Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin Slams Tabloids Over Jon Gosselin Rumor, US Weekly Lies About FaceLift

Good morning Gosselin fans! It's time to get the lawyers out, and sue the #@$& out of US Weekly. This week they pull a rabbit out of their behinds and print that Kate Gosselin had plastic surgery in 2009. SHE DID NOT AND THEY HAVE NO PROOF! and she also had botox. I'm pissed for her.. Has Kate Gosselin gone under the knife -- again? When the former reality star recently reported for her first day as a blogger, she revealed a new face to go with her new gig. And it's not the first time the formerly full-figured brunette has freshened up. "She's consumed with her appearance," a source says of Gosselin, 36, whose TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 was canceled in August. (says who? the source is the person that wrote this stupid sham of an article. Anyone can make that crap up!)

To keep her youthful appearance, the single mom of eight -- who got a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009 -- relies on thrice-weekly tanning sessions. Last June, she even gave herself Botox injections! (The result: unnaturally arched eyebrows.) (It was a quick photo and even I can arch my eyebrows like that when I'm mad. Get real!)

New York City plastic surgeon Jon Turk tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on sale Wednesday) that based on recent photos, it looks like Gosselin's gone more extreme this time: A defined jawline and changed eye shape "suggest a facelift." It's not surprising, the source tells Us: "Kate wants to look 10 years younger." (Every mom wants to look younger dumba@@. It must be a slow news week for you!) XO BM Kate Gosselin is blasting tabloids for reporting that Jon Gosselin was forced to take care of their eight children to save money so she could go on an Australian vacation with her bodyguard last week.
“To set the record straight, Jon did NOT keep the kids during my recent trip and especially not so I could save money,” she tweeted. “Sick of all the fables and fairy tales. Don’t believe what you read! Sick [of] how tabloids prey on people, especially moms trying to support their kids! Move on people.”
But then after saying Jon did not keep the kids during her trip, Kate makes this concession:
“My babysitter had the [kids] except for 24 hours, and we all wish he would take them more than his chosen custody! Would be great for all!”
RumorFix accurately reported last week that Kate was going down under for business, not vacation. We were also first to report Jon kept the kids during part of Kate’s trip.