Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leave The Gosselin Kids Alone. They Are NOT Working! Top 3 New Hater Comments

UGH yeah I know, I'm always warned not to read all those vile hate sites. They have spent years attacking Kate and when the news is slow, they go after the kids. And that's basically when I go off. You can debate to high heaven a good bra or someone actually said she lies about her eye color? (lol stupid) But the biggest "fight" thus far is the continued attacks on the Gosselin children. Are they working or not? Is Kate making money off her kids or duh this is her family and everything goes to them anyway? Depends on who you ask.

Personally there's nothing that pisses me off more than someone accusing Kate of being a pretend mommy. None of them have even a clue on how hard it is to raise this many kids at once. But here we go again, everyone's panties in a bunch because they feel she's not "entitled" to all that she's been given.  So since we enjoy these lists..I thought I would to a new haters list and debunk the funk so to speak.

TOP 3 REDICULOUS NEW HATER COMMENTS.. And why I laugh at them: By Baby Mama

1. Recently Kate was spotted grocery shopping with her kids in tow. And someone mentioned  "OHH she never does that it's just for the cameras". Well DUHHH! What mother would go through the headache of taking her kids shopping when she could just go by herself during the week and spare the fighting? The haters will try to look for ANYTHING they could attack Kate on. Who freaking cares if she "rightfully so" doesn't take her kids everywhere!! What's wrong with going shopping alone? NOTHING!!

2. "Ohh Kate is doing the talk shows to repair her image". No Kate is doing the talk show circuit because she's a reality star trying to keep interest up for a show that's not airing till April. Why are there that same group of people obsessed with going to sites to complain about her? She's so hot they have to joke on hate sites that she appears "bloated", and they are bent out of shape when she keeps herself relevant. I almost laughed when I read someone saying she was no longer relevant because she's not on the TOP talk shows. She's a smart woman who knows that she will make a splash on whatever show she goes on. She's a star now, so you trollies will just have to get used to it. Jon did.

3. "The kids are working on their days off." I can't stand how these people talk over and over about how the kids are working. When they were babies they were filmed for 2-3 days for a week, but were they working as they were crawling on the floor? Eating dinner? Playing in the house? These comments are as lame now as they were then. Kate and the kids have hardly filmed at all this year. We discussed that at nauseum. But even when they filmed, Kate is their mother, and knew what was best for her family. Her and Jon saved for a bigger new house. They were able to still have fun, going on free trips and get great gifts. The divorce rate is high among parents with multiples for reason. It's stress followed by money. Sadly by the time the money finally started coming in it was too late. But these kids are so blessed to have both an amazing mom and the money in the bank for their futures. To this day, thew filming schedule is just now only a random day here there and on breaks. And I for one am happy for all of them. They are NOT working, it's called LIVING THEIR LIVES occasionally filmed. The Gosselin have recently PROVEN that there are several weeks when they are not even in the public eye. The haters will just have to deal with that ;)


  1. You are so right about the haterz. I think their heads would explode if they didnt have anything Kate to talk about for a month or so. Its either that or go to the Fan sites and pick on the posters there. It would be so bad if they would pick at the post, but no they have to pick on the "poster". Did you ever think in your lifetime you would see so many hateful people?

  2. I know that this is supposed to be a positive fan site and normally I do try to keep the negative out and keep it that way. But since this topic about "how the kids are/arent" working has been such a big debate for so long.. I felt the need to address it.

    I hope the fans that read here know it's a good discussion topic and that I will continue to keep this site positive :)

  3. Don't like to chew my cabbage twice! How many times do we have to address the hippo haters that their reasoning stinks!

    Agree Short...When there is a shortage of Kate pap pics, they do go nuts and love to go after anyone who supports Kate.

    That's why I stay away from non-friendly sites...with my disposition I'm liable to go ballistic with their stupidity and get myself riled up.

    Good post BabyMama! I mean look at that picture of the kids with the pirates up there! Any fool can see that the kids are having a ball here!

    Enough with the stupid "working" rhetoric! The kids play and get paid! Win Win Win for Kate, the kids and us!

  4. Meana Nina (aka Benedict Arnold and Judas of the gosselin world) is at it again! She's courtin' the haters for another in session hate fest against Kate!

    No back-bone, just-lookin'-after-herself woman should be ashamed!!

    What has Kate ever done to her to deserve this?

    Kate was nice to her...promoted her T-Shirt and her show...did an interview with her and this is how she gives back to Kate?

  5. I try not to let the hate get the best of me. I dont have much of a temper, but there are just cant help it. Baiting is just that. They select on person to bait, name call and pick on and bully them till they explode. I just dont understand that logic.

  6. From the mouth of Nina herself.. oddly a new contest that should be interesting depending who tries out lol though I don't think she wants me...

    "Think you have what it takes to be the host with most? Have the voice for radio? Come one, come all! We are letting the public take control of our radio show. The show will feature a contest focused on anyone who would like to become a radio show host and has what it takes to command a strong listening audience. Show Details:

    -We are accepting 48 contestants
    -Entry to the contest will be an mp3 format 10 minutes in length as if you were live on the air
    -Send mp3 submissions to:
    -There will be one winner chosen at the end, who will receive a six month contract to host their own radio show
    -Voting will take place online and whoever receives the MOST votes wins!
    -This will be a highly publicized contest which can lead to bigger and better opportunities
    -Finalists will be featured on iTunes podcasts"

  7. I am sorry, but all I can think about Nina’s contest is that one of the Kate Haters will win and a caller will call in challenging the hater’s delusions and the hater’s response will be – oh yeh, well you have cankles.

    I am sorry, but I just cannot get past that inane comment.

  8. Two more ridiculous comments

    1. Kate keeps herself in the spotlight

    Reality: Kate is in the spotlight because of the haters – Kate was on the Talk (which apparently many people didn’t know about or watch) and George Lopez (which many people don’t get), yet the haters keep complaining that she is in the media.

    News flash, Kate is in rag mags, is TALKED about on talk shows and news shows, and is photographed by the paparazzi. All of these mediums are out of her control and without her consent. The haters are the ones buying and viewing through these mediums, therefore, they are the ones keeping her in the spotlight and they don’t even understand this. If they stopped buying, viewing, and reading articles based on the perspective of a source and commenting – Kate’s would practically disappear from their lives. Again, they don’t understand this critical piece. If they really thought that she was an abusive mom, they would put a complaint in with Child Protective Services and let the system deal with Kate. Ohh, but they have no proof, hence my next comment.

    2. The haters are about child advocacy

    Reality: The hater’s sites only comment about how much they hate Kate. I have seen zero evidence regarding actual discussion about promoting child advocacy. I have never seen any comment discussing factual actions taken by Kate that harm her children.

    Instead, they continuously bash Kate about superficial, envious, hateful rhetoric. Bashing Kate about her looks, when she choses to be on camera, how big her ankles are, and the size of her boobs does not equal child advocacy. – I don’t’ even know how to explain this further because to me it is SOOO obvious, that the very fact that the haters don’t understand that their anger is based on jealousy as opposed to an action for change means that it isn’t worth my time to continue talking about it.

  9. There can be a positive spin on anything.
    1.Kate is exposing her kids to a world of career possibilities in the film industry.
    2.Talk show hosts are eager for the ratings boosts that Kate Gosselin brings to their shows.
    3.Instead of spending their school vacations sitting in the house playing video games or in a daycare center, Kate Gosselins kids have the opportunity to explore the world. They are learning cultures, history, and tons of life lessons.
    4. Kate Gosselin's kids are so proud that they are part of the team that creates their show. It has been a tremendous boom to their social skills, sense of confidence, and sense of identity.
    5. The divorce could have been a lot worse on the Gosselin family if they weren't involved in Kate Plus Eight. The kids are thankful that mom isn't working double nursing shifts.
    Babymama, you go for it, that would be a really cool experience.

  10. Amazing that they still think that Kate shouldn't get freebies.

    Why not? Every other celeb gets them!

    I don't recall a single one of the "non fans" who called for Jon to give back the goodie bags filled with big ticket freebies that he and his then girl friend Morgan Christie received at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Not a single one.

  11. Excellent post BabyMama. One more rant I'd like to add to the list is that the show is scripted. If it was scripted those are the most talented 8 kids ever! If you can't see that the children's reactions good and bad are real I think somebody needs to get their heads examined.
    As for these shows Kate has made appearances on do they think Kate called them up and asked them to invite her? Come on, even though Kate was from a reality show and she couldn't dance worth a hill of beans (although she tried) for the first time in DWTS history the shows ratings beat American Idol and remained high in ratins when Kate was on the show. Even ABC wanted to court Kate but TLC knows a winner when they have one and there is no way they would give Kate up. So knowing that Kate is a ratings winner of course these less known shows or new shows would love to have Kate on them. I've seen well why isn't she on the View again? Sorry but I don't care if The View is on a major network, I find most of the hosts very offensive and combative towards too many of the guests so even if asked I wouldn't choose to go on there. The only one that is decent to the guests a majority of the time is Barbara Walters and it's clear that Barbara and Kate get along very good but would I willingly subject myself to those other women? No Way. Repair Kate's image? Why? You either like her or you don't. If you don't then change the channel, that's what the remote is for. It absolutely boggles the mind why these women and few men have made it their live mission to interfere in the Gosselin's lives.

    Seeing as how filming has been cut way down to a few specials during the year while the other shows film way more than the Gosselin's you would think that the hating would slow down or go away but instead it's increased. It just doesn't make sense. None of it makes any sense.
    Leave the kids alone. Leave Kate alone. Go worry about your own kids, grandkids or even better try and renew your relationship with your husband and if that doesn't intrique you then go out and volunteer at some local animal shelter and do some shoveling.

  12. Linda, ITA Let's be real here. Would THEY turn down freebies if they got them offered to them? No way! Do they also know that the majority of the time the celbrity doesn't ask for them and LOL sometimes don't even know what it is they were given. Companies do this all the time. It's called business. If someone wanted to give your child clothes or toys for free do you honestly want us to believe you would turn them down? You would jump at the chance.

  13. Lexxi thats such a great one I missed. I would hard pressed to find anyone that didn't agree with any reality show having a certain direction for that episode. But to turn around and say that it's scripted is as crazy as it comes.

    Also they need to have some type of idea of what the particluar episode is about and where they want the arc to go. I mean, then who would enjoy watching it? And for that matter is there anything wrong with that?

  14. Linda~ I don't think Morgan knew what she was getting herself into. They dated for a second, then took Jon's minimal freebies and dumped him. I think she was upset he was sleeping on her parents couch or something. Wasn't that also when Hailey accused Jon of not giving her the $200,000 back she lent him.? Why in the world would she do that, and most importantly who has that kind of cash lying around to loan?? CRAZY lol

    tashapork~ that is so true! Anything can be spun into both positive and negative depending on the side. I love how you saw to turn it around and the frown upside down! Thats where a wonderful heart like yours is a blessing ;)

  15. I want you to try out for that radio show, I do think it needs to encompass more than Kate Gosselin, but she could be a central part of it. Maybe focusing on some of her traits such as being a strong mom or turning lemons into lemonade or about the hating that goes on for Kate, etc and how it could change. I am not sure what, but you can do it.

  16. Baby Mama I've said it before - you'd be great on radio. You're strong & confident. You should try out!

  17. LoriAnne~ Only if you promise to be on so we can chat ;) all kidding aside it was an idea for anyone on here.

    All you need is a dollar and a dream ~NY lOTTO

  18. Good post, I love reading well thought out arguments and getting the chance to see things from another perspective. I do want to comment on points 1 and 3 in your post...

    1. Kate just does shopping (or whatever) for the cameras. I agree it makes more sense for her to do these things when the kids are in school, and you can't fault her for that. I think the problem is that if she portrays these things for the camera only, it's kinda false. I worry the kids will look back and realize they portray something on the show that isn't real to their every day life. Then again maybe that wont be a problem. I also think many people tune in to see the real family, not just staged activities.

    And #3... Whether the kids are working (on their days off). I don't know what their real schedule is, so it's hard for me to judge how much or how little the kids get a break during vacations. Seems like it should be kept in balance so they do get days to just goof off or do nothing, and I hope that's how it is. The other topic I see come up is whether they are working. I see this argument a lot and it bothers me. I think the kids do just live their lives and come and go as they please for the most part... I suspect they are fed lines occasionally or have to "repeat scenes." Definitely not what I would classify as regular work. For the most part it's just fun. And at this age that's fine, I just hope they can adjust and adapt as they grow up. Worrying about their well-being long term is legitimate concern(they really can't consent or understand the difficulties they will face), but arguing that they are working so they shouldn't be on TV is stupid.

    Thanks for the interesting posts, I enjoy reading things from many different perspectives, and sometimes the "hater" sites are just too harsh and pick on her for stupid reasons. Gosselinarchives

  19. Good morning everyone,

    It is -34 C this morning with a windchill warning coming for today. Brrr.

    I understand people’s concerns about the difference between reality and scripted tv. The argument that Kate Plus 8 (and Jon and Kate) is not reality appears to be a bit of a red herring in that no one on the ‘child advocacy’ side has sat down with the producers or Kate to discuss exactly how many hours the children are filmed, what is expected, and if they have to memorize lines. Oh wait, the court did that and sided with Kate. Case closed. Jon’s role is to continue to monitor it if he is not satisfied or disagrees, not the pseudo child advocates. Jon has yet to have the decision reversed; not because he is being oppressed, but because he does not have the proof or is benefiting from it and chooses not to.
    On a serious note, has no one ever asked their family to ‘say that again’ or ‘wait I want to get a picture, do that again.’
    I do it ALL THE TIME. Reality is a relative term. Some people don’t live in reality, so no matter what they see or are told they believe what they want to believe. Others want to catch reality in a picture or remember a conversation, it is then repeated. That is reality. If the line between scripted and reality is as small as asking a child to repeat what they said, well, heck my whole life is scripted.

  20. fascinated--Oh my that is so cold! I was complaining about 7 degrees and snow here.

    Baby Mama--You must tryout for that radio program. You are a natural!

  21. "Fascinated"...good points about "reality" in the Gosselins world and ours as well!

    And I do think on occasion Kate wants to take ALL her kids shopping and going to the mall, etc. if for no other reason than the experience of it.

    Obviously, it's not practical for her to always do it. She can get those necessary tasks done much quicker with out the 8 to keep her eyes on!

    There is absolutely no comparison to what the Gosselin kids do and regular scripted child actors.

    A local child recently participated in film for Hallmark channel. He had to be on the set at 7am...usually worked til 5pm. He had to rehearse lines, get direction from drama instructor to facial expressions, motion of arms, stance of feet...on and on. He worked on this project for over a month...and this child is 8 years old!

    Yet, both he and the parents were glowing over the whole experience and he obviously is hoping for a steady career in filmmaking.

    Child advocates? Do you see the difference? This child made a good paycheck....but who do you think cashed the check and benefited from those proceeds? are a natural for the radio thing. Take it on and show meana Nina how its done!

    I'd do it. I've got no fears of a microphone. Problem is, I'm probably too opinionated and passionate about how I feel about things.

    I'd get myself in trouble like that radio fat boy from Florida...Rush Limbob...or whatever his name is. Always sticking his foot in mouth!

    Weather rainy and cold here again! Yuck!

  22. Baby Mama - Minor, but we have a difference of opinion. I think Morgan Christie knew exactly what she was doing. Jon was with the "then love of his life,, Hailey" and instead of spending Thanksgivng with her and her family as planned, he jumps a plane to ski in Utah where he meets Morgan.

    She'd have to be deaf and blind not to have seen the zillion tabloids. She welcomed the "misunderstood" Jon with open arms despite his professed love for Hailey. I'd prefer to think that she either woke up, got tired of the notoriety, or her parents intervened to say he wasn't staying in their house any longer.

    Of all those associated with Jon, she probably got out the least scathed, and good for her! Deanna, Kate2, Stephanie, and Hailey didn't fare so well. 

    I dunno. I don't have the answers. My father used to say that anybody can make a mistake. But, if the action happens a second or third time, it isn't a "mistake" but a planned behavior.

    Of course, he'd also have told Jon that it's fine to hold out for your "dream job" but while you're waiting, you take any legitimate job or volunteer. People hire those making an effort, but shy away from those who sit on their butts! (Yeah, he could be blunt sometimes!)

  23. fascinated - OMG! -38 degrees? Mercy, your lips must freeze outdoors with the first exhaled breath!

    You hit it right on with your comments! ITA!

  24. FiredUp4Kate - I think you could gather quite a radio following. We Southerners are loyal to the core for our friends and we close ranks in a low-country minute to protect those who get attacked. I'd listen to you, but then you speak my language. :)

    And as Puff once commented, when a Southern woman tells you to go to "hay-uhl", you knd of want to go there, lol.

  25. Oh, and FiredUp, it was colder and rainy here too this morning, but the sun is out now and looks like a great, but windy weekend. The azaleas and dogwoods have started to bud; the jonquils and tulips are up about 6-8 inches...will be blooming soon I hope!

  26. Good morning everyone! Freezing rain & winds & my kids have a birthday party today. I hate going out in this weather!

    Linda~ if you told me the sky was purple I would believe you. Sometimes it takes a different point of view to be explained before you say "yeah you know what, I think your right!"

    I often wonder what I would do if I was given the same choices or opportunties as people like Kate Gosselin, what I would do. After a miserable day like this I would wish nothing more than having a camera crew pay my behind while I sat on the couch with my kids lol. We can all deem right? ;)

  27. tashapork said...
    3.Instead of spending their school vacations sitting in the house playing video games or in a daycare center, Kate Gosselins kids have the opportunity to explore the world. They are learning cultures, history, and tons of life lessons.
    I don't think they realize if Kate had a regular job like they keep saying, that the children would be in day care on their vacations and days off, which to me would be a whole lot worse than a trip to philly!

  28. Lori said,
    I don't think they realize if Kate had a regular job like they keep saying, that the children would be in day care on their vacations and days off, which to me would be a whole lot worse than a trip to philly!
    That point was driven home to me last summer when for a couple of days, I guess in between the summer program and school starting, the people who were working on our siding, roof etc, brought their kids with them. I felt so bad for them staying outside all day. They did have plenty of snacks and drinks. I invited them in to watch tv, computer, etc, but mom said no and truthfully I don't blame her. I wouldn't let my kids alone in a strangers house so I did bring them a couple of games to play. It was around the time that people were having tizzies because the Gosselins were in the heat at Statue of Liberty. I thought of how these kids would be estatic to be there rather than bored in my hot yard so mom and dad can bring home the bacon.

  29. Good evening everyone! Where the heck is everyone tonight? This is the quietest Friday Iv'e seen in weeks. Please stroke my eho and don't tell me you went to the other side.. hehe

  30. I've been checking in all day. : )
    Just watching Who Do You Think You Are? So fascinating... LOL, yes I come by my blog name honestly.

  31. I have it on CityTV. Kim Cattrall is trying to locate the grandfather that left her grandmother and mother pennyless.

  32. Is Nina or the produces encouraging you to enter? If it is Nina is she really that clueless?

  33. Umm I clipped my last comment b/c I didn't want the trollies making snide comments about it. I still don't understand how Nina is connected. Either this is her gig, which I'm not quite sure of, or Cindy told her about it. Either way it's extremely awkward, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  34. Ugh, ok I went and actually read the e-mail. Honestly when I saw Nina's name I just deleted it. Nina is helping out for the conest and in charge of the entries. Coming off of such a uncomfortable situation with her, it will be interesting to see how fair the entries will actually be...

  35. Strange... Radio show staff didn't even list Nina on notice I saw. Thought maybe they got fed up with her.

    I've been bogged down with ranting parents angry with a tennis coach. Oh what a waste of time. Two hours and they were even angrier after venting. Whassup with the world.

    Then I've been trying to get a handle on twitter. I think i need you and CMo3 to coach me some. I'm working on listings to group but it's getting out of hand or I need to speed read faster. I'm not selling anything and I can't keep up any more with Tweets. So advise me, oh smart Baby Mama. Maybe I should just pull the account? It's a hot mess right now.

    BTW, lol, I wasn't trying to sway your position on Morgan Christy. (The sky is still blue...well maybe indigo since it's now midnight.) Just pointing out that although we're accused of being clones, we're really not. xoxox ((more hugs))

  36. Wait Linda hold up.. so confused. why would you want to pull your Twitter? What are you trying to do exactly? I gotta go look...

  37. Linda, don't stop tweeting. I'd miss you.
    I think I may have figured out what NF's real beef with Kate is, its the divorce. I heard someone talking about her interview with Bryan Masche so I had to go confirm for myself. She was hard on Jenny any time it came up about her responsible for the separation and she was practically begging him and Jenny to get back together. Isn't there some possible chance kind of thing. She said she is pro marriage. That may be why she used to like Kate and now doesn't much more than the child exploitation issue. Just my opinion.
    Babymama, you'd do great on a radio show because you wouldn't let others tell you how to feel or think.

  38. Are you talking about those Twitter lists? I honestly never do them. But apparently people use them to put the people they follow into different catagories. I'm all over the place with my posts, but I never divide them and maybe I should. I don't know if that's what you talking about though :) You want to do separate Tweets for your business accounts?

  39. TashaPork, I was thinking something similar along those lines. There's nothing wrong with people changing their views on a person. Many people saw Kate get fustrated & angry in Alaska, but again few have been put in that situation.

    I always ask people how scared they would be if they were secretly filmed for a week, and had to see their actions. If they would be embarassed & upset if people picked apart everything they did. As far as Nina, the timimg was suspect, I felt betrayed (though she's entitled not to agree) and more importanly, I'm sad of the overall direction her show went. But ohh yeah please judge me trying to do what you do in a

  40. Linda & BM, I have a slightly different view re Morgan Christy.

    I think she thought she knew what she was getting herself in for, but when she was actually in the midst of it, it was either worse than she thought or it was more than she thought she could handle. In no way do I think she didn't have a clue.

    I read where her parents had quite some difficulty in getting Jon off their couch & outta their house.

  41. Baby Mama - I pulled my last comment re Twitter. The guy from TweetSmarter gave me some suggestions. I'll try those. I was feeling greatly overwhelmed.

  42. Ziggy - While I wish for Jon health, happiness, and love (as I would for any human being) I'm glad that Morgan and her family got out as unscathed as they did. The Glassmans and the Hummels weren't so fortunate.

    Anybody can make a mistake. We're all entitled to a few. Poor judgment hopefully leads us to learn from our mistakes and become better human beings.

    There is just something kind of puzzling to me about men (or women for that matter) who seem consistently drawn to attractions that involve huge age gaps. My husband is a little older than me and even with just this gap, we sometimes have troubled relating to certain music, for example. Sometimes he'll mention a song and it makes me chuckle to think OMG, my parents liked that song!

    That doesn't make it wrong, just makes me wonder how you sometimes relate to a love interest where life experiences (news events) aren't relevant. For example, mention 9/11 and and any US citizen re-experiences in a flash the horror of that day. My Tweeners were alive then, but babies, and have no memory of it other than news accounts. When we discuss it with them, their "context" of that day is as a historical event, and not really something they remember as "living" it.

    Maybe I'm just naive and the sex is so incredibly mind blowing it doesn't matter.

    Better quit now...

  43. Linda, I agree. My ex was 10 yrs older than I. I was 21 when we got married. At first the age difference didn't seem to matter but by a year into the marriage, even after being together for a year pre marriage, the age differenece didn't work. I as coming into my own as a person and he still saw me as 'his'. I think the age differences make less difference the other people are and the more common life experiences they've been through. Say, a couple 51 and 41.

    I also think life experiences can make even a less age difference seem huge. When I was 32 I dated a guy 28. He was georgeous but more important, he was the sweetest guy. But I had been married for 10 yrs & had a six yr. old child. He had never been married and had no children. I felt on a different planet than he even though he kept tyring to convince me it would work, but I just felt the life experiences put us too far apart.

    For Jon and Ellen, it's not only age the age difference, its the life experience difference.

    I know there are couples who over come these things, but as yourself, I do wonder. For myself, I found my ex as a husband trying to be a father to me, I didnt need a father, and as for the younger guy, I didn't want to be the one to help him experiece new things, I wanted a shared growing in life.

    For Jon, going by all the evidence, he clearly hasn't matured past that age group and I wonder if he ever will.

  44. Mornin' sunshine! Beautiful out there although still cold!

    Just reading thoughts about Jon and the younger women....Jon hooked up with them easily because that's where he has been stuck mentally for the last 10 years!

    I think most women tend to be more mature than men their same age. My husband is 4 years older than me...and it seems to have been a good fit. Although I do sigh at times and wonder...what was he thinking? LOL!

    Kate was light-years ahead of Jon maturity wise. When the tups were born, Kate stepped up to the plate and did what she had to do. She put her "twenties" aside and became the mother they needed.

    Jon bemoaned the loss of his "twenties" and resented the added responsibility.

    Crap, he resents the responsibility he has now of just having to go out there and get a regular job!

    Jon is quite the con man. I think he "sweety-mouthed" Morgan as he did the others before her. She had insightful, protective parents that helped her see the light and throw his lazy self out of the house.

    Sex with Jon cannot be the attraction, other than the fact he was free and loose with it. I doubt there is much "magic" with he and the government worker now...I think they just have a convenient arrangement.

  45. Linda--This is so funny (to me lol)-- hubby is only 6 mo older than me and we have some big disagreements in the music we like. We can never travel and enjoy each other's music. We both loved the same music when we dated but have changed. And we'll be married 40 years in May.

  46. I wonder if the reason Jon is attracted to 23 year olds is that emotionally and maturity wise he is one. The problem is physically he isn't one and in his life responsibilities he also isn't one.

  47. Corrina~ 40 years? congrats thats amazing!
    firedup4kate~ Quote of the day "free & loose with it" haha love it!
    Ziggy~ I beleive only people in High School make comments on Twitter like Jon: "Happy 10 months baby, & many more!" HUH?

    Good afternoon everyone. My back is killing me. I held my little one all morning. They were so excited to go to this bowling birthday party. We get there and it's like monster themed or something for the boy so it was pitch black w/neon and the music was blaring. My little one cried in my arms the whole time & I think I spent an hour and a fortune in the arcade today. And as always I'm exhausted. lol

    We need to remind the KHaters that when it's quiet in Gosselinland she is doing something called living her life. Which is suposed to be a good thing right? She seems to only film on the Holidays now. And we may have never known she was filming had that girl not posted it on Twitter. So now that they have all this footage, they must be coming back for more than one episode right??

  48. So I was wondering why do you think they are waiting till April to come back? I don't get it. I really hope they do more than one show because they have so much footage..

    1. Flyers Game
    2. Philadelphia tour of the city
    3. New Zealand
    4. Australia
    5. Food shopping ?? uhh why lol

    Also wasn't there some Thanksgiving dress up day or was that never filmed? Either way I think theres at least 3 shows worth here right? Maybe they will come back weekly! you never know ;)

  49. Baby Mama--Thanks for the congrats. I don't know where time goes, but it sure flies. You'll
    have memories you can cherish all your life at that Bowling Birthday Party and I hope your back feel better very soon,

    I'm hoping there are 5 shows (wishful thinking) with what they have so far. And maybe two episodes of the Australia tour. I am hoping!

  50. I am hoping they come back weekly, at least for maybe eight weeks. by then they could get a valentines episode, maybe Easter, maybe the kids' birthday, maybe Kate's filming some of her own activities. Kate could make an episode about training for a half marathon. Maybe the food shopping was for some kind of pary they are planning. They could also film doing something for Kate's birthday.

  51. If the Australia is two, and New Zealand adds another... We're up to pretty much a whole season. :)

    Can you imagine the excellent school reports...
    "While North America was in the midst of being frozen solid, I warmed up half way around the world in Australia and New Zealand which are two island countries half way around the world." If it's three shows... "I, and each of my siblings each got paid $45,000 while experiencing a different location. Now I know firsthand that different hemispheres have different seasons. We got to learn about the historic cultures there as well as the present day ones. We saw different wildlife from what we have at home. What an adventure it was!"

  52. Interesting read. I have also wondered what it is that all these women are attracted to in Jon.
    All of them have been younger and attractive young women. Kate majors did say he had a great personality. Has he even been alone since the divorce more than a month??

  53. Maybe TLC is building up for a whole season. That would be great. Taping is minimal and the kids can continue to live their lives privately, except for the tabloids interfering.

    Regarding Jon, Kate did see something in him when they met and for a while in their marriage. I think he is probably charming and fun. Clearly, he is not responsible or mature, but for a 23 year old, he is at the same developmental level. At some point, the girls will mature (as evidenced by Hailey and Morgan) and he will either mature with them finally, or find another 23 year old.

    I appreciate that he is not doing interviews anymore, but I am curious to know if he still believes that he was robbed of his twenties. I wonder if his children with have similar accusations against him in saying that they were robbed of a two parent family and a full-time father. This is the line of maturity.
    When one can say, I was robbed of my twenties, but I made this bed and I am going to lie in it, make the most of it, and make sure that my children are not penalized for losing what I think I was entitled to as opposed to what I consciously chose to let go of.

  54. Whew...long day girlfriends! Just had to share something of interest I read today. Remember the actor Robert Redford?

    In an interview speaking of his youth he said:
    I was never a good student. I had to be dragged into kindergarten. It was hard to sit and listen to somebody talk. I wanted to be out, educated by experience and adventure..."

    Well, my my, isn't that sounding like the exact beautiful reality that the Gosselin kids have!!

    Maybe the two tups who had some issues at school felt similarly. Hard for them to sit still...but what an opportunity TLC, filming and their mother has given all these kids to be "out, educated by experience and adventure...!"

    Robert Redford sure turned out to be a very responsible actor, director and natural activist. I feel Kate's children are going to be well educated, fascinating young adults who will contribute much to society as well.

  55. I think Kate knew Jon was a bad boy in some ways, but falsely hoped he would mature along with her as they got older.

    Sadly, Jon is still stuck in his twenties mindset. And he has done nothing to set any kind of good example or role model for his children.

    Thank God these kids have Kate!

  56. One of my favorite Oprah quotes is: “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."

  57. Good evening everyone Hope your all having a great Saturday night. What is going on in the world that I have missed? I'm so wrapped up in my own crazy stuff, I need to come to this blog just to relax ;) I always love reading funny people taking about the affect Kate Gosselin has on TV. This story was already discussed, but how the author worded makes it sound like every KHater on those sites...

    "It is Kate Gosselin's fault that the show Fairly Legal wasn't named Facing Kate. The original idea was to name the show after the main character. This idea was shot down by studio executives because they were afraid that people would get confused by the title and think the show was about Kate Gosselin. Has Kate consumed the lives of every American so much that we can no longer hear the name 'Kate' without thinking of her?

    Why should a show have to take into consideration what people might think when they hear it's name. Do they really have to worry about a reality TV character causing mass confusion about what their show is about? Besides, wouldn't you want a lot of people to think it was about Kate Gosselin to get them to tune in? That should have been their marketing plan.

    Well, regardless, Kate Gosselin has ruined another thing in our lives. Besides her causing cancer and male pattern baldness we now have one more thing to hold against Kate Gosselin. Thanks alot Kate!"

  58. All I can say is, you tell them Baby Mama!

  59. Too funny, Baby Mama! Now when I think I've heard it all in re. to Kate...'cancer & MALE PATTERN BALDNESS'? I suppose Jon's bloated physique is her fault too?

    That Jon is celebrating a milestone of 10 mos. w. ONE female is not only high school, it might be a reflection of what went on behind Kate's back for 10 yrs. He's becoming Twitter 'sainted'...not 'verified'.

    Wasn't it about this time last yr. he came home from Santa Barbara, CA after being kicked to the curb by Morgan? That gal had 2 jobs & was heading to law school. As I remember it, ( trust me my memory has many sr. moments) ONLY one Morgan friend was quoted, but said [sic] she'd gotten tired of working, only to come back to her apt. to find Jon on the sofa watching t.v. or playing games.' I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Morgan who speed-dialed List for Jon! Maybe Sylvia Lafair was also on that contact list. Has anyone heard how Jon's 'parenting' book is coming along'? It was to be published next month, per Sylvia, last fall.

  60. Totally agree with this post, nobody knows what it's like to care for eight children. But our dear kHaters never cease to criticize is not it?. But the worst is that they are not content just with Kate, they also attack the Gosselin children. Ugh!!

    It would be nice if they'd be ashamed of themselves, but it will not happen unfortunately, such people do not repent of their deeds, which is very sad.

    Good afternoon to you fans Gosselin.

  61. Hello my Jacque! Nice to hear from our Brazilian fan...hope all is well with you, my friend!

    The idea of Jon doing a parenting book needs to be filed under "comic books"! We know he goes into hair-pulling mode after having his kids for just a day.

    Yes, it was about this time last year that Morgan had enough of the couch sitter and sent him packing.

    The "government worker" has at least been smart enough to keep her own apartment and let Jon do most of his couch sitting at his own little "estate"...ala one bedroom efficiency apartment.

    Agreed BabyMama...dumb TV execs would have had a hit for sure calling it "Facing Kate"! Kate Gosselin's name notoriety is amazing. Even sports writers will use her name in an article just to draw attention to their piece!!

  62. Morgan was probably the smartest of all Jon's playmates. Kudos to her for not playing into Jon's hands & not getting involved with bashing his ex. She was probably the smartest of them all. The next smartest was Jon's brother for not putting up with his couch potato habit & kicking him to the curb. If the rest of Jon's associates including his current flavor could have taken the same route then he might have been on the road to maturity much sooner.

    I'm betting that not a single one of the khaters have even watched the show Fairly Legal. I know I hadn't heard of it until the article came out about the name of the show and the one making that comment & those who agreed had more than likely never heard of the show either.

    You've got that right Fired Up the number of sites that use Kate's name to just draw in people to their articles is staggering. That shows producers missed a darn good chance of bringing in viewers that had never heard of the show.

    Next thing you know Baby Mama they will blame Kate Gosselin for ruining Prince William's wedding because his fiance's name is Kate. I would love to place a safe bet that will happen. LOL

  63. Where is this idea of Kate causing cancer coming from, last I knew she was having yard sales to raise money for research and she was more eager than Jon for him to get the hair implants.
    I'd rather believe these.
    1 Kate has started a movement in America, its the "Making lemon ade out of lemons" movement. People are working harder than ever to find the positive in their lives and run with it.
    2. Several hundred jobs in this country have been created or saved in this country due to the Gosselin family. Everything from TLC workers, to attendants at amusement parks that their show advertised, to lawyers, to child exploitation advocates who now have a name, to nannies. Already cash strapped states are thankful.
    3. Kate Gosselins children are expressing interest in film careers such as camera work and editing.

  64. Lexxi, good news the royal family has thought ahead and now call Kate Middleton Katherine. They say its more royal sounding, you and I (LOL) know its really because it's less Gosselin sounding.

  65. Tashapork, I hadn't heard that. I agree it just has to be because it's less Gosselin sounding. ROTFLMAO

    Tashapork says:
    Where is this idea of Kate causing cancer coming from, last I knew she was having yard sales to raise money for research and she was more eager than Jon for him to get the hair implants.
    I'd rather believe these.
    Excellent points!

  66. Good morning e eryone! Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! This weekend is a crazy one. My hubby took the kids out today for our Sunday brunch. I needed to stay home and get some cleaning done and a little time to myself. Cause I didn't want to hear my mom hollering about the mess! This is not her place but you know moms always have something to say that's gonna piss you off!

    What's everyone doing tonight? I only watch the Oscars for the Red Carpet & for some reason it looks like it's gonna be lame this year....

  67. I forgot to mention this interesting fact...Kate Gosselin was the #1 Googled "KATE" for over a year until the engagement of Kate Middleton. She's now #2 followed by Kate Hudson ...So while the KHaters wish for her star to fall, I continued to hope that there is a reason for their show coming back in April. And nothing but the best for Kate Gosselin :)

  68. Hi all. One of those crazy days here. This was one of those total volunteer days & gone all day. We met for early church, breakfast & then mobilized all over everywhere: food bank boxing food, preparing & serving food at multiple homeless shelters, parks & recreation sprucing up, habitat for humanity working on homes, home repairs that many needed, taking supplies & food & toys to Ronald McDonald House, and a host of other things.

    My neighbor just said they were so tired it hurt to move but it's a good tired. I echo that.

    So beat me up haters. My kids worked all day and didn't get paid a dime. They will understand a strong work ethic and a need to be self reliant as well as leaving self pity at the door!

    Trust me: every single person involved got tenfold back what they gave.

    A lot of networkng happens during the volunteering. At least one man has an appointment for an IT job in the morning after being out of work for six months.

    Personally, I like the values that Kate seems to be instilling her kids. Go Kate!!!

  69. Hello Linda! Just wanted to let anyone that can't grab a TV like me. E!Online is streaming the Oscar red carpet right now. The kids are watching TV and fighting as usual, so I can't watch TV right now.

    Let me know who wins, I hate watching the actual

  70. Weird night. I didn't end up watching Oscars, Baby Mama. Ayer just a few minutes, needed something different. Ended up watching older movie: Julia Roberts/Dennis Quaid in ( Let's Give Them) Something to Talk About.

    Then, major Internet problems.

  71. We do say a prayer that those experiencing tornadoes in Midwest remain safely out of harms way. :)

  72. Good morning everyone! Pouring rain here, and of course miserable. What a way to come back from Winter Break! How is everyone? Is anyone awake from The Oscars yet? zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hope everyone is ok!

  73. Tasha I enjoy your positive take!

    LMBO atc They say its more royal sounding, you and I (LOL) know its really because it's less Gosselin sounding.

    I need too grocery shop as we speak..but the thought of putting two kids in snowsuits & wrangling them into their car seats, only to end up blowing the budget(because doesn't that always happen when you shop with kids?) made me pass. I made do with what we had & it's the old stand by Spaghetti. Sometimes you take your kids with you..sometimes you don't! Why, on earth do the haters believe this is an issue??

  74. Posters if you previously used to participate on the TLC page K plus 8 on Facebook, why do you no longer do? TLC now has a moderator and maybe he/she would like to know that they used to frequent the page and no longer do (insert reason). Maybe TLC would care that they lost 'fans'!
    It would be great if ANY of you could maybe sum it up in a paragraph and post it on the TLC site. We are hoping the moderator will read each complaint and hopefully deal with it accordingly! Thanks!

  75. Martha's Law, thank you so much for coming to the site and letting us know it's still safe to come out and play on Facebook...

    I will be honest and tell you that most of the grief I have gotten, was because I was such a HUGE Kate suppoter. Problem was, I was using my own real name. And because of this Jibber Jabbers & Just Wondering actually looked up my personal information. Then it was passed around all the hate sites and then the nightmare began. I know what half these people look like and they should NOT be judging.

    Next thing you know, people on nasty sites like Preesi's are posting my name. L ike they feel they are ENTITLED to do so. If I posted any of these people's real name & photo would they think THATS ok? Next thing you know, Preesi was passing my photo around her private message board like a joint. Would it be ok for me to do the same to her? I guess Facebook got a little to personal. And if your privacy is being invaded in that way, you decide you want nothing to do with it.

    If there is a moderator on the site, hopefully they will see that people don't want ot deal with bullies, and feel like they are back in High School.

  76. Morgan says she was in love with Jon but he was not happy being away from his kids. She said Jon loved his kids very much and heart was broken he was not apart of their everyday life.

    Jon's brother did not kick him to the curb and told him he could stay as long as he wanted to but Jon wanted a place of his own, so he would have a place for his kids to visit.

    This is all in a book coming out soon.

  77. Eva~ Welcome.. Is this a book that your publishing? Or someone you know? Just curious.

  78. You are right Baby Mama- I too have felt the wrath of some of the haters! I, along with many others are sick and tired of the bullying and the cyber stalking,something must be done. Since there seems to be a moderator we feel the more feedback the TLC page gets the more it will bring it to the attention.
    One can only hope!

  79. Sorry Baby Mama but I must say something to Eva you can delete me if you want. Eva your silliness is just freaking funny.

  80. Good morning all! Today's sunshine is much appreciated at our house!

  81. Craftymomof3: ♫ Happy Birthday to You! ♫, ♫ Happy Birthday to You! ♫, ♫ Happy Birthday dear CMo3♫, ♫ Happy Birthday to You! ♫

    Hope you have a great day!!!!!!

  82. Hmmm, Eva...livin' in a fantasy land re. Morgan. She's in law school, & I can guarantee you the Christie's are still in Greenwich, CN, HAPPY as can be that Jon is a HAS BEEN. As for Jon's brother...List was the one who set up Jon's path to better access for visitation. Remember, Jon came back from CA thinking the garage apt. was his to live in - he had NO forwarding address.

    ANOTHER book coming out? Fiction, I presume! ;0)

  83. I don't know why but I am still continually surprised at the hatred people spew over people they "supposedly" don't like. I have never been a huge Charlie Sheen fan, and his actions over the last 2 days have definately not helped the image that I have, but I don't go around spewing all kinds of garbage that is either untrue or uncalled for. He is entitled to live his life the way he wants to and although I don't think I would choose to live my life that way, it is hard to say because I have NEVER been in his shoes. Much like many of the kHaters out there have never had to deal with 8 children under the same roof EVERYDAY!

    I am not a Jon "hater" by any means, but his lack of maturity since the divorce is rather appalling. There are many parents out there that have children in their 20's and "miss out" on life's experience that can be had if you don't have children, but children are a life experience all their own. Forget about what you didn't get, and be thankful for what you have!

  84. Eva,

    Just wanted to know if this will be another drive by the house book, and know what is going on. Maybe whoever is writing this tale should call WG for advice as you know she has a best seller on her hands. (snicker). LOL

  85. Cold gravy! I've already had a bad day and I have to come on here and read Eva's drive-by "poop in a bag" deposit!

    Eva, most who read here are adults or at least smart youngsters and we have gotten over the "comic book phase" in our life.

    Your comment and the coming down the hatch book about Jon won't even make it on the funny books rack!

    However, you can wish upon a star...

  86. Do you smart youngsters ever have a good day??

    This book coming out soon will be backed up by facts. I think after reading you will realize what Jon really went through living with Kate.

  87. ugh Eva this is a fan site, I don't want to hear about Werny's piece of trash or the next new fake book coming out, or any lies about what Jon NEVER went through. But feel free to pass it along to the tash sites where they will eat it up for a snicker or 2. Peddlers welcome!

    Happy Birthday CraftyMom! I love you like the sitster from another mother! xoxoxo

  88. Happy Birthday CraftyMom!

    If Jon was to write a book talking about his experiences as a father or about being on a reality show, I'd read it.

    If it was about his post show activities, I might not be as interested!

    If the content had potential to hurt the children(ie. a total hatchet job on their mom or blaming all his decisions on other's) I would have no interest in supporting that.

  89. P.S. Just MO but I'd rather see ANY of the Gosselins profit from their story in a book than a nosy neighbour who has never met them.

  90. Hey Momsby welcome back! We missed you! I got fresh paper and I hope you come over there and continue the conversation. Fresh paper scent of the day is the yummy strawberries that my baby is eating right now! ;) lol