Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kate's 2 Hour Apple Trip, Why Kate Gosselin is Lonely, Ok Magazine Uses Kate's Face To Sell! Work it Out!

Kate Gosselin Drives an Hour to Grocery Shop. Here’s Why: Babble.com

We’ve seen Kate Gosselin shopping for groceries at the Whole Foods in Devon, PA, 44 miles from her house in Reading. HollywoodLife.com investigated, and estimates that the Whole Foods is an hour drive each way for the reality star. That’s two hours in the car, a whopping span of time given that there are numerous grocery stores much closer. The website wonders why she’s making the drive. I could hazard a few guesses — she’s partial to organic veggies and locally farmed meats, something not always easy to find at neighborhood stores (hey, Kate Gosselin: Whole Foods’ environmentally-caught, low-mercury fish sticks are divine. Give ‘em a try!). Or a cute checkout boy? She’s single, after all.

If I’m right, though, the real reason is so much simpler, and so obvious to my inner-mom: Time in the car, driving to and from errands, is sometimes the only quiet time a mom can find. There are no paparazzi in the backseat, the kids are at home with a babysitter, and since Kate’s shopping for groceries (for the kids!) she doesn’t have to feel guilty about not spending those hours with her eight tykes. Trust me, moms: haven’t you even driven the long way home, simply to delay re-encountering the mayhem that’s waiting for you when you get there?

Kate Gosselin Says She's Lonely: RadarOnline.com w/video
Reality television's most famous mom Kate Gosselin answered some hot topic questions as she loaded up the back of her minivan with goodies from Whole Foods in Reading, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. When asked about rumors that she's getting a dating show, Gosselin was coy, artfully dodging the question with her response: "It's furious... I really... everybody... they're just all talking about it and I haven't said anything." Gosselin, who showed off her toned and tanned figure in a navy blue skirt, then said (possibly with a hint of sarcasm): "I am lonely and I do need help... and I'm not mean like everyone says I am." The employee helping Kate agreed on the last part, calling her funny - a compliment which caused Kate to break into a huge smile.
Coming Someday: A New Man For Kate Gosselin! HollywoodGossip.com
A new man for Kate Gosselin ... may be pursued. Someday. There is no actual news here, despite what the splashy cover of the magazine tries to imply! Note how OK! shrewdly does not name said man, or state that Kate is even dating someone. Because she's not. Talk about misleading ... true, but misleading! It’s been a year since she split with Jon, though, so time to start up the Kate Gosselin dating rumors, even if she says she's still healing and doesn't have time. That doesn't sell magazines, though, so they give us vague reports about how the 35-year-old is "changing her controlling ways" and "ready for romance again." We'll believe the former when we see it. Only in theory, of course.

“Kate knows she can be a little controlling at times, and she’s working on that aspect of her character,” a source tells OK!. Right. Sure she is. Jon Gosselin is supposedly working on his wardrobe and penchant for lies and mediocre girls, too. Yesterday, we reported how a new Kate Gosselin dating show may be in the works. Even that we can't really see, despite the fact that she's a ratings goldmine. The magazine also says Kate's getting support from none other than Jon in her quest to move on. Another claim you could never refute with fact. Pure genius.