Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jon Relieved of Paying Child Support Months Ago, Kate Answers Fan Questions!

Kate Gosselin Says Jon Is So Full Of Doo-Doo It's Leaking Out His Nose!

But… he looks so trustworthy! Remember when Jon Gosselin recently turned out his pockets to tell us he was penniless and facing either eviction or jail? He wove a tale of woe and self-pity centering around the recession and the courts forcing him to pay eight kids worth of child support to Kate instead of making rent, LOLz!!We guess he was so broke he couldn't even afford to pay attention to the terms of his child support! It turns out Jon doesn't owe ANY child support money at all! According to Kate's lawyer, Cheryl Young, the dad isn't a deadbeat — just a dummy. She said: