Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jon is back as doting dad, Do you like Jons new hair? My Favorite Episode: Korean Dinner

Hello Gosselin fans! Well American Idol was quiet tonight. Theres only 1 or 2 I really love (Lilly) so it gave me time to go and post something new. Problem was, (and this is a good thing), that there isn't much to report! Now remember these quiet times, when Kate is finally given time to get things done. Jon is thankfully home from what looks like weeks of being home. And if the only thing trashy hate sites can complain about is whether the kids are still drinking Juicy Juice freebies, well then this has been a GOOD time away! I smell a big return to the spotlight via The View at the beginning of March.

Hannah Goes To Her Check-up With Daddy: Radar.com

Hannah Gosselin, the second oldest of the sextuplets, got all of daddy’s time Tuesday. The 5 year-old was dressed just like daddy Jon wearing jeans and a jacket for the cold weather in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. But Hannah’s jacket had a furry hood. Hannah went to her pediatrician for a check up then the pharmacy in the community of 2,000 residents. Jon’s been under the radar lately since the show went off the air late last year, but it’s good to see him back in the role of doting dad.

Jon Gosselin's Hair Revenge..Better Than Kates?: Hollywoodlife.com

Kate Gosselin, 34, has been getting lots of attention for her new ‘do (stylist Ted Gibson gave her extensions in January) and now Jon Gosselin, 32, wants to get his head in the spotlight, too. He showed off a new, styled hair cut Feb. 21 while playing with his kids at home in Reading, Pa., and we’re not going to lie… it’s an improvement! And with no (visible) Ed Hardy in his ensemble, could this be the start of a whole new transformation for Jon? We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

My Favorite Jon & Kate Episodes: Korean Dinner


  1. I don't think there's anything Jon could possibly do, to sway anyone's opinion back in his favor. And I find it really sad that he's such a joke to everyone. It takes away from the original purity of the show. Now when I go back and watch episodes, I'm not happy to see him even back then, and I feel like I LOOK for signs of what was to come.

  2. I think I like the hair... for some reason it makes it look like he has some more up front than he used to.

    I'll try to watch the Korean Dinner episode later today. Thanks Baby Mama! I get to see the exchange about how the green onions were cut wrong again. lol.

  3. One of my favorite episodes. Thanks Baby Mama

  4. I used to think Jon was just acting stubborn, but I now know a lady from Korean, who cooks delicious foods and she is exactly the same way, nobody can help her and veggies have to be cut just so or the dish is ruined. I asked her about the green onions and she said he was right, of course she had no clue who Jon Gosselin was. I hope serves these foods on his custody days and teaches the kids to make some of them as they get older. Jon does look like he is taking better care of himself these days. I really think that the company he kept. If he was in fact away from the kids for an extended time, maybe it helped him get his head screwed on right. We will just have to see with what comes ahead.

  5. I like Jons' hair style from that angle it does look like he has more but i doubt it, lo. Now for Kate, is that the windblown pic that every one is talking about? I haven't had time to search for pics. Also, now that we are all over the shock of her changing the style, does anyone besides me think that it gives her a softer and younger appearence???

  6. Just saw that Kate is one of the people "rumored" to be on DWTS next season...
    I think that would be awesome, but I have a feeling it is just a rumor, plus I don't know how she would work it out w/ the kids thats a lot of time in LA.

  7. I sincerely doubt Jon owes Hailey that kind of money. She doesn't even have a job. He might owe Dr and Mrs Glassman money and they aren't out there looking like fools. If anything Haileys relationship with Jon has brought her paid gigs. Up until she did that stupid magazine I used to feel bad for her now she disgusts me I don't even follow her on Twitter any more. I think she had fantasies that she was dating a rich star and she is out for a rude awakening

  8. Did you see the entire magazine interview with Hailey? OMG! The pics were scary first of all.

    Yes, Hailey claims that Jon owes her all that money. She also claims he signed something saying it was a loan. She also claimed in the article that it was her own money that she earned because she worked so hard while she was in college. She didn't say what she did to earn it.

    I think Hailey did it all for the "fame" of dating a tv star and she didn't care about Jon at all. She said she stayed with him because she was scared of him. LOL! Scared of Jon? He may be a lot of things but scary isn't one of them.

    She also said her mother talked her into staying with Jon numerous times. So she should blame her mother.

    She also said Jon almost killed her mother because she was so upset she laid in bed and lost 30 lbs. Who loses 30 lbs laying in bed? Isn't that how you gain weight? lol.

    On another note... More snow on the way!!! 12 inches! Ugh. I wish I had a nanny to take my girls out to play. lol.

  9. I don't believe the Dancing with the Stars rumor. I think they just based it on what she said on Jay Leno. I'd be surprised if she is on it. I don't watch the show though so you all will have to let me know if she is! Please? ;)

  10. Hey Baby Mama, there's a movie on HBO called Baby Mama and I just thought of you. lol.

  11. #1 caregiver, I forgot to say that I think Kate looked "younger" with her short hair. I didn't like the asymetrical cut she had but I did like her with the short blonde hair. I do think Jon and Kate both look like they've aged a lot over the past year. Stress will do that to you.

  12. Had a bit of a 'wow' moment. Sharing it here - not to bash Jon but because it made me realize that watching the show - I had garnered the same image of Jon that most did -- that he was the 'soft' one and Kate was the 'tough/mean' one.

    However - I was in bed the other day feeling miserable and my TIVO selection had recorded an old episode. I think it was "Kate Hires a Nanny" or something like that. Anyway -- I decided to watch it and was like "Oh, wow". There sat Jon - back at the old house - while he was supposed to be watching and playing with the kids -- sitting in the white plastic chair ignoring the kids - and PLAYING ON HIS CELL PHONE. It made me flash forward to the images and videos we saw this past summer - where I, along with many, was aghast at this 'new Jon behaviour". It wasn't until watching this episode that I realized that Jon was like that BEFORE their split. He was also pretty tough/mean/short tempered with the kids during that episode (reminiscent of how he was with Cara and Mady in the show where they didn't get to go to the fire house). It wasn't until watching that episode this week that I really accepted the fact that the years of watching Jon & Kate +8 - that they were indeed edited to keep Jon as the 'good cop' and Kate as the 'bad cop' - and only showed us little tidbits of what things were really like.

    Have any of you found yourself watching an old episode only to pick up on things you never noticed before -- but because of the 'non-edited' filming we saw over the last several months - are suddenly aware that some of the stuff we thought was 'new' - wasn't - and evident in that episode?

  13. SchmeckyGirl~ I watched that movie too and I really liked it. Tina Fey was great but the Steve Martin part was stupid. Its good to watch on a snowy day. Speaking of, teachers are having the best day ever..

    So since its its been quite a few slow news weeks for the Gosselin (don't getg me wrong, its a GOOD thing) the rumor of the day is that Dancing With The Stars wants Kate Gosselin. This only because on Jay Leno she said she has "two left feet". Ever since Kim Kardashian (she was HORRIBLE)did I even think this was an even BIGGER mistake..but I would die if it was true. Its almost as bad a fit as the also rumored Pam Anderson!


  14. Sigh...I still feel like there is a huge hole in my Monday night TV viewing. When I see photos of the kids, I can't believe how much they've grown.

    Re: Dancing w/Stars - Surely to goodness Kate G has enough sense to NOT do this! I still feel like it's just a big rumor.

  15. Schemecky, yes I think stress shows on both their faces too! Somestimes it can even make you real sick later on in life after you think the stress is over. Hope not.
    Well, i am off to the other childs' house to provide child care tonight. Dog sitting ends and another job starts. I haven't had time to recoup from the wedding yet! lol February is moving by fast and just think SPRING!!!! YIPPEE!!

  16. Hope I know exactly what you mean about seeing the same movie or show later from a different perspective. As I go back and watch old shows I notice Kate getting after him when he punishes the kids and I used to think she was too controlling and felt that she had to do the discipline, but when I see it again, I see he is overreacting based on his moods and not explaining telling them what they did wrong. When I saw it again, I saw it as yeah she could have handled it better but she did have a point. I also noticed as I've rewatched shows that the turning point for them was when Jon quit his IT job. I really think they got along better when it was nights and week ends and he needed the structure and mind focus of the job.

  17. Hope,

    Interesting. I haven't really had a chance to watch any reruns for a long time because they put them on too early in the morning.

    Baby Mama, so it was a good movie then. I didn't actually watch the movie. lol. I just saw the name of it and clicked on the "info" to see what it was.

  18. to answer your question Hope, yes I am amazed at the little things I never noticed before!!!!

  19. Well Kate on DWTS is now at a fever pitch, and the e-mails are flying if this rumor is true. At this point, if it is, the trolls heads are gonna explode. But heres what pisses me off. Instead of bitching about kid exploitation, they are now bitching about Kate being away from her kids. Which is it then? For the past few months, other than 1 freakin night (publicized eveywhere b/c of her new look) away from her kids, she has been a doting mother. But if she takes this gig she will be away from her kids again, hense exploitation out, being away from her kids in..You cant win with them haters..

    To get off this tired subject...Jon has been with his kids a whole darn week! Let the drums roll! Jon goes to Hawaii with a young girlfriend, no one says boo.....Here he gets news for snowblowing and staying with his kids longer than a day.


    FYI: Since Gosselin news has been slow, I will not be making a new post on this blog until Monday nights Bachelor, when the announcements for casting will be made...

  20. I am glad that Jon isn't in Hawaii, I pray for his relatives that they are away from this tsunami business. Gossip With Out Purpose needs something to talk about so they can not have to think about their own lives. I could see them twist anything Kate does into something negative. They could take anything she does and turn it into scandal.

  21. Wow, I have never watched DWTS but I think I would actually watch it if Kate was on it just to see how she handles it. I just can't picture her dancing. She will be in great shape after she's done though! I also can't picture her taking the criticism well. I think she wanted to jump across the table at Whoopie when she was on The View. Should make for an interesting show. I do wonder how it's going to work though if it's in CA. That's a lot of traveling back and forth. She will be too exhausted to dance! ;)

  22. Those KHaters hold double standards. There are other single parents who have to go out of town to work to support themselves and their children but no one says a peep about them. They just grab at straws to find some "excuse" to rail on Kate as if they, themselves, are such perfect parents.

  23. Ugh..not that I wanted to bring this up for the millionth time.. but this link bears repeating. After Monday's announcement this will be over I swear! ;)

    February 27, 2010 04:22 PM Eastern Time
    Kate Gosselin Takes a New Step
    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lisa Stanley, co-host and entertainment reporter of KEARTH 101’s morning show in Los Angeles, has learned that Kate Gosselin is under a shroud of security at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, rehearsing her dance steps in her suite with no children to be seen. The official announcement coming Monday morning will reveal that she is one of this season’s line-up for DANCING WITH THE STARS.


  24. I'm not a DWTS show watcher - don't believe I've ever seen more than pieces of shows from time to time because I was out or someone else had it on?

    However - if Kate were on - I'd watch. I agree that with her personality and determination - it would be interesting to see how she handled it.

    Tomorrow's my birthday so I'll probably have to TIVO to see the announcement.....(or just come here on Tuesday morning??? :) )

  25. To all my faithful readers, forgive me for repeating myself again...

    I have received several e-mails asking me to let more comments in and not moderate like I do with an iron fist. Well you obviously werent here when I went on vaction for my birthday last June and shut moderation off. lol. Bottom line this is a FAN SITE. Not a place where those who are not can attack everyone thats here. There are MANY paces you can go to argue with the haters till your blue.. Sorry this isn't the place.

    I feel I said that nice enough... xoxoxo

  26. Did you see the pics of Jon sledding with the kids? Very cute.

    Baby Mama, really, people want you to turn off moderation? While I agree it makes for faster conversation without moderation, it also makes for a big mess.

    Some people here complain about my comments... they have no idea of what they will have to wade through just to get a comment about Jon and Kate if you turn off moderation. If word got out (and it will) that you took moderation off this site will be bogged down with "trolls and spammers" in no time. I'm with you Baby Mama, those are not the kinds of hits you want.

    There's not much going on in Gosselin Land right now but I think if it's announced that Kate will be on DWTS things will pick up. Then there will be the actual dancing to discuss.

    I actually think Kate can pull it off and may go far in the competition. I think TLC should be filming all of the behind the scenes stuff, the practice sessions and Kate at the hotel, etc... that could make for an interesting show for them.

  27. Oh, I finally watched the Korean Dinner recipe. Great episode. The kids were so cute. Mady was so cute with her hair in chopsticks and how excited she was to show Daddy. I didn't realize this is the episode that Kate says real cooks don't follow a recipe. lol.

    It's so sad they won't be doing that every year as a family anymore. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  28. Schmecky, thanks, and yes I agree 100%. Every few months I get requests like that, and I think now with the big announcement tonight I wil have more. I stand by my site and my rules. Period :)

    Dancing with the Stars 2010 Cast! Season 10 Sneak Peek...March 01, 2010 09:20 AM EST

    At long last this season's cast of characters on Dancing with the Stars will be revealed...little by little and with fervor....during the March 1st Bachelor Finale (aka train wreck!).

    For those who cannot wait and the anticipation is killing them...here is your sneak peek.

    The Washington Post says Kate Gosselin is signed on! The divorced mom of eight is definitely switching reality show gears. She told Jay Leno in December that "Dancing" is the reality show she'd most like to get. "I want to laugh at myself," she said. "I so cannot dance." Game on. Prediction...her weekly hairstyles will get more nods then her dance moves. Looks like her annoying voice will forever be burned on the brains of America!

    Oh and to Jon Gosselin. Turn the channel and do not even think about showing up in the audience to once again ride the coattails of your wife...wait...ex-wife. Dufus.

    More juicy potentials include...boobs, Pamela Anderson, skater, Evan Lysacek, and Britney Spears' ex, Kevin Federline, Full House's John Stamos, and Sports Illustrated hottie, Brooklyn Decker.

    Oh boy...we'll know for sure before we hit the hay tonight!

  29. I'm sure you've already heard, radaronline confirmed Kate will be on DWTS. I guess at this point I believe it and will now be surprised if it's not true.

    It says she will practice in PA so she's near the kids. Hopefully she will do it on the days she doesn't have custody that way she will have the best of both worlds. I think that's great. I hope Jon can be with the kids while she is actually doing the show itself.

    I wonder if Jon has anything in the works for the future once he is no longer under contract with TLC. I hope so.

  30. I wonder if the people who don't want moderation realize that the Khate sites also have moderation and that it is used to block out the positive posts. They and a lot of others in this world don't realize that there are ways to express different opintons without being hateful. I think some people need to stop and think about how they say things and not just about Gosselins.
    I wonder if Dancing With the Stars was already being considered when Kate mentioned it on Jay Leno. The great physical shape that she is in will help her and I hope she shares the dancing with the kids, it is a great hobby. I just hope that they aren't setting her up and having her there just for the ratings boost when she has no business there. People like me that never watch that show might just to see her. I also hope she is careful since there seems to be a lot of accidents on that show, but she's pretty smart so she should be okay. I do think it would be really cool if she would take at least the older girls with her once to LA to watch her and be involved with some behind the scense stuff. See, if Jon hadn't been so flagrant about violating his contract, the things he could have done.

  31. Its been confirmed...US MAGAZINE confirms Kate IS doing DWTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. http://wonderwall.msn.com/tv/exclusive-its-true-kate-gosselin-will-be-on-dancing-with-the-stars-1540588.story?gt1=28135

  33. I really hope Kate is going to be on DWTS. I think she will be on and I am so excited. I wonder who her partner would be? I am afraid that if Kate did go on then she we voted off the first episode because of the haters. Anyway, I will be cheering for Kate the whole way.

  34. Baby Mama - I, for one, absolutely love your site, and most of all, I love your rules! :)

  35. I adore KateG. That said, she really doesn't dance well. I could be surprised (and hope I am), but I don't think she would last long on DWTS. But, I guess that could be a positive in that she wouldn't be gone from the kids long, so the trolls would have to find something else to complain about. Lol.

  36. Wow... I wonder if Kate really will be on DWTS? All of the "sources" say that it is confirmed, so I guess it is most likely true. I have never really watched the show, just a few minutes here and there, but I would definitely watch if Kate gets on. I can't really picture her on it, but I'm bet that she will enjoy it and it will sure be interesting to watch!

    Although I hate to admit it, I've been watching the Bachelor this season so hopefully I'll catch the announcement of the dancers. (You see... I am going crazy without Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday nights! LOL!)

    Oh and, thanks for posting the Korean Dinner episode, Baby Mama! It's another one of my favorites! And I know that this is a topic from a few days ago, but yes, I find that I'm much more critical of the little things that I see on the shows. I'll catch myself thinking, "Oh! That was a sign! How could I have missed that!" LOL! I think it's easy to over analyze now that we know what has happened.

  37. Wow! No one was around on Sunday, I was a bit nervous! :)

    That said, I'm hearing it's a done deal. Remember when I mentioned Kim Kardashian? She left after a week. Kate I don't think will be a good dancer, but I feel sadder that the haters will have a field day when she gets eliminated. Its the ultimate arena to enjoy another persons failure. But it was her choice to do, and since I love the show, I will be a big supporter!

  38. The rumors are true!

    RadarOnline.com has exclusively confirmed that reality TV supermom Kate Gosselin will be one of the celebs joining the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars.

    The official line-up will be announced Monday night during the big finale of ABC's The Bachelor.

    But Kate's new gig will not keep her away from her children. RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the mom of 8 likely will do most of her practicing near her Pennsylvania home because she insists on putting her children first.

    The show was willing to accommodate her because they believe she'll be a huge draw, a network source told RadarOnline.com. Kate is the breadwinner in the Gosselin family now that Jon has spectacularly flamed out and cost the family a ton of cash by first shutting down Jon & Kate Plus 8 when he denied TLC permission to film the children, and then breaching his contact with the network, which caused them to sue.

    That suit was recently settled but cost Jon -- and his family a lot of cash. TLC won a preliminary injunction, a sure sign that they would prevail at trial.

  39. Wow, I really thought when I read that it was rumored for Kate to be on DWTS, that it was just that a RUMOR...
    I have to admit I am very excited to see her, I haven't watched DWTS the last couple of seasons, but I will definitely be tuning in.
    As far as all the trolls that are so very critical of everything she does, I am sure they will be having a field day tonight and tomorrow morning.
    I don't know how they will have an impact on voting her off, since you vote for your faves... It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

    On a separate note, Baby Mama I am very appreciative that you take the time and energy and delete all the garbage that some would like to try and get you to post. After unfortunately stumbling onto the "troll" site a little over a year ago I was appalled at the things people would say and the extreme hate they felt for someone they didn't personally know, luckily I exited that site and found this one, I was extremely relieved and haven't looked at the hate site since. Baby Mama contrary to what others may say I think you do a great job of letting people express their opinions. Your Site Your Rules...and I for one am glad you are here!