Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leave The Gosselin Kids Alone. They Are NOT Working! Top 3 New Hater Comments

UGH yeah I know, I'm always warned not to read all those vile hate sites. They have spent years attacking Kate and when the news is slow, they go after the kids. And that's basically when I go off. You can debate to high heaven a good bra or someone actually said she lies about her eye color? (lol stupid) But the biggest "fight" thus far is the continued attacks on the Gosselin children. Are they working or not? Is Kate making money off her kids or duh this is her family and everything goes to them anyway? Depends on who you ask.

Personally there's nothing that pisses me off more than someone accusing Kate of being a pretend mommy. None of them have even a clue on how hard it is to raise this many kids at once. But here we go again, everyone's panties in a bunch because they feel she's not "entitled" to all that she's been given.  So since we enjoy these lists..I thought I would to a new haters list and debunk the funk so to speak.

TOP 3 REDICULOUS NEW HATER COMMENTS.. And why I laugh at them: By Baby Mama

1. Recently Kate was spotted grocery shopping with her kids in tow. And someone mentioned  "OHH she never does that it's just for the cameras". Well DUHHH! What mother would go through the headache of taking her kids shopping when she could just go by herself during the week and spare the fighting? The haters will try to look for ANYTHING they could attack Kate on. Who freaking cares if she "rightfully so" doesn't take her kids everywhere!! What's wrong with going shopping alone? NOTHING!!

2. "Ohh Kate is doing the talk shows to repair her image". No Kate is doing the talk show circuit because she's a reality star trying to keep interest up for a show that's not airing till April. Why are there that same group of people obsessed with going to sites to complain about her? She's so hot they have to joke on hate sites that she appears "bloated", and they are bent out of shape when she keeps herself relevant. I almost laughed when I read someone saying she was no longer relevant because she's not on the TOP talk shows. She's a smart woman who knows that she will make a splash on whatever show she goes on. She's a star now, so you trollies will just have to get used to it. Jon did.

3. "The kids are working on their days off." I can't stand how these people talk over and over about how the kids are working. When they were babies they were filmed for 2-3 days for a week, but were they working as they were crawling on the floor? Eating dinner? Playing in the house? These comments are as lame now as they were then. Kate and the kids have hardly filmed at all this year. We discussed that at nauseum. But even when they filmed, Kate is their mother, and knew what was best for her family. Her and Jon saved for a bigger new house. They were able to still have fun, going on free trips and get great gifts. The divorce rate is high among parents with multiples for reason. It's stress followed by money. Sadly by the time the money finally started coming in it was too late. But these kids are so blessed to have both an amazing mom and the money in the bank for their futures. To this day, thew filming schedule is just now only a random day here there and on breaks. And I for one am happy for all of them. They are NOT working, it's called LIVING THEIR LIVES occasionally filmed. The Gosselin have recently PROVEN that there are several weeks when they are not even in the public eye. The haters will just have to deal with that ;)