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Jon's Ex Cleared In Break-in, The Gosselins One Year Later, Kate Says Life Is "Not Calmer"

Hello Gosselin fans! It's been a while since I have spoken to you all personally, especially those that don't comment. Can you believe it's been a year since that incredibly uncomfortable Jon & Kate Separate episode? Seems like ages ago. My little site went from a few thousand hits to a mind boggling almost 92,000 hits in a month. And then, after all the mess started to fall by the waste side, I stuck around wondering where to go from here. Do I let them win, or continued to do my best and continue with this blog with has become another child of mine? Well here I am, I got a new look and a new outcome for the future. Not stopping until the hate sites are gone. I hope that those of you that are stopping by from the past and amazed I'm still here stick around awhile. There are many new fan sites out there but the original is still here! xoxoxo

Hailey Glassman Cleared In Jon Gosselin's Apartment Break-In, Case Closed:

Hailey Glassman is no longer a suspect in the bizarre break in of ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin's apartment. "The NYPD informed us today that Hailey is no longer a person of interest in the break-in. She feels that the truth has finally come out and the cloud that's been hanging over her head had finally lifted," her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia said. The case has been closed a source close to the investigation confirmed to Hailey Glassman Says Jon Gosselin Staged Apartment Break-In To Claim Insurance Money. Glassman was enraged by the allegation that she broke into Jon's New York City apartment, claiming the former reality star staged it himself in order to claim insurance money.

Jon & Kate Gosselin One Year Since Split:

It has now been a year since the marriage of Kate and Jon Gosselin ended. The weeks prior to the tearful, on-air confessionals confirming the split (and garnering record ratings) on Jon & Kate Plus 8 were a train wreck of epic proportions. Rumors of Jon nailing his pal Deanna Hummel were the first to surface. Then Kate and Steve Neild. Then Jon and Hailey Glassman, Stephanie Santoro, and so on.

As their family crumbled under the microscope of celebrity gossip magazines and websites, Kate acknowledges there were difficult moments for their eight kids. "[Nine-year-old daughter Cara] was upset with me because I forgot to sign them up for something at school," Kate tells People in its new cover story this week. "I said, 'Cara, I had a really rough year. This is a new year. You've got to give me that. Let's start over.' So I've really worked to keep my word with them." In general, Kate says, her children – twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel – have weathered the storm well. "They're just amazing, resilient, loving kids." The reality TV mom and her children will return to TLC in a new, revamped Kate Plus 8, airing June 6. The family recently filmed the show in Orlando, Fla. There, they also celebrated the sextuplets' sixth birthday. Back home, they also got to see dad ... and were introduced to Jon's new girlfriend Ellen Ross. Hang in there, y'all.

Kate Gosselin: Life is 'not any calmer':

Life with Jon Gosselin, says Kate, "feels like 10 years ago." In the new issue of People magazine, out Friday, Kate, 35, gives an update on how she and her famous 8 are doing. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's not any calmer," she tells People of her custody issues with Jon, 33. "It just appears calmer on the surface … It's just I've had to internalize and keep quiet the rest of the stress. But it bubbles within me and it spills over, and sometimes [the kids] see it."

She says the kids sometimes struggle, too. "Mady said the other night – which every kid of divorce unfortunately is going to say, and I know to expect this – 'I'm always sad. I'm sad when I'm with you because I miss Daddy, and I'm sad when I'm with Daddy because I miss you,'" says Kate, who trades off custody of the kids with Jon at the family's home in Pennsylvania. "I feel bad that they're torn that way. But at the same time, I still know that it's really better overall," she adds. "I've actually overheard them admit, a time or two, that yes, home is more peaceful now. And that's a good thing." She has a tough time finding her own peace, she says. "I don't think I really know how to even relax anymore. Any little shred I had of that is gone."

Especially difficult was the sextuplets' birthday recently on May 10, when Jon took the kids for part of the day. "That hit me hard," she tells People. "Sitting there, thinking, 'Six years ago I gave birth to these babies. I was probably in the NICU right now. And where are they?' That was so hard." She says she's positive about the future. "There are moments when I do see glimpses of what a normal life might be," she says. "And I mean normal in the sense of getting used to this, feeling like I can manage this change." But, she adds, "I'm not there yet."

Looking Back: Jon & Kate Memorial Day Picnic Episode

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kate Gosselin is Back On The Cover of People! Kate Gosselin Tears Off Skirt for huge DWTS Finale!

DWTS: Kate Gosselin Is Back...Need We Say More?! E!
Just when you thought the dancin' queen had left the ballroom, Kate Gosselin reemerged in full force at tonight's Dancing with the Stars finale. Did her smooth moves take your breath away again, or was it too much, too soon? All we know is that her onetime partner Tony Dovalani said she was "very excited" to be back. Before Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough danced away with the big win, Kate graced the stage one last time. And she loved it! "It was a mish-mosh, that's what I was called," Kate joked after the results. "Honestly, it was so much fun because it didn't matter anymore."Which begs the question, did it ever really matter? Kate was quick to correct reporters when asked about the upcoming return of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but did spill some fun stuff ahead. "Kate Plus 8, presto chango! The kids and I went away on a birthday adventure—my six turned six. I'm old," she teased. "And then we have Twist of Kate. That is a show that is just me, not including the kids. I'm very excited to get that on the road."

Being the diplomatic megamom she is, Kate refused to proclaim happiness for Nicole's win, telling us: "For me it was going to be hard whoever won because I love all of them, and I'm very neutral. It's just difficult. I wish everyone could have won. It's like picking a favorite child--I just can't."(Come on, Kate. We all know your fave is Alexis...kidding!)

Kate Gosselin Tears Off Her Skirt For Dancing Return:

Saucy! For her encore performance on Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars finale, a smiling Kate Gosselin revamped her notorious "Paparazzi" routine. When the music segued into disco classic "I Will Survive," partner Tony Dovolani ripped off her skirt to reveal a sparkly micro skirt beneath. The number ended with the 35-year-old mom ascending high into the air on a platform; a close-up camera caught her giggling awkwardly. PHOTOS: Look back on Kate's tumultuous DWTS days Despite much-documented friction with Dovolani during her run on the show, Gosselin said before her dance, "for the record, Tony, I heart you," tracing a heart shape with her fingers. In rehearsal footage, the reunited pair clashed over how to rework their routine. "I wanted to make it more difficult becaue that's really who I am," she explained -- but then balked when Dovolani suggested to saunter up to the judges. "I'm afraid to do that part!"

Sighs a frustrated Dovolani: "it's one thing saying ing you want something, it's a whole other thing to do it." As they practiced, the 35-year-old reality star surmised: "I would guess that 90 percent of my audience doesn't like me. I'm so controversial." PHOTOS: Kate's grumpiest faces Of her dancing skills? "I could stand there in the middle of the floor and people would [still] judge me. It doesn't matter if I did a Nicole [Scherzinger] or Evan [Lysacek] performance," she adds. "I would still get picked apart to pieces -- so I might as well have fun with it." The Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate star adds: "I would really like America to see the real me. Just doing my best, laughing at myself."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jon Introduces New GF To Kids, Kreiders Testimony Backfires, Ready For The DWTS Finale?

Jon Gosselin — Our Experts Say ‘You’re Pathetic AND Ruining Your Kids Lives’ By Letting Your New GF Hang All Over Them!:

Jon, you need a WAKE UP CALL! We are so worried about your eight little Gosselins that we spoke with top child and family psychologists who tell us your behavior is causing serious DAMAGE to your children! Jon Gosselin, we need you to listen very closely! We’ve been watching you hop from one young girlfriend to another over the past year, which in itself is a major problem BUT we never really cared until it started to affect your kids. You totally crossed the line last week by bringing you new girlfriend Ellen Ross, 23, around your eight children. What are you thinking?! She was hugging and kissing all over them! We spoke with two experts who tell us this is way too soon and dangerous for your children’s emotional health.

“When one parent brings a ‘replacement’ mommy or daddy into the equation, it makes the children more scared and angry, especially when this replacement starts fawning over them to garner points,” says Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “The Gosselin children are on psychological overload. Not only are they having to cope with their parents’ divorce, but now the parade of their father’s girlfriends – and all in front of cameras following them everywhere.” Jon, this could cause your little ones to start resenting you and in turn they’ll probably start acting out! “When they see their parents with someone else it’s like a knife in their chest being slowy turned,” says family psychologist and host of VH1’s Dad Camp, Dr. Jeff Gardere.

You’ve only been dating Ellen for a little over a month so who knows if it will work out. Our experts say you should wait quite a long time before you introduce someone to your kids. “A divorced parent should wait at least three months before introducing a new love interest,” says Dr. Lieberman. “More if they are not sure if this love interest is ‘the one’. Jon’s history of having a new ‘flavor of the month’, almost every month, so he should wait longer — at least nine months … the children should be spared the psychological trauma.” Jon, Dr. Gardere wants you to come on his reality show when he does a celeb dad version! His new show follows six women who have a “deadbeat dad” and Jeff knocks them into shape … sounds like a good idea for you. “First thing I would do is get him to break out of his denial and he would have to be smacked in the face,” says Dr. Gardere. “Men don’t heal they hoe … he is playing Russian Roulette with the kids emotions.”“You are pathetic,” says Dr. Lieberman. “You’re letting your narcissistic need for attention overshadow what’s in the best interest of your children.” Bottom line, you need to keep your conquests away from the kids because one day you’ll be left with eight children who won’t be a part of your life.

Gosselin Kids Allowed To Appear On Kate's New Show:

PA Department of Labor slaps Kate Gosselin's wrist but gives in.The Gosselin children have been cleared to appear on Kate Gosselin's new reality show, TLC's Twist of Kate. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor reported the approval on Monday, saying that they expect the Gosselins and TLC to play by the rules this time. Two weeks ago Kate Gosselin's brother, Kevin Kreider, testified before a court committee to inform Pennsylvania legislators that he felt his sister had used poor judgment in exposing her children to the public via Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kreider reported instances of breached laws and invasions of the children's privacy, until it was later found out that he had fabricated some details of his account.

Perhaps as a result of Kreider's poor testimoney, Kate Gosselin's eight children have been okayed to appear on her upcoming reality series. A judge permits the Gosselin children to be taped for the next six months, after which the court will have to reconvene to determine whether more taping is necessary and amenable. Then it's possible that the Gosselin kids' work permit will be renewed. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor also made it clear that TLC and the Gosselins did not abide by proper procedure for the taping of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which finished airing late last spring. It's reported that no legal action has been taken against TLC -- however, they have agreed to submit the proper request for permission for child labor in the future. Taping of Twist of Kate could begin any day now that Kate Gosselin's run on Dancing With the Stars is over.

Guess How Much Kate Gosselin Made Per Week of Dancing with the Stars?:

Remember when reports surfaced last year that the “stars” on Dancing with the Stars were making $200,000 to “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie” in front of ABC cameras for a season? And you questioned every career decision you had ever made that did not lead to shamelessly begging home viewers for votes while Cheryl Burke mimed the number four behind you? Well, get ready to re-question everything because there is an even more grotesque figure being circulated today— the number of U.S. dollars Kate Gosselin was paid to terrorize you every week.

Do you have your stress ball handy? Because the number is $100,000 — per week. A Dancing “insider” reportedly told PopEater that “Kate earned over $100,000 per week… She’s a single mom who has to pay the bills and feed those eight little mouths all by herself. Say what you want about her, but Kate will do anything to make sure her children have a bright future.” Considering that Gosselin made it through five weeks, she has already banked half a million dollars — plus whatever she gets for returning for the show’s finale. She earned another Dancing-related check for her gig as Entertainment Tonight’s special correspondent. Another source close to the show said that Gosselin probably made more than any of the other contestants considering she was this season’s “main draw.”