removed himself from the case and I truly hope that this new guy can tell Jon that going to Vegas, In Touch parties and sleeping with the help is NOT a good idea..

  50. SchmeckyGirl said...
    But I can't blame Jon for blaming Kate. He's upset and he's bitter. He feels that if it wasn't for her he'd still have the dogs.
    I for one DO blame Jon for blaming Kate. He again refuses to take responsibility. It's just another whiney excuse from him to shift the responsibility off of himself and onto her, not to mention throwing her under the bus out of spite...again.

    I can't see how making excuses for him at this point will make him look any better or make anyone feel sorry for him. Ugh...

  51. I have been watching this show since the very first episode and I don't even have children. Kate is the most articulate,loving mother who obviously wants the best for her children. She's consistently remained silent about her marriage and Jon while he's given scathing interviews and seems to go out of his way to say and do things that he knows will deeply hurt Kate. Why? His immaturity is so obvious, it's painful to watch.

    I will continue to watch the show and any other show Kate is in - and am happy that it seems as though TLC puts Jon in as little footage as possible. When they do, he never seems to smile - and all of his "happiness" when around his children seems so contrived. So sad for him.

    I love this blog and want to thank you for all you do.

  52. Personally I don't think there's any need for people to be bashing J&K about the dogs -- not referring to people here, but just reaction in general across the world wide web.
    When they first decided to get the dogs, J&K were still together, and it was a new step/phase for the family. We all saw that Jon was the one who wanted the dogs, whereas Kate being Kate did not share the same sentiments. Because they were together, they managed to work out a plan. As we've all seen Jon seemed to be the one to take charge of most of the training and care of the dogs. It's not just about rearing dogs, but all things to do with a home. If one party wants something while the other isn't too keen, we often see that the former takes most part of responsibility of maintenance and care.
    What so many seem to fail to remember is that the situation has changed drastically since then. They don't live together anymore. They take turns to be at home. And with that little time they get to spend with the kids, their focus and priority would be the care for their kids. It's difficult to cope with the attention you need so shower on the kids and having to take care of the dogs at the same time. And mind you, these are small dogs, but big German Shepherds who require proper training. Any responsible owner would know that alot of effort has to be put in to take care of them and to train them.
    I thought it was a more responsible decision to send the dogs to someone who could provide better care for them. Would it not be worse if the dogs had been neglected and left to run wild? What if the kids were hurt because they couldn't manage to give the dogs proper training??..
    Situations change, and the right thing to do is to choose the best out of a worse situation. It's not the most ideal, but it's the better choice for the situation, when you have too much on your plate.

  53. BabyMama,

    re Jon's old lawyer dumping him -

    Maybe he just couldn't help him because Jon wasn't cooperating. If so, and Jon still chooses to continually not take responsibility for himself and do and say stupid things, I doubt the new one's going to succeed any better.

  54. SchmeckyGirl said...
    I have a question. The babysitter said that Jon told her he had a vasectomy. I guess that can be confirmed if it's true. Anyway, I do not know anything about the fertility treatments Kate had but I thought she can't get pregnant without "help". My question is: Why would Jon need a vasectomy? I thought there was no chance Kate would get pregnant under normal circumstances.

    As a nurse and one who has PCOS, I feel that I can shed some light...Kate claimed she had/has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which can cause women to have abnormal periods and/or lack of ovulation. It is very, very difficult to get pregnant the first time when one suffers from PCOS. However, a "cure" for PCOS is getting pregnant-once a woman with PCOS gets pregnant, it's usually much, much easier to conceive naturally for a 2nd/3rd/4th/etc pregnancy. Who knows whatever happened with Kate that she couldn't conceive natually later on w/ the tups...but just in case, I'm sure Jon had a vasectomy to ensure that they didn't have any additional children.

  55. I have no words for how selfish it is for Jon and Kate to make the kids give up the dogs.

    According to the breeder, it sounds like they are going there for training. I wondered why the little kids didn't look particularly upset - the dogs are not being given away.

    Those dogs were purchased for the kids as xmas presents not for Jon, athough yes, he wanted them.

    Jon said on film that they got them last October - not sure what to believe on that.

    I wonder who called the film crew. Did the breeder call them? Did Jon? Were they there already and Jon just allowed them on the property? It was very strange.

    Jon invited that 'reporter' onto his property to film that to stick it to Kate. He has been seen going to clubs with his "reporter" friend. The guy was clearly well up on Jon's property with his permission. I believe Jon's agenda was to get out there that comment that he respected Kate's wishes of not bringing Hailey over and she didn't respect his wishes that she take care of the dogs.

    My question is: Why would Jon need a vasectomy?

    My cousin had the same condition as Kate. She needed the same kind of treatment as Kate to have a child (it take a few tries). Later she has a baby the natural way. Even for women with PCOS, there is a small chance of getting pregnant. I expect Jon didn't want to take that chance.

    So what does everyone think about the babysitter breaking her confidentiality agreement?

    I am not convinced there is a confidentiality agreement with the babysitter. Wasn't it Jon's new lawyer that put that info out there? It may be a diversonary tactic - "don't believe what the girl had to say she broke an agreement." Also the way the lawyer described the agreement it was with "the production company." So it would be up to the production company to sue her - not Jon. Perfect set up - when anyone asks why he doesn't sue if she is lying, Jon can blame it on TLC.

    I'm just wondering why she is speaking up. For the money? For revenge? Does she feel used?
    I would bet for the same reason Deanna's brother sold her out, Kevin and Jodi sold Kate out, the nanny calling Kate a monster sold her out - greed is a powerful motivator. And her risk of being sued is minimal because the TLC will not want to increase attention on the story.

  56. BabyMama, I agree. If Stephanie was hired by Jon to watch the kids, she was an employee. If Jon made her promises or not, he was really stupid to sleep with the girl. You can't sleep with your employees, man. That can be considered sexual harassement BIG time. Come on, the girl is of age, but considering her background, I don't think she is particularly worldly. She met him in a bar, he flatters her, uses her for sex, feeds her bs about Hailey and then once he's used her, tries to get her to lie to Hailey and say nothing happened.

    Stephanie and family live right there in the same area. She's got to face people laughing at her being naive about believing Jon's stories.

    I think Deanna ended the relationship because she's got to support herself and with all that negative publicity and think the school board was putting heat on her big time. Would you want this person teaching your children (as the hard-partying girl)?

    I truly believe that Kate2 slept with him also. She's pretty worldly and she was sucked into Jon's sleaze enough to buy the malarky he was feeding her.

    As for Hailey, if she's dumb enough to believe the Jon and Kate2 shared a room and bed, but didn't sleep together, the girl is really dumb. Or her brain is still fried from the drugs she did in her "long ago" college years (yeah several months equals "long ago and unfair to bring up" to Jon.

    I've been saying since the formal separation that Jon is an explosion waiting to happen. Kate needs to really keep bodyguards close by. (I notice that Jon had his bodyguard close by at the awards ceremony.)

    Jon needs help. Maybe this attorney can butt some sense into his head. Jon needs counseling. He is so rage filled and jealous that explosion is going to happen. And from what I'm hearing about Hailey referring to Kate as Katezilla, I think in her immaturity she is fueling that fire that is consuming Jon.

    Somebody mentioned that Hailey probably knew Jon from when Kate got her tummy tuck and they stayed with the Glassmans. Let's see, Hailey would have been what, 17 or stretching it maybe 18 then. Surely to goodness Jon wouldn't have been putting the moves on her, or trying to then. Jon appeals to her now because they both have a lack of maturity.

    Wow, I've gone from a mega Jon supporter to, in the last few months, just wanting to jerk some sense into him. What kind of idiot would have the TMZ film crew almost at his doorstep with his kids around. Maybe they do need to move to a not quite so isolated place to one with more security. Of course, no matter how much security you have, if somebody invites the people in, the security is shot.

    Jon, Jon, Jon. Pay your therapist the money you owe him/her. Get yourself back into counseling pronto!!

  57. I would like to see Jon getting a mental health evaluation pronto. He is having a mental breakdown and I have a strong gut feeling that he is either at risk for suicide, or getting himself badly hurt or killed through some reckless activity. He can be a great guy and a great father, he just needs to take responsibility for his life and get help.
    I also wonder how much he was paid for those pictures and story. I don't believe that Kate made him give up the dogs, if that was the case, she would have done it in a way that was more sensitive to the kids' needs, maybe with her and Jon both with them like at the bus stop. It is probably just like the breeder said and maybe with training they will take them back or at least be able to visit. Jon is trying to play a pity party and he thinks making Kate look bad will make himself look good without seeing the consequences to his kids. I think one of Jon's big issues is making sure that he has the last say in things and Kate has no control because he knows she has control issues and that is her button for him to push and she is handling it well.

  58. Ok, the video just makes me want to cry! The kids standing at the door looking like the rug once again had been pulled out from under them. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN???!!!!

    He invites the paparrazi in to film his getting rid of the dogs while the children look on. For what, to further exploit their pain??? No, I'm sure in his mind he did it to hurt Kate. Kate has a job -- she's doing the View. He so can't stand that she's continuing to be successful while his well drys up. And the only way he can think to lash back is to take the kid's dogs?

    Seriously, hire a dog sitter to come once a day while you're away. Be a man! Jon could have found a way to make this work. But no, he lashes out again like a little boy. And the kids are the ones hurt again. Kate needs to limit their exposure to him!

  59. Thanks Baby Mama, wow, I can't understand why she would risk that...

  60. lucysmom said...
    SchmeckyGirl said...
    But I can't blame Jon for blaming Kate. He's upset and he's bitter. He feels that if it wasn't for her he'd still have the dogs.
    I for one DO blame Jon for blaming Kate. He again refuses to take responsibility. It's just another whiney excuse from him to shift the responsibility off of himself and onto her, not to mention throwing her under the bus out of spite...again.

    I can't see how making excuses for him at this point will make him look any better or make anyone feel sorry for him. Ugh...

    Okay, now I really want to know the whole story. lol.

    I was totally just going by what Jon said in the video. Of course he could be lying or just blaming Kate for pity. He did fail to mention that the dogs were just being held at the breeder until there was another option. He also didn't mention they were being trained there. Either he left it out on purpose, or it was edited out by the people who took the footage or the breeder came up with this solution after the fact.

    I'm also sure it is possible that Jon didn't keep up his end of the bargain. Maybe he was supposed to make sure the dogs were trained in order for them to keep them. Yes, we know that Jon wanted the dogs but still, they BOTH bought them.

    As for the dogs being purchased in October, they still said they were early xmas presents for the kids regardless of what month they were purchased.

    Again, I do see both sides of the arguments regarding the dogs. That's why I love these discussions... I really appreciate other viewpoints.

    But either way, leaving out Jon and Kate and their reasons, the children just lost their pets due to selfishness and poor planning on both their parents' parts. You don't buy two puppies knowing they are going to grow into two huge dogs that need training and regular care. Yes, their circumstances have changed since then but they were both fully aware that the circumstances were already changing when they purchased them (note the end of season 4). Why bring animals into a marriage that is falling apart?

  61. That video is so sad! Those poor kids! They didn't look too upset but I'm sure that they are very confused with everything that's going on. Jon is SO immature. I can't believe he keeps stopping lower and lower. What kind of person invites the paparazzi into their driveway to film something that should be private for the sake of the kids?! And then he yells, "Say goodbye to your pups!" like some smart mouth. Who does he think he is? Yeeeesh, he is acting like he's 5, and I'm completely exhausted by all of his actions. Jon is a new kind of stupid. My only question is what will Kate say about giving the dogs away? (Or will she say nothing at all?!)
    Have a nice day everybody!

  62. Now, I have a question regarding the timeline. The house was supposedly moved into in October 2008. The episodes about buying a new house didn't air until January 2009. They showed them moving in February 2009. I think they claim they moved in late November, early December. I know when they aired the footage but does anyone know when they actually moved in? And when they claim they moved in?

    Also when were the dogs purchased? Jon says October. I think the show claimed a few weeks before xmas (?). I know the kids wore their light jackets that day. Light jackets in PA in late November or December is kind of odd.

    Maybe all this doesn't matter but I'm so tired of the discrepancies in the stories and the news and by Jon and Kate and then by the show. I thinking knowing the timeline would help know what the truth is.

  63. Who are with the kids? Is it Jon's turn? It always seems like they are leaving and never there :/ I really hope I'm wrong, but the kids need to come first and not be with a babysitter all the time! I'm just confused about the visitation arrangement and am concerned the kids are getting the attention they need..

  64. Just read on Radar that Kate's already filming the pilot for her new show this weekend! I'm so happy for her! This woman means business! :o)

  65. Baby Mama said...
    Wildchild~ Reports are saying that there was a confidentiality agreement signed. But why would a girl risk being sued for millions if in fact there really was one?
    Millions? I thought she was broke and trying to make ends meet and support her daughter by working at a bar and babysitting. I don't think millions were at risk.

    Now someone said that the agreement was with TLC and not Jon so he can't sue. Makes me wonder if TLC gave her permission to break the contract to out Jon and the affair.

  66. Thanks everyone for answering my fertility questions. I guess I still don't understand the reasoning behind their decisions then.

    I now remember that I have a close friend that couldn't get pregnant for years. She did a fertility treatment (not sure which one but I'm pretty sure it was the same as Kate, it wasn't the more common invitro (?) one) and she got pregnant. They only wanted the one child but a year or two later she got pregnant by accident. I remember her telling me that the doctor said it can happen, that the body learns from the first pregnancy.

    I didn't realize it was common though. Apparently if Jon got a vasectomy then they knew it was.

    So, if the first pregnancy greatly increases the chance of getting pregnant naturally, and Jon and Kate were only trying for one more child, then why not try getting pregnant naturally for a year so that you don't chance multiples? If that doesn't work then you try the fertility treatment again.

    I'm not sure what the rush was. They had two beautiful little girls that were still quite young. To take your time trying for one more would have made more sense, especially if you really did not want multiples again.

  67. I'm really bummed about the dogs, those kids are so attached to them.

  68. Baby Mama, can you post the link to the video Jen Santos is talking about? I can't find it!

  69. I would like to think that the dogs are only going away to be trained but if that were the case, don't you think Jon would say so in order to avoid all the speculation? Being trained is a simple enough explanation for temporarily sending the dogs away and I am sure they would make sure everyone knew it was only temporary. The fact that Jon was so upset and bringing up that the dogs are going back because Kate wouldn't take care of them when he wasn't around means that there is definitely more to this than just a short trip to obedience school for the dogs.

    My guess is that since Kate spends most of the time at home and doesn't have time or doesn't care to deal with the dogs, it would mean they spend most of the time caged so probably, the only recourse is to send the dogs where they can be properly taken care of until they decide what to do permanently. Either they will hire someone that might be somewhat of a dog nanny or they will just decide not to bring them back. Whatever the case, it is sad both for the kids and the dogs. According to the report, it is not the first time the trainer has taken them back for a while. That is not good for the animals either. Imagine being shuffled back and forth, getting used to one family and then having to leave them. Sigh... I just wish things would calm down for this family.

    Also, as much as Jon is to blame for a lot these days, I don't think it is his fault that the dog swallowed a toy in his presence! It could have just as easily been Kate there when it happened. Do people honestly think Jon or Kate has nothing else to do but sit and watch the dogs' every moves and where they go 24/7? The kids were told many times not to leave toys around because the dogs would eat them and they were careless. Yes, they are children and obviously you can't expect them to be fully responsible but have you seen the Gosselin's house when there are toys around? I am sure as much as Jon and Kate were both careful they can get busy doing other things and miss something. That doesn't make either one of them neglectful. It's the same as one of your kids playing and falling or bumping into something and getting hurt. Does that mean every parent who finds themselves in the ER with their kid that has broken an arm or leg was neglectful or an unfit parent? Of course not! If you can't have your eye on your kids 24/7 then you can have even less on your pets. Cut the guy some slack on that. Sorry, but I find it really curious how people will take that incident and bring it up now and throw it in his face when there are also reports of Kate cageing the dogs the whole time they are in her care. Many people seem to have a good defense for why it is Ok for Kate to put the dogs in a crate all the time too (she never really wanted them, she doesn't have time for them, she shouldn't have gotten stuck with them etc. etc.)but that doesn't make it right. I'm not saying it is an excuse to be careless but what happened with the dog swallowing the toy was an accident. Kate deliberately puts the dogs in a crate because of convenience or mess or time or what have you and no one is in an uproar about this. If she really can't deal with them, she should have told Jon from day one that she cannot care for them and to either take them himself or back to the breeder.

    Again sorry, I don't mean to rant but sometimes there is just a huge double standard. Just because Jon is the bad guy around town these days doesn't mean the sins of the whole world should be on his shoulders. Yes, he might be wrong in about 90% of the decisions he is making these days but I don't think this is one of them.

  70. Raelin..........I totally agree with all that you said about the dogs!!!!

  71. I get the feeling that Jon is behind this one again. Selling pictures and footage. It seems that that is all he does when he is with the kids at that house. He sells photos and talks crap on his wife ALL FOR MONEY. I also think he needs help. I really don't want to see him end up like Britany spears. I feel like that is the road he is starting to take. I don't want to see him being transported by ambulance to the hospital. Even though he pisses me off, I would not wish anything like that on someone. He needs to snap out of it.

  72. Just found an article which says that Jon did NOT bring Haylie to meet the kids at his PA house or anywhere else for that matter.

    It's got an exerpt from Haylie's twitter where she says she never went to Jon and "Katezilla's" house and that when the truth comes out the public owes her and Jon a HUGE apology.

    Apparently Jon confronted Kate as to why she said on the View that he let the kids meet Haylie and she said supposedly that she saw it in the tabloids. This doesn't make sense.

    According to Jon he said that he wouldn't do something like bring Haylie to meet the kids so soon yet he says in that video of them taking the dogs away that Kate asked him not to let the kids meet Haylie and he respected her wishes so which is it?

    I am curious if Kate will adress this on the View tomorrow!

  73. Jon got a new attorney this week. New attorney is doing damage control. After the RadarOnline photos and article last week about Hailey meeting the kids, Jon never said a word. He gets the new attorney who issues releases like "Stephanie broke confidentiality agreement" and things are misunderstood. Radar says Jon is the one who told them about Kate's meltdown over his wanting to bring Hailey to the house. New spin on things. That's why in the video Jon is saying Kate asked him not to let the kids meet the kids and he respected that. Expect to see more with the new attorney. And hurrah! Jon desperately needs somebody to rain him in and get him on track. Maybe new attorney can do it.

    Jon is also saying now that he fired Stephanie because Kate didn't want her there and it caused too much upset. Firing her is probably what made her go public. (Isn't it interesting that Kate was right about Stephanie?) And, saying she violated a confidentiality agreement (which most people have with nannies) isn't going to hold up. That's why attorney hasn't filed charges against her. You can't sleep with an employee and expect a CA to still be valid.

    Perhaps the attorney can also advise Hailey to tone down her remarks about Kate (whom she is vitriolic against but says she's never even met Kate). It would be in Jon's best interest for immature Hailey to keep her yap shut. It's never smart for a potential stepmom to say things against the children's mother. But then a mature person would already know that.

  74. Leslie, I agree with you! I think Jon is going down a very "Britney" road. It's sad. I think he is trying to lash out in any way possible at Kate and trying to hurt her with all the stuff he is publicly doing like being out with a million different women. Unfortunately, I don't think he consciously realizes the effect on the kids. It really makes me wonder what happened to the man who was so concerned about his kids googling him one day. One or two incidents you could explain away as being "crap" but what is he going to do now that every other day there is yet another woman coming out of the woodwork? He is just too blinded by anger right now. A lot of his behaviour is very manic and it seems like the more successful Kate is becoming, the more crazed he gets. After all he was the one that was all cocky about maybe not continuing the show because he might just get other job offers. He probably figured Kate would be doing this little TLC show desperately trying to keep a paycheck alive forever while he became a big Hollywood star. Now all his prospects are drying up by the minute while Kate is just branching out into her own brand. All he will have left in the end is Haylie if she even sticks around after all the stuff about these other women come out.

    Oh, and another thing, I have a feeling that Haylie is not very committed to this relationship (duh) because every time there is a reference to a long term thing she gets very cagey and just says she doesn't want to think that far ahead to avoid disappointment in case it doesn't work out. Doesn't she mean WHEN it doesn't work out? Again, when she was on her twitter about her meeting the kids, she said that she absolutely did not meet them, nor does she want to right now. I found that pretty harsh. It's like she is sending these signals that she doesn't want to get too close or too involved. Yeah, while Jon is sitting there with his palms sweating and heart racing about her, she is just waiting for the $ signs to appear from any venture they do together so she can hit the road!

    Almost makes you feel sorry for him. Everything he touches is tarnishing and at the end if he loses custody of his kids on top of it, he will definitely go over the edge. Somehow though, I have the feeling that for him to lose custody, Kate would have to sue for sole custody and I don't think she will do that because she cares too much about her kids' feelings and wouldn't want to devastate them by taking their father away from them. I do hope though that she tries to get the judge to prohibit Hailey from becoming involved in the kids' lives until a certain amount of time after she has been in Jon's life. There should really be a law that you can't introduce a new partner until at least 6 months or a year after the divorce is final.

  75. I admire that Kate's using her talents and business smarts to pursue avenues to support herself and her family. Risk takers as her fail sometimes, but they realize mistakes and keep getting up. If Paula D. and Kate successfully move forward w/a show, that could help more people keep or obtain jobs.

  76. Okay, I know as soon as I post this Baby Mama is going to create a new post for today's The View. lol.

    But OMG!!!! Sherri shut up! Let Kate answer the questions Whoopi asks! We finally get to hear Kate answer questions and Sherri won't shut up. She's wasn't there. She doesn't know the answers. She doesn't know Kate's reasonings. Ugh. So annoying. Kate is fully capable of defending herself and answering the questions. I think I'm more annoyed than Whoopi is right now.

  77. Watching the View today and I knew that there was a reason that I do not watch that show anymore since Rosie is gone, Whoopi is acting like a total a$$ and she is just plain RUDE to people. That show needs a total overhaul, time for both Whoopi and Joy need to go....

  78. another mom said...
    Just found an article which says that Jon did NOT bring Haylie to meet the kids at his PA house or anywhere else for that matter.

    It's got an exerpt from Haylie's twitter where she says she never went to Jon and "Katezilla's" house and that when the truth comes out the public owes her and Jon a HUGE apology.


    I was watching the episode where Jon took the kids fishing at the pond...Who was the woman in the background that they blurred the face of?
    Seemed like it might be Hailey to me...
    Plus that wasn't a public place, or it didn't seem to be.

  79. Wow, I didn't think I could dislike Whoopi any more than I already did -- but boy did she prove me wrong! She was SO ridiculous towards Kate. Whether she agreed with what Kate did or not, she should NOT have continuously asked her the same question over and over again on national television. I never really watch the View (just have the 3 times Kate's been on)--is this how they usually act?

    Also, on Whoopi "correcting" Kate's grammar on the first show -- all I have to say is, if you are going to call someone out, at least have your facts straight -- she looked like a FOOL correcting Kate and saying how "wrong" it was to make up words like "positivity" when Whoopi was completely wrong.

    UGH I just wanted to like reach into the TV and put some duck tape on her mouth! (And it's only been the first 13 minutes of the show!)

    Sorry for ranting, but I feel like Whoopi "despises" Kate also.

  80. I watched the 3rd day of Kate on The View. She needs to stay behind a desk until she figures out what to do with her legs. They looked awkward. And she referred to her notes WAY too much.

  81. I watched the View this morning & Whoopi REALLY grilled Kate re: the day she went to the house when Jon had that babysitter there. Ughhh, I just thought it was over board for Whoopi to do that .. :(

  82. How annoying that The View went to break and never went back to discussing Jon and Kate. Oh well.

    I just saw the end of the video clip with Jon and the dogs and you can hear Hannah (I think it was her) say something like Mommy wants to get rid of the dogs or Mommy doesn't want the dogs anymore. Not sure if she was just repeating what Jon said or if she was just saying what she knew to be the case because of the discussions in the house.

  83. I thought it was great that Kate admitted she was wrong to go to the house when it wasn't her time with the kids and that she wouldn't do that again. The woman is so classy being mature enough to admit her mistakes.

    Do we ever hear Jon admit he was wrong? (Since the separation, I mean.) Everything is always somebody else's fault.

    Just saw that Jon is making an appearance at the Amherst haunted house this week.
    I give him credit for at least making an honest $$. Wonder if he'll sign many autographs at $7 a clip. (Wonder how many he'd have to sign to be able to order his favorite bottle of champagne? Maybe he'll wise up and stay away from the booze altogether.)

  84. I know Kate believes Jon was with the babysitter and she seemed to say that the article in InTouch proved it. But it's a gossip tabloid. I don't think it proves anything. Then when Whoopi had to say that Jon denies the allegations they were all over Whoopi like she was defending him. lol. At least Kate added that it's possible it's not true. Of course we still don't know if it is or not. I would think there were text messages to prove her story.

  85. OK, ladies,
    I watched and taped the View. Whoopie did a great job with Kate and you could tell it was planned. Kate knew in advance exactly what she was going to say. Her mothers instinct made her go to the house, thats alot of bull! I f she is putting Mady up to calling her to let her know whats going on, that is totally the wrong way to handle things. It's sending your child mixed messages, and using them in a divorce.
    She could use radronline to get info instead??? Right???
    Best show yet, because Kathy G. makes me laugh and thats a good thing.
    Most importantly, my screen went black just after Kathy left the stage and i thought the cable went out, but then it showed her in the hall with the producer telling her that that was the way out. Re-played the tape and then it showed the show. My Q's, i know something happened back stage between Kathy and Maybe Barbara Walters or someone????? Did anyone else get blacked out for about 1 1/2 minutes?

  86. I re-read my post and it does not sound very clear what I was trying to get across with the "asking of the question multiple times." Basically what I meant was that, even if Whoopi still couldn't "understand why Kate went to the house" or whatever she didn't understand about the babysitter/Jon's custody time situation, Whoopi should not have continuously repeated the question over and over--almost grilling Kate -- if she still didn't understand Kate's response (after answering the question twice), she should have moved on and asked Kate in private after the show. What I got from Kate's facial reactions was "please stop asking me this question Whoopi -- I wish I could just pretend like this isn't happening." You could tell Kate was very uncomfortable with it.

    Also, I think Sherri was trying to help get Kate's point across with how she feels as a mother when her child is with their father. I think she felt bad for Kate because Whoopi was kind of attacking Kate, and was just trying to help Kate not feel so alone in the "attack". Just my opinion--I could be wrong.

  87. rachael - Hmmmm, I never even noticed that! Good thing I DVR'd it and didn't erase it yet. I need to go back and look more closely at that. I usually watch these episodes after midnight when everyone else has gone to sleep so I probably wasn't watching with as much attention as I should have. lol

    If that was Haylie, I am seriously disgusted! I wish these people could walk around with lie detectors strapped to them already! It's so sickening to see the amount of lying that goes on.

    I never did put much stock in that comment Haylie made where she says that once the truth comes out, people will owe her and Jon a big apology.

    Jon's video where he says Kate asked him not to bring Haylie to the house and he respected her wishes left me thinking that he made her meeet the kids elsewhere. I was really surprised at this new article where they deny that she met the kids at all.

    I don't buy it, just like I don't buy Jon was not sleeping with Deanna, Kate 2.0, Stephanie and Lord knows how many other women that are going to come out of the woodwork.

    This new lawyer has a heck of a lot of damage to undo. Unfortunately it seems like the new Jon is not capable of following orders. I am pretty sure his old lawyer must have had to tell him he shouldn't have been doing the things he was doing but he probably didn't listen. Sorry if this has been said already but did Jon fire the old lawyer or did the lawyer walk away from him as a client? If it was the latter then I am sure it's because Jon would not do what he was told and was shooting himself in the foot regarding his case.

    I hope it is all worth it to him in the end when he loses custody of his kids and Haylie dumps him. At least Kate is smart enough to realize that she is probably not going to find another man so easily that is going to want an instant family of 8 kids. Jon is in la la land if he thinks Haylie is going to stick around and play step mommy to that many especially with her partying ways. Oh wait, I forgot, they don't party, they just sit in and watch movies. ;)

  88. Linda said....
    That's why attorney hasn't filed charges against her. You can't sleep with an employee and expect a CA to still be valid.

    Linda said...

    Perhaps the attorney can also advise Hailey to tone down her remarks about Kate.
    I looked yesterday and Haliey has deleted the "Katezilla" comment on her Twitter. So I think you are right.

    I too think Whoopie has no respect for Kate and she let it show alittle. But again Kate handled herself well as expected. She was totally relaxed today, and didnt look at her card near as much.

    Denise, I would love to watch you do that for the first time ever and see how stupid you look...ugh , seriously some people.

    I am so excited for Kate shooting the pilot for her new show this weekend, she must be so excited!!

  89. Whoopi is a FOOL!!! Does she really not understand what mothers intuition is? HONESTLY? She just kept asking Kate to explain her gut feeling. Stop asking the same questions whoopi ask one and move on to another one. Kate answered that one and she kept saying so you didn't know her. She said she didn't, didn't she. she said it was a gut feeling and whoopi does not understand having a gut feeling or a bad feeling about something. Well whoopi your blue green jacket and pink socks need to go back to the 80's and 90's. whoopi really ticks me off. can you tell?

  90. You know, I used to like Whoopi (being a big Trekkie and Sister Act fan and all) but now... she's rather obnoxious! She clearly hated having Kate there. I'm so impressed with Kate for at least trying to stand up to her. Her vitriol was so weird too since Whoopi was a single mom herself! I mean, any divorced mother who found out that the woman babysitting their kid was some woman her ex husband met at a bar would freak out! Especially since there were plenty of other babysitting options for Jon to pick from. Now, clearly we all know why he picked her.

  91. BTW, Kate looked absolutely GORGEOUS! Sometimes I am in awe of how beautiful she actually is. I think that hair really suits her. It makes her look a lot softer and less severe. She should definitely try to do it on her own too.

    I also thought the legs comment was quite harsh.

    I think as a co-host she was even better today and she really held up well against Whoopi the bully. I have to admit I usually think Whoopi's pretty funny but what she has done to Kate is not cool. I had to wonder if she was daft or something because she couldn't seem to understand the whole babysitter situation. I mean, how hard is it to comprehend? I was especially irritated when they were about to cut to commercial and she made that comment to the effect of her being done with that whole topic. She showed zero respect for Kate and it was all she could do to stop herself from saying how stupid she thought all of it was.

    On a more positive note, I didn't see Sherri as not letting Kate talk, rather I think she was trying to be an ally of sorts. For one, she could understand where Kate was coming from as someone who has gone through divorce recently and has a child and I think she was trying to stick up for Kate so that was nice to see SOMEONE at least taking Kate under their wing a little.

    It was also nice to see that Kate didn't take Kathy Griffin too seriously. I thought she would be a little prickly towards her but she actually said that she cracked up laughing when she saw the skit. I have to hand it to her because it is still so soon after they split and emotions are still raw. That she could actually laugh at the skit was great. It was hilarious seeing George Takei playing Jon though. lol

    All in all, I think Kate would do well in some kind of variety/talk/cooking show. I'm looking forward to it!

  92. BabyMama, here's a link to a website that also has raw video of Kate's appearance yesterday at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, NC

  93. #1Caregiver...I have DirecTV and I didn't have any blackout or see anything regarding Kathy backstage. But...Kathy and Barbara (but more importantly Bill Geddie) had issues w/ what Kathy did when she co-hosted once (honestly it wasn't that bad, Kathy was just being herself) but then Kathy used some "private" info about Barbara in one of her routines.

    Schmecky Girl...I agree w/ your comments about wondering why Jon and Kate moved so quickly back to fertility treatments when the twins were so young. I'm sure Jon and Kate knew the obvious risks, especially Kate, as she was an labor/delivery nurse.

  94. They have marked down the Etown house again.

  95. I'm sad to see that they had to reduce the house again. My mom is a real estate agent and we all know that the housing market certainly hasn't picket up yet in the East.

    Schmeckygirl~ I will be adding a new post soon about Kate on The View (lol). I'm actually embarassed that my readers have been more up to date on all things Gosselin than me! I mean, the trolls think I am Kate's #1 fan and I sit in her bushes and know everything that goes on.

    With my Dr. appt. and a crying baby (from shots), I totally forgot to DVR it. I'm so mad, but after all that was said today, I am really excited to see a clip and add it to thre site. I don't understand about Kate's legs, I would have to see it. And I can't believe that Whoopie would treat her like that, esp. because she was a co-host. But I heard Kathy & Kate got along well, so that will be really interesting to see.

    But many people that go through fertility treatments the first time and see results (myself included) get very exicted about starting again. This is obviously once they forget how incredibly draining and emotionally challenging it is. They shouldn't be condemmed because they waited the normal period most of America waits before having another child. We all know the risks, we have to sign off on them. But I'm sure they were still shocked when they found out they were going to have that many! (at the time 7)

  96. Paula Deen shooting daytime talk show pilot in NYC

    Jamie and Bobby Deen are assisting their Lady & Sons owner mama today with the taping of a pilot in New York City for a brand-new daytime talk show hosted by the Savannah TV cook.

    “Mama has always loved ‘Queen for a Day’ and you’ll see a lot of that influence,” dishes Bobby Deen. “That will be the nucleus of the new show.”

  97. I read the article denise just linked to about Paula Deen's new pilot and not sure if this is the same one Kate is supposed to be involved with but yikes, if it is, some people weren't too happy!

    There were a few comments after the article and a couple of the people said that they loved Paula but that if Kate was involved they wouldn't be watching. :(

  98. BabyMama, so sorry that your baby is still under the weather. Hope she's feeling better over the weekend.

  99. Am I the only one who hates that "view hair?" I like it when it's straight and tucked behind her ear.

  100. Wow... Jon is coming to my town tomorrow. Is anyone on here going? I won't be. It's $23 just to get in. Granted, there are things to do (haunted houses...ooh I wonder if Cara wanted to come) but if you come just to see Jon its pretty expensive. Too bad it isn't Kate coming, because I would go to that.

    I think charging $$ for an autograph is a little silly, unless the money would be going to charity or something. I'm also not exactly sure what he is doing at Frightworld. It almost seems like a commentary, like, Jon is at Frightworld because it's frightening what he has become.

  101. I watched the view I do think Whoopi was a little hard on Kate but I kind of expected that..and so did Kate. I think Whoopi just wanted her to say she was wrong and that she should never have went there..and I think she was wanting Kate to say more juice and she just wasn't. I did notice that at the very last segment they didn't even let Kate talk to the stylist I thought that was kind of rude. Maybe it was b/c they only had a few mins with her. I did find it interesting that Kate said It doesn't surprise me at all about Jon and she kind of knows he has been being a slut but she didn't really want to say that..I believe Jon slept with her why would he be throwing out confidentiality agreements to women like her and Vegas women? B/c he has something to hide! He is just trying not to get in trouble with Hailey which he will when enough proof comes out..I think Radar has more proof they just like drawing it out b/c they know people spend HOURS at a time on there commenting on one topic and fighting its quite ridiculous really! I'm excited for Kate's new show and I love Paula to.. I do find it interesting that she is cooking with Paula who is not organic in the least..and eats very fatty but..we'll see how it goes :P And I really hope she doesn't have to spend more time away from the kids to do it! I think she is just going to do it on her days she can't be with the kids fingers crossed! I think Jon's lawyer is doing damage control as much as he can with what he has got to work with..and whatever else may fly out into the open! I don't like the fact Jon is going to sell 7 dollar autographs of the seems kind of creepy to me why is he all the sudden charging for it...maybe its for a charity? I really hope the kids are doing ok!

  102. Oh my used999, that was too funny!

    Maybe we should all go to Paula's website listed above and do positive notes for Kate.

  103. Jon and Kate Plus 8: Paula Deen, not Kate Gosselin, star of new show

    An inside source at Telepictures Productions is stressing that Paula Deen, not Kate Gosselin, is the main star of an upcoming talk show.

    The new untitled show is filming a pilot with Paula Deen and Kate Gosselin this Sunday, with Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans speculating it was going to be the "Kate and Paula Show". Well, sorry, it's not. Looks like Kate will just be a player amongst a bevy of other "working moms" like Lee Woodruff, Rene Syler, and Judy Gold.

  104. The problem with the whole View show is that they talk over each other and they do not let people talk. Whoopi would not even let Kate answer the questions, before she was jumping all over her and telling her that she could have been arrested and all that shit. She was just disrespectful and rude and Sherri was trying to come to Kate's defense. And it was nice to see the interaction between Kate and Kathy, because Kate is able to laugh and make fun of herself. In terms of her legs, she needed to keep her legs crossed at the ankles. She looked uncomfortable sitting on the sofa.

  105. I just read the Intouch magazine and I have to say I am VERY concerned for the children while they are in Jon's care. Now I have to say *If this is true* then I am very scared for the children.
    1)Who was with the kids when they were in the hot tub and then finished in Jon's apartment above the garage? And then she says she went home because he fell asleep. AGAIN who was in the house with the kids???? They would not have done that if another babysitter was around because she says he did go check on them before they went to the garage. Now I know my kids wake up and need a drink or just need Mommy or Daddy and if one of them woke up and no adult was in the house. Makes me sick to my stomach!!

    2) Also she says one day when she was with the kids playing outside he was acting very strange and he told her later that he smoked some pot before coming outside. That floors me that (Stephanie)as a mother wouldnt tell Kate. I mean do people not see that as a major major issue that hes taking care of the kids while high? And also the girl from Vegas said they did cocaine while in his room. Again I go back to this picture. That is what a joint looks like. He smoke regular cigarettes and that is not it.

    3)Also Stephanie said in the Intouch magazine that she DID discuss her and Jons relationship with the kids. That the kids would tease her that she loved Daddy and that Daddy loved her and that as long as she doesnt replace Mommy that she was allowed to marry Daddy (which to me is kinda strange) but then again they are kids and dont really know how to express what they are seeing between the 2.

  106. It has been common knowledge that it is Paula's show and that Kate and others with be a part of it. At least that was my take on it from the beginning. Maybe GWOP were afraid Kate was getting her own show and started the "Kate and Paula Show" rumors to stir things up.

  107. I watched the monday's episode of the View and I think Kate did as well as expected. You could tell she was nervous, but I think most guests are nervous about going on the View! Those ladies don't really give people a chance to talk. But I forgot to record tuesday's episode, damn it! Kate's new do, yeah, I don't really like it. She looked better before.
    Now as to the dogs, SHAME ON JON AND KATE, THESE 2 PEOPLE ARE REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF! Kate doesn't want to talk care of them anymore, get off your damn high horse lady! Those dogs are the family's protectors. They seem well behaved, when Jon walks they walk with him. I wish my dog would do that, but she runs the first chance she gets. Kate can hirer someone to take care of them while Jon's away, can't she? If it's a money thing then give up your weekly mani and pedi. I understand that Jon can't talk them to his NYC apartment, that's no place for a breed like that. Maybe Jon can buy a small house with some land, but would Kate let him? They could afford it, in the last 3 new episode's the Gosselin's have earned(if they do get 75k per show)225 thousand dollars, in 3 shows! If I'm lucky, I will make 20 thousand in a year. At least Jon gave the dogs back to the breeder and not some shelter. Kudos to Jon!
    As to the nanny, she just wants her 15 miniutes. Next story please.
    Did anyone watch when Kate Major gave the interview to E! news? In the 1st interview, she was praising Jon so much, "oh he's a great guy, and I can't find any flaws in him". She was so happy. They had plans to live together and be exclusive. But then photo's or video showed up of Jon and Hailey, not broken up, which Kate M. thought and she gave a 2nd interview to E!, like the next day or the something like that. She said that Jon told her to quit her job, because it's biased to interview him and be in a relationship with him at the same time. If that's true then Kate Major is not very bright. She had only known Jon for about a week. Why would she quit her job for some guy like that? She worked for a tabloid magazine, give me a break. And know she's no longer front news. Poor baby! I'm sure I missing alot of key points, but that's the basic part.
    Both Jon and Kate need to disappear off our TV's for awhile, until they can be civil towards one another. Those poor dogs, Bad Jon, Bad Kate.
    Wow that's alot to say, sorry for the rambling.

  108. Baby Mama,
    I hope your baby gets better soon. It's so stressful when their sick. I'd like to just make a few comments about The View and Kate.

    1. I only watched that show because Kate was on. On Monday her hair was great, but on Friday it had that great big dent in the wing which just made it look like she slept on that side of her head. lol
    2. Legs: Yes, they looked big in that dress, and i thought it was tooo short for TV. Don't get me wrong on this one, i liked the outfit but she seemed uncomfortable and could not cross her legs because of the dress length. Shoes were great!!!!
    3. I agree with whoever said it's time to take off the rings. Her reasoning on this one sounds phoney to me. Get the diamonds, or better yet a beautiful setting with the kids birthstones.
    4. I think Kate looked a little nervous on the view Friday, but she did a nice job.

    Don't know if she could handle a show of her own??? Being a smart business lady like she is, she will have to ride on sombody else's coat-tails. PD or whomever ??? Paula Dean & Sons portray a great family unit and USING Kate is going to bring great ratings at first because of all the Tabloids. Then what????
    Like everyone says, if they gave Rachel Ray a talk show I guess anyone can try to get one. lol I have been a great RR fan, and i like her in the kitchen, but for some reason the show just doesn't get it 4 me. After a while, they all seem boring and reduntant. Like this site, OPPPSS, shouldn't have said that, sorry Baby Mama.
    I thing you should take that old picture of stephanie off this site, because it only promotes more gossip about water under the bridge. Lets get past it and leave it alone. Have a great day everyone!!!! If you get this???

  109. Why would anyone be critical of Jon charging a fee for autographs? Kate, or Jon & Kate, prior to their seperation, have always charged people for a photograph, or signed photograph of the family. And Jon's $7 is much cheaper than the $20 they charged previously.

  110. OK I finally saw the video less than 2 mins and I heard what Hannah said "Mommy wants to get rid of them forever" that just breaks my heart.

    Those kids LOVE those dogs, I hope something can be worked out b/n Jon and Kate regarding the dogs so that the kids really WON'T be rid of them forever.

  111. I was really impressed at how at ease Kate was on day 3 of the View. She is funny, articulate, and not afraid to comment about stuff. She handled Whoopi's line of questioning with grace and complete calm. I think Sherri was totally siding with Kate, and understanding of her when she spoke of alarm bells and mother's intuition. Is Whoopi truly that out of touch with mother's intuition? She was so caught up in what is in the legal custody agreement. She just looked miserable in general.

    I tend to wonder if Kate's business ventures will all be supported by Jon (for childcare), or if his anger and envy will stop being agreeable to make it difficult for her to attend speaking engagements, etc. Hope they can work it out to the children's advantage. It really strikes me as very sad hearing her say how she just "waits" in a hotel close by and can't have access to them on his custudy days. Must be painful!!!!!

  112. wow katherinedenise. I am going to have to check out that article. That makes me really concerned! I saw the photo and it does look like a hand rolled something that he is smoking. If what the babysitter said is true then jon should not be able to be with the kids alone they should have two more people there watching. That really concerns me!


  114. The kids made the comment on camera that Mommy got rid of the dogs.

    The Paula Deen show is NOT the Kate and Paula Show. There is a link at e-online today about it. It is Paula's show.

  115. First of all, #1caregiver, I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a joke or what but that comment about comparing Baby Mama's site to Rachel Ray's show as being boring and redundant was not very nice. No one's forcing you to read or post here. Sheesh!

    Secondly, I am very worried too for the kids if it is true that Jon is dabbling in drugs. It's even worse that he would do it while at home with the kids. I am sure if he gets to talk to his pap friends at the fence, he will be sure to say that Stephanie is lying because she wants to make money off of him.

    Also, on the subject of Stephanie, I can't believe they would flaunt that in front of the kdis. Somehow it sounds really weird that the kids would tease her and say she loves daddy and daddy loves her. I know they are just kids and don't understand much but I think they would be unhappy knowing their daddy loved anyone other than their mommy. Furthermore, if it is true that they discuss this stuff in front of the kids then they really are sickos. I say it is time for an intervention where Jon is concerned. Kate would be right to try and get full custody if all of this is true. Imagine having to sit across the street knowing some random bimbo is looking after your kids or that no one is looking after the kids while they screw in the garage apt.

    Finally, I had a chance to rewatch Monday's episode in an attempt to figure out who the girl in the background was with them at the pond. I can't say for sure but it did kind of look like Hayley. Does anyone know when this episode was taped? I was going to say that the girl was wearing the same colour as the pictures of Hayley and Jon in PA together but if this episode was taped way before that, that wouldn't be relevant.

    I would tend to think it was one of the babysitters or helpers they have though because I can't imagine Hayley being allowed to be on a trip with the kids like that. I am sure someone would have made a point of plastering it all over Radar Online if that was really her. But if it was her then that would blow their story out of the water about her not having met the kids.
    Time will tell I guess.

  116. Allibroot -

    The whole point of a custody arrangement is that each parent gets their own time. So yes, it must be painful for Kate to be waiting in a nearby hotel (I dont really think she is staying in a hotel, she has to have a place) but she cant have access to them because she chose to get divorced. Period. No other way arround it.

    I really hope both of them get their act together. I've always supported Kate but more and more it is starting to seem like she is putting herself out there more without regard for the kids, and although I understand that one has to work to support ones family there other ways to do it, without having to be awa from the kids so much (This week she was gone all week).

    I am really frustrated with this whole thing, as much as I want to support Kate I dont think she is making the right choices either.

  117. Maybe Kate did say that. But I think what Hannah said sounds remarkably like she was parroting Jon. Especially given the timing, but I don't think we'll know. So, i'll give J&K the benefit of the doubt. Kate is stressed providing the income and being with the kids most of the time. Jon is living in NY and can't have the dogs with him (for whatever the reason, he can't do what he originally planned with the dogs.) So they could drag it out or deal with it now.

    I think the Stephanie situation is still a hot issue. It's real if for nothing else so that the future is planned for, that sitters are used that both J&K approve of, backgrounds checked and vetted, etc.

  118. I think it's important to note about the dogs is all we know for the moment is that the situation is up in the air and they're going to the trainer. There are way worse places they could be going!! The fact is, the dogs are a year old and are HUGE! They need daily training by someone who knows what they're doing. Kate sure doesn't and Jon is only at home half the time and he's hardly an expert himself. Simply hiring someone to watch them while Jon isn't there makes no sense if they're not being trained. We don't know what will happen once they're obedient. As for the dogs being the family's protectors, I think the hired security people are more than enough.

  119. I think it's great that they're giving up the dogs. Not great as in happy great, but great as in those dogs could go somewhere where they could be taken care of better. Sure, the kids love them and it's going to be hard but if they treat the dogs the way Jon had made it seem to be "the kids beat them up" etc plus Jon's away most of the time, the dogs can't live on love alone.

    Sheesh, I wouldn't want to be Kate right now. She has to be the supermum AND breadwinner and now there's all this added drama. She could have an army of helpers but she's still just one woman, people.

    Sidenote: I saw Latoya Jackson on The View and it was so awkward! The regulars talked over each other so much, she could barely get a word in.

  120. the In Touch article last night. Is anything in those rags really true? All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........if there is any truth to it, especially his actions in Vegas............nothing good can come from this.

  121. I finally watched The View in full without my 3-year-old in the room. I noticed that in the beginning Whoopi said that Kate wanted to address the InTouch article on the show. She said it more than once. Then Kate says "since you asked" and then proceeds to comment on Jon and the babysitter and her mommy's intuition.

    I'm glad Kate addressed it, but what about her stance that she is not commenting on Jon and that she is going to take the high road?

  122. What's up with Jon and this children's foundation? I'm sure it's a great cause and I'm sure he's doing it to improve his image, but I wish he would put his attention toward his own children.

  123. I want to point out something Stephanie said in her InTouch interview and I'm sorry if it's already been addressed but here it goes anyway:

    Stephanie says the kids knew about her and Jon saying "The younger girls would come up to me and say, "You love our daddy, and he loves you. We know you're together" They once came up and asked if I was going to be their new mommy. They didn't want Mommy replaced, but they really liked me and said if Daddy wanted to get married to me, then he could."

    I kinda find this very hard to believe. She says the YOUNGER girls (which means Alexis, Hannah and Leah, a big obvious) told her that they knew they were together, I cannot picture a 5 year old saying anything remotely like that. I also can't picture the kids being ok with the idea of their dad marrying a new woman and her being a mother-figure to them so soon and so easily when it wasn't too long ago that they reportedly (according to Jon)were still wondering why Mommy and Daddy weren't hugging anymore and so on.

    I'm not sticking up for Jon, hell no, but I do not think her interview was entirely honest mostly because of that certain part. Just my OPINION