Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PART 2: How Legit Are These Sources? My NEW Top 5 BS Kate Gosselin Stories

Hello Gosselin fans! Sorry I have been so all over the place with my posts. I'm still collecting some last minute entries for the Gosselin-themed Holiday Recipes. Please send me some more so I can do my post next week in honor of Christmas!..But now the lies being spread are once again so out of control I must address them.. Some are just so crazy and bizarre that you know in no way it could ever be true. Do people STILL feel that since it's everywhere it's true? How can you prove it's not some hater trying to see how it easy it is to post a complete lie calling in information that's not true? The more people hop on blogs to create the "lynch mom" mentality (written correctly) against Kate, the more these stories will continue to come up. After Kate's date in the woods on Sarah Palin's Alaska, the haters posting under 20 different names 300 times on a post are now at an all time high. If those people are just fabrication, what about the stories on these rag mags? Lets recap the NEW Top 5 of complete BS Kate Gosselin stories that I find crazy people will believe. 10 will represent the highest level of BS or total lie while 1 will represent IMO what I feel is a real legit story...

1.Source: Kate's Big Lie: Kids WERE Expelled  RadarOnline  Ugh here we go again..Lets face facts. The school would NEVER release info. on students. And once again, were reading an article that is trying to paint Jon & Ellen in a good light. Would he sacrifice the safety of his own kids to hurt his wife AGAIN in the media, or will we find out that Ellen is secretly his new PR agent?  Radar has been known in the past to be completely wrong on rumors. Remember the BS of Kate buying a condo?? BS LEVEL: 5

2.Source: Kate Gosselin's kids are BEGGING to move out: Life & Style OMG This is definitely the week of suspicious stories. Ellen Ross I'm talking directly to you. We all know how Jon's ex's love to get paid by this mag (Stephanie Santoro exclusive) so I'm thinking perhaps someone got the idea to leak a little more to up Jon's good daddy level before any upcoming child support hearings. I mean, WHO would actually know this?  "When he and his girlfriend Ellen Ross recently took care of the children, says Life & Style, “They looked like a really happy family.” BARF! BS LEVEL: 9.5

3. Kate Gosselin Spends $2,000 On Her Hair: Now we do not know whether this was a comped haircut or she paid for it. But yes, celebrity hairstylists charge a fortune for a haircut. And even more if the best of the best personally cuts & styles it for you. But why not? She can do and spend whatever she wants. But how does someone know that she had the color done as well? I'm thinking this was linked from someone from the salon has a case of the jealousies. BS LEVEL: 2

4. One Rough Camping Trip Later, Kate now Has Political Aspirations!: Ohh Rob Shuter, we have had many a discussion that your over-inflated ego does not equate real celebrity gossip. Or at least real LEGIT celebrity gossip. This one screams fake Kate hate just to get the blogs in a huff. Kate's telling friend's she wants to run for office. Didn't you just say last week that Kate has no friends? Try perhaps that her real friends would never tell you crap like this..BS LEVEL: 9

5. Jon Gosselin Step-Dad: I don't even know how to get in touch with him! Sometimes you need to try to go directly to the source to and hear it from Jon Gosselin's mouth. That may or may not legitify the story though. Jon declared on his Twitter several times that this story was completely made up by Radar. Radar claims they got the exclusive from Jon's Step-father himself! Funny was the FIRST time Radar had openly admitted the source of their stories. Who to believe? Seriously who makes up this crap?  BS LEVEL: 5