Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jon Gosselin's New Girl, Kate Major says "Watch out Jon", Lohan: Jon Stabbed Me In The Back!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes I am still here, though wrapped up in the full swing of the Holiday season.. No doubt the Kate Gosselin naysayers of the world were thrilled that the ongoing overage of this family died down once Tiger Woods made a spectacle of his private marriage public by crashing into a tree. Let me not get into how disgusted I am about that. I will just say that I'm happy this family has been able to fly under the radar a bit and try to get back to their lives without the media. Although did get a peak of Jon getting bad gas flushed out of his car...Wohhoo, can you say "slow news day?" Well if you need your Kate Gosselin fix, don't forget she will on Barbara Walters Special "10 Most Fascinating People Of 2009". On the special, to air December 9 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, Kate Gosselin will talk about her

update: MY Dear friends at Imperfect Women (formerly "Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity") Scored a huge coo my interviewing Jon himself. Please read HERE

Jon Gosselin's DC Date..A Readhead!
Jon Gosselin -- In the Red? Peace out Hailey Whatshername -- because Jon Gosselin's been running around D.C. for the past two days with a new chick ... and she's a ginger.

Kate Major To Jon Gosselin -- "You Messed With The Wrong Girl!"

Kate Major is finally spilling the intimate details of her relationship with Jon Gosselin. Following her deposition this week in the TLC breach of contract case against Gosselin, Major spoke to She revealed why she fell for him and talked about her own business contract with him. Major called her deposition “pretty intense. I told the truth, I have nothing to hide.”

She admitted that she fell for Jon because she believed in him and felt he had a good work ethic. “I really felt it would work out for us”. Major revealed that both she and Jon signed a contract stating that she would quit her job as a Star magazine reporter and work solely for him. “It was a mutual agreement, and it was not on a napkin. Jon and I both had a copy. It was the same copy that was signed and dated that we both drew up together."

When asked if she was going through with plans to sue Jon for breach of contract, Major told us her lawyers are exploring all options. But when pressed to say whether she would sue Gosselin if it was up to her, Major replied slyly, “Oh, you betcha! He messed with the wrong girl!”

Michael Lohan: Jon Gosselin "Stabbed Me In The Back"

Michael Lohan has slammed former bestie Jon Gosselin. Lohan testified this week about Gosselin as part of TLC's lawsuit about the reality show dad breaching his contract by taking unauthorized outside work, like hosting a Vegas pool party. Lohan says he had a business arrangement to get him work (and presumably get a cut of the pay), and Gosselin reneged.
"Jon knows what the deal was. I kept him out of harm's way... and he stabbed me in the back," Lohan told Access. "When you open your door to somebody and you give them a safe haven and a place to go and then they turn around and bite the hand that feeds or stab you in the back, that doesn't sit well with me.""Jon has hurt a lot of people in his life, I feel bad for him."


  1. If Rabbi Smulley is still advising Jon and I doubt it because it isn't currently benefitting the Rabbi, he needs to get him to spend some time apart from the women, they have done nothing but hurt him. He needs to focus on his relationship with his kids and work on himself before he sees any more women. Any women that is seeing him is either from another country and really has no clue or is stupid and asking for what they get.

  2. Ha! It's pretty bad when even Michael Lohan doesn't like you. Jon better learn to duck and cover because he's going to be doing a lot of it soon. Hope his kids don't get caught in the crossfire.

  3. I can't help it but that face of Michael Lohan's gives me the creeps just looking at him. What was Jon thinking to associate with him.

  4. Jon has gotten pretty porky hasn't he?? Kate is lucky he is out of her life, the more we see of him the more we realize what she dealt with along with the full responsibility of all 8 kids. He doesn't want to be a dad, he wants to whore around and play in the snow. I say good riddance. I'm pretty bored hearing about him all the time. YAWN

  5. Tashapork said.......he needs to get him to spend some time apart from the women, they have done nothing but hurt him.

    I think it is the other way around.Jon has done nothing but hurt these women.Its all about Jon.
    Jon is getting his now. We all said in the beginning of all of this that he would rue the day.I truely beleive in what goes around comes around.

  6. Sorry I've been MIA. Been busy with a sick household (still) and trying to squeeze Christmas in there somewhere. lol

    Jon, Jon, Jon... when will you learn? I can't believe he is out and about again, with yet another flavour of the month. I guess he got the message that Haylie was done with him. How pathetic is it when he is not even divorced yet but has already had a ton of "relationships" that have ended. It's almost like you forget Kate is the one devastated here at the end of a marriage. She is already like 4 or 5 women ago and the marriage isn't even officially done. Since when did Jon become SUCH a jerk? Oh and so much for the whole soulmate bit. He doesn't look too devastated for a person that just lost his soulmate!

    Maybe this is his sick way of trying to keep himself in the media and to not let people forget about him.

    Can't wait to watch the BW special on the 9th!

  7. Another mom~ Nice to see you! Yeah, its been super quiet with the Gosselins, and many on this site are just plain sick of Jon. I hope that once the Barbara Walters Special comes on, there will be a bit more action on the Kate front. If you watch the snippit on the site it says that she will be discussing why shes been keeping low, while getting into many of the things that are hopefully on the horizon.

    Like I said, we are all in full Christmas/ Holiday swing, so I understand that many are too busy to post. As long as they don't forget about me and come to visit, it's all good! ;)

  8. I find the timing of Jon stepping out with the redhead suspicious. I think, yet again, he's trying to steal Kate's thunder, this time from the Barbara Walters special. I hope that one is a good one.

  9. Jane, I agree that he has hurt the women he was with and that's why I think they are stupid to go near him especially now that they know who he is and what he is. I don't think I was clear enough about the women hurting him. I don't mean an individual person abusing or upsetting him, I mean the situations that he gets himself involved with with them and the lifestyle he is leading hurts him. Until he works on on himself, his attitudes, his maturity, and his distorted picture of himself, a relationship cannot go well for him. I think the one he had with Kate lasted as long as it did because she was able to be his parent and his moral compass. When she started going on book tours and such, she wasn't there to do so and he fell apart while at the same time she got a taste of "hey I can do this on my own, I don't need to be putting up with this" I wish he'd stop hurting himself like that because he is in turn hurting his kids.
    There are a lot of people who are concerned about Jon's weight now that he isn't eating Kate's organic healthy meals, my only concern is that his father had heart disease and it gets worse when people are overweight so I hope he takes care of his health. I also wonder sometimes what the kids eat when he has custody and if that is sabatoging Kate's meal plans, like "why do I have to eat vegetables, Daddy gives me cheeseburgers" I hope everybody is taking care of themselves this Christmas and not getting too stressed out.

  10. Jon is never going to learn. All the "advice" he gets is either bad or he's just not taking it. Here's an interesting article about him.

    It's called Prince of the Professional Nobodies on

    Prince of the Professional Nobodies
    The wild, insatiable thirst for fame turned ordinary Americans into performance artists, endlessly preening for the tabloids. And nobody has lived this dream harder than Jon Gosselin.

    Read more: How Reality-TV Star Jon Gosselin Became a Celebrity - The 00's Issue -- New York Magazine

  11. Hi Baby Mama and everyone else. I just wanted to make sure and post because I don't want you to think I'm jumping ship because the show is over.

    Yes, I did see the preview for the BW special and I hope we will find out what Kate will be doing in the upcoming months. Maybe it is a project with the kids that she has had to keep on the down low? Wishful thinking. I have to say though that I am sure it has been nice for them to have this bit of a break from the constant media attention!

    While Jon is now desperately throwing himself out there with new women, I think Kate is enjoying the incognito life for a while.

    Anyway, I hope to be around more soon. Don't think I've abandoned you all :)

  12. I have to say, I am so incredibly jealous, and mad in the best way that the ladies formerly of "Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity" could score an interview with Jon Gosselin. You can read it at Some highlights:

    IW- If you had it to do over again, would you still have done the show?

    JG- I don’t know. People ask me this all the time. At the time, we were desperate, you know? So we did the show, it wasn’t that much money, it was only like $2,000 an episode . The first season was only eight episodes, that’s only sixteen grand. But that was $16,000 more than we had. The next season I think they paid us $4,000 an episode and it was12 episodes. A lot of people think we were millionaires but even if we did make millions we had to divide it up by ten.

    IW- Do you think that to an extent, TLC created characters?

    JG- Absolutely. Totally. Kate was the mean one, I was the nice one- passive. I mean for the last four years they created fodder, they created arguments, they asked questions like you know, they’d just dig up dirt. They knew stuff that I did and Kate did and that would annoy us. They’d ask us questions about it and we didn’t know each other did it so then we’d be arguing. Or we’d be arguing that day and be forced to interview that night just for fodder. Of course. No one’s going to watch a show with two happy people. It doesn’t work.

  13. Honestly I am not surprised by another girl. There will probably be more to come shortly. He has no morals! A real man would not put his children through what he has put his through. He has SERIOUS issues and an addiction for attention. Poor Kate and the kids I wish them the best.

    The only thing I have to really say about Tiger Woods is people should start calling him Jon Gosselin and then maybe he will realize how idiotic he looks

  14. Tiger? Jon? Tiger? Jon?
    TIGER WINS! ha
    Looking forward to 10 Most Facinating Peeps. Hoping Kate is #1. I think she is!
    Notice who is missing from the list, Jonny? Not so facinating.

  15. Wow. I read Hailey's interview where she bashes him and calls him a monster and a liar, etc. One thing I would like her to expand on is when she says she was told under oath that Jon and Kate Major had a sexual relationship... Who said it under oath? Jon or Kate Major or someone else? From what Kate Major said she didn't answer that under oath.

    THEN I read that Hailey says she and Jon are still living together!!! What?!?!? She said it's "complicated". Ya think? I'm not sure what to believe when it comes to those two.

    She also said that she and her mother aren't speaking because of Jon. She also said that she'd break up with him and he'd cry to the mother and her mother would call her and say Jon's a good guy and encourage her to take him back. I don't get it. Does the mother still want her with Jon or did she not? Hailey says Jon put a "fork" in her relationship with her parents. A fork? Either way, it seems like her mother liked Jon so I'm not sure how Jon came between them.

    I guess it really is complicated because I'm confused.

  16. Baby Mama, interesting interview at Imperfect Women. When is part two?

  17. BabyMama, I wouldn't be too jealous about IW snagging an interview with Jon. You'd just be giving him another platform to publicly bash TLC again and giving out information he shouldn't be releasing. I think we've all heard enough from his trash talking mouth anyway.

  18. I'm sure you've all probably read this already:

    Since their hit reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which chronicled Gosselin's life with husband Jon and their set of twins and sextuplets, was put on hold amidst the couple's messy divorce, Gosselin said the kids are devastated.

    "They cried in the van on the way home from school the other day. I finally admitted to them, they kept asking, 'Where's the camera crew? Where's the camera crew? We miss them.' And I said, 'Our show is over.' ...Eight sobbing kids driving home from school," Gosselin said, during an interview with Barbara Walters to air on "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009."

    Of course I haven't seen the actual interview or heard what she said in context, but personally I think there's a difference between the kids being "devastated the show is over" and "missing the camera crew". I would think that they miss the "production crew" not necessarily the cameras themselves.

    I wonder if the the crew can visit the kids. If they'd even bother or if Kate would let them (without the cameras of course).

    It is sad that they miss the crew. I feel bad for the kids because they were such a part of their lives. I do think they will get past it and be fine. Unfortunately, I think those kids are very used to people coming in and out of their lives... the original TLC crew, Kevin and Jodi and Nana Janet and Jamie and the various nannies and babysitters, etc. Not to mention their own parents who they now see just half the time.

    The camera crew wasn't always going to be there anyway so it's probably better that it's happening now while they are still young and can adapt easier.

    I'm sure if Kate and Jon continue taking them on outings and keeping them busy they will be just fine, actually better off. They can do outings like the organic farm and the Statue of Liberty without cameras.

    Hopefully they will still be able to vacation at least once a year and if they can't they won't be worse off than the average child whose summer vacation is visiting family for a week in the Catskills, etc.

    Again, I do hope they do an annual or biennial update of the children.

  19. Again I should probably wait until I hear the entire interview but I'm sure there will be a lot to discuss to I may as well mention it now.

    Kate was asked: Do the kids know they're famous?

    Kate answered: "That's not a word we use. I don't like that word," she said. "They watch DVDs of our show and it's family memories to them."

    I hope she answers more than that because what she gave as an answer doesn't answer the question asked. Stuff like that drives me crazy. I hate when people get around answering the question.

    The word "famous" is not the point of the question. She's asking if they know if they realize everyone on the planet watches them on TV and knows who they are. Do they know that other people watch those DVDs too and see everything they see?

    I think that is a good question. I hope she expands on the answer and actually answers it. I guess we have to wait and see...

  20. BabyMama - Jon lives in NY and you live in NY. I don't think he turns down anybody from the comments I've seen. I'll bet if you sent him a tweet, he'd also do an interview for you.

  21. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm in withdrawal from not watching new episodes of Kate Plus Eight. lol

    I'm watching re-runs but it's hard.

    Guess it's a good thing it's the holiday season and I'm running around frantically going to events, driving the kids all the places they need to good, and wrapping and hiding presents. I must say that I think my husband is a biggest snoop looking for presents in the whole household.

    Oh well, looking forward to seeing Kate on Barbara Walters tomorrow night. However, since Jon seems so jealous of anything that Kate does, I'm sure he'll have some media "crisis" tomorrow so he can divert attention to him. Anybody want to make a wager?

  22. I'm wondering if perhaps the photo of the "ginger" above is one of a D.C. attorney. I think I say that it was made while Jon was in D.C. Who knows with Jon? It's a daily/weekly media circus.

  23. When nina told me about this I honestly didn't believe it. I was biting my nails screaming in jealousy! But I love her, she's a good friend of mine from her days of "gosselins do not need our pity" and I miss that site terribly. Couldn't happen to a better group of women! Take that trolls!

  24. This was emailed to me:

    Kate was "working" at a restaurant in Raleigh and filming.

  25. If Jon wanted to end Jon and Kate Plus Eight, I really wish he would have done it after season five or else instead of killing it suddenly if his concern was the divorce, he had put the filming on a 3-6 month break and then come back. I think it would have been a lot easier on the kids to be involved in the ending of the show. I also think that if Kate had had time to adjust to it, she could have done a better job of helping the kids. I really think as they got older that the kids were so proud of themselves on camera, their faces shone with it. Its the same when actors from other series that have shown for similar lengths of time who do better with a planned end rather than a sudden the show is over. The important difference is that this is five and nine year old kids and the filming is a major part of their lives. They didn't get a chance to say goodbye to it.
    I was glad that they interviewed Jon in a non tabloid, ratings related setting. I think they showed that if Jon is in the right environment with people that care for his best interests, he can be okay. I don't think Jon realizes that people do care about him and much of their outrage over his behavior is a result of that care and the concern for his kids. Hailey needs some good counseling to get her life on track.

  26. SchmeckyGirl - interesting updates. Thanks

  27. Woo Hoo! WTG! I see that the former house of the Gosselins is finally under contract and at a profit. That should help reduce some of the financial stress. At least they are just paying for one house now instead of two (or will be once it closes.)

  28. update: MY Dear friends at Imperfect Women (formerly "Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity") Scored a huge coo my interviewing Jon himself. Please read HERE

    THIS DOESN'T WORK..........

  29. Cindy~ so sorry, I double checked the post and rebooted it again. It appears to work now, but here is the direct link just in case!

  30. Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi, and that I too, am missing new episodes!! I had an uncooperative child at my dental office today, whose father said to her "Remember Jon & Kate? It's just like what they did!", and it was the highlight of my day! lol

  31. Sarah how are you girl! Glad to see you back! Yeah, actually I was concerned with no new episodes there wouldn't be much going on, but new things are already sprouting up in Gosselinland.. Looking to do a new post tonight after the kids are asleep and I put the Holiday tubs back.. Its rediculous that in 3 weeks I will be putting everything back that I just put up! I have a feeling my decorations will stay up a bit longer this year..

    I know how you feel about missing the episodes. You still can tape them during the day to watch at night if you want :)!

  32. With or without cameras, being in the public eye at this point is going to be a challenge for the Gosselins. I don't think that they can go to any touristy kind of place, like the Statue of Liberty, because of who they are. At least with a production crew in place, they had more protection. Now, not so much. Let's face it, they can't even go to the dentist, the gas station, Starbucks without the stinking paps following them.

    But it's not true that everyone on the planet watches them on t.v. I don't know if it's an east coast/west coast thing but I live in California and literally, I know no one who watches or talks about the show. Only my daughter, who introduced me to the show, but she hasn't watched it since the whole drama. And I never heard them mentioned before I knew who they were a year ago. The only reason why most people even have an idea of them is because of what's been placed on tabloids. And really, I don't get the impression that anyone I know cares.

    The way I look at it is like this - I have heard of the Kardashian girls but know zero about them, have no desire to know about them. Wouldn't know them if I saw them on the street, unless maybe a camera was following them. Or the Housewife people -- nada, zilch, cero. Not everybody is into the reality show thing. There is just a perception that because someone is on t.v., everyone knows them. I think it's safe to say that the "families of reality" are less known that the other reality shows.

    The Gosselin's would get attention no matter where they went (without/before the show) because of the uniqueness of their family. And because those kids are so darn cute! The only good reason for those cameras to be gone is because of what Jon has turned their family into - a paparazzi circus.

  33. TLC has won its legal battle against Jon Gosselin. The network had asked for a preliminary injunction against the reality TV dad, claiming he breached their contract as well as exclusivity and confidentiality agreements tied to Jon & Kate Plus 8.

  34. As much as I dislike Jon this only does more to ruin his family. He has single-handedly brought them down. I sincerely hope he is able to pull himself together enough to live with all this and himself. It's time now to start over and be a better person.