Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kate Chats With Police, Damaging Jon Gosselin Audio

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I'm doing this post tonight because I hope to sleep all Sunday. Of course I won't, but I can dream can't I? Between a reckless midnight trip to the stores, a long party at a hotel and a turkey that almost wasn't, I have been a very busy girl. I promised my kids I would also decorate the tree on Sunday..So you could see why I want nothing more that to hide under the covers and perhaps sneak in a blog or two ;)

So when we last left Jon & Kate..Kate entertained her good friends, bodyguard Steve Neild and his wife Gina, for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. It was Kate's first major holiday since her split from Jon. Kate's screwball ex, Jon, ('s words, not mine) had wanted fans to believe he was going to his grandmother's for turkey day but his on-again/off-again girlfriend Hailey Glassman ratted him out on Twitter. Seems Jon was really off snowboarding with a buddy! The TLC Jon and Kate Plus 8 series finale garnered a strong 4.3 million audience last Monday. The one hour episode put together the last bits of film it had on the family. A twitter rage broke out aimed at Jon Gosselin for ending the show. The Gosselin divorce is moving ahead rapidly. All their assets should be split by December 21, with the marriage officially over by December 31.

Kate Gosselin talks to police before Jon begins daddy duty at the mansion:

Kate Gosselin is seen having a brief conversation with officers in a police cruiser, as she runs errands in her Toyota SUV. Jon is schedule to resume daddy duty of their eight children soon. There has been great speculation about where Jon spent his Thanksgiving weekend. No pictures have emerged. Jon himself told x17 videographers that he would be spending it with his Grandma, but Hailey Glassman called him a liar on her twitter and divulged he was skiing in Utah. It gets worse, Kate Major then tweets that the father is likely getting high on his holidays. It seems all of Jon's ex-girlfriends, except Deanna Hummel, have banded together to denounce the still married father of eight. Not satisfied with their tearful TV tours to get revenge, they have resorted to tweeting on his activities.

With both Stephanie Santoro and now Kate Major mentioning Jon's alleged drug use, Jon may be very concerned about what soon to be ex-wife Kate Gosselin was saying to the police officers. Jon's ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was charged with drug offenses in her college days.

Did Jon Gosselin Claim On Audio He Pimped His Kids? ABC

Here's one thing Jon Gosselin's probably not thankful for this year: audio recording devices. The "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad has been caught saying some pretty damning things about his children and TLC, the network that aired his reality series, courtesy of taped phone calls recorded and released to Radar Online by Michael Lohan, who has apparently decided that his new friends are worthy of the same taping treatment he gives his starlet daughter, Lindsay, and his ex-wife, Dina. "I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet, and they never got paid for it?" Gosselin said in the recording, spouting off about TLC allegedly profiting off his family. "It's disgusting."

Gosselin goes on to explain how TLC "scare tactic"-ed him into an exclusivity clause in his contract with the network. TLC is suing Gosselin for breaching that contract. He also claims the network stole money owed to his child. "They tried to scare tactic me," he said. "Why the f**k should they get paid and not my kids?"

"And I see now they know that I know," Gosselin said. "That they took money from People [magazine], they took money from Good Housekeeping. They struck side deals and none of that money went to my kids. To leak that to the public? Oh my god, Michael, can you imagine? They'd be so f**ked. Their stock would tank. That they stole from eight kids." Gosselin's rants continue for almost four minutes. "They never say the good things," he said, lambasting the media. "Never, because the good things don't sell. I've learned. I'm not stupid."

Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Heller, said he has no comment at this time. "I'm not even going to dignify this with a comment," TLC senior vice president Laurie Goldberg said. Lohan said he recorded his conversations with Gosselin several months ago because the two were talking about putting together a reality show, "The Divorced Dads Club," and he was afraid Gosselin would cut him out of the development deal. "When someone makes me believe they were lying or something was going to happen, I tape their conversations," he told ABC News.

The leaked conversation comes on the heels of the news that his divorce from his estranged wife, Kate Gosselin, may finally be finite. Gosselin offered the mother of his children a bouquet of red roses at their divorce arbitration hearing over the weekend, according to The Associated Press. She refused them. But, despite that, the session went so swimmingly that their divorce could be finalized by the end of the year, Gosselin's attorney told the AP.

Gosselin's been on an "I'm sorry" spree of late. In New York City earlier this month, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad told a crowd of media, fans and critics that he's cooling things off with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. "We decided not to take a break, just slow things down, until I get through my divorce and I know everything is settled and OK," Gosselin said. "I don't want another failure in my relationships. I don't want to make the same mistakes I made with Kate, with Hailey. I would just be repeating the pattern over again." Gosselin added that he and Glassman, the daughter of Kate Gosselin's plastic surgeon, "should never have gone to France" earlier this year. "Half the stuff I've done, if I look at my moral compass, I shouldn't have done," Gosselin said. "I know that but I did it anyway. It's like fame canceled out conviction."


  1. Was anyone else surprised to hear JOn use the F-Bomb like 20 times??I know I was!Kate doesn't look so happy, maybe because know there is not a show.

  2. Jon got home on Saturday from wherever he spent Thanksgiving. X-17 has photos, again made by the paparazzi. Is it as cold in PA as it is in NC? Jon's in the yard with the kids wearing a heavy shearling coat and toboggan. The kids have on sweatshirts and Mady's out in a shortsleeved t-shirt. Gosh it made me feel cold just looking at the kids.
    Here's the link:

  3. What do you think is going on with her and the cop? What do you think their talking about? Im thinking the paparazzi, they seemed way to close for comfort while she was getting coffee.

  4. Linda said...
    Is it as cold in PA as it is in NC? Jon's in the yard with the kids wearing a heavy shearling coat and toboggan. The kids have on sweatshirts and Mady's out in a shortsleeved t-shirt. Gosh it made me feel cold just looking at the kids.

    Honestly, I've seen so many pics where the kids are not dressed appropriately for the weather. I've seen Kate wearing a jacket and her kids were wearing t-shirts and tanks. Jon too, wearing a thick sweatshirt and the kids in t-shirts.

    The "Passports to Nowhere" footage had both parents in jackets and the kids in t-shirts and the tup girls wearing summer dresses with white open sandals. And that was "supposedly" in February. That really made me wonder when those scenes were actually shot. No one wears white open sandals in PA in February. The woman at the AAA place was also wearing flip-flop sandals.

    I don't know, maybe some of the kids aren't as cold as the others. I know my one daughter doesn't get as cold and can just wear a long sleeve t-shirt when I feel I need a sweater (she takes after my husband), but a short sleeve t-shirt when everyone else is wearing jackets? Just strange how the kids are dressed inappropriately for the weather in many of the pics I see online, and that's when they are with either parent, not just one in particular.

    But it's going up to almost 60 degrees today here and in Reading so the weather has been nice lately. Yesterday it was about 50 degrees. Not sure when the pics were taken.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving weekend all! Sorry I have MIA but work, kids and PTO have been dominating my time! Just catching up and finally got to watch the finale in the wee hours of the morning the other night(along with DWTS- GO DONNY!) Sad but glad TLC decided to air the last episode in that manner. It showed what the kids were going through and Kate too. I cringed for Maddy that they put her comment about mommy being more fun on the air, but at the same time was glad that it's forever documented how impatiently Jon treats the children and how at this time his kids feel about him.

    I think Jon is lucky that Kate didn't try to do permanent damage with those roses to Jon's anatomy. (I would've)

    His phone call with Michael Lohan is very damaging, he really dug a hole with that one. Nice people he's trusting in his life, huh?

    And wow, Twitter has become a force to be reckoned with! If they are going to complain about Jon, I guess I'd rather it be on twitter and not crying on my TV. I think it's fantastic that they are all selling him out now. He's never had a problem doing it to other people. Karma's a bitch buddy boy.

  6. "With both Stephanie Santoro and now Kate Major mentioning Jon's alleged drug use, Jon may be very concerned about what soon to be ex-wife Kate Gosselin was saying to the police officers. Jon's ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was charged with drug offenses in her college days."

    Talk about speculation. Kate's speaking to a random police officer in the middle of the street. I think if she was concerned about Jon doing drugs while with the children she would speak to someone in the court system or her attorney. I just find it so annoying when people try to add stuff to stories in the news to make it more interesting.

    As for where Jon was on Thanksgiving, it is odd that no pics are out yet. Maybe he really did throw them all off with his "grandma" story.

    I do wonder if Jon and Hailey are still in touch. How would she know he was Utah? And if they are still talking why would she twitter it? Just odd. I think she needs to move on with her life. Why keep twittering about Jon if she's done with him? I think it just makes her look bad. She twittered him again with some song lyrics (I didn't listen to it so I don't know what it's about). I know she's young and all but she's acting very immature, like she wants to keep the drama going. I feel bad for her. It seems like she wants the attention still.

  7. Hey SchmeckyGirl - Thanks for the update on the weather. I agree on the inappropriateness of dress for the kids, sometimes with both parents. Supposedly the photos were done on Saturday but who knows. It just made me feel cold looking at them.

  8. I love my kids. But, I don't know about the rest of you-I'm so ready for them to back to school, lol. I just opened the laundry chute and my goodness there has to be a dozen loads of clothes. Arggh. I think instead of putting away things on Friday, they just shoved them in the chute. Does anybody else have their kids do wacky things like that? I took a look into their rooms and wanted to scream. As I was throwing toys down the steps to go back to the play room I kept thinking back to the recent episode of Kaye throwing down stuff from the twins rooms. I'm hoping I can catch up tomorrow during school. Oh well.

  9. LOL Linda. I'm not at that point yet with my girls but I admit I love when they both play for hours in their playroom together.

    I think I gasped out loud when Kate threw the little highchair down the stairs. Stuffed animals maybe but not breakables. I have baskets that I leave on each level of my house to carry their toys back where they belong. You should check out my blog post on how I catalog and store their playroom toys. I'm anal. Lol.

  10. I wonder if Kate was talking with the police to throw the paparazzi off, now they can waste their time worrying about what she was saying. On a humorous note, maybe she was reporting her breasts stolen.(lol)Tonight on the TV was bash Jon night, they were pretty much playing stuff from all of his antics: Nancy Grace interviews, court dramas, GMA interview and calling him a fame addict and that he has Narcissistic personality disorder. Nothing new, I wonder what is behind that. I only even listened because I thought there was going to be something new to say, but there wasn't. I hope they tell us what Kate's new show is going to be about. A divorced moms' club would be cool, but under a different premise than Michael Lohan's idea.

  11. It appears from Hailey's latest tweet that Jon's 'buddy' may have been another woman? Her FURB tweet might simply be another 'publicity thing' (maybe they WERE together for Thanksgiving and that's why no pics?) but jeez - Jon can't possibly think that kind of crap is good for any future TV dealings? (And if he's not with her - tweets like this one should give him a clue to drop her like a hot potato if he hopes to EVER do something as a public figure?) I would think most advertisers (excluding maybe some R rated cable channels) would NOT be interested in connecting themselves with a guy who's girlfriend sporadically throws out the f-bomb to him (let alone his own comments as of late) or decides to tell the world she thinks he sucks in bed! The execs surely see him as a loose cannon and NOT the brightest light in the light bright box?!

    Yeah, I'm sure Kate can hardly wait for Jon to introduce Hailey to the kids *said while rolling my eyes*. Then again - maybe at the time the final episode was filmed (with Kate's comments about not worrying about 'that' relationship) that she may have some info that things actually are falliing apart with Jon and Hailey? Who knows.

    The one photo of Jon and Kate together, however, bothers me. It is posted as taken during a time where Jon and Kate were supposedly NOT speaking to each other, etc - yet she is in cognito (long blonde wig on) standing at her car at the house - and it APPEARS that she and Jon are laughing and talking?? What's up with THAT?

    Sorry I wasn't aroung during Thanksgiving - had the whole family and close friends travel here for the holiday - so I was a busy girl! It was an amazingly wonderful day - and I hope it was a great day for all of you, too!

  12. Hello everyone, I hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

    It's kind of sad today, it'll be the first Monday with no Jon and Kate Plus 8. I suppose the reruns are still on but it isn't the same. Even if they were on hiatus or between seasons, we always knew they would eventually be back. This time is so different. :(

    That said, it looks like there will be plenty about them in the tabloids to keep us busy for the next while.

    Jk8fan, I was actually not surprised to hear all the f-bombs Jon threw around on that recorded convo. The way he has been acting lately, it is no surprise that that is the kind of person he's become. Maybe it's not fair of me to say this, but he doesn't sound like the christian, moral man he once proclaimed to be. I think Hollywood has really gotten to him and he's learning it the hard way.

    On the subject of him and Haylie and twitter, the whole thing is odd indeed! One minute she is crying that her life is not her own anymore and she needs to just take her life back and that he abuses her, the next he says they are not on a break, just taking things slow and then it is written that the whole thing was cooked up by Jon and that they are putting on a show between the two of them and finally, she's bad mouthing him on twitter. Personally, I think they're both strange and screwed up and deserve each other. I also agree that Haylie is trying to stay in the spotlight instead of being thankful that she was almost forgotten about.

  13. Good morning everyone!
    I forgot if I welcomed back SchmeckyGirl, so if I didn't welcome back, you were missed! Just wanted to jump start the blog a little bit. The trolls are telling everyone that fans of the show have all locked themselves in dark closets and cried a river of tears now that there is nothing to watch on Monday nights..Now beteen this show and Dancing With The Stars gone, it's seriously gonna suck now. One could only hope the flurry of Holiday shows that have started call fill the time. I'm already bored of Cake Boss.. A fun idea, but not something I'm interested in weekly.

    Someone on another blog must literally hiding behind Kates bushes, as shes stating Kate has already left for a day of errands with Cara. As you remember they do take one child to go out with them to spend some quality time when she is running around. Don't think Jon does it anymore..

    Hailey is off on another Jon Twittering attack, Jon must be busy pitching another reality show somewhere. I thought he was home dancing for the paps by the barn?

  14. Hope- I have not seen this picture of Jon and Kate with Kate in cognito...I would like to see it though, do you remember what site you saw it on?

    I am also surprised that there are no pictures of Jon in Utah or at his gmoms house. I thought I read something a couple weeks before Thanksgiving that Jon was going to spend a couple hours together with his kids during Thanksgiving/Christmas. I am not a fan of Jon right now but I would hate if Kate had told the kids Jon was coming and then he canceled. He is such a disappointment!! Like Kate- I hope one day he can snap back to his old self and be a good father for his kids and be somewhat friendly with Kate.

  15. Hi ladies! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!

    Another Mom- I also was thinking about not having a new episode to watch tonight. It's a little upsetting! I can't really remember a time that I wasn't watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday nights, unless I was on vacation or something. It's just so sad to think that it's all over for good now!

    It was definitely a little strange that Hailey knew were Jon was for Thanksgiving if they are supposedly "taking a break". I guess Jon did a good job of throwing the paps. off by saying he was going to his Grandma's, since there aren't any pictures out. I agree that Hailey should just move on. She has been saying that she wants Jon to "let her go". Well here is her chance! It makes me wonder why she feels like she should keep associating herself with him. Hmmmmm.....

    What are we all going to do tonight?! (LOL!) I think I might get caught watching Cake Boss. It's just okay, but I think I'll end up watching TLC out of routine. I bet that the Cake Boss ratings will go up, now that they are taking Jon and Kate Plus 8's time slot. Enjoy your evening everyone!

  16. Hope, where did you get all the info about Hailey saying all that stuff? Haven't heard about it yet and I don't have twitter.

  17. SchemckyGirl, I believe the passports to nowhere was taped on Mothers day. That might explain the clothing for the time.

    The Examiner is a user submitted news site. I wouldn't take anything written on there seriously. If there was any real concerns about drug use, one would think a parking lot wouldn't be the place to report it.

    BabyMama, Jon takes them on outings too...

    Allison, these are the pictures being refered to:
    One obvious thing wrong with the picture is that Kate drives a Toyota Land Cruisier and that is a Volvo XC90. I think you're really grasping at straws there with Thanksgiving tale.

    This Hailey relationship is getting weirder and weirder by the day. Who really cares where Jon goes for Thanksgiving? She seems quite bitter and is acting like a High School girl who just got dumped. Maybe Jon will find someone to settle down with and have a positive effect on his life. Possibly her?

  18. seems like everyone is bashing jon but, hates when kate is trashed. I am not a lover or hater of either. Maybe she drove him to it.

  19. I am fixing to watch Little People Big world and then I have some extra chores set up for myself to distract myself from not watching the Eight. We had a nice dinner at the a vietmanese restaurant where they served on square plates and I thought of the meal that Jon and Kate had out on their date night on a rerun that I saw recently. I know it's silly.

  20. I do not think that is Kate as it is not her car. I think it is another woman with long blond hair in a different car.

  21. Wow! That pic of "Kate incognito" is freaky! That's her hat, pants and shoes/scuffs and definitely looks like her face with fake hair. The car is different though... Could it be a rental or loaner? And why do they both look "happy" interacting? Who else could it be? Totally freaky. I'd love to know the answer to that. It doesn't look like Jamie either.

  22. So, Mosbius Designs posted this link and I was curious so I went to look at it:

    I guess the author of this blog is friends with Jon? The woman in the photo certainly is pretty.

  23. It could be anyone, a babysitter, whoever, with blond hair. Her hat, pants, shoes/scuffs? I have seen tons of people with those hats. Could it be a rental or a loaner? Freaky? Talk about speculation...Yikes,

  24. That "incognito" picture is old and I don't believe it is Kate at all.

    momof2minnesota, I can respect it when you say you don't hate either Jon or Kate. But I take exception to your comment "maybe she drove him to it." Jon is an adult and is responsible for his own actions just as Kate is responsible for hers. I do believe that BOTH Kate and Jon are responsible for the break down of the marriage.

    But Jon is solely responsible for his choices since then. It is not Kate's "fault" or responsibility that he has dated a series of 20 something women, has taken up smoking around the kids, and chosen to hang out with the likes of Lohan and the Hellers with the subsequent bad decisions.

    I would also say Kate is solely responsible for her actions. She is responsible for the speeding ticket and water bill issues, and responsible for going on tv about the money Jon withdrew.

    Honestly, I don't think it reflects hate to have an honest discussion about their actions. If people disagree with the way either of them allow the kids to dress to go outside this time of year, I don't think of that as bashing. If there is honest disagreement about how either parent handles a situation with kids that we have witnessed, that isn't bashing or hate.

    I do consider going on and on about someone's (usually it is Kate's) hair, clothing, body shape as bashing and reflective of hate.

  25. 3KMOM – I ‘follow’ Hailey on my twitter – so that’s how I see what she posts on there. Lots of her posts include links to youtube videos (the one I referred to was called FURB – you can search that on youtube and see the video if you want – I hesitated to post it – and WARN EVERYONE – DO NOT PLAY IT WITH YOUR KIDDOS AROUND!!)

    Rita - I think you have it a little backwards – Hailey constantly said that Jon ‘Wouldn’t just let her go” - that he would call her crying, etc....

    Allison – the photo is on – you can see it here: The thing that bothers me is that during this time in October – it was clearly being portrayed that the two of them weren’t talking – hadn’t seen each other, etc? Something about it just bothers me? That looks like another car I’ve seen there? Maybe the Neild’s? I was hesitant to believe it was Kate at first – but that’s Kate’s posture for sure in the one photo – and if you enlarge it – you call tell in the face it is her.

    Last night was ok for me – seems Comcast has problems with their digital switchover – and guess what? TLC (along with a dozen or more channels to include cartoon network) won’t come through anymore! Guess we have to get some sort of box to unscramble the digital channels? Really stinks, too because with these new ‘boxes’ - the Tivo won’t work anymore (box makes it a single tuner only!) -- Picture in picture won’t work either because of that — THANKS COMCAST!

  26. NJMOM said...
    It could be anyone, a babysitter, whoever, with blond hair. Her hat, pants, shoes/scuffs? I have seen tons of people with those hats. Could it be a rental or a loaner? Freaky? Talk about speculation...Yikes,

    What I meant was that it's freaky if it's not her because the person looks a lot like her in the series of pics there, and it's freaky if it is her in disguise with long hair because that's just odd.

    I know it can be "anyone". I know there are tons of people with those hats, as well as the shoes, but in Kate's driveway talking to Jon? And someone that looks A LOT like her? Just weird. As for the car being a rental or loaner, I didn't say that's what I thought it is, but it is a possibility if it WAS her why it was a different car.

    I even thought maybe for a minute it was someone hired to throw the paps off of where Kate is.

    I didn't come to any conclusions in my comment. I really have no opinion as to whether it is her or not because I really can't tell from the pics. I just wonder who it can be, if it is not Kate. I still think the likeness is freaky.

  27. Hope,
    you CAN use Tivo WITH your cable box, you can ALSO use picture in picture in some cases (most cases). You might need a professional to figure out the wiring, but it can be done.
    My ex told me the same thing ("stupid Comcast, can't use Tivo or pic-in-pic") but he was just lazy and technically challenged. I would pretty much die without PIP during baseball season, so I kept asking until I found a way.

  28. Helen said...
    So, Mosbius Designs posted this link and I was curious so I went to look at it:

    I guess the author of this blog is friends with Jon? The woman in the photo certainly is pretty.

    Yes, very pretty. So she's known Jon for 15 years. What is the point of the "mystery" comment? Am I missing something? Was this woman in pics before and people wondered who she was or is her sister trying to create mystery and insinuate people should be wondering about her?

  29. Re: Helen and MosbiusDesigns and the post for

    She says in the article that her sister has been friends with Jon for 15 years. Given the fact that Diamond Head is in the background, I'd guess this photo was made while he was in Hawaii.

  30. Wow those incognito pictures are really strange...this photo if you enlarge it - really looks like Kate. Her mouth and her jaw line match that exactly of Kate..she always has that expression on her face...idk the car isn't hers but it seems like she's always taking her toyota in to be maybe it was a rental? Thanks ladies for sharing the links with me! :)

  31. OMG! Talk about rude. I just watched the FURB video. Haylie posted a new link to it since the original one was removed due to copyright issues. I guess she really wants everyone to see what she thinks of Jon now. Totally weird! What happened to "nomatter what, I'll be there for him, supporting him forever"? Poooor Jon, I guess he lost his soul mate, the one he's loved more than his own wife and mother of his 8 kids.

    And there he was on the last episode almost gleeful that after all was said and done he and Hailey could move on together. I know it was probably taped a long time ago, but I never for one minute imagined Hailey was really, honestly in love with Jon. I have to admit, I did kind of believe her when she cried all over the Insider but ultimately, I never imagined her getting to a point of marriage and family with Jon. I guess he never came through for her on the business end and she figured all his bs was not worth being friends with him anymore but wow, what a turnaround! Not surprisingly, Jon has been very quiet on his twitter.

  32. I looked at the pictures of that have been talked about here at and I don't think that it looks like Kate at all! I think that it must be someone else....

    Hope- Sorry if that was confusing! I just meant that she wanted him to "let her go", but he wouldn't. (With the crying and all that you mentioned)

  33. momof2minnesota - respectfully I say.... that's a tired conversation.

    As for the "incognito" pic, I don't think that's Kate. And Jon is laughing into his cell -- it doesn't look like the two people are laughing together. I'll admit that there is a similarity to Kate but really, there isn't a good enough picture to tell, even when you make it bigger. The posture I'd agree with. And bottom line... this matters because? Maybe I'm missing something.

    With all the garbage that's going on with Tiger Woods, which infuriates me, I believe that these sites are only encouraged by our fascination. When does it end?

  34. Ok, so Kate is taking the time now to pitch several organic shows & deals and growing her hair out...before The Barbara Walters Special..

    What do you think of the new look? Shes growing it out brown, no more spikes and the famous "do".

  35. Baby Mama... Do you know when this Barbra Walters special is going to air?

    I'm also excited to see what Kate will with do with this new do!!

  36. I don't think the "Kate Incognito" picture is Kate at all. The jaw does not look like Kate and why would she be at the house in October when Jon is there it's odd. I do think it might be the blonde lady from the Hawaii picture that was posted earlier.

  37. I just watched the FURB video. Well, I think for her age, that's her way of getting back at Jon. Hailey is young (and pretty immature even for her age), but honestly youngsters these days tend to be very vocal, especially when it comes to the ending of a bad relationship. The fact that she is in the limelight makes it so much more difficult for us to ignore when she airs her "frustrations" online. What I'm trying to say is that she is not acting any different from many youngsters these days, and I just think she's having the "heck it" attitude now, and just wants to go back to her old "wild" lifestyle without having tighten the reins on what she says in public. Now, I'm no Hailey supporter (very much the opposite), and I do think that given the context of the situation, she should be more restrained with her comments. Still, I'd probably give the girl less heat about posting that clip, than if someone older like Jon were to act in this immature manner.

    As for the "incognito" picture of Kate. I seriously doubt that it's her. Sheesh, I wouldn't even be surprised it that person was Hailey hanging out in the drive way because she's not supposed to step in the house. But the point is that in every photo, the face is obscured somehow, and we can know for sure who it is.

    The posture? Well that could be anyone. I'm sure I'd stand with my hands in my pocket if it was cold; or I'd be crouching lower, with one leg lifted off the ground to get out or into the car; or perhaps, I will put a hand on the car door to push it wider. LOL, I think you get my point.

    As for the clothes, I'd like to draw your attention to the shoes. Now Kate is almost always in heels. The one time I saw Kate wearing "ugly brown boots" or was when she brought the kids to the playground. I reckon those were like her hiking shoes. She's in the driveway, dressed up quite nicely.. Why would she be wearing those shoes?! =P

    Looks like Hailey's quite the "single girl" now. Check out her profile pic on twitter!

  38. Schmecky - ITA with your comments about the picture. Really summed up the way I feel about it - just weird and freaky?

    Raemia Kaye - We don't have the 'normal' comcast box - never have. All we have are these new little single tuner things they sent out to folks who had 'regular' cable (with no box in the house). However -- if these are the 'boxes' you are referring to - please let me know how to hook them up!! It will be a Christmas miracle! haha

    As for why the crazy pic 'matters' - to me - if it IS Kate - its just that they were both showing in interviews and comments that they were NOT speaking to each other, that they hadn't SEEN each other, etc? I guess it doesn't really matter.....??

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned here that the court case (originally scheduled for DEC 14) has been moved up to DEC 10? I wonder what that is all about? Did TLC ask for it or Jon's side? Was this a move to try and get some resolution for JON ....BEFORE....the divorce is final?? I would think that if the divorce papers have gone forward for a judge to sign off on - that this court case couldn't impact that - but I could be wrong. Normally, a mediator or magistrate will write up the divorce papers based on the agreements - and then they are sent to a judge to review for legality sake - then sign off on to make it 'official'? That would basically make the terms of the divorce semi-final only pending the judge's signature - but again - I could be wrong (but I sure hope not!)

  39. Baby Mama said...
    What do you think of the new look? Shes growing it out brown, no more spikes and the famous "do".
    I like it both with and without the spikes. I think the "without" look is a little softer. Kate pretty much looks fabulous no matter how she wears her hair. Perhaps this is what generates so much of the hate from those weirdos. Just plain jealousy of her good looks. lol

  40. Well at least we get to see Kate on TV next week as one of Barbara Walters 10 most fascinating people. Does anyone know when this was taped? I'm pretty sure that it was taped weeks ago.

  41. Interesting:
    Kate interview with Barbara Walters gets shown on Wednesday the 9th.
    Jon's first round in court with TLC takes place on the 10th, moved up from the 14th. I'm sure we'll have lots of paparazzi in MD during this. Are they going to allow cameras into court? Has anybody heard?

  42. Baby Mama, since you brought it up... in the two pics of her with Mady I think it looks terrible. It's not as bad in the other pics, it looks like it could grow out nicely. But I also feel that anything she does different has to be better than her famous "do". I really hate that hair style. I do hope she is letting it grow out a bit.

    Do you really think she's letting it go brown? I've seen it like that before when she needs a touch up. I think if she's going to let it go back to brown then she should have it professionaly dyed because the highlights will look horrible growing out. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new hair style will be.

    One thing for sure, it was really nice to see her spending time with Mady and Mady looking happy (although she wasn't in all the pics). I guess she's not miserable since the filming stopped which is nice to know. Also, loved the yellow jacket with the jeans and Wow! flats!

  43. Thanks for the info - I was just curious who the woman was. I think I saw another photo from HI that she was in. The author of that blog certainly makes it seem like she should be of some importance, but maybe she's just trying to generate interest in her clothing line.

  44. Hi BabyMama. Is Kate really going brown or just hasn't had her roots done? I hope she lets it grow longer and softer. I liked the long-hair she had before she had the babies. It's time for her to change the image and be a new, softer Kate. Either way, I am always surprised at what a pretty young lady she is...even is close-ups. She looks great.

  45. Oh my goodness.... Kate's getting a new 'do?!

    I'm sure that whatever she does will be nice. I guess this is really a new page for her. (actually make that a new book!)She's gonna be a new woman! She doesn't have Jon to worry about anymore, there is a new show, the kids are all in school, and she has the new hair to top it off!

  46. Hello everyone! So sorry it took so long to get comments up today! I was at work all day and well, it was a long day! Interesting news from Radar, just don't have time to do a new post now!

    RADAR EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Deposed In Jon Gosselin Lawsuit, Reveals Business Deals
    Posted on Dec 02, 2009 @ 12:40PM

    Jon Gosselin's former best buddy Michael Lohan gave what could be a highly damaging deposition Wednesday morning in TLC's lawsuit against the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, is reporting exclusively. The two-and-a-half hour deposition took place in New York City.

    In an exclusive interview with Lohan after the deposition, he told, "They asked questions regarding my involvement on a business level with Jon Gosselin; deals that were negotiated; transactions that did occur and basically my deal with Michael Heller.

  47. Barbara Walters interviewed her around the time the last show aired. I saw it on my twitter. I think the four day schedule change on the court hearing was just that, a schedule change. I really don't think four dayw will make a difference in the outcome, I think somebody, probably the judge or attorneys wanted to get this off their docket before their holiday vacation. It's just a preliminary hearing and money isn't going to be involved at this point.
    I also got the impression especially with Kate's haircolor that she just hasn't been in for her touchup. Maybe she's been extra busy, tired, depressed, doesn't feel well, beauty shop closed, wants to cut back on finances, etc. I thought she was really pretty with the dark hair in Sextuplets and Twins, of course I loved seeing how happy she was with her wmakeover. I am excited about her Barbara Walters special, but in the meantime, I might go to Youtube and watch Surviving Sextuplets and twins.

  48. SchmeckyGirl!
    ACK! Blame it on the trolls, when I see a troll name we automatically delete it. Your comment got in the crosshairs..Please if you can re-post it, and I promise as usual it will be posted.. So sorry!

  49. Baby Mama I forgot to say Thank you for the welcome back! Although you did welcome me back in the other post. We discussed Disney and if there was anything new. You MUST be tired! Probably the midnight shopping put you over the edge.

  50. tashapork (and whoever else asked):

    I saw a video of Kate on radaronline today. She was leaving the hair salon and it looks like she cut the back and sides shorter but left a huge flap hanging over her left eye. I think the right side was tucked behind her ear. However, her roots up top and the back of her head were still dark and the highlights were still the same. But it wasn't spiked up on the top, so she's changing something! I guess it was just a trim to help during the growing out stage.

    (Baby Mama: Egads! I didn't paste it into Word but I did click copy before I hit Post Comment in case it didn't go through. Good thing I didn't copy and paste anything after it. Or for some of you... bad thing. lol. I can't even IMAGINE all the crap you must have to wade through in the comments. Makes me curious when you say all that stuff about troll comments. lol.)

  51. Today was crazy, b/c the days I work I don't get the time to chat on the computer. I am in thre process of trying to learn to moderate via my phone. You would think I would have technology figured out by now, but I'm still learing how to use my new IPhone toy. I also accidentally deleted the songs on my daughters IPOD and shes screaming, so all this stuff syncing it all together is fustrating.

    No, you had made some really great comment about Kates hair. I forgot what it was though..I will be honest, usually if it's one of my regulars I usually just let the post though if I don't have time to read it. Trolls automatically get deleted, and sometimes by mistake I lose a good post.. So sorry!

  52. Jon Gosselin= longer interested in him.

  53. Thank you Schmeckygirl for giving me a way to keep from losing my posts when I am too lazy to type them into word or I forget. I hate losing them and typing them over. I am glad that Kate got to the beautyshop since she seems to enjoy it, but I wish she could go without a paparazzi escort. I wonder why they are all of the sudden leaving Jon alone much more than they usually do. Maybe they realize he's a has been.

  54. Baby Mama,

    I'm not sure but I think the only other one I posted about her hair is already posted. Above Helen's comment?

    Sorry you're having tech troubles. I wish I could help. I know you can moderate through your email. That's how I always did it. I think? I'm having laptop problems too, that's why I haven't blogged my Disney trip yet. I have over 1,000 pics and videos to upload to my laptop and not enough room... I hope to resolve it soon.

  55. I am REALLY interested to see how this whole court case plays out.....

  56. Tashapork:
    You're welcome! No offense really, but you are cracking me up with your "fixing to" and "beautyshop". Where are you from? Are you a southerner? Sorry OT.

    Maybe all the Tiger stuff took some of the heat off Jon? Or maybe he's laying low because of Hailey's embarrassing tweets? Or maybe he finally decided to do what he should be doing and put his family first and stay out of the limelight? I am looking forward to his court cases though. Hope we get details.

  57. Isnt it amazing in less than a year Jon made so many bad choices.I was reading Radar about the depositions and its just mind boggling how many enemies he has made in a few months.
    He had it all and wasnt happy.

    I dont know what Kate is doing with her hair.She is so pretty it really doesnt matter .

  58. Schmeckygirl, I've lived the first half of my life in Arizona, and have spent the last half in Denver. My grandparents on both sides whom I was always around as a child had used those phases and I guess I picked them up. I know Kate probably goes someplace much more high end and too modern to be called a beautyshop, it's just the first thing I think of.

  59. Hi To All, It's amazing how much you can get done when you stay away from your computer. My fingers are itching to post a few things. About the TLC Lawsuit, allot of posters are commenting that they hope TLC gets a large monetary settlement from Jon. Baby Mama posted the second part of the papers, and I am not sure if anyone read the first section from the Executive Director of Discovery Channel. I think that was his title! Now here is as close as I can get, as to quote what he said.
    The initial damages (att. fees) would be $30,000.00, but to ask for compensation to cover damages to their reputation would be hard to put a dollar figure on. It would be allot, and the Corp. JKIG would in no way be able to pay it. It would be detrimental to the family.(making themselves look good here) They are asking for an injunction to stop Jon from working in the same field (TV). In the contract, it reads that J&K can't work or talk about anything for 6 months after the end date of the contract. That means Jon will not be able to work until approximately Aug. 2010, if TLC wins their case. That's a long time, and don't we all want Jon to have an income? Then the children could also have support. I personally don't think he should be on TV, but then neither should Kate. So should Jon be punished????? What is in the best interest of the children?????

  60. SchmeckyGirl said...
    LOL Linda. I'm not at that point yet with my girls but I admit I love when they both play for hours in their playroom together.

    I think I gasped out loud when Kate threw the little highchair down the stairs. Stuffed animals maybe but not breakables. I have baskets that I leave on each level of my house to carry their toys back where they belong. You should check out my blog post on how I catalog and store their playroom toys. I'm anal. Lol.
    Thanks SchmeckyGirl. I am probably the original anal mother, lol. Everything has a place and I expect it to be put back there or chaos reigns! I have mellowed a bit, lol.

    I don't freak out or melt down any longer if vegetables and spices aren't in alphabetical order on the shelves in the panty, lol. That used to drive my mother nuts when when she came to visit since she thought it was totally unnecessary. For me, it was a big timesaver when the kids were smaller. I could open the pantry door and instantly tell what needed to go on the grocery list. I found a different solution - my hubby does the grocery shopping now and he's allowed to put things on the shelves in whatever order he wants (as long as it goes on the shelves and not the counters.) I hated that job and he actually likes it (I think it's because he thinks he's saving money, lol.)

  61. Everyone does realize they are technically suing Kate too? JKIG - Jon Kate Irene Gosselin, the 'corporate account' that was talked about a month ago.

  62. #1Caregiver,
    Why shouldn't Kate be on TV? She deserves to be if she chooses to and as long as the children's needs are met while she does so I don't see a problem with that.

  63. #1caregiver said...
    .....I personally don't think he should be on TV, but then neither should Kate. So should Jon be punished????? What is in the best interest of the children?????
    I certainly hope that Kate will continue to be on TV! Personally I will watch her in whatever format the network chooses to give her.

    I don't care whether or not Jon is on TV as long as I don't have to look at him (that's what remote controls are for - - click click.)
    However, I really cannot imagine ANY televised job offers to Jon. It would just be far to risky since he doesn't understand even the basics of what a contract means. JMO. What program would want to risk promoting and building a show knowing that at any second he could bail out again? Or wondering if or not he'd even both to show up for filming if it didn't suit his mood?Like I said though, I wish him well and hope he finds something (just as long as I don't have to watch him.)
    I get a huge laugh out of some of the trolls that post on ROL with their attitudes of "I don't want J OR K to ever be on TV again" and "I hate those 2 people and only care about the kids." Duh - if J or K are on TV and you don't want to watch them, then for goodness sake don't watch them!
    Another Duh - If you only care about the kids then you'd better hope at least one of the parents gets employed soon or you can expect them to be supported by somebody.

  64. Linda, you're scaring me. You sound like the husband in Sleeping With The Enemy. lol

    Tashapork, I'm sure beautyshop is still used, just not up here in the east (at least not since 1952?). I like the sound of it. I may bring it back. lol.

    As for Kate or Jon being on TV... I think they both should be allowed to do TV if they want. If they're successful then even better for the children. I don't think it's right for TLC to allow one if they don't allow the other.

    Yes, I can understand if TLC doesn't want Jon to discuss anything having to do with the J&K8 show while under contract, but that would be just one restriction on his TV work. Kate had an opportunity to cohost The View. Why not give Jon the same opportunity if it presents itself?

    I read (not sure how true it is) that Jon had a few offers to do some more reputable stuff on TV but TLC put a stop to it. Maybe that's why he was limited to speaking to the paparazzi and doing shows like The Insider. I do feel that TLC (or its mother companies) is powerful enough to put a stop to certain TV opportunities for Jon.

    I also read (not sure how true it is) that TLC had contacted certain websites and news media outlets asking them not to print or discuss certain things. Really, who knows, if they pay enough they could very well control what is published. It IS possible. And I would not be surprised if it is true.

    This may print 62 times because I had some trouble posting it. Sorry!

  65. MosbiusDesigns said...
    Everyone does realize they are technically suing Kate too? JKIG - Jon Kate Irene Gosselin, the 'corporate account' that was talked about a month ago.

    Yeah, I don't really understand that myself and why Kate seems okay with it. If she's a "contract honorer" then she should complain if TLC is suing her company. I would think that if they take half the money the remaining half would be split between Jon and Kate so she would lose 25% of her share. Am I totally off?

    I think maybe TLC did the lawsuit to "scare tactic" (LOL) Jon. Maybe? Whatever the reason or outcome, it sure is interesting. I still can't believe Jon and Kate Plus 8 the tv show about a family with multiples has to come to this! Wow.

  66. MosbiusDesigns said...
    Everyone does realize they are technically suing Kate too? JKIG - Jon Kate Irene Gosselin, the 'corporate account' that was talked about a month ago.
    Actually the Defendants are:
    The JKIG INC in California was the corporation that was initially set up so that their reps in CA could proceed and make decisions. Yes, J&K are both part of that corporation.

    I believe their corporation was sued because in addition to both Jon and Kate's individual signatures on the contract, payments were to go to JKIG INC.

    I think that TLC can demand (should they win the breach of contract lawsuit) that Jon and JKIG INC. could both be asked to repay the money (and yes, that would come from Kate also.) OR, TLC could decide that JKIG is only reponsible for repaying the portion that Jon would receive.

    Also a yes that Kate was very concerned about the lawsuit because of the corporation's liability.

    Really a bummer that you both get sued when only one of you was contracturally failing to meet obligations.

    Hopefully by the time of the court date (April 2010) Kate will already be earning an income from a different TLC program.

  67. lucysmom said...
    Why shouldn't Kate be on TV? She deserves to be if she chooses to and as long as the children's needs are met while she does so I don't see a problem with that.

    I agree. (I also think the same goes for Jon.)

    I do wonder though if Kate does a traveling organic food show if she will be home enough with the children. She was away a lot when she was traveling for the book signings. At that time Jon was with the children so they at least had one parent with them. Hopefully her traveling will be scheduled when Jon has the children and vice versa. Now that the children have their parents 50% less they need them home even more.

  68. Completely off topic here but wanted to remind my blogging friends that you need to check and see if you have reward points on your bank cards and credit cards. Like airline points, many of them expire every Dec. 31st if you don't use them. I almost forgot them this year. Just checked and with hubby's points, my points, and joint account points we had enough to get bunches of gift cards for iTunes, restaurants, Walmart, Target, two iPod touches, a camera, golf balls, and lots more. That surely helps what Santa and parents have to spend!

  69. lucysmom It was jmo. I am not interested in her doing a food show or talk show. JMO
    Mos D. - I know the corp. name JKIG was discussed, but people are still thinking that TLC is suing for money and that is not so. See Lawsuit papers that were posted on Radar when the case was filed. It's against Jon for an injunction to stop him from ruining TLCs' reputation with their sponsors. I was only trying to repeat some info that other might not have read??

  70. #1 caregiver, the effect on Kate and the kids is exactly why I am ambivalent about the lawsuit from TLC. I don't think the lawsuit was drafted to keep Jon from working, but his work needed to be in line with what he was doing for TLC with proper authorizations and so forth as Kate has done. TLC didn't keep the money from her book, in fact they helped her promote it. I do think the lawsuit is necessary to establish some legal precedence in the area of reality television programming, but I think TLC is going to spend far more in legal fees than they can sock it to Jon for. I think part of the problem was caused by understandable lack of foresight. There weren't any stipulations for what would be done if Jon and Kate were no longer "in this together."
    When it comes to whether or not Jon or Kate has a future on TV, it is all up to the viewers. Jon and Kate Plus Eight would have never took off like it did if there wasn't something there. I could even see some of the kids taking up a career in television or movies. On a side note, TLC's Monday night ratings this Monday without Kate and the eight were low. Cake Boss had it's worst night ever. Little People Big World ratings were always helped if Jon and Kate ratings were high.

  71. Yes, I do agree that if one is aloud to work, then both of them should be. My point of posting was just to say TLC is not suing for money. It's a temporay injunction against him. Oh well, gotta go my son is cooking dinner for me. cu

  72. #1caregiver,
    I don't think you read the papers correctly.
    The papers read:
    "1. Order Defendants to pay compensatory damages, in an amount to be determined at trail;
    2. Order Defendant Gosselin to disgorge any amounts he accumulated through and as a result of his breaches of the Agreement;
    3. Order Defendants to pay Plaintiff's attorney's fees, pursuant to the contractual obligation to do so;
    4. Enjoin Defendants from engaging in any present or future activities that violate the terms of the agreement."

    Note how it says DEFENDANTS and singles out Jon in one. TLC doesn't get to choose who pays the money, the jury decides how much damages are. I believe the one part of the payments that will bankrupt Jon is the attorney fees. Truth be known TLC probably made more money off Jon's "breach of contract" Hypothetically, if Jon loses and owes $1 million and he only has $500,000. The rest will come from JKIG Inc (i.e. Kate). Kate has showed very little concern over this lawsuit, just look at her Morales interview.

    TLC is seeking a preliminary injunction, in effect to stop Jon from going on TV right now until the trial. This is made by a judge and has no bearing on his guilt in the case.

    #1caregiver, ignoring any personal feelings towards either, if Kate has the right to go on TV without the children, why can't Jon do the same? If Jon fails he isn't cut out for it, same goes for Kate. Funny thing is, Kate would never of been near one of the most fascinating people lists if it weren't for Jon's misgiving. Before Jon's behaviour came out, the tabloids were definitely not supporting of Kate like they are now.

  73. Mosbius D. - I thank you for your return comments, and if the papers are still up on Radar, I will try to find them tomorrow if I have time.

  74. Linda: You are the coolest web neighbor ever. You can go off topic with those helpful hints anytime IMO.

    I was forced to close my home bus. and go back to corporate world so still reading daily, just not speaking often..... I miss the fellowship.

  75. About Jon deserving to have a TV show as well as Kate... hmmmm... since he broke the rules of TV (his contractual obligations) does he really? That's like giving a car and car keys immediately back to a convicted drunk driver.

  76. I *think* that JKIG was included in the lawsuit because TLC believed that Jon *might have* received payments for services, etc through JKIG or something like that or some other legal reason. A jury can find Defendant JON GOSSELIN guilty - and find Defendant JKIG NOT guilty in the suit. I believe they would have to prove that JKIG was involved in receiving monies or some other legal finding (such as if Jon has separate money accounts through the corp) and then they could 'attach' those through the suit?

    I hope that in JKIG being a defendant that it doesn't pan out to hurt Kate.

    I said this before - and I still believe it true. The major difference between Kate's speaking engagements and interviews and Jon's are that Kate HAD THE LEGAL PERMISSION (by obtaining TLC approval) for all that she did. JON DID NOT. Big difference. I believe that TLC offered to let Jon do SOME in the beginning but he didn't want to abide by their terms and so he went and did his own thing - therefore the lawsuit. This is why I believe Kate should NOT be held back from continuing in TV and Jon SHOULD be banned.

  77. First of all it is not unusual or unexpected that contracts on reality TV involve exclusivity. I know when CBS has people on shows like Survivor and Big Brother, those folks waive the right to appear on another network for a few years without permisssion. That way if a popular figure rises to prominence, they have first rights to make deals with that person. The publicity that Kate generated through he speaking engagements and book tours promoted the TLC "product" (their show), the deals that Jon has made did the opposite - damaging their "product." Jon had the same right to do appearances and shows that supported their product; he did not have the right, given his contract, to do things that would harm the show.

    Lots of people sue for financial damages even when they don't expect to collect. The Goldman's and Browns sued OJ Simpson even though they didn't expect to collect - they wanted one a court to establish his guilt even if the criminal court didn't.

    I don't see it being about money at all for TLC. I see it as being about taking a stand against an individual they had under contract who breached that contract willfully thinking he had them by the balls. I think the Hellers convinced Jon that he could breach his contract with immunity because TLC would never go after him because they wouldn't want the the "bad" publicity.

    But Jon was way to blatant in his contract violating behavior with all the Inside Edition, and other appearances, etc. If TLC doesn't take a stand against Jon, why would anyone else TLC has under contract with feel the need to honor those contracts? TLC's livelihood revolves around reality shows involving real people - they need to let the Duggars and Roloffs and Hayes and the Cake Boss and the Orange County guys all know that contract violations will be dealt with harshly.

    Neither Jon or Kate have the right to go on TV while they under contract with TLC if TLC does not allow it. They may allow Kate to do so as it promotes them and the product they are developing; they are not required to allow Jon to benefit some other network.

    Utlimately, I think Lohan is right about one thing. Beyond the current gossip shows, Jon Gosselin is unlikely to ever work in television again. I don't see him ever having his own show - what network would ever trust him to honor a contract again?

  78. lucysmom said...
    About Jon deserving to have a TV show as well as Kate... hmmmm... since he broke the rules of TV (his contractual obligations) does he really? That's like giving a car and car keys immediately back to a convicted drunk driver.

    Except Jon can't kill anything by being on TV, except for his career.

  79. Terri said...
    Thank you very much.

  80. I just watched the Kate Major interview on radaronline. One thing I noticed was Kate didn't have to tell the truth about a sexual relationship with Jon under oath. Her lawyers objected to it. How convenient. Now we will never know the truth.

    She said she was willing to take a lie detector test about it and even went on national television talking about it but she won't admit it under oath.

    To me a reporter for Star Magazine isn't exactly someone that I feel is dedicated to telling the whole truth anyway. I'm not saying I don't believe Jon slept with her, because if he did I wouldn't be at all surprised, but it definitely raises the "reasonable doubt" theory in my mind.

  81. Regardless of any opinions on here, as to whether or not Jon or Kate "deserve" to be on TV, I'm sure they will both attempt to do just that - get back on TV. And IF a network, cable channel, producer or whatever decides to take a chance with either of them, it will be doing so with the full knowledge of Jon being accused of contract breach. But the bottom line of Jon and/or Kate succeeding on television or similar media will be left in the hands of the viewing audience.

  82. IMO Jon should be able to do another TV show BUT only after his current contract with TLC expires. Of course, I can't imagine TLC wanting him back, however, his current contract gives TLC the right to renew that contract for another term.

    I think TLC was worried about the junky, irrational stuff that Jon was doing at the time, the sponsors who were upset with Jon, the fact that his contract gives TLC the right to choose which "other" TV things he could do, and how he seems incapable of uttering complete sentences making sense and not contradicting himself, and the morals issues.

    However, I think the whole world knows now exactly what kind of person Jon is, his lack of ethics as well as morals, and his inability to follow legal commitments (the contract), family commitments, ethical commitments (to his family), or his previous morals (and current lack thereof!) I think TLC could proceed now and not worry about how much more damage Jon could do.

    Of course, there's the problem of "if" Jon had other TV ventures? I really don't see any major offerings to him at this point. Whom in their right mind would be willing to take the risk with Jon. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll be offered much beyond the skanky stuff such as the "Octomom Dates Jon" variety.

    It's trite but Jon certainly has proved himself to be not the brightest lightbulb in the box, nor is he able to wait for delayed gratification. All the guy had to do was sit back and wait for the contract to end, all while getting a full paycheck! It's pretty obvious that he doesn't like to work and he could of gotten a paycheck while doing nothing! (He could have gone skiing more, etc. etc.) But nooooooo! He had to have his major "mantrums" and meltdowns in his jealousy over Kate and being excluded from the title.

    What will he wind up with? Personally, IMO, I'll bet Jon would give anything to go back to maybe August and start over. He could then tell TLC that he didn't want to film any more and he wouldn't be renewing the contract when it ended. He could then have jetted off to "wherever," kept a lower profile and more importantly kept his flapping mouth shut, and come out of this whole thing in a much higher plane.

    I used to think the guy was great but now I just want to cry whenever I see his photo. It's so very sad to watch somebody self destruct!

  83. Just to clarify - when I said "I'm sure" it was in the context of my opinion. Sometimes fans of Kate, or detractors of Jon, throw around the phrase "I'm sure" too lightly (in my opinion). Statements like "I'm sure Kate set aside substantial college funds" and "I'm sure Jon cheated with Deanna" are examples of that. More appropriately, it is in your opinion, your observations of Kate and/or Jon's character and personality, led you to be "sure" of those statements. In reality, none of us saw Jon/Deanna doing the nasty - and none of us are privy to the personal finances of the family. Sorry - not intending to beat a dead horse - it's just one of my pet peeves. And ... "I'm SURE" things I've said on here over the months have qualified as "pet peeves" to many of you! LOL!

  84. Again Linda I couldnt agree more

  85. Hi everyone....IMO they both will attempt to do something on TV....Kate will likely prove much more successful given that she is both trustworthy and articulate. thoughts are that the best and most lucrative thing they had going for them has now been ruined (by Jon) and there is no going back. As a result, I think both of their reputations have been tarnished to some extent. We loved the show because of the family, the Jon and Kate interviews, and everything that their show did that was unique. To make it back up the mountain a second time, in whatever form a show might take, might be tough at this point. I hope I don't sound like too much of a downer :)

  86. I actually agree, both with Linda and allitroob (don't fall out of your chairs! LOL) Jon's actions have tarnished both himself and Kate, to a certain extent. They are almost, at this point, inextricably linked to one another, even though I think they both were rather it be otherwise. Just the fact that Jon and Kate Plus 8 happened, and that it was a hit, very popular, forever connects them. And through that, they are both frequently painted with the same brush. Kate's subsequent behavior/attitude/actions do redeem her, to a certain extent ... but Jon's bad behavior does reflect on her, even if unfairly.

    It's difficult for anyone to believe that Jon experienced this transformation of character overnight, and something of this current Jon had to have existed in the old Jon. And people inevitably wonder why she chose him, how she put up with him, etc.

    The show was the epitome of an innocent, everyday, happy American family, living the American dream (a supersized version, granted). That was a huge part of their "brand" - and Jon's bad behavior ruined that. Leaving many to wonder about the reality of what was being depicted every Monday night.

    Kate is far more likely to be successful in future television ventures than Jon is. She's far more likely to receive "respectable" offers. But Jon's still going to pursue whatever television venture he can - at least that's what I expect. And I think, should Jon manage to secure some tv work that is on the "sleazy" side (ie - tool academy, rock of love, that guy who wears the big clock around his neck) - even after they are divorced - it will still reflect poorly on Kate.

    Fair or not. Even after divorce, we still are connected on some level to our previous spouses, especially when their are children together. My ex is one of the biggest a-hole losers ever to walk this earth, he and Jon would be like two peas in a pod - we've been apart since 2004, our kids are grown, we have zero contact with each other and I haven't seen or spoken to him in years. But I still get the question: what did you ever see in him, how could you ever have been together? And I think that Kate will also be stuck with that same stigma.

    You are all aware I'm not a Kate fan, and I think she contributed a greater part to the failed marriage than Jon, and I think she wanted the divorce b/c she felt she'd outgrown (her celebrity) - (I also think she regrets himit too) - but not even she deserves to be permanently stuck with the fact that she made a bad choice for a husband. I know that sounds contradictory, my thoughts are more complicated than that and for this point, are irrelevent.

  87. dh1993 - Well said, and I also agree with you and Linda.
    Mosbius D. - Yes, You are right and I'm not. So sorry to have talked about misleading things. I should have gone back and read it again. Next time I'll know better. I hate to get everybody started on a soapbox again. Page 11 of papers, did you notice how Defendants is plural in questions 1, 3, and 4.
    That means if J&K lose the case they have to split attorney fees and compensatory damages and also neither one of them can engage in any present or future activities that violate the terms of the Agreement.
    The source of my info. is Court Doc. recorded 10-16-09 by Discovery Talent Services,

    JMO I think Jon will make sure Kate pays half???

  88. dwh- I agree with totally. It's takes two to make a marriage thrive and two to make it fail. What you do in the aftermath counts and I think Kate has honestly expressed that she understands what she did to make it fail. I think most of the popular opinion of Jon comes from the fact that he has tried to place blame on every one but him self. My husband was 22 when we had our first child. So was my father when I was born. If I was a child and I saw or heard my father say that the reason he was allowed to act horribly to my mother and act in a destructive way was because he had kids at 22 I would be crushed. I cringe EVERY time I hear him say it.

  89. Jon should send a thank you card to Tiger Woods. Tiger kicked him down low on the tabloid radar. It is soo nice to go to the grocery store and not see Jon's face everywhere.

  90. Tashapork~ I was thinking the same thing! What makes me mad is that now he's in DC with yet ANOTHER woman.. He doesn't stop does he?

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