Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kate's 2 Hour Apple Trip, Why Kate Gosselin is Lonely, Ok Magazine Uses Kate's Face To Sell! Work it Out!

Kate Gosselin Drives an Hour to Grocery Shop. Here’s Why: Babble.com

We’ve seen Kate Gosselin shopping for groceries at the Whole Foods in Devon, PA, 44 miles from her house in Reading. HollywoodLife.com investigated, and estimates that the Whole Foods is an hour drive each way for the reality star. That’s two hours in the car, a whopping span of time given that there are numerous grocery stores much closer. The website wonders why she’s making the drive. I could hazard a few guesses — she’s partial to organic veggies and locally farmed meats, something not always easy to find at neighborhood stores (hey, Kate Gosselin: Whole Foods’ environmentally-caught, low-mercury fish sticks are divine. Give ‘em a try!). Or a cute checkout boy? She’s single, after all.

If I’m right, though, the real reason is so much simpler, and so obvious to my inner-mom: Time in the car, driving to and from errands, is sometimes the only quiet time a mom can find. There are no paparazzi in the backseat, the kids are at home with a babysitter, and since Kate’s shopping for groceries (for the kids!) she doesn’t have to feel guilty about not spending those hours with her eight tykes. Trust me, moms: haven’t you even driven the long way home, simply to delay re-encountering the mayhem that’s waiting for you when you get there?

Kate Gosselin Says She's Lonely: RadarOnline.com w/video
Reality television's most famous mom Kate Gosselin answered some hot topic questions as she loaded up the back of her minivan with goodies from Whole Foods in Reading, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. When asked about rumors that she's getting a dating show, Gosselin was coy, artfully dodging the question with her response: "It's furious... I really... everybody... they're just all talking about it and I haven't said anything." Gosselin, who showed off her toned and tanned figure in a navy blue skirt, then said (possibly with a hint of sarcasm): "I am lonely and I do need help... and I'm not mean like everyone says I am." The employee helping Kate agreed on the last part, calling her funny - a compliment which caused Kate to break into a huge smile.
Coming Someday: A New Man For Kate Gosselin! HollywoodGossip.com
A new man for Kate Gosselin ... may be pursued. Someday. There is no actual news here, despite what the splashy cover of the magazine tries to imply! Note how OK! shrewdly does not name said man, or state that Kate is even dating someone. Because she's not. Talk about misleading ... true, but misleading! It’s been a year since she split with Jon, though, so time to start up the Kate Gosselin dating rumors, even if she says she's still healing and doesn't have time. That doesn't sell magazines, though, so they give us vague reports about how the 35-year-old is "changing her controlling ways" and "ready for romance again." We'll believe the former when we see it. Only in theory, of course.

“Kate knows she can be a little controlling at times, and she’s working on that aspect of her character,” a source tells OK!. Right. Sure she is. Jon Gosselin is supposedly working on his wardrobe and penchant for lies and mediocre girls, too. Yesterday, we reported how a new Kate Gosselin dating show may be in the works. Even that we can't really see, despite the fact that she's a ratings goldmine. The magazine also says Kate's getting support from none other than Jon in her quest to move on. Another claim you could never refute with fact. Pure genius.


  1. Crickets? Obviously I missed something. I like fresh paper, though. Have a great evening all.
    ---From an exhausted working mom :) who's catching up while waiting in line to pick up swimmers from swim meet.

  2. Sorry - so tired I forgot what I came to tell Baby Mama - There's an upgrade online for iPhone with some neat features.

  3. Baby Mama asked if the new show would succeed or would Kate lose fans because of the sporadic feel.

    I think that the response to the show will really depend on the strength of the show. Barbara Walters` special appears once per year and people love it. If the show leaves people with something to talk about (positively) or is brings something new, then it will succeed.

    However, people may forget to tune in if they have to wait too long.

  4. Home now and off to bed (at 7 pm no less.) Yep, I'm that tired. I've smiled until my face is aching dealing with clients at an outside shoot where's it's 900 zillion degrees hot. I've used portable generators to keep clients from dripping sweat, but have to turn them off to shoot. Ugh. Pray for cooler weather. We're wrapping up this stinking shoot (that's me smelling I'm sure from the sweating heat) on Friday and then off to the Lake in a few days after that to rest before FL trip in July. Believe me, that thought is the only thing that keeps me going. Hubby promised to get all kids in bed later and I trust that he will. :)

    I signed off to Baby Mama via texting and she asked me to please come back and post something, so devoted follower that I am, here goes. I have a feeling I might regret this but I'm too tired to do anything but follow orders. So here goes (it's meant to be funny - if you don't take it that way, please send the email to Baby Mama and not to me. ;)

    Definitions for newbies that wonder about all the abbreviations on blogs:

    Troll=a person that posts in a thread with the sole intention of provoking an argument (can sometimes also imply a “spy.”) Some screen names are well known for entering sites just to provoke arguments, thus they earned the name troll.

    Lurker=someone who visits often to see what others have written but does not post.
    (fyi: I lurked here for a year before I got brave enough to post.)

    SCAT, GFA, GTHOD= ways of abbreviating the same meaning:, e.g. Leave and don’t come back; Go Far Away; Get The Heck Out of Here

    And last but not least, my personal favorite:
    JW=Just Wicked (okay, that’s JMO :)

    Phone is turned off, laptop turned off, headphones on, sleep please come, , gnight all.

  5. Linda~ Love ya girl I loved the post! too funny...I always appreicate when you come and show your support. I was so excited to see I have 500 followers today! How cool! I guess I shouldn't constanly doubt myself and this blog! Kisses!

  6. Hey! I'm here. Kids got out of school June 4th so been busy running after them and unpacking!

    Any theories on if this dating thing is real?

  7. Love the new post BabyMama!! Smells soooo good!!

  8. Everyone seems to be talking about Kate dating, but she has not come out and said it. I'm starting to wonder myself. Everyone has made a huge deal about Jon dating so early on, and bringing girls to meet the kids, if Kate is doing a dating show I hope the kids do not have to meet a bunch of guys.

  9. I think if Jon says there are only five episodes we must take that with a grain of sslt until we have another source. What he says regarding numbers and periods of time changes at whim. 200,000 is 22,000, 10,000 is later 20,000, and January turns into October for him. It depends on his audience and mood. I think he wants to make himself look good, even though he frequency has foot mouth syndrome. I do think TLC is trying a different tactic. Instead of two full hours of Kate Plus Eight, they could have stretched it into 4 half hour shows. I think whatever happens ratings will be great as long as tlc doesn't drop the bomb on advertising it. I also think Jon wants leverage with TLC so maybe they only negotiate a few at a time. Also Kate's show will come into play soon and keep people interested. I was also thinking that IF Kate had breast surgery, maybe she was doing it as a last ditch effort to salvage her marriage and make Jon want her instead of the twenty three year olds. It may be farfetched, but it got me thinking.

  10. I think a dating show would be tacky. I would be interested to see her potential suitors though. I wonder if TLC is putting out the feelers again. I noticed in the video that Kate didn't deny it.

    Jake the Bachelor is available now Kate... ;)

  11. Tashapork-IF she did it and that's WHY she didn't, she wouldn't be the first woman to do it, although I've never heard of it working as a tactic. IMHO, men who favor gullible 20somethings over a wife in her 30s, no matter how hot, is trying to chase the fountain of his own youth.

    I also agree with Tashapork on Jon's credibility (remember how he kept waving receipts that he claimed would show he only withdrew $22,000?). However, if TLC keeps repeating the specials and keep them an hour long, at regular intervals, and well-promoted, I think they'd do fine with them scheduled as they are. After all, interest remained intense even after about a year off the air.

    On other topics, I think Whole Foods qualifies as a religion in some states . I think Baby Mama has a point though, and I think it has a lot to do with the tanning, nails, etc. Those kids are very well-behaved but the noise levels, even in a big house, with 6 6 year olds and 2 almost 10 year olds has to be pretty intense. I don't doubt that she needs some time to recharge her batteries and have time and quiet to think.

  12. I love her, but I hope she doesn't do a dating show! Nothing's actually been said, so I'm going to assume it's juts talk. But can anyoen actually see her doing a dating show?? I can't. Not now.

  13. IMO a dating show would hurt Kate’s reputation and would embarrass her children. She’s being marketed as a supermom, not a bimbo. As for her not denying it, I’ve noticed she does that a lot. She won’t say yes or no – always leaving room for speculation and discussion. If TLC does not allow her to comment on certain things then she should say “no comment.” It’s honest, concise and sounds more intelligent than "It's furious... I really... everybody... they're just all talking about it and I haven't said anything."

  14. I love seeing Kate listening to music on her phone, boy that makes walking soo much more fun. The feature that I have been loving a lot lately is the timer. I set it the other day at the Museum gift shop so my nephew would not miss the Imax and I am using it all the time for watering,cooking and such because it is always with me and you actually have to acknowledge that you hear it. I used the alarm clock when we were on vacation. I need to find how to upgrade the software to 4.

  15. If Kate were to do a dating show, she would lose massive amounts of credibility in those who call themselves fans, I think. Those shows are beyond sleazy and show that the participants have zero values (that opinion is based on the one and only partial season that I watched years ago. Something tells me that they haven't improved.) So, to do that would not uphold her claim to want what's best for her kids. It would be a proclamation to the world that she is truly out there for her own benefit.

    Although there are times when I question her claimed values (I'm not going to go into why I think this because it would just start a debate), I would truly be surprised if she stooped that low to provide income for her family. I believe her when she says she wants to do what's best for them. For now.

    Right now, summer in Cali is beautiful - sunny and warm. But for some reason, I just want to see different scenery! Are most of you east coasters? I notice many references to vacationing in Florida. Not that Californians don't vaca there but it's not as common, I don't think. I SO want to go to Discovery Cove! Oh, and I am planning a vacation in North Carolina where the Gosselins have gone before when my daughter graduates in 3 years. Better start saving now! I checked out those houses and they're not cheap!

  16. Oh, one last thing. I watched that vid above. Dumb-dee-dee-dumb-dumb! Really??? Okay, she's only been in shape for... the whole entire past year!!!! They make it sound like she's just now trying to get in shape! And how many times did they need to show the same.three.pictures.? Ugh. At least she's trying to offset the grumpy scowly pictures that people always read into...

  17. Warning, if you have iphone and try to install new software be careful, now mine wants a passcode that I don't have because I never set one or it won't start up.

  18. Setinthecleft~ Nice to see you again my friend!

    I put the video up as more of an afterthought. I couldn't beleive that people would think that she was starting a fitness routine now. She has always been a very fit woman even before the kids. It was great to see that she keeps up with that. I wish I had her will power! I feel bad for the fact that she cant even run without being harassed and has to constantly smile for fear of haters taking it the wrong way. Those crazies used to stay up nights literally breaking down her facial expressions and how that could upset the kids on GWOP. This is true! Maybe it was a slow night there, but rediculous nonetheless!

  19. Wow, the Daily Mail in ENGLAND is now posting about the whole Kate has had Botox thing. Kate is offically a "star" there. But first of all I don't beleive it, but even if she has, who cares?

    "US reality TV star Kate Gosselin has sparked more rumours she has sought the help of a plastic surgeon to refresh her look. The Kate Plus Eight star was spotted looking frozen-faced as she shopped for food near her home in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

    Her eyebrows appeared to have developed a much more defined arch and her forehead seemed smooth and waxy, both possible signs of Botox use. Only last week, reports surfaced that the 35-year-old mother of eight may of undergone a secret boob job."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1289083/Now-Kate-Gosselin-sparks-rumours-shes-turned-Botox.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0riyaBDkP

  20. My thought for the day:
    You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.

  21. Reasons for not taking kids along on Whole Foods shopping trips:
    Perhaps kids have other activities
    Perhaps Kate doesn't want the paparazzi in her kids' faces while loading the car.
    Perhaps Jon had them for the day.
    Perhaps they had playmates with friends.
    All positive things.

  22. Tashapork - iPhone upgrade available online at Mac.com.
    That's what I told you also about BabyMama & then couldn't remember again when you asked.
    Also can go to AT&T and ask for new password. They email a temp #that you can then change.
    Gnight all.

  23. Shoot. One more thing and then truly off to bed.
    promised the IT guy - he's one who told me JW=Just Wicked. Apparently nobody uses JW on techie sites because it's one of the biggest insults you can give. When asked they explain as just wicked because too vile to discuss. Ok given credit where due as promised and can go tovalwwp.

  24. Last line was "to sleep" and nor jibberish that appeared.

  25. Yeah those Botox stories are all over the internet today. I don't care either but I hope she is careful. She can get really botched up with that.

    Here's the latest "source" claim:

  26. The trolls & khaterz are obsessed with it. One article they posted was kind of funny http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/06/22/kate-gosselin-addicted-to-botox-experts-doctors-tanning-tanorexic/. It concludes with "The best way for you to reverse this aging look Kate, says Dr. Katz is: (1) quit your suntanning habit, (2) start SmartSkin laser treatments to stimulate new collagen production, (3) have Alexandrite laser treatments to remove the sunspots and (4) get better botox treatments and use fillers like radiesse and juvaderm around the chin and in the bunny lines.<< So apparently, she is using botox but still has lines & the experts' answer if for her to get better botox and a lot more stuff injected into her face.

    Do they actually think she's had bad botox (a lot to diagnose from one photo) or are they just advertising their products? As for whether Kate's aged in the last two years, I'm no fan of tanning but, duh, has it occurred to any of them that over the last two years her marriage has collapsed and she's been through a brutal divorce?

  27. Linda "Original" to supplement your listing on reasons why the kids weren't on the Whole Foods trip-It's been in the high 80s/low 90s all week in South Central PA. Do you know any kid old enough to be in the pool and who have a swimming pool at home who would choose going grocery shopping with their mother over the pool?

  28. again....why do they care if she's had stuff done?

    I personally love Whole Foods but mine is 25 minutes away which uses a lot of gas because it's very stop & go. BUT if I had a choice I would leave my kids behind also. It's annoying to bring one nevermind 8 kids. I have PLENTY of bonding time with my kids, a trip to the grocery store wouldn't change that. again, why do they care if she brings her kids to the grocery store? if you are a long time viewer you know that she barely has ever brought the kids with her.

    And botox? I hope not. that stuff is scary. But hey...her body.

  29. Kate is into organic food. Do they honestly think that she would do botox or a boob job. Both introduce non-organic material into the body. Now if she somehow did organic botox or implants, I think she would be advertising the product. There would be a ton of money in that... : )

    Maybe that will be the new rumour so that they can keep the hate going.

  30. I'll be honest, I always wanted to try botox on my forehead. I have this line people could hardly see but it drives me crazy. But after all I went through with the infertility treatments, I was too scared to get the needle. I was going to try JUVÉDERM® before the Holidays and with all the expenses I didn't. I guess I felt I was too young for Oil of Olay anti-wrinkle treatements. But this one line is still driving me crazy. I guess if I had a few disposable dollars I would buck up and do it.

    fascinated~on slow months when they are taking Kate going jogging and using it as a newsworthy story the hate sites go out for blood. They start attacking each other and outing others for posting under different names. Or making "Kate Cankle" JOKES, when they wish they looked a quarter as good as her. All kidding aside, it's amazing to see that most are spending their time cutting & posting from here and "psycho"analizing what we say here.

  31. Holy Baba Mama, I wish I had the Khater's time and dedication on my hands.

    I have a job, a family, hobbies, sports, and A LIFE.

    I come to this site to chat with intelligent women. I can't imagine trying to run Kate's life and analyze the life of others on top of all that.

    I think they should write a book that speaks to their ability to do so much. I applaud them. LOL

  32. Kate will be co-hosting on The View again on July 2nd!!

  33. I heard about Kate on The View. I wonder if Whoopie will be there that day...

  34. LOL! I said this yesterday! ROFL!


  35. New photos. I like the makeup and the shoes better. The article is kind of snarky but the title is kind of funny, http://www.infdaily.com/2010/06/kate-gosselin-brings-her-breasts-back-to-target.html

  36. I'm a huge fan of shopping alone...it often becomes my me time;0

  37. Wow! Doesn't Kate look fabulous in that turquoise top!

    I remember Kate from the tummy tuck special and I unfortunately have a chest similar to hers THEN.:( If Kate hasn't had her breasts done I would really love for her to share her secret because that blouse doesn't look like it has room for any kind of bra! I know it could possibly be those silicon "chicken cutlet" things (that's the funny name they call them in the entertainment industry) but I just don't think so. Personally, I believe she got work done. It's her body and if she feels better about herself, if indeed it was done, than good for her.

    I do wish though that she would just give a definite yes or no answer on the subject. I've always wondered why celebrities (Tori Spelling and Ashlee Simpson come to mind) try so hard to avoid answering the questions only to have to publicly admit to it later just so that people will finally let it go. Of course its her private business and in the end if she doesn't want to then she shouldn't have to. But she's a celebrity and this is one of those negative aspects of choosing to be in the limelight. That's just the way it is.

    I would love for Kate to just own it. "Yes I did, thank you very much!" She's really strong and she can take the hater backlash and she's gonna get it anyway so at least she could have the speculation put to rest. Then again, keeping people guessing keeps her in the press and that does keep her in peoples minds until the next episode.:)

  38. Thanks guys for keeping me posted! You guys find out stuff even before me! I'm so excited to hear about Kate on the view. I would ask Whoppie why she has a stick up her a@@. Seriously, sometimes they say really stupid stuff. Why attack people that have co-hosted? Kate was nothing but professional and she did an amazing job! Anywayone that said she didn't, must think they could somehow do better....

  39. SOOO EXCITED! ;)

    Kate Gosselin Returns To 'The View' As Guest Host: 'Bachelorette' Talk?

    "Kate Gosselin is returning for another episode on the show 'The View'. The Kate Plus 8 star is to return to the show next Friday on July 2, 2010.

    The rumor mill has it that she is going to be discussing about summer tanning without the sun, summer food, and pretty red, white, and blue outfits for Independence Day on July 4th. We are sure she will also talk about her 8 children and probably avoid questions about her former husband.

    Kate, 35, is working on a new reality show call 'Twist of Kate'. It's basically going to be a Kate Gosselin Reality TV extravaganza in the next coming weeks. We hope Kate will answer the big rumors if she will be the next "Bachelorette" on ABC's 'The View'."


  40. angelsmama - regardless of celebrity status or not, I think some issues are personal. I do nor believe the public is at all entitled to know some things. I think it's a little bizarre that there are so many people who feel they have a "right" to know. But, that's JMO. Doesn't really matter what she says; there will be those who label it a lie.

  41. Why have some women, like the h peeps, who've never matured beyond the phase of bashing other women? No wonder glass ceilings remain.

    You don't find men doing this. If they like someone they help them. If not, they just ignore them.

  42. Baby Mama - I'm not brave enough to have anybody inject botulism into me whether it's called Botox or whatever. More power to those who can. Botox parties were popular in FL and are here also. You have a hostess, the doctor comes to the party and all get the injections. Not for me even though I could use it. (I'm sending email over one trick for temporarily getting rid if them. Has to be done every day, though.)

  43. Gnight all. Have a great and happy day tomorrow!

  44. Linda~ luv ya girl! I keep missing you, we will talk tomorrow.
    Schmecky~ that article was so cute if its true and not from our janitor "source" from DWTS!

    "Jake adored Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars' and spoke very highly of her to Vienna," the pal said. "It's never easy to hear your man talking about another woman. During 'DWTS,' Vienna and Jake were having some problems already and Jake would gush about Kate! He really liked her, respected her and looked up to her. Jake was always talking about Kate and the two of them had super friendly chemistry on set."

  45. Linda "Original"-I'm with you. It's bizarre how they're allowed to get away with calling it Botox "Cosmetic" on TV as opposed to >>we're going to inject small doses of a paralytic toxin into your body (BTW, it has to be small doses because large enough doses can kill you)<< It doesn't even, for many, provide the illusion of youth that it promises; nothing says aging like the look of that overly taut skin & lack of expression.

    Of course, I'm lucky. I'm doing pretty well on the wrinkle front due to three factors: (1) most important: good genes; (2) never smoked; and (3) even when there weren't any medical warnings about it, I didn't like laying out in the sun & baking. Doing 2 AND 3 are the worst, that's when you see women whose skin has wrinkles like furrows and skin texture like tanned leather.

  46. AHHH~ Now I'm up to 500 followers! So excited! Hello to everyone that reads but doesn't post! Get over here and say something already! (lol)

  47. 502 followers...Wow, congrats BMama!

  48. anglesmama...I am a big Tori Spelling fan and she did admit she had a boob job and a nose job. She has nothing to hide, that's why I like her so much.

  49. BabyMama, congrats on hitting the 500 mark. You are a very nice woman and deserve good things to come your way :)

  50. Hey Lori Anne, I am glad you identified yourself as a Tori Spelling fan. I quite appreciate her too; however, so many people hate her. So, I never bring it up. Great to have someone else out there.

  51. Linda "Original" - I in no way meant to imply that I had the "right to know." Its Kate's body and she should have the right to decide what information the public should know. My point was that this keeps coming up and perhaps she could stop the MEDIA speculation if she said straight out "No I absolutely have not". And yes, I agree, the haters will always call her a liar regardless.

    Lori Anne- I also like Tori Spelling, like Kate she's ambitious and driven and I admire those traits immensely. As I remember, she denied the augmentation in the beginning and later admitted to it because the paps were relentless.

  52. Nope not alone...I love Tori Spelling and her kids. Another of my reality indulgences. :)

  53. Thanks guys! As you all know, Im obsessed with Reality TV. I just love it. Oddly I hate shows like Big Brother & Survivor. So maybe I should clarify that Im obsessed with Bravo, TLC, E! & Oxygen.

    Sadly before all of them, my first favorite channel was HGTV. But their programming became horrible. I only DVR Design on a Dime now for fun. Its just nice after a long day to put the kids to bed and enjoy some good drama while my husband is working before bed. ;)

  54. I like Tori Spelling too! I admit I'm nosy, I like to get a sneak peek of tidbits of peoples lives. She really seems to be way more down to earth than I imagined! BM, we are on the same page with our Reality Guilty Pleasures. I only ever used to watch HGTV, but have not watched it in ages.(LOL) I used to be embarassed to admit that I liked the RH.

  55. It's funny that you guys mention HGTV. Way back in 1996 when we still only had local channels, we dogsat for a neighbor. At night we would take the dogs into their basement to sleep and they had a tv going for noise. It happened to be on HGTV back in the days of Room by Room and Beverly Dejulio. We never saw tv like that and were hooked and would sit there watching. That's when we got cable, which turned to satelite which turned to dvr and such.

  56. I google translated jackveronic's post -

    Such a good blog, see later how to do ah!!

  57. Linda "Original" I loved your comment about the glass ceilings (June 24, 2010 7:49 PM), I've gone back and read it 3 times already. Very thought-provoking. On that note, it's not just the h peeps who bash. The Kate supporters can be just as bad and even worse, insulting and/or threatening bodily harm to the non-supporters (not here of course). A real whack-job-Kate-lover posted last week on GWOP (whew, scary stuff!). My point is there are crazies on both sides. This is a nice blog, I'm glad I found it.

  58. Kate has another new entry to her blog up and we are having the same problem here!! All my kids wanna do is eat..eat..eat..eat and eat some more!! ITS CRAZY!!!

  59. IMO, I'm not in to dating shows, but I feel that's Kate's choice. Like everything else, I'd have to wait and see.

  60. TYVM for keeping us up to date on the blogs, my2girls.

  61. Lori Anne - To me, anyone who posts virulent personal attacks is a h person, regardless of where they post. My goodness, back in the days when I went to GWOP, they never allowed anything but anti-Kate posts. I guess I’m surprised they that kind of statement be posted, unless they did it only to say the Kate folks are crazy, lol. It was their attitude that made me search and discover Baby Mama. :)

    I'm not saying there are not other good proKate blogs. I just don't have the time to read them. I've appreciated comments that ZiggyFlo has made; I've enjoyed comments that KatherineDenise has made; I've enjoyed comments from Gosselin-Garb-Finder.

  62. SchmeckyGirl - Your dry humor makes me laugh aloud. :)

  63. Tashapork:(re iPhones)
    JMO but I believe At&T or Mac reset all passwords with the iPhones. The terms state the only service provider is AT&T. Some figured out how to hack their simms card so they could use other SPs.

    By resetting passwords, you have to ask AT&T to send link to reset to password of your choice. No AT&T account=no sending you the link. This may be entirely supposition on my part. JMO but I found it very curious that our family (and six others we’ve talked with) all had the same problem right after the latest auto upgrade. I will concede that AT&T was great to instantly send the link with a temp password so we could change it to one of our choosing.

    Second, they tell you to set a password to prevent hackers from accessing your account. Most people do not do this. Some could take the current action as a security measure; i.e. now you have to set a password to add software, apps, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  64. Lot of posts from me in succession. (If you don't like them, please scroll on by! :)

    I've posted a lot here during the school year. I am unable to sit and do nothing. Thus, stuck in car lines: I post. Waiting to pick up kids: I post.

    Some long client demands that take most of the waking hours: I don't post. Leaving town or out of contact: I don't post.

    Today I'm stuck doing laundry. I did zero loads of laundry this week - was just too exhausted. Now I'm paying for it. Do the rest of you have this problem? Hubby helps bunches but laundry is NOT one of his high points. Sorting clothes yielded at least 25-30 loads. Ughhhh!!!

    We're leaving Sunday am for 4 days of isolation, lol. No phones, no TV access, no cell phone tower access, etc. Fishing, boating, swimming, and family board games. We have to boat to the middle of the lake to get cell phone access. As a news junkie, my hubby will be in withdrawal. I'm convinced he sometimes suggests crossing the lake to restaurants not to eat, but because there is cell phone access. But who knows, maybe cell towers have been added but for me, gee, I hope not.

    We're lucky. We've lot a super police officer and his brand-new wife who are going to house sit for us. Big thank you to him!

  65. Baby Mama, thanks for understanding. I know it must be frustrating that so many of your regular writers that are on vacation or honoring other commitments this week and next week.
    Congrats also to you on 500 plus followers. Thanks for the fine job that you do.

  66. You are very welcome...I am a stay at home mom and an in-home daycare provider so I usually check quite often!! I usually do my fun things and events at night!! So, I am here all day folks....lol

  67. Lori Anne-I've seen speculation that the nasty post was a plant, designed to stimulate posting, and not a legitimate, if nasty, post. It does seem odd that it was allowed to stand, if it was a hostile outsider posting.

  68. Any Iphone users who play farmville, good news at last. Head straight to the App store and install the new Farmville App, I don't know yet how good it is yet, but being able to do some of the time consuming stuff while you are waiting at the bank or kid's swimming lesson would be really nice as well as playing in bed. Thanks Craftymom for the tip. Linda, I love all of your posts, I have only ever scrolled through one person's posts and I am sure you know who I am talking about. I hope you guys enjoy the vacation.
    I loved Kate's blog about the pantry because I have that same problem. I like buying in bulk stuff that doesn't spoil and it is hard to find places for it. I remember seeing someones' large walk in closet and saying, that's what I need in the kitchen.

  69. tashapork~ YAY! So excited! Gotta see what that is about.. I heard a few people also made themselves their own personal "Gosselin Family Fan Site" app! He he I just figured out how to do it, and now its even easier to get ot my site ;)

    What are the chances of me getting to 600 followers? lol

  70. Lori Anne...
    I've come to the conclusion that there may be a handful of people who blog on fan & non-fan sites just because they enjoy stirring the pot! I don't even think some of them could care less about the Gosselins...just get their kicks from causing strife.:)

  71. momsby, I didn't think of that! I guess that's why they're called trolls, lol.

  72. I would love a Gosselin Family Fansite app. I think you have a lot more than 600 followers, they just don't admit it. Baby Mama, are you going to try to get tickets to see Kate on the View. I just hope Jon doesn't use this as a chance to pull antics. It seems to bother him a lot that she is on the View.
    Zynga has a lot of work to do on the app which I kind of expected, but it's a start

  73. Hi All. I just became an official follower. Sorry it took so long, I never even noticed I could do that until you all started talking about the count. So I thought there must be something in the sidebar about it and low and behold there it was. So now I'm official after more than a year.

    I also just checked out Kate's latest Take. I really wish they'd show actual pics from Kate versus stock photos. It would be neat to see a pic of the new cupboard. Very simple to do.

    Oh well!!

  74. WTG tiggerfan!
    tiggerfan said:
    I also just checked out Kate's latest Take. I really wish they'd show actual pics from Kate versus stock photos. It would be neat to see a pic of the new cupboard. Very simple to do.
    Me too! Who knows. Maybe this will be shown on a future episode.

  75. Tashapork & Baby Mama - so how did you figure out your own app? I just have it bookmarked, open the browser and go. Is there a trick? If so, you better share it!
    Baby Mama - lol at you. I did go back and check I did tell you during DWTS first week that there was an iPhone app! You just stayed so busy then that you forgot.

  76. Sorry folks - I'm trying to catch up answering all the posts or questions I missed in last two threads. Feel free to scroll on by. -

    SchmeckyGirl – Hope you are having/had a wonderful mini vacation. You should be back about the time we’re leaving for a few days.
    Sorry Schmecky - the following is an old one I think I forgot to answer:
    To follow up - sometimes standing by your decisions is tough. Per our earlier discussion my parents and then I have been boycotting Nestle for decades. I’d baked things for a new neighbor a month ago (Mississippi Mud Brownies, etc.) As a thank you, she just brought over a lovely goodie basket filled with all kinds of baking things – including a bag of chocolate chips from Nestle.

    When she left, one of my kids asked “So why didn’t you say we don’t use Nestle products and give them back?” Trying to be the good parent, I said, “One of the neighbors is sure to comment about the chocolate items at the next cookout and they will bring it up. This gives New Neighbor a chance to understand/ask questions without confrontation to embarrass her. There’s a gentle way to explain and a rude way to explain.” (I did let him put them into the trash – we don’t even pass those along to the food bank.)

    BTW, as you asked about some thinking that perhaps my parents didn't do enough. They did travel to both Africa and rural parts of South America to help with a campaign to urge new moms to use breast milk and not formula. At the time of their trip, I could not go because I’m diabetic; insulin then had to be refrigerated all the time. At least that's what they told me at the time, lol. Maybe the reality is they just wanted time alone. Who knows. ;)

  77. Woo Hoo!!! Here’s something that Kate is doing very well! She exercises and sets an example for her children! IMO, perhaps so many of the h peeps are upset because she does work at being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle and perhaps they don't!
    This is from LiveScience.com and was posted also on Yahoo. -
    The article is titled: Getting Fat? Blame the Kids
    The link is: http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100625/sc_livescience/gettingfatblamethekids

    Americans with children aged 18 years or younger are less likely to exercise and more likely to be overweight or obese, according to a new report.

    The findings are based on more than 59,000 interviews with Americans, aged 18 to 50, from January to June 2010, conducted as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

    Participants were asked "In the last seven days, on how many days did you exercise for 30 or more minutes?"

    The impact on exercise was most pronounced for those with very young kids, aged 0 to 4. About 28 percent of parents in this group said that they exercised for 30 minutes a day "no days per week," compared with about 25 percent of those with no children. Although these differences are small, they are still significant, the researchers say.

    Parents with a child 18 years old or younger were also less likely to report exercising five days a week.

    Parents of 5- to 18-year-olds suffer the most when it comes to obesity. About 26.5 percent of parents in this group had a body mass index (BMI) that put them in the obese category, and 35.8 percent fell into the overweight category. For those with no children under the age of 18, 24.3 percent were obese and 32.2 percent were overweight.

    Parents with kids at home are also less likely to be normal weight than are those adults with no child at home.

    While the exercise habits and weight issues of parents themselves are a significant problem for the health and quality of life of those individuals, they can also be a drain on health care costs. An even bigger crisis, the researchers point out, involves the potential effects on the children of these parents.

    Parental health habits have an impact on children, and numerous studies have found that children who have obese parents are more likely to be obese as adults.

    Subjects were interviewed by telephone, either landline or cell phone, between Jan. 1 and June 14, 2010. Of those responding, 13,600 had at least one child in the household that was 4 years or younger, 21,605 had a youngest child in the household that was between 5 and 18, and another 23,571 had no child younger than 18 living in the household.
    IMO, so take that you snarky people who talk about Kate exercising. That is a brand new just published study with a heck of a lot of people.

  78. Last post for today and heading to bed.

    When you though I wasn’t looking...
    This poem was written more than 24 years ago by Mary Rita Schilke Korzan who lives in Granger, IN.

    It is copyrighted so I will just do an exerpt. If you want more, buy her book from Amazon or see the portion included in one of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. This is a message IMO that every adult should read because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. Do you hear me, Jon? Ditch those cigs!

    “When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one.

    When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.

    When you thought I wasn’t looking you baked a birthday cake just for me, and I learned that the little things were special things in life...

    When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw tears come from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but it’s all right to cry...”

    Buy the book and read it all.

    LITTLE EYES SEE A LOT. Each of us (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, friend) influences the life of a child. How will you touch the life of someone today?

    Live simply.
    Love generously.
    Care deeply.
    Speak kindly.
    --------G'night all. Have a great evening and a great day tomorrow!

  79. Linda, I did the same thing, I just figured it out by playing with buttons, but it looks better if you focus the picture on the top banner instead of just the grey text before you bookmark it, I don't go to a lot of websites on a regular basis so doing that will be neat. I am still losing the apps though that I am getting from the app store. They are free, but I'd like them to go back to staying put. Zynga needs to work more on Farmville app, but it has good points and I expected issues.
    I agree that I would have liked to see the pantry, and hope to on the episodes. I'd love to see Kate take the kids on a Disney Cruise, they have a lot of neat kids' programs, so she could manage it more easily with a helper.

  80. Linda - Speaking of kids watching you whether you know it or not, our pastor showed us a heartwarming short video on Father's Day "I'm Watching You, Dad". It's on YouTube:


  81. Linda your parents sound like truly wonderful people. If I don't get the chance I hope you have a fantastic time on your vacation. I used that verse on a scrapebook page for my daughter, I love it.

    LA..I think that those particular kind of trolls are the kind you might find in a horror movie.

    Baby Mama..I bet there are alot of fans of your blog, who just read & don't blog.I did almost from the beginning. Many, many people read blogs but do not comment or publicly follow.

  82. For the longest time I didn't know how to post a comment. I didn't realize I had to set up a profile. I think there was a discussion about posting and then I figured it out.

  83. fascinated..
    I had to get my daughter to help me...sad but true;0

  84. Fascinated and Momsby, I was in the same boat about not knowing how to post on a blog and then I was afraid it would ask for too much personal information or a credit card. One time I went to comment on The OReiley Factor (FOX) website and found that you had to pay like 7 dollars a month to join his site) It was in the last couple of months that I got to be a follower of this site, before if I tried to do it, my computer wouldn't let me. I am still learning things from all of you. My world is much more open because of learning some of those things.

  85. Good Morning Baby Mama, and all,
    Well, our little bundle of joy didn't enter this world until 8:36 PM on Tuesday! Won't give you all the info, but she's beautiful naturally! Mom and Dad and baby came home on Thursday 8PM after 48 hrs. OMG, so they recouperate at home even after a c-section.
    Dogs are accepting her too, wanting to do allot of stiffing and licking but they are settling down OK.
    This Grandmas is out of gas and pooped. Now to peek in on the Baby Cam and see what they are doing! LOL.

  86. Hey Linda, I thought you were on a break from posting, LOL! Love your sayings and positive notes.

    Have a great weekend everyone! I will be getting ready to go again.

  87. 1Caregiver - Wow! I'm so excited and happy for you, baby & parents!! Thanks so much for taking time to let us know.

  88. Caregiver - I'm trying to only post positives for now. Weaning people from my presence, lol. This was busy work week. Leave tomorrow for vacation. Home again and then off again. Enjoy that baby. I'm just smiling away thinking of how special that is! :)

  89. Good morning everyone! Can I still get mean and post the negatives? lol Theres only so much I can take before I blow my stack..

    #1caregiver congrats! you are so blessed.

    So for my new posts Im gonna have to get into the whole botox thing.. only because the rag mags must be slow this week bec ause all the articles are about the Kate Botox debate. I'm wondering if she will address this issue, or tell everyone I hope to mind their own damn business!

    Alot of people so not know how easy it is to set up a B logger acount. I have thousands of readers that sat they just love to come in and read the site, and are too scared to post. I try to ease their fears and tell them to join the fun and voice their opinions, but there is oh so much I could push. I have alot of followers (new goal 600 ;) and hope someday to get more voices here since there are over a million different fans on Facebook alone.

  90. Congrats #1 caregiver. I'm not a grandma but I am great-aunt to four & I love it.

    Baby Mama-I just joined, now that I understood how to do it.

    I don't know if she should address the botox issue. She's damned if she does & damned if she doesn't & I think answering just gives in to certain people's belief that they are ENTITLED to this information. Personally, I don't believe that just because someone is a public figure that it means that he/she has surrendered any claims to a private life and that there are no barriers that anyone need respect. I've heard that some of the facebook/myspace generation who grew up sharing everything have found out that there is such a thing as oversharing and that there are many of us who are quite happy that there is not a permanent public photographic record of some of our less stellar moments (particularly in one's late teens & early twenties which is when most people get stupid out of their systems)

  91. BTW, my new avatar is a Highland Cattle bull who I photographed on my last trip to Scotland.

  92. First, Congrats to #1Caregiver on becoming a grandma! I'm looking forward to becoming one some years in the future but not too soon.

    Linda, enjoy your well earned vacation. Wishing you a good time to be with family and rest.

    Secondly, this whole thing about Kate having things done to herself scrutiny in the media is nothing more than readership/viewership strategy since there's nothing else to snark on her about. I think it's ridiculous for anyone to pick her apart on those things. How many women, especially other celebrities, do the same things, whether boob jobs, botox, hair extension, so on, and no one seems to notice?

    My point is,Big Stinkin' Deal!! How many of us do the same or even yet, get our hair dyed, spray tan, manicure, pedicure, and if you want to go deeper and further, get contact lenses, wear makeup, false lashes etc., to look better. Sure, it's not the "real" physical you, but hey, even wearing makeup is not, in any way, much different than a boob or botox job.

    Just because any of us do anything "fake" to enhance our looks does not, in any stretch, make who we are as a person, "fake", neither. The haters seem to feed on this frenzy regarding Kate's efforts to look good as a ploy to insinuate just that.

    Kate is doing her best to become a better person both inside and out and as long as she continues to be "real" as a person, first and foremost, then that's all that really matters.

  93. Warning - I'm doing a bunch of posts for several reasons, perhaps one that Saturday is the slowest day in blog land and I'm hoping Baby Mama will do a new post before I leave tomorrow. Hint, hint :)

    Another is that when we reach about 100 posts, this blog slows down so Baby Mama usually starts another one.

    If you don't like what I'm saying - good heavens, just scroll on past!

  94. For those who’d like to post instead of just reading – here are a few recommendations from the Internet Safety folks to prevent cyber stalking and harassment.
    1. If you wish, set up a second email address. Use that email address only to log into blogger.com and set up your screen name and avatar (which is a picture if you want one).
    2. Use this email address for blogging and not for social networking, etc. You can link it back to your primary email address or not. Your decision.
    3. This is not for illegal purposes. Those who do wrong stuff can still be tracked by the police and other authorities. This is just to give you a measure of insulation.
    4. If you use an avatar (picture) you can make it an animal, a cartoon, or whatever. While many people use their own photos, it is considered safer to use a photo that is not you. Not recommended at all is using photos of your whole family, children, etc.
    5. Never say anything that you do not wish to live on forever. While some folks (idiots) like to post things to stir anger and then go back and delete them, never assume that nobody has a screen shot of it, or that a web bot has not archived it. A rule of thumb is never say anything online that you would be embarrassed for others to read (your spouse, mother, grandmother, minister, neighbor, your children, etc.) That way, it can never come back to haunt you years later!
    6. This is a fun blog with a diversity of opinions. Join in the fun. Baby Mama is great at using a big fly swatter for those who get out of hand. Need help? There are kindred souls in here willing to assist. :)

  95. PeggyP – Love the new avatar. Sounds like it was a great trip!

  96. Tashapork – when you go on to iTunes, under apps you can decide which are active and inactive. Those should consistently then stay which you want to appear. Once you’ve downloaded it, it never goes away permanently but remains in your library. If you’ve recently downloaded stuff, periodically you need to go to iTunes on your computer, check, and resync.

    Sometimes when I sync I get the message “you have apps that have not been downloaded.” Actually, they have, but need to sync from library via your computer and your iPhone.

    I have 11 pages of active apps and sometimes it gets really annoying. So I turn apps on and off as needed. Some (like kids’ games) I only turn on when kids are traveling with me. I’m always reshuffling them in their positions at iTunes and my iPhone to decide which needs to be grouped onto which pages, sorting what appears on which screen.

    Kids love the iPhone so I download math and language apps as “games” etc. Doesn’t seem as much like school and work if they are playing a game or doing multiplication tables, etc. on it (same deal with ‘puter.) That way they keep practicing all summer, lol.

    Hubby gets frustrated with it (he thinks he’s laidback but really a closet Type A whereas in person people take me as laidback and the reality is that I’m really very Type A.) Frequently when we are traveling together, he’ll remove his from the car dock, toss it into my lap and say “Make it pretty.” That means the apps have gotten junked up in their order and he wants it sorted out, lol.

    Funny story. Once we went on vacation, got home and there were no messages on the answering machine. That was really odd. Phone didn’t ring for a whole next day. I kept checking phone to make sure it was working. Finally started getting text messages with “WTH is wrong with your phone?*??*!*!!” Come to find out, he’d forwarded home and business phones to his iPhone, bypassing answering machines, and he never checked his email or messages on the phone for two weeks!!! He’s a news junkie so has to read the news daily first thing, but he ignored his messages. What a mess. As a result of that, he gets few calls or email and I get a bunch. Gotta adore all his other great qualities though! :)

  97. Tashapork & Baby Mama – my latest “favorite” app is Voice Memos. I moved it to front page. I can click on it, send a voice memo or “to do” list, or whatever. Then I can email it to my ‘puter and listen later. Or, using “DragonSpeak” software, I can have it transcribe it into text document. Mostly I use transcribe from client meetings to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

    I have used it for kids’ arguments in the car. Then I say “Stop and listen.” I play back the argument and they get to hear how they sound. That usually ends it, at least for a few minutes.

  98. Positive act for the day
    In honor of Caregiver’s family’s new baby!

    Sorry, this only works for US citizens. I’m sure that each country has something comparable but you’ll have to research it on your own.

    You can get the President to send your baby birth greetings from the White House in a most impressive form. I’ve done this for each of mine under a variety of administrations. I do it for all new births with friends etc. It becomes a nice little surprise in the mail!

    Send the baby’s, name, address, and birth date along with your name, address and your phone# to:
    White House Greetings Office
    Room 39
    Washington, D.C. 20500

    It takes about 6-8 weeks. It looks great framed, in scrapbooks, babybooks, etc.
    Can’t request it until after birth and must be made before child is one year of age.
    (They will also do it for adoptions but most folks just prefer to have it say “birth”)

    You can also request this from your congressman or senator, and your state governor, making your baby seem like a VIP. Warning, requesting this from congressional leaders or governor may get you added to lists for future campaign lists (which you can ignore or not.)

    Who knows? Your child may grow up to be a future president!

    BTW, you can also request Presidential greetings for birthdays for those 85ys and above and for 30th and above anniversaries.

    Warning, did this for a great aunt from a president of a different political party from hers. She’s still convinced those folks did it because of a conspiracy ;) It’s become another family joke!

  99. We hit the road early am tomorrow heading for the backwoods at the lake. LOL, I’m sure many of you will rejoice not to see a single post from me for pretty much 4 whole days. There is gas and electricity but no TV, no phone, no cable, etc. You’ve really got to want to communicate with the outside world to be willing to boat to the middle of the lake to pick up cell coverage!

    I confess that I cheated in anticipation of this trip. I downloaded several movies to my iPhone. If I get tired of my Kindle books (or one of the kids has hogged it), I’ll sneak out onto a side porch, plug in the ear pods and watch a movie. ‘Course I’ll get more squint lines and wrinkles from looking at the tiny, tiny screen, but can’t have everything!

    Unless of course, cell towers have been added on our side of the lake since last year. In that case, if kids drive me bonkers, I’ll be posting away to vent to my friends here, lol. And all of you can scroll right on by and ignore me. Won’t hurt my feelings because how would I ever know?!

  100. Back to packing! Bye - at least for now!

  101. PeggyP said
    She's damned if she does & damned if she doesn't
    That is the whole story in a nutshell. Remember all the criticsm Hillary Clinton got because people didn't feel that she cared enough about her appearance. Kate would be getting the same greif if she didn't. Every single thing she does can be looked at in a positive or negative light depending on the disposition of the person doing the looking.

  102. All that babbling (as I'm told the h peeps accuse me, lol) and I still forgot something.

    Lucysmom - I enjoyed your comments and thank you for the You:Tube link; enjoyed it also! :)

  103. Linda I forgot to ask you, could you request that for your baby if she is now 2? Would they laugh at me? I really want one for her! :)

    PeggyP~ I love your new photo and jealous you went to Scotland. The only countries I can afford to visit this year are the ones in Epcot. I will sip my tea in Paris soon and enjoy the 5ft. Eiffel Tower. lol Can't wait.

    Lucysmom~ love your comment as well, agree 100%

    Speaking of comments and posts, Kate has a new blog out again and I like it. Click on the right to read it. She really seems to be updating that sucker now. Honestly this one is the first ones where I actually believe she wrote it. It's like she's actually speaking... I used to never believe crap that people would write that they knew who was posting by the way they wrote on a blog. I guess I was wrong, certain people have unique writing styles. I'm a hot ticketed mess and I guess that seeps out ;)

    New post later tonight guys.. the kids are buck wild and we have several more errands to run before I get the kids home & ready for dinner. Hubby has a poker game tonight so I will be home to get a new post up. (He took my eldest to see Toy Story 3 last night so I could have a girls night and he said he almost cried :) I really want to get back to my scrapbooking and will try to focus myself so that my $375 Cricut package will get some use. The thing is practically brand new! FYI: only Walmart on line seem to have the cartridge sales. They are just as expensive as Target in the store....

    So look for my new post later tonight! carry on...

  104. Baby Mama - dates are supposed to be within a year. If you're good with the fine pen scrapbooking, back date it and change it with the pen, overlay a little flowers or scrollwork over the date - or - just backdate it and blame the error on the president since everybody else blames everything on him. OMG tell me I didn't say that, lol.

  105. Baby Mama-It helps in managing Scotland to realize that most of both visits, I stayed with family. My maternal grandfather was Scots and came here as an adult. He was the only member of his family to emigrate. My maternal grandmother was born in the US of Scottish parents. They returned for my great-grandfather's health (the doctor recommended sea air) when she was 8. She didn't come back to the US until after she married my grandfather. I was very lucky this trip. My 2nd cousin (I mostly stayed with him and his wife) is one of those rare souls who loves touring his own country so, except for attending the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, I left the itinerary up to him. I had a marvelous time. I could happily live there.

  106. #1 caregiver,
    Congratulations! There's nothing like a new baby in the family. Enjoy!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  107. Good Evening Ladies, or should I say morning? Yeah, I got nothing accomplished tonight. I love having my hubby away and the kids asleep.. It's MY time, and mostly I attempt things, but never complete. Tonight's new post is in honor of my kids driving me all shades of crazy today. Somehow the word "smores" came up and the next thing you know I was running around like a crazy person getting all this stuff for my kids and their friends. So in honor of my mommy duties.. IT'S TIME FOR FRESH PAPER!! YAY!

    Prepare your mind for the amazing scent of chocolate, cinnamon and sugar to delight your senses on a new fresh page for your commenting pleasure...........xoxoxox