Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gosselin Tree Unveiled! Kate's Knee Injury Prevents Her From Running, Jon Tweets About The Kids

Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (Shares Her Tale of Tummy-Bug Woe)

kateplus8tree 225x300 Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (And Shares Her Tale of Tummy Bug Woe) Here's hoping the Gosselins recover quickly enough to enjoy this beautiful tree. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Kate Gosselin‘s house. She proudly posted a picture of their tree on Twitter yesterday – a handsome pine aglow with white lights and an angel on top. She also set the record straight to followers who thought she might have had some outside help in her holiday preparations. “Do some people actually pay ppl to do their decorating?” she tweeted. “Unheard of here! Took us all day :(” Nor is the tree Rockefeller Center-sized, in case you were wondering. Kate, who bought it from a local nursery, describes it as “Tall enough, yet small enough that I didnt have to use the mop to put the angel on top – just a step stool, lol.”

But even famous reality-show moms are still moms, subject to the same kid-disasters as the rest of us. And as any mom knows, those disasters usually happen at the worst possible moment. Kate tweeted yesterday evening that she “had a vomiting child to clean up…Again!” When one of her octet said “No, thank you” to dinner, Kate had a feeling that something was up. And her motherly instincts were right. The appetite-less child – she hasn’t said which one it is – started upchucking soon after that and running a fever. “Yep, tis the season2 clean up vomit!” she joked. “If it hits all, wish me luck!” At last report, a second little Gosselin was down with the bug as well. Kate’s relying on an “old time trick” to get the germs out: turning off the heat, opening windows and bundling the children up. Here’s hoping it helps. Not even the most die-hard Kate-hater would wish an eight-fold round of stomach flu on her.

Kate Gosselin Knee Pain Preventing Her From Running:

Kate Gosselin is itching to get running again but she is still having some pain in her left knee after completing her first marathon last Sunday. Although she is an avid runner, this marathon kicked her butt a bit. She did have a really fun time—and is already looking forward to the next big race—but she is still sore from pushing her body.
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When asked how she was feeling, Kate tweeted "better every day. Itching to run but left knee still says 'no.'" This has to be really frustrating for the mom of eight, who runs nearly everyday near her home in Pennsylvania. Hopefully a little rest and maybe some icing will have her back in tip-top shape very soon.

As far as her next marathon goes, Kate has suggested that it will be within the next six months. She is excited to give it another go, this time with less nerves, and she is super motivated to beat her time. Once her knee feels better, she will be back at it, and ready to prep for marathon #2!

Jon Gosselin Tweets About The Kids.. What Do You Think?
Jon Gosselin
Good morning! I'm so proud of my kids today! I watched them at their Winter Concert this AM. They did great. Have a great day and weekend!
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