Friday, December 10, 2010

Watch Sarah Palin's Alaska w/Kate Gosselin HERE, Can Ellen Ross Be A Stepmom? Best Celebrity Body 2010

Hello Gosselin fans! With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Holidays, I'm still tweaking what I hope will be a great Holiday Recipe post in honor of The Gosselin family. So post on the site or e-mail me one of your faves, and I will personally try to re-create it. This is because I can't cook toast, so you can get a great Holiday laugh at my expense ;).. So why ohh why are they making up more Kate Gosselin lies this week? Is there such a huge desire to have Kate in the media at all times that they will print any and all lies and ridiculous stories they are "given" by who knows who? Who are all these un-named sources? Lets face facts, no one in Kates camp would leak this crap. If this keeps going I may have to have another post about all the garbage people believe in the media. I for one continue like Kate to laugh it off. And continue to be the most supportive fan site out there..xoxox

Kate Gosselin: Category: Best Mom Abs From Best Celebrity Bodies 2010

FITNESS magazine is all about looking good and feeling better. To wrap up the year, we picked our favorite celeb bodies and broke our faves down into categories that include everything from "Best Celeb Slim Down" to "Best Baby Bump." Check out all the results...The mom of eight started running daily. She believes she has a better body now at 35 than when she did when she was in her teens and twenties. Rain or shine, she hits the same trail for 30 to 45 minutes a day, and she sticks to a strict all-organic diet.

Ellen Ross Call's Herself "Stepmom to Kate's 8 Appropriate??

In a move that's sure to make some people uncomfortable, Jon Gosselin's girlfriend jokingly referred to herself as stepmom of his eight children has learned. Ellen Ross made the reference on her Facebook page,and her firends also jokingly call her "stepmom of the year." And while it's a joke, some people close to the Gosselins are wondering, "Will Kate find it funny?"

"Ellen believes it's no big deal that she's called herself step mom tothe kids," one source close to the situation told (AKA Ellen herself lol) Kate may disagree, especially because the kids are old enough now to find things like this on the internet. Ellen and Kate have never spoken to each other despite the fact that Ellen has been with Jon in court against Kate and often is with him when he picks up and drops off the kids. "When the kids are with Jon's girlfriend they simply call her 'Ellen'," a source said. "The stepmom reference was meant to be a joke while discussing wrapping presents for the kids over the holidays that was all." Ellen's friends jokingly refer to her as the "stepmom of the year," but Jon has not reacted negatively to it. Jon's relationship with Ellen seems to be faring better than his past romances with Hailey Glassman, Kate Major and Morgan Christie. Ellen is a 24-year-old Pennsylvania government employee. According to one source, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Sarah Palin's Alaska With The Gosselin Family

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Hate Celebrities? In Touch Weekly Claims Kate Is Suing Jon For Child Support

I have a pretty clear idea of what being a “fan” is about. Most of us do. Used to be, if you weren't a fan, you were a "non-fan." It seems there is now a third option: being an "anti-fan." WTF?? I became aware of anti-fans when I became a fan of actor Kate Gosselin. I was and continue to be surprised and shocked by the rabid rants against Kate. She is attacked both professionally and personally. These anti-fans post all over the Internet and work hard to convince TLC, other Kate fans, and anyone who will listen that she is unattractive, mean and a bad parent. ABC News did a story exploring this behavior in 2007.
Why Do Anti-Fans Love to Hate Celebrities So Much?
Obsessive haters, or anti-fans, share many of the same traits as obsessive fans, says Stuart Fischoff, a senior editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and a specialist in fan obsessions. "People need something on which to focus their attention. … The adrenaline gets pumping for hating as much as loving. The hate-love situation are two sides of the same coin," he said. Being an anti-fan, he said, has one advantage over being a fan: It's more fun. "A celebrity becomes a star to focus on with the telescope of boredom," Fischoff said.
"Coteries on the net can join together in hating and dissing, and that's much more fun," he said. If a celebrity is big enough to have a fan club, she's probably big enough to have an anti-fan club as well. Talk about going to the "dark side!"
I prefer to focus on the positives of being a fan. In fact, it's generally healthier and more fun to focus on all life's positives.  xoxox BM

FILE under: Where the hell is the proof of this?? Kate Gosselin Sues Her Ex For $125K

KATE Gosselin is suing her ex-husband for child support! The reality TV star wants $125,000 in back child support from Jon Gosselin — with whom she has eight children — even though he is struggling to pay the bills.“She makes several million dollars a year and has free things thrown at her and the kids — if anything, she should be paying Jon child support!” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.“It is a shock to everyone that she still insists Jon pay her money, when his focus needs to be on providing what he can for the kids during his custody.
“Her attempts to sue Jon are just ways she tries to control everything around her because she’s still angry about their failed marriage. “Kate is so cheap, at least when it comes to the kids: She has TLC pay for their food, clothes and travel on days they film.“She’s frugal when it comes to the kids, but she has no qualms about spending money on herself. “Jon’s paid back $80,000 this year so far and the court ordered him to pay around $22,000 a month.“That amount was based on his potential earning, which has changed so much since TLC has limited the amount of media work he can do — and that’s how Jon was making his living. Before their series ended, they both were making hundreds of thousands of dollars on appearances and media deals. Between the two of them, they must have made millions. But they spent the money as fast as they earned it.”