Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate Gosselin On Sirius Radio, Jon Gosselin Makes His Twitter Account Public, Kates Travel Tips

Kate on Sirius radio with Christine and Molly's 'Broadminded' show

Kate Gosselin chatted with Christine Eads and Molly Dedham, hosts of SiriuxXM’s radio show Broadminded, on Friday morning. “The Broads” discuss a wide range of topics from sex, men, entertainment, to life in general. Some tidbits:

  • Kate said she doesn't let the kids get on the Internet without her because there's so much information out there about Jon and she doesn't want them to see it
  • They only eat healthy, balanced meals. She teaches the kids which foods make your body grow up versus make your body grow out. 

  • She can't work as a nurse because babysitter would cost more than she would make. She also chewed out a hater that came on the show trying to attack her. She said she was sorry the woman was so "bitter"
  • Kate's favorite High School job was at Hershey Park & Friendly's

  • The haters did a dance of joy when they saw that one of the mothers from the show "Dance Moms" got upset when Kate mentioned the show on Twitter:

    @Jxxxx um dance.. Yes. Um those horrible Dance moms? never ever ever!

    @Dancemom1313 I heard you were bad mouthing our show "dance moms". I have always supported you and ur show! U should understand reality tv! I grew up in New Holland, PA so that's why I watched your show then I feel in love with your kids. I am not a bad Mom

    Have you actually watched that show? Its AWFUL. Kate wasn't attacking what haters WISH was child exploitation, shes criticizing a nasty verbally abusive show with a dance studio that no one in their right mind should go to. GIVE IT UP HATERZ!

    Jon has recently made his Twitter account public ironically as his contract with TLC is supposed to end in March. It's now officially verified. Why did THAT take so long? There were rumors that Kate was recently also at the TLC Headquarters in MD. Theres got to be a good back story behind this. I saw a lot of foul and defensive replies from him and that has to stop so the public will have more respect for him. Some of the less-than classy posts:

    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1
    there is nothing to tell, so dont follow me. they had enough over the last 6 years.go ask the other parent im not saying sh*t
    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1
    Trusting in others with out knowing the ramifications and outcomes that came with other peoples plans for me, whoops


    Kate Gosselin Doles Out Traveling Tips: CelebrityBabyScoop.Com
    Reality star Kate Gosselin may not be the first person you’d turn to for relationship advice but if you’re planning a family vacation and have questions about how to keep things organized, the mother-of-eight has some useful tips to share. "Label everyone’s suitcases with their names to make them easier to identify when baggage-claim time comes around," Kate writes on her blog for the Coupon Cabin site. "I always pack the boys in one bag, the little girls in another, and Cara and Mady still share a bag as well."

    Anticipating possible injuries and sickness is crucial. Therefore, Kate suggests packing a first-aid kit is essential for a smooth vacation. And there's no need to hit up your local Walgreens to purchase one either - Kate claims any waterproof plastic container filled with bandages and medicines from home does the trick just as well. "This has saved me many times when someone has a headache, a paper cut, an itchy rash or a bee sting!” she says.Finally, Kate recommends packing your children's suitcases with their pajamas and toothbrushes on top."I learned this a long time ago when we arrived at our hotel very late at night and I had eight very tired and grouchy kids on my hands,” she writes. “At that hour, I need instant gratification upon opening each bag.”