Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kate Chats With Police, Damaging Jon Gosselin Audio

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I'm doing this post tonight because I hope to sleep all Sunday. Of course I won't, but I can dream can't I? Between a reckless midnight trip to the stores, a long party at a hotel and a turkey that almost wasn't, I have been a very busy girl. I promised my kids I would also decorate the tree on Sunday..So you could see why I want nothing more that to hide under the covers and perhaps sneak in a blog or two ;)

So when we last left Jon & Kate..Kate entertained her good friends, bodyguard Steve Neild and his wife Gina, for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. It was Kate's first major holiday since her split from Jon. Kate's screwball ex, Jon, ('s words, not mine) had wanted fans to believe he was going to his grandmother's for turkey day but his on-again/off-again girlfriend Hailey Glassman ratted him out on Twitter. Seems Jon was really off snowboarding with a buddy! The TLC Jon and Kate Plus 8 series finale garnered a strong 4.3 million audience last Monday. The one hour episode put together the last bits of film it had on the family. A twitter rage broke out aimed at Jon Gosselin for ending the show. The Gosselin divorce is moving ahead rapidly. All their assets should be split by December 21, with the marriage officially over by December 31.

Kate Gosselin talks to police before Jon begins daddy duty at the mansion:

Kate Gosselin is seen having a brief conversation with officers in a police cruiser, as she runs errands in her Toyota SUV. Jon is schedule to resume daddy duty of their eight children soon. There has been great speculation about where Jon spent his Thanksgiving weekend. No pictures have emerged. Jon himself told x17 videographers that he would be spending it with his Grandma, but Hailey Glassman called him a liar on her twitter and divulged he was skiing in Utah. It gets worse, Kate Major then tweets that the father is likely getting high on his holidays. It seems all of Jon's ex-girlfriends, except Deanna Hummel, have banded together to denounce the still married father of eight. Not satisfied with their tearful TV tours to get revenge, they have resorted to tweeting on his activities.

With both Stephanie Santoro and now Kate Major mentioning Jon's alleged drug use, Jon may be very concerned about what soon to be ex-wife Kate Gosselin was saying to the police officers. Jon's ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was charged with drug offenses in her college days.

Did Jon Gosselin Claim On Audio He Pimped His Kids? ABC

Here's one thing Jon Gosselin's probably not thankful for this year: audio recording devices. The "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad has been caught saying some pretty damning things about his children and TLC, the network that aired his reality series, courtesy of taped phone calls recorded and released to Radar Online by Michael Lohan, who has apparently decided that his new friends are worthy of the same taping treatment he gives his starlet daughter, Lindsay, and his ex-wife, Dina. "I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet, and they never got paid for it?" Gosselin said in the recording, spouting off about TLC allegedly profiting off his family. "It's disgusting."

Gosselin goes on to explain how TLC "scare tactic"-ed him into an exclusivity clause in his contract with the network. TLC is suing Gosselin for breaching that contract. He also claims the network stole money owed to his child. "They tried to scare tactic me," he said. "Why the f**k should they get paid and not my kids?"

"And I see now they know that I know," Gosselin said. "That they took money from People [magazine], they took money from Good Housekeeping. They struck side deals and none of that money went to my kids. To leak that to the public? Oh my god, Michael, can you imagine? They'd be so f**ked. Their stock would tank. That they stole from eight kids." Gosselin's rants continue for almost four minutes. "They never say the good things," he said, lambasting the media. "Never, because the good things don't sell. I've learned. I'm not stupid."

Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Heller, said he has no comment at this time. "I'm not even going to dignify this with a comment," TLC senior vice president Laurie Goldberg said. Lohan said he recorded his conversations with Gosselin several months ago because the two were talking about putting together a reality show, "The Divorced Dads Club," and he was afraid Gosselin would cut him out of the development deal. "When someone makes me believe they were lying or something was going to happen, I tape their conversations," he told ABC News.

The leaked conversation comes on the heels of the news that his divorce from his estranged wife, Kate Gosselin, may finally be finite. Gosselin offered the mother of his children a bouquet of red roses at their divorce arbitration hearing over the weekend, according to The Associated Press. She refused them. But, despite that, the session went so swimmingly that their divorce could be finalized by the end of the year, Gosselin's attorney told the AP.

Gosselin's been on an "I'm sorry" spree of late. In New York City earlier this month, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad told a crowd of media, fans and critics that he's cooling things off with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. "We decided not to take a break, just slow things down, until I get through my divorce and I know everything is settled and OK," Gosselin said. "I don't want another failure in my relationships. I don't want to make the same mistakes I made with Kate, with Hailey. I would just be repeating the pattern over again." Gosselin added that he and Glassman, the daughter of Kate Gosselin's plastic surgeon, "should never have gone to France" earlier this year. "Half the stuff I've done, if I look at my moral compass, I shouldn't have done," Gosselin said. "I know that but I did it anyway. It's like fame canceled out conviction."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mourning The Loss Of Jon & Kate Plus 8: Its a Crazy Life, But Its Our Life , Assets Divided By December

Why We're Sorry to See 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Go :

As Jon & Kate Plus 8 wraps up its final season, it's strange to think of the Gosselin family no longer coming into our living room. From the adorable twins and sextuplets -- Mady, Cara, Joel, Collin, Aaden, Leah, Alexis and Hannah -- to the love/hate relationship we have with parents Kate and Jon, this oversized brood has been a part of our lives since the family first appeared on TLC on May 14, 2006. We'll miss the cute kid moments ("The boys did it!") and one-liners ("Hannah pooped in Hannah's underwears.") We'll miss Kate's blow-ups (screaming "What is the rule about receipts?" after Jon didn't -- gasp! -- use a coupon) and her tender scenes (Alexis saying an adorably sweet "Hi, Mommy" after Kate returned home from getting a tummy tuck). We'll miss Jon's funny exchanges with the kids ("Did you pongu in there?"). And, of course, we'll also miss the fact that the Gosselins have provided us with endless fodder for us to gossip about.

Though we've loved them from the beginning, we first really started talking about the Gosselins when rumors started that Jon was cheating on Kate. Then Kate went on the Today show to talk about the affair accusations. She told PEOPLE magazine that she and Jon might split. And suddenly Jon got a new girlfriend -- the younger Hailey Glassman. In the midst of all the relationship drama, Jon and Kate were investigated for a child labor complaint. Suddenly, their lives seemed more like a soap opera than a heartwarming family show.

On June 22, TLC announced that Jon and Kate were making a major announcement. That night we watched the couple sit on their interview couch and tell us they were splitting up. The same day the episode aired, the couple filed for divorce. Kate stayed strong in the midst of it all: Admist rumors that Kate would get her own talk show (while we had some helpful suggestions other reality shows Jon should join), she was a guest host on The View, where she showed off a hot, new do. She even mocked herself on The Jay Leno Show. When TLC announced that the show would start being called Kate Plus 8, Jon forbade the cameras from filming his kids. TLC sued Jon and Jon sued back. And the lack of fresh footage forced TLC to bring the series to an end. Now, as we gear up for the sure-to-be-tear-filled series finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8, we remember the kids' cutest moments. After all, through the Gosselin family's ups and downs and tabloid coverage, those "eight little faces" are the heart of the show and the reason we'll miss watching it on TV each week.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 series finale will air on TLC tonight at 9 p.m.

Jon and Kate Financial Assets To Be Divided By December 21:

A divorce arbitrator will divide Jon and Kate's financial assets by December 21, has learned exclusively. That timetable makes it likely that the couple's divorce can be finalized by the end of this year, as Jon's lawyer Mark Heller told previously.

Jon and Kate spent much of Saturday, November 21 with an arbitrator who went though the marital property line by line. Many - but not all - decisions about who gets what were made and the arbitrator will resolve the outstanding economic issues with a ruling by December 21, a source close to the situation told Things got off to a rocky start when Heller showed up 45 minutes late with several shopping bags full of documents, learned.

And as we previously reported Jon brought roses for Kate in a publicity stunt to try to further Team Jon's characterization of the divorce as the War of the Roses. Kate did not accept the roses and a source familiar with the situation told, "She was disgusted by Jon's actions. She sees right through him. "He told the press he brought the flowers as a peace offering but Kate knows he just did it for attention. You can't go on TV and say you despise someone and then bring them roses. Kate is keeping her focus on pushing this divorce through as fast as possible." Kate had hoped to keep Saturday's meeting out of the spotlight and avoid a sideshow to what has been a painful and public divorce for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star.

When the couple's finances are decided by the arbitrator's ruling Jon will be looking at some potentially hefty legal bills coming out of his share. TLC is suing him for breach of contract and seeking a preliminary injunction against him. examined the court docket and there are proceedings scheduled past the first six months of next year. If TLC is awarded damages against Jon, he could see his share of the marital assets disappear with record speed. Watch And Discuss "Its a Crazy Life, But Its Our Life" Series Finale HERE!