Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kate Runs in Vegas Marathon, Housewives Star Has Kate Gosselin Crush! Not Filming With Jon Again

PEOPLE.COM: She's used to chasing after her children (and at times being chased by paparazzi) but Kate Gosselin had a different reason to be running down the famous Las Vegas Strip on Sunday. The mother of eight, who bundled up on an unusually chilly night with a top that said "Finishing Is Winning," completed the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon – her first marathon – in 4 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.

"I'm not one to do anything lightly," Gosselin, 36, told PEOPLE before running the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon. "I either do it or I kill it. I guess this is considered killing it." Gosselin, who's been a runner for three years, trained for the marathon on the roads near her Wernersville, Pa., home, often in below-freezing temperatures. And by finishing 26.2 miles, Gosselin hopes to set an example for her children.

"I'm running this because I want to show that with dedication and determination anything is possible," she said. "I want them to remember this moment when their mom completed a marathon, knowing that nothing in life should stop them from attaining their goals." The lesson does come at a cost, however: "This will probably be one of the most painful messages I will ever impart to them," she said. via Yahoo: Could a new reality TV couple be in the works?
According to Access Hollywood Live's Kit Hoover, the recently-single Tareq Salahi, formerly of Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C.," has a crush on Kate Gosselin. "Tareq Salahi e-mailed me personally," Kit revealed on Thursday's show. "He wants to be set up with Kate Gosselin." Kit explained that Tareq is interested in the former TLC "Kate Plus 8" star, who appeared on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday. "He said, 'Is she really single?'" Kit recounted. In his e-mail, Tareq wrote, "Set us up if she is." And Kit had a promise for Tareq, who is currently embroiled in a divorce with estranged wife Michaele, who left him in a very public way for Journey's Neal Schon. "Tareq, I'm totally on it," Kit said of trying to set him up with Kate. Do you think Tareq and Kate would make a good couple?

Kate Gosselin On Access Hollywood: Will Not Film With Jon, & No Face Lifts!


  1. hey hey hey long time, lol i still pop in and read!

    i hope kate stays FAR FAR away from that guy!!! he is bad news! i highly doubt she'd ever go out with him!

  2. Nooooooooooooo Kate, don't do it! lol He just seems like such a leach. And mentally unstable!

  3. LOL on Salahi fellow askin was Kate single? What planet has he been breathin on? And does Mr. Salami (yep I spelled it that way!) realize that 8 lil Gosselins come along w/the deal!

    No worries...Kate ain't gonna bite on that bait! Glad she addressed the idiotic face lift rumor as totally ridiculous & was cute to see how Billy & Kit teased her about it too!

    No misunderstanding Kate's position on ever filmin w/Jon again! You could actually see Kate's blood boil when asked that question! Whew! And then when she made comment about her morals and standards being different than his...tells me there is a lot goin on behind the scenes there that makes Kate very uncomfortable in the way Jon is living.

    Who knows what stories the kids bring back to Kate everytime they spend a few days w/Jon? I do worry about him not setting a good example for his children because of his immoral relationship.

    No doubt there are a lot of issues Kate has to discuss w/her kids at a very early stage in life. But I know she wants to set the bar high for them in morals and standards as every parent should!

    So excited about her running this marathon! What an accomplishment this will be for her...having trained on her own...despite all her responsibilities! She makes me proud as a woman and mother!

    Wavin hello to everyone here! Where in the world have my Brazilian girls been? You two better at least stop in and say "Hi"!

  4. Ha ha I loved doing this post because it was about 2 shows I honestly love! But he's kinda slimy.. andd if his witfe left him for some over-the-hill Journey dude, then you must be pretty bad.

    If you watched the show you know that he's very controlling around meek women. Kate would would never tolerate his crap.. and this is why I have a fan site for her :)

  5. And Sarah I forgot to say hi! where have you been? DONT BE A STRANGER! and hi to all my divas!

  6. Hey thanks, BabyMama for posting that link....I've been wanting to see the interview. Missed it live and haven't had time to search for it....somehow I knew I could count on you.

    Kate looked great, as usual!!! Ewww.....Ya, you could just see the fire in her eyes as even the thought of filming with 'him' again!! it!!!...and loved, loved, loved her reply! As always, her main thought is for the kids....that's Kate for you.

  7. Ewww - Salahi is even more slimy than Jon. That one ain't ever gonna happen.

    BM - Is good to hear life is treating you well.
    Linda - Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Seriously Tareq?? I can't imagine Kate doing a reality dating show with a real housewife ex. Oh, that is too funny.

    Re: the marathon, Kate must be so excited. Every runner I know has trained hard to run in a different city. It is the highest reward. I am so excited for her.

  9. I am glad that Kate is enjoying better weather than we are here. Brr its cold. Cold makes me lazy and achy and I am getting irriated because the house is half Christmas decorated with boxes and crap all over. I hate messes, but sometimes the body doesn't cooperate.

  10. I can't imagine Kate letting anyone w/ Salahi's track record for lying anywhere near her, much less the kids. I saw Carrie Fisher's one-woman show on TV. I loved it when she quoted her mother after her mother's second & third husbands, both of whom appeared to be very stable, actually ripped Debbie off of all her money (#3 took what Debbie rebuilt after #2)to the effect of "Darling, who'd ever have thought that Eddie Fisher would turn out to be the GOOD husband by comparison?"

    What I want for Kate is for her to find a man to love and marry who is stable and secure & ever not feel she has to marry just for security. I am sure, from everything she's said, that she wants to go to Michelle Duggar submissiveness but she clearly wants a man who will be an equal, strong partner with her.

    On the other hand, it says something about Kate's celebrity status that Salahi is interested in her. He wouldn't be interested in a nobody.

    Of course, the haters accuse Kate of throwing Jon under the bus. Given all that he's said about her, I can't imagine why anyone would think she would trust him enough to work with him again. I would think that trying to maintain a sufficiently civil relationship to manage matters re: the kids is hard enough without giving him the opportunity to grandstand, not to mention how Ellen would be dealt with.

  11. That was a wonderful interview with Billy Bush. The interaction between Kate and Billie is so relaxed and friendly.

  12. Enjoyed the video...thanks for sharing!

  13. Kate has finished her first marathon in under 5 hrs! I'm so proud of her & I know her kids are very proud of their mommy for completing what she set out to do! Way to go, Kate!

  14. Hello FreeIrit! I decided to update this post to reflect the great job Kate did in completing her Marathon.

    I wanted to also say that the haters are getting me extra pissed today. Since there is nothing nasty they could think of when writing their usual garbage, they went after the fact that she was away from her kids.. Really? Seriously this confirmed to e that these women have not raised kids. It's such incredibly hatd work how dare they attack someone for taking a breather and doing something for themselves!

    Having kids that age myself I want to jump through their computers. I'm entitled to be away from the children I've raised and not be made to be a monster for doing so. She did an amazing job and most of them would never be able to top that. I wish people would actually be happy for someone who accomplished Whst she did & stop concerning themselves with the fact it was Kate Gosselin. The woman who is NOT allowed to be away from her kids! Lol

  15. If she took her kids, they'd cry that she was making them miss school or having them in an inappropriate place, if she stayed home with them they'd say she couldn't hack it, if she left them with Jon, they'd say he was a better dad than she was a mom and she was too poor to have a sitter. If she leaves them in the care of a competent sitter, she's an absentee mom. I've come to the conclusion that it's not the actual thing Kate does, but the art of framing it negatively that drives them. Again Kate should patent a game and get royalties from it. LOL

  16. Guess you all know I've been bouncin off the walls w/excitement for Kate and her finishing this marathon....a first timer under 5hrs is incredibly good!

    Haters have all kinds of ridiculous, stupid, insane theories that she cheated...switched chips w/another runner...hid in a porta pottie 4 2hrs...LOL on that one...can these people just not ADMIT that Kate truly surprised them and did what they thought was impossible for her!!

    I bet those Gosselin kids are so proud of their Mommy...can you not just hear them w/glee talkin about her to their school mates! What can they brag about Jon doin? We are happy if he just keeps a job!

    So what will Kate conquer next? This woman just continues to amaze me!

  17. I know I know it's been wayyyy too long, but I always stop by and read to stay updated.

    I just wanted to pop in and shout out how proud I am of Kate for not only completing her first marathon but in under 5 hours. What an accomplishment!! Talk about inspiring and motivating to the rest of us who have far less kids than 8, to take some time for ourself once in a while. Wayy to go Kate!!

  18. @tashapork I agree about the game!
    I actually feel sorry for anyone who feels they must live in a negative state 24/7. I've met a few in real life & they are real downers & I got away from them as fast as I could! I strive to live positively & I make a point of surrounding myself with other positive people/things! I am impressed by what the great minds & strong individuals have been able to accommplish in their lifetimes making our world a better place & I live to get up each day to see what great things have come about because of these awesome dedicated, strong individuals. 67 yrs ago, computers as we know them didn't exist nor did cell phones, ipads, electronic gadgets, etc...look where we are today because the dedicated & strong individuals didn't allow negativity to be a part of their life! So an extra shout out to Kate Gosselin for being a dedicated & strong individual!!!

  19. Hi & hugs to all!!! xoxo Thank you all so much for kind words. I'm reading the blog but haven't been up and able to post a comment.

    Despite comments on one blog that I died, I am alive! Maybe not well, but defin alive, lol.

    Please -- whomever keeps sending my email to -- I am not interested in doing a blog for them. If I wanted a blog I'd have done it long ago. So thnx but nothnx.

    Annually here I post my fav YouTube (has nothing to do with Gosselin -- just my fav blog of season)
    Done by small Eskimo Village in Alaska (can't spell name) for other villages but went viral. Over half million have watched it, lol.

    Go Kate! Proud of U for marathon! You Rock!!!

    XOXOXO to all!!!

  20. ** Meant to say ... fav YouTube of season, not fav blog of season.

  21. Whoo Linda! We deeply missed you! I for one have been so sick I was lucky I could crawl to the computer! Just wanted to say hi to my Divas I love & missed! KatherineDenise scared the pants off of me I was so excited to see her again ! Missed you girl!

    FiredUp & Tashapork are the greatest most incredibly supportive gals, Thank you for always keepin the convos going. Boy I'm excited to get some fresh stuff up now that I'm feeling better and back from our big Girl Scout trip w/my girls! Xoxo

  22. I love when Kate responds to the lies being written by the haterz..way to go FiredUp aka Milo ;)
    Kateplusmy8Kate Gosselin

    @SandieBellz a scooter? no cheating is tolerated.R They Jealous much? Can't accept I did it-- I'm still in shock, and pain!:)

    Kateplusmy8Kate Gosselin
    @MiloandJack oh my... To be so bored and angry that u have to come up with creative lies... Like I said, first 26.2 was for them... Lol

  23. Woo Hoo!!! Got to go out today. What a treat to go with family to a traveling Broadway production of Mamma Mia (I'm an old ABBA fan). The story line isn't great but I love the music.

    Now to power shop (online.) Well hopefully any way. Kids have been great saying, "just get well" and don't worry about shopping "give us an IOU and we'll get presents in January or whenever." Isn't that priceless!

    I can't believe those dumbnuts keep making up trash about Kate. How sad they have nothing better to do. Wish there were some sort of immunization to create the spirit of niceness in those folks! What a hoot that would be!

  24. So happy to hear that your out and about miss speaking to you. We've both been so incredibly busy! I'm sorry I couldn't get to a new post up, I'm having computer issues with my computer.

    Looks like Jon spent some time with his kids this weekend and actually tweeted about it. Kate also Tweeted a photo of her Christmas tree.
    Jon Gosselin
    Good morning! I'm so proud of my kids today! I watched them at their Winter Concert this AM. They did great. Have a great day and weekend!

  25. poor Kate's got sickie kids. There's some stomach virus going around. One of the school districts here had like 23% absentee rate. I hope she doesn't catch it.
    Linda, isn't the online shopping awesome. Gift cards are also great. You are in my prayers to feel good, along with several other awesome divas over here.
    I have probably a silly question. Do your kids help decorate the Christmas tree? I remember that being one of the big highlights of the season and the only thing we couldn't do was the lights until we were older. Breana liked helping if she was here, but might get bored if it went on too long, but now I know several moms who have to do it by themselves. Their kids don't even want to help. I am not talking about the situations where the mom is soo picky about how it looks that she won't let them. I think it is sad and I was just wondering if that is how it is now.

  26. Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long since we've had some fresh paper. Ive had some computer issues and I still cant figure out how to do a nice post on my iPad. So enjoy the scent of the day, which is yummy peperoni pizza. Why? Well it's dinner tonight with some yummy garlic bread from our fav. place. Finny finished decorating and I feel it will already be coming down soon. This month is going by too fast! xoxo