Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jon is back as doting dad, Do you like Jons new hair? My Favorite Episode: Korean Dinner

Hello Gosselin fans! Well American Idol was quiet tonight. Theres only 1 or 2 I really love (Lilly) so it gave me time to go and post something new. Problem was, (and this is a good thing), that there isn't much to report! Now remember these quiet times, when Kate is finally given time to get things done. Jon is thankfully home from what looks like weeks of being home. And if the only thing trashy hate sites can complain about is whether the kids are still drinking Juicy Juice freebies, well then this has been a GOOD time away! I smell a big return to the spotlight via The View at the beginning of March.

Hannah Goes To Her Check-up With Daddy: Radar.com

Hannah Gosselin, the second oldest of the sextuplets, got all of daddy’s time Tuesday. The 5 year-old was dressed just like daddy Jon wearing jeans and a jacket for the cold weather in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. But Hannah’s jacket had a furry hood. Hannah went to her pediatrician for a check up then the pharmacy in the community of 2,000 residents. Jon’s been under the radar lately since the show went off the air late last year, but it’s good to see him back in the role of doting dad.

Jon Gosselin's Hair Revenge..Better Than Kates?: Hollywoodlife.com

Kate Gosselin, 34, has been getting lots of attention for her new ‘do (stylist Ted Gibson gave her extensions in January) and now Jon Gosselin, 32, wants to get his head in the spotlight, too. He showed off a new, styled hair cut Feb. 21 while playing with his kids at home in Reading, Pa., and we’re not going to lie… it’s an improvement! And with no (visible) Ed Hardy in his ensemble, could this be the start of a whole new transformation for Jon? We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

My Favorite Jon & Kate Episodes: Korean Dinner