Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why are we fans STILL fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8? Slow Gosselin News= Kate Has Cellulite?

Hello Gosselin fans! While the trollies fail to rejoice that the Gosselin family is currently living a "normal life" AWAY FROM THE MEDIA before the news rolls again for Kate Plus 8 in April... I wanted to have a post to personally say how Jon & Kate Plus 8 has affected my life these past 3 years. When this site first aired I was going though a fight with insurance and a serious depression when I was not able to conceive another child. I was grasping at any sort of hope I could find, anything that would lead me to a miracle. I was also not computer savvy, and was hoping that finally caving and purchasing a computer can help me on other job prospects.

After someone on line in a fertility chat room mentioned how much they loved this new show called "Jon & Kate Plus 8" I immediately found out more about the show and fell in love with Kate's adorable babies. Thought the years I felt such a kinship with this family I decided to start my own fan site to support them. And in this time my life has changed so dramatically. After 4 painful rounds of IUI I finally conceived through In-Vitro. I have moved into then out of the Big Apple, I have had 3 outrageous jobs and raised the most incredible fierce toddler you will ever meet! But most importantly, I have met some of the most amazing women I will ever get to call my friends. All because of a reality show about a family that continues to stay strong and fight for what they believe in, no mater what those haters say!

I'm so blessed to have the most amazing family, supportive husband and a new outlook on prayer. I would have never bought that computer, never have met all of you, without this show. So I ask you, why are you still a fan of The Gosselins after all these years? The answer my be simpler than you think :) xoxox BM

Slow New Day= Does Kate Gosselin have a cellulite problem? Examiner.com

Kate Gosselin, who prides herself on staying in shape and running for hours each day, seem to have a little bit of a cellulite problem. Uh oh Kate! If you believe Star Magazine (we don't recommend it) then you just may believe that the pictures they have of Kate Gosselin showing a bit of a cellulite on her thighs are real. We have our doubts. The pictures that we have seen don't seem to be showing cellulite at all but a just the natural flexing of skin and muscle as she runs. Another reason to doubt that these pictures are real, are the images of other celebrities that supposedly have cellulite. The pictures of Britney Spears and Heidi Montag look completely fake. The Photoshop work on the pictures are horrible and Star should be ashamed of themselves. There is no way these pictures are real. An amateur could tell that these pictures have been altered. I have no problem with calling out Kate Gosselin for any number of things. But this whole cellulite issue is just ridiculous.