Friday, June 17, 2011

Kate Gosselin Goes Back To The Food Bank, Gosselins Film Episode With DC Cupcakes! Reality TV star Kate Gosselin and two of her daughters heading into reality-TV hub Georgetown Cupcake on Wednesday. The cameras following them suggest this was no mere snack stop — both Gosselin and the bakery are on TLC, after all.

We have already seen Kate Gosselin spend some time with the "American Chopper" gang back in her "Jon and Kate Plus 8" days, and we have also seen her camping disaster with Sarah Palin -- now, the reality TV mom is getting set to appear alongside some other TLC stars. Kate was spotted outside the famous Georgetown Cupcake store -- site of the famous "DC Cupcakes" program. Kate even teased this upcoming appearance a bit in a new post on her Twitter account:
“GM all. It’s a sunny one here… Working on having fun today… Oh&filming for a new show too.. :) Don’t u wish u new what?;) Hav a gd day!”
Of course, it's likely that this "new show" she is talking about is "DC Cupcakes" -- but she's likely to film plenty of footage for her own show in the city thanks to the kids being off for summer vacation.
What do you think about Kate continuing to cross over with other network stars?

Second Harvest to appear on national television, screening held to raise donations, Kate Gosselin Scheduled:

On Monday, June 20, 2011 millions of people nationwide will see hunger relief in action at Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee in a segment of The Learning Channel’s Kate plus Eight.
The Food Bank invites everyone to be part of the excitement while helping feed people in need at a special premiere showing of the hour-long episode on a large screen at 8 p.m., June 20th at the Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage, Gray, TN. Admission is 8 cans of food or $8 at the door. All proceeds go to feed the hungry in the Northeast Tennessee region. Everyone who attends qualifies for door prizes to be given away including a 26” Sony Vizio Flat Screen Razor Television provided by Charter Media, Kate Plus Eight collectible items and more.

The television show airs nationwide on June 20th at 10 p.m. on the Learning Channel. This giving back episode tells the story of Kate Gosselin and her eight children on a visit to Northeast Tennessee where the family volunteers to help feed people in need.  Highlights include Kate and the children volunteering at the Food Bank, serving a meal at the Johnson City Salvation Army Soup Kitchen, delivering Food for Kids bags to Johnson City School’s Northside Elementary, conducting a food drive at Food City’s Eastman Road, Kingsport, and touring the Bristol Motor Speedway race track.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kate Gosselin's New Parentables Blog, Twitter Surpise, & New Episodes Coming Up!

Hello Gosselin fans! What I love about Kate Gosselin is always when the haters swear up and down Kate is over, she comes back with a vengeance. First off, they said she was over when her ratings fell below a million. So now not only are new episodes coming, but her past "Kate Takes NY" had over 1.2 million viewers...Ohh whats that? Kate Gosselin is over because she was "thrown out" of writing a Parentables blog for TLC? uhhh yeah, they were WRONG again, because she just got a new post up. So I see these sites where trolls laugh that fan sites have low comments or how Kate Gosselin is over. But I never failed to notice the important things. Like it's the same 5 people on those blogs coming in with different names. Or that once they realized how wrong they were they never bring up their comments again. I used to think those other sites were horrible and now I just see them as a sad example of sad people who need to move on attacking a celebrity for all that they have and concentrate on their own lives. It's been 3 years now that they have spewed the same tired statements. It's just different fake names, all from the same person. I'm so happy to say that my site continues to grow in a positive direction, and as always is 100% sock free UNLIKETHEMTHANKYOUVERYMUCH. xoxo BM

Kate Gosselin takes Twitter Fan Questions Today For An Upcoming Episode

Who lately has been more busy than Kate Gosselin? Multiple media appearances and it appears & working this weekend. Kate discussed online a Twitter session from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. today where she was collecting Twitter questions for a future episode. Did you ask her one? Did she respond? We know Kate is on an media push to increase the ratings for “Kate Plus 8.” The ratings were well over a million last week. Hopefully, the trend will continue, what do you think are other ways that Kate can get out there and drum up new viewership? Are you excited about the new episodes coming up?

Is Kate Gosselin Obligated To Help Tornado Victims? Or..Are Haters Delusional?

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@ @sarahjoyce1992 Just@pm.Has top&bottom&doesn't=we argue.I tell her Sunday she WILL care@str teeth&I'm not paying4round2 if doesn't wear ret

People that dislike Kate will literally scour her Tweets now daily to find something to attack her on. First it's a general comment Kate made about not paying for another set of braces for Mady "How dare she tan if her child will need new braces!!" And now recently a comment about Kate feeling bad that she cannot personally help every natural disaster including the recent devastating tornadoes in MO. Now being a parent myself I agree with Kate 100% on the braces issues. If Mady isn't taking care of them then I would not go out and fund another and would be just as frustrated about it. But here we have nasty mentally unstable idiots that are taking her comments so literal and trying to use them against her to attack her credibility.

huntsvillewriteJohn Hampton
@Kateplusmy8 have you thought about helping the victims of this years tornadoes
1 hour ago 

@Kateplusmy8Kate Gosselin@huntsvillewrite Omg wld luv2help!don't hav resources2go(altho wishIcould&would)&don't hav$ 2helpall disas(wish I could&wld) prayr I can do

Here is one of those statements where I cringe because I know how these people not only live on hate blogs but follow her twitter day and night. So you know a statement like this will be completely taken out of context. While it's always wonderful to donate to those in need, I think Kate was talking about not being able to do more for the victims of the tornadoes. Now where does it say that because she is who she is she is morally and financially obligated to help anyone. While even if she did, how is it any one's business anyway? See these are the things that piss me off about those people? Why exactly aren't YOU helping the tornado victims? Why are you more than happy to attack Kate over it, when she has done whatever charitable contributions she feels she can do in the past but you STILL attacked her for it? FYI I used my text and donated. Stop worrying about what shes doing and start doing something yourselves. Obsessing over attacking Kate Gosselin is not xoxo

New Episodes Coming Up! What Would You Like To See?

I'm super excited that we have new Kate Plus 8 episodes coming up. What would you like to see? Do you think the ratings will stay strong? I would love to hear what you think.