Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin Slams Tabloids Over Jon Gosselin Rumor, US Weekly Lies About FaceLift

Good morning Gosselin fans! It's time to get the lawyers out, and sue the #@$& out of US Weekly. This week they pull a rabbit out of their behinds and print that Kate Gosselin had plastic surgery in 2009. SHE DID NOT AND THEY HAVE NO PROOF! and she also had botox. I'm pissed for her.. Has Kate Gosselin gone under the knife -- again? When the former reality star recently reported for her first day as a blogger, she revealed a new face to go with her new gig. And it's not the first time the formerly full-figured brunette has freshened up. "She's consumed with her appearance," a source says of Gosselin, 36, whose TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 was canceled in August. (says who? the source is the person that wrote this stupid sham of an article. Anyone can make that crap up!)

To keep her youthful appearance, the single mom of eight -- who got a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009 -- relies on thrice-weekly tanning sessions. Last June, she even gave herself Botox injections! (The result: unnaturally arched eyebrows.) (It was a quick photo and even I can arch my eyebrows like that when I'm mad. Get real!)

New York City plastic surgeon Jon Turk tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on sale Wednesday) that based on recent photos, it looks like Gosselin's gone more extreme this time: A defined jawline and changed eye shape "suggest a facelift." It's not surprising, the source tells Us: "Kate wants to look 10 years younger." (Every mom wants to look younger dumba@@. It must be a slow news week for you!) XO BM Kate Gosselin is blasting tabloids for reporting that Jon Gosselin was forced to take care of their eight children to save money so she could go on an Australian vacation with her bodyguard last week.
“To set the record straight, Jon did NOT keep the kids during my recent trip and especially not so I could save money,” she tweeted. “Sick of all the fables and fairy tales. Don’t believe what you read! Sick [of] how tabloids prey on people, especially moms trying to support their kids! Move on people.”
But then after saying Jon did not keep the kids during her trip, Kate makes this concession:
“My babysitter had the [kids] except for 24 hours, and we all wish he would take them more than his chosen custody! Would be great for all!”
RumorFix accurately reported last week that Kate was going down under for business, not vacation. We were also first to report Jon kept the kids during part of Kate’s trip.


  1. The big change I notice in Kate's appearance is that she looks happier and more at peace. No knife I've ever heard of can bring you that.

  2. I see US is still trotting out that photo from just after she gave birth to the 6 as being her customary, pre-fame appearance. That couldn't be further from the truth. Remember how relieved Jon was when she got back from her tummy tuck with her hair blonde again & he said he had his wife back?

  3. I always laugh when I see that first pic, when it gets compared to her now pics. Wasn't that taken at the press conference like the NEXT day after the tups were born? GMAB. As far as her teeth go, whitening your teeth or even haven veneers put in is not plastic surgery and a very common thing to do, especially as you get older and if you're a coffee or soda drinker. GMABx2, lol. And the arched brows picture...even if she did try botox, that still isn't plastic surgery! GMABx3! As far as that last pic (from the coupon cabin day), it looks kinda like the camera used a panoramic lense or something. If you look at the other pics taken that day (of the group, of the one putting her pic on the wall), they're a bit distorted too.

  4. LOL, I love how rumorfix boasts that they were the first to report that Kate went for business not a vacation and Jon did in fact "keep" the kids during part of the trip; even if it is only for 24 hours.

    If you shoot a sky full of ducks with a shot gun, you are bound to get one or two, but you miss the entire pack. I see their standards for journalism are - well if we don't get the whole story right, at least we got the colour of the car that ran over all those people correct.

    LOL, they need to revisit their standards bar.

  5. Baby Mama, you just cracked me up with your comments in red.

    The stupidest thng about the US article is that it's recycled. Dummies, WHEN exactly is Kate supposed to have had this surgery??? They follow her 24/7 and she's seen daily either shopping or school pickups, etc. Dang, if Kate could get plastic surgery without any of the 3 weeks of bruising, I Want THAT surgeon!!! And, so does the rest of the world!

    I think a facelift would erase the natural "commas" around her mouth. Same with Botox. Those same commas show up in Kate's wedding photos.

    Seems like more of "Hey, I could look good without diet, healthy eating, or exercise IF only I could have plastic surgery so it isn't fair!!!" Guess it's just easier to sit at computer and take potshots than actually get out and exercise or eat healthy!

    So, if she did have bruise-free surgery, somebody Please let us know name of surgeon.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I agree with those who say that her day after giving birth picture is not a good representation. I am sure that the rest of us wouldn't be too excited about someone splashing our picture all over magazines in the hospital the day after giving birth to even one baby much less six, much less a major life threatening surgery, much less after being in said hospital for several months on bed rest and medications. I think she looked beautiful in her first special. Her tastes and style has changed as long with her desire to get into shape and take care of herself.

  7. LOL LindaO on your comments about Kate goin the plastic surgery route! Like, yeah...duh? No way she is gettin something like that done w/out anyone knowin about it!

    She can't go in hiding there in her lil community...minute she set foot out the door...local pap is clickin away!

    I personally think the pics from Coupon Cabin look a lil different 4 two reasons...I do think the makeup is different from how we normally see her eyes...but also...I believe the camera may have had a wide angle lens...for those groups shots! Notice in pic of her holdin 5 fingers up how that hand appears distorted and larger.

    Wide angle lens lookin down at Kate and at slight angle may have created look of eyes farther apart and slanted differently. When you look at pics in Australia...just a few days later...LOL...we see Kate as we more are used to.

    So what is it...face job for Coupon Cabin...then a change of face for Steve Irwin Day? LOL I don't think so!

    If I can get Kate's attention on twitter ...will ask her again. She seems to enjoy settin the record straight as would any woman!

  8. It's getting hilariously funny. So now the LA doc says no facelift but she had fat injections, which you use to erase lines around mouth ... Except that Kate's lines around her mouth -- the commas -- were there in her 20s in her wedding photos and still there today.

    FiredUp - doesn't matter, the AKOs will just say it was airbrushing or photoshopping.

    Who cares -- she looks fabulous!!!!!

  9. Oops -- forgot to say --- watch the opening number in Macy's Thanksgiving parade!!! I'll tell you why next week!!

  10. Linda O- can we watch it on youtube? I don't know if I will get it otherwise.

  11. fascinated - I'm sure it will be in the next few days.

  12. Ohh ohh I watched the opening number this morning! The kids & I did not get to see the parade live this year as we have a special new arrival to my husbands family were visiting in the hospital. But we got to personally see the balloons last night & got to see Hello Kitty being inflated! Sadly she looked a little de-flated But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    I'm so thankful to have met the best ladies now in my upcoming 4th year of running this site. I'm blessed to have gotten to know some of the most amazing TRUE DIVAS I will ever hope to encounter in reality. Looking at new life before me and realizing how incredibly blessed I am, I'm so thankful to be able to share just a little bit of positivity on a daily basis.

    I hope you all please leave a comment today stating what your most thankful for. I will start by saying my wonderful family, my health, and all of you! Xoxo

  13. I am thankful for my family and friends, my Iphone that I probably would never have if it wasn't from some of you all, the fact that I have health coverage, a roof over my head, and good food to eat. I am also thankful that I do not live my life under the microscope or watchful eye of the paparazzi. I admire those who do so we can enjoy their shows, but I never could and I am thankful that I don't have to. I am also thankful for this blog so I can come chat with some of my friends. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  14. Since I don't subscribe to the Krieder theory that celebrating holidays on alternate dates causes irreperable harm to children, I have to applaud Kate. She is one of the divorced parents that doesn't get hooked in on specific dates. She can let Jon spend Thanksgiving day with the kids and hopefully at least some of his extended family and have a perfectly happy celebration the next day. Too many parents get locked into the idea that they have to have the kid on that exact day and all it does is create conflict. An example of that was on one of the teen mom shows where both were bent out of shape about Halloween. Sadly the two year old could have cared less if he got dressed up to go to Grandma's in his costume on November 1st or Oct 31, but he was upset about his parents fighting in front of him.

  15. Well said Tashapork! Holidays are way over-rated and usually adults make more hoopla over it than the kids do. So much commercialism involved...especially many kids could care less about Halloween! Costume parties and candy gifts can be done anytime of year!

    One person on twitter has gone on and on about tups not doin Trick or Treat like its a life and death issue! I doubt the kids gave it much more than a moments thought because Kate planned something special there in the house for them...a seek & find candy hunt in the basement!

    Kate knows her kids best! She will always look after all their needs...physical, emotional and spiritual! These kids have such a loving mommy overseein them and they are so fortunate to have Kate as their mother!

  16. This is off topic but I wondered if you know the answer to this question. Why is Kate going all the way to Vegas to run a marathon? Kate said on her blog that she going to Las Vegas for a marathon. It doesn't make sense to go so far from home and her children when there are local events she could participate in. Just wondering.

  17. Ok so thats a good question #8. I will just say that if given the opportunity from a friend to do swomething cool and amazing like that then why the heck not? Is it because its Kate? Because I'm feeling like if it was anyone else people would be congratulating her for such a fun amazing event. I hope she continues to do great things like this one.

    You know, people are away from their kids for work all the time. This does not make them a bad parent. This is my opinion...

  18. I forgot to say good evening to everyone! Ive been all obsessed in all things Black Friday and therefore spending major amounts of time freezing my buns off for an hour in line at Toys "R" Us and Best Buy along with all the other crazy mommies. I have along going on in December so I'm really trying to get all my stuff done early. Has anyone started yet?

    How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Kate was following my lead on the shopping as per Radar:

    "Kate Gosselin doesn't have the reality TV income she used to but that doesn't mean she's not going to indulge in some major holiday shopping. The former Kate Plus 8 star took her 11-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, out Saturday and then tweeted about it.

    "Such a fun day!Out w my big girls, shopping!Littles r having fun@ friends house,so'big girls (+mom) it is!So good 2spend qual X w my tweens!," Kate wrote.

    As has been reporting, Kate is now a contributing blogger for an online coupon service."

  19. Good Afternoon!!

    Thanks, BabyMama, for the rol link--the girls are getting so tall.

    Been a bit crazy around here--but we had a great Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else has no matter what day you celebrate it.

  20. We went to Best Buy, hoping for a tv, but ours was soo packed that there was no way we ever would have gotten it so we turned around and went back home. I do have some of my other gifts already bought, others are getting money or gift cards, and we are going to Ikea for some gifts next week. We shop for a lot of teenagers and since I don't understand their tastes they typically get and like money and maybe a candy bar.

  21. And I forgot to add that at this time of year, I think I'd be much happier doing an outdoor running event in Vegas as opposed to Pennsylvania for weather reasons. Knowing Kate, she'll probably only be away for a day or two

  22. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

    BM - sorta miss and sorta don't miss those days of trying to find the most desired toys. Which of course is always the latest & greatest & hardest to find.

    My daughter was into the American Girl dolls & their accessories, so that was usually pretty easy as for years they could only be ordered via phone or mail and then online. But son always wanted the latest gaming system. Which of course, was always hard to find.

    Funniest Christmas - my mom & sister got their Christmas lists confused and both ended up shopping from the same list. When time came to help Santa out by putting items under tree for Christmas morning, had double of everything America Girl for my daughter. Trying to sneak around in middle of night whispering how do we fix this without waking daughter.

  23. Sayin hello to everyone...Kate has some great new posts up at her blog...very inspirational one regardin her marathon coming up and the lessons she wants her kids to learn!

    Always such a great mom she is...teaching by her own example how important goals and hard work are in achieving success!

    And suppose you all have seen the drama from revelation that Becky aka Bloggin Lawyer (big hater w/blog criticizing Kate) is owner of site that sells views of child births...even a graphic, porn twist type view! $19.95 per view! Disgusting!

  24. I agree with Baby Mama, if #8's question were really about why marathoners go to other cities to run, they would have asked the question on a marathon blogging site. The fact that they asked it here, suggests that they are just critizing Kate once again for being Kate.

  25. Hi all!! I know I don't get in to post often, but I do come and read. Just want to wish you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving. We had an extremely busy week & weekend here......not only had Thanksgiving, plus family in from afar, a wedding on Saturday and family in for that......some from out of country. Barely had time to breathe, let alone make the rounds on the internet. FYI...Thanksgiving was great, but ate too much. No Black Friday shopping for me...I went out on Tuesday and did very well, can keep Black Friday!! Wedding was lovely.......very small, but very personalized....just perfect!!
    Am I glad it's all over??? betcha!!!....I'm getting too old for all that....'specially all at once!!

  26. As for the facelift thing........they've said it before, they're going to say it's all a bunch of hooey!! Jealousy raising it's ugly head once again. She wears her makeup and/or hair differently so they decide she's had a facelift. I really think they need to get a life.

    I gotta agree about the marathon......who'd want to run in PA if you got a chance to run in Vegas???....'specially this time of year. Kate ain't dumb. Every Mom has the right to do things for themselves now and then. I've always thought it was just as good for kids to learn to be without Mom around occasionally. Teaches self-reliance.

  27. Welcome back Vicky!

    Hmmmmm.... Vegas Marathon has Rock n Roll events for participants, and course is pretty much flat, and it's warm. PA marathons tend to be in early aping, hilly, and it's still cool. No offense to our PA folks, but .... I'd rather be on Vegas. :)

  28. Hey! Great post baby mama

    Glad kate has a job now :) jon does need to see the kids more doesn't he only have the kids once every 2 weeks or a mouth can't remember exact! i heard kate was doing a marathon in las vegas woo go kate :D is there any new photos of the family or new clips that i can watch does anyone know ?
    thanks :)

  29. Hey guys! So sorry I was MIA again.. Im super busy doing some pretty cool things both behind the camera and possibly some gigs in front of the camera for the new year. Kate better be seriously looking into pilot season, I really hope that she does something great back on TV!

    Linda, I miss talking to you and I hope you are feeling better. You are the true strong DIVA and I hope you feel my hugs and support!

    I feeling this post getting stale, so new post up soon!

  30. Whoo hoo! Ok yeah, we were in some dire need of some December 1st-get ready-the Holidays are coming- fresh paper! Scent of the day is candy canes and warm apple cobbler. Yum! xo