Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate Gosselin on The Today Show & Access Hollywood & New Kate Plus 8 Episode!

Hello Gosselin fans! This site is back and stronger than ever with the celebration of an all NEW Kate Plus 8. Today Kate did a round of interviews where she appeared as usual beautiful and self-assured. She spoke positively about her relationship with Jon. Also when on the radio this morning (look to the right & click the link) she had a great interview as well talking a bit about the "perceptions" of who they think Kate Gosselin is in the media. And of course that amazing Ann Taylor dress will make an appearance on the Access Hollywood clip I have below. 

Next month will mark my 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this Fan Site. The original often imitated never duplicated longest running Gosselin Fan Site out there. I feel that I can not only brag a bit but reflect on all that has happened in the past 3 years for not only Kate Gosselin but of my own life. I am blessed with not only the best family out there but the best new family I have met here. Some of you like Linda have been my right hand. Others have lasted the test of time and others come, go and come again. I thank and appreciate all of you. In the next few weeks I will dedicate a few posts to where I have come from & how my blog has evolved. We will continue to cover all things Gosselin. And I will always want suggestions and encourage those that are respectful to share their thoughts. In other words, haterz eat your hearts out..This Mama ain't going NO WHERE! xo BM