Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PART 2: How Legit Are These Sources? My NEW Top 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Sorry I have been so all over the place with my posts. I'm still collecting some last minute entries for the Gosselin-themed Holiday Recipes. Please send me some more so I can do my post next week in honor of Christmas!..But now the lies being spread are once again so out of control I must address them.. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. Do people STILL feel that since it's everywhere it's true? How can you prove it's not some hater trying to see how it easy it is to post a complete lie calling in information that's not true? The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will continue to come up. After Kate's date in the woods on Sarah Palin's Alaska, the haters posting under 20 different names 300 times on a post are now at an all time high. If those people are just fabrication, what about the stories on these rag mags? Lets recap the NEW Top 5 of complete BS Kate Gosselin stories that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate's Big Lie: Kids WERE Expelled  RadarOnline  Ugh here we go again..Lets face facts. The school would NEVER release info. on students. And once again, were reading an article that is trying to paint Jon & Ellen in a good light. Would he sacrifice the safety of his own kids to hurt his wife AGAIN in the media, or will we find out that Ellen is secretly his new PR agent?  Radar has been known in the past to be completely wrong on rumors. Remember the BS of Kate buying a condo?? BS LEVEL: 5

2.Source: Kate Gosselin's kids are BEGGING to move out: Life & Style OMG This is definitely the week of suspicious stories. Ellen Ross I'm talking directly to you. We all know how Jon's ex's love to get paid by this mag (Stephanie Santoro exclusive) so I'm thinking perhaps someone got the idea to leak a little more to up Jon's good daddy level before any upcoming child support hearings. I mean, WHO would actually know this?  "When he and his girlfriend Ellen Ross recently took care of the children, says Life & Style, “They looked like a really happy family.” BARF! BS LEVEL: 9.5

3. Kate Gosselin Spends $2,000 On Her Hair: Now we do not know whether this was a comped haircut or she paid for it. But yes, celebrity hairstylists charge a fortune for a haircut. And even more if the best of the best personally cuts & styles it for you. But why not? She can do and spend whatever she wants. But how does someone know that she had the color done as well? I'm thinking this was linked from someone from the salon has a case of the jealousies. BS LEVEL: 2

4. One Rough Camping Trip Later, Kate now Has Political Aspirations!: Ohh Rob Shuter, we have had many a discussion that your over-inflated ego does not equate real celebrity gossip. Or at least real LEGIT celebrity gossip. This one screams fake Kate hate just to get the blogs in a huff. Kate's telling friend's she wants to run for office. Didn't you just say last week that Kate has no friends? Try perhaps that her real friends would never tell you crap like this..BS LEVEL: 9

5. Jon Gosselin Step-Dad: I don't even know how to get in touch with him! Sometimes you need to try to go directly to the source to and hear it from Jon Gosselin's mouth. That may or may not legitify the story though. Jon declared on his Twitter several times that this story was completely made up by Radar. Radar claims they got the exclusive from Jon's Step-father himself! Funny was the FIRST time Radar had openly admitted the source of their stories. Who to believe? Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 5


  1. I was commenting to last post and lost it just a minute ago, lol.
    Tiggerfan - Snow due tonight or tomorrow night. Since Corrina has enough, I will box and send to you with my compliments!
    Uh, how long do we keep getting the same recycled rumors?
    I vote we start our own, so here goes...
    1. Having been to court more than many attorneys, Jon has now qualified as a legal assistant and been hired by a prominent law firm. The salary is double his share of TLC. WTG Jon for turning lemons into lemonade.
    2. Ellen Ross feeling a little guilty the rags, has made a New Year's resolution to talk only to Jon and her family. Her Twitter account and blog are closed since she felt she needed more life experience before offering advice on wedding planning and relationships.
    3. Inspired by her organic leanings, TLC has a brand new show airing mid-January called called Cooking Organic With Kate! Filmed secretly last summer, great PA produce from local farmers is prominently featured.
    4. Federal government has now ruled that any blog or blog poster who publicly declares "I will never watch Kate again," will be fined daily if the blog continues. Individual posters who continue to post after saying "I'm done with Kate" will also be fined.
    5. TLC now has a subscription plan where interested people sign up to watch. Negative people have been denied subscriber rights, permanently!
    6. People who declare they don't watch the Gosselin programs are permanently banned from making snide comments. You know...the ones who declare their ignorant stupidity by beginning a comment with, "I didn't watch the show, but clearly Kate was mean!" and you know this how???
    7. Jon has been offered a new show called "Great Dads who Never Criticize a Former Spouse." unfortunately for Ellen, the show films in CA and and Jon left her in PA while he went to CA. While filming, Jon met and fell madly in love with a Kate look alike who is 32! Don't worry, the network hired a private jet to fly the kids out to see him on weekends. Sayonara Ellen.
    8. After apologizing for his actions of 2009, then for his actions in 2010, Jon promises a new attitude for sure in 2011! Third year is the charm!
    What rumors can you make up?

  2. You should see my pic on facebook right now. It's soooooooo cute. Snowmen playing poker.

  3. I thought Jon's dad passed away? So how can the "so called source" be saying he cannot get in touch with him. Most people cant communicate from the grave. Sorry that was a bit snarky but come on.

  4. Rumors Galore!
    1. Running for office. Sarah & Kate sign on the same ticket but the real secrecy, Who gets to be top dog.
    2. Shoka is the new nanny.
    I gotta think on this one some more!

  5. Natasha - Supposedly it was his stepfather that said that, but who knows?

  6. People who declare they don't watch the Gosselin programs are permanently banned from making snide comments. You know...the ones who declare their ignorant stupidity by beginning a comment with, "I didn't watch the show, but clearly Kate was mean!" and you know this how???
    This does make me laugh! Wont admit to watching, but they google every thing and you tube everything they can find on them!

  7. Natasha~ I'm so sorry. In my rush to post I should have wrote Step-father. I did change it on my site. Jon is still claiming Radar made the whole thing up. Jon's StepDad says his words were taken out of context..who knows

    Lori~ Why do you go on so many of these sites where they talk about how much they hate Kate but watch every show! If you hate someone so much why do you watch it? To look for things like a big toe peeking out of a heel? Cause apparently a week ago that was the topic of conversation for days. Also those that claim they don't watch but make comments about the show. Then say they "heard" it was bad. Whateva

  8. gotta comment on the alaska show, just watched it.

    I camp in an RV. Used to camp in tents. I would have never lasted there in the cold rain. Summer rain, is much different than a cold rain. I'd have to be IN the fire to be warm.

    So I totally get the breakdown.

  9. Personally, and I never got to say this.. I think Kate is wayyy too used to being with this camera crew. She forgets she's on TV, or that what she says will have people taking for weeks, maybe more. That would be a bad thing for all of us, but it's worse for Kate now. People are up in arms over her. But they never look at the bigger picture.

  10. Lori~ Why do you go on so many of these sites where they talk about how much they hate Kate but watch every show! If you hate someone so much why do you watch it? To look for things like a big toe peeking out of a heel? Cause apparently a week ago that was the topic of conversation for days. Also those that claim they don't watch but make comments about the show. Then say they "heard" it was bad. Whateva
    I like watching Kates shows, had never heard of the hate sites until I started reading here and on another Fan site and got curious, and I was only replying to number 6 in Lindaoriginals first post....

  11. I LOVE the term lynch mom. AWESOME. Totally describes them. They are just pissed off because they declared Kate's 15 minutes were up 2 years ago. Ha.

  12. Lori, I think Baby Mama meant to say "why do they" not "why do you"... I was confused at first too.

  13. My rumors
    Jon will be on an episode of Supernanny, she will be addressing coparenting issues as well as well as helping Ellen to find her place with the kids.
    Niecy Nash left Clean House because she and Kate are going to start their own talk show called the Mom Moment. It will be about mixing great parenting with having a life in the modern world.
    The Paparazzi have gotten together to agree on some guidelines for dealing with children of celebrities. They can only shoot in public places with long range lenses at least 100 feet away, they must not shoot them on their home properties or engage any adult in their presence. They also agree not to spread rumors or derogatory personal information about them. Cara and Mady Gosselin and Angelina Jolie will be giving them an award during the Oscars celebration.
    4. Jon quit smoking.
    5. Kate and the kids have signed on to act in a movie over the summer, they have a short filming schedule each day followed by afternoons at the beach.
    6. Kate invites Sarah Palin to do an episode where she spends a couple of days at the Ronald Mc Donald House. Sarah realizes that not everyone can feed themselves by getting out a gun or fishing rod. Sarah has to be dependent on others and is totally out of her element.
    7. Kate is coming out with another book on dealing with divorce.

  14. thank you Fascinated! Yes Lori I "IS" haves a problem withs my wording sometimes! I did make a mistake in what I said. I was going to delete it but Fascinated has got my back. Thanks!

  15. Oh how I wish someone could snap their fingers and make some of these rumors true! :)

    tashapork--I really hope Kate comes out with another book! That one has a good chance of coming true--not sure it would be about surviving divorce, but you never know.

    At the moment, I have only one rumor--
    Kate and TLC have invited FANS ONLY to Kate's for a summer get together! See you all there!

    Linda--Sorry about the snow!! :)

  16. I agree, the drama & the ratings. I went back & watched the section of the show where she is talking to the crew under the tent. They spent a lot of time focusing on Kate at this point. How much drama would it have been if they ignored her & focused the camera on something/someone else or just left it all on the cutting room floor. But people dont look at it that way.

  17. Ok, thanks! I thought what I wrote was written I don't know about that camping trip, but you would think they would have a folding table or chairs to do meals with, with that many people there, or picked a camp in an actual camp to make it more comfortable for someone with 8 children along.

  18. Lori--I agree that they sure didn't seem prepared for this trip--maybe limited to how much they could transport on the planes but then why not make one more flight to the campsite with the necessities. I, for one, wouldn't be out there without a case of hand wipes. LOL And also---how much nicer would it have been if they could have gone to a campground with actual cabins and not take it to the extreme for Kate's first "wilderness" experience. I don't know if it was the Palins or TLC who seemed miss a lot of details in planning this trip. It's not the way I would treat guests. And I can only hope they didn't do it that way for drama.

  19. Corrina - I agree. Amazing too how Kate's comments to the crew became such a colossal impact. Three minutes total in edits. In the comments, the G's were there for 7 hours before Kate bailed. Seven hours of cold, wet miserableness. I suspect that as bedtime (but not darkness because of the season) perhaps the idea of sleeping in that cold damp was more than she could handle. Or perhaps the idea of trooping 8 kids back and forth to the privey all night while getting Sarah up with the gun to guard against bears while they made bathroom pit stops was too much. At age 6, our kids were making 2-3 stops a night times how many kids? OMG, and due to needing to be guarded, every single person there would know every time you had to go! Big Yuck factor.

    To me, dropping Kate into this as a first time camping experience was rotten IMO. Would you teach somebody to swim in the middle of the ocean? Or would you teach somebody to drive by having them drive cross-country?

    I can't imagine not offering guests a choice. I love steamy southern summer days and evenings. When we have guests from WI, CO, NY, etc in the summer, I'd never subject them to 24 hours outside without making it their choice, and offering them alternatives (such as indoor activities with air conditioning.) for people not used to it, the humidity can take your breath away.
    Tiggerfan - Sorry, no snow. We got sleet and ice instead with snow forecast to be on top of the ice this evening. Didn't figure you'd want this nasty mess so I'll just keep it here.

  20. Prince William dumps Kate M. and elopes with Kate G. Queen Liz passes away and William becomes king with Kate as his queen. The children become princes and princesses and receive accolades from all over the world and are happy being royalty & consider William their father with love & devotion. In despair and complete obscurity Jon along with his live in GF Ellen visit bars daily and spend all their time and money on alcohol and cigarettes and wallow in the misery of their existance.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  21. You all had some great rumors!

    BabyMama...Regarding the rumor about Kate's $2000 hair gave it a "2" indicating you believed it?

    GossipCop debunkded that one. Said that Kate and Ted Gibson were very tight and whenever he does something for her "it is a freebie"! So that rumor gets a BS of "10"!

    Linda0, all made some great points about the trip and the lack of proper facilities for the G's!

    It's rainy and in the 40's here and it's darn miserable. Even my cats and dogs get to come in with this kind of weather. This is close to what the temps were for they were beside a cold stream as well.

    Why they had to focus on Kate's misery is beyond my understanding. Sarah has been a victim herself of being portrayed in the media in a bad way.

    Why would she subject a fellow mother who she knows gets such harsh treatment from the media to such conditions and highlight, focus on and clearly edit film to make Kate looks so bad?

    Did Sarah have an agenda to use Kate to draw in ratings...and then portray Kate as a weakling to make herself look like Wonder Woman of the wild?

  22. Firedup4Kate~ I gave it a 2 because I absolutely do believe it. Tht is the price for a haircut at his salon, and to have him personally cut and dye your hair does run about a grand. As far as the other grand?? Not sure, who knows...but we don't even know if that was paid for by Kate or comped.

  23. Ohh I hope everyone is having a great day today! and Puff so happy to see you! I love your story and yes I'm giving that one a 2 as well :)

  24. FiredUp4Kate, what we saw during that camping trip with Kate is exactly why I am afraid of Sarah Palin getting too high in politics. Maybe I am totally wrong, but I really get the impression that she doesn't see beyond her reality. She doesn't see how difficult some things are for other people in other realities. To me it translates into ideas like people don't need food stamps, they should just plant a garden.

  25. Puff - I adore your rumor! I'm just loving the idea of the little princes and princesses!

  26. Wow! Ok this was interesting. I was sent an e-mail of WormyGal's latest dilusional stalker ramblings...But I have to say this one is really good. Here she talks about how the used the same Hannah looking sad scene for two different parts of the episode. The one that is important to me is the scene where Kate asks if the kids are Palin's or Gosselins. The haters pitched a fit saying that the kids looked upset that their mom wanted to leave. But now WormyGal is saying that scene was from Hannah being scared of the bears.

    Since she didn't want to link my page even though they knew the episodes are together here, take a look above and see if she is right..Is TLC really trying to up the drama for the show by making things look worse than they are? You be the judge...

    "Sharp-eyed reader S. sent me these side-by-side screenshots of two separate TLC scenes, offering more proof of TLC's manipulation and how "reality TV" is anything but real. View the Sarah Palin/Gosselin Camping episode on Youtube and take notice of Part 4 at the 3:42 minute mark and Part 5 at the 4:23 minute mark. TLC uses the exact same clip of a tup looking very forlorn. In Part 4 the clip is used while Chuck is instructing the kids about bear safety at the campsite. In Part 5 the same clip is used again when Kate asks the kids if they are Palins or Gosselins as she wants to leave the campsite.

    This is a good illustration of how clips can be manipulated to fit different scenes.
    Sure, the event actually happened, but TLC uses it twice, in completely different scenes, to enhance different storylines they want to portray at different times. Thanks for sharing this with us sharp-eyed S., good spotting!"

  27. I have no idea if TLC is being manipulative or not. Looks like poor editing to me, lol. But, please remember that the crew filming Sarah Palin's Alaska is completely different from the crew that does Kate + 8.

  28. Some might say that Kate could have handled the camping situation better (or not gone at all), and they may be right. However, putting myself in her place, I can imagine the rising sense of panic, you're in the middle of nowhere, unknown number of bears and other dangers in the area, unending rain and cold, and night approaching. I may very well have handled it far worse than Kate. And of course, if Kate had stayed for the night, can you imagine the criticism that would be rampant even now? "Evil Kate forces her kids to endure a night of rain and cold and risk bear attacks, all for the sake of a television show!"

  29. BabyMama, you are absolutely right about those being the same clips. I have noticed that in the past in the Duggar show particularly with baby Josie scenes. I just figured they needed to limit filming of her. Also on the Duggar's show, they had some of the kids visiting TLC to see how the show was edited. Audio and film feed is separate and initially worked on by totally different people and merged at a later point. The editing team gets to know the family so they know how to peice things together. Sarah's crew might not have worked with the Gosselin crew to do this.

  30. BabyMama....Your not with me yet on what I am saying about Kate's appt.

    I totally agree that perhaps such a professional as Ted Gibson could ring up a $2000 bill for a complete treatment, cut, color process for her hair.

    My point is that Kate DID NOT pay for it. The TLC rep said "if Ted does anything for Kate it is a freebie"! No cost!

    So that does away with the idea of Kate excessively spending money on herself instead of saving for the kids!

  31. On the identical clips thing...well, that isn't surprising. Given the entire tone of the camping bit, I'm sure alot of editing was done to create drama and make Kate look bad.

    Who knows there may be film of when Kate first got there of her interacting and trying to have a good time. There is only about 5 min. of scenes of Kate sprinkled throughout that clearly create the image that she was not on board to have a good time from the beginning.

    Maybe those scenes came up in the last hour or so...when Kate reached her limit...perhaps began to panic about staying overnite and whether she could get out of there if she needed to!

    I would love to really know the truth behind's unfair to judge her without knowing all that went on.

    It's unfair without hearing her personal description of what she was feeling and why she spoke as she did.

    There are two sides to everything....TLC and Sarah created their version of what went on.

    I'd like to get Kate's take on this!

  32. Firedup4kate~ you are so right!

    I didn't get into the whole article from Gossip Cop. I want to post it here because it's so true. Funny how thew haterz grab onto the most supid insane stories like old sandwiches, but neglect to mention stories like these:

    "Life & Style alleges Gosselin’s ”explosive temper and selfish quest for fame” have made her children miserable, and that they’re now “begging to move out!” Gosselin has “mistreated” her kids for months, according to the magazine, supposedly ignoring their needs while she pampers herself. Jon Gosselin, meanwhile, is portrayed as a perfect parent who “actually plays” with the kids individually and is “very hands-on” despite not having Kate’s resources. When he and his girlfriend Ellen Ross recently took care of the children, says Life & Style, “They looked like a really happy family.”

    If this all sounds like the one-sided, fun parent vs. mean parent skewed reality that often happens when couples divorce, that’s because it is. A source close to Kate Gosselin tells Gossip Cop the Life & Style story is way, way off base. The insider points out that Kate Gosselin is the primary caregiver “for a reason,” and is quietly responsible for making sure the kids get the help they need and are supported in every aspect. Jon Gosselin, meanwhile, is feeding this “crap” to the media in an effort to destroy his ex-wife’s reputation. Life & Style’s spotty reputation, of course, is well-earned."

  33. Yeah...we are on the same page now!

    On another disappointing note...Nina Frye has now vascillated to the opinion that the kids should not film anymore!!!

    What the fool is that all about! And she considers herself a Kate supporter.

    I'm so disappointed in people in the media fields that can't take a moral stand on something.

    They always are looking to see where public opinion is blowing like a weather vane. If public opinion is good...they get on board.

    If public opinion starts to get negative, they bail out!

    The heck with you Nina! Can't you stand up to the haters or are you too weak and worried about your ratings!

    I know Kate will surely want to be on your don't even have enough back-bone to stand with her during the hard times.

    Kate is under seige again from all this stupid "inside sources" rumors.

    Thanks Nina for standing with us! NOT!

  34. firedup--I sooooo agree with you. People who waver with public opinion are just like chaf in the wind.

  35. Oh, that is so sad about Nina. Well if she is truly for getting the kids off tv then I would hope that she has credible people on her show to discuss the pros and cons of child tv, or reality tv and children.

    I also hope she has discussions about how to change laws and form petitions. She should review the laws for each state and see how Pens State child tv laws differ or are similar.

    Instead, I think she will just have discussions about how terrible Kate is as a parent, how the kids want to move out, and how they shouldn't be on tv because Kate gets her hair done and has fake boobs (I don't believe she does but I was using this as an example of the false rumours that have nothing to do with her kids being on tv). LOL.

  36. New rumor - :)
    Despite having absolutely no interest in running for a political office, Kate Gosselin won the presidential election as a write-in candidate. Unlike Sarah Palin who walked away from a political office for which she'd campaigned for and been elected to, Gosselin decided to serve. Her first order of business was to add a cabinet post for Czar of Anti Bullying and Stalking. Uniting both parties, via threat of stern mommy glares, an immediate law was passed with federal penalties for Internet bullying and stalking.

    Using this spirit of unity between parties, President Gosselin worked to pass a second law regarding photographing celebrities and their children. All photographs will now require the photographer and photography agencies to pay the celebrity their going rates for any photographs before photographs can be sold. Many former rags collapsed in financial ruin when they realized they could no longer ride the paparazzi gravy train of sneaky stalking.

  37. FiredUp4Kate, I agree with you about Nina, my issue with the child exploitation stance is when people use in just in reference to the Gosselins. If you want to say kids should not be on tv it should mean all kids not just Gosselin kids and then adress whatever limitations should be in place. She didn't share that sentiment when she had Michelle Duggar or Amy Roloff on. I respect the child exploitation viewpoint when it is not picking on any one family even though I believe that custodial parents with proper professional advice are in the best place to make these decisions for their kids.
    Linda, especially after hearing Sarah in the Oreiley Clip, I love your rumor. One thing I noticed in the clip is that now she like Kate says she needs to film to "work"

  38. Good afternoon everyone. I'm as you know a bit pissed about this whole Nina Frye situation..Well Nina Frye made her announcement today. I think she was hoping more people would care. After complaints from myself and many others that have supported her show and made it what it is, INCLUDING me, she will no longer be doing Kate shows. I would like to publically say how angry and disgusted I am with her. We all did so much for her to get the listeners, and now the haters grabbed her ear and scheming to take it to the dark side for better ratings. Cause lets face it, they think the can get even MORE listeners by butting the vile trash that is hate on that side.

    I am embarassed and upset that It had to be me putting my foot down before she finally fessed up to where she was going with the direction of the show. Regardless the premise of supporting Kate Gosselin was wonderful. I hope that someday we once again can listen to fans on live radio discussing strong moms and other fun topics that intrest us.

  39. Baby Mama--I am so proud of you, you absolutely did the right thing!! Nina is conflicted to say the least and I don't respect people who have an agenda like her's.

    Peace to you!! Kudos! Props!!

  40. BabyMama...I hope you saw my post about Nina?

    I'm really disturbed when I see women out there in the media giving the impression that they are strong, career oriented "living the dream" and then she falls apart on us because of the idiotic "hate Kate" factor.

    If she truly was a Kate fan...watched all the shows and did her research, she would see where all the venom is coming from.

    The filming has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the media attacks against Kate.

    It is a "planted concept" being used against Kate by the infamous "Taco slinging" government worker and the disgruntled ex.

    The 8 or so months of 2009 when the filming was stopped by Jon none of the attacks, no papparazzi interest waned. It only escalated!

    Stopping Kate Plus 8 will not lesson the attacks. I've never seen such a sour-puss deadbeat become so consumed with harming his former wife and mother of his kids...willing to even forgo the reputation of two of his little ones in seeking revenge.

    Nina, you need to hang with us. We'll teach you how to deal with adversity. How to take a stand and face the wind, come whatever.

    It's what Kate has had to do for quite some time now. She's awfully strong, determined to do what she has to for her kids.

    I'm truly sorry that you bailed on Kate. I thought you were a lady of integrity to stand up for Kate and publicly by means of your show provide a forum of support.

    Seems like you just got swept away with the haters. Those are muddy, poisonous waters you jumped in along with all the vile lying naysayers. Hard to swim upstream against such a tide...guess you didn't have the strength to do it.

  41. Baby Mama - you've done the research. You know what's involved. You have a much larger follower base than Nina. You handled the questions well, even the folks who aren't so nice. You can get the sponsors. Sooooooooo, make the connections and do your own radio program. You can set it up at a time of day that's convenient for you! You can do it from your home. Go for it! :)

  42. This is very interesting--->

    Who is the Fame Ho here???

  43. I'm all for someone trying to achieve success for their business. I'm always supporting the strong independent woman. I still love all that she has accomplished for her family. I just felt that we, as fans got really screwed. Nina seemed to know full well what she was doing. I already discussed, and still proud of the fact that the both times I was on was huge for her. And she was appreciative, but at what price? My first show was the highest rated she ever had, even higher than when Kate Gosselin was on. But then no one really listened to that yet because they didn't know about her.

    Let me be proven wrong if her shows are more successful now in her new format.

  44. BabyMama, I agree with Linda, you should do your own radio show and call it the Real Mom. It could be about a lot more than Kate.

  45. Well I am disappointed to say the least and sorry I supported her.

  46. I can't say that I really supported her as much as I supported you by calling, which is something I absolutely never do. I was thinking about it and she was sure happy to use Kate to advertise her shirts.

  47. I found Nina's statements to be hypocritical.

    She claims Kate puts her fame before the kids, then turns around and essentially says Kate should move to further her career.

    She claimed concern for effect filming was having on the kids, but then advocates Kate moving. Seems to me this is a time when a move as dramatic as the one Nina suggested and supported would not be in the kids best interest at this time.

    And yes, I did send Nina an e-mail and expressed my opinion directly to her. Therefore, I'm not 'bashing' her behind her back. I'm not bashing her, I'm pointing out what I felt was hypocrisy in her reasons for changing her view of Kate.

  48. I agree, but I supported her because I thought she was supporting Deb and IW and I am extremely disappointed in the way she gave in. I tweeted and facebooked her links. Told everybody about this so called cool show that supported "normal" moms and not the preconceived notion of what a normal mom is. I liked that she gave Deb a chance to talk with out censorship or hate. Now I know it's because she has a agenda. I am all for doing what you gotta do, but not when your hypocritical. She does not stand for what she claims to. And this is not all about Kate in my case because I know that's what the haters will say. It's about the fact that she gives women a bad name. Duplicity is not a good quality. I liked her because she seemed to spot light people who others might be afraid to showcase, which I thought was brave. Sorry if I am rambling. I'm exhausted and my sugar's whacked. Talk soon, have a great weekend. I'm going to be one of the nuts out doing last minute shopping.

  49. It's a shame. She could have had a strong niche market. Doubt if she find that pursuing haters will sustain her.

  50. Could somebody explain to me why it would be even remotely of interest to see photos of Kate Gosselin once again: pumping her own gas, stoping off packagesor picking them up at FedEx, wearing a hat, ? Then the stupid comments as tag lines: she looked happy, sad, depressed, lonely, very happy, angry... Folks, if the woman is running the same old, same old errands day after day, how thrilled or happy would you be with a dumb paparazzo following you? Come on, give us a break!

    Even dumber??? The hate blogs commenting ad infinitum on her expressions as she's running the same errands day, after day, after day! How on earth can they label the same expression as both happy and sad?

    Think it's called writing the caption and/or headline without even looking at the photo.

  51. Linda, I agree. I fail to see what the fascination is about weekly pictures of Kate doing the same errands. The same errands mothers do everywhere every day. Maybe some days Kate simply feels better than she does other days, or got more or less sleep than usual? Reading so much into so little! Caring so much about so little is beyond comprehension.

    I am an unabashed and unapologetic Kate fan and I truly could care less when she goes to Target and what she wears. I could care less if she looks happy or sad or cranky when filling up her van.

  52. Also to add, the haters claim Kate popularity is dwindling but clearly as the same old boring pics are put out nearly every week, who else is shown week after week doing everyday mundane things? They wouldn't continue to pay for the pictures if it wasn't profitable to them.

  53. Youtube deleted me :( Bummer that's the 4th account removed for copyright infringement. The part 2 of the alaska episode was flagged. I'm surprised since I removed the episode title, alaska and palin from it, but Discovery must be on some sort of destroy YT bender.

    Not sure where to go now, I'll take some time to think about it. We are thinking about canceling cable since we really don't watch much TV. I guess we'll see.

    Haters and Supporters alike - I've always loved reading the comments and hearing insightful well-thought out arguments. Thank you for the support :)
    noh84kate, h84kate, nohate4kate, hate4kate... new name would probably be noh84k8 to go with the alternating theme.

  54. This whole Nina issue is just so disappointing.
    I told people to listen to her shows and so I guess I supported her too.

    I agree Linda, Baby Mama should do her own show.
    That's a great idea! My philosophy is that you can't go wrong when your're doing the right thing even though it may not be instantly apparent. In the big picture, there are a few good sites that support Kate and I'm thankful for that, especially this site.

  55. Jessie~ the haters are the ones that are flagging you videos because they know I post them here and they don't want me to have them. So be careful. The are so nasty and vicious. Sometimes I think they just get offs on being bullies on the Internet. We depend on you and need you girl! :)

    Firedup4kate~ I loved what you wrote about Nina. I agreed 100%

    Linda~ no one wants to hear my nasal-ass NewYAwka (pronounced correctly) voice. But you never know..Doesnt lotto say "all you need is a dollar and a dream?"

  56. I feel this is the time for Kate to remove the kids totally from the spotlight. I honestly feel this way about all the reality kids. The parents should support the kids. What started out as cute and interesting on these shows has turned into a very uncomfortable situation for the kids. I am neither a lover or hater but I raised seven kids. I worked in the school so I can only imagine some of the comments. Sorry if this offends but do any of us want to subject our kids to this?

  57. maynard~ Welcome and thank you for sharing your opinion. I would really like to address your post because I hear so many of these comments. Forgive this rant I'm about to make. I go nuts when someone posts here and says Kate needs to remove her kids from TV.

    1. They have not BEEN on TV. I really wish people would back off that. Alaska was over the Summer and that one Special was filmed for two days in October. They were hardly on TV this year!

    2. See I have kids too. I raise kids now. And I know for a FACT that if any child in a school situation like that even comments to a child they are immedaitely reprimianded. These are nasty parents leaking false stories to the media. In ANY school situation kids will have to deal with other children. The Gosselin kids are not special in that regard and will have to learn to deal with it as my kids and all kids do in there everyday lives. If you worked in a school you would know this. My family WORKS in schools right now so I have a very firm grasp on that issue.

    3. It started out as cute because yes, the kids were adorable when they were little and have developed into beautiful children. The kids have been raised on TV and are not uncomfortable being filmed. If they are (as you have seen in several instances when you see a child missing in scenes in an episode) Kate handles the situation. Kate is their parent. SHE knows whats best for her children. As a young mother myself nothing pisses me off more than a stranger telling me how to raise my kids. Lucky and smart for Kate to not read vile vicious hate blogs where adults attack Kate's parenting skills.

    4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I respect yours. And the comments I am making here are in general and not directed at you. You should understand that I get your statement alot and I wish just to address my thoughts on the matter. The Gosselin children do not understand the aggressive paps and they will get schared and shield themselves. That doesn't equate telling their mom to stop filming. That is where they support themselves. And she is smart enough to know she won't let the haters win.

  58. Maynard - Interesting the blogs you follow. Do you really believe that removing the kids from tv will make a difference? All kids, or do you just focus on these Gosselin kids? Do you also support removing the Duggars, kids on MTV series, kids of the women on all of the "Real Housewives" series, Torrie's kids that appear on her series, etc? Or is it just Gosselin kids?

    I ask because I feel many folks have naively been hoodwinked by hater sites. You see, the Gosselin kids WERE removed from TV for over half a year. What happened? Not a darn thing!!! The paparazzi were still out there every day! The tabloids continued to each run rumored garbage articles 2-3 times a week! Why? Because hater posts bring them revenue. Those numbers are sold to sponsors by the rags.

    Want to stop Gosselin publicity? Don't go to another single ROL, INF, InTouch, etcetc story again. Don't peek, look, and for goodness sake, don't post!!!! The numbers are being sent over the top by haters who post over and over ad nauseaum. It won't stop until the posting stops. Those clicks and posts fuel the fury to create more stories.
    Next, a parent has made decisions for the kids. Their own parent. Not the one who links up with repetitive 20something twits, boozes it up in clubs, puffs carcinogens in his kids breathing space, shacks up for six months in Utah and forgets his kids, and then pretends it is always somebody else's fault. The other parent who provides them with stability and was there when their father was occupied with making decisions with his little brain instead of his big one.

    In this country, like it or not, parents or the parent judged the most fit decision maker by courts gets to decide. Just as Brooke Shields' mother, Jody Foster's mother, etc. have decided.It may not be what I or you would decide, but what they did choose. So, unless you want to give up all decision making by parents and let some federal agency decide, let's leave it up to the parent empowered by the court.

    I don't pretend to know what's best for the Gosselin kids. I feel I know my kids and what's best for them. There's a reason, or reasons plural, why Jon G lost in court 4+ times. He is, and always will be their father; they love him and I believe he loves them. Should he be the decision maker? He's talking a good talk right now but he's done that in the past when it's convenient. I want to see him succeed, but IMO he's got to gain maturity himself first, as in walking the walk, not just the Twittering talk. I have hope the maturity will come but he's got marathons of improvement to run before he gets there.

    My opinion, and your entitled to yours.

  59. Baby Mama - I know I planned to be absent today but we have WiFi where I am, lol. The kids have decided (after an hour on the slopes snowboarding, skiing, and tubing) that they are about ready already to head home. Lol, we (they) can't even take the cold on nearby mountains. Gosh, we for sure wouldn't make it in much colder climes! But we can withstand those hot, humid, steamy summers just fine!

    Your voice is just fine for radio. Go for it! We love New Yawkers too! People who want to chat on a subject will follow you regardless!

  60. Maynard - *Correction... My opinion, and you're entitled to yours.

    I do know, btw, the difference between your and you're, just sometimes have difficulty with the typing and cantankerous electronic devices.

  61. Linda-And then there are people like my brother who, as our mother said, didn't spell phonetically; he spelled frantically .

  62. I don't think people flagging youtube videos has anything to do with it. I've had several videos I upload that I'll get a notice of copyright infringement from time-warmer, discovery communications, comcast entertainment etc... Like if I upload a video with Kate on Regis & Kelly or the Today show, they get flagged. And I got a notice right before my account was deleted that part 2 of the alaska video had a copyright infringement claim from Discovery Communications. One to many notices :( I don't think it has anything to do with people flagging videos.

  63. Hey Ziggy! Good to see you! I agree with both your comments!

  64. Peggy - Welcome back! Your mother's take on it is spot on!

    I spent years being anal beyond belief over grammar and spelling. However, with the advent of cryptic things in texting for last 10 years, etc. I read now only for the intent of the words. It doesn't bother me at all about spelling and typos. Grammar is different and I'm reasonable there, lol. It just drives me nuts with the auto corrections that don't like contractions so every "you're" changes to "your" etc. I know our posters here really don't care. Still bothers me when haters copy my comments here, paste them elsewhere and then ridicule grammar and syntax. It becomes, "Get a Life!"

    Typing on computer keyboard I do reasonably well, B. Typing on cell phones with buttons, poor, C- to D. Typing on flat keyboards like iPhones and iPads with auto correct, I'm a Failure, F. Such is life.

  65. BM - You made some excellent points regarding the kids being filed by TLC versus the paps.

    The TLC crew are people the kids are familiar with, are the kids friends. The kids know the crew will watch out for them. They know if they say they don't want to be filmed, they don't have to be in the shot. They know when they are going to be filmed.

    Although they very likely know Chris by name and know who he is, they are clearly not comfortable in his presence. They probably don't know when he is going to show up. Clearly if they say they don't want to be filmed (or pictures taken) they aren't listened to. Look how many pics there are of one or more of the kids covering their faces, putting their heads down, turning their backs, i.e. the infamous van scene with the kids screaming for daddy to shut the door. Their request was ignored by their father and by Chris. In fact, Jon repremainded them.

    As well as, although this part likely doesn't have any impact of the kids feelings now, when they are filmed for TLC, they are getting their share of the money. With Jon, they likely get no share of the payment.

  66. Baby Mama, tashapork, and others with iPhones and iPads. We're now using app TextNow with our older kids. We have unlimited texting but they don't. The TextNow app let's you set screen name, it's free and using it is free (but you see ads unless you get the paid version.) Good thing it's free since they were always paying extra for being over their text limits. Can't do face time, but texts are free.

  67. Maybe the Gosselins will get to go on a neat trip during the holiday break and we will get to see a neat special. Somebody on Skating with the Stars had offered to take the kids skiing, or maybe Jon might take at least Cara skiing, they do have slopes in Pennsylvania.
    Linda thanks for the app, now if only someone would create an app that would either clean my house for me or give me a boost of energy and motivation to clean it myself.

  68. Kate and the kids are filming today. She attended a professional hockey game...Phil. Flyers?...I believe that was the name. Note said TLC would be there with Kate and the 8!

    Just another opportunity that normally Kate would not be able to do! Imagine purchasing 9 tickets for a reasonable seat to see the action what that would included!

    I'm really getting so sick and tired of this "kids should not film thing"! A judge who has facts beyond what we see has given the ok for this and given Kate the decision making if and when she decides not to film.

    The kids clearly enjoy these has been stated...they are very much at ease and comfortable with the TLC crew.

    The "anger issues" and any other "emotional" issues that Jon announced to the world have everything to do with the divorce and the icy conditions created by Jon between him and Kate.

    I also don't discount...given the fact that the "government worker"(another poster came up with this tag and I think it's appropriate as it gives her no name recognition) is so all into the hate blogs and campaigning against the filming...that this gal is creating some tension and angst with the kids as well!

  69. BabyMama- I enjoyed the video from your twitter account regarding Kate. Someone sure has a knack for putting all those shots together like that.

    So many cute pics of Kate. Love to see her smiling and laughing. I'm hoping her kids develop that same look!

    I saw one picture of Kate and Hannah together...both grinning from ear to ear and at that moment Hannah sure had that Kate "happy look"!

  70. Good evening everyone! Toinght was one of two Holiday parites that we have this weekend. This one was at my husband's friends house. I'm friends with the wives but we are not close. One of the little girls came up from the basement crying that my little one whacked her on the head. Do you ever see those movies where everyone is chatting and the music screeches to a complete halt and everyone looks? That's what happened to me tonight.

    I thought I was going to cry. Seriously, I was THAT mortified. All the adults with no kids gave me that look of death. And the parent's WITH kids gave me that "thank God it's you and not me" look. But thankfully the mom whose child was (and we later found out "lightly tapped" after she yanked my daughter's toy from her) came over to me assuring me her child was just fine and not to worry. We tend to let others upset us instead of holding our heads high and calmly dealing with the situation.

    We talked a bit since she is a teacher and we had the discussion about parents leaking out "rumored info." on students (hitting, biting, bad behavior)and how it would never ever be the faculty themselves for fear of losing their jobs. We talked about how my child was having issues adapting to school for the first time even though it's only for 2 1/2 hrs. And how sometimes parents & teachers come to the mutual decision to give them a "time out" of school before returning for a breather. And FYI there is NO such thing as being expelled from kindergarden.

    So of course I brought up Kate Gosselin. My friend said that in her situation it was definetly a good idea while the kids are age appropriate & are acting out "a time out", then come back to school when they are ready. She agreed that the media lit the fire to make the situation sound a million times worse that it actually is because of who she is. She said she deals with the exact same thing on a daily basis, and it's not life threatening and will definetly help them in the future.

    This long ramble is really for me. My kid hit someone and she and I will be OK. I think about watching the sextuplets birthday when Mady had that meltdown about the kids having multiple parties. And I remember how wonderful and loving Kate handled it. And how the hate sites tried to spin something into that, other than the great moment between mother and daughter that it was. I think about how tough this woman has to be dealing with this times 8. And I say to myself, just like those other parents "thank God it's her and not me". ;)

  71. Ohh and Jessie I forgot to ask you. Why was only one episode in violation of trademark? What about the other 4? lol It's so stupid. It's like they hunt you down for some reason. If it's not because the hate sites are flagging you, then how do they find you? I'm scared because you have just about used up all 20 different variations of your name! Plus they can't track you by the episodes because you changed the names?

    I swear, it's like they hunt you down or something! :o

  72. Jessie - Yes, some of the haters are indeed "tracking" you and then dashing off to send emails to TLC & Discovery.

    I remember when one of them who harasses me came on here last March-April to make a big, big deal because I had subscribed to your videos. At the time you were using H8forKate or something like that. This person made a big deal because they said since I subscribed to you that secretly I hated Kate but since some of the videos seemed to be proKate they'd already sent emails to notify TLC.

    At the time I wondered how stupid that person really was! Your videos aren't edited, just breaking up the show into segments. You aren't promoting Kate or bashing Kate. They couldn't figure that out. Some people are only happy when they are making others unhappy. Go figure!

  73. Sometimes it's just hard to understand. Example, people on Twitter who want to send others nasty Tweets. Seldom do I mention Kate on Twitter. My Tweets are about getting news in general, cooking &recipes, and life in general.

    Still some of the most annoying people will send you nasty Tweets. I block them at that point. Don't really care what they say as long as I don't have to see it, lol.

    Even funnier, since I have some Twitter issues, in that anything Tweeted in over two hours from my leaving just disappears when i return and I wouldn't see it anyway, lol. People I care about I have on lists that I check and read. Everything else is just lost in cyberspace. Frankly, lost in cyberspace is the best place I can think of for them to be. :)

  74. Okay Baby Mama, I LOVED your description of the reactions of the parents after they heard something happened. I am still laughing.

    To validate that you are not alone even more Baby Mama, I will share my story. My son and a co-worker’s son were playing in the playground with a bunch of other kids from a high-risk neighbourhood (where we worked). One of the kids from the neighbourhood ran up to us yelling that my son threw sand into the face of my co-worker’s son’s because they had said something mean to my son.

    Let me put this into context, my co-worker and I were the counsellors in that neighborhood. Our jobs were to work with these high-risk children, teaching them healthy coping mechanisms and behaviours and it was our children fighting in the playground. Talk about mortifying and completely ironic. LOL.

  75. Fascinated~ thank you. It's always nice to feel that you are not alone in feeling the way that you do about handling issues with young children. I have a bad habit of reading things on these sites and letting them get to me. They make fun of these wonderful kids and make it out to be like they are horrible children thanks to their parents. I take all of it personally. And that's one of the main reasons I continued the site... My own personal therapy.. :)

  76. Baby Mama & fascinated - I think all of us have been there at one time or another. Those who say they haven't are either:
    1. Too far removed from childrearing to remember.
    2. Outright into complete denial.
    3. Never been patents.
    4. Foregoing billions on the book they should have written on how to rear the perfect child!

  77. For those who'd like a "modern" take on an old story, I'm posting a link.

    Don't mean to put anything down. This is how I imagine things if Joseph and Mary were here in 2010

  78. Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! We do our usual Sunday brunch with my parents. But we didn't stay in the city today. Too crowded. The Sunday before the Holidays are a nightmare! So heres the link I was sent about Kate and the Kids watching a Hockey Game. Not my cup of tea, but I hope they had fun!

    Kate Gosselin, star of the hit show "Kate Plus 8" on TLC, will be filming an episode at today's game with her eight kids in tow . .

  79. Linda, that is sooo cute.
    I'm outright 'stealing' it to share.
    Thanks! LOL

  80. BTW, I don't think it's offensive.
    I think it's a great expample to show how
    although times change, the basics of humanity don't.

  81. Linda that was too funny. Had to share it as well.

  82. haha well next on the list of name changes would be noh84k8 - running out of names and I do alternate with the hate and nohate.

    I do spend a lot of time reading at GWOP and other sites but it can get frustrating since admitting anything positive about Kate is instantly bashed. It's a little too extreme. And I don't like the sites where they say everything Kate does is absolutely wonderful any excuse any bad behavior by saying "but she has 8 kids and nobody is perfect." I can see good and bad in Kate, and good and bad in Jon... being too extreme on either side is a bad thing.

    I'm going through the videos right now (there's over 400), and trying to sort them by date so they can be uploaded in chronological order. And also trying to weed out the repetative ones or combine small clips into one video. But it may just end up being archival in nature. Not sure if we'll keep cable, so uploading new episodes might not happen. We'll see.

  83. Jessie~ Do you have the old Christmas episode? I really wanted to put it up with the recipes on my new post. And I have to say that I agree 100% with there really can't be a site where both fans & non-fans can so simply because the site is run based on the views of the moderators. And, and tell me if I'm worng, haters are very nasty. I may snark about haters being vile, but they constantly call fans names that are much worse than idiots and dumb sheeple. We all know the sites everyone frequents. Commenters post everywhere. So why is it that I'm attacked at this site for calling haters haters but it's all fun and cames when the attacking at those sites are 10 times worse?

    Ziggy~ finally got a chance to read your e-mails. Thank you and as always I appreciate you, your site and the support of's all good :)

  84. jessie - I agree with your point. Although I didn't in way take that as a slam against my site as I don't allow any negative Kate, but the reason I don't is once the criticism starts, it's a constant battle to keep the hates from trying to take over. Second, anything a Kate supporter says negative about Kate, the haters take and run with it with comments, well even the supporters agree...

    Kate gets far more than her share of bashing without the allowance of any positive. My site is a counter balance to that. Do I think Kate is perfect? Not by any means. I think she's human, just like the rest of us and not the demon the hate sites make her out to be.

  85. Same back to you, BM. I appreciate the support of you and Linda.

    It's it nice to behave as adults and work out the differences and move on and still be friends?

  86. Ziggy and fascinated - Of course you are welcome to share those.

    In addition to that one, I emailed several people the following ones: This is a preschool in Portland, Oregon last year. I just adore kids of all ages and for those with young kids, or those who work in schools, I thought it was precious.

    The next one is from Canada. Actually had a client email me this one yesterday and ask if we could do something similar for his company, before Christmas no less. Duh, No!

  87. A friend shared this on facebook today.

  88. Morning Baby Mama,
    Thank you for posting that pic of Jon and his family getting their Christmas tree. It does look like a happy family event that most of us do. Kids look excited about Christmas.

    I hope your Holidays are happy.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannahkah sp? to all.

  89. Merry Christmas to you too, 1#caregiver!

  90. If you are up late tonight (wrapping presents or whatever), the only lunar eclipse of the year is tonight! For times in your area, the ABC News website has times for each phase.

    FYI, 2011 has 2 lunar eclipses. North America will not be able to view the June eclipse and only partially view the one next December. So, you might want to view this Year's eclipse tonight.

    My favorite app for the skies is Star Walk. It uses GPS technology. Neat for kids & adults because you aim you iPad overhead wherever you are and it shows the sky where you are. You can touch screen on a bright object and it names the star/planet for you. Our kids love it!

    So take a nap, set the alarm, bundle up with thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy tonight's performance in the night skies.

  91. I wasn't going to watch Sarah Palin last night, but on the way to bed it was on and I didn't switch it, I wish I had because I let myself be aggrevated by her

    "Its nice to get the heck away from IDIOTS and bloggers who DO NOT like our family." If she knows what this feels like why did she feed Kate to the dogs, going on OReiley and such.

  92. The Gosselin children do not understand the aggressive paps and they will get schared and shield themselves. That doesn't equate telling their mom to stop filming.
    Hi! I do not hate Kate Gosselin, I do not hate anybody whom I have never met.However, it is my belief that the paparazzi are stressing the children because they have a reality show. If they were anon children they would not be stalked by paparazzi because nobody would know them.That is the connection many make, I think. And for the record, it is annoying when people say Jon is a saint,the kids would be better off just with him,etc.Jon, just like Kate has made mistakes and directing all blame towards Kate, that is just not having a life and picking somebody to hate to fill your day... Wake up people,these kids need BOTH parents!

  93. Roxy2you - You can't put the genie back in the bottle, nor can you turn back the hands of time. They have been on tv. They stopped filming for 1/2 a year, paparazzi DID NOT stop.

    All children need two parents, IMO. It generally takes two to create them. That said, well more than half, right at 60%, of the world's children are part of single parent homes. Some had parents who were boozers, druggies and worse. Trust me, there are FAR worse things than being in a home where there is only one parent.

    I was not in court any of the four plus times that Jon took Kate back to court. Both parties had an attorney(s) each time. There was an arbitrator. There was a judge. The judge ruled that Kate will be the deciding parent. The judge ruled there will not be co-parenting. Since a family court judge deals with issues like this daily, and we have no idea what evidence was presented, could we at least agree that an experienced member of the court decided? If you don't agree, and you live in PA, lobby to have the judge replaced!

    BTW, if you do live in PA, would you also lobby heavily for strong anti-paparazzi laws?

    Thanks. Welcome. Glad you posted even though I disagree with some of your perspectives. You presented your information in a forthright manner without attacking anybody personally. :)

  94. Many of us yearn for the days when the Gosselins were a quiet little relatively unknown show on TLC.

    Many with multiples will tell you that these children generate attention every time they go out in public, even without ever being on tv. (Puff - you want to weigh in here?) We've never been on tv as a family and we have no desire to be. We have had requests from, example, tourists in both NYC and Washington DC ask if they can please make our picture. Our kids always look surprised and ask why do people do that? Sometimes they agree and smile, sometimes they angrily glare; depends on the mood. I've had kids say yes, and I've had them say no, "Shoo Get out of here."

    IMO, it is a personal decision. For the record, despite my being a Kate fan, had the court decided in Jon's favor, I would still be supporting the judge's decision.

  95. :) I strongly believe in civilized conversations. I see no point in cursing and being rude.Would you talk to somebody in a disrespectful manner if you were face to face? If the answer is no and you're doing it because it's the internet,that's just lame...

    Regarding the custody thing, I did not have that in mind when I posted my comment.I was stricly thinking about the quality time each child should spend with both parents whenever possible.
    I really don't want you to be mad at me for saying this,but while during November-April the children were not filmed, both parents made tons of T.V. appearances regarding the divorce and the filming and the custody and so, by constantly being brought up,of course they were kept in the spotlight.Maybe they stoped too late..I don't know

    What really upsets me is that in the past month ALL the articles online contained children's first names in them or the word children! Sadly, the papparazzi have figured out that since the Jon and Kate divorce died off, it would be a smart move to shift all the attention towards the children. And that's just sad.Somebody should tell the taboids people to get a life and stop harrasing innocent children.And especially to stop hypocritically talking about J&K making money off the kids when they are winning big time by righting dirt about the kids and selling their pictures!

    I do not live in PA, I do not live in USA but the paps really annoy me.I know I am now ranting sorry about that lol, but I remember when the paps kept taking pictures of Romeo Beckham and the poor child had epilepsy and they almost triggered a seisure the morons..I can't stand them!

  96. I ment strictly and writing dirt lol I am kind of tired...There may be other mistakes...

  97. are terrific. :) Nice refreshing change of pace. Thank you. We are used to being called names by people who don't agree.

    I agree. I hate paps across the board and I don't care who they are chasing. I blame them for a bunch of the celebrity scandals of late. They add way too much fuel to the fire and I wish there was some way to have them held accountable for it.

  98. roxy2you - I know what you meant, think, lol. Regarding the paparazzi, USNews, a reputable source, published an article today on the top 20 companies that tanked and filed bankruptcy in 2010. Interesting what one of those companies is... The parent organization of some of the worst of the rag magazines.
    USNews said:
    American Media. Here's a tabloid shocker--dirt doesn't sell the way it used to. That's because the type of tawdry gossip peddled by Star and National Enquirer, this company's franchise publications, is available faster and cheaper on the Web, at sites like TMZ and Gawker. Other American Media titles, like Shape, Men's Fitness, and Natural Health, are also struggling to hold onto advertising revenue as publishing migrates to the Web. By November 2010, American Media had a debt load seven times the value of the company, which drove it into bankruptcy. It hopes to emerge soon, with less debt and most of its businesses intact."

    Some of these have gone handily numerous times. Also in that category is ROL and others.

    They need revenue to continue. That comes from advertisers and rates are based on number of viewers and commenters. Anything Gosselin gets tons of hits, everything else usull gets 1-3 comments with many getting none!

    They don't care what the accuracy, etc. is as long as people comment. Haters can't seem to grasp that their repetitive comments fuel the photographs and the continued articles.

    The only way for Gosselin kids to go back to anonymity would be to move to a foreign country. Even then I'm doubtful.

  99. If I were Kate, I'd buy 9 cheap digital cameras. I'd ask them to carry them on wrist straps whoever they are out. When paparazzi approached I'd say,"Start snapping photos of the paparazzi!" Photos of faces blocked wouldn't make for much sales appeal. Then, I'd go to People or E! And offer them the kids' photos of paparazzi that make things unpleasant. I think that would make a nice accompaniment to a story about paparazzi and rags that harass. At least that way the kids would get paid for their own photos and the story. :)

  100. *correction "Some of these have gone repeatedly bankrupt."
    I have no idea where "handily" came from. Sorry.

  101. CraftyMomof3, I am tired,tired,TIRED of telling people that just because somebody doesn't see things your way, that does not make them morons, that does not give you the right to call them names...I would understand if maybe children didn't get it but, for God's sake,in many cases it's adults who do this stuff!

    LindaOriginal: Good! I am glad they are starting to go out of business!

  102. Good evening everyone & welcome new commenters! Will be putting up the Holiday Post tonight so look out for it. I really wanted to get into the lying crap that is INF, but you know how it goes. Every time I'm about to put up a recipe post more Gosselin news happens! So I will save it for the next one.

    Tonight the kids were sick so we snuggled up to watch Beauty & The Beast on the Disney channel. So my kids went to bed very late tonight and it took away from my blogging time! ;) Kate and the kids are at the Flyers Game tonight and they are losing. How much you wanna bet the haters will blame it on Kate? I will hear the complaining in 3, 2, 1...

  103. I do have the Gosselin family Christmas episode.

    Well I do know that Kate loves her kids and does things with the best of intentions. I also think that what she thinks is their best interest but it may not be in the long run. I see things I don't agree with Kate, and I worry about how the kids will cope with this as adults. Kate is quite polarizing, and the hate sites get kinda old with conspiracy theories and anything they can come up with to hate her. Opposite of that is the "sheeple" sites where they also theorize people are out to get her and how everything she does is wonderful... the "blind" adoration is what I don't like.

    You're right, she's too polarizing and hate & love can't exist on the same site. But I do respect someone that can admit appreciation yet acknowledge shortcomings. You guys are a little more balanced which is cool with me.

    Got all the videos sorted out, just need to do any modifications to compile short videos together, amplify sound, and adjust video resolution on some of them.

  104. Re the Christmas buying pictures - they are still pap pictures. In one they look unhappy, the other posed in & this one, tolerant, with one child hiding behind Jon.

  105. Phew! I'm so glad to finally have finished my chosen enteries for the "Gosselin Insipired" Holiday recipes! Take a whif of my fresh page of yummies and pick your favorite! One I will actually be attempting to make on Christmas Day! xoxoxo