Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why are we fans STILL fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8? Slow Gosselin News= Kate Has Cellulite?

Hello Gosselin fans! While the trollies fail to rejoice that the Gosselin family is currently living a "normal life" AWAY FROM THE MEDIA before the news rolls again for Kate Plus 8 in April... I wanted to have a post to personally say how Jon & Kate Plus 8 has affected my life these past 3 years. When this site first aired I was going though a fight with insurance and a serious depression when I was not able to conceive another child. I was grasping at any sort of hope I could find, anything that would lead me to a miracle. I was also not computer savvy, and was hoping that finally caving and purchasing a computer can help me on other job prospects.

After someone on line in a fertility chat room mentioned how much they loved this new show called "Jon & Kate Plus 8" I immediately found out more about the show and fell in love with Kate's adorable babies. Thought the years I felt such a kinship with this family I decided to start my own fan site to support them. And in this time my life has changed so dramatically. After 4 painful rounds of IUI I finally conceived through In-Vitro. I have moved into then out of the Big Apple, I have had 3 outrageous jobs and raised the most incredible fierce toddler you will ever meet! But most importantly, I have met some of the most amazing women I will ever get to call my friends. All because of a reality show about a family that continues to stay strong and fight for what they believe in, no mater what those haters say!

I'm so blessed to have the most amazing family, supportive husband and a new outlook on prayer. I would have never bought that computer, never have met all of you, without this show. So I ask you, why are you still a fan of The Gosselins after all these years? The answer my be simpler than you think :) xoxox BM

Slow New Day= Does Kate Gosselin have a cellulite problem? Examiner.com

Kate Gosselin, who prides herself on staying in shape and running for hours each day, seem to have a little bit of a cellulite problem. Uh oh Kate! If you believe Star Magazine (we don't recommend it) then you just may believe that the pictures they have of Kate Gosselin showing a bit of a cellulite on her thighs are real. We have our doubts. The pictures that we have seen don't seem to be showing cellulite at all but a just the natural flexing of skin and muscle as she runs. Another reason to doubt that these pictures are real, are the images of other celebrities that supposedly have cellulite. The pictures of Britney Spears and Heidi Montag look completely fake. The Photoshop work on the pictures are horrible and Star should be ashamed of themselves. There is no way these pictures are real. An amateur could tell that these pictures have been altered. I have no problem with calling out Kate Gosselin for any number of things. But this whole cellulite issue is just ridiculous.


  1. To continue from the other thread... there is nothing more fustrating than people coming over here and "baiting us" about some stupid new gossip book that I will use to clean my cousins puppy cage.

    They are over at the "trash" sites for a reason..lol

    Anyone have any suggestions of what I should add to this new post? I want to stay on the positive :)

  2. That's a nice post B-Mama! I remember one of the first posts I read, you wrote while drinking a ridiculously expensive StarBucks while out with your Miracle Baby! I thought hey I like this girl already :)

  3. Baby Mama - My friend! It is so great to have you come full circle in the post, back to expressing your thoughts and "your" take on things!

    I'm so thankful for the many friends I've made ("sisters" and "moms") I've met through this blog and the forum you created. Many I met serving as your wing woman in trying to figure out what was "broken" at the time - the solution being not in having all the answers/knowledge but in having just enough knowledge and networks to know where to turn for answers.

    I've also learned that the only perfect parents, are those who don't have children. ...Think about it.


  4. Baby Mama - no wonder you identify with Kate so much - you two have a lot in common. You both have come so far.

    I love the show for different reasons. My family was detached and distant from each other. I have two much-older sisters and by the time I came along (oops!) my parents had decided to stop participating in my life. I spent much time alone and if I went places it was usually with friends and neighbors. So, when I watch J+K+8 I see a family at the opposite end of the scale - many kids and two parents who were active (perhaps not always willingly) participants in their lives. Talk about fierce toddlers - they had their hands full. I am too old to have kids now (and to tell you the truth they would drive me crazy) but I love the family and want to see them grow up.

    I don't want to wait until April for my kid fix.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday CM03! I hope your day is filled with special surprises. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

    In July 2008 I found the Gosselins on TLC and immediately fell in love with them. We didn't travel much when I was a kid and it's fun to watch a large family mangage trips and lots of fun family outings. I also really appreciated the episodes when they took each child on their own special day.

    I have met so many precious friends here and thank you BabyMama for starting this blog. Since December I haven't visited a nonfan site and don't miss it one bit. That was my New Year's resolution.

  6. I had to clean this post up because I had too many typos.........so it's here:

    I grew up in a family of 8 kids. There were 2 sets of multiples in our family, and 4 single births. My mother and father both worked full time, I was the 2nd child born so much of the rearing and household stuff fell on my shoulders. I loved to do it, I was born to nurture. It is why I am now so irritated with Jon for not being a part of his childre's lives more than he is, my own father divorced my mom when I was 18 months old. I didn't see him until I was 3, the next time I saw him was at his funeral.

    I started watching J+K+8 because I loved to see the loud noisy home of Kate and Jon. It reminded me a lot of how I grew up, something going on all the time. You get so used to that! When I married I had a terrible time adjusting the the quiet. My husband, raised by his grandparents since age 3 thought my house was a total nightmare! HAHA, and all that laughing and talking (really, yelling to be heard over everybody else) was insane. We grew into it and now we are pretty balanced.

    I found this site by something my daughter sent to me from the internet. She'd found something on one of the negative sites and sent it to me, furious! I looked at the link, when reading comments on that site they mentioned this site. I looked for you and got a link, The link landed me here. I came over here and have never been back to that other site.

    I love Baby Mama's ability to sniff out a troll and send them back under the bridge. It's refreshing in today's PC society. If they are annoying, tell them they are and send them packing. If you wouldn't invite them into your living room why should they be allowed here? Same thing IMHO.

  7. Oh BabyMama...What a nice, thoughtful sharing!

    I had to think about this for myself. I remember my first glimpse of Kate was during a channel search during a commercial break...

    And suddenly I landed on a funny exchange between this cute couple sitting together on a couch.

    I was immediately drawn to Kate and her quick wit as she did a "1,2,3 takedown" of Jon over some trivial matter and then punctuated it with one of her infamous "love slaps" on Jon's thigh!

    As I was compelled to keep watching, I was soon amazed to see that these two were parenting the two sets of multiples! It was love for the whole family from then on and I became a regular...didn't miss an episode fan.

    Kate inspired me with her organizational skills, her obvious love for her kids and her genuiness!
    I fondly remember seeing her up early in her sweats, hair disshelved, no make-up rummaging around the kitchen getting breakfast going for her crew of 8!

    When the marriage began to obviously crumble, my heart went out to Kate as I soon learned about Jon's many indiscretions. I was appalled.

    But what drew me to the internet blogs was the ridiculous, lying, exaggerated hatred being hurled at Kate. After all...even though Kate was far from perfect and had a quick sometimes hurtful tongue...she was the faithful mate and clearly had an enormous amount of responsibility to care for all these babies!

    At one time I posted on some of the "hate" sites...but often my support for Kate was never allowed to post. And when I did get a comment in, I was immediately attacked with vulgar expressions.

    I had enough and found this wonderful place. We had a few little "war of words" with some negative nellies here...but by far, I have admired the strength, courage and loyalty that you have preserved here, BabyMama!

    You and LindaO have stayed the course. Your no-nonsense approach to separating reality from hurtful rumor is to be admired.

    You keep us up to date...you post positive encouraging things for us to reflect on and have
    shared some wonderful pictures of Kate and her precious children.

    And yes, I have enjoyed enriching my life by reading and learning from all (well almost all) the fabulous posters here.

    Thanks again...and let's keep it positive for Kate and her family!

  8. Cindy! I muss seeing you! Girl you have to come visit here more often!

    I know this post isn't one if my usual long or even good ones. To be honest, I wrote it today while waiting for my baby in her dance class. She just started & I'll be paying a fortune for to tap to the left & tap to the right! Lol but mostly because I just needed some fresh paper!

  9. Mrs. Baby Mama - Uh duh. Go back and pull that comment you just made, woman! It's a wonderful post!

  10. oregpsnow, I agree with your comments. I like watching the show to see how the two parents dealt with so many kids and yet were still quite involved.

  11. Hi guys! Been a while!
    I started watching Kate 2 years ago or so cause the kids were and are super cute and I just loved everything about Kate!

  12. Hey Cindy
    I hear you girl! When people come to our house I think first they go into shock from the noise levels. Our kids and almost always neighbor kids. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of times when even we, the adults, don't hunger for solitude. Then when kids go away on trips, overnights, and camps, the quiet is almost too painful.

    It is "our" normal. As long as kids feel love and attention, who's to say what exactly normal is. A sister who struggled with infertility used to tell me I didn't realize what a blessing we had. But we do. We don't take it for granted. The older ones are out now but still younger ones.

    I first identified with Kate's look of exhaustion. That period when the kids were so small and it took every waking breath and extra help just to survive.

    Sometimes I looked at the Gosselins and thought "Thank you God I don't have six the same ages."

    We never know what hand in life we will be dealt. All we can do is play it the best we can at that particulat time, on that particular day.

    Thank you for sharing, Cindy.

  13. My sister talked about the show all the time. She told me about a mother that was hyper-anal and wouldn’t let her kids have fun. My sister thought that the mom pushed around the father. She didn’t know how the husband could put up with the wife.

    I watched one episode with my son and then we talked about it for hours. I completely empathized with Kate, completely understanding why she would/wouldn’t let the kids do certain things. I found myself defending Kate against my sister; who as Linda may have already guessed, doesn’t have children. LOL.

    I maybe saw two or three episodes before the season ended. In between seasons, the media began producing stories and pictures of Jon ‘running around with other women.’ I was becoming incredibly frustrated with the commenters on ROL, etc., blaming Kate and supporting Jon in acting out negatively. I was mad because I thought Jon was shirking his responsibilities and didn’t understand why it seemed no one else agreed. I couldn’t believe that people weren’t angry at Jon’s actions.

    I felt relieved when I found this site in that so many people articulated exactly what I was thinking. Even a few people reminded me that Jon was human and there may be altruistic motives to his behaviour. I have been impressed and amazed at Kate’s perseverance in taking the higher road; a road that many of the haters do not understand.

    I stay connected two this blog for two reasons. The first is the amazing number of brilliant, caring people that read and post on this site. Like many others, the past couple of years I saw many changes and a move. It felt good to come to this site and laugh, cry, and relax by reading posts from people going through similar situations as me and seeing the world as I do. Remember when I had my internet hooked up before my water and heat… : )

    I may not always agree with what is said, but I love that Baby Mama moderates the site so that there is respectful debate; another term the haters don’t understand. Hateful rhetoric is not tolerated and flies are swatted immediately.

    The second reason I stay connected is that I hope Kate reads this blog each day in order to refill her cup and know that we all have her back. If she doesn’t read it, then someone better tell her to start. LOL.

  14. Thanks Baby Mama, Corrina,Linda, Ms Goody2shoes & every one else who wished me Happy Birthday. I was actually kinda bummed about turning 34, but all my friends have cheered me up a bit about it! thanks. ;)

    As a lot of you know I have been around here for a very long time. I found Baby Mama's blog about 4 months in to her writing it. I was a lurker until she switched over to this site. I also found the delightful ladies of IW around the same time. I was hooked. After finding all the nasty that was going on, it was nice to find light and happy. People that felt the same as I did. The Gosselins got me through a really dark period of my life. One that I wasn't sure I was going to survive healthwise. The Gosselins & Scrubs gave me light and happiness for a small bit of time during those days. Do I always agree with everything that goes on in Gosselin Land? Nope. Not at all. But Kate is a lot like me. As Imperfect as me. She doesn't hide it. She embraces her flaws and tries to use them to drive herself to be better. And she's got some pretty cute kids to boot that my kids love to watch.

    And why have I stuck around? I have met terrific women here that I never would have otherwise. Women that I talk to more about life than Gosselins.

  15. Aww girlie that is so sweet! OMG WHAT IS GOING ON in haterland? You would think that they would be happy that Kate is going about her business leading the "normal life" they were begging her to do!

    Now it's infighting at BL's and making up redic. lies..the haters thanking the Lord that Kate is GONE? She didn't and isn't going anywhere! Not to mention BL is on the attack of my much LOVED Bethenny Frankel and you don't want to go there with me..lol And Werny Gal is just plain crazy. Even Chris said "screw this" freezing in his car getting $8.50 an hour waiting for Kate from INF. So he leaves and Polly takes up the watch by digging through Kate's trash in the hopes of finding something to save her craptastic book? And lisa Knight is basically talking gibberish to the wall and her 2 cats I mean commenters...

    What is the world coming to if they don't have Kate Gosselin to talk to?

  16. My2Girls! So great to see you again! We missed you!

    FYI They really need Kate this year for Dancing With The Stars! Theres no one good at all! Me rooting for Kendra really should be telling you something. lol Did you see the list of no-ones they got?? The biggest star is Ralph Macchio aka "The Karate Kid!"

  17. I'm late, but Happy Birthday CMO3. Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I started watching J&K+8 the summer of 2008 and was immediately hooked. The kids are so darn cute and I looked forward to the interaction between Kate & Jon. Although they could be mean to each other, I truly believe they were in love and liked how they worked as a team. I was also amazed at Kate's organizational skills and loved the special things she did for the kids on holidays. They have so many great memories to look back on.

    The first time I read about the Gosselins on the internet was at ROL. I could not believe the hate spewed from those people. I was shocked the things they said about Kate.

    I was so glad when I found your site BabyMama. It was nice to find people who saw Kate as I did (funny, witty and a great mother who loved her family). I always enjoy your thoughtful posts and really like the way you handle the trolls. The best line was when Irene left some comment at night and you compared her to the Manhatten roaches. I laughed so hard.

    Although I do not post often, I always read. I admire your dedication and passion and really enjoy reading all of your posters caring, insightful comments.

  18. Gee Whiz~ Haha I remeber that comment. It was right after the mess in NYC with the bed bugs which was making me literally itch to get to the suburbs. Whatever happened to Irene? Girl fell off the face of the earth. Lisa and the RWA clowns need her back over there. All they do is obsess over me, Ziggy and our posts. Seriously it must be exhausting ;)

  19. Thank Gee Whiz!

    Craptastical is more the word for WG. Or is it crapariffic? LOL

  20. I have watched Jon and Kate from the very first documentary because I love shows like that about parenting and families and how different people interact. One of the things that intrigued me is that they were very much like regular people that I know. They even had my coffee pot and Kate liked her coffee with the good creamer like I do. They weren't saying we never get the paper or rent a movie and we cut our own hair, only shop in thrift stores,etc. Not that I see anything at all with those choices I have made choices like that myself, but this was novel to me. They weren't feeding the kids hot dogs and ramen noodles all the time and they took them places.
    Kate had her moments like I do. I could see myself having the same fit about the gum that she did, not that its right, but we all have idiosyncracies and that is what makes us human. I also admired how she would push the kids to grow and be independent when I have a tendency to coddle and I was seeing the negative effects of coddling.
    I started looking for things online about the Gosselins when I started hearing Aunt Jodie rumos and I wanted to see their new house before they showed the special. I couldn't stand the nitpicking and then I found this site, lurked a few months and did something I never thought I'd do and commented.
    The coolest thing is all of the neat friends I've met. If it was just about Kate, I'd pop in maybe once a month or so, but its a whole lot more than that. You guys have changed my life. You taught me about twitter and iphones and all kinds of cool computer stuff. It has also opened my eyes to how significant the problem of hate is. Kate or Jon are by no means a saint, but if they deserve all of the hate out there, that would mean that each one of us deserves it too because we are all human and there is no way that that is true.

  21. I don't post a lot, but read here to see what everyone is up to.

    I started watching the show when it first was on TV. My daughter fell in love with the kids also, and she related to Kate as we both are a little on the side of the neat freak. Now she enjoys the shows when the kids travel, she too gets to experience different regions and cultures right along with the G's kids. She always says, "I wonder if I could get packed in one of their suitcases and go along." Ha!

    I also am a business women and in todays economy, you have to make while you can. Kate knows it won't last forever, and hopefully there will be opportunities down the road for her. Stong women do what has to be down.

    I also enjoy reading here, no hate feast going on. The other sites (non Kate fans) can be very vulgar and vile. Tells me a lot about these miserable people.

    Enjoy your day ladies, and Happy Bithday to Mom of 3.:)

  22. Happy Birthday!

    I am voting for Kendra all the way...love her!!

  23. Long time lurker. I am like tashapork. I have been watching since the beginning. I didn't start looking at anything online until the whole Aunt Jodi situation, and was immediately overwhelmed at the hatred being spewed. I found Baby Mama's blog, and have been lurking ever since. Plus, she loves all things Disney, and I married into a Disney crazy family! Keep up the great work calling out the hypocrisy!

  24. I began watching the show just after the 2nd special - Sextuplets - A Year Later (or something to that effect). I immediately fell in love with this family. I was a relatively new Mom with a 6 month old and often felt that out-of-control feeling that comes with raising a child. Watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, made my life feel doable and less crazy. I was amazed by her organization and her passion for parenting. I was amazed by her fierce passion for her children. I had nothing but love and respect for the job they had taken on.

    I found this site around the time Jon began catting around. I was hungry for truth -- what was happening to this beloved family. The rumors just couldn't be true. I stumbled on this site and fell in love for a second time. I read comments from lovely, compassionate women that really hoped the best for this family, even when their world was coming apart at the seams. Even when the horrid rumors turned out to be true.

    I used to be a Jon fan and couldn't fathom how any parent walks away from their children. My husband and I had endless conversations about how neither could imagine a day not being part of our wonderful daughter's life. Couldn't imagine walking away from a union built on solid trust and commitment. Kate and Jon's break-up actually brought my husband and I closer together. My husband became a solid Kate fan and often expressed what an a$$ he thought Jon was.

    Nothing has changed. Together we've cheered Kate on from our distance, prayed she didn't fall on her face in Dancing with the Stars, and rejoiced to hear that the show would continue in some fashion.

    Today, my husband and I are facing our own challenges with concieving a second child. We're at the beginning of our journey with no idea of the outcome. We pray daily to be lucky enough to be blessed with a second child. Thank you, Baby Mama, and all the women who come here to share their support. Your continued support of Kate gives me hope that there are still wonderful, sensible women out there who would support any mom working passionately for her children. Thank you!

  25. Welcome new commenters! Now that you've taken the big step, please express your thoughts more often! :)

    Jen, thanks for sharing your insight! Wishing you the very best in your pregnancy efforts!!!

    On the road again trying to comment via email and now I can't remember the others I wanted to mention. My apologies.

    Not fun being on the road anytime but for some reason it's harder lately. But, when you sign that contract, you step up to the plate and do your job if at all possible. DH can handle it but still missing kids.

    Funny...DH says he's limping from stepping barefoot on PollyPocket junk in one room and an earring post in another. Can he throw the junk away or do I have a suggestion? Uh yeah. Put on your shoes, lol. You're there, I'm not, your call.

  26. Jen Santos-My prayers are with you for a second child. What a thoughtful post you wrote!

    My reasons for watching the show are just so simple. I started watching it when I retired and had the time to watch the show--and that was July'08. It was great when they had the Marathons on Wednesday nights and the "Top 10"
    J & K + 8 episodes--that was sheer delight for me. Sure miss the weekly shows though and look forward to April. I wish them all the best.

    Linda--Be safe on the road and I hope you're home soon.

  27. Jenn Santos great to see you again! Don't be a stranger please! And welcome to my lurkers I hope you comment more!

    So I added the latest bit of "are you kidding me" to my post. Star Magazine has gotten so slow on Kate news they are actually passing an incredibly fit woman off as having cellulite. And while theres nothing wrong with that, it's almost as if the BL commenters are now working for Star. I mean is this all they have? lol

    And please everyone continue to tell me your stories. I love seeing people here that haven't posted in a long time. It means the world to me that your still around. I apprecaite every one of you! xoxox

  28. Craftymomof3- Happy belated birthday!!!.

    I'm a fan of the Gosselin family just a year and a half.
    Well, the first time I saw Jon and Kate +8, was in 2009, I was with my aunt and we were watching television, then she asked me if I knew the Gosselin family, and I said no, then she switched channel and was displayed by coincidence Jon and Kate Plus 8 (to be more specific episode of Hannah's special day). My aunt told me that Jon and Kate had 8 children ... I thought, only 8 children? so what? My grandmother had 14 children, was when she told me that they were twins and sextuplets! ... I said what? six at once?, I was impressed with that story.

    Well, it was henceforth I started to watch regularly, and all Fridays were special to me because the day I would watch that incredible family that I fell in love.
    And I'm a fan of them until today!.

  29. Thanks for all the birthday wishes ladies :)

  30. I've watched the show since the very beginning. My mother and I chat every night online and watch tv together. We always looked forward to the show every week. It was our weekly dose of children's laughter. We continued watching with expectation and then eventually with trepidation. I have enjoyed watching the infrequent shows they have on now.

    I have always liked Kate though I have not always liked her bahavior. The same thing goes for almost every one I know. We ALL have our cringe worthy moments.

    I have been reading here for a year or two? not sure. I don't post much but I enjoy your posts very much. I love strong women and I love that you don't cook ha.

  31. Adele welcome back! I never cook and never will. And I feel my husband is secretly bitter about it. Like he bought a car that was supposed to have heated seats or something. I feel bad when I say to Linda I'm gonna try when secretly all I want is like a sandwich from Panera Bread or something. Someday I will take a cooking class or something.. who knows ;)

  32. What drew me to Kate Plus 8? I haven't watched the show from the beginning but started watching about the time the marriage started to fall apart. To be honest first I was drawn in by Kate and then of course those adorable children whose laughter, tears, frustrations and yes even temper tantrums reminded me of my own children and grandchildren. Different people in different settings but in the end children always have so many traits similar to other children the good and the bad. Watching children bring back the tender memories of your own family with plenty of tears and laughter, good times and the bad times but they are all still memories to treasure and hold dear to your heart.

    After hearing about Kate being a clean and germ obsessive mother I just had to watch because within my own family we seem to have a higher than average number of obsessive clean and germ OCD members, both men and women. I have to admit I was at the top of the list when it came to OCD but after many years of fussing over ever little detail I got cured. LOL There are times now that I wish some of the OCD would come back at least for a little while. If people think Kate has OCD they haven't seen my family. I could tell some stories that would make you laugh till your sides hurt. I found it funny to see the similarities in Kate and my own family and myself. I also love Kate's sense of humor. Maybe some don't get it, but for those who are gifted with that kind of humor or have family with it there will always be joy and laughter in your lives.

    I had never commented on a blog or board but just like Fascinated and many of you & other Kate supporters being able to voice support for Kate and the children and the right to choose how to live their lives the support & fan blogs allowed me to voice my support for Kate and the children.

    Cellulite? Really? That is called desperate journalism. The photos are so photoshopped! It's so ridiculous it's funny. And they get paid for that kind of junk? I was in the wrong business that's for sure. LMBO

  33. BabyMama, I'm with you when it comes to cooking. It just isn't my thing. Luckily though all the men in our family and even our extended family love, love to cook and yes they even trade recipes. I think the most laughter I've experienced in a long time was the day I walked in and hubby was watching a cooking show. He got the last laugh because he cooked for me that recipe he saw on the show and it was delicious! From that day on I didn't tease him again when he was watching that kind of show. Like manna from heaven. We are sure a bunch of lucky and spoiled rotten women.

  34. Hi all!
    I don't believe I've ever posted here before,but I have done quite a bit of lurking......lol

    I, too am a longtime fan of the Gosselin family. I was fascinated with the idea of that many babies all at once and once I started watching I was hooked. I've always appreciated Kate's straightforward no nonsense style because it reminded me a bit of myself. And through it all you could also see how very much she loved each and every one of those delightful children. I'll freely admit that I was never as big a fan of Jon's....I recognized too many traits I'd lived with for years with my first husband.....and I knew Kate had some heartache ahead because of it, just as I did. But I continued to watch and am pretty sure I never missed an episode. Do I think Kate is perfect?? Heavens no......no more perfect than I am. Do I think she sometimes spoke out of turn??.....well, yes I think she sometimes reacted without thinking and unfortunately there was a camera running to catch it. Ouch! Don't we all say things we regret saying.......if not the words, perhaps the way we said them??? I know I do.

    I'd only read the rumors and gossip here and there about Jon and his antics and really didn't know that people were hating on Kate until I went to the DWTS boards to support her and found a veritable rats nest of lies and misinformation. That really upset me and I tried to straighten those people out.....they obviously had not watched the show. WOW!! That was a scary experience, let me tell you. Fortunately I ran into Ziggy at those boards and she invited me to her blog. It was there that I heard about BabyMama and IW. It's been a blessing to realize there are some actual sane, decent people interested in the Gosselin family. I've gone on occasion to some of the gossip sites that welcome the AKOs (AntiKateObsessives), but mostly out of curiosity when I've read something at Ziggy, here or IW.......I still find it hard to believe the way some of those crazies talk. I'll think "no, no one would really say those things, that poster must have misunderstood"......and darned if it's not there in black and white. I guess perhaps I'm a bit backward about people and the hate they can spew in the anonimity of the internet. Hopefully they aren't like that in real life.

    Anyway, I didn't mean to write a novel with this post I just wanted to say Hello and let you know that the lurkers have voices, too. Oh, and they call me Butterfly.

  35. Cool--J & K + 8 is on right now--The Harlem Globe Trotters episode.

  36. Corrina, was it on TLC?

    Butterfly - re: the hatred out there. I know, isn't it a bit shocking. I like to live a positive life and if I do complain with venom, it sure wouldn't be on the internet about someone I don't even know. It is always shocking.

  37. Hi & welcome back Butterfly. (it's been a long time but I do remember one other time you commented. I remember because butterfly is a nickname for my oldest daughter. :)

    Corrina - I caught a bit of that on TLC this morning when ran back to room between meetings. Thank you, I should be able to get the afternoon or early evening flight back. This time of year there is a lot of travel. When we're lucky, we can alternate who goes and that helps. If not, kids seem to handle it fine and the hugs are even sweeter when you return. It is what is, in our reality.

  38. Cellulite photos - OMG laughing my head off. Duh... Of course they are photoshopped and poorly done! Nobody, but nobody, but nobody develops that much cellulite in a month!!! Come on... Remember those bikini shots that were made by paparazzi in Australia and New Zealand???

    Kate has worked hard to reshape her body via diet and exercise. It's like when they take photos of her body right after delivery and clone on a head shot. Not a nice thing to do.
    Personally I thought it was nasty this week when NY papers compared Charlie Sheen to others and included in "Charlie's" category both Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan.

    Also guess Z-Idiot's numbers must be slipping. He chose to put Charlie Sheen and Kate Gosselin in same category of what's wrong with America. I dunno, maybe he's missing his blog ghost writer and trying to shift back to Kate to lure his alter ego back to writing for him.

    I'd put these sleezoid hate writers in same idiot hypocritical category as those who lodge protests against the government by protesting at military funerals because they don't like gays. Protest the government in DC, not by trying to hurt a grieving family. That is just sick, misdirected, illigogical hate IMO.

  39. fascinated--Sorry I'm so late answering-and ty Linda! Yes it was on TLC--I was really surprised to find it on--don't remember seeing any promos for it. About a month ago I saw one episode early in the morning too--the Utah trip.

  40. Ohh--Linda--that whole thing of picketing or protesting at a funeral just blows my mind.
    For the life of me, I don't understand what they actually get out of such behavior--or even what they stand to prove. --Maybe how hateful they are? This is more craziness.

  41. I fell in love with Jon and Kate + 8 in 2007. I had just come home from adopting my baby boy. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 4 years before turning to adoption. My son was 11 days old and I found out I was pregnant!!! I wasn't as excited about being pregnant as I thought I should have been. I had a brand new baby and didn't think I could do it with another baby that would be so close in age. I stumbled upon the show and thought, "If Kate can do it, I can do it!!" I was then addicted to the show. I find myself understanding a lot of the things she does and says. The people who often criticize her probably have not walked a mile in her shoes and don't know how they would handle the situations that she has been in!!

    Thank you Baby Mama for this site. I have followed you since I stumbled upon it!! BTW do you know what happened the the site that you used to have a link to--Finding the Gosselin clothes...

  42. LOL...all you lurkers! Enjoyed your interesting comments...why not come by more often and sit a spell with us!

    The picture of Kate in Star magazine is an old picture that Chris took for INF. It is still on the site and you can clearly see that the definition in Kate's legs are from MUSCLE...NOT cellulite!

    Eva..LOL...to you! The pictures were not photoshopped from Australia. There were a number of pictures taken..one clearly shows her abdominal scar...another shows she still has some excess skin there. So what?

    Her body still rocks and she is obviously in great shape from her recent appearance on Lopez.

    Just because you can't strut your stuff like Kate, no need to be jealous EVA!

    As to Z comparing Sheen and Kate in the same breath...please, the guy is an idiot with a "no one wants to read" blog...so he always throws Kate in the mix to draw attention to his sorry ramblings. He's a loser...another jealous soul.

  43. You tell her LindaO!

    Had to share this...talk about tabloid fodder!

    US magazine has an article about Jon and his fall from fame days.

    Says he spends most nites at girlfriends house...aka government worker..."and her yapping dogs pee all over his stuff" according to an inside source.

    Also states he has "huge rubber tube for a waistline" now from eating tacos and "watching Jersey Shore for entertaiment."

    LOL...inside source is not being nice to Jon!

  44. Shoot... Makes you want to take a shower, FiredUp4Kate.

    Yeah, I saw the "source" article that was unflattering to Jon. I thought that one was mean too. "The guy justs wants to live an ordinary life now." I wish him well. Actually I wish him a healthy lifestyle. I have my doubts about his lack of self-control in a lot of areas, but it's his life. I'd wish him the ability to be as buffed as he was in the photoshopped publicity photo at the beach. I sincerely do!

    There is this part of me though, that wonders if he got a tv offer on the West Coast if he wouldn't be on the next plane like a shot! I hope not. But I doubt.

  45. LindaO...I don't think Jon "wants to live an ordinary life"...LOL...I think he has been forced to live an ordinary life!

    You are so correct...if he had an offer for some sort of filming...anything of that nature...he would be on it like "flies on honey"!

  46. Good morning everyone! Welcome Jmgiw! I miss Gosselin Garb something terrible too. The site was shut down by Blogger after the haters forged an attack on the person that ran the site. She didn't have the warrior mentality that I have ;) and decided just to shut down and continue to lurk here. I wish I could get her to open the site again!

    Every time I'm gone for a bit something happens. I told by Linda that we had to send another troll home? Another one bites the dust...

    Could someone tell me what happened at Ziggy's place? I told her to come on and explain what happened and why she shut her site down...

  47. BabyMama there were a couple of sites that ZiggyFlo didn't want discussed on the blog and she has warned several times that she prefer those sites not be discussed. It's her blog and her rules and she wants her rules to be respected.

  48. Any further explanation should come directly from her and I do understand her actions and support her.

  49. Hi Lexxi - I have nothing but respect for Ziggy. Absolutely, it is her blog and her decisions about everything. I may be completely wrong, but I think Baby Mama was referring to the notice that says "This blog is temporarily closed."

    The relentless hate smeared by non fans can get very wearisome. I'm just stating a fact, and not even remotely implying any reasons.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Ziggy. (((hugs)))

  50. It's true Linda the non fans can get troublesome and I do know that Ziggy had to use her big flyswatter at at least one little gnat. I have no idea what the gnat was doing but that's between Ziggy and the pest or pests. I think it had more to do with obeying her rules than the pesky gnats because I believe ZiggyFlo is a no nonsense strong woman.I agree it must truly be tiresome to be on watch and sometimes we all have to take a little vacation away from it all.

    I have the upmost respect for all you blog owners for all the time, effort and work you go through to provide a place to have a nice discussion.

  51. Wassup with that source story?

    Makes me wonder about these friend sources. Good gosh, made up, or "friends" have no loyalty. Who knows???

    I thought Ellen's dogs were female. I never had a female dog pee to mark territory? This doesnt make sense. If it were true that dogs were peeing on Jon's things, that would be unpleasant to say the least. However, that business (no pun intended) should be between Jon and Ellen and not aired to other people. It's their problem or non problem.

    IMO, I wouldn't want a snuggle one of these "sources" as a friend!!

  52. *snuggle=single ; although I wouldn't snuggle one of those "sources" either.

  53. stop the presses... cellulite = child welfare. Oh, take my kids away. I have enough cellulite to keep my kids away for years. LOL, I am just kidding of course. (about attacking a women about their parenting skills because on their cellulite as opposed to the amount of cellulite I have). : )

  54. I was thinking about the shows I watched growing up, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Valerie, and I really believe that nostalgia for those is where the popularity of a lot of these family reality shows has come from. They are shows that parents and kids can watch together and enjoy. One thing I read that intrigued me was how in the early 90's when research showed most homes having at least two tvs led executives to lean toward more demographic specific programming. Thats when it got okay to show the backtalkie Lizzie Maguire type stuff since kids weren't watching it with their families.
    This just got me thinking of a cosbylike sitcom with sextuplets and modern issues.

  55. Paying too much attention to one's looks=bad parenting.
    Having cellulite=bad parenting
    dressing good=bad parenting
    having a career that involves traveling without your kids=bad parenting
    having a career that involves traveling with your kids and or staying home and interacting with them =bad parenting
    being too strict=bad parenting
    having kids who have bad days and sometimes act out=bad parenting
    Taking your kids on a vacation where they don't smile 24/7=bad parenting
    Not letting your kids camp in a freezing environment that they aren't accustomed to =bad parenting.
    the only logical conclusino I can come to is that 99% of parents in this world are BAAAD. Okay now, lets add 10x the number of therapists, family courts, and cps workers, but wait a minute, those people would have to be from the group of BAAAD parents because the one percent who aren't bad according to the criteria would never be enough to fulfill the jobs. No win situation. We are going to need a loonybin in every block becausse of all of the BAAAD parenting. LOL

  56. fascinated & tashapork - sooooo funny.
    Could also say:
    Cellulite=bad parenting (not taking care of yourself)
    No cellulite=bad parenting (paying too much attention to you & not enough to kids)
    Okay that's 100 %

    But, having online friends with a sense of humor= priceless!!!

    So glad we have the two of you!!!

  57. So nice to return home and do the mom thing...cleaning up the dirt.

    Okay Miss Fly. You have no joined the ranks of those who shall be nameless.

    Don't like it? Go get your own blog and set your own rules or go back where you came from. Your choice. Since you couldn't place nice, goodbye!

  58. Thanks for the pest control Linda! That particular bug, has been buzzing around all the pro-sites for days.

    BabyMama you were wondering where Irene had been? She's still around she mostly hangs with WG(I've heard she & Z had a parting of ways) when he told her she was keeping Kate relevent. She was a guest today on Nina's show with Mickey & some dude from the old days of GDDNOP.

  59. momsby - You are welcome for the pest control. What a strange little group. I cannot imagine the hardship on the families who live daily lives so filled with hate in every waking moment, against someone they've never met. Hope your little ones and Tweeners are doing well. Hugs.

  60. Fly away Eva...fly away forever!

    She thought she was cute with her little LOL on the end.

    We ain't laughin' here. Thanks LindaO!

  61. You know I've often wondered how Kate keeps the jealousy issue at bay with so many kids.

    I've seen her handle a couple of issues...one at the tups birthday party comes to mind.

    I've got a problem brewing between my 15yr.old boy and 11 yr. old girl.

    My boy has always been jealous of her if either I or his daddy pays her any special attention.

    He's gotten big 6'2"...she's a little pint size.
    The other day they were doing cartwheels and he was walking on his hands and she accidently kicked him!

    Lord have mercy...he suddenly pushed her down really hard. I scolded him and sent him to his room.

    Daddy has been trying to spend extra time with him and trying to encourage the concept of him being "big brother" and how he needs to protect and take care of "his little sis".

    Any suggestions ladies?

  62. Baby Mama;

    I'm having an issue with "fun". I was hoping you and my other friends here would come to my blog and help me out?? www.apurplemood.wordpress.com


  63. I was just reading an article about the high school basketball player that collapsed and passed away right after the game yesterday...The very first comment on the story was from someone that called him a hero. She was attacked from there on out about why he should or shouldn't be a hero. Reminded me of Linda "swattin flies" earlier. Someone should do that with that article for sure!!!

  64. Hey everyone! So sorry I have been MIA! I've been working like a dog, but will be on later tonight. Tiggerfan I promise to check it out as well ! Xoxo till I get home! Lol

  65. I agree with you BJ. I think that moderators think that they are not allowed to delete comments, just because someone commented. I think that if the comment is off topic or disrespectful, then it should be deleted. Freedom of speech does not mean writing anything anywhere. That is called graffiti and should be removed online as it is on the street.

  66. HAHA DO YOU BELEIVE HIM? Posted by Ellen obviously lol

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin 'Much Happier' Now That He's Off TVEXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin 'Much Happier' Now That He's Off TV
    --------------------------------------------------Posted on Mar 03, 2011 @ 11:45AM
    Former reality star Jon Gosselin may not be living the ‘high life’ anymore but he’s a much happier person, leading a more regular existence, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

    Like the rest of America, the famous father-of-eight gets up to do a regular job each day when he is not actively looking after his kids.Once known for wearing designer Ed Hardy outfits, having a string of young girlfriends, and jet-setting around the South of France, Gosselin, 33, is now living a much simpler life.

    A source told RadarOnline.com: “The truth is, Jon is much happier living a normal life – he has no desire to go back on television."He does enjoy watching Jersey Shore and shows like House Hunters when he is not working or looking after his kids.

    “Despite all the stories of his weight ballooning, he is actually a health conscious kind of guy who is watching his weight right now.
    “Both he and his girlfriend cook their own meals and work on portion control – they like to keep it simple and eat out only once or twice a month together.

    “They love to cook for his kids and try and keep the meals as healthy and fun as possible. He’s also trying to stay in shape by going on walks or hikes and running errands.“He knows that people will always judge him but he is just concentrating on his own life and family at this time.”

    While Jon maintains a much lower profile, his former wife Kate Gosselin has become a much more public figure - she has her own reality spin-off Kate Plus 8 and regularly appears on the talk show circuit.There have been reports that Jon feels trapped by his more modest lifestyle and can’t adapt to having less money than he was earning through working on television.

    It has even been rumored that he has fallen behind with his payments on his Mercedes SUV and has been struggling with his finances. But the source revealed: “That is simply not true. Jon has a solid job and he is catching-up financially and taking care of everything. He is in absolutely no danger of having his car repossessed.

    “It is true the guy works long hours Monday to Friday but he always makes time for his kids during their scheduled visits. He makes sure their television time is limited and he encourages his kids to be active outdoors or do mentally stimulating things like arts and crafts or games.

    "He even finds time for Ellen’s Chihuahuas – who contrary to reports are fully house-trained – they both love to take the dogs for walks together.“People need to give the guy a break – he has a steady job and girlfriend plus he’s good with his kids and friends - what more do they expect?

    “He even managed to kick smoking at Christmas time and despite a few slip-ups, Jon’s family are proud of his progress on that front too.

    “Unlike when he was on television, Jon actually has a lot more to be happy with in his day to day life and he realizes this fact - despite all the negative stories.”


  67. Ok, I have to say something. People think I pick on Jon. I'm honestly happy that he's working and if he truly is happier now then great for him.

    But every time you read one of these stories, it sounds like even though he says he's SOOO happy, he is sooo miserable and would probably JUMP at any entertainment offer that came his way. TRUST. On top of that his source ALWAYS mentions Ellen. No seriously read every story he has done in the past whole whopping 10 months they have been together, and every story mentions her. It's either her brother or Ellen herself that is the source of these Radar/TMZ/Blah blah stories. IMO

    Either way, I don't buy it for a sec. Not that he's not happy with Ellen, but if fame came-a-callin he wouldn't jump at the chance to get some air time again.. just sayin

  68. I really hope that Jon is moving forward and has chosen to create a new path for himself; however, every common sense bone in my body is screaming that Ellen has just replaced Kate and is making all Jon’s decisions. Jon has a new mother and that is fine if Ellen is not looking for a strong, mature partner.

    I think if Jon were moving on, he would be announcing it all over the place. I think he would stand up and say that he has decided to bunker down and spend time with his long-term girlfriend, keep a job, and spend quality time with his kids when he has custody. He will say that he has decided to watch the kids when Kate is on speaking engagements or talk shows He will stop seeking out media attention when Kate goes out of town and stop threatening her for custody. He will announce that he will support Kate in furthering her career because she deserves to be happy and is ultimately making a better life for our children.

    I also have to laugh at the comment about Jon quitting smoking at Christmas but had a few slip ups. Clearly, smoking in the work pictures was not a ‘slip up.’ He looked like he was enjoying that cigarette, not guilty and remorseful for relapsing. Oh how young and naive that source really is.

  69. Is there any correlation between Jon getting a new job and Kate plus eight returning in April? Has a contract been fulfilled and Jon is off the payroll and now the show can start making money again?


  70. Yes fascinated, I do honestly think one has to do with the other. I also think that Jon became sort of a bad joke and couldn't get work in the entertainment field and that's why he went elsewhere. Either way that shouldn't be a bad thing, I'm thrilled he's working. But the fact is it took him a whole year while he mooched off TLC. He could have done this a year ago...

  71. Taking a bite out of others is sadly the only success some will ever achieve!

  72. Hello Linda! I know we havent talked in a bit.. miss you ;)

    Ziggy better get her behind over here. Poor Lisa Knight and her 4 socks are gonna explode if they don't have Ziggy to talk about. Rumor has it that our little fly went straight over there and is quite happy.. you know seeing that flies go straight to crap! LMAO


  73. And welcome BJ! You were spot on..And I'm sorry I got catty. I normally never sink to that vile level but every once in a while I go there...;(

  74. Rofl - I wan Jon to be happy with somebody and with himself!!!!!

    That sad... The whole article was a denial of reality!!!
    It's obvious from the puffing that if he gave up cigarettes it was very short lived or he couldn't afford or bum them from somebody. It's rare to see any photos of him in last 2 years when he doesn't have a lit cigarette.

    Yes sir, it's so obvious that he isn't eating healthy or exercising. It's his life and he can live it as he wishes but don't try to sell others the total bull that you're eating healthy and exercising.

    I'm delighted he's spending time with his kids. Hurrah, he's finally remembered them long enough to not put chasing chicks as #1 guiding principle. Or, he can't afford more than one at a time now. Regardless, I'm glad he's near his kids.

    I'm glad if Ellen's dogs aren't peeing on his things. Eau de pee would make a pretty yucky cologne.

    Yep, sounds grounded in "everyday" to me. I wouldn't want his Mercedes reposessed. Repossessions would pretty well mess up the credit toward ever buying another home. He needs a home and stability. Voluntarily selling the Mercedes might make just a wee bit more sense than trying to drive it on his current salary, but Hey! It makes a loud statement about his priorities. His life. His choice. But don't pretend to be living differently.

    He can cook now? That's great. Since he no longer has Kate to prepare and freeze his meals for him to nuke. Maybe he did spend the last 2 years reading recipe books. Good for him! About doggone time, but better late than never. Maybe Ellen got tired of working a shift and coming home to cook him a meal after his so exhausting day working on his Twitter. I will give him a gold star if he learned!

  75. Baby Mama - I suspect that the fly came from there in the first place or she was one of their neighbors. I'm delighted that she found a home and I hope she will be happy there. If not, we can suggest some other suitable places, with this blog Not being one where we'll live the light on or the welcome mat out for her.

    Isn't it amazing that some can talk about how they hate it here and yet they've got to drive by 40 times a day? Amazing too that the rest of us have lives doing other things and they waste theirs in something that makes them unhappy? Go figure.

  76. Radar just needs something to print Carlos Estevez and his shenanegans are not enough. Even the way some of that stuff was worded sounds fishy.
    Where does this even come from, but maybe the advice columnist stepmom wannabe?
    He makes sure their television time is limited and he encourages his kids to be active outdoors or do mentally stimulating things like arts and crafts or games.
    I need a new set of arms, mine are too tired from scraping wallpaper, 10 years ago when I put it up, I obviously wasn't thinking of this day. I was thinking about how back then I didn't know about blogs, twitter, Facebook, Farmville, Iphones, the Gosselins any of you all. How sad

  77. BM - I'm here, ma'am!
    I put up a post on my blog 'xplain', but at BM's request to do so here, I'll go into it a bit more here as some may not read my blog or if are new readers to my blog, may not be familiar with some facts.

    Basically, some weren't abiding by certain things I asked not to be brought to my blog even after repeated asking then warning. And yes, I had a drive by which was easily and quickly tracked and blocked.

    One of the issues I had was some were discussing in great depth their medical issues. I don't want my blog turing into a board about medical issues and here's why: http://www.ziggyflo.com/2010/04/about-my-son.html
    I live and breathe serious medical issues everyday. My blog is an escape from that. If I had wanted to create a blog focused around medical issues, I would've done so. I will give credit that when I asked for that to be scaled back, it was.

    Secondly, although I 'go to battle' against BKIA and Polly, I do so against them as they have used their professional status to try to give legitimacy to their attempts to destroy Kate. For me that puts them on a different level and as they choose to use their professional status, then I think they should be held accountable as professionals. Although I will make occasional snarks about the other hate boards, those are seldom and I seldom go after one single person, except BKIA and Polly. I have gone after SG but only when she puts her self out there so far, its impossible to ignore.

  78. I have brought comments over from BKIA's or Polly's site made by someone other than BKIA or Polly, but only to discredit the point of that comment. I don't go after the individual making that comment on a personal level.

    There were some who had issues with specific people on the hate boards who evidently posted on some of the rag sites. I don't post on the rag sites, and I seldom read the comments there as most are garbage and I firmly believe they love to come up with the outrageous to yank the chain of the Kate supporters. I will not allow any personal fight on my blog nor will I allow the garbage from the comments on the rag sits and from other hate sites to be brought to my blog, most especially on a personal level. It was being brought even when I asked for it not to be & warned.

    I'm sorry for the comments which are being made about Lexii elsewhere, but frankly, she was getting the same thing all of us who support Kate get at certain sites. I don't 'do battle' defending myself from those sites, and I wasn't going to let any personal battle be fought on nor from my site. If they want to fight on a personal level, they have the ability to set up their own blog and do so. If they are going to post on my blog, my guidelines and requests WILL be followed. If anyone doesn't care for my guidelines and request, don't try to force around those, just go elsewhere. Believe me, I won't be insulted. Each person is different and each chooses a blog which suits them. Just because I say grape jelly is the best doesn't mean others think grape jelly is the best.

    There are certain pro blogs which I don't agree with some of their practices and I just don't post on them. Simple. Yes, a long time ago I did state what I had issue with, but I also defended their right to run their blogs as they saw fit. I only posted what my issues were as I had made the decision to no longer post on certain sites and I didn't want there to be unfounded speculation as to why. At that time, BM's was one. Since that time we have discussed issues privately and worked out our differences and come out the other side understanding each other and supporting each other while at the same time still have differences on certain aspects, but respecting each others differences with the understanding of those differences and as friends.

  79. Now, I know this is being put out there and I'm only stating this for clarafication for those pro Kate people as I am fully aware even my making this clear will be called a lie by the hate blogs. Brenda is being touted at some places as Lexii. She is not Lexii. Not only are the IP's different, the IP's are from two different states.

    My blog is safe to post on and always will be. The issue I had to take care of behind the scenes is that I have always left my posts open. Although in time I had learned this probably wasn't a good thing and I needed to go back and close them, as I never had a problem, I just never took the time to do that, it was on my 'to do list'. The drive by went to quite a few old post and posted vile things and threats to me. I guess thinking I wouldn't catch it until it made it's impact? I don't know. So as some were ignoring my repeated warnings and this took place, I shut the blog down to stop the personal battle which was trying to be fought from my blog and to go get all of my old posts locked down.

    Several years back I was a mod on someone's message board. She compromised her standards of what she set up her message board &in doing so, things got out of hand very, very quickly and was never able to be gotten under control again, or at least by the time I left. I left due to how out of control it had gotten and the standards which I signed up under where not upheld. I swore if I ever started a message board or blog, I wouldn't make that mistake.

    People choose to post on a blog based on what standards are upheld. Some like tighter some like looser. There is enough variation to suit all but one alone isn't going to suit all.

  80. Good morning Ziggy - Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a great day. ((hugs)). You are so right! And, those pesky flies must be buzzing in circles to realize you were doing house cleaning and not shutting down. :)

  81. Just again confirming why I think you are a fantastic person Ziggy. It's your blog. You run it how you see fit. I don't understand why people think otherwise. FYI if they came on my blog and told me what crafts I could post or giveaways I could hold they'd learn some new words. I don't know what is in the water lately in the blogging world. Not just in Gosselinland. A mom actually set up a campaign to end mom on mom bullying on the internet because its gotten that bad. Look on my twitter or FB page if anyone wants to join. I signed up right away.

    Hate breeds violence. Don't be part of it.

    Thanks to you & Baby Mama for not allowing it on your sites.

  82. Linda- I agree with you.
    Yes, it's really obvious that Jon is not healthy. Quite the contrary, it seems that after the divorce he's getting worse. He is way off and started smoking. Jon you have to be a good example for their children!.
    But anyway I'm happy for Jon to be happy in his job, and I'm glad that he is present in children's lives. I only wish the best for him.

    Oh about that Kate had cellulite ... Ugh! I'd do a photoshop effect better than this, no doubt.

    ~ Good weekend Gosselin Fans. It's Carnival here in Brazil! \o/

  83. Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I had alot of shopping to do, but I decdided to stay home as this place needs some serious Kate Gosselin-style organization. Thants another reason why I'm such a fan! Could anyone tell me when Hoarders is on again. That show scares me into cleaning at 10pm at night. It's that scary.

    Ziggy thank you for coming over here and telling us whats up. I never want any KHaters thinking they have shot down another one. Just know that until your ready to return you and your commenters have a home here and are always welcome. :)

  84. I do not know how Kate Gosselin takes care of 8 kids, even with help, when it's a set of twins plus 6 more the same age.

    Yeah, I have some help, there are two parents in the home and both of the parents are exhausted! We tag team working outside the home and getting kids where they need to be, but it's exhausting mentally and physically. Some days I think we need to hire somebody just to bark out orders on who needs to be where like an air traffic controller.

    Yeah, there are times when you need to do something for yourself to refill the energy tanks. So what!

    Tonight I have help watching some while I go to watch a theater performance of others. I was there front row center last night and I'll be there at the matinee tomorrow. Tonight I'll be back row corner because I fully intend to take my iPhone and ear buds so I can can listen at the same time to the Duke vs UNC basketball game. I'll help with ticket sales, then take my seat, watch the kids, and enjoy hearing the basketball game. Oh well, label me a bad parent.

    Do I wanna be Kate Gosselin? No. Do I want to be a 7 ft male basketball player? No. Can I appreciate the strengths and talents of both? Absolutely!

    Besides, it's the only game all year where since I have ties to both schools it is a win/win situation. I'm pulling for both of them! Just like when I have two kids playing competitive sports. I pull for both, cheer the great moves and commiserate when the less stellar ones occur.

    (And I can swat flies at the same time if need be!)

    Just as I can cheer for Kate G for giving it her all! Go Kate! You rock!

  85. Hi Jacque! Hope you enjoy Carnival! What an exciting time.

  86. Jaqueline. Obrigado por ser um grande defensor do meu site. Ter um tempo maravilhoso comemorando o Carnaval no Brasil. Você tem sido um ótimo complemento para este blog e agradeço-lhe!

    To my other ladies who are interested in seeing all the wonderful things going on right now in Brazil. This is the link...http://rio-carnival.net/

    Wish I could be there!

  87. Linda- thanks, I'm having fun for sure. Too bad it's cold this year, last year the carnival was in February and was very hot, unlike now :(

    Baby Mama- I do thank you for you have a site so amazing, in which we see love and not hate. thank you!

    Well, today is the second day of parades in Sao Paulo, from tomorrow begins the parade of Rio de Janeiro, and until next week continues the festivities in Bahia. Because you all do not take advantage and catch a plane right now huh??!.

  88. Hey sweet Jacque! Have a happy day in carnival land! Please always stay in touch...this southern mom thinks about you!

    Ok ladies...are you ignoring me or just afraid to add your "two cents" to my question in regard to post yesterday at 12:40pm.

    Seriously, this is a daily headache right now. We're working on it...but I feel it could be a bigger problem for my son in other areas of life if we don't nip it in the bud now.

  89. Ziggy, ah the dilemma of dealing with the haters. They are so underhanded in all they do.

    They tear Kate to shreds without any qualms of conscience...why would we expect that they would treat any of us with respect?

    I've been accused of being this person, that person, a man, an "it" a "lesbian" a "man hater"...you name it. That's why I left the evil boards...there is no reasoning with them!

    Glad you cleaned them out!

  90. The ROL story is a hoot...got "government worker" ID stamped all over that one.

    She is so desperate to paint Jon's life as a complete "shangri la" with her.

    But alas, her precious dogs got a priority video put up on YouTube to defend their "peeing" issues...she just had to show us their cage (poor things) and their stained "pee pads" to prove they don't pee on Jon's stuff?

    Is this girl losing it?

  91. Thanks, BM, but I am back open.
    Fired up, they have no interest in the truth of anything except what they like to claim is the truth.

  92. FiredUp - I've been pondering how to answer you. What m about to say, I know the non fans will jump on in half a heartbeat, but oh well.

    My kids argue a lot. They argue over everything. It appears often to us as envy, jealousy, and just plain orneriness. It seemed so out of control that the adults were arguing over the kids arguing. We hauled everybody to a counselor for evaluation and hopefully therapy. (Even considered boarding school because we went, military school, etc.)

    The kids are polite to other kids, just not their siblings.

    We were told: arguing is normal; envy is normal; one-upmanship is normal; occasional physical strikes to siblings is normal. Our response: this feels like it isn't normal. Dr.'s response: they are behaving normally.

    Our solution was to then seek a communications specialist to show them how to interact in a more civilized manner. We feel that it had become a "conditioned response" or habit. They knew how to talk and act to non family people, but within the family it was a different story.I don't think this specialist told them a single thing different from what we'd said, but sometimes hearing it from an outsider is different.

    Uh, it didn't just go away. I don't know if they are treating each other better or if we've just stopped worrying about it constantly. There isn't the hitting, or they're better at doing it covertly. :)

    By all means, talk to a professional. Every family is different. But, be prepared to be told that it's "normal."


  93. Sorry FiredUp, I noticed your question, didn’t have time to respond right then, then forgot about it. I hope what I have to say is helpful.

    Jealousy is always a huge issue in most families. My children are two years apart and had always been jealous of each other. I did special nights with each one. I separated choirs evenly. I even spoke to them about how they felt I loved or treated the other one more/better. What I found worked really well was showing them a family who was demonstrating their behaviour (on tv). This happened purely by accident, but I am completely grateful that it did, because it has been like night and day.

    After the show we talked about perceptions, jealousy, and the need to protect each other. It started with me asking if they felt that I treated them differently and I didn’t argue or defend myself. I heard what they had to say and asked them what I could do to make them feel that my love was equal. I knew my love was equal but I wasn’t showing it in a way that they needed. I didn’t need to argue or rationalize, I realized they needed to tell me what was missing from our relationships as opposed to me guessing.

    We were also able to discuss the importance of protecting each other because on the show the families stabbed each other in the back. I explained to them that as we grow older we will meet many people and we will experience many challenges and that we need to be able to come back to the core to support each other. I said to them that how they treat each other is an example of how we allow others to treat our sibling. For example, if my son called my daughter stupid, I would say that you are now saying that her boyfriend has the right to belittle her or that his friends have the right to belittle her. He immediately became protective. I explained to them that out of an entire room, they must treat each other better than anyone there must and if they don’t then they are allowing others to treat their sibling horribly.

    My kids are teens as well so they now have the ability to understand and think of solutions. I suspect your son is just trying to find himself and is having trouble internally making that leap into manhood. He may feel on guard all the time because of having to deal with peer pressure and other boys trying to create a pecking order. Having his sister say one small thing that shatters his eager or makes him react defensively will throw him over the edge. We just need to keep reeling them back in.

    Obviously you are a caring and loving mother or you wouldn’t be trying to tie this off before it gets worse.

    So, you can ask him, do you feel emotionally safe at home? Do you feel like I treat you and your sister differently? What do you need from me? How can you and your sister create a protective supportive relationship? You may even want to go as far as having him read this to say, this is what I see happening, is that correct. Don't defend yourself or get angry, this is his perspective, this is not saying that you aren’t creating a safe place for him, it is saying that you want to help him create an emotionally safe place for him as he experiences adolescence, you may find it is something as simple as you make him empty the dishwasher more than he does or it could just be hormonal, so all he needs to do is start doing yoga to corral his energy.... : )

  94. FiredUp, I also agree with Linda, it is normal, they need to see someone else doing it so they can adjust their behaviour, and more often than not, if they don’t want to talk to you about it, then they need someone else to talk to them about how to treat each other. As Linda said, for some reason, someone other than their mother telling them to change often spurs them to change… LOL.

  95. My last comment honestly… : )

    What I liked so much about how Kate handled the sextuplet’s birthday when one of the twins was jealous was Kate took the time to address their feelings. It doesn’t matter if we think this isn’t an issue, our children do. Listening to them, giving their feelings a voice, and helping them get a better handle on their perception will give them healthy, effective strategies to handle life’s challenging struggles.

  96. Why thank you LindaO and Fascinated!!!!

    Nice to know you two have crossed this bridge as well! Lol LindaO as regards the kids "doing it covertly."!

    Fascinated, you gave me some excellent points to ruminate in my mind. We have in fact been doing some of the things suggested...sitting down and having some heart to heart discussions without being judgemental towards him.

    But you both gave me some other ideas that I greatly appreciated.

    Fascinated, I do remember well how Kate handled that situation "on the spot"! She took the time right then to address it and I thought she handled it very calmly and listened to her daughter's concerns.

    Afterwards, I remember Kate saying "I handled it the best that I could." I like that about Kate...she's honest, she doesn't put herself out there as the expert...but gives it her best whatever the situation.

    You are so right that we have to give weight to these issues as important to our kids.

    My husband and I are giving all yours thoughts, LindaO and Fascinated, some serious consideration.

    We want our boy to mature and learn how to navigate relationships properly...I think this is a good learning issue for him that he will value later on.

    Thank you gals!

  97. Firedup4Kate & fascinated. I loved all you wrote tonight, your both very passionate and it comes across in your writing. I was glad to come home and see your thoughts. It made me so proud to have you both here! Linda as always your the best and I appreciate you always & greatly...xoxox

  98. Hope all had a good day and evening.

    Survived the play but the TV station blocked live streaming via Internet of my beloved basketball teams. Thanks to a friend, I got Tweets of scores until I could get home for second half. I realize few care about college basketball but it's a big deal here and we all go a little nuts during the March Madness leading up to and including NCAA playoff games.

    Maybe it's because when you're short, those really tall basketball players are so attractive. :)

    I'm sure looking forward to the new K+8 episodes in April.

    Hugs to you to Baby Mama. xoxo

    Last thought for tonight. If you just want to live an "ordinary" life out of the limelight, why in the heck would you upload a video response to a rag mag? Sounds rather a bit like the government worker is really trying hard to stay IN and not out of things?

  99. Good morning everyone! I know I'm smelling some fresh paper, but I'm also actually smelling my eggs. ;) So im going out with my family to Sunday brunch, and will be back after dropping the kids off at bowling to finish my post.

    So continue here till this afternoon.. Ideas for fresh paper? Let me know here please! I need ideas! Thanks for your help ;)

  100. Recent articles on how happy Jon is now...

    Interesting to me is the volume of articles now stating how very happy Jon is now! That's great. You only get one life and it helps if you are happy! They do sound a lot like past articles (how happy he was with Hailey, Kate2, Morgan...) That's okay... Sometimes it takes repeated efforts to get something right.

    I would , however, gently suggest that if you want to write an article about how happy, content, fit, or whatever Jon is NOW, it would make more SENSE to use a photo from NOW. The last six of these articles that I've been emailed have ALL used photos of Jon during his life WITH Kate to show how happy he is NOW and how miserable he was with Kate.

    Does that also not make sense to other people? Using a photo from a time when he was supposedly so miserable to illustrate happiness is just dumb, or shoddy "journalism."

    The only one of the photos of his "happy" days "now" that was not from the days with Kate, was one made from his days with Hailey!!!!

    So Jon, I truly want you, and every other human being to be happy!!!! You might want to get some current photos made of your happiness to give your sources.

    Okay, now I'm stuck with that song in my head, "Don't worry! Be happy!"

  101. LindaO...Oh, you had my thinkin' on this as well! I too noticed that everyone of these silly happy stories about Jon showed old pictures of him when he was with Kate!

    How telling is that as to when Jon truly was happy!!

    Jon created his own unhappiness when he started his cheatin', lyin' ways! It's hard to come home to your children and wife when you have been sneakin' around lying and being untrue!

    That's when Jon's misery really started and his downward spiral. Look at the latest pictures taken in February of him on top of the roof. Sorry, but he doesn't look happy to me!

    When Jon and Kate were working as a team raising those babies, high-fiving one another when they had a good day...that's when he was happy.

    All this mess in the press to convince folks about how happy he is now really is a desperate attempt by the "government worker" to claim her spot of fame in the Gosselin world.

  102. On a personal note I have to share this. After your suggestions yesterday, I took a long walk with my son and we just talked.

    Lately, he has pushed away from mommy hugs and kisses, especially in front of his friends, of course.

    So I figured, its ok...he's just growing up and wanting some independence.

    Well, he told me yesterday....I quote here...."Mom, when I said not to be get all that kissing and hugging stuff on me when we are out...that is what I meant. When we are out with other people. I still like it when we are at the house."

    I just about broke down in tears. Had to get on my tip toes and hug that big boy and give him a good mommy kiss on the cheek!

    See, you have to really talk to your kids and dig deep some times to find out what they are thinking!!

  103. firedup--What a thought Mom you are! We have two sons and they were always in competition with each other and played hard even when they were 7 and 4. One went through that same thing as you son--no hugs and kisses in front of friends and the other one never did. But I can say there is hope--because now that they're in their 30's they don't think twice about a hug or kiss for Mom in public.

  104. firedup4kate said...
    On a personal note I have to share this. After your suggestions yesterday, I took a long walk with my son and we just talked.
    Not fair firedup4kate, you brought tears to my eyes just picturing that precious moment with your son. It's true they get to that age where boy or girl they are so sensitive about PDA but we have to remember that they still want that love an affection when the "eyes of the world" aren't on them. Those nice little long walks do a world of good in opening up the lines of communication as long as you remember to leave both of your cell phones at home just so that small window of shared time will be uninterrupted so you can connect. Good for you and your son. A moment of time that you can forever treasure. I hope you both get many more. My first thought when you wrote that was that it reminded me of Kate and Collin's special moment in the photo at the top right of this page.

  105. New Fresh Yummy Paper! Scent of the day is yummy bacon & eggs with pancakes & syrup. All on the same page.. DIG IN! ;)