Monday, May 24, 2010

Jon Introduces New GF To Kids, Kreiders Testimony Backfires, Ready For The DWTS Finale?

Jon Gosselin — Our Experts Say ‘You’re Pathetic AND Ruining Your Kids Lives’ By Letting Your New GF Hang All Over Them!:

Jon, you need a WAKE UP CALL! We are so worried about your eight little Gosselins that we spoke with top child and family psychologists who tell us your behavior is causing serious DAMAGE to your children! Jon Gosselin, we need you to listen very closely! We’ve been watching you hop from one young girlfriend to another over the past year, which in itself is a major problem BUT we never really cared until it started to affect your kids. You totally crossed the line last week by bringing you new girlfriend Ellen Ross, 23, around your eight children. What are you thinking?! She was hugging and kissing all over them! We spoke with two experts who tell us this is way too soon and dangerous for your children’s emotional health.

“When one parent brings a ‘replacement’ mommy or daddy into the equation, it makes the children more scared and angry, especially when this replacement starts fawning over them to garner points,” says Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “The Gosselin children are on psychological overload. Not only are they having to cope with their parents’ divorce, but now the parade of their father’s girlfriends – and all in front of cameras following them everywhere.” Jon, this could cause your little ones to start resenting you and in turn they’ll probably start acting out! “When they see their parents with someone else it’s like a knife in their chest being slowy turned,” says family psychologist and host of VH1’s Dad Camp, Dr. Jeff Gardere.

You’ve only been dating Ellen for a little over a month so who knows if it will work out. Our experts say you should wait quite a long time before you introduce someone to your kids. “A divorced parent should wait at least three months before introducing a new love interest,” says Dr. Lieberman. “More if they are not sure if this love interest is ‘the one’. Jon’s history of having a new ‘flavor of the month’, almost every month, so he should wait longer — at least nine months … the children should be spared the psychological trauma.” Jon, Dr. Gardere wants you to come on his reality show when he does a celeb dad version! His new show follows six women who have a “deadbeat dad” and Jeff knocks them into shape … sounds like a good idea for you. “First thing I would do is get him to break out of his denial and he would have to be smacked in the face,” says Dr. Gardere. “Men don’t heal they hoe … he is playing Russian Roulette with the kids emotions.”“You are pathetic,” says Dr. Lieberman. “You’re letting your narcissistic need for attention overshadow what’s in the best interest of your children.” Bottom line, you need to keep your conquests away from the kids because one day you’ll be left with eight children who won’t be a part of your life.

Gosselin Kids Allowed To Appear On Kate's New Show:

PA Department of Labor slaps Kate Gosselin's wrist but gives in.The Gosselin children have been cleared to appear on Kate Gosselin's new reality show, TLC's Twist of Kate. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor reported the approval on Monday, saying that they expect the Gosselins and TLC to play by the rules this time. Two weeks ago Kate Gosselin's brother, Kevin Kreider, testified before a court committee to inform Pennsylvania legislators that he felt his sister had used poor judgment in exposing her children to the public via Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kreider reported instances of breached laws and invasions of the children's privacy, until it was later found out that he had fabricated some details of his account.

Perhaps as a result of Kreider's poor testimoney, Kate Gosselin's eight children have been okayed to appear on her upcoming reality series. A judge permits the Gosselin children to be taped for the next six months, after which the court will have to reconvene to determine whether more taping is necessary and amenable. Then it's possible that the Gosselin kids' work permit will be renewed. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor also made it clear that TLC and the Gosselins did not abide by proper procedure for the taping of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which finished airing late last spring. It's reported that no legal action has been taken against TLC -- however, they have agreed to submit the proper request for permission for child labor in the future. Taping of Twist of Kate could begin any day now that Kate Gosselin's run on Dancing With the Stars is over.

Guess How Much Kate Gosselin Made Per Week of Dancing with the Stars?:

Remember when reports surfaced last year that the “stars” on Dancing with the Stars were making $200,000 to “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie” in front of ABC cameras for a season? And you questioned every career decision you had ever made that did not lead to shamelessly begging home viewers for votes while Cheryl Burke mimed the number four behind you? Well, get ready to re-question everything because there is an even more grotesque figure being circulated today— the number of U.S. dollars Kate Gosselin was paid to terrorize you every week.

Do you have your stress ball handy? Because the number is $100,000 — per week. A Dancing “insider” reportedly told PopEater that “Kate earned over $100,000 per week… She’s a single mom who has to pay the bills and feed those eight little mouths all by herself. Say what you want about her, but Kate will do anything to make sure her children have a bright future.” Considering that Gosselin made it through five weeks, she has already banked half a million dollars — plus whatever she gets for returning for the show’s finale. She earned another Dancing-related check for her gig as Entertainment Tonight’s special correspondent. Another source close to the show said that Gosselin probably made more than any of the other contestants considering she was this season’s “main draw.”


  1. The article said:
    Kreider reported instances of breached laws and invasions of the children's privacy, until it was later found out that he had fabricated some details of his account.

    Perhaps as a result of Kreider's poor testimoney, Kate Gosselin's eight children have been okayed to appear on her upcoming reality series. A judge permits the Gosselin children to be taped for the next six months, after which the court will have to reconvene to determine whether more taping is necessary and amenable. Then it's possible that the Gosselin kids' work permit will be renewed. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor also made it clear that TLC and the Gosselins did not abide by proper procedure for the taping of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which finished airing late last spring. It's reported that no legal action has been taken against TLC -- however, they have agreed to submit the proper request for permission for child labor in the future.

    What details did he fabricate? I never heard that before. Where did it say that?

    Where is this info about the court maybe having to reconvene?

    Kevin and Jodi's testimony had nothing to do with the Child Labor Law Dept. allowing the children to film again. They were testifying to improve the Child Labor Laws. It's two different things.

    The Child Labor Dept. allowed them to film for years without permits or paying them. Even after it was determined that they should have been! They didn't even get fined for it. The kids didn't have to get back-pay either. They just had to start from the moment the Labor Dept notified them they were violating Child Labor Laws.

    I really have no idea what this article is referring to, I wish they'd back up their claims. Does anyone else know???

  2. Brooke / sometimes my iPhone drives me nuts. I was trying to say advice in the last post, not advise. And it did the usual changes "of" to "if". Sorry

  3. Schmecky - Im searching that also, as I'm sure you are. I know one point was about the Kreiders not being paid, then it was brought out that they'd earlier done a ROL interview where they said they did get $3,300 for each day's filming which is what J&K were being paid ar the time. (Later the G's did get more.) beyond that, I dunno. Unless it was over the potty filming (which partially took place at the Kreiders) or when they said kids told them they didn't want to film - when asked when that conversation took place, reportedly their response was they didn't remember but "they must have told us or we wouldn't remember it that way." WTH.
    Anyway I'm searching and sure you are also. Let me know what you find.

  4. Linda,

    Nothing yet...

    It can't be the potty training because they didn't film them actually on potties or toilets at the Kreider's house. They filmed them after they came out of the bathroom with their pants already up.

    Regarding the $3,300 I thought Kevin and Jodi said that they got that in total, not for each filming/episode. I thought it was a one time payment for the use of their home and not even for when they appeared on other episodes... Not sure. It wasn't very specific. I know they were't "paid" per a contract so they didn't have a set salary, etc.

  5. Wasn't the custody hearing set for tomorrow or was it delayed or even happening at all? If it's still on, I'm wondering if this latest stunt Jon pulled with his new flavor of the month with his kids is going to backfire on him or have any impact at all.

  6. lucysmom,

    I don't think the court can tell Jon he can't have a girlfriend near his kids; they're divorced.

    I'm not saying it's the best move but if Kate had her significant other meet the kids would anyone want Jon to take her to court? What can the court possibly say?

  7. State Rep To Offer Jon & Kate Child Law

    PHILADELPHIA - A Pennsylvania state rep will introduce a new child-labor law on Thursday inspired by Jon and Kate Gosselin.

    Rep. Thomas P. Murt of Montgomery County says the law is regarding Child Labor Laws related to the entertainment industry and based on April's Republican Policy Committee hearing on child labor.

    Much of the focus of that hearing was on Jon and Kate Gosselin, TLC and witnesses who alleged that children were being exploited by such TV shows.

  8. Lucysmom - Jon dropped the custody case.

  9. OMG I was so tired I fell asleep at 7:30 and just woke up at 9:30. I missed the whole thing. Oh well. I'll have to watch on hulu tomorrow, lol.

  10. Schmecky~ I do remember a scene where the kids were in Jodi's bathroom and one of the boys were on the "potty" if that makes any difference. It was very brief. It was important for me to show the article because of the fact that it really was just stating that even though he Krieders did testify, it didn't do what they appeared to want which was to keep the kids from being back on TV.

    Did you see Kate on Dancing With The Stars? She looked beautiful tonight in a read dress, and was really cheering for Evan!

  11. okay, this is how little I know about DWTS. I thought Kate was dancing tonight. Well that was an hour of my time I won't get back. LOL

  12. Scmecky, the limelife story was a personal blog from a month ago, not an article. Just an opinion.

  13. Yes Denise, the story was from April, but very relevant since this Thurday they are trying to make a big deal about this law being passed. Then making a stink that it had to do in part because of the hoopla the haters made out of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    FYI not all posts on my blog have to be or are day current.

  14. I agree the "article" posted is relevant even though it was a month ago because of the new laws Murt is putting in place, however, it seems to be a bogus non-factual blog post. it's not even Twist of Kate the kids are on, it's Kate Plus 8. The part about the judge is just not true... I have no idea what that is about. Maybe she meant the child labor permits?

    Baby Mama, which episode at Jodi's house? I watched the episode recently and I only saw them open the bathroom door after the little boy went. Unless it was another episode. Which one? Sorry, but if people are going to call someone liars they should back it up. (not you, the other blog author!)

  15. WOW, I missed DWTS and forgot to check the dvr to make sure it was on record and it wasn't, GRRRRRRR! Watched and voted every week and miss the last day, shit! Oh well, can anyone tell me where to see it on line, here, or could I just go to DWTS on line????

    That article from Hollywoodlife gossip sounds like trash. A Dr. with a Reality show about dead beat dads, now that's a good way to get PR for your up and coming show. Bash the Dad, while the MOM is looking sssooo good in her career move.

    Before I jump into the conversation about Labor Laws, I will wait until Thursday to hear what they say or change about the laws.
    Linda & SG good luck with your research!

  16. It is my understanding that Kevin tried to represent that they got paid $3,300 for their entire time on the show, when they really got paid that amount for each time they were on the show.
    They also tried to represent that they were only on the show a few times, whent that wasn't the case.


    "One Child International-Child AbuseWatch today described the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s ruling on the Gosselin children as ‘shamefully little and way too late.’ One Child's CEO, Evin Daly, described the Department's decisions as 'pathetic.'

    The Departments probe concluded that during the filming of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ which followed the lives of the couple and their eight children, the children were employed under Pennsylvania's Child Labor Law because of the direction they sometimes received, because of their continued participation in the series and because the Gosselins and others were paid for the show. (

    Despite an avalanche of public concern in 2009 on behalf of the children, the parents and TLC walked away from the ruling without penalties of any kind. Labor officials ruled that at least 15 percent of the show's gross proceeds, due to the children, must be placed in irrevocable trust funds until they reach the age of 18.

    Child AbuseWatch campaigned over the summer of 2009 on behalf of the Gosselin children who they believed were being financially exploited and abused through neglect. Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah, Joel were denied work status and the accompanying protection despite their active involvement in the show.

    ‘It took the PA Labor Department over a year to reach a conclusion that the public was aware of from the get-go,’ Daly said. ‘Had the Labor board done their job in June 2009 the children would have been spared the public showing, and TLC’s recording, of their parent’s divorce.’ He went on, ‘Awarding the children 15% of the family revenue when they represent at least 50% of the show is an extension of their wholehearted exploitation by all of the parties involved. Based on this math each child therefore makes less than 2% each while each of the parents receives 42.5%. This is, in a word, wrong.’ .........."

  18. #1 caregiver, I believe they repeat last night's DWTS tonight before the awards show.

  19. ZiggyFlo said...
    It is my understanding that Kevin tried to represent that they got paid $3,300 for their entire time on the show, when they really got paid that amount for each time they were on the show.
    They also tried to represent that they were only on the show a few times, whent that wasn't the case.

    Hey Ziggy!

    Interesting. I must have missed that. Where is it shown and proved that they were paid that amount each time they were on the show? I have never seen that anywhere. Do you have a link?

    How many shows were they actually on out of all of them? I can only think of a handful.

    Kevin was on the one with the garage. Jodi was on the gumgate episode. She was on the Utah one for about one minute. Which other ones? I know they watched the kids a few times for Jon and Kate while they went out but I can't remember which episodes.

  20. Good morning everyone! I always intentionally post articles that will STIR debate. They may not always be timely or accurate. They be from other blogs but that does not mean they are not based on fact. But mostly ALL articles usually represent my point of view because well, it's my blog! I had to stress that because I was a bit pissy yesterday when it I was questioned as to why these particular articles were chosen. I choose what I want. If someone wants me to post a particular article just let me know and I would be happy to.

    Schmecky~ with the two or three "potty related" episodes they tend to blend into my brain a bit. I would have to re-watch them to really remember. I'm sure they obviously filmed alot more that went on the cutting room floor. I was under the impression that what was being discussed was not part of what was actually aired. So in that respect we may never know if these claims of what was filmed at the Kreider home or at Jon & Kate's house for that matter are accurate or not. I have a feeling that there is alot more footage we will never see.

    Kate was never to perform yesterday, because Joey & Melissa were set to. Tonight everyone gets a new dance..For those that watched last night, the hot topic is Kates comment to Tony.."90% of the people that watch for me don't like me". She was being sarcastic, but the nasty haters eat that up, and I just cringed. I got what she ment, but boy does that make for stellar ratings tonight. All will dance, Kate may fly (lol) but either way, tonight will be huge!! (insert drums and Fantasia orchestra here)

  21. Thanks everyone on the PreK/Kindergarten comments! We will see how Pre-K goes since she would be in it for about 2 years. We still have a while it was sounding like its best to keep smaller kids in Pre-K longer.

    I think Kevin and Jodi need to worry about thier own kids, I think Kate is a great Mom who has her kids interest at heart. I wish TLC and J&K obeyed the child labor laws when they first started the show but whats done is done. I dowish the kids were only on Kate + 8 and not Twist of Kate. I think 1 show at this point is better for the kids. But this is just my opinion, Kate AND the kids might want to be doing both shows. The kids are old enough now to speak up, and I hope they do, and I hope Kate listens.

    IMO I think Jon's actions might have a bigger effect on the kids,than taping them.

  22. Baby Mama,

    For those that watched last night, the hot topic is Kates comment to Tony.."90% of the people that watch for me don't like me". She was being sarcastic, but the nasty haters eat that up, and I just cringed.

    I don't think we can know how she meant it until we hear the context in which she said it. IMO.

    She said that 90% of her viewing audience hates her. I'm not sure if she meant in general or just on DWTS.

  23. I had to stress that because I was a bit pissy yesterday when it I was questioned as to why these particular articles were chosen. I choose what I want.
    Yes, I agree... you were pissy. LOL! Kidding! I agree you should post what you want. I was just questioning the validity of it. I don't think it's very accurate or fact based.

  24. I was just shocked that you posted the blog because I saw it first at a site for which I have little respect.
    You're right, you can post what you want but it did seem poorly researched.

  25. Here is Tony dancing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night...

  26. Denise~ It was very well researched. Everything I post normally is. Its about the debate. A site that might have had negative articles about Kate in the past may have a positive one I choose to post. I'm a cool chick and I will of course respect everyones opinions. Not everyone is going to love everything I post. I just got pissed because your comment made it seem like I was re-hashing old crap for no reason. Everything has a reason...

    Schmecky~ thanks for the link!

  27. I forgot to add that I was wondering today how Jon introduced this woman.. Did he really them them this is his new "girlfriend?" how do kids conprehend that?

  28. You can watch episodes of DWTS on hulu on the day following a performance.

  29. Jodi was on each episode where they took each kid individually, one Oprah episode, the hair transplant episode, I'm not going to list every one but when you start counting them up, Jodi was on quite a few, more than one realizes at first thought.

  30. Re this "new Law" - I think it is also important to remember that this is not a law, it is a bill that Rep. Murts has introduced. It won't become a law in PA until it is discussed, debated, etc. etc. and then voted upon. The previous conference that he had represented only a small segment of Republicans in the PA legislature as well as media grabbers. He is up for re-election and it was a smart thing for him to do to gain publicity.

    I don't think it could remotely be called a balanced discussion. When it goes before the legislature, then the "other" side can be called.

    I was distressed that Kevin and Jodi again chose to "report" on hearsay. e.g. The supposed appearance of Jon telling them once that he thought Steve and Kate were having an affair, and secondly when he supposedly said "Kate says it's over and gave him a document." Even in the interviews on ROL, the Kreiders say "All we know is what Jon told us." They NEVER saw this infamous document! It is merely hearsay! JMO, but IF there were a document, Jon would have produced it in the divorce hearings or sold it to the media. Also JMO, but I'm pretty sure that Jon subsequently admitted that he and Hailey made up the affair story. (I can't find my notes on that part.)

    The ROL interview where the Kreiders admitted that they got paid $3,300 per appearance (which is what Jon & Kate were getting at the time by the way) can be obtained by going to the ROL site. Or, there are portions of it on You:Tube.
    It is about 3:11 of the 6:13 minutes.
    (I warn you ahead of time, it's pretty disgusting to watch, IMO!)

    Sorry, but you also have the Kreiders in this interview talking about how they were offered a contract. Kevin is garbled about this. TLC issued a statement that while the Kreiders had approached some crew members about being paid more, a contract for appearances was never offered to them.

  31. Regarding the episodes in which the Kreiders appeared:
    You can go to TLC and get the episode list; OR to wikipedia at to see the episodes: OR to IMDB at

    Please remember that on the DVDs of seasons sold by TLC, not all of the episodes appear on the DVDs. You have to go through the episode lists to get them all.

    In Season 1, the Kreiders were in Episodes 3,4,5, and 8 along with the Specials: S-01 Sextuplets and Twins One Year Later.
    Episode 3: Gosselins Go West, Sextuplets stayed with Kevin & Jodi
    Episode 4, Garage Makeover, Kevin was included
    Episode 5, Sextuplets stayed with Kevin & Jodi while Jon & Kate took the twins to American Girl
    Episode 8, Jon Turns 30. You had the surprise party Kate planned for Jon's birthday. Then the twins stayed at Aunt Jodi's and the sextuplets stayed with a family friend while Jon & Kate head for the beach.
    Special: S-02; Sextuplets and Twins One Year Later: Kate prepares for post pregnancy tummy tuck, Jodi & Kevin stay at the Gosselins along with other helpers.

    Season2: Episode 12: Cutting Room Floor, the Kreiders are included in the clips never before seen.

    Season 3: Kreiders are seen in episodes 4, 8, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 30
    Episode 4: Potty Training the Boys, Kreiders are seen.
    Episode 8: Behind the Scenes of Jon & Kate Plus 8" Kreiders are seen.
    Episodes 18-22: These were the "special days" episodes. The Kreiders are seen with the sextuplets at their house.
    Episode 30: Jon's Hair Raising Experience; Jon & Kate leave the kids at home with Jodi & Kevin to go to California so Jon can receive a hair transplant.

    The major friction between Kevin & Jodi and Jon & Kate started at the end of Season 3.

    I do not have time to go through Season 4 and 5 episode by episode, but I don't believe that the Kreiders were included much if all after Season 3.

  32. The article is quite poorly researched, it simply states the Kreiders lied but does nothing to back up the statement. It then goes on to state how the Kreiders affected the labour law decision, when the statements were before a GOP policy meeting. Which mean as much a statement made on this or any blog on the labour law decisions. There was no shocking new details presented by the Kreiders many could be easily backed up by video such as ones of the kids during potty training.

    Balanced discussion? You think there will be someone to stand up and say that children in reality tv should have no protections? That cameras should be allowed to tape the kids potty training, in their bedroom?

  33. Linda,
    Regarding the hearsay, I think Jodi and Kevin said "Jon said...." so it's not exactly the same as "hearsay". They didn't say "Kate said to Jon". They were stating what Jon told them, not whether or not Kate actually said it. They made it clear that they were only going by what Jon told them, not claiming Kate actually said or did it.

    Furthermore, even in common-law systems, the hearsay rule only applies to actual trials. Hearsay is admissible as evidence in many other judicial proceedings, such as grand jury deliberations, probation hearings, parole revocation hearings, and proceedings before administrative bodies.

    If Jon lied to them that is one thing, but if Jon actually told them these things and they repeated it only as things Jon told them then I don't think it is the same thing. IMO.

  34. Thank you Linda for posting all the episodes with Kevin and Jodi in them! I didn't realize there were so many!

    I have to say... reading through the list I was impressed by how much Kevin and Jodi were actually there for Jon and Kate and their children. They took them quite a few times and I think that was awesome of them. Jon and Kate were lucky to have them in their lives when they needed them.

    I haven't watched the clip yet where they said they were paid...

  35. Mosbius,

    I don't think that blog article was researched at all. People are taking it like the representative from the Dept of Labor said everything in the article. The only part of the article attributed to the rep was: A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor reported the approval on Monday, saying that they expect the Gosselins and TLC to play by the rules this time.

    Everything else isn't backed up by anything concrete and purely the conjecture of the blog writer.

  36. I just hear Jodi say "All we know is what Jon has told us."

  37. Linda,

    I watched this one since you link you posted didn't work:

    Starting at the 1:40 mark they discuss the contract. They never said they were paid "per episode." Kevin just said $3,300. I took that as total since the first time I heard it. I still do. Jodi said it was for the use of the cameras in their home. I actually think Kevin and Jodi had every right to be paid for being on the show. They should have been paid for their air time just like everyone else was.

    I actually believe Kevin and Jodi over TLC when it comes to the contract conversation. Just hearing Kevin say that Kate said "We're done" if they got paid sounded real to me. That's one of her favorite sayings... "I'm done."

    While I'm not saying I think Kevin and Jodi SHOULD HAVE done the interviews, I do believe them regarding what they claim Jon told them and regarding the contract and other issues.

    I can see how a Kate fan would hate those interviews, but I found them interesting and plausible.

  38. SchmeckyGirl - I do NOT believe the Kreiders. Sorry. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. I also do NOT believe that TLC has these giant conspiracies all the time either. JMO and I'm sticking with that also.

    The "hearing" the Kreiders "testified" at was a media grabbing joke. Again, JMO. It wasn't really even a "hearing" it was a Republican policy meeting (as Mosbius said.) Do you really think IF TLC had sown up, the Gosselins had shown up, etc. they would have been allowed to "testify?"

    A real "hearing" calls people from both sides to testify. You will get more of this type of debate now that a bill has been introduced.

    I wanted to give you the ROL interview link but it doesn't seem to be working. The interview starts and then it dies. I've tried it on three computers. I have it downloaded but since it is more than 26gb I can't email it. Best I could do was the You:Tube link which is several ROL interviews pasted together in part 1 and part 2 (You even have a male interviewer and a different female interviewer in both parts.) You can hear them say we got paid $3,300 which was the rate per episode. A heck of a lot more than old Kevin made in his regular job!

    JMO again but I don't believe Kevin & Aunt Jodi about the contract either. If you listen to all the interviews, you hear them say "A crew member said we should be getting paid just like Jon and Kate." JMO but I think that planted the seed with the Kreiders. Kevin says "they" told him to wait and let them broach it. Kevin wasn't willing to do that. JMO but I think it was because it had to go from Figure 8 Films to TLC and back again. I don't think it had made that circuit before ole Kevin rushed down and confronted Kate.

    As for Kevin & Aunt Jodi being taken advantage of, I don't buy that for a minute. I think Aunt Jodi just LOVED being on camera! Kevin and dear sweet Aunt Jodi were just happy with everything until they got shut out of the $$$. Then they weren't happy, TLC became the villain, and the Gosselins as bigger villains. ALL they ever had to do was say "NO" to filming. But they never did.

    I could get into the mega money the Kreiders made from all of their interviews but we've been down that road before.

    JMO but I think you would indeed find anything that put Kate in a negative light plausible, and anything that was contradictory as either a conspiracy led by TLC or the truth as told by Kevin.

    The definition of hearsay is "unverified information heard or received from another, rumor."

    The Kreiders are reporting what Jon allegedly said. They are reporting what Jon said as being a fact. They'd had no contact with Jon for a year and he shows up on their doorstep and makes a statement. They are saying there "was this document." and that is hearsay. All they know is what Jon told them. The Kreiders never saw a document and saying that there was one is nothing more than hearsay.

    SG - do you really believe that if there was a document, Jon wouldn't have sold it to the media?

  39. Showing my age here but I did learn the difference between a "Bill" and a "Law" way back when on SchoolHouse Rock on Saturday mornings while eating my chocolate cocoapuffs.

  40. Linda,
    I never said that there was a TLC conspiracy in anything I just wrote... unless you are referring to something else.

    I also never said that Kevin and Jodi were taken advantage of by Jon or Kate. I just said they were really there for them and their children during those times and Jon and Kate were lucky to have them. I'm not sure it was for "screen time" but it's possible. I just don't think so.

    "JMO but I think you would indeed find anything that put Kate in a negative light plausible, and anything that was contradictory as either a conspiracy led by TLC or the truth as told by Kevin".

    Whether it puts Kate in a negative light is not the issue, it's whether or not what Kevin and Jodi said seemed plausible. I think it did.

    I don't think Kevin and Jodi said anything was a "fact". They specifically said all they know is what Jon told them.

    As for the "contract" I really don't know. Would Jon sell it to the media? Maybe he saved it and used it as a bargaining chip. Maybe it actually wasn't a written contract, just a verbal one and J and K were misled or misinterpreted what Jon said. Maybe Jon flat out lied. My point is that Kevin and Jodi seemed to believe it to be true, hearsay or not. Maybe they flat out lied. I don't know. But neither does anyone else.

  41. I do understand it's not a law yet. I understand it may never be. I know he is trying to get the law passed. Still, my points remain the same whether it is a law or a bill.

  42. Linda,

    I'm sorry but I don't understand how you are saying Kevin and Jodi are saying they got paid $3,300 PER EPISODE. They never said that. I still believe it was one total amount. Especially the way Kevin said it like it was not a lot. And it's not.

    If Jon and Kate were paid that much per episode and they were the "stars" of the show do you really think that Kevin and Jodi got paid the same? I don't.

    My opinion is $3,300 is all they every received, total.

  43. Good job, Linda, I don't have the DVD's to go through and IMDB didn't shown the break down.

    There were two things I saw before I started my blog and trying keep track of things. One, as Linda stated, that Jon finally admitted he made up the story about Kate and Steve because he was upset with her. The second is where Kevin admitted they got paid per episode. The video which is showing on you tube cuts away before it's made clear it's per episode. When Kate stated Jodie and Kevin made a lot of money, she isn't lying.
    In regards to what Jodie and Kevin report Jon told them. That is second hand information which they have no way of knowing it was true or not yet the first spoke of it as fact until they were questioned on it and some of the 'facts' they reported started appearing not so factual after all. That's when they started saying they were only repeating what Jon told them. In the second place, if Jon did tell them those things, he told them those things either in confidence, which they then betrayed, or he told them to give them fuel to fan the flames. which would be a conspiracy against Kate. Either option does not speak well of Kevin and Jodie nor does either option back up their claims of just being concerned for the children.

    I agree if Jon had said document from Kate, he would produce it just like he tried to produce bank statements which proved he didn't take money it was proven later he did take. He tried to provide documents to Nancy Grace proving he didn't take the money and what he showed her she stated didn't prove anything.
    My personal opinion is that Kate may very well have been the one to tell Jon it was over - it is reported he'd been hanging out at bars until all hours some time before it ever became public. Kate is not a woman who would tolerate that indefinitely. I have never believed the first photos released of Jon in the bars was happen chance. I think Jon made sure those photos got out there because Kate called his hand and he was again, trying to use a form of blackmail to back her off. Again this is just my opinion and it is an opinion based of the timing of things and how Jon has shown repeatedly how he works. If you will recall, on the shows which were filmed shortly before the release of the first bar pics, Kate's fury and disgust at Jon was so overwhelming one could feel in through the TV screen. Before the pics came out, I wondered what was up for Kate to be furious with him. When I saw the pics, I understood. It all tied in and made sense, then, to me.

  44. Ziggy said...
    The second is where Kevin admitted they got paid per episode. The video which is showing on you tube cuts away before it's made clear it's per episode.

    Where is the clip that isn't cut? I saw the one on ROL when it first aired and I still don't remember him saying per episode.

    I have no problem with anyone saying they were paid $3,300 per episode if that is actually what they said, but I've never heard them say "per episode" or anything that made me believe it was more than one payment of $3,300.

    I also have no problem with anyone getting paid $3,300 per episode, whether it was J&K or K&J. Why does it even matter if K&J were paid per episode? They should have been paid for their appearances by TLC. I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem with them being paid for it, including Kate or Jon, if that is true.

  45. Ziggy and Linda, I enjoy your thoughts on the matter, even though I don't agree. ;)

    Ziggy, I'm sure you won't agree with me but I see it so differently than you regarding Jon and the bar pics and Kate's fury.

    I think their marriage was over in Oct 2008 (pretty much confirmed by both Jon and Kate in various interviews). Jon said Oct 2008, Kate said sometime last year, she also said more than six months ago...

    The bar pics, purposely leaked or not, were from way after that. Either winter 2008 or winter 2009. Their marriage was over. I think Kate's fury was that Jon was not discreet and now their money making show about a family raising multiples was over. Their continued "act" of being married was now out in the open for all to see.

    I'm not sure I even believe Kate cared Jon moved on to other women. I think she was so over him by that time. Yes, I do think Kate's anger in interviews was real. I just think it was about more than Jon being out with other women. I think her anger was that Jon ruined what they had going.

    My opinion is all based on timing too. I do think it's interesting how we all read the same stories, see the same interviews and come to different conclusions. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, just trying to share my thoughts on the who scenario.

  46. Babymama could you upload kate danceing please And wow she did get paid a lot but she deserves it And Jon y ? Y do u do such stupid things!

  47. Kevin and Jodie were also in the very first episode. They went with Jon and Kate to the Martha Stewart Show in New York. Aunt Jodie came to fly home with the family from Utah, they were in the birthday episode, a give your paci to Benny which might have been the cutting room floor episode, and in the Disney episode because she fed the kids dinner before they left on the trip. I just really think that the Krieders are looking out for the Krieders. They didn't have a problem with the filming until it benefitted them to do so. The reason that this is sad is that it robs the kids of times spend with their cousins.
    I also see the only problem with payments to Jodie and Kevin is that they said that Kate refused to let them be paid by TLC and recently Kate said that she ended their relationship when they were being paid by other venues for gossip of what was going on in their home. I believe Kate in this matter only because of how I have seen the Kreiders interview and donduct themselves. I do think especially in the beginning that TLC might have been trying to get away with paying anybody very little. They had no idea of the show's marketability and the family had no idea how to represent themselves.

  48. MobiusDesigns~ Its been a while since I have seen you Lord Vader. I welcome you to Alderan. We are but a peaceful simple planet. We mean no harm to the Galatic Empire....

    I kid.. I'm not going to get into the potty training debate. I never felt that showing the struggles of motherhood was that big of a deal. People need to get over that. That particular situation is one thing where the opinion is based solely on the decision on the parent and SHOULD STAY THAT WAY..moving on...

  49. Opps Lexii sorry I missed your post. I always put up the show the next day if she's actually on it for those that may miss it..Don't worry I got cha! ;) xoxox

  50. Lexii - If you want to see DWTS for last night, click here:

  51. SchmeckyGirl - Sorry, I'm on deadlines today with limited time to wait for ROL to do the doggone searches. It takes forever there; they are just slow!

    Here's a bit more of what I found. I can search for more tomorrow, just can't today.

    Kevin originally says they were only on a few shows. But LOOK at the list of Season 1 – Season 3. I’m not going to list those again.

    Then you have the:
    “Jon came to our door one day and told Jodi he suspected Kate with the bodyguard...”
    ROL Exclusive Interview: Jon and Kate Shocker; Her Brother Says “Their Marriage Is Over”
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    ROL Exclusive New Interview: Kate Gosselin’s Family Blasts TV Mom
    In this same freaking interview, ROL states “The Kreiders said they have not talked to the Gosselins in more than a year.” Strange how, a year later, only the Kreiders know what is really, really happening after not even seeing the Gosselins in a year! IMO it just really comes across as being so hurtful on Kevin’s part. If you haven’t been in someone’s home for a year, how can you even pretend to know.

    ROL states “The fallout, according to Kevin, came over money. He said that members of the production crew told them that TLC was planning on compensating the Krieders, a fact which drove Kate ballistic and led to the family rift. They said that Kate is obsessive over control.” IMO even here you have Kevin stating that “members of the production crew told them TLC was planning to compensate them.” You get formal compensation in a written contract, not from just hearing a member of the crew say it. What a mess!

    Note: ROL interviews are done by different people: Lupe, Chrisa, and Doug. You have to look at the dates of the interviews.

    ROL later used a piece of the previous interviews:
    It is very, very common for celebs to use ghostwriters. The book credits still belong to the celeb, regardless of who did the ghostwriting. (Notice how often Jodi slips and smiles in this, like she’s revealing some huge scandal. It is just ignorance that she doesn’t know this is commonplace. Not only that, MOST ghostwriters do not even get ANY authorship credits! Ghostwriters typically get FLAT FEEs and that is all! The fact that Kate took a chance on Beth is nothing short of miraculous. Beth has no college degree and no prior writing experience. If you want sources, Google ghostwriting or ghostwriting rates. When a project is finished, all rights to the work then belong exclusively to the client!)

    If anybody took advantage of the Kreiders, I’d have to say it was Jon, using them for his various agendas which changed from day to day and month to month. I think he used them when he went to them with the so-called story that “Kate had given Jon a contract.” Why? Because they’d run to the media before, I think Jon was counting on them doing it again.

    Later, Jon says they don’t know what they are talking about.
    ROL Video: Jon Gosselin – Aunt Jodi’s Claims “Ridiculous” posted 9/09/2009

  52. On Tori & Dean last night their son Liam happily ran around the house completely NAKED. Happy as a clam and they laughed it off. People fighting over children potty training seriously need to get a grip. Last night was cute if you watched it. So instead of that lets deal with the fact that a girlfriensd of a month is now tryingt to be a mommy to Kate's kids shall we? Seriously, this pisses me off much more than a stupid potty training episode..

    Jon's New Girlfriend Now Playing Mom To Eight

    "Just call it Jon & Ellen Plus Eight. Ellen Ross fit right into the mommy role when she and boyfriend Jon Gosselin entertained his kids Saturday.

    The happy family outing was at the pool at the apartment complex where Jon now lives, can report. Ellen even picked up and carried one of the sleepy sextuplets as they left the pool at the end of the day. All of this was going on while Kate Gosselin was in Los Angeles getting ready for her swansong appearance on Dancing with the Stars."

  53. tashapork,

    Good point about TLC not wanting to pay everyone a lot at the beginning... But then wouldn't that mean they would not have paid K&J as much per episode as they would J&K the stars of the show? They weren't under contract to be paid... So why would TLC pay them per episode?

  54. SchmeckyGirl- often times even when a couple realizes the marriage is over, they continue to stay in it with the hopes something will improve. Sometimes it's only after the fact they look back and say well it was already over by such and such a time. Who knows what is the case regarding J & K.

    Jon had been bar hoping long before the pics were released. I'm not going to deny there may have been some anger from Kate in that she felt his antics has ruined their show as it had become their source of income and they just moved into the new house. I see nothing wrong in that reaction, that would a normal reaction to having one's income destroyed, especially when one just took on a mountain of debt in agreement with the other spouse. To think she didn't have some anger about that I feel would be unrealistic. And another especially when it was clear Jon would not step up to the plate and support them. He'd already been fired from two jobs, and nothing I can find was ever disclosed about what happened to his job Bob created for him.

    But to think her anger was only over that? Even if they both realized the marriage was over at the time it was, they were still legally married and I would think most women wouldn't appreciate their husband cheating on them publicly while still married. As well as if he's out bar hopping then he's clearly not holding up his responsibilities at home.

  55. SchmeckyGirl said

    Good point about TLC not wanting to pay everyone a lot at the beginning... But then wouldn't that mean they would not have paid K&J as much per episode as they would J&K the stars of the show? They weren't under contract to be paid... So why would TLC pay them per episode?
    SG - TLC really is a good company. It's also fairly standard that whatever the going rate is on a production, if you film elsewhere, the same rate is paid. Besides, it was cheap for TLC when they began to realize they had a hit.

  56. Linda, as always you do an amazing job. I also read somewhere at the time and again can't find it, where the real fall out came because Kate went to Jodie upset because everytime Jodie was around, things about the family which weren't shown on the show would pop up on Julie's blog & Kate wanted that stopped.

    Kate states in her book that Jodie and Kevin helped them out even before the show started. So at some point Jodi & Kevin were sincere in their helping out as family. Kate & Jon didn't have to let them be on the show at all ever. I think Jodi got in her head that because she was getting a lot of compliments from the public that she was as important to the show as Kate and Jon were, that the fans would complain so loud TLC would try to get her back on the show.

  57. The new 23yr old gf trying to be a mommy? She hasn't got a clue, let alone with 8. It's one thing to be like a sitter; brief contact with kids, but not having to actually manage them on a day to day basis.

    I'd be surprised if this one lasts much more than a couple of months. I'll also add that the timing of this is awfully fishy given that Kate is out working on DWTS.

  58. SG - wikipedia also has episode lists. Not my favorite source but one that's accessible. Or, Google Jon & Kate + 8 episodes to get other lists.

  59. ZiggyFlo - that's an interesting point. I have found nothing to document Jon's previous bar hopping, previous affairs, or Kate's anger over Jodi's sister Julie's blog. That said, I'm aware that many of the comments and responses attributed to Jodi were removed. If I were Kate, I'd be royally frustrated at Jodi to say the least but that's just opinion, nothing I can document.

    Personally, I find the Kreiders naive, vengeful, and a number of other things but that's just opinion. I suspect that for Kevin, it was difficult to see so much handed to J&K. Again, just opinion on my part.

    On any crew, you've almost always got some yokel who runs their mouth when they should keep silent. They don't tend to last long but can do amazing damage in a short time. I once had a grip who told a client we often did pro bono work. The client then wanted the job for free. The grip spoke the truth but it was sure not his place to make the comment in the first place. My response was pretty angry at the time. Amazingly the grip did not think he should be working for free, lol.

    I suspect a lot of things but don't have documentation, lol. So it's just opinion.

  60. Hey all this is just a drive by post....I am packing and am off to watch DWTS! Yay! I will try to post but moving day is upon me. Talk soon!

    I will come back and read all new posts in a bit!

  61. Hey CraftyMom. Hopefully your packing is coming to an end. (We won't mention the unpacking later, lol.) Good to see you drop by!

  62. Baby Mama - I'm changing my mind (maybe) about all those Kate haters out there. If they didn't watch TLC, or post on places like ROL, the Kate interest perhaps wouldn't be as high. I know SchmeckyGirl is boycotting TLC and she stands behind her principles (and I'm not calling SG a Kate hater - just a non fan.). But for the real Kate haters, I don't think they can resist watching, lol. So, what they will do in reality is boost ratings. And, that's a good thing for those of us who want to see the Gosselin kids and Kate. If they ignored ROL and TLC, I don't think the viewership would be as high as I bet it will be.

    Hmmm, I don't think I'd go so far as to thank them, lol.

  63. Finally, here on the East Coast it's time for the new segment of DWTS!

  64. OMG! I just watched the entrance dance in DWTS.... Everyone did great except Kate. She walked down the dance floor! Just walked. How can she not even try? Move those hips woman!

  65. I'm confused, this is the first time I've heard of the $3k for the Kreiders. That figure per episode doesn't make sense for the first two seasons since Jon and Kate were only paid $2,500 an episode. Didn't the TLC statement say that they never had a contract or talks with the Kreiders about one? Can't be both, if Kevin and Jodi did have a contract, why were they allowed to bad mouth TLC, Kate, where as Jon was sued for making statements? TLC can still be telling the truth when in fact they did have contract negotiations with the Kreiders. i.e through the production company 'Figure 8'

    I don't see how the new girlfriend is acting as a mom, she is only hanging out with the kids. Does anyone really know how Jon introduced her? Was she introduced as a friend? How is it in any way different in the children's eyes then Steve? Is he trying to replace Jon? I didn't see much anger about Steve...

  66. She looked like she hadn't practiced AT ALL!! If she missed it, she should have tried a little harder.

  67. I think Steve is very different than the new gf. He was around well b/f the break-up.

    Drawing from personal experience of having my parents divorce when I was 9, introducing new "friends" so soon is VERY selfish on the parents part. Of course the parent has the right to "move on" in their personal life, but they need to remember that they committed to having those children, and just b/c they have moved on from their spouse their children still need to be made to feel a priority.
    I really have to question Jon's motives on why the rush to introduce her now, especially when Kate is in CA?

    Sorry to seem so annoyed, but even after almost 25 years I still remember how it felt when new "friends" were introduced.

  68. Miss Kate, you rock. Just smile all the way to the bank and deposit that big ole fat paycheck! Let the people say whatever they want. You get the last laugh. A cool half a million or whatever it was. That is awesome. Bet your brother is just gnashing his teeth in envy.

  69. The salary story has been denied by DWTS.

  70. I think that Jon introduced his girlfriend to the children to show the world that he is able to get a hot, young woman, that is sooo much better than Kate and that he is able to move on, love again, is virile, and is not hurting in anyway. ; )

    His behaviours show that the children (although he loves them) are not his priority and I question his capability to discern what is healthy and what isn't in relation to emotionally supporting the kids. I am not judging him, I am only observing what his actions are saying. At this moment in life his need to protect his ego is more important than negotiating the consequences of his actions. I think that he cannot consciously make healthy choices because if he stopped to spend time by himself and reflect on what has happened over this past year, his emotions would crush him.

  71. Denise - it doesn't matter about the amount in that whether it was $100k or $500k. The point is that she got paid, no kids involved, and I think she actually had fun! Whatever the size of the paycheck. She got one!

  72. whaaaahhhhaaaaa OMG...I AM.. JUST..WELL....That was the funniest thing I have eva seen!! YOU GO KATE!!!!!

  73. I am delighted that she made money without the kids. I would feel better if I felt she had tried at all.

  74. Baby Mama - I agree in that it was crazy. She will survive!

    Denise - You, well, nevermind.

    She said she couldn't dance, they still invited her to participate and she made MONEY. She was right about people wouldn't like it no matter what. So what did she do? She smiled, laughed - in fact she gets the last laugh - all - the - way- to - the - bank.

    How many non dancers get asked and paid to dance?

  75. Denise~ Are you kidding? Its seems to me like a dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn't kind of thing. Tell us how you really feel.. I have a feeling that you are ready to bust a gut for your hate of Kate or something. SPIT IT OUT GIRL! Seriously, you gotta be honest with your feelings... ;) Are you hiding dolls with crazy hair anywhere? wink wink

    COME ON..Kate was hysterial in the best way tonight! I am still laughing and cheering at the same time!!

  76. I think her kids will absolutely love that she "looked" like she was flying at the end. I thought it was great.

  77. Okay, I can't take it any longer. Am I the only one that thinks it is ridiculous that Nicole will win. She is a performer/dancer, of course she will win. What a waste of a season. Sorry, i couldn't keep it in any longer and my husband got tired of me complaining to him... : )

  78. I have been following on the ABC DWTS board so I was getting their opinions, sorry if we disagree.

  79. SchmeckyGirl - I almost forgot. When you get your 3D tv will you tell us all about it? I'm really curious! That would be awesome. Congrats on your purchase.

  80. Baby Mama, your posts were not the least bit pissy..your blog your content choices.
    Linda & Ziggy I totally agree with EVERYTHING you have said today. Great Job! your mother's instinct & you'll make the best decision for you & your child. Just be very thankfull that your name is not Kate Gosselin & you do not have everybody & their dog with an opinion on how to raise your child:-) I know I am.

    Sorry but at what point did Kate or Jon ever make us the viewer's privey to every intimate & personal feeling they had during their marriage breakup? They did not, nor should they! I don't think it is very fair,that because we "know" them from T.V. to speculate on who was feeling what, when. We do not know, anybody who has ever been through a seperation & divorce know's that emotions & feelings remain strong for a VERY long time. Especially when you have children. I really cannot wrap my head around the belief that some people have that "celebrities" do not experience the same pain that the rest of us do, Kate Gosselin is no exception.

  81. This is the first "friend" Jon has introduced to the kids. How will they emotionally distressed if their house is a revolving door of people since they were born? No one has any idea of how she was introduced to the kids. It seems that Jon is damned if he does or damned if he doesn't with. If he moves closer to the kids, begins looking for work and spends more time with them sounds to me like the kids are his priority and people are just making a mountain of a mole hill and just trying to find new ways to criticize Jon for pretty well nothing.

  82. LOL Baby Mama. I didn't get the flying lift thing. Didn't look to me like she was flying... Or dancing for that matter. ;)

    I thought Niecy did awesome and looked thinner than when she was in the show.

    Linda, OMG! I can't even begin to tell you. I haven't even received the TV yet and I'm spending more money. I had to buy the 3D blueray player... Got 2 pairs of glasses free but have to buy 2 kids glasses for $175 each! Not to mention extras for their friends and our friends! AND now I found out we need to get another receiver for the surround sound that is 3D compatible. And right now there is only ONE movie available in 3D! ROFL! We needed a new TV though and we got a good one that is great even without the 3D feature.... Just funny we are spending at least $1000 more than we thought. They get you with the glasses. But I will let you know when it's all hooked up!

  83. Crap. I never got back to you about the elephants.

  84. Wait..did I miss something? Where did the elephants come in?

    Ok lets face it, the girl just had fun with it. She's not the best dancer and the competition was so high this year it made her look worse. None of you remember the first season where there wasn't a big celebrity in the bunch. Do you even remember who won? If John Hurley was the star then you know it was bad. Kate would have looked great amongst those guys. Things didn't pick up until season 2 with Nick Lachey's brother.

    Nicole was a ringer and it's not fair for those with no dancing skills to go up against a professional dancer who admits to working at it since she was 3. I didn't really feel Evan was fair either since it just seems like the Oylmpians seems to always win too. Tonight was really all about what Kate said.."they want to see me fail, they will attack me no matter what." Might as well just have fun..and she did.

    Tonight I was on a great high for the first time in a while. We had a get-together with a few of my friends to watch. We cheered for Kate while laughing our a@@es off at the same time. Pure fun. Kate was in on the joke and just did her thing. The ratings must have dominated AI. I checked briefly and it was a case of the zzzz...

  85. Sorry Baby Mama... that was for Linda, I was supposed to email her about my circus boycott.

    I agree Kate had fun with it and that was good... I just felt like the flying thing was so stupid and unnecessary. It looked like she just went up in a cherry picker and the closeup didn't help. Everyone was laughing at her. I thought it was painful to watch the end portion. The dancing part, fine, she can't dance, but it was like they wanted to humiliate her. I wouldn't have agreed to so that. She should have kicked Pam out of the big circle and stole it from her. ;)

  86. I peed in my pants and I wasn't even drinking! It's all goodthough.. I'm still her #1 fan regardless... The flying thing was totally stupid, other than that the dance was good. I don't think she practiced as much as she should have, but for Kate it was good. The flying would have been better if she actually DID something up there! I was really hoping that she would have knocked it out of the park though, kinda like a big finger to the haters or something.

  87. I forgot to mention though.. did she say that "Twist of Kate" was now being pushed to the Fall? was it always coming out that late?

  88. Yes, she said fall for twist. They probably want to film all the specials while school is out.

  89. How many shows were they actually on out of all of them? I can only think of a handful.

    Kevin was on the one with the garage. Jodi was on the gumgate episode. She was on the Utah one for about one minute. Which other ones? I know they watched the kids a few times for Jon and Kate while they went out but I can't remember which episodes.
    They were on the going to the Oprah show - Jodi was over the moon excited about going. Jodi was on the show when Jon got his hair plugs. They were on Jon's 30th birthday party show. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

  90. I also have no problem with anyone getting paid $3,300 per episode, whether it was J&K or K&J. Why does it even matter if K&J were paid per episode?
    I thought the issue was raised to determine if they lied in the hearing. I don't think anyone begrudges the Kreiders getting paid - the issue is if they lied about that in the hearing, what else did they lied about in the hearing? And why?

  91. I have no problem with the Krediers getting paid, I think they should have. My issue regarding their payment is they at first tried to represent it as if they didn't get paid and then tried to represent it as if they got paid very little.

    My second issue is as you said: "the issue is if they lied about that in the hearing, what else did they lied about in the hearing? And why?"

  92. Linda -
    It has been some time since I've done any 'researching' regarding J & K and as I said, most of what I have done was before I started my blog and started trying to keep track of what I find. Some of my 'reserach' I did for my own benefit was even several years ago. Usually most things one wants to go back & find again, they can find it somewhere. But I'm finding quite a bit that I know I read that I can't find anymore. I also did some reserach some time back regarding the Figure 8 Productions and can't find now what I found then.

    It's very frustrating to know what one read, remember that it was from credible sources and now not be able to find it again. And for that to be, it only means there has been a dedicated effort to get certain things removed.

  93. ZiggyFlo,

    Nothing ever gets "truly" removed from the Internet. That's why it is so devastating emotionally and often financially when haters spread untruths about you. I can speak to that firsthand for myself and for a client, Michelle Mace-Lambert. Sadder still when it is done maliciously as "fun." Googlebot and the Wayback Machine among others collect and archive.

    You can be left with a copy or download that is more difficult for others to reference.

    ROL is certainly not a preferred reference of mine. A bit higher if it is an interview, but even then they "exerpt" from time to time leaving out or highlighting different perspectives.

    The problem is that many of these sources "relabel" the title, subheading, or key tag words associated with articles making th harder to find. Why, I don't know.

  94. ZiggoFlo said...
    It's very frustrating to know what one read, remember that it was from credible sources and now not be able to find it again.

    I know! I hate that!

    It's also frustrating that some will remember the blog posted here and quote it one day as the DOL said all that so it is credible. I've seen people write that now and it's not true.

  95. PAR said...
    I thought the issue was raised to determine if they lied in the hearing.

    True. So did they? What was "fabricated" as stated in the blog article?

    I don't think it was proven they lied. What did they lie about?

  96. ZiggyFlo,
    Figure 8 has grown a lot in the last four years. Before the Gosselins, they seemed to be primarily focused on medical issues. Some would call that strange. IMO, they were sharing stories to bring interest and to help fellow sufferers, their parents in some cases, and sometimes highlight the need for research.

    From the Kate haters and pseudo child advocates I imagine they have had to endure unimaginable frustrations.

    I'm also amazed, truly amazed, at the number of Gosselin haters who watch every program, read every tabloid, and every disreputable sleezoid Internet article. They are just too ignorant to realize that if they stopped watching and reading, many of the paparazzi would dry up because interest in the Gosselins would most likely wane enough that these media would no longer buy the photos. As long as the Gosselins get 100s of comments. ROL will keep publishing.

    Don't get me wrong. I completely support laws on child labor, be it acting or whatever. I find though, that in the Gosselin case, many seem to be pretend advocates. They are more interested in the entertainment of hatred rather than really caring about the kids.

    Interesting too our economy. I wonder how much of the hate is driven by that? Research tells me that parallel love-hate relationships with celebs developed during the Great Depression. Perhaps, in part, they ate angry about other things but voice that anger by using the Gosselins as targets without even realizing why. I recently had to watch clips from tv shows of the 60s for a project. All in the Family and others became popular during the long gas lines of the day. Those were sitcoms not reality but mirrored social issues and problems of the times. JMO.

  97. OOps - I was trying to type "they are angry" not they ate angry" - darn these auto correct iPhones etc that change things you don't want changed!

  98. Linda, Yes, I understand that nothing is ever truly removed. Frankly, I forgot about Wayback.

    I guess I should've stated that sometimes things are so buried that they can be difficult to find. Although I support Kate, there's only so much effort & time I'm going to put into trying to find something. And when something gets that hard to find, I just consider it 'gone'.

    What ticks me off major is I have for years regularly keep my favorites, new file each time and I know I have a disc with old saves and can't find it anywhere.

  99. Off topic - A Plea Again For Food For Children.
    Just in my small tri-county area if NC there are 85,000 children who will be hungry this summer without their free or low cost lunches. In honor of the Gosselin children, please donate canned, non-perishable boxed or canned goods to your local Second Harvest or food bank. With 2nd Harvest, a $1.00 donation will provide two meals. With 85,000 kids times the number of days of summer, that's 6.5 million meals that are needed! Please consider giving.

    With the economy, etc. any of us could have been in the same situation. Our nation's children need your help.

  100. Baby Mama,

    You asked about Ellen "mothering the kids. I don't think she is mothering them any more than anyone else around them does... the nannies, Jamie, etc. I think that's natural interaction if you like kids or they like you. It's not like she was disciplining them.

  101. Just MHO but Steve is an employee who has with his family become a friend. I save my outrage for the people who insinuate that he is more than that. Imagine what his children & wife have been through this past year?

  102. Ziggy..
    I really enjoy the information you have been able to share. Thanks

  103. When it comes to quoting articles online, I don't like when 10 different "news" sites or blogs repeat the same story that RadarOnline posts. People think that it must be accurate if 10 different places "reported" it.

    I also hate when people copy and paste a portion of something and leave important parts out. I've had it done to me where I'm quoted and they left out my first paragraph and it made it seem like I said something I didn't. I don't trust copy and pastes unless I see the full quote myself.

  104. momsby said...
    Just MHO but Steve is an employee who has with his family become a friend. I save my outrage for the people who insinuate that he is more than that. Imagine what his children & wife have been through this past year?

    Funny you mention that. I made a comment on another blog about that and when someone replied to mine they only copy and pasted a portion of my comment in theirs. The portion they pasted made it seem like I said Steve and Kate were having an affair. I never said that.

    Someone said that Steve and Kate's relationship was strictly employee/employer and I replied that it wasn't true. Kate said they were very good friends, so it's more than just employee/employer. They do have a personal relationship.

    Again, when it was copied it left out an important part and that made it seem like I said they were having an affair. I never said that.

  105. Mosbius~ Kids, especially the twins, know the difference between "friends" and "girlfriends" regardless of how she was introduced.

    And if there was something going on between Jon and Stephanie, the twins would have probably picked up on that as well.

    I am not saying this just because it is Jon if Kate had a parade of men that she had been though over the past year and was introducing the flavor of the month way too soon I would be calling her out on it as well.

  106. SchmeckyGirl - I share your frustration big time with people who copy and paste. There's one jerko who comes here, copies, and apparently pastes that daily into another blog. ONLY, they leave out chunks that change what was said completely!

    Although our perspectives and reference points are often opposites, I know that both of us try hard to find the "original" source. That isn't always easy as you know. I get really frustrated, for example when E! is citing US mag that is citing Insider that's citing the Tampa Tribune etc. Then when you get to the "source" it's a one shot post on their blog section that was written by John Q Citizen who cites NO sources for the "facts" cited. It's just opinion. But all the media to media to media citing makes it seem legitimate.

    There are still people who feel that if they see it in print, it must be true. That wasn't even true a long time ago, and IMO, less so today. Even more than 100 years ago you had "yellow" journalism and the sensationalism of the "penny press." I still think if it can't be confirmed by a second source, it shouldn't run. Sadly, that's almost become as extinct as dinosaurs.

  107. So what is the issue with Ellen being around the kids? That he is bringing someone into their lives that they will care about and then if they break up they will lose her?

    Or is it because they will see their father in an intimate relationship with someone other than their mother so early after the divorce?

    While I agree with both issues in most cases, I don't think the first issue matters much in this case; unfortunately these kids are so used to people coming in and out of their lives (nannies, aunts and uncles, close family friends, crew, etc).

    The second issue I can understand more, however, Jon and Kate have not been "together" for over a year. The kids, especially the older ones, know that.

    If Jon and Stephanie were intimate (Jon denies it but I'm not saying it's not possible) maybe they weren't in front of the kids. She was a nanny to them so that was the explanation to them as to why she was there.

  108. Speaking of Steve... I too feel for his wife and kids. I can't imagine how this is affecting them.

    I personally feel that at this point Steve should take on another job. He has a big company, he can "protect" someone else. I can't see this being his only option for a paycheck.

    I just think his wife's and children's feelings are more important. He and his wife can still be friends with Kate and be there for her on a personal level.

    If Kate needs a bodyguard to keep her safe there are tons of them out there. They get paid good money to do that job. I'm sure they are capable.

    I understand that Kate doesn't want to lose Steve because she trusts him but I think how this affects his family should be more important. IMO.

  109. My issue with Jon introducing Ellen is not so much that it is too soon after the divorce, it is that his relationship is too new for him to know how long it will last. It is hard for kids to see their parents in an intimate relationship, and in my opinion it is very careless of Jon to introduce her so soon.
    Didn't he say Hailey was his "soul mate"???

  110. Jessica,

    Yes, he said Hailey was his soul mate. Unfortunately Hailey didn't feel the same way. Or is it fortunately? Hailey was his rebound relationship. And what a disaster that was!

  111. SG,
    Sometimes I get the impression that you believe I am directing my posts to you specifically, I'm not;) If you were calling Kate Super Tramp or Steve her Boy-Toy, or the Boobie Gaurd maybe I would.(lol)
    I also at times find much of the diluted info frustrating. It reminds of how rumours can take on a life of their own, especially in smaller communities. It can be very hurtful for all involved.

    In regards to you post about Steve, I really do believe that Kate & the children need protection. IMO Steve & his family seem to have made the decision to not let ugly gossip dicate how they choose to live their lives. I find their continued support admirable. IMO, it takes a relationship with a very solid foundation to withstand that kind of scrutiney. I feel badley for what they have had to deal with, but I also respect how they have handled it.

  112. Hello Gosselin readers! It has been the most crazy morning for me.. But I do not leave without giving you my freshly scented vanilla paper! Check out the hot new cover of People! Check out the video! More to come! xoxoxox