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Kate Plus 8 Film In Australia & New Zealand! Jon Gosselin (of Course) Tries To Stop It

Kate Gosselin is following in Oprah Winfrey's footsteps by jetting down-under to Australia with her eight kids to bring in the New Year. The reality television mom will also pay a visit to New Zealand during the whistle-stop tour where she will be accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Nield.What's more, we've learned Kate is doing it in style: the 35-year-old and her brood are flying first class! It's understood TLC is picking-up the tab for the expensive tour, as the family will be filming upcoming episodes of their hit show Kate Plus 8.However, neither Jon Gosselin or his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, are traveling with the group and will be staying Stateside to see in 2011.

"Kate and the kids flew-out just before midnight last night in what will be a staggered trip to Australia and New Zealand," a source said. "Obviously, Jon was informed of the excursion and the kids will not see their father again until mid-January when they return to America with their mom. "They will be filming for Kate Plus 8 and the kids are excited about visiting both Australia and New Zealand."Steve Nield - who is from New Zealand - will also be traveling with them while they tour both countries." As we previously reported, Gosselin tried to prevent Kate from doing her own reality show after the couple divorced once their original series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, ended. But the courts in Pennsylvania allowed the controversial mom to keep filming with her kids.

Jon Gosselin Asked Judge To Stop Kate From Taking Kids To Australia:

Jon Gosselin made a desperate attempt to stop his ex-wife Kate's trip to Australia with their eight kids -- and even went to court over it -- but a judge ruled that she could make the excursion because it was work related, has exclusively learned (through REAL source Ellen Ross lol). The decision to allow the trip was made following a secret closed door hearing at Berks County Court in Pennsylvania earlier this month by the same judge that allowed Kate to film her spin-off reality TV show Kate Plus 8 on the TLC network, despite objections by Jon.“It was another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia. “But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans to get together with his kids and friends for New Year, but now he will not see them until they return in the middle of January.

“He was scheduled to have them this weekend, but there was nothing he could do as the decision was taken out of his hands.“Kate told Jon about the trip, and when he did not agree it was decided that the judge should intervene and the ruling went in her favor. “He is trying to put a brave face on it and has explained the situation to his own family and friends, but obviously not being with his kids for New Year is a big disappointment for him. “But they all respect him for trying to stand-up to Kate and for fighting for what he thinks is right for his kids too.” exclusively reported that Kate flew to Australia with her eight kids, plus their body guard Steve Nield, on Tuesday night. The trip is being paid for by TLC and the party will also visit New Zealand. During the excursion they will shoot footage for future episodes of Kate Plus 8.

The source added: “Jon’s friends are determined that he will have a good time at New Year even if his kids are not around. “It is most likely that he will be staying in Pennsylvania to be with his girlfriend Ellen Ross plus family and friends as they see in 2011 together.” In October, 2010, Jon was snubbed by the same court when he tried to keep his kids off television because he claimed they were suffering from emotional and behavioral issues.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

TLC Edits Kids To Look Sad Camping, INF Tries To Keep The Lies Straight

Wow Holy Blizzard everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day home before the nightmare that will be work tomorrow. I finally got the baby to take a nap after the kids drove me crazy today. Are they done playing with their brand new gifts already? Sigh. There was a few things that I wanted to cover last week before the chaos that was Christmas. Did everyone get what the wanted? See my wish for snarky vile hate sites to be wiped from the Internet sadly did not come true. I was deeply concerned that poor Wormy Gal will become frostbit from setting up camp along Gosselin's shrubbery. So lets get back to all this craziness that is all things Kate Plus 8, minus Jon, plus fans minus non-fans...

TLC in need of sad, upset-looking kids, uses the same shot multpile times!!

Photos courtesy of ZiggyFlo:  Obsessed haters excited to exclaim!: "More proof of TLC's manipulation and how "reality TV" is anything but real... Sarah Palin/Gosselin Camping episode on MY PREVIOUS POST  take notice of Part 4 at the 3:42 minute mark and Part 5 at the 4:23 minute mark.   TLC uses the exact same clip of a tup looking very forlorn. In Part 4 the clip is used while Chuck is instructing the kids about bear safety at the campsite.  In Part 5 the same clip is used again when Kate asks the kids if they are Palins or Gosselins as she wants to leave the campsite.  This is a good illustration of how clips can be manipulated to fit different scenes. Sure, the event actually happened, but TLC uses it twice, in completely different scenes, to enhance different storylines they want to portray at different times." Ok so basically TLC is trying to make the kids look sadder than they actually WERE? Go figure? You mean, someone was INTENTIONALLY making Kate Gosselin appear to be a bad mother? "TLC sees something that's great for ratings, something that appeals to people. Kate had this appeal to people with a moral center, back when things started going. She was very pro-life, and that was attractive to the religious community. You supported her, you wanted to be there for her, because now she had this incredible plight on her hands. And what is she going to do? So the show was more, in the beginning, about looking at cute kids and watching home movies, because everybody likes home movies. Now, they're getting older and it's not the same type of thing, so you have to amp up the drama. You have to put something else in there that will attract the viewers, and if it's not the show-and-tell of cuteness, there's got to be something else out there."

INF Gets Caught Red Handed Changing Their Posts To Make Kate Look Bad

OK so if anyone was the nasty, lying ,money grubbers out there in 2010, the award hands down goes to INF. Poor Chris Watts probably has not bathed in days. Forcing him to live a life of despair in his beat up car living at the Gosselin Gates this year just to get a glimpse of anyone to get a photo of from the Gosselin family. Wormy Gal bonded with him and the slug that is Al Walentis, while they got their "child exploitation signs" all muddy waiting there for so long. They wanted their exclusive photos to have a voice, so they picked up the steam with their site by allowing the trash commenter's basically say whatever they wanted, AND deleting fan posts. (Since we all know that INF pulled a Nina Frye because haters make up more readership and vile hate is more vocal than the fans who are too scared to post. .) What people started noticing recently was INF getting caught in a few of their lies and changing their posts after fans caught wind that their sources may not be legit.

When many of the posts were having WAY to much of a "Jon Gosselin REALLY loves his girlfriend" slant, many were accusing Ellen Ross of planting stories to make her only 8 month boyfriend Jon Gosselin look like father of the year.

So while I don't blame her for running away from the Internet after blabbing to blogs too many times, this behind the scenes "source" needs to stop trying to became the Gosselin Stepmother she ain't.. Not a good thing. And I'm all for Jon to announce to every blog on the planet that he FINALLY got a job, but leaking stories that are WAY too obvious who the leak is also, not a good thing. Get away from INF in 2011 and legitimately try to just work on being a good father and a civil ex-husband. xoxoxo BM

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gosselin Inspired Holiday Recipes! (Sweets Edition) Watch Gosselin Family Christmas HERE!

Merry Christmas everyone! Boy I am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for! (Of course I say this as I'm yelling at my kids to go to bed lol) This year has been such a roller coaster for me. But not nearly as crazy as its been for Kate Gosselin. Many sites are doing end of the year lists. I thought this site would veer off a bit FINALLY get our Holiday Recipes together. A Gosselin Inspired Holiday Recipe fest! Thank you for all your donations. I hope each of you will try to add at least one or more of these yummy feasts! Which one will I attempt to make? Well we shall see on Christmas Day! xoxox

Caramel Corn Popcorn Twists "From Fascinated"
1/2 lb butter (do not substitute margarine) 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup corn syrup, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 (175 g) bag popcorn, twists

1. Set oven to 250°F.  2. Place popcorn twists into a roasting pan. 3. Cook together butter, brown sugar and corn syrup for 2 minutes after butter has melted and it starts to gently boil in a large saucepan. 4. Add baking soda to mixture. 5. Allow foam to cook down slightly. 6. Pour caramel mixture over popcorn twists and stir until mixed. 7. Place in oven for 35-45 minutes, (35 for chewy corn, 45 for crunchy), stirring at least every 10-15 minutes. 8.  Remove from oven and pour on wax paper. 9. Allow to cool slightly , break apart.

Skor Apple Dip "From Momsby"
1 pkg Cream Cheese /3/4 Cup Brown Sugar /1/2 tsp Vanilla /1 can Caramel Sauce(ice-cream topping works) /1 Pkg Skor bits(you can find them in the baking isle) /5-6 Green apples Sliced into bite sized pieces.
Beat Cheese, sugar & vanilla with mixer. /Spread onto a serving plate./Layer with Caramel.
Sprinkle Skor bits & garnish with apple slices.

Cranberry Hootycreeks "From Corrina"
(Prep Time:  25 min, Ready In: 25 Min) 1. Layer the following indredients in a 1 quart jar in the order listed:
5/8 cup all purpose flour/ 1/2 cups rolled oats/ 1/2 cup all purpose flour/ 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt/ 1/3 cup packed brown sugar/ 1/3 cup white sugar/ 1/2 cup dried cranberries/ 1/2 cup white chocolate chips/ 1/2 cup chopped pecans

(Attach a tag with the following instructions:) 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a cookie sheet or line with parchment paper. 2. In medium bowl, beat together 1/2 cup softened butter, 1 egg and 1 teaspoon of vanilla until fluffy. Add the entire jar of ingredients, and mix together by hand until well blended.  Drop by heaping spoonfuls onto the prepared baking sheets.3. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until edges start to brown.  Cool on baking sheets 5 minutes then remove to wire racks.

Baked Banana Pudding "From Linda Original"
8-10 Servings/Ingredients/3-4 ripe bananas, peeled and sliced (rounds about 1/4" thick)/ 1 tablespoon lemon juice/3/4 cup granulated sugar/2 tablespoons granulated sugar (keep separate)/ 1/3 cup all-purpose flour/1/4 teaspoon kosher salt/4 large eggs, separate yolks & whites/ 2 cups half-and-half/1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract/45-50 vanilla wafers (I buy 2boxes, kids eat leftovers)/ 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F.Put the banana slices in a bowl with lemon juice and set aside. This helps bananas from turning brown. Stir 3/4 cup of the sugar, salt, and flour in a 3-quart pot. Add the egg yolks and whisk to mix. Whisk in the half-and-half to mix. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly about 5 to 10 minutes (about 175 degrees F.) Keep stirring, don't walk away. Pudding will get thicker and bubble around the edges. Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla extract. Spread a small amount (1/4 c) of the pudding in the bottom of 9x9 glass baking dish. Cover with a layer of vanilla wafers, followed by a layer of banana slices. Pour 1/3 of the remaining pudding on top of the bananas and repeat, ending with a layer of pudding.
Beat egg whites and cream of tartar with stand mixer on medium speed until soft peaks form. Gradually add the remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form. Spoon the meringue over the warm pudding, being sure to cover all the way to the edges. (If you dont seal the pudding with meringue to edges, it will weep when baking.) Bake until the meringue is evenly browned, about 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven and cool for 15-20 minutes before serving. Cool completely before refrigerating. Refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Watch My Absolute Favorite Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode: Gosselin Family Christmas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PART 2: How Legit Are These Sources? My NEW Top 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Sorry I have been so all over the place with my posts. I'm still collecting some last minute entries for the Gosselin-themed Holiday Recipes. Please send me some more so I can do my post next week in honor of Christmas!..But now the lies being spread are once again so out of control I must address them.. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. Do people STILL feel that since it's everywhere it's true? How can you prove it's not some hater trying to see how it easy it is to post a complete lie calling in information that's not true? The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will continue to come up. After Kate's date in the woods on Sarah Palin's Alaska, the haters posting under 20 different names 300 times on a post are now at an all time high. If those people are just fabrication, what about the stories on these rag mags? Lets recap the NEW Top 5 of complete BS Kate Gosselin stories that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate's Big Lie: Kids WERE Expelled  RadarOnline  Ugh here we go again..Lets face facts. The school would NEVER release info. on students. And once again, were reading an article that is trying to paint Jon & Ellen in a good light. Would he sacrifice the safety of his own kids to hurt his wife AGAIN in the media, or will we find out that Ellen is secretly his new PR agent?  Radar has been known in the past to be completely wrong on rumors. Remember the BS of Kate buying a condo?? BS LEVEL: 5

2.Source: Kate Gosselin's kids are BEGGING to move out: Life & Style OMG This is definitely the week of suspicious stories. Ellen Ross I'm talking directly to you. We all know how Jon's ex's love to get paid by this mag (Stephanie Santoro exclusive) so I'm thinking perhaps someone got the idea to leak a little more to up Jon's good daddy level before any upcoming child support hearings. I mean, WHO would actually know this?  "When he and his girlfriend Ellen Ross recently took care of the children, says Life & Style, “They looked like a really happy family.” BARF! BS LEVEL: 9.5

3. Kate Gosselin Spends $2,000 On Her Hair: Now we do not know whether this was a comped haircut or she paid for it. But yes, celebrity hairstylists charge a fortune for a haircut. And even more if the best of the best personally cuts & styles it for you. But why not? She can do and spend whatever she wants. But how does someone know that she had the color done as well? I'm thinking this was linked from someone from the salon has a case of the jealousies. BS LEVEL: 2

4. One Rough Camping Trip Later, Kate now Has Political Aspirations!: Ohh Rob Shuter, we have had many a discussion that your over-inflated ego does not equate real celebrity gossip. Or at least real LEGIT celebrity gossip. This one screams fake Kate hate just to get the blogs in a huff. Kate's telling friend's she wants to run for office. Didn't you just say last week that Kate has no friends? Try perhaps that her real friends would never tell you crap like this..BS LEVEL: 9

5. Jon Gosselin Step-Dad: I don't even know how to get in touch with him! Sometimes you need to try to go directly to the source to and hear it from Jon Gosselin's mouth. That may or may not legitify the story though. Jon declared on his Twitter several times that this story was completely made up by Radar. Radar claims they got the exclusive from Jon's Step-father himself! Funny was the FIRST time Radar had openly admitted the source of their stories. Who to believe? Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 5

Friday, December 10, 2010

Watch Sarah Palin's Alaska w/Kate Gosselin HERE, Can Ellen Ross Be A Stepmom? Best Celebrity Body 2010

Hello Gosselin fans! With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Holidays, I'm still tweaking what I hope will be a great Holiday Recipe post in honor of The Gosselin family. So post on the site or e-mail me one of your faves, and I will personally try to re-create it. This is because I can't cook toast, so you can get a great Holiday laugh at my expense ;).. So why ohh why are they making up more Kate Gosselin lies this week? Is there such a huge desire to have Kate in the media at all times that they will print any and all lies and ridiculous stories they are "given" by who knows who? Who are all these un-named sources? Lets face facts, no one in Kates camp would leak this crap. If this keeps going I may have to have another post about all the garbage people believe in the media. I for one continue like Kate to laugh it off. And continue to be the most supportive fan site out there..xoxox

Kate Gosselin: Category: Best Mom Abs From Best Celebrity Bodies 2010

FITNESS magazine is all about looking good and feeling better. To wrap up the year, we picked our favorite celeb bodies and broke our faves down into categories that include everything from "Best Celeb Slim Down" to "Best Baby Bump." Check out all the results...The mom of eight started running daily. She believes she has a better body now at 35 than when she did when she was in her teens and twenties. Rain or shine, she hits the same trail for 30 to 45 minutes a day, and she sticks to a strict all-organic diet.

Ellen Ross Call's Herself "Stepmom to Kate's 8 Appropriate??

In a move that's sure to make some people uncomfortable, Jon Gosselin's girlfriend jokingly referred to herself as stepmom of his eight children has learned. Ellen Ross made the reference on her Facebook page,and her firends also jokingly call her "stepmom of the year." And while it's a joke, some people close to the Gosselins are wondering, "Will Kate find it funny?"

"Ellen believes it's no big deal that she's called herself step mom tothe kids," one source close to the situation told (AKA Ellen herself lol) Kate may disagree, especially because the kids are old enough now to find things like this on the internet. Ellen and Kate have never spoken to each other despite the fact that Ellen has been with Jon in court against Kate and often is with him when he picks up and drops off the kids. "When the kids are with Jon's girlfriend they simply call her 'Ellen'," a source said. "The stepmom reference was meant to be a joke while discussing wrapping presents for the kids over the holidays that was all." Ellen's friends jokingly refer to her as the "stepmom of the year," but Jon has not reacted negatively to it. Jon's relationship with Ellen seems to be faring better than his past romances with Hailey Glassman, Kate Major and Morgan Christie. Ellen is a 24-year-old Pennsylvania government employee. According to one source, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Sarah Palin's Alaska With The Gosselin Family

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Hate Celebrities? In Touch Weekly Claims Kate Is Suing Jon For Child Support

I have a pretty clear idea of what being a “fan” is about. Most of us do. Used to be, if you weren't a fan, you were a "non-fan." It seems there is now a third option: being an "anti-fan." WTF?? I became aware of anti-fans when I became a fan of actor Kate Gosselin. I was and continue to be surprised and shocked by the rabid rants against Kate. She is attacked both professionally and personally. These anti-fans post all over the Internet and work hard to convince TLC, other Kate fans, and anyone who will listen that she is unattractive, mean and a bad parent. ABC News did a story exploring this behavior in 2007.
Why Do Anti-Fans Love to Hate Celebrities So Much?
Obsessive haters, or anti-fans, share many of the same traits as obsessive fans, says Stuart Fischoff, a senior editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and a specialist in fan obsessions. "People need something on which to focus their attention. … The adrenaline gets pumping for hating as much as loving. The hate-love situation are two sides of the same coin," he said. Being an anti-fan, he said, has one advantage over being a fan: It's more fun. "A celebrity becomes a star to focus on with the telescope of boredom," Fischoff said.
"Coteries on the net can join together in hating and dissing, and that's much more fun," he said. If a celebrity is big enough to have a fan club, she's probably big enough to have an anti-fan club as well. Talk about going to the "dark side!"
I prefer to focus on the positives of being a fan. In fact, it's generally healthier and more fun to focus on all life's positives.  xoxox BM

FILE under: Where the hell is the proof of this?? Kate Gosselin Sues Her Ex For $125K

KATE Gosselin is suing her ex-husband for child support! The reality TV star wants $125,000 in back child support from Jon Gosselin — with whom she has eight children — even though he is struggling to pay the bills.“She makes several million dollars a year and has free things thrown at her and the kids — if anything, she should be paying Jon child support!” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.“It is a shock to everyone that she still insists Jon pay her money, when his focus needs to be on providing what he can for the kids during his custody.
“Her attempts to sue Jon are just ways she tries to control everything around her because she’s still angry about their failed marriage. “Kate is so cheap, at least when it comes to the kids: She has TLC pay for their food, clothes and travel on days they film.“She’s frugal when it comes to the kids, but she has no qualms about spending money on herself. “Jon’s paid back $80,000 this year so far and the court ordered him to pay around $22,000 a month.“That amount was based on his potential earning, which has changed so much since TLC has limited the amount of media work he can do — and that’s how Jon was making his living. Before their series ended, they both were making hundreds of thousands of dollars on appearances and media deals. Between the two of them, they must have made millions. But they spent the money as fast as they earned it.”

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kate On The Today Show & In People, Jon Gosselin Gets A Job, Kate Plus 8 On Sarah Palin's Alaska 12/12

Kate Gosselin Shares More Of How Her Kids Are Dealing With Divorce:

Kate Gosselin has already cleared up that her kids, Collin and Alexis, were not expelled from school, but the reality mom opened up a bit more to People about their struggle to cope with their feelings.

“[Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy,” she says. “I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most.”Collin was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor.  Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”
Kate shared that the kids are in therapy and doing really well.  The reality mom also shared that she and the rest of the kids are just doing the best they can to deal with the situation. Kate explains how hard she’s working to keep things consistent for them: “I’ve kept the stability, the income – everything that they know and love – “I’ve come through on that.  I am doing what my kids need me to do. That’s really all that matters.” I do find it sad that Jon doesn’t seem to be working to help support the kids (MORE BELOW), as far as we know anyway.  It shouldn’t all fall on Kate’s shoulders, because then when she IS away working to support the kids, everyone bashes her for not being at home with them.  It’s a difficult position to be in – she can’t seem to win in the public’s opinion of her.  Kate recently landed a new gig as Entertainment Tonight’s  correspondent for the new Skating with the Stars show, doing interviews with the contestants.

Surprise! Jon Gosselin Gets a Real Job:

It may only be the first of December, but we're gonna go ahead and call this a Christmas miracle anyway: Jon Gosselin has a job. Like, a real one. That has nothing to do with reality TV.Everyone still standing? OK, then…a source tells E! News that the original octodad has found work in the technology field—you know, his profession before he became a reality-starring, Ed Hardy-wearing womanizer. "Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."And he apparently isn't paying too much mind to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's ongoing TV shenanigans, including her appearance on the Today show this morning in which she said she was still awaiting an apology. "He is happy as can be," the source said. And, incidentally, still happily dating girlfriend Ellen Ross. Sorry, ladies.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watch Kate Plus 8 Gosselins, Ghouls & Goblins HERE! Kate Talks Turkey Day & Homeschooling

E! Jon and Kate Gosselin used to have a rule never to talk to the media about their children—until now. Kate is finally firing back, days after reports that two of their Plus 8 had been expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania."Two of my children, no, are being tutored at home, with a teacher who is working closely with our kindergarten teachers in school, doing the identical curriculum," Gosselin tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview, claiming the kids weren't really booted from the school. However she did acknowledge that her and Jon's acrimonious divorce has been a factor in the youngsters acting out. "The pressure was getting to them," Kate says. "You have the divorce anger mixed in with that."However, she stresses, "the goal is to get them back into school as soon as possible."For his part, Jon Gosselin has stuck to the former couple's previous agreement and maintained silence on the matter. "Unlike Kate, Jon doesn't comment on family matters, he feels those are private," his rep exclusively tells E! News.

On a cheery pre-Thanksgiving note, Kate reveals that she and her ex have amicably ironed out who gets the children on what holiday. "I will have the first half, he will have the second half, and, we just take it year by year and holiday by holiday," she says.Kate also discusses the status of her TLC show Twist of Kate, which was supposed to debut this fall. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant confirmed it's still in the works despite reports to the contrary. "We're sort of still trying to shape it [into] what it needs to be and what is going to be fun. So no, not canceled," she added. Her latest Kate Plus 8 special premieres on TLC this Sunday.

Will 'Kate Plus 8' be saved by Sarah Palin? (Does it even need saving?)

Who would have ever thought we would see a Sunday-night lineup that includes a former Alaska Governor / Vice-Presidential candidate running around in her home state alongside a single mother with eight children. Not only are both of them classified as entertainment -- they have been two of TLC's highest-rated shows at various point of the past two years. However, one of them may now be leaning heavily on the other. On Sunday night "Kate Plus 8" is airing its Halloween-themed special (albeit a month late) following "Sarah Palin's Alaska." In many ways, the Palins could be a saving grace for the Gosselins, who have been the target of cancellation rumors since her past special barely managed to total over a million viewers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kate Gosselin An ET Correspondent For Skating With The Stars, Gosselin Family PSA For Feeding America! School: Gosselin Kids NOT Expelled

Hello Gosselin fans! How much joy does it give me to see that Entertainment Tonight once again using Kate as a Correspondent for them? Just to enjoy rubbing it in the faces of those that attack her on the computer is enough for me. There seems to be some great stuff popping up in Gosselin land this week, and I want to make sure I get it all to you. This week we have Thanksgiving, and I know we all have so much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my beautiful children and incredibly supporting husband.  Not too many would allow me to get away with a quarter of what I do. Through the years he have stayed happily married by: 1) Avoiding him completely the 23rd of every month when both Amex & Visa arrive 2) Not ever asking him to dust or go near a washer or dryer and 3) always assuring him that food WILL be waiting on the table every night regardless if I make or buy it. Cause lets face it, the man did not marry me for my cooking OK? So there you have it, my secrets for a successful happy marriage. So what are YOU thankful for? xoxox BM

Kate Gosselin Will Be The ET Correspondent For Skating With The Stars!
If you thought seeing your favorite stars fumble around the ballroom floor all in the name of a Disco Ball trophy was entertaining, just wait until they slap on some ice skates and tackle a quad.  On November 22, don't change your dial after watching Dancing With the Stars or you're in jeopardy of missing the biggest train wreck to hit the small screen since Kate Gosselin tackled the paso doble. Skating With the Stars has landed. Entertainment Tonight announced on their show Friday that Kate Gosselin will be a special correspondent for the show Skating With The Stars. The show premieres Monday, November 22. In the first round of competition, 6 celebrities and their pro skater partners hit the ice for competitive figure skating and ice dancing.


TLC Lends Its Support to Feeding America

TLC & Feeding America LogosHere’s some food for the soul. TLC announced this week that it will harness the popularity of its food- and family-focused programming to help leading domestic hunger-relief charity Feeding America fight hunger in the U.S. Along with other promotional efforts, TLC will create PSAs for Feeding America featuring TLC stars, including Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and Kate Gosselin and her adorable eight, in order to increase awareness about hunger issues affecting families across the country and tell viewers how they can help achieve a hunger-free America. Over Thanksgiving, the network will serve as official media sponsor, promoting the charity’s Hunger-Free Families Campaign across a number of programming initiatives.

Kate's Gosselin Kids: NOT Expelled From School!

According to dozens of print and online accounts last week, two of the 6-year-old Gosselin sextuplets -- Collin and Alexis, stars of the TLC reality series "Kate Plus Eight" -- were expelled from Lancaster Country Day School, where they were kindergartners. School employees have been warned not to talk about the case, according to one source inside the school. Faculty members were required to attend a meeting designed to inform them about the situation; officials with the Lower School (which includes preschool through fifth grade) asserted that the two Gosselin kids had not, in fact, been expelled, the source said. No further explanation was offered, said the source. Faculty and staff have had to attend meetings with Gosselin bodyguards. Once, a bodyguard led a "tour" around campus, pointing out spots where paparazzi might hide. On another occasion, said a source, faculty and staff were required to attend a meeting to Skype (a type of online video conferencing) with a Gosselin bodyguard "so he could tell us how to behave." Media outlets have reported that the expulsions were prompted by "rage issues," with one source telling In Touch Weekly that the two kids "fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids."

"The things they are saying are not words they should know. They are learning them somewhere -- but Jon [Gosselin, their dad] doesn't know where," the magazine reported. But another source told People magazine that the children weren't behaving as badly as has been reported: "The situation is being grossly overstated," the source said. "Some kids have low self-esteem or insecurity, or they have modeling issues -- they see [bad] behavior being modeled." Dr. Nicholas Martino, a psychiatrist with Life Management Associates in Lancaster said, in a family of eight children, "just think of the jockeying for position ... sometimes the kids who make the most noise get the most attention."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Legit Are Sources of Celebrity Sightings? My TOP 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Recently several sites have been putting out crazy outlandish story after story about Kate Gosselin. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. But when it's re-posted on more blogs, people feel that since it's everywhere it's got to be true. Well if they say it comes from a source, what does that mean? and several others have links on the their pages, asking if you know any "scoop". So how easy could it be for anyone to make up a story, and for it to be printed when it was just to hurt Kate Gosselin? Or for that matter, how factual is a story when it's just being repeated from places like US Weekly?

The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will come up. Lets recap the recent Top 5 of complete BS that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate Gosselin Has Blown Through Millions: has well known "gossip" Rob Shuter, who obviously dislikes Kate. His recent article says "a friend" told him Kate has gone through millions.. Are you for real? What friend of Kate's would ever tell you that info? Or Kate telling anyone for that matter? BS LEVEL: 4

2.Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches: US Weekly is KNOWN for celebrity haters as their sources again, this sounds like a jealous mom at school. No one at a private school like that would ever give out information like that. And there is no way a woman like Kate would ever allow her kids to bring back old half eaten for the next day for their lunch! She's way too anal.

3. Kate Gosselin Slept While Kids Went Trick-or-Treating : US Weekly didn't even give this an actual article. They blabbed about this supposed story in between yapping with Smokey Robinson on a video and didn't even say it was from an actual "source".  And FYI, any REAL mom will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in a car that is slamming the doors and 8 kids getting out of the car every 5 minutes. Trust me I tried...BS LEVEL: 8

4. Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild Have Sleepovers In Her Basement! mostly re-posts US Weekly articles with a nasty snarky anti-Kate edge, but this story they claimed to have as an exclusive. No friend of Kate is going to tell anyone anything so ridiculous. How could ANYONE know where this man sleeps if they do not see it? So this story is either complete BS or handed to them by someone like Chris Watts from INF who seems to really be working hard for that paycheck. And the only one besides Werny Gal still stalking Kate Gosselin... BS LEVEL: 6

5. Kate Gosselin Tells Her Kids They’re Going To Be Sent Away Like Their Dogs!  See HollyBaby claimed again that this was an US Weekly exclusive, but at UW I can't find where they made this comment about the dogs! Either way, INF has of all things today, photos of the kids playing with SHOOKA! That's right, one or possibly 2 of the dogs are back for the kids. How awesome is that? Hollybaby doesn't even say where this info was originally from. Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 9

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Supporting Kate Gosselin, Learning About Children of Divorce

Hello Gosselin fans! Since many of you read other sites and have heard of rumors regarding the Gosselin children, I will not post or talk about that here on my fan site. The fact that the children's names are even out there I find upsetting and disturbing. Especially since this info was originated from a tabloid having a horrible track record of making things up. When it comes to something as important as children, I don't believe or print a word until it comes from the mom's mouth. So for today's post, I wanted to talk about the positives. Supporting Kate, which is the reason for this site. And since I felt that this was an important topic for me to read about, I wanted to write about children of divorce. Below I cited an amazing article. I did not post the entire thing here, but I urge you to click on it's link to read in it's entirety.

We have a new Kate Plus 8 Special airing November 28th. It will be interesting to see how all of corn maze privacy issue plays out. Having young children myself, I know what it's like for kids to act out, grow and develop, defend themselves, and deal with emotional issues. Those that are attacking Kate Gosselin on hate sites must either not have kids, or dealt with these type of issues in a long time. Or else they will know that this is very normal for those going through a hard time dealing with divorce, siblings or just life to have to come to grips with how they are handling it. Get over it people, and stop attacking these beautiful children just because you have issues with Kate Gosselin. Because you may need to search inside yourselves and find out why...xoxox BM

The Effects Of Divorce On Children:
For obvious reasons, divorce traumatizes children. They are often concerned with their own security, not with their parent's happiness. An adult elects to end a marriage; a child has that decision thrust upon him or her. The parents acts; the child reacts. The philosophical questions of choice, which reward human experience for adult who makes them freely, are meaningless for a child who sees his or her idea of order collapse when his or her parents separate. A child whose parents divorce may feel sucked into a vortex of loneliness, guilt and fear. When one parent leaves, he or she may fear the other one will follow. Even when both parents reassure him or her of their love, the child may be tormented by the belief that he or she caused the break. Almost always, children worry about what is going to happen to them. From the point of view of a youngster, that fear is quite reasonable.
Children react in different ways with the onset of divorce. Some will be extremely sad and show signs of depression and sleeplessness. Anxiety levels peak as they feel they are going to be abandoned or rejected by one or even both parents. Some divorce situations may make the child feel lonely. This may be due to a long absence of one of the parents. Divorce deranges the idea of order for a child. This is why broken promises -- something as small as going to a baseball game -- take on a magnitude far beyond its actual significance. No matter what the situation, the child will be affected in some way by a divorce. Some children may become psychologically scarred from the experience, and still other children may not be affected emotionally at all. Much depends on how well the parents are able to handle the situation.
Psychologists rate divorce as one of the most stressful events in life, just below the death of a spouse. Divorce is like getting into a lifeboat. For sure, the lifeboat offers the chance of escape from a terrible situation, but abandoning ship holds little appeal because of the enormous uncertainties. The same is true for divorce. From a child's point of view, divorce is enormously dislocating because he or she lacks the life experience to even envision possible good outcomes. A divorcing parent, in addition to all his or her problems, must support the child in what may be the most difficult experience in his or her young life. This is a tough set of marching orders.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch TLC Websode " Airport" Here: When Hate For Kate Gosselin Should Not Go Goes Too Far

Hello Gosselin Fans! I posted this picture because it's my fav. Beautiful, happy & smiling, with a great cut. lol It's been a while since I have personally made a post here. And a lot has happened in the past few weeks. For some reason, the more slow the Kate Gosselin news, the more vicious the Kate haters are. I don't know if it's because they can't get to Kate personally (more on that later), or they get some sorry of power off attacking and "outing" others on the web. But in recent weeks those that are anti-Kate Gosselin have taken their vile behavior too far.

I currently had a hate site under police investigation after said site starting posting personal information about not only myself but members of my family. Then theres the infamous Werney Gal, boasting with pride after following (stalking) the Gosselins to a film location to comment, and take photos of the family most notably commenting about her "boots". And finally, finding out that sites were originally stating how they do not allow attacks on other sites, are doing just that. Recently a commenter named "BerksPA" went on and on several times about her recent "run-ins" with Kate Gosselin. Her immature hurtful snarky comments finally got to her and in the end, she had to even stop herself from more embarrassment, and fess up to how she really felt after seeing all her horrible posts...

BerksPa said... "Something that really hit me in seeing her was how sad she looked. (or maybe she was tired). I will add for clarity, that on Monday I was at Target and as we were heading down the main aisle to the checkout counter my husband said to me: Did you see who was staring at me. Apparently she made eye contact with him for a little bit. Not with me - wouldn't look at me. She was NOT smiling, did not look happy at all. I posted, and snarked about it. I had not seen her in person...and didn't expect to see her...very odd. No one in the store I saw as we passed bothered her or talked to her. She was all dressed up...skinny jeans, tight grey sweater and super high heeled pumps/shoes.

I don't feel great that I did a snarky post, because after seeing her this morning, and adding it to what I saw on Monday, I really felt bad. I guess that's why I followed the van, to see if she really did have help, or if she was doing it on her own. Seriously, she must be really lonely. She lives out in the county, no one here seems to like her or perhaps they just don't acknowledge her. All I've heard second hand is what a 'b*itch' she is. Seeing for myself, especially this morning sealed it for me. She's doing what she thinks is best for her situation. However at this point it may not be best but she must provide for the kids. The attack on her as a child abuser was UNCALLED for. I wonder if that is why she looked so tired/down on Monday and this morning.

I know I can't make presumptions from just a few brief encounters, however, I do know that she's a real mom/person/friend that is trying to get some good out of her situation. People who sit out in the sidelines and judge her need to grow up. This includes all the 'super mom' judging as well as the snark.No one is perfect. Not very many people can last being put on a pedestal as the 'greatest thing since sliced bread' or survive 'the worst mom in the world' comments. She lives between those two scenarios and unfortunately lives it in the public eye. I wish to God there was a way she could do something else where she wouldn't be judged for every little thing. Kate once said "you can't go back, you can only move forward". Agreed, however she can move forward in a slightly different pattern. I hope that someone offers her something or that her Twist of Kate show maybe would get started. Anything for the kids to be out of public scrutiny. As for being skinny...seriously. Pictures do her no justice...she is thin, thin, thin and when she wore her heels she looked taller than she is, because when I saw her this morning she looked really short."

One down, and more to go. My dream is for everyone to realize that their lives must be incredibly lost if they have to continue to attack someone they don't know in order to feel better about themselves. I am incredibly proud to be able to say I continue to have a positive site. I support and protect my readers. If you moderate your site, then you are responsible for what comes out of it. Why allow people to comment about this site and me personally? It clearly shows that they are still reading here! xoxo BabyMama

- she has NOT robbed her kids of their childhoods
- she has NOT robbed her kids of their privacy
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a voice
- she has NOT robbed her kids of having a choice
- she has NOT robbed her children of having a mother (she is quite wonderful)
- she has NOT robbed her children of having normal relationships with friends
- she has NOT robbed her parents of having relationships with THEIR children
- she has NOT opened her children unfairly to ridicule But thanks for asking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Watch Here!: Alaska Here We Come, Are People Watching Kate Plus 8? What's To Come? They’re back! Kate Gosselin and her brood are returning to TLC in a series special, Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come! For more info on this special episode (complete with sneak peek video!), as well as what the Gosselins have been up to recently, keep on reading! Kate Gosselin and her heard of kids are making a return to TLC this weekend in an hour-long special called “Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come” in which they, well, go to Alaska. Things have been pretty quiet with the Gosselins since Kate’s stint on “Dancing With the Stars” last season, and TLC has even cut down their promotion of their once media-crazed family. But it looks like the Gosselins (minus Jon of course) are trying to make a bit of a comeback. In a stroke of cross-promotional genius, TLC is sending the family to Alaska. The kids and Kate will be doing typical Alaska-type things like visiting glaciers, whale watching, riding Iditarod dog sleds, panning for gold, and meeting Sarah Palin. Yep, that’s right. The Gosselins and the Palins. Hanging out in Alaska.
With the debut of TLC’s new show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” right around the corner, it makes sense for the network to use the Gosselins and Kate Plus 8 to promote their new show, and to use Sarah Palin to bring some attention back to Kate Gosselin and her octofam. TLC reps have confirmed that the two megamoms do meet up in Alaska, and that it will be featured in an upcoming episode, but whether that episode is of “Kate Plus 8” or “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (or both?) has yet to be determined. Aside from visiting the great white north, the Gosselin clan has been (surprisingly) quiet. Jon went to Taco Bell a while back, and there have been some reports that one of the Gosselin girls got suspended from school for fighting (it was only a matter of time before one of them snapped). Other than that, things have been pretty calm in Pennsylvania.“Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come” airs tonight (Sunday, November 7) at 9/8c. What do you guys think of the Kate Plus 8 Alaska special this weekend? Will you watch? What do you think of Kate and Sarah Palin becoming TLC buddies?

Travelling to Alaska with Kate Plus 8 July 22, 2010 by

Spending 8 hours on a flight from Philly to Anchorage with the KatePlus 8 family (and entourage) was exhausting. Mostly due to sitting in a tight coach seat  for that long a period of time but with all the comings and goings of the entourage it was tough to get any sleep. I had to travel to Anchorage on Monday to visit a customer for my paying job.  There’s a new flight from Philly that flies non-stop to Anchorage and you can’t imagine how excited I was since it can normally take 3 to 4 hops to reach Anchorage from Albany. Upon arriving at the gate in Philly I noticed lots of people milling about staring at 2 camera crews and I was almost giddy with delight that I’d be travelling with the Palin clan (more on that later - 2 days after my arrival in Anchorage I actually did have a Palin connection).  Upon closer inspection I see a gaggle of small children with cameras in their faces and a tall, blond woman instantly recognizable from all the tabloid covers we’re all forced to glance at while waiting to pay for our groceries (I should shop at the food coop in Albany more often, you are totally spared the tabloid experience by shopping here).  Although I don’t watch the Kate Plus 8 reality show you’d have to be sleeping under a rock not to know who this gang was.  I tried very hard not to stare and but it was much too interesting and so I would take a few lingering glances over while we all lined up to board (through some miracle the plane departed on time – probably a first for Philly).

The kids seemed very well behaved. They weren’t screaming or shouting, just playing normally and they didn’t really seem to mind the camera crew. They almost seemed like they didn’t even notice the crew (even though, as you can see from the photos, the camera was often literally pointed at their faces). The entire group plus entourage boarded last and stopped right next to my seat because the camera crews sat behind me. When it was time to continue down the aisle momma Gosselin just said: “walk”. Naturally that had zero effect on the kids lined up behind her so she turned around again and said: “we’re walking” and that did the trick. They marched down the aisle to their seats.  Later in the flight I was told by my seatmate, who seemed to have a small bladder,  that #3 and #7 threw up but I cannot confirm that. I have no idea what the family will be doing in Anchorage but I’m sure there will be a couple episodes of escapades from the trip. I can’t imagine taking 8 kids (I actually only counted 7 so one of them might have taken a later flight) on a long trip like that. You have to give that mom credit for getting them out of the house and up to Alaska. Can you even imagine the packing involved!! Oh, the one funny thing is that I didn’t see the family at the baggage check, only the camera crew. So I’m guessing the crew had to carry all the bags. I just think that’s funny. So it’s been my brush with celebrity week.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally! Alaska Here We Come! New "All About Kate" Radio Show! Jon Gosselin Taco Dilemma On Sunday's new episode of "Kate Plus 8," we will finally get the chance to see what many people have been talking about for quite some time -- the reality TV mom's trip to Alaska. TLC released some new photos of the special, and they all show the kids seemingly having a great time. Of course, with this special also comes a certain air of mystery. Considering that there has been no mentioning whatsoever of Sarah Palin meeting or spending time with the famous eight kids, we are being led to believe that it won't be part of the show. With that in mind, the gathering either never happened (despite reports to the contrary), is being saved for something else, or just didn't produce any sort of good footage. However, we will get to see the Gosselins traveling around our nation's largest state in all sorts of new ways.

Entertainment Tonight: "Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come" has Kate Gosselin and her eight cute kids traveling north to Alaska -- their longest-ever trip. The Gosselins set out to see snow-covered mountains, bright-white glaciers and take a whale-watching boat trip. They enjoy some family fun in the great outdoors when they experience what it's like to ride on an Iditarod dog sled. Then, everyone learns how to pan for gold as they head to the river in search of treasure. "Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come" airs Sunday, Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

BabyMama is back to chat on Living The Dream Moms Radio!
Yes ladies I am back! We have a new "All About Kate" at Living The Dream Moms Radio . Missed it? Click on the link ot the right! Look on the previous radio shows and tell me what you think!
All About Kate Gosselin Part II"Gosselin Family Fan Site creator Baby Mama joins me for the 2nd time to chat all about Kate Gosselin!  We had such a great time last month. Go to Toginet to listen! "

John Gosselin: No Quiero Taco Bell!

The former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Ellen Ross made a trip to Taco Bell. Apparently, the reality star went to the drive-thru, and Ellen Ross was quite upset over the treatment that they reportedly received. Ellen Ross has filed a complaint with the restaurant
As Radar Online reports, Ellen Ross made a complaint on behalf of herself and Gosselin. She said that the workers wanted to take photographs of the couple and every worker then started to come to the window and try to take pictures as well. The complaint mentioned that they were simply trying to buy dinner and not trying to cause a scene by being at Taco Bell.
According to the same report, a source at the restaurant said: "The company that owns the franchise investigated the incident and the staff were reprimanded but nobody lost their job or anything like that. The customers concerned seemed to make a big deal about it which can happen when celebrities visit drive-thru restaurants sometimes. The company may offer them some free food coupons which often happens in cases like these."
What do you think of this report -- should the workers in question be fired? Do you think the behavior was inappropriate?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween From The Gosselin Family Fansite! Are we ready for a new Kate Plus 8?

Hello Gosselin fans! I was checking out my old fansite last night. I was remembering how much I love my old Halloween posts! This year with an incredibly active toddler and an equally busy tween, I am overly busy and overwhelmed. It takes me going back to the simpler times of 2008 to remember how truly blessed I am. So this post perhaps will change in the next few days, or not. But in honor of Halloween, it wouldn't be a Gosselin Family Fansite without My favorite Episode 10 Little Pumpkins! TLC announced yesterday that it is premiering two new specials on November 7th, smack dab in the middle of all-important November sweeps. The first new special stars Kate Gosselin and is titled Kate Plus 8: Alaska Here We Come. The second focuses on Prince William and Kate Middleton and is called William & Kate: A Royal Love Story. Both are reality-based shows that are expected to score big ratings for TLC. This new hour-long installment of Kate Plus 8 premieres with Kate Gosselin and the kids traveling eight hours to Alaska, their longest trip ever. The Gosselins set out to see huge snow-covered mountains, bright white glaciers and hopefully whales. They enjoy some family fun in the great outdoors when they experience what it’s like to ride on an Iditarod dog sled. Then, everyone learns how to pan for gold as they head to the river in search of treasure. The excitement builds when it’s time to board the boat and head out to sea with great hopes of giant whales jumping in front of them. Kate Plus 8: Alaska Here We Come airs at 9/8c on Sunday, November 7at on TLC.