Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No More Anonymity Haters! Kate Gosselin Twitter Haters Real Names Released, One A 62 Year Old Senior Citizen!

No More Anonymity! Kate Gosselin Twitter Haters Real Names Released, Employers Contacted By Anti-Bullying Group

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RadarOnline.com: Several people who have “crossed the line” in expressing their hatred of Kate Gosselin on Twitter have had their real names publicly released today and their employers will be contacted, says the man in charge of the anti-bullying group BullyVille. “We are releasing names today of the worst of the worst(offenders),” James McGibney told RadarOnline.com in an interview Monday. McGibney heads www.bullyville.com and also delivered his message on Twitter, via @BullyVille. He released names, addresses and more onto a popular repository website, complete with a nearly step-by-step narrative of how he turned an email address into a real address and more through cyber sleuthing.True to his word, shortly after speaking with Radar, McGibney began releasing what he says are the identities of some of the most vicious Kate haters – people he says who have crossed the line into bullying the mom of eight.

And he has some powerful support. The group Anonymous tweeted supported for Bullyville a few days ago, writing: “We openly support any operation that
 @bullyville launches. Any attack on them is a direct attack on us. #expectus“We are also contacting all their employers with their tweets,” McGibney said, explaining that he is only trying to stop the worst offenders who he believes have crossed the line in bullying Kate. But members of the anti-Kate faction are not going away quietly and that has created a raucous, vitriolic environment that continued to grow worse on Monday.“Talk to other non-fans; there are criminal investigations and likely upcoming lawsuits,” one anti-Kate Twitter user messaged Radar’s managing editor without giving any specifics.

“We go after notorious bullies,” he told Radar. “They are absolutely vicious to Kate. One person sent over 72,000 tweets to Kate and they are all absolutely vicious.”
McGibney, who told Radar he is a former Marine, says he is not doing this to protect a celebrity but that he is dedicated to stopping the worst forms of bullying anywhere he can.People who have gone too far, McGibney says, are the ones who call Kate a child abuser, curse her and attack anyone who supports her. “It’s going to get messy,” he says of his new initiative to expose the identities of Kate haters. “Sometimes you have to be a bully to get a bully,” he says, acknowledging that’s a controversial stance, but adding it is necessary and his group is dedicated to stopping bullying outside of the celebrity realm. “Kids are driven to suicide by bullies and we go after those bullies every day,” he said.

Releasing today (regarding Kate) are the worst of the worst. The vicious. The ones who tell her she’s a child abuser, a (censored), that she should go kill herself. We are also contacting all their employers with their tweets. It’s 100% factual.” McGibney has tangled with some of the Web’s biggest bullies before, going after revenge porn web sites and the notorious Hunter Moore. And he has had much success. But many members of the anti-Kate faction are not giving up. “First let me say that nobody should ever be bullied, for any reason and I support anyone who stands up for and protects people who can’t protect themselves.Robert Hoffman, the author of an anti-Kate e-book, is a pal of Jon Gosselin and previously told RadarOnline.com that he reported Kate to Child Protective Services (which took no action against her.)  “We are getting ready to release a bombshell about the true intentions of Kate’s bullies,” McGibney told Radar, promising more details this week“Remember her quote to her ex-husband during one of their shows. “Stand with me or stand against me!!!!!!” There are no shades of gray with Kate Gosselin.“April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.” But for Hoffman and other Kate detractors, Bullyville promises that the war has just begun.

Kate ‘Stalker’ Identified: She’s A Senior Citizen! War Rages Between Pro And Anti-Kate Groups

RadarOnline.com: A war between pro- and anti-Kate camps has been raging on Twitter, but now it’s gone nuclear as the group @Bullyville named what they claim is Kate’s stalker.And that stalker, they claim, is a senior citizen — a 62-year-old woman! (Radar is not naming that person or giving out her Twitter account.)

Bullyville posted a screen grab on Monday of a tweet apparently sent to Kate containing what appears to be a chilling threat plus profane, abusive language. Those tweets took the battle over Kate to a new, even more fierce level, with her detractors – and some apparent onlookers – turning up the heat on the conversation. One anti-Kate person remarked about the newly named Kate basher, “Maybe the old lady should actually be KILLED…what do you think?” (The tweet was later deleted.) One of Kate supporters begged everyone on Twitter to leave her alone and said: “kate is scared and would like you to stop harassing her. how about you do that? walk away?” But that logic did not resonate and drew this response from one of the many people suddenly in the battle: “Tell Kate to call the police & complain that she sent ppl to kill me but I’m refusing to die.”The person named as Kate’s ‘stalker’ allegedly sent 74,000 anti-Kate tweets.On Sunday, Bullyville announced that it was taking action against the Kate haters who it believed had crossed the line, with this tweet: “We’re launching #opkatehate effective tomorrow. These bullies have collectively pissed off the hive, it’s too late to #expectus.” The site followed with “we now know where all of @kateplusmy8 bullies work. Employers sure don’t seem to like negative media attention.”

As the war rages, Kate has remained silent about it Monday, but she’s practically the only one. The anti-Kate camp is furious about Bullyville’s actions, and Bullyville is committed to exposing people who hide behind anonymity to cross the line into bullying, from their point of view. Who’s right? Tell us what you think!