Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate Gosselin on The Today Show & Access Hollywood & New Kate Plus 8 Episode!

Hello Gosselin fans! This site is back and stronger than ever with the celebration of an all NEW Kate Plus 8. Today Kate did a round of interviews where she appeared as usual beautiful and self-assured. She spoke positively about her relationship with Jon. Also when on the radio this morning (look to the right & click the link) she had a great interview as well talking a bit about the "perceptions" of who they think Kate Gosselin is in the media. And of course that amazing Ann Taylor dress will make an appearance on the Access Hollywood clip I have below. 

Next month will mark my 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this Fan Site. The original often imitated never duplicated longest running Gosselin Fan Site out there. I feel that I can not only brag a bit but reflect on all that has happened in the past 3 years for not only Kate Gosselin but of my own life. I am blessed with not only the best family out there but the best new family I have met here. Some of you like Linda have been my right hand. Others have lasted the test of time and others come, go and come again. I thank and appreciate all of you. In the next few weeks I will dedicate a few posts to where I have come from & how my blog has evolved. We will continue to cover all things Gosselin. And I will always want suggestions and encourage those that are respectful to share their thoughts. In other words, haterz eat your hearts out..This Mama ain't going NO WHERE! xo BM


  1. Thanks so much for link to the radio interview, her appearance on the Today Show--the Sneak Peak of tonight's show and Access Hollywood. Wow! So much happening and it's all good!! I love her dress too!

    Congratulations in advance for 3 incredible years! XOxox

  2. Thanks Corrina! I was looking at a few of my old posts recently and I can't even describe how different I was and how things were back then. I have seen such a growth and inner happiness within myself. Alot was struggling with having a baby and trying to find my path in life.

    I related to Kate in so many ways, and it's a blessing to have met the amazing women (and even a few men) I have both here and internationally over the last few years.

  3. Love this new scent, Baby Mama!

    Kate also did People mag and I think, lol, even Perez Hilton interview!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary and thank you for this fantastic site.

    Can't wait for the new episode. Looks exciting.

  5. Kate looked so pretty and did so well in all the interviews. She sounds so happy and content.

    BabyMama look forward to your posts. Since I wasn't here in the beginning it will be great to learn more about you and the blog.

    Congrats on your almost 3 years. Thanks for having a site where Kate bashing is not allowed!

  6. Shout out to Ziggy!!! Hugs xoxoxo

  7. So.... Many had kind words to say about Kate. She did NOT bash Jon except in the mind of Holly Prickly Baby. WTH? Sour grapes because Kate did not do an interview with her rag? Ugh!
    Can't wait... Just one more hour till Kate+8!!
    Something very special will be celebrated this week on Wednesday. Can anybody guess what???

  8. Thanks for posting everything! I missed it all because of work. As soon as I am finally finished tonight I will watch/listen to it all. :)

    Congrats to you Baby Mama. I have been here for about 2 years and 9 mos of it!

    And yes...XOXO to Ziggy. :)

  9. OMG Just getting around to watching the episode now. I'm exhausted but it looks great. What did everyone think tonight? Did you watch?

    And of you DVR it, does it count towards the ratings?

  10. Baby Mama-I LOVED the episode and thanks for posting the radio interview. Kate was relaxed and very funny.

  11. I thought the episode was hilarious ... Both Kate and the kids.

    Kate's discomfort with the "Clubbing" scene was what I would have expected.I'm with Kate; I'd rather read a book! :)

    There are "those" talking about how Kate made the kids work while she went to NYC to party. My kids were howling with laughter and asking, "Who's going to clean up the mess?" The only work there was the cleanup.

  12. Baby Mama, I have no idea if DVRing counts or not.

  13. I got a real kick out of Kate's reaction when she watched the kids "fun" while she was away.
    She was a good sport about the clubbing--and I agree too--I'd rather read a book.

  14. I was telling my DH about the clubbing scene and he was praising Jaimie. He was reminding me we'd never have met if my BFF hadn't pushed me out of my comfort zone. Thank you Jaimie on Kate's behalf.

    My kids were discussing the toilet papering of the room, the "crackers" with the confetti, and the colored hairspray.I grew up doing the "crackers" at Christmas & New Years (was told it was a Brit tradition but have no idea if true.) Our blonds once did the colored hairspray and it did not just wash out; their hair had green and pink streaks for weeks.

    They too have done the slide/bump down the stairs using cardboard moving boxes. Thank God nobody broke their necks. As for the whipped cream & chocolate, too funny.

    Just goes to show that the G kids enjoy the same things as other kids. They also seemed cooperative with the cleanup. My kids have a "bit" more problem with cleanup chores, lol.

    How do your kids compare with the 8?

  15. Linda--I'm still laughing about the kids sliding down the stairs on sleeping bags. Mine used the clothes basket and one actually hit his head on a wall 5 feet from the bottom of the stairs and left a dent in the plaster--thank goodness he was okay--must have a hard head!

    I met my husband "clubbing" too.

  16. What a fun episode that was! Poor Kate..she just keeps puttin herself out there for the critics to have plenty to complain about! LOL

    And the kids were just too funny and adorable. How clearly it came thru the love they have for Kate...special bond there with Cara...I think this child was one that experienced alot of hurt from the divorce and she has really transferred alot of affections firmly on Kate. And Kate has been there for all her kids!

    Kate has made it clear in the interviews that the 4 day a month arrangement is what "Jon wants"! She stated several times he could have them more often...that she is not holding them back from him. A perception the "hater nation" has been promoting all along.

    Unbelievably, the Perez Hilton interview is one of the best!! He was extremely kind and respectful to Kate. His fans were ill with him for not being rude to Kate.

    All in all was a very good day for Kate. I know she had to be so tired at the end of the day....hope she slept in a little bit. TLC is really making her work the media now...more than ever.

    She stated that she was supposed to do a half marathon run in San Diego on Saturday I believe...but all this media blitz prevented her from doing it. Said she was looking for another run to sign up for.

    A shout out to Ziggy...and Linda & BabyMama...what great supportive gals you two are! Makes me proud to know ya thru this bloggin world!

  17. I loved the episode. It was a blast to watch. The kids are so darn cute and Kate is so funny.

    Was not surprised with Kate’s reaction to clubbing. Glad she let loose and had some fun.

    The episodes this season have shown how much love Kate and the kids share and just how close they are. Too bad haters, type your fingers to the bone stating otherwise, but you can’t change these FACTS.

    I can’t believe the haters are making excuses for Jon only seeing the kids 4 days a month. They griped about everyday Kate was away for work. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  18. Still haven't watch it, I am hoping to tonight. No homework and only an hour of school tomorrow and my summer schedule begins!!!!! Yay!

    Hopefully that means more posts here, more posts on my blog and more giveaways.:)

  19. Oh my was that a great episode or what!!! I know Kate struggled with the club scene.....can't blame her for that, that's for sure. She did a lot better than I would have, even when I was her age...which was a lonnnng time Typical loving Mom....give me a nice dinner out (with dessert, even), time to do some reading and maybe even sleep in....sounds like heaven. But she was a good sport through it all.

    Kids had a ball, too...heard the haters were complaining the kids had to that's 'work'....let me at it!! What a great babysitter!!! When my kids were little the best babysitter I had was a neighbor boy. Not afraid to get on the floor and play with the kids, cleaned up after himself....a real winner!!

    Congrats BabyMama!!!.....keep up the good work!!

  20. Hello butterfly and thank you! I'm very proud of the 3 years I have been blogging about the Gosselin's. I hope the rating went well!

    Good afternoon everyone! So happy to get on the site and see you all. I'm now on my iPad and along with Firefox I'm ready to rock and roll. It's always a happy licking-chocolate-off-of-ones-body kind of day when the episode is new and such a great one!

    It's hysterical when the haters try to find any little thing they could pick on to attack the show. I highly recommend lying down & getting their toes licked to try to calm themselves down.. They just may enjoy it! ;)

  21. Congratulation on three years blogging. Looking forward to another three years.

    I haven't seen Kate's show yet, but I DVR'D the episode. Sounds like a good show.

    I read the Perez Hilton interview with Kate and it was decent. I want Kate to succeed in TV as a host (Today Show), situation comedy - Sitcom (anything funny) or a game show (Wheel of Fortune)

  22. Thanks Ms Goody! I forgot about the Perez Hilton interview. I don't want to add more to this post but I will add a snippet here and a link so that you all can check it out. I find it funny that he's such a but kisser now after attacking both Jon & Kate for years..but all in all it was a decent interview....

    "Perez Hilton: So you actually read like all the stuff that's written or –

    Kate Gosselin: No, if I hear things. I don't read it, I mean stuff comes across my twitter and obviously I block awful stuff. But I don't go out my way, no, to read stuff. But if I hear — you know people will come to me and say, ″Oh, did you hear that people will think that″ I'm using this as an example. ″That you keep the kids from Jon?″ You know that kind of, anything that's negative that comes my way that I hear in anyway, shape or form, no. I mean, I don't actively read stuff because clearly there's way too much written about me in my opinion that is so false. So I mean, like my image is that I'm harsh and mean, and whatever so I just work to be everything that is not that. And it actually has really worked because if people open their mouths and criticize you then, and you hear about then I don't know, it gives you something else to think about and prove them wrong."

  23. Thanks for posting that interview. Sounds a little like the Perez he was when he first started and not the Perez he was for a while. Like it better (and not just bcuz Kate is on there, I started reading his blog again a couple of weeks ago.)

    Episode was great and I LOVED watching the kids go crazy. The best part was in the end when the new and improved Kate just laughed in the end and said she was glad it was Ashley that did all those things with them. Goes to show she can roll with the punches if it is presented in a decent way and not a "Kate lighten up way".

  24. Happy Anniversary BabyMama!

    So glad you ignored your psycho stalkers and continued your great blog.

  25. Congrats General BabyMama! You have fought the fine fight in the bloggin world and you still rock!

    You know you are famous when the haters mention YOU every chance they can on Kate's twitter. LOL

    Kate said yesterday she did 7 interviews on Monday in NY. I'm tryin to figure out what all they were? Someone help me.

    She had Today show. Extra interview. AccessHollywood and then ShowbizTonight. That's four. The radio interviews and Perez Hilton were done on Friday I believe. Anyone catch the other three?

    Her numbers were very good the top 10 for Reality shows. 1.214 million Fans need to keep those numbers good for her.

    Looks like hater attempt to down the show failed if they have any say over what people want to do. Just like the one idiot urging twitter fans to boycott Kate's advertisers!

    Funny how we know Kate sings well, she played musical instruments as a youngster...but she has no rhythm in those feet of hers! LOL

    Bless her could tell how uncomfortable she'd have to get her drunk to let loose on the dance floor! LOL






    Yes, I WAS shouting all of that!

    Make it a great day - your wingwoman has you covered. :)


  27. Baby Mama, check your email. Warning - It's PG rated, perhaps???

  28. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Happy Birthday, BM and for many more to come!

  30. Baby Mama is having a great birthday as you can see by her Tweet posted on the sidebar of this page. I'm sure she'll post something here about it soon (or later, since she's out on the town!)

    I was almost brave enough to post a "Birthday Wishes" graphic in the sidebar but ... we have so many "issues" with that doggone sidebar that I didn't want to risk breaking anything. Besides, I leave it up to Baby Mama to play decorator and shuffle the things around, lol. My job is just to fix it if it gets broken.

    Have a great evening, everyone. xoxoxo

  31. Debora & Jacque - Hope you are getting to see the video clips here. xoxo

  32. Happy Birthday BabyMama hope it's a great one! Also congrats on 3yrs WoW, that's an accomplishment to be proud of. I remember reading a post you wrote, I think from StarBucks? & you had your Miracle Baby beside you in the stroller. or maybe you were just drinking SB's lol. I enjoyed your honest & funny post so much, I think I checked in to find out about your life happening's as much as I did about the G's.

  33. Happy Birthday Babymama, hope you do something fun. Last night our company finally left after three weeks and we were able to have a day of much needed rest. Tomorrow we can start tackling the huge to do list and getting the house back in order. It has been nice to finally enjoy our Netflix. Love company for awhile, but it is sheer joy to have the house back, the diet police gone, and our every routine questioned.

  34. Hello all my REAL divas! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I had such an amazing day. Went to my favorite play "Wicked" and shopped at my favorite stores. All in all it was a great day, but ridiculously hot in the city. Spent the evening with my dad at work and got to laugh at my emails. See that Ziggy and I are the topic of every blog STILL cause we rule so much and everyone wishes they could be as amazing as we are!

    See I'm telling you, life is really good right now and we are so blessed to be able to laugh at everything those buzz-kills say and I'm so happy to have you all to call my friends. I thought alot today at how it must be eating them alive that I'm here 3 years and better than ever. I have all of you to thank! xo

  35. You know it's a slow Gosselin news week when all the blogs are trying to make a big deal over a Katie Couric spoof:

    "Showing her signature sense of humor, Couric appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday to discuss her future at ABC, her new talk show, and debut never-before-seen "clips" of her newest project - a reality show. The promo for "Katie Plus 80," a riff on Kate Gosselin's TLC series "Kate Plus 8," gives a sneak peak at life for "a single mom with 80 kids."

    "Okay you little monsters, dinner time!" a megaphone-wielding Couric calls out. As the children gather around, Couric, gloved and goggled, loads a jumbo-sized slingshot with spaghetti and launches it at the hungry youngsters.

    "You get what you get and you don't get upset," she shouts before firing off spaghetti sauce into the crowd. The skit ends as a strained Couric tells viewers, "Come join our family," before shaking a boy from her leg, ordering, "Get off me!"


  36. If Katie Couric is on a show that cancels General Hospital, she will be hated far more than Kate Gosselin ever was. I pray that that is not the case for her sake.


    The angels sing in harmony
    a pretty sweet chorus of praise
    to give you congratulations on this day
    following the orders of the Creator.

    Rain down, serene and calm
    grateful to fertilize the land
    to flatten the whole nature
    Celebrating your years of life

    angels sing
    singing birds
    lights up the sky
    I sing
    you sing
    praising your birth.


    Baby Mama all the best to you today and always. God give thee health, peace, blessings and everything you desire.

    These are the heartfelt wishes of a fan Gosselin of which is already a fan of Baby Mama.



  39. BM - Hope you don't mind me putting this here but for my blog, the address needs to be changed to
    instead of

    I had to move the hosting from my domain back to blogger to free up my domain.


  40. First time poster here. I like not seeing negativity. I admit I am not Kate's biggest fan but how could anyone "hate" someone they haven't even met? I like Jon too but the main reason I watch the show is the kids. Wasn't too keen on the "clubbing" thing but loved seeing the kids go wild, LOL! Kate didn't seem to mind that the kids got messy, either, like she used to.

  41. Hi and welcome Nancy.

    I agree, Kate didn't seem to mind that the kids got messy. In my own life, my attitudes towards "mess" changed dramatically from when the kids were toddlers to when the kids became school aged.

    As kids get older, taking care of them doesn't seem so overwhelming; at least to me. Then too, when they got older, they could help clean up the messes they made, or clean it up themselves. Same thing with picking up toys, etc.

    I remember well during the Polly Pockets/Barbie phase I felt like if I stepped on one more of those little shoes or accessories I'd lose it big time. House rule now has changed to: get it all picked up and put away 30 mins before bed/bath time and they get a reminder. If it is left out at bed time, it goes into the penalty box and you've gotta do an extra chore to get it back.

    I do remember, as does my family, when I'd start in their rooms with a broom sweeping all those accessory pieces/shoes to the hall, then down the steps, then into trash. That happened after reminders were ignored and deadlines passed.

    Huge difference, IMO, between picking up after 1 child and picking up after a bunch. You had to stay on it constantly or the clutter became out of control in just a few short hours. At least, that's the way it was in "our neck of the woods."

    Holey Moley, I'm sooooo glad those toddler/prek years are over! And we survived, lol.

  42. I'm stepping out on a limb here - Baby Mama may delete this comment...

    I think it's perhaps time for a re-design of this website. Going with fewer photos, etc. I think it would load faster and make it less prone to "breaking." Please let Baby Mama know your thoughts.

    As all of you regular posters know, I don't have anything to do with what's here, content wise except end of last summer when she was on vacation. My job/help as wing-woman is eliminating pesky flies, and trying to fix broken code. (Baby Mama is the designer, I'm just the geek, lol.)

    Given the "mess" the last time the blog was updated, i'll bet you never thought you'd hear the "geek" say ... "Maybe it's time to simplify it?"

  43. Jacque & Debora - So glad to see your posts. I catch you sometimes on Twitter but confess that by the time I put it into the translator and read it, you've moved on to something else, lol. Hugs, xoxoxo

  44. Will someone please please please upload the episode someday? I would love to watch it!

  45. It really surprises me that TLC doesn't have an online version of the episodes,kind of sad. Hope everyone has a nice peaceful weekend

  46. Oh my. I just tried to log on to post a comment and the comment box kept disappearing. That's a scary thought, lol.
    Tashapork - I'm surprised also that TLC doesn't have an online version, even if it were a "pay per view," I think many would do that.
    Wishing everybody a peaceful weekend, also. Our certainly was pleasant this evening as we attended a "graduation" party for the son of a dear friend. This child is Down's Syndrome and has finally aged out of the school system. He will be taking a two week vacation and then begin a paid position as a stock clerk at a local grocery store. He takes great pride in getting every item on the proper shelf and completely aligned.

    Amazing, that despite difficulties, this child has always kept his room "neat as a pin," with every toy on it's proper shelf, every shirt straight on a hanger and aligned. The only things that seem to rattle him are dogs, cats, spiders, escalators and elevators (although his favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians.) He'd never make it in a large city because he has to take the stairs (Fine until it's more than 3 or 4 flights.)

    In 21 years I've never seem him grumpy even one day, or resentful. He seems to be happy in whatever task he's given to do. I mention it only because ... isn't it a shame that so many of the rest of us can't be happy wherever we are in life??

    Hugs and make it a great weekend. (We'll be packing up kids for camp. :)

  47. Linda, kids like that are truelly special, keeping his room clean probably helps him function. One of my biggest disappointments with Sarah Palin's show was how little her son was able to be included. I understand that it is most likely unsafe for him to be around guns and such, but he was mostly shuttled off to Grandma. I would have loved to see how in less populated states like Alaska, he's able to get his therapies and such. It was also one of the things I admired most about the Table for Twelve family, how they included Rebecca and met her needs with such dignity. I think that if more people see things like that, they would be more comfortable around people with disabilities.

  48. It's a frenzy on Twitter today. (Update for those who don't Tweet.)

    Last night Kate tweeted for followers to send in Tweet questions to her this morning between 9:30-10:00 am. She's going to answer back best ones on Twitter. It's being filmed for the show.

    As you can imagine, the questions have been flowing non-stop.

  49. Hello everyone! This week was overwhelming for me. Alot is finished alot is beginning for me. I will put up a new blog post today to talk about all that is happening in Kate land. Speak to you soon! xo

  50. I don't do twitter but I am interested in seeing what kind of questions Kate answered. I guess my question would be wanting to know what she has planned for when this season is over; will she sign up for another season, or do something else?

  51. The twitter Q&A was fun! I missed some of it, but saw some excellent questions! I loved Kate's response to a Buttinski who asked
    why she was on twitter instead instead of with
    the kids. Basically, it was I'm's have too work! Much more restrained that I would have been, cause let's face it if Mom's are not supposed to Tweet or Blog G-land would be a ghost town.

    It always makes me chuckle when I see people who have stated they have kids snarking about the time Kate spends on Twitter. She's not even on there all that often! SHEESH

  52. Are all your kids off to camp Linda? How, fun I've never been able to get my tweener to go,& I really feel she's missing a wonderful experience! She has seperation anxiety so I never pushed it!
    As, soon as the little girls are old enough, I'm going to send them.

  53. Nancy - Kate was taking the questions today. I remember somebody asking your question. We won't know until the show is edited and aired what was included and what was eliminated.

  54. momsby - It was indeed frenetic. I have the creeples pretty much blocked so I don't see their Tweets. I have Kate in a list, so I can go to the list and read anything tweeted since last time I was on.

    I keep lists on private, for obvious reasons.

  55. momsby - Re camp: most of mine are pretty independent. They get teary on the hellos and goodbyes with traveling, but doesn't seem to slow them down from wanting to go again.

    Even when we lived in FL, they were coming to NC for "sleepover" camps from 2nd grade on. We'd all fly up, drop them at camp, DH & I would travel around for several weeks in NC and then pick them up to fly home.

    This year - oh my, scheduling their activities is tougher than keeping up with feeding schedules when they were babies. Church camp (in the mtns of NC about 4 hrs away) starts tomorrow.

    The return from Church camp is Saturday 18th, but Saturday is also the "check-in" day for basketball camp at Duke. One of the basketball campers will remain on Duke campus the week after for cryptography camp for math, science, and computer geeks.

    The crypto camper returns on a Saturday 25th, but another goes to horseback riding camp on same week as one at rapelling camp (yep - learning to rapell down mtns.) It goes on like that all summer. We have many location shoots throughout the summer so that gets factored in also.

    They will miss being home on Father's Day but Dad understand.

    We're already finishing plans for summer 2012. My tweens will be 13 then and we are expanding. One son goes to China to study for 6 wks; his sister goes to drama camp in NY state.(We'll make it through this summer - - as for next summer, we'll somehow get through it also.) My parents didn't let me go that far away until high school, but times change, lol, so I'm told.

  56. Linda your friends son sounds amazing. So glad he can lead a productive life.

    Wow, your kids summer activities sound so fun. They are so lucky!

    Look forward to the episode discussing the fan tweets. So glad the haters weren't there to ruin it!

  57. Ohhhh the haters were there. I was checking out some of the tweets that kate responded too, and there they were making their comments. And some of them were just horrid. I don't get their logic at all. But then that's what differentiates me from them. They are so negative...I can't imagine feeling that way about anything. I mean there are things I don't like in this world, but I don't go writing hateful responses about them. Geesh!! What are they teaching their own kids?!?!?!?

  58. This may seem like an obvious question, but why isn't the woman texting Kate not playing with her own kids and if she doesn't have kids, why is she texting Kate???

    Because my life is so full, I do not have time to chase the people around that I hate to tell them I hate them.

    Very sad indeed.

  59. Hello everyone! I was so sick today I had to drive my kids out ot my moms to get a little rest. I missed all your comments today and Kate's Tweets. I decided it was the right time to put up a new post about it. Please share your thoughts and tell me what you think.

    I want to make sure that there are no problems anymore getting on my site. I' working with Linda behind the scenes for 3 third new look for my blog. Details soon!

    Until then, FRESH PAPER! Sent of the day is hot coccoa and warm buttered toast. Cause I need it! xoxox