Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jon Gosselin's New Girl, Kate Major says "Watch out Jon", Lohan: Jon Stabbed Me In The Back!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes I am still here, though wrapped up in the full swing of the Holiday season.. No doubt the Kate Gosselin naysayers of the world were thrilled that the ongoing overage of this family died down once Tiger Woods made a spectacle of his private marriage public by crashing into a tree. Let me not get into how disgusted I am about that. I will just say that I'm happy this family has been able to fly under the radar a bit and try to get back to their lives without the media. Although did get a peak of Jon getting bad gas flushed out of his car...Wohhoo, can you say "slow news day?" Well if you need your Kate Gosselin fix, don't forget she will on Barbara Walters Special "10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009". On the special, to air December 9 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, Kate Gosselin will talk about her

update: MY Dear friends at Imperfect Women (formerly "Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity") Scored a huge coo my interviewing Jon himself. Please read HERE

Jon Gosselin's DC Date..A Readhead!
Jon Gosselin -- In the Red? Peace out Hailey Whatshername -- because Jon Gosselin's been running around D.C. for the past two days with a new chick ... and she's a ginger.

Kate Major To Jon Gosselin -- "You Messed With The Wrong Girl!"

Kate Major is finally spilling the intimate details of her relationship with Jon Gosselin. Following her deposition this week in the TLC breach of contract case against Gosselin, Major spoke to She revealed why she fell for him and talked about her own business contract with him. Major called her deposition “pretty intense. I told the truth, I have nothing to hide.”

She admitted that she fell for Jon because she believed in him and felt he had a good work ethic. “I really felt it would work out for us”. Major revealed that both she and Jon signed a contract stating that she would quit her job as a Star magazine reporter and work solely for him. “It was a mutual agreement, and it was not on a napkin. Jon and I both had a copy. It was the same copy that was signed and dated that we both drew up together."

When asked if she was going through with plans to sue Jon for breach of contract, Major told us her lawyers are exploring all options. But when pressed to say whether she would sue Gosselin if it was up to her, Major replied slyly, “Oh, you betcha! He messed with the wrong girl!”

Michael Lohan: Jon Gosselin "Stabbed Me In The Back"

Michael Lohan has slammed former bestie Jon Gosselin. Lohan testified this week about Gosselin as part of TLC's lawsuit about the reality show dad breaching his contract by taking unauthorized outside work, like hosting a Vegas pool party. Lohan says he had a business arrangement to get him work (and presumably get a cut of the pay), and Gosselin reneged.
"Jon knows what the deal was. I kept him out of harm's way... and he stabbed me in the back," Lohan told Access. "When you open your door to somebody and you give them a safe haven and a place to go and then they turn around and bite the hand that feeds or stab you in the back, that doesn't sit well with me.""Jon has hurt a lot of people in his life, I feel bad for him."