Friday, May 21, 2010

Kates A Great ET Correspondent, White Hot In LA, Will Kate "Fly" on Dancing

Kate Gosselin's New Job Helps Lift Spirits:

Kate Gosselin has been accused of many things in the past year, but laziness certainly isn’t one of them. In the four weeks since she was booted from Dancing with the Stars, the mother of eight has launched her new reality series, Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8, and initiated a new gig as a special correspondent for ET. “[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it,” Kate told PEOPLE backstage at Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars performance show, where she was conducting on-camera interviews. “I can talk. We all knew that, and so I really enjoy it.” Though she finds it comfortable holding the mic backstage at the Dancing studio, the single mom also admits she still hasn’t gotten the hang of reporting from behind the ET news desk. “It’s something that I feel is like a challenge — sort of like dancing,” she said. “But I know I can conquer that one … the dancing, not so much!”

Adding “correspondent” to her growing resumé, which already includes reality-TV star, author, promotional speaker and mom of twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, is all part of Kate’s plan keep herself active and focused. While her day-to-day routine has certainly changed, Kate insists life hasn’t exactly slowed down since she retired her dancing shoes. “You’re going at the speed of light and suddenly you slow down to like the speed of a car … but I’m not any less busy at all,” she said, adding that she gets the same amount of sleep every night despite no longer being part of the competition. “It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Oh, hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,’ ” Kate said, while also admitting she went through “major withdrawals” after leaving the show. “It’s really difficult …

There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.” The hard-working mom says the feelings stem from missing her castmates, whom she refers to as “family.” Since her departure, she’s kept in touch via text message with such fellow celeb dancers as Evan Lysecek. As for her real family, Kate promises to look into dancing classes for her kids “when life settles down a little.” She credits her stint on Dancing with teaching her how important dance can be to a child’s upbringing. “I grew up minus dance experience, and I see now how valuable that is [to] formation, determination, stamina, all of that,” she said. In the meantime, the Gosselin matriarch says her brood is just enjoying the lead-up to summer. “They are so happy to have our crew back and so happy to be doing adventures in the world. Life is good!”

Kate Gosselin White Hot In LA:

Summer's not quite here yet, but that didn't stop Kate Gosselin from donning an all-white get-up at an industry event in Los Angeles Wednesday. The reality TV mom -- who returned to the set of Dancing With the Stars this week in a new capacity (correspondent for an entertainment TV show) -- will be appearing on the show next week for its' two-night finale. Gosselin's five-week stint on this season's competition meant high ratings, a dash of controversy and tons of publicity for the show, so it's no wonder they're showcasing her in crunch time. Gosselin also has a pair of upcoming TV projects, as her Kate Plus 8 specials will premiere on TLC June 6 at 9/8c, while another TV show called Twist Of Kate is currently set for a dozen episodes slated to air this summer. And for you bookworms, Kate's latest book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family, is in stores now.

Kate Gosselin: My Final DWTS Dance Number "Involves Flying": Us

Kate Gosselin is flying high; or at least she plans to. The reality mom dished to Entertainment Tonight that her last dance number for Dancing With The Stars, for next week’s finale, will "involve flying.""I am dancing a strange combination of two songs," the Entertainment Tonight correspondent said last night. "An old dance, a new dance, and it involves flying." Gosselin, 35, will join the ranks of other celebrities who have gone airborne while performing including musician Pink, who (with the help of a harness) soared through the air while singing at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Should she fall in her death-defying stunt, DWTS' Anna Trebunskaya offered to look after Gosselin's 8 kids. "We can split them all between the cast and they're going to visit each other every two days," she joked to Entertainment Tonight. Last month, a source told Us that Gosselin has been "moping" since leaving the show in April. "Kate misses the media coverage," the source said. "She got used to the publicity." But now she's back in the limelight as Entertainment Tonight's special correspondent for DWTS Monday through Wednesday night. Her next show, Kate Plus 8, premieres June 6 on TLC.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Karina Wants To Teach Kate, One Year Since The Jon & Kate Turmoil, The Gosselin Kids Hit Orlando!

Karina Smirnoff: I'd Love to Teach Kate Gosselin to Dance: Kate Gosselin isn't the easiest person to teach how to dance (her DWTS partner Tony Dolovani even quit on her once). But Karina Smirnoff tells she wouldn't mind instructing her.
"I think Kate is very real -- I love that about her!" she told Us Thursday at the WILDFOX Fall 2010 Collection celebration at NYC's 1OAK. "I respect the fact that she says what she thinks. I think a lot of people in the entertainment industry play the part instead of being who they really are. I think Kate did not play into that -- she remained herself. She's a mom, she's a business woman, and I respect that a lot. Maybe she wasn't the best dancer on Dancing With the Stars, but she tried her best and she was fun to watch. She did everything she could. Obviously, Dancing With the Stars is very demanding because of the schedule and you have such a limited amount of time to learn everything.

Smirnoff's tip for the mom-of-eight, 35? "If she wants to continue dancing she should continue to dance with her feelings and emotions," she told Us. "She is a very deep woman, and she has a lot of emotional education in her so let that come out in the dance moves." The reality mom is returning to the dance floor for the season finale on May 24 and 25.

Kate Gosselin, kids spotted in Orlando for "Kate + 8":

If you thought you saw Kate Gosselin around Central Florida this week, you weren't hallucinating. Gosselin and her eight children were in Orlando -- think theme parks -- to shoot the first "Kate + 8″ special, which will debut at 9 p.m. June 6 on TLC. That program shouldn't be confused with her new series, "Twist of Kate." Or with her recent stint on ABC's " Dancing With the Stars," which concludes its season May 25. Gosselin and all the other ejected competitors are scheduled to return for the finale

Jon & Kate Explosion One Year Later:

It's been a exactly a year since reports of an alleged affair by Jon Gosselin sent the couple on a path that would lead ultimately to divorce. A year ago, Us magazine reported the Berks County dad was seeing teacher Deanna Hummel, who he says was just a friend. Since then the couple announced their separation on the most watched ever episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," and Jon sued to halt filming of the show without him. The show unable to film new episodes with the kids without Jon's consent, eventually ran out of footage and folded in November. Jon and Kate's divorce became final at the end of the year and Kate proceeded on a whirlwind of TV appearance including on "Dancing With the Stars."

Meanwhile Jon squired a sting of 20-somethings - Hailey Glassman, Morgan Christie, and now Ellen Ross, sued Kate for custody and moved back to an apartment in Reading. Now, Jon and Kate heading down entirely separate paths. Kate is currently filming "Kate Plus 8" (which is scheduled to begin airing June 6) and "Twist of Kate" two new shows for TLC, while Jon continues to make headlines for not really doing anything. He recently worked as a bartender for charity earlier this week, but otherwise hasn't been doing much.