Friday, May 21, 2010

Kates A Great ET Correspondent, White Hot In LA, Will Kate "Fly" on Dancing

Kate Gosselin's New Job Helps Lift Spirits:

Kate Gosselin has been accused of many things in the past year, but laziness certainly isn’t one of them. In the four weeks since she was booted from Dancing with the Stars, the mother of eight has launched her new reality series, Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8, and initiated a new gig as a special correspondent for ET. “[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it,” Kate told PEOPLE backstage at Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars performance show, where she was conducting on-camera interviews. “I can talk. We all knew that, and so I really enjoy it.” Though she finds it comfortable holding the mic backstage at the Dancing studio, the single mom also admits she still hasn’t gotten the hang of reporting from behind the ET news desk. “It’s something that I feel is like a challenge — sort of like dancing,” she said. “But I know I can conquer that one … the dancing, not so much!”

Adding “correspondent” to her growing resumé, which already includes reality-TV star, author, promotional speaker and mom of twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, is all part of Kate’s plan keep herself active and focused. While her day-to-day routine has certainly changed, Kate insists life hasn’t exactly slowed down since she retired her dancing shoes. “You’re going at the speed of light and suddenly you slow down to like the speed of a car … but I’m not any less busy at all,” she said, adding that she gets the same amount of sleep every night despite no longer being part of the competition. “It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Oh, hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,’ ” Kate said, while also admitting she went through “major withdrawals” after leaving the show. “It’s really difficult …

There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.” The hard-working mom says the feelings stem from missing her castmates, whom she refers to as “family.” Since her departure, she’s kept in touch via text message with such fellow celeb dancers as Evan Lysecek. As for her real family, Kate promises to look into dancing classes for her kids “when life settles down a little.” She credits her stint on Dancing with teaching her how important dance can be to a child’s upbringing. “I grew up minus dance experience, and I see now how valuable that is [to] formation, determination, stamina, all of that,” she said. In the meantime, the Gosselin matriarch says her brood is just enjoying the lead-up to summer. “They are so happy to have our crew back and so happy to be doing adventures in the world. Life is good!”

Kate Gosselin White Hot In LA:

Summer's not quite here yet, but that didn't stop Kate Gosselin from donning an all-white get-up at an industry event in Los Angeles Wednesday. The reality TV mom -- who returned to the set of Dancing With the Stars this week in a new capacity (correspondent for an entertainment TV show) -- will be appearing on the show next week for its' two-night finale. Gosselin's five-week stint on this season's competition meant high ratings, a dash of controversy and tons of publicity for the show, so it's no wonder they're showcasing her in crunch time. Gosselin also has a pair of upcoming TV projects, as her Kate Plus 8 specials will premiere on TLC June 6 at 9/8c, while another TV show called Twist Of Kate is currently set for a dozen episodes slated to air this summer. And for you bookworms, Kate's latest book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family, is in stores now.

Kate Gosselin: My Final DWTS Dance Number "Involves Flying": Us

Kate Gosselin is flying high; or at least she plans to. The reality mom dished to Entertainment Tonight that her last dance number for Dancing With The Stars, for next week’s finale, will "involve flying.""I am dancing a strange combination of two songs," the Entertainment Tonight correspondent said last night. "An old dance, a new dance, and it involves flying." Gosselin, 35, will join the ranks of other celebrities who have gone airborne while performing including musician Pink, who (with the help of a harness) soared through the air while singing at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Should she fall in her death-defying stunt, DWTS' Anna Trebunskaya offered to look after Gosselin's 8 kids. "We can split them all between the cast and they're going to visit each other every two days," she joked to Entertainment Tonight. Last month, a source told Us that Gosselin has been "moping" since leaving the show in April. "Kate misses the media coverage," the source said. "She got used to the publicity." But now she's back in the limelight as Entertainment Tonight's special correspondent for DWTS Monday through Wednesday night. Her next show, Kate Plus 8, premieres June 6 on TLC.


  1. death defying stunt??? LOL can't wait to watch!

  2. I am DYING TOO! Either they are making a big deal over nothing or this is gonaa be one hot mess both fans and haters WILL NOT MISS..Trust

  3. I love all the season end dances they have on DWTS any way so Kate being there is an added bonus. I missed Kate being on ET due to all this stinkin' packing I've been doing. Have to go find it on YouTube later. Lovin' Kate's hair lately BTW. I think its the best it's look in awhile! :)

  4. My guess us that it's minor - like Erin's flying leap across the steps and trusting Maks to catch her. But, well see in a few days.

  5. I'm rooting for Evan. I think he is definitely most improved and turned out to be an amazingly good dancer.

    LOL at Kate flying. Should be interesting.

  6. Sorry my new post is so long.. but I really liked the People article and alot of people do just read my site and not comment.

    Kate was obviously excited but nervous to be a correspondent for ET, and that being said she did a fantastic job..Meanwhile in dead beat land, Jon was seen around town looking a hot mess, smoking cigarettes, and taking new girlfriend on walks with her dog. Hate Kate all you want, but the woman is working her butt off. No one as much as they try can take that away from her.

    Its been less than a year and a half. In this time, Kate has been on top and worked hard to take advantage of these opportunities. Jon has slept with at least 6 women and only did one random gig on The Insider. THATS IT. So you tell me which I would like to showcase more? (Sadly I see Jons name slipping off my new marquee sooner than later..)

    And finally, lets remember where all the haters said Kate would be per them right now..A flash in the pan, a has-been. I hope she taken the time to step back and reflect on all she has done in this short time!

  7. Kate seems like she is having a blast interviewing!! You Go Girl!!

  8. Kate has a new post up on her blog, in case you guys missed it!

  9. Actually Jon isn't permitted to do any work in the media per his contract with TLC. Maybe he would be if he was allowed.

  10. SG. I don't think he would be, his gigs were falling off way before the suit to keep his contract in check with TLC. I don't know why a network would touch him, there's quite a bit of negativity associated with him...IMHO. I wouldn't want to watch him. He comes off as a whiny snot nosed brat that didn't get his way. His behavior repeats itself over and over. Kate is the one supporting the kids and working hard. And every chance he gets he tries to stop that. Not a very smart person IMHO.

  11. Thats correct Schmecky, hes not able to work in the media. Sooooo does that mean he can't work in ANY capacity? No. He's using that as an excuse IMO. More time for trips on the bike and pap shots with the new girl this month.

    I normally don't rag on Jon, but haters have no right to rag on Kate for taking adevantage of what shes being offered while Jon is just surviving on what scraps TLC is giving him when he CAN do other things that don't involve The Insider.

  12. Wildchild~ thanks! Kate's on fire with her blogs lately. I can't keep up and she's making me look bad on this blog. I won't take it personally though lol.

  13. Sorry, one more thing for the day I forgot to mention. I received an e-mail from someone that wasnt really a fan of Kate but wanted to know if they could post here.

    HUH? As you know I was burned very badly by allowing a complete psycho to post here just so that I can look good and say I allowed all viewpoints. Started off fine but the truth comes out quick. They cant hide their intentions for long. The fact of the matter is, if you don't take Schmecky's intro class called "Kate Manners 101" then it's a waste of time here. I'm done with trying to please everyone. This is a Kate FAN site. Why would you want to be here?Seriously, theres quite a few other places to feel more at home. Why waste our time?

    For the life of me I can't understand why so many trolls are obsessed with this site and wanting to post here. I'm flattered really, but honestly if I smell a rat your gone. So feel free to try it, you may change your mind and buy it...xoxoxox

  14. There is always somebody that has to ruin it for every one. I applaud what you tried to do. She was the rotten apple that spoiled it all. It just proved to me that the intentions of that group is definitely not pure.

    I actually am rooting for Evan too Schmecky! I started out not liking him but slowly but surely he's won me over! Evan's future dance was rockin' I loved it! So I hope Evan or Erin wins. Either way I'll be happy. I like Derek but for some reason Nicole irks me.

  15. Kate looks great. Jon's looking for a job, crossing my fingers that he is really trying this time. About the trolls organizing at TLC headquarters, it's laughable. I'll be shocked to see more than 2 people and they have to cover their faces cause they know how they TRULLY look, inside and outside. They have no case. If it's REALLY was the cause for the children they would go after the REALLY abused children all across the country, where chirldrens are starving, homeless, ABUSED by their parents, neglected by their parents, etc,. They are only doing this because of the HATE towards Kate who has done nothing to them whatsoever. If they don't like her, FINE, don't WATCH THE SHOW. They really are JEALOUS, BOTTOM LINE.

  16. Baby Mama said...
    Thats correct Schmecky, hes not able to work in the media. Sooooo does that mean he can't work in ANY capacity? No. He's using that as an excuse IMO.

    I totally agree that Jon should get a job anywhere he can if it is possible (I'm not sure what job he could possibly get right now). My response was soley based on the comment about Kate working as a correspondent for ET while Jon is in dead beat land.

    I just don't think it's "fair" to commend Kate for having a job in the media and saying Jon is a dead beat in the same breath. I'm willing to bet he would be more than willing to be a correspondent for ET if given the opportunity.

    Maybe he was offered media opportunities he can't take advantage of. He supposedly had a super bowl commercial in the works that TLC put a stop to. There could be other things too. Maybe not. Maybe no one wants Jon for a media job. We really don't know.

    Obviously Jon does have some sort of income because he is paying child support. TLC is paying him because he is under contract. I just think it's sad that's he's collecting a check from TLC for nothing, except allowing them to film his children again.

    Again, I agree that Jon should be working doing something if possible.

    LOL!!! at: if you don't take Schmecky's intro class called "Kate Manners 101" then it's a waste of time here.

  17. CraftyMomof3,

    I know what you mean about Nicole. I like her though... there's just something. I think it's because she's a dancer and yet she's making it seem like this is just sooooooo difficult for her. I'm sure it's not totally easy but still, she did have an advantage over people like Niecy and Chad and Kate and Jake.

    Although I do think she's a little bit more believable since the last episode when everyone in her past was saying how hard she is on herself and wants perfection, etc.

    At this point I don't think it matters. They all seem pretty much even as far as dancing talent now. IMO.

  18. Choices, choices, choices. I just feel like Jon made his decisions. He could have stayed true to his contract with TLC in the first place, avoided becoming a liability to them, and chances are he might have been able to accept some media jobs all along.

  19. Is there a double standard for men? Absoluetly. Is that fair? No it's not. I'm comparing him to my own husband who feels that for most men, to be able to provide for his children gives him the greatest amont of self worth. The fact that Jon is using that as an excuse not to work and that he's a father disgusts me. But thats just me, and again I'm comparing him to the men in my life that would see their brother like that and be sick to their stomachs.

    Perhaps thats the talk he got from his own brother while Jon was sleeping on his sofa? (

    (FYI it's a figure ofr speech and I have no idea if he actually slept on the sofa or had a room. Don't care either).

  20. Hi there JW - visitor #640938, and also from earlier in the day. Just can't stay away can you? Isn't it nice to be at a blog where people act like nice human beings. You must enjoy us a lot. You sure are here often.

  21. Hey JW. Back again already? That was fast. Did you get a new computer

  22. My mistake. Aren't iPhones wonderful? Hope you enjoy yours. Sure beats the old IE 7.0, that's for sure!

  23. Oops, wrong again. It's really an iPod touch with an Internet connection. Oh well. Enjoy being with civilized folks.

  24. Oh my are cracking me up! LOL

    Some people just don't when to say when huh? LOL I guess we're just so interesting that JW can't stay away.

  25. Baby Mama - Your statement above says this is a Kate Fan Site! I thought it was A Gosselin Family Fan Site??? Do you have to now totally like her to be here???

    Jon is on ROL talking about getting a regular 9-5 job. I wish him well in this area! He needs one. When you refer to someone as a DEADBEAT DAD, does that mean he's behind in Child support or what? We don't know that he is! Didn't they have a court date this month about child support and visits. I have not heard anything.

    SG - I agree with the points you are making about TLC and the whole mess. I just won't have allot of time to comment this weekend.

    Have a Great Weekend Everybody!

  26. CraftyMom - well she's here so often I thought maybe we could rehab her. Guess not. But I can hope. Just like I have hope for Jon. I don't give up. Back again? Well welcome again visitor # 641,104. It is a great place to visit. No cursing, nice people, good conversation, different perspectives, just lots of great things.

    I'm waiting & picking up kids at different activities so time on my hands. I got curious about how often she's here. Even I'm surprised, lol.

    I've done the shopping so I can bake those sausage balls tomorrow. (Or at least get started. DH figured out an assembly line. I can only pray it works!)

  27. "He supposedly had a super bowl commercial in the works that TLC put a stop to."

    I tend not to believe this. This came from Heller and he would never say what companies had offered Jon a commercial. Even the different websites that reported this did not seem to think it was true.

  28. #1caregiver said...
    Baby Mama - Your statement above says this is a Kate Fan Site! I thought it was A Gosselin Family Fan Site??? Do you have to now totally like her to be here???


    I agree with you and was going to say the same thing, but you posted before me. I think that this is a Jon fan site as well. Right now though, Jon is making some decisions that go against our greatest hope for him. I like what Schmecky said in a previous post about him dating younger girls and us not being happy for him. Why should we not be happy that he is doing what he wants? I have to remember that Jon is who he is and when he was on J&K, he was endearing and now I feel disappointed. My disappointment in him is my own feeling and will not change his behaviour. I then just continue to have hope that one day he will see the bigger picture.

    I can empathize with Kate in feeling alone with the stress of moving forward because her ex-significant other does not "appear" to be fighting as hard as she is. That is one of many reasons I follow this blog. I feel I am supporting her decisions and hoping that she feels our support even against all the Khaters.

  29. Caregiver - BabyMama may change her policy; I don't know.

    Her current policy as I understand it is:
    Kate, Jon, &the kids.
    1. Kate: you can be a fan, not much of a fan, or not like her and still post. But you can't post hate.
    2. Jon: you can be a fan, not much of a fan, or not like him and still post. But you can't post hate.
    (Baby Mama decides when you cross the line for 1&2 above.)
    3. Kids: under no circumstances can you post negative, hurtful things about these beloved children. If you post junk about them on other blogs and try to sneak in here, it will eventually catch up with you.

  30. I hope Jon the best in finding a job. Even if its a job at McDonalds (where he wont be able to pay much child support) but at least he is teaching his children to push thru, be responcible, and not mooch of people. I hope for the sake of the kids Jon is turning around. I really do miss the Jon we seen in the first several seasons.

  31. Linda? What the heck is going on? I'm lost. I get the comments in email and I have no clue to what you are referring to.

  32. SchmeckyGirl - It was just my least favorite person, the infamous JW, hanging around. She's here a lot. I'm told she comes to copy posts here so she can rush to post them elsewhere and discuss how stupid we all are. I have no intentions of reading those first hand. I'm just letting others check them out and letting her dig her hole. I guess she's unable to exercise restraint and avoid coming here. Apparently she thinks she is invisible also. Nobody here us being tracked except for JW. Baby Mama is busy this evening. I'm sure she will delete these posts later. I'm striving to be nice to her. I have hope for her rehab. Just scroll and ignore for now. My apologies.

  33. JW has whats coming to her. What goes around comes around. Karma sucks!!!

  34. At this point I personally wish TLC would just let Jon off the hook & persue other option's. Maybe he can get some work in t.v., maybe not. A job that he's interested in could do wonder's for his umm motivation challanges, self esteem, and interesting life choices. How much longer is the guy in the naughty corner for anyway?

  35. Linda,
    I'm laughing out rock today!

  36. Yipes! Hello everyone! Let me just clarify before a piece of cake.. This site is always for the Gosselin Family, hence the name. Jon I'm hoping will change his issues and I will be a Dan if his as well. Everyone who is a Dan of the show is welcome here. When I say this is a Kate fan site, it just basically means that anyone that attacks her is not welcome here. I'm sure you woulnt want to be here anyway then right? Did I explain or make it worse? Ask Linda, she explains things better than me.

  37. I am at the most boring party right now.. I want to cry. I think were the you gest people here. Ever been to one of those? I can't read posts right now. But k ow all of you belong here. I'm babbling & cranky. I will be back later after I shoot some Starbucks through my veins.

    Linda did you get my texts? This is the first month I have had texting and AT&T just told me I'm over my 200 texting limit! I never thought I would do one! Anyway I will try tomorrow xoxo

  38. WOW...radar online has pics and a story of Jon introducing the flavor of the month...oops I mean his new girlfriend to the kids????

  39. And also one of the rules for those that want to post here, is that you may not attack the other posters here. You may disagree with what they say and show why they are wrong, but no attacking them or you will endure the wrath of Babymama's steel flyswatter.
    I saw pictures on Radar of Jon introducing the kids to his new girlfriend. I may be old fashioned but I hope at this point he is ust introducing her as a friend. They didn't seem to be distressed about it though. I wonder though if he is doing it as a jealous passive aggressive move toward Kate since she's in California doing what he can only dream of at this point.

  40. OT: Linda, are sausage balls like regular meat balls? Just curious!


    Kate is in this video--looks like she's having a good time in LA and looks she saw Stars On Ice again! Yes Schmecky and Crafty I am rooting for Evan too:) Remember you can vote on multiple browsers with same email address;)

  42. I had tuscan sausage potato soup at dinner tonight!! YUM!!

  43. Being able to catch up after a couple of days lagging. Catching up by being able to sit down and read instead of catching things on the fly.

    Yep, Babymama, been to those type of parties. Not only such a bore but a disappointment if it's one which one has been looking forward to.

    IMO, there is a difference between bashing and legitimate criticism. Although the difference may be subjective by some views, there is a difference.

    Hopefully, Jon just introduced his current as just a friend. Although at this point, I don't think he has any business bringing any girlfriend into their lives regardless of how he introduces them - he hasn't been with her long enough to know if this will be a long term relationship or not and going by the past, it won't be. Regarding older men and younger women -there are exceptions, but for the most part men who date younger women have failed to mature themselves. I was married to a man 10 yrs. older and mine, I found out after the fact, fit the rule and wasn't the exception as I thought. I think Jon fits the rule as all his other actions indicate the lack of maturing.

    I don't believe a word Heller says. I think Jon is using the TLC thing to keep from getting a legitimate job, thinking maybe the backlash he hoped for against TLC regarding this would force big old bad TLC to release him from his contract with them without exceptions. Jon does seem to have a strong tendency to try to use things in a form of attempted blackmail to try to get things his way.

    But at this point, I agree that if TLC isn't going to develop anything for him, let him go with conditions such as a confidentially clause.
    Let him fly on his own and provide no excuses for him.

    Babymama, I thought about the same thing when I started my blog about allowing both views to be expressed. But I learned by a previous experience, not on my own blog or site, but being on one, that people will use that to cross the line and then call one unfair. I decided to hold a tight line right from the get go, especially regarding when Kate was the subject matter as few who dislike Kate can & will provide legitimate discussions. Basically they only want to try to shoot down anyone who supports Kate. Again, there are the exceptions.

  44. I had to laugh when I saw the photo on ROL of Jon and his girlfriend with the kids. The angle of the camera, the shirt she was wearing, and the texting made it look like she was his daughter and not his girlfirend.

    Thanks Tashapork and Jessica for refering to the article.

  45. Hey BM, look at it as a night out of the house & you get to have Starbuck's you lucky girl. Mr.M is working his last night shift right now, so my long weekend is delayed till Saturday. So I'm alone (with sleeping kid's catching up on the blog's on a long weekend Friday night) Just a little bit sad(lol)
    Ziggy..totally agree Jon can lose the excuses anytime now! I really do hope this relationship work's out for him. He really seem's like the type that just cannot be alone. If only he would give it a try, he might find that he really likes himself again.

  46. I agree Momsby, one has to learn to be content with ones self before one can be content with another.

    I did forget to add that I wish nothing more than for Jon to get his act together, for his own benefit as well as his children's.

  47. Good morning everyone! Last night was a rough one lol. Am I the only one that's shocked that Jon brought this brand new girl to meet his kids so quickly? Seriously this man has had like 5 girls and none of them so quicly was up meeting and around those kids. I could only imagine what Kate thinks. I swear just when you think Jon is starting to get mature and trying to get a grip on life he does something stupid like this.

    Sorry I just feel that it's inapropriate. I mean how long have they been dating? A month or two?

  48. I'm sorry but I was thinking about how Hailey made an announcement that the police deemed Jons break-in "staged". Then I was like well if that's true what person would pull out a butcher knife and mess up his place like that just to hurt his ex?

    Sorry these random thoughts popped up when I saw those pics. I wish for nothing more than jon getting some stabity in his life.

  49. Wildchild - Sausage balls are an hot d'oeuves served a lot around here. An inch in diameter with main ingredients of sausage, cheese, and baking mix ( Bisquik). Not hard, just takes 30 mins of mixing per batch, etc.

  50. I have a challenge for you good folks. Seniors here graduated last night although lower school kids have another week of mostly field trips. With school out for the summer, there are many children across the nation who will go hungry. Less than 20% of lunch subsidized meal participants get summer subsidized meals. Programs such as Second Harvest help. A dollar will provide two meals to a needy person. In honor of the Gosselin children, would you each consider donating a few dollars to your local "Feed the Kid" program or other organization? Thank you!

  51. Well, he had the one girlfriend at the house over night using the excuse that she was a sitter. So, technically, this isn't the first time he's had one around the kids. Maybe the kids don't look bothered because he told them she is a new sitter for them? He ALWAYS pulls something when Kate's away.

    When he had the other one at the house and Kate showed up in the middle of the night trying to get in, I don't believe then and I still don't that she just had a motherly instinct, although I do believe mother's had those. Somehow she knew something inappropriate was up.

    The thing which concerns me the most is if Jon continues to pull these stunts - the shooting the gun, the threatening to shoot people, the babes at the house, etc. he's walking down a very slippery slope towards the court itself, not Kate, will limit his time with the kids. And as much as I dislike Jon, that wouldn't be good for the kids.

  52. I always try and hope for the best. I got engaged to my husband soon after we met but we had a long engagement. I hope that since Jon introduced the kids to his new girl that he really is serious about her. With past actions I doubt it, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he is really serious with her. The kids don't need to meet every women (or any women) until Jon knows the relationship is going to go far. If this is another stunt against Kate it makes me dislike Jon even more.

  53. I don't know what Jon told the kids about the girlfriend, they are used to a lot of new people in and out of their lives. I am not even sure that they know her as a girlfriend, maybe just a friend of Dads' but in my gut I believe the whole entire purpose of this is to attack Kate in the gut when she is away and doing well, otherwise the meeting would have not taken place at the bus stop in front of the paparazzi, He does these sorts of things all the time such as with the custody lawsuit. Same Jon different day, but it is sad because the kids are in the middle of it. I try to tell myself that Jon has every right as their divorced father to introduce his kids to anyone he sees fit, but it is hard because I see the games he plays. Maybe he isn't aware of the games he's playing, maybe they are subconscious, but that is why he needs to get some help so he doesn't pass on that legacy to his kids. I agree also that Jon needs to work on himself before he can have a successful relationship, but I don't think he feels that he can be out of relationship either.
    Babymama, the texts do go fast, I am glad that the AT&T guy talked me into the 200 texts, because I said, oh, I will just send one or two and I have already sent like 15 in two weeks and I don't even talk to very many people.

  54. Linda- Yum! Those sound good! I can't imagine making 500 at once though! Good luck!

    Baby Mama- I agree, it is a little worrisome that he brought his new girlfriend over so quickly. I hope she isn't another flash in the pan, for the sake of the children.

  55. Yeah it was a bit upsetting to see thoese photos for obvious reasons. I guess it's that mother hen thing. Fans of the show get it. I'm at of all things a bowling party today, so if I don't respond to everyone forgive me.

    Tashapork~ my husband pitched a fit because I even got the 200 texts. He isn't very into the whine technology thing. And thought it wad a waste. Now apparently I'm over even that! How I did it I didn't even know. It makes my life so much easier. But where were we without all this junk. I wad fine then, now my life depends on it...

  56. LOL Baby Mama, I don't know how I lived without my BlackBerry and my GPS all these years. I just ordered the new large plasma Samsung 3D tv... soon I won't know how I lived watching tv in 2D all these years. lol.

    As for Jon introducing them to his girlfriend, I think he should have waited because his relationships don't seem to have longevity. However, these kids have had so many, many people in and out of their short lives (camera crews, family, nannies, bodyguards, close friends like Beth and Carla) that I don't think they'll even notice if she doesn't last.

  57. I read Hailey's tweet about the "staged break-in" but I don't know if I believe it. Why didn't Hailey show the proof to the media? That would exhonorate her. I don't believe it. Not until there is an official report.

  58. ZiggyFlo said...
    Well, he had the one girlfriend at the house over night using the excuse that she was a sitter. So, technically, this isn't the first time he's had one around the kids.
    True, but I think she was also around a while as a nanny. I saw a lot of pics of her at different times "supposedly" taking care of the kids. Although I think Jon was always there. And even her baby was there. Sounds like maybe he did just have his girlfriend visiting under the premise she was a nanny. LOL. But I think she got paid as a nanny. ???

  59. Uh Linda, when are you going to post that Sausage Ball recipe? Do you have it on your computer? Can you email it to me when you are done sausage balling? No rush!!! Hope it went well today.

  60. Linda, we all want the recipe please!!!!

  61. SchmeckyGirl - OK, there's so many ways to go with the 'girlfriend/nanny got paid thing' but I'll be a good girl and pass up the temptation...
    but boy it ain't an easy one to pass up, let me tell you...

    If she was paid, I wonder if she was paid out of the household account or out of Jon's own money?

  62. LOL Ziggy! Yeah, I can imagine.

  63. Baby Mama,

    I think your post was really long because a lot of it was posted twice.

  64. The article above said: As for her real family, Kate promises to look into dancing classes for her kids “when life settles down a little.”

    I think she means once the kids stop filming for the new show. When will that be?

  65. Schmecky~ I re-read the people article and it was long, but not posted twice. I guess I should maybe edit it, and just let people go to the link? But most of the time people don't go to the links and I didn't want them to miss the whole article. (Unless it was something else you were talking about?) :)

  66. SchmeckyGirl - Lighten up Sista! The kids are filming. They are not filming every day; they are not filming all summer; please just chill. Most ballroom classes here don't accept kids until they have finished 3rd grade. I know some of the pros started earlier but many dance instructors don't feel they have the stamina or gross motor coordination until 8 or 9. In our town they don't start cotillion until after Christmas holidays in the 4th grade.

    They can start ballet, tap, jazz, and acro earlier but not ballroom.

    Also, people forget these kids were premature. Let's allow them some grow time.Preemies may be very smart brain wise, but often lack the gross and fine motor coordination, not to mention physical size. A huge trend now is to delay starting first grade a year for any children with late April or May birthdays. If you don't when the class hits puberty, your kids are way behind physically. I let the intelligence testing rule out over the birthday. My twins score highly on tests but are the youngest & smallest in their class. I should have waited. My kids look about two years younger. I think Kate listened to the school and she's wise to wait. Given the lack of stature of the parents, the Gosselin kids are already bound to be small.

    Sorry I got off track. I don't think not rushing into ballroom has a doggone thing to do with filming. I think it is their age. JMO.

  67. Linda I agree with you about Kate being wise to wait even if the kids are academically smart. I have a nephew who is getting ready for high school and while he is okay academically he is immature emotionally and socially as well as the shortest in his class. His birthday was in August and his parents now wish they had waited.
    I interpret Kate saying when things settle down as meaning when she gets a more set job like the one with tlc. I really think if it was an issue of interfering with the kids filming and the kids wanted to dance they would film that.

  68. Sausage Ball recipe

    yield 60.

    1 pound hot or mild ground sausage.
    4 cups shredded/grated extra sharp cheddar cheese.
    2 and a half cups baking mix (I use Bisquick)
    one eighth teaspoon ground black pepper
    one eighth teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)
    one to two tablespoons buttermilk (see instructions)
    melon baller
    spray shortening
    cookie sheets/baking trays

    Have sausage and cheese at room temperature. This is crucial. If sausage&cheese are cold, recipe will fail! (I remove from refrigerator 2 hours before I want to start.)

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees F

    Use stand mixer with dough hook or prepare to mix by hand for 15-20 minutes.
    Add sausage to mixing bowl and start at low speed. Add black and cayenne pepper. Slowly add Baking mix/Bisquick about 1 cup at a time. Mix well before adding next Bisquick. When well mixed, add 2 cups of the shredded cheese and mix well. Add last 2 cups of shredded cheese and mix well. Add 1 tablespoon buttermilk. Mixture should have pulled away from sides if bowl. If not, add a second tablespoon if buttermilk.

    Spray baking pans with spray shortening (I use butter flavored Pam). Use the small end if the melon baller (1 inch size) to scoop up dough and keep uniform in size. Squish the scoop of dough a couple if times (helps distribute the sausage oil) then roll between your palms to make a ball. (My kids love helping with this part) If you don't have a melon baller, then use a level teaspoon. Place on the greased baking sheet. You can put very close together but not touching. They don't rise but they will stick.

    Put in preheated oven for 9 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven and turn with spatula to help promote even browning and avoid sticking. Return to oven for 9-10 minutes more.

    Remove from oven and place on several layers of paper towels to absorb excess oil. You can serve hot now with hors d'ouuves picks or toothpicks.

    Some people like a dip. My mother did; I do not. Dip is 1 cup mayonnaise mixed with 1 tablespoon spicy brown or Dijon mustard and whisk.

    These freeze well. I put them in 9 x 12 plastic tubs with a layer of parchment paper in between. Once frozen well, I remove from tub and put in resealable zip style freezer bags that you can vacuum out the air from.

    To reheat, remove from freezer and put into slow (250F) oven to warm. Sometimes I put them into a crockpot to keep warm and then just put on serving trays as needed.

    It's pretty hard to screw up this recipe IF you have the sausage and cheese at room temperature. If you don't they will be a crumbly mess. It's quite easy and I tried to give you all the step by step instructions.

    Sausage: I like the spicy hot variety. My kids do not. Sometimes I double the recipe and use 1 pound of spicy hot and 1 pound of mild sausage.

    Seasonings: I add cayenne pepper when serving to adults and leave out for kids.
    Sometimes I add other spices such as finely minced garlic (2 cloves) or one eighth teaspoon sage, or Emeril's seasoning. You can get the recipe for Emeril's seasoning from Food Network.

    I can't see what I'm typing on iPhone. If there's an error, I'll correct in following post. I also have a do-it-yourself recipe for Bisquick. If you want it, just email me.

  69. Correction: My iPhone likes to change "of" to "if" and I don't always catch it. So
    there are four places where recipe should read "of" and it says "if". Sorry.

  70. We got 460 of the 500 made. I know they will sneak and eat some so I'll do two more recipes tomorrow. I ran out of sausage and cheese.

  71. And I missed another typo. Hors d'oeuvres was spelled wrong.

  72. LOL Sista! I hear ya! ;)

    I understand what you are saying, but I'm going by what Kate said. She said "when things settle down." If she meant that they will dance when they are physically able to or when they are old enough for the schools to take them she should, or would, have said so. IMO.

  73. tashapork said...
    I really think if it was an issue of interfering with the kids filming and the kids wanted to dance they would film that.
    Unless the school won't allow them to film it, which I would agree with.

    I guess they can always get a personal teacher and the tups can dance with each other, but it's so much more fun if they do it with others, not to mention better for them. They shouldn't be limited to only being with each other. IMO.

  74. SchmeckyGirl - JMO, I doubt their school offers ballroom dancing instruction. If you're talking about a dance school, I'd be very surprised if they didn't allow filming because of the free publicity. Our kids' dance school requires that parents sign a waiver for filming by the media before you can even enroll. Local tv stations etc film from time to time. You get a heads up usually about "when" they will be filming. I think that notification is more so parents make sure tights don't have holes, etc and that hair is brushed and styled according to dance school requirement (buns for ballet etc).

    I could be really wrong and perhaps there is a school somewhere not allowing it. Part of the point of dance is to have them perform in public. JMO

  75. I held my son back because his birthday is in the end of June and was the best decision that I made in my whole life. He has a 3.8 grade average!

    Thanks for that recipe! I have a family picnic coming up and I think that would go over big!

    Back to packing and catching up on my GH.

  76. My family LOVES sausage balls and I make them frequently but use the lazy recipe. I have never heard of letting it get to room temperature. My secret is to use disposable plastic gloves to mix and shape. If you use pre-grated cheese (I always do) you need to add a little water.

  77. Denise - I have probably 15 different recipes for sausage balls. All vary a bit. I say use whatever recipe makes you happy. Cooking 101 is that all meat should loose the refrigerator chill BEFORE being prepared (check out Food Network, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Ina Garten to mention 3 who this week reminded viewers of that this very week. However it isn't something that many people are patient enough to do.) We're talking room temp/ chill off rather than straight from the refrigerator.

    But, again, I say use whatever recipe makes you happy. I find the one with water added and that much Bisquick to be a little too dry and crumbly, and bland. But, I'm sure zillions love it.

    This is why I hate posting recipes and never would had people not asked. Just like some people like it with dip, like my mother. JMO, but if it needs dip, it's too dry for me, but that's just me.

    Paula Deen had one recipe at Food Network and more than 60 people commented that it was too dry and crumbly. A fewmonths ago she did the recipe on tv and said Folks it works if you have the chill off your sausage and cheese. She doesn't use cayenne or hot sausage. I do. But a hundred variations are what make something fun in my opinion.

    Right now, I'm kind of sick of making them, lol.

  78. Lol, my sister does a variation with lamb sausage, and a neighbor does it with venison sausage. I just stick with my good, old pork sausage.

  79. You know, reading all this I'm embarassed to say I don't cook. Like at all. If you ever knew how much I spent on take out and restaurants you would never believe it. Sad really, I hate to cook. I literally would watch Kate make things and be like "wow, wish I could get motivated to do that." The money munch was the only thing I ever made and that was because of the show.. You are making me hungry by the way..I'm going to re-heat the take out :(

  80. Baby Mama, am I crazy it is one of the long paragraphs not posted twice? Anyone else see it? It's the one about her DWTS "family" and the kids dancing etc.

    You don't cook? At all? I live to cook. I hate the clean-up though.

  81. Darn BlackBerry. I LOVE to cook... Not LIVE to cook.

  82. Linda,
    Yes, I meant a dance school. I don't know anything about filming during lessons but I know you can't film the shows. They want you to purchase their ridiculously expensive recordings they make.

    I think it would be horrible if they filmed their dance lessons. I was embarrassed for them when they filmed their gymnastics class the one time. All the other kids gawking... Their mother the only mother there even though the instructor said they prefer them not be there. JMO.

  83. Schmecky - I know. My iPhone constantly switches love to live. Drives me nuts.

    As the owner of a production company who's sent crews out to film those shows during our slow times, I'm glad you bought the video. The school gets a cut from each one, btw. Yes, they film classes fairly often. Most of the kids love it 'cause they get to be in tv! And you don't have to layoff crew in down times.

    I love to cook also. Zillions of cookbooks. I love doing classes also. That's where I learned about taking the chill off meat before you cook it. Keeps meats from leaking juices and being dry. Then after it's cooked, you keep hot foods hot or rapidly chill and freeze them. When my hubby's mother died and things were divided, he took his mother's recipe boxes over her silver! (he said polishing silver was a punishment growing up.) He cooks also. Our deal is whichever one cooks, the other cleans up. I clean as I go so I think he gets a better deal, lol.

    I like going out to eat, but it's so expensive with a big family. It's a treat for all if us. I keep thinking of the expensive cuts of meat, etc we could have had for the same money or less.

    Our kids all have to help with prep work also. It's just fun to work and talk together. I hated being on the road and not cooking.

  84. B.M.
    You copied and pasted the People article twice.
    That is what SG is talking about.
    It starts out with "Kate Gosselin has been accused" and at the end of the article, it says "ate Gosselin has been accused" and just repeats the ENTIRE thing over again. Exact same article, twice.

  85. Robin & Schmecky~ Thank you so much! I was wondering why it seemed so stinkin long. I do these posts late at night after the kids are asleep and sometimes I get a bit tired and mess up. Robin I had to re-read it 3 times before I figured it out.. I was like "what the heck are they talking about?". Funny that I got no e-mails about it. WTH????

    Hopefully no one noticed...

  86. Been a while since I've posted but I've been reading :) Just wanted to comment, BabyMama, that the article is still repeating itself. I wondered the same thing when I first read it. And since you're three hours ahead of me, I think your post above took place several hours ago and it's still not fixed. Hmmmm....

    I can't believe how busy Kate is. Busier than anyone expected, I think... even her fans. I haven't seen any of the above shows where she has been working because I don't watch them, but I am looking so forward to the new Kate + 8 debut! Can't wait to see the kids! It's going to be great. And I was just thinking that at least now, Jon and Kate won't be bickering with one another. That was the thing that got my 10yo daughter on edge... even she didn't like the way Kate talked to Jon, and the occasional backlash from him. I don't talk to my husband that way so for her to hear it just makes her irritated. And I don't blame her. That was the only part of the show that I didn't like. But it seems as though she has seen that error (sometimes it takes major events to cause us to see our faults - it did for me). I'm curious to see Kate in reality again. I really enjoy reading her brief posts on TLC, too... but I can't stomach the comments that the moderators allow. I've even posted a few comments myself but I get tired of the hate. That's why I read here - and BabyMama, as for me, I appreciate that you moderate.

    As for Jon, talk about not learning from the past. Schmecky, I know you have hope and that's great. But he is the epitome of immaturity. And I'd be wary of ANY girl that is willing to date him. They must be out for only one thing - a few pap pics in the tabloids. 'Cause that's all they get. Even whatshername didn't get the fame and glory that she was looking for.. ugh.

    Well, I'm home with a sicky child so I must go attend to her. Hope you all are blessed with a wonderful Sunday!

  87. Set In The CLeft~ How are you? We miss your smiling face! I did make sure its fixed now. For some reason the correction was not saving..I tried to complain to Blogger, which is like talking to a wall. So I hope its fixed for your eyes now! Hope your little one feels better, sadly it seems to be going around here too.

  88. Linda thank you for posting your sausage balls. I think I might make some tonight! I am always looking for good recipes. We used to eat out all the time until we added up the cost and decided we could go on a nice vacation and started eating at home. So my daughter is born in August. She is tiny (not a premie but the size of one), she starts preschool in Sept. should I wait off a year to start her in school so she would start when she is 6? This is all new to me.

  89. Brooke, many schools give placement tests to see if a child is ready for school. I held all my sons back a year and it was a good decision. My daughter went very young and in fact was the youngest in her graduating class. She did wonderfully and had many honours. Each child is different.

  90. SG said - She said "when things settle down." If she meant that they will dance when they are physically able to or when they are old enough for the schools to take them she should, or would, have said so.


    I think that Kate is referring to when DWTS is over, when the summer filming is over, when kate has a handle of her new routine, when dance lessons start, and when the kids are ready. Or she may have just said it hopeing one day that it would happen but really knowing it won't. People probably want to hear that she is putting the kids into ballroom dancing. I don't think she should be villianized for using a simplistic response for something that IMO Kate would be already over-thinking about before making the decision. I think we have seen her on the J&K show enough to think that she wouldn't get the kids into dance spontaneously and that she would over plan any action towards enrollment. : )

  91. I am glad that Jon is able to take the kids to a home of his own!..ROL. They will start to adjust better with separate homes, and I don't think its harmful for them to meet his friends. As long as there are no sleep overs when the kids are there.

    It's a start to mending his relationship with them. I hope so!

  92. I'm looking forward to DWTS tonight.

  93. I am looking forward to DWTS too. I really only watched it when Kate was on and then stopped after she lost. I realized that J&K's experience is allowing my to talk about parenting with my teenage son. We just started watching the show for its last season. We discuss how J&K treated each other while on the show and how they have moved on from the relationship. It is a great learning experience for him. My husband (didn't watch the show) likes to chime in about the two of them too and we have some great discussions. My son even watches DWTS when Kate is on.

  94. WOW, I was just trying to catch up on all the conversations here when there was a knock on the door.
    Baby Mama, I just got my Peace, Love, World T-Shirt. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! Even the black box it came in is great. It is going to make a nice Birthday present for a two year old. I will save it for her party, so then the whole family can see the box. LOL! Nuts aren't I?

    Linda those sausage balls sound delicious. I bet you are just as tired as I am! Preparing stuff all week for the Baby Shower zonked me out, but it turned out great. Today, I thought it was going to be a day of rest, but my son just invited me out. So will be on the road again.

    I will record DWTS, because I can't miss that. It's good that I have a cell phone, so I can still vote.

    Have a great day everyone! Its going to be 80 and sunny here, so they say! cu

  95. Yay! So happy to hear you got your shirt today. I'm going to talk to my friend Michelle about hopefully another little contest soon. Wasn't the box gorgeous? ;)

    Tonight is the big Dancing With The Stars Finale! Kate flies! Evan flies a little too! lol. I am so excited!!! Kate has been doing great with the interviewing, but shes gotta dance now! I'm sad to say I beleve it may be Nicole for the win. But a professional dancer and Olympians seem to be the only ones winning these things!

    Fresh paper is soon upon us! I swear I am so busy this morning plus my husband is off to take care of person matters. And he is driving me crazy!! Men neede to stay at work and leave their wives alone! lol To blog on their sites! So I will have something fresh and "trop-a-rocka" up soon!

    (That was dedicated to my Brett who won Celebrity Apprentice last night!)

  96. Just got my "Chaos" is too cute!

    And I have to agree the box was a very nice!

    Thanks again, Baby Mama for having the contest!

  97. I was so happy last night that Bret won! He deserved it.

    Now if Erin or Evan win this week…my week will be complete. Can't wait til tonight. End of season dances are always my favorite.

  98. Does anyone know if anyone is uploading kate plus 8 or twist of kate im soo excited to see it but dont get it in england please upload it some 1

  99. I'm looking forward to DWTS tonight too, with or without Kate.

    Baby Mama, will you be putting up a new post for it, or just use this one?

  100. Brooke,

    OT, but to answer your question...

    I think it's just a personal choice. There's no need to hold a child back just because they will be physically smaller than the other children, especially a girl, in my opinion. I don't know, maybe if I had a boy I wouldn't want him being the tiny one in the class, I don't think size matters for a girl. Besides my younger one is a little toughy, no one would mess with her. But aside from that...

    Especially for preschool I don't think it would matter. I think your daughter would learn a lot. If she's not ready to advance she can just do another year in PreK. It's only PreK.

    I have the same problem with my little one for kindergarten. She will be 5 in Sept and I'm not sure she's totally ready for kindergarten. She is tiny and can barely write her letters and isn't the greatest at drawing. I have to work with her on it every day.

    It's AMAZING what a year can do. My older daughter turned 6 just as school started and she was ahead of the others (knew her entire alphabet -spoken and written and could draw really well) so much so that the teacher used her work as an example of a more advanced student. (I think my little one will be an example of a "younger" student. lol)

    I decided I'm sending my little one in this year and if she has to repeat kindergarten I don't mind (I hope she doesn't!). If she does repeat, then she will be ahead of the others next year. I hope... ;)

  101. Ooops. Never mind Baby Mama, just read fresh paper is on the way...

  102. Brooke
    I'd say Denise and Schmecky gave good advise. I'd have the school evaluate readiness. I'd start the children in prek but also not hesitate to say, "Because if the young age, this may be a trial run or step-up." That way orher parents know that you're testing the waters, taking advantage if the opportunity, and at the same time making sure no stigma is attached should you decide to do two years if prek.
    Then decision time comes. Mine excelled at prek but I still wish I'd had them do a second year. I feel it's just as hard on girls as boys to be the smallest and youngest in the class JMO

  103. Fresh Paper is here! Like a crisp Spring day, the light scent of Lavenber & Vanilla should be tickeling your senses as we speak... ;)