Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Jon & Kate Documentary? Watch New Kate Plus 8 Preview! Twitter fans Contact TLC & Save Kate From Possible Pedophile

Kate Takes Manhattan! Admit it, you’ve missed her! Kate Gosselin and her brood are back on TLC Monday with another edition of Kate Plus 8. In this episode titled Kate’s Night Out, Gosselin’s friend Jamie surprises her with a birthday weekend in New York City. The two have a night on the town, including dinner and dancing! But how will Kate handle a loud club full of people? Meanwhile, Ashley watches the kids back home make a mess!]Here’s an exclusive clip from the special that airs at 10 p.m. June 6.

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin's Twitter fans help her block suspected pedophile:

Say what you will about Kate Gosselin, but the "Kate Plus 8" star can take credit for having some of the most devoted fans on all of Twitter. After a man trying to pass himself off as George Harvey (the frightening antagonist of "The Lovely Bones") starring tweeting a series of frightening messages to the reality star (some of which suggesting that he was a pedophile), Kate's followers stepped in and informed her about what exactly was going on. From there, Kate's security team reportedly stepped in to ensure that her family was both safe and cared for. As a way to say thanks after all the drama, she posted the following message on her account:
"thanks 4 watching out 4 me.I haven't been on Twitter much but clearly u have been."
While this sort of incident may scare many people away from the social universe, Kate has apparently now learned the benefits of tweeting and speaking with new people -- instant connectivity. What would you do if you were in Kate's position and such dangerous people started to tweet in your direction?

Another Jon & Kate Documentary? This one by Kaysie Strictland. Is it a another bunch of ZZZ?


  1. How ridiculious is the guy on twitter. I think that is fantastic that the fans made Kate aware of the tweeter's intentions.

    Love the interview with Kate.

    Sending out prayers to everyone. No one lives a smooth life and none of us are alone.

    I think the haters feel very alone and have to send out hateful rhetoric to get a reaction so they feel like someone is listening. Sad really.

  2. The video keeps playing when I open the page. It would be great if that could be turned off. :)

  3. Hello fascinated! I miss you! Where have you been? You better visit us more, I always get worried when I don't hear from you guys in a while ;)

    So check this out. I can only use FireFox to post and modify on my own site. I'm out right now doing this from my phone, but I have not for the past few days, gotten onto IE. Had I known this I wouldn't have been so MIA these past few days. But Ive had such a great night with my Diva girls that I'm still recharged and in an awesome mood anyway. Every once in a while you need your girls to pump you up you know! Get out and have a night for yourself with no guilt!

    I pulled the video only because I couldn't figure out how to not have it start when you got on the site. You can see it on the E!Online link on the page for anyone that wants to hear it. :) Happy Friday!

  4. Glad you got a night out with the girls, Baby Mama! Everybody needs to that periodically.

    Have a great holiday weekend, all!

  5. Ahh thanks Baby Mama. Spring is so busy for us because Football season starts for my son. Yes, we go to every practice and game. : )

    Also, work is very busy because I have to get everything done before I go on holidays.

    I try to keep up with the readings but don't have time to respond formally. Often, I am responding aloud to myself as I read stuff. LOL.

  6. Linda, I hope Doggy had a goodnights rest. Remembering our first experience with reverse sneezing and how scary it was makes me thankful that our cases were easy to clear. Pets are lovable. I hope you find solutions. Do you run Hepa filters in house? I know when ours broke, dogs' alllergies were worse.
    I am hoping Kate has a great summer with the kids and films some great episodes for us to watch

  7. Thanks tashapork - He's holding his own right now. Yes, we run Hepa filters already and a cold mist vaporizer in the room where he sleeps. Thanks for suggestion, though.


    It will be interesting to see where the G's might go for the summer.

    I'm looking forward to Monday night's episodes.

    Have a good weekend, all. :)

  8. Busy, busy fun day! WooHoo...firedup still knows how to water ski!!

    Was dragged on my butt a few times..but finally got up and had the best time. My son & hubby are both pros of course!

    Had a few hubby would start & gun the engine to flip me into the water. He's such a jester...after about 3 of those I gave him the "I've had enough of this" look and he started pulling me right and proper! LOL

    So hope everyone else had a great day in the sunshine! Gonna see if I can catch Kate before nite is over!

  9. FiredUp - It sure sounds like you've had an excited and fun day. How wonderful that water skiing sounds even if your hubby did a little bit of pranking.

  10. Firedup~ omg how was water-skiing?

    It's such a pain in the neck to remember to use Firefox to get onto my own blog. I don't know what happened to IE but they still have not fixed whatever the problem is.. And it's now been over a week. So I will just say hi to everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

    Today we went to..get ready now.. a Memorial Day Pool Opening party. Yes friends of ours are more content to celebrate the opening of their pool. Hey whatever floats your boat. Ahh the joy of heated pools, well behaved kids and a beautiful day. lol Kate Tweeted the same, and that shes having a wonderful weekend with the kids swimming, which was nice. The haters cant get anyone down but themselves!

    May Sunday be a beautiful day for you all. And that you stop by and let us know what your up to! Tomorrow for us is a trip to do some Outlet shopping with my family and cousins! ;) xo

  11. Baby Mama - As your wingwoman, I've gotten a few emails from those still having trouble posting. (Tip, if Firefox works, perhaps switch it to your default browser.)

    I do not use IE so if that's the browser you're trying, I can't help you.
    Foxfire seems to be working; Chrome seems to be working; Safari seems to be working; Opera seems to be working ... at least for me.

    I'm sorry not to be able to "fix" it for you, but I think it is a browser issue/blogger issue.

    Blogger recently did an upgrade as did IE.

    Good luck. We hope you figure out a browser that will allow you to post. "Lurking" rates seem to be the same with no drop off there.

    Hope you are all having as wonderful a day as we are here. May you have sunshine, peace, and joy.

    We will be out of the house tomorrow doing fun things (although not water skiing like FiredUp, lol.) I will be checking to make sure no trolls. trogdolites, or zombies enter. Gee they don't have much to do except be online. The rest of us in the US are enjoying a 3-day weekend. :)

  12. Baby Mama, your friends must be transplanted Southerners, lol. It's typical to have Memorial Weekend Pool Opening Parties in the South whether it's for your own Pool or your community/municipal pool.

    When I lived in the midwest and in NY, I asked "Who's having a Memorial Weekend Pool Opening Party?" They looked at me like I was from Mars!

    We had a neighborhood party Friday night (that I missed.) Also, big party tomorrow with a kids' parade (decorating bikes, trikes, wagons, etc. - do the same on July 4th), big cookout, a dj, pool contests, and a heck of a lot of fun. Please let there be sunshine or there will be a lot of disappointed kids!!!

    Our dog is still very sluggish but he isn't bleeding, sneezes have almost stopped, and are hoping he's on the mend.

    Kids used the Cricut to cut out stuff from flat plastic sheets that they are using to decorate their bikes. (Please, somebody re-assure me they are not destroying the Cricut!)

  13. Hope you all are having a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. Ours will be quiet but that's the way we like it here. I'm not a crowd lover.

    (I'm also experimenting with browsers and the two blogs I lurk and Ziggy. Firefox worked best over there, now I'm here in IE, we'll see if I can post here)

  14. It took me three tries to get my post up in IE....just like at Ziggy. Let's see how many tries in Firefox.

    (sorry for being a bother about this.....feel free to delete my posts....I just gotta figure this

  15. Linda & BM:
    This is what worked for me in resolving the issues with IE, don't know if it will work for others, but it's worth a shot. IE sets their security setting at a rather high level by default. Unless one just uses no discretion or caution in their browsing, the default settings are a bit 'too tight'.

    Under Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, make sure this is UNchecked: Disable toolbars and extensions when In-Private Browsing starts.

  16. Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all have fun in the sun with plenty of good food and a great time with family and friends.

  17. IE is working for me but I had to setup my blogger acct for the 4th time.

  18. Good morning my lovelies! Corrina I missed you sweetie, I see you've been hanging around me too long judging by the times of your post! Lol Now you know me, I normally NEVER post this early as I stay up so late. But blame the birds & rain! First at 7am these birds wouldn't shut up by my window. Then at 8am the loudest boom from thunder woke my kids up. Great now were all packed back in one bed. Everyone is asleep again but ME.

    Ok so what did everyone do yesterday. Parents took us Ouket shopping. Omg I'm so obsessed I love it. I rarely get to go because it's far from me but man we had fun! Ever look at last summers clothes and sigh? Yeah I needed some crisp new stuff. And no my husband didn't go. I can't let him see me like a shopping crackhead! And you should have seen the line at Coach! Lol

    Now with the rain the parade is gonna such so we aren't going. Hubby wants a nice brunch. Wondering what to do with the kids today? I wonder what Kate & the kids will do? Off to Twitter, hopefully she will tell us!

  19. Ohh and Ziggy thanks so much I'm going to try that on IE. I never had a problem in the past, was wondering why now I STILL can't get on. Only use firefox now or my iPad to get on. Which is fustrating.

    Is anyone still on Jons twitter? Noticed this morning that my other account I used to track his tweets was removed. Turned out bc I followed Hailey Glassman still (and I have no idea why I did) he removed me & everyone that followed her. Ellen did the same thing. Her ass needs to be worrying about her job & not using government time to block tweets & beg for swag for her blog..Trolls have some nerve attacking Kate for the freebies yet Ellen is now worse. Ugh have you seen that mess of a blog? Lol ;)

  20. Ohh and thank you to the person that sent me the email on LisaKnight and her dead as bag of rocks blog. Their site and the 3 people on it are a joke. They laugh saying my site is dead meanwhile if you look at her commenters it's one person posting under different names. Lame losers that do nothing but read this site (see losers) and comment about Ziggy & I . Were famous because of them. Self absorbers trolls need to find a new hobby. aAlthough they seem to love Ziggy more now, it's making me feel left out! Lol

    Not relevant, & a waste of space! Happy Memorial Day everyone! Here's to the soldiers that make so that they CAN waste time talking about us!

  21. Hi Baby Mama--Storms here today--maybe sunshine in the afternoon until it heats up to 85 and then more storms tonite and tomorrow. Thunder woke me up early today too. But normally i'm an early bird anyway.

    Yesterday we fixed some damage done by a bear.
    Can't leave bird feeders out overnite anymore.
    He reached the feeders that are 10' up and trampled the flowers planted around the base of the feeder pole. So-will replace feeders. Will send you a picture soon. Have fun today! Hope the sun is shining there and for everyone!!

  22. Wow, what a weekend...just missed Kate on twitter. She is so funny& genuine. Looks like she has lots of friends & social agendas. Haters are having another stupid rumor debunked!

    Makes you wonder about the "inside source" that said only Steve & Gina were here friends! Guess not!

    I wore my kids out today. Made them help me plant flowers and do some weeding and chores around the house. The are ready for bed! LOL

    Hubby did grillin tonight...barbecue ribs, homemade potatoe salad and fresh cut-up watermelon for desert! Been a great long weekend!

  23. Great weekend!

    FiredUp - I just wish folks would stop retweeting the haterz. Ugh! Ignore them, or remove their names when retweeting.

  24. Good mornin and sunshine to you all!

    Beautiful warm day already. My schedule changes a the kids to keep busy, but wanted to quickly say hello.

    Haters have been after me again...sending porno pics to my twitter account. Everyone please ignore. Also..they are trying to link me to some twitter acct. about "government worker's" dogs.

    It aint' me!!! I spend too much time on twitter as it is...sure don't have time to fool with another aqccount...and you will NEVER see me use vulgar language on twitter or any blog post.

    That's not me...if you see is someone tryin to impersonate me and link me to their trashy way of speaking.

    Hey BabyMama...saw your tweet last nite...can't ever seem to catch you here!

    LindaO...I feel your pain about the haters...they are so vile...they take perfectly nice innocent comments and turn them around to say something nasty and ugly to Kate. I'm glad Kate does not see them.

    Hope that doggy of yours is still improving...our pets are part of family. They get the best care in FiredUp's house! LOL

  25. Good morning everyone! FiredUp~ I roll with some insane hours lately.. With all thats going on I will either by on in the AM or late PM..I liked this article & wanted to share...

    "Kate Plus 8 will return to TLC. With the series off the air in recent weeks, many were starting to wonder if Kate Gosselin had finished her time on the small screen. Not the case! The series is set to return in June with all-new episodes. In fact, it looks like the series will be around for most of the summer.

    This bit of information came straight from Gosselin herself via her personal Twitter account. She sent the following tweet out Saturday morning in response to fans wondering when the series would return: "Mon,June 6@10pm EST then ea wk for summer..! Yay! Lots of FUN coming ur way!"

    The series was originally set to return to TLC this weekend, but that is not happening. With a dip in the ratings this season, including the first dip below one million viewers for the reality, cancellation has become a real possibility. The episodes set to air this summer might be the last fans of the series see of it. Ratings would need to pick up in a major way for TLC to continue on with Kate Plus 8.

    Will Kate Gosselin have to return to normal life out of the spotlight if her time on television ends? Some might say it is time for her eight to experience a normal life without the cameras following them around. For now, TLC is giving Kate one last shot. What do you think? Will you be tuning in?"

  26. who the h*ll writes this stuff?

    always so negative!!!

    i don't think the show's in jeopardy after 1 episode getting low ratings, this isn't network TV.


  27. I agree tiggerfan, I am so sure the show is in threat of cancellation. TLC continues to keep taping and plans to run it over the summer.

    It makes sense to me to run it over the summer whereby the children are not in school and don't have to worry about any negative reaction from the haters the next day.

    It will also make our summer more interesting regarding summer programming. LOL

  28. tigger - the site was which usually has only negative things to say. Their news is second hand from other websites. TLC denies the program is being cancelled; they are a primary source :). Gather has had a weekly post since the divorce, yep every week, saying the show is cancelled.

    fascinated - I could only wish that the haterz wouldn't have something nrgative to say about summer filming. But, they will always have negatives, lol. I would imagine that if Bill Gates personally called each of them to say he was sending a check for a million, their response would be, "With your billions, why aren't you giving me $10 million?" They don't following anything based in logic!

    Fired up - yeah, I've gotten their slimy porn also. Either they send it, or they go to the Twitter porn sites and ask them to send the porn. Isn't it amazing that they devote so much of their lives to spreading hate? All because you are a fan of somebody? That's just nuts!!!!

  29. Ummm - I'm in an angry mood! I use a Unix based computer that runs both Mac and PC in serial / parallel interfaces. Had to do an upgrade today to Windows Pro - what a nightmare! I've been on the phone with tech support (in some unknown country) giving them control over my computer for 6 1/2 freaking hours now.

    Still have about 2 hours to go. I have work that has to be finished by 7 am and our whole network is locked up and in control of an unknown person in an unknown country.

    I've listened to the tech guy's whole life story while waiting. It's almost funny... Except for the pain!!! Lol.

    Today I'd say it's a toss up as to who's more annoying ... the haterz or tech support for a computer system I truly, truly truly, dislike.

    Thank goodness for iPads, iPods, smart phones. At least I can answer email and phone calls (and get Internet access via my neighbors WiFi - and yes, of course have neighbor's permission.)

    Sigh. Looks like it'll be an all nighter. Xoxoxo

  30. LOL Linda O, I agree with your interpretation of their reaction to Bill's offer.

    I also agree about Tech support. So frustrating at times. Particularly if you have to ship stuff to get fixed and they don't fix it because they can't replicate the problem. Arggh.

  31. Woo Hoo! I can't believe I was actually able to get here! I've logged in and logged in but keep getting "cleared" before post will take.

    Anyway, if this posts, I hope all are having a wonderful day/evening.

    Looking forward to the Kate+8 show on June 6th. (Gee I hope I got the date right this time.)

    Summer is so frenetically busy with kids and work. I can't imagine how Kate keeps up with 8. Whew!

  32. It sounds like Monday's episode will be filled with fun! Looking toward to seeing those smiles! Thanks, Kate for letting us share!

  33. Good Morning!! I'm so glad the show has moved back to Mondays. Wish it aired earlier--but I won't miss it whatever time it's on!! Woo Hoo!!

  34. How things change when the kids are underfoot all day long! LOL

    I've got my 11 yr old trying to sit on my lap as I type! She's gettin too big for this! I let her look at this site and the pics...she loves Kate and the 8!

    Well, last nite at the twitter office for Kate was a bomb again. When will I ever learn! LindaO...feel free to chastise me again. LOL

    I enjoy taking a hour away from TV & supportin Kate on twitter...just chattin it up with some never fails to always take a bad turn with insults against Kate. And there you go...FiredUp has to get herself in the middle of the fray again!

    Everyone have a great day. Going to get out & take the kids & friends to mini. golf course!

  35. Hello to all the REAL divas! I've been very busy this week with a few cool opportunities and of course ending the year with my kids activities. I'm sorry I've been MIA but I know most everyone has too. It's always such a blessing to come back here and see how you ladies are doing!

    I too try once a day to get onto Twitter and say a note of encouragement. Unlike the losers that are day & night using Kate's name as their mud to slide in, I always love to get a good laugh out of their ridiculousness. I can't believe Lisa & Preesi's clowns are still at home day& night laughing abbot Kate. While thankfully she is enjoying her life and shaking her head.

    I'm going to try to get the preview for the episode on my site. If anyone finds it could you please let me know either here or by email? Xo

  36. Next week is going to be exciting and I get to watch three of my favorite shows within the course of two beautiful days, K+8, Little couple and the Duggars. TLC hasn't been on too much in my house since nothing good has been on.

  37. I agree Tashapork. I haven't had TLC on for a while. There was a time when I was watching it all evening. I hope they go back to more family orientated viewing.

  38. tashapork & fascinated - ITA with both of you! Looking forward to several of my favorites, too!
    Weekend!!! I am sooooo ready for fun with family and chillin' out!!!
    Make it a great one, folks and have family fun!

  39. Well, our Kate is MIA again. Funny how you get used to hearing from her on twitter at least a couple of times a day...and then when she is silent for a day or like panic! Where is Kate?

    Terrible what the haters did in responding on twitter with ugly comments to Kate's hair stylist Jason Hueman...and then of course, a barrage of ugly remarks about her hair as well.

    And BabyMama..I don't know how you ever maintain a decent convo with SG! She's like a horsefly flyin around a horse's butt...just an irritant.

    SG, I know you read here. So let me explain this. My kids are 11 & 15yrs. old, they are not 1 & 5 yr. olds. They both are good athletes and as a family we often compete and play games.

    My kids are old enough and mature enough NOT to get made or sulk when mommy wins at putt putt golf!! Any victory celebrating or gloating as you used the strictly done in fun! I don't need you to tell me how to parent my kids...and neither does Kate!

  40. Whoops...typo..."my kids are old enough & mature enough not to get MAD"(not made)! :)

  41. firedup - I hear you loud and clear. You were playing Putt Putt for heavens sake, not head to head Golf against a very young child.

    It makes me sad to hear her criticize Kate for time spent at night on Twitter when she is camping out daily on blogs, Twitter etc. Poor kids! Just is really, really sad to feel a need to jab at anyone who is a fan of Kate's.

  42. Hello to my divas! I miss you all so much. With all going on I will at least for a bit be getting on at crazy times. But I'm still here! Still laughing at the crazy Ziggy/BM obsession some of these haters have. I just sigh and be blessed that I'm that important and So much so I need to continue to push for my own reality show. A girl can dream right?

    You were all talking about TLC. I hate it now. There was a time it was the only channel I watched. First it was HGTV. I was obsessed with that channel. But the shows got so bad. Then I got completely into TLC. Now other than Kate Plus 8 and the occasional Cake Boss & random Hoarding, I refuse to watch it. My new obsession is Bravo. And I'm obsessed with my housewives. But anyone that reads my Twitter sees that. ;)

    If they lose Kate Plus 8 then the lose me. They really need to get better programming. And promote Kate on the site more. The wolves fangs are salivating that Kate is not predominately featured on the site. Kate is their bread & butter and girlfriend should be front & center. I heard she will be on the today show Monday morning. Can't wait to see that!

    I miss you guys. What is everyone doing this weekend? xoxox Big party weekend here..OHH AND THERE IS A BDAY THIS WEEK...sooo ;)

  43. Good Morning and Happy Weekend to you all!

    Kate has been pretty quiet on Twitter, busy with LIFE. One of the most refreshing things about Kate is how many people she tries to respond to as she talks about daily life like visiting Henry, the Amish farmer, and getting fresh vegetables, enjoying the pool with the kids, running errands, etc.

    It is amazing how often a "fake" account pops up with a pretender. Ugh!

    It looks like the episode to be shown Monday will be Kate's birthday celebration in NYC. I'll admit I haven't seen the promos on TLC. Unhappy with their lineup, I seldom go there. With some of my old favorites on this week, I'll be watching.

    My hours and life are weirdly, frenetically busy, with too many irons in the fire so I'm trying to simplify. We're just chillin' and relaxing this weekend in a little getaway. Played so hard yesterday and last night that with one exception (me), everybody is still sleeping.

    Can't wait for Monday night! Make it a great weekend! :) xoxo

  44. Hello everyone! How is everyone's weekend? What has everyone been doing? The weather is beautiful and I know everyone is out and about. Please stop & visit us at some point and keep me posted on all that is going on...xo

  45. Good Sunday Morning! Summer has finally arrived here and it's so nice after a long winter.

    We're just doing lawn/garden and remodelling projects and trying hard to not attract the bears, we have a mother and two cubs in the neighborhood. lol Hope your day is the best.

  46. Great Sunday morning ... although the end of a fun weekend. I'm taking a break as all go back through house one more time to make sure nothing left behind and we scurry over to catch the ferry and head home.

    Okay, I have one child who is fried by the sun despite hourly applications of sunscreen and a water shirt over a swimsuit. Aloe vera, Noxema applied, benadryl given, and it will be an uncomfortable ride home despite best efforts to keep this from happening. I swear when this child went to bed the skin was a only on the "pink" side only to awaken "glowing neon red."


    Corrina - stay away from those bears. Oh my gosh, a momma bear with cubs is so unpredictable. Good luck with those remodeling projects. :)

    Baby Mama - as always, sending love and hugs. Thanks for posting that TLC promo video. Hope you have a relaxing day. Luv & hugs x0x0x0

  47. Linda--You reminded me of when I was a kid, my
    mom always kept Noxzema in the refrigerator in case one of us got a sunburn. We hadn't heard of sunscreen on those days. :) Sunburn's not fun. Hope the trip back isn't too awfully bad.

    We remodelled this house when we bought and now we're starting all over again. At least the kitchen cabinets are good. lol

  48. I'm in the midst of prepping for my first ever AVON party next sunday. I've been an AVON rep for 2 yrs now and this is my first foray into the home party game.

    It's very very cloudy today here in Hershey. Yesterday was beautiful until the storms came.


  49. Linda;

    Did you use a sports version sunscreen on the child? And on a fair person, they should follow the following rule...for whatever spf you choose, that is the amount of time until you must reapply. Regardless of what the bottle says.

    So an spf 15 on a fair must be applied every 15 min. 30 = 30 min, etc. Sadly us fairs have it hard.

  50. Ohh Tig! Your gonna be great. Come tell us later how it goes! Today is such a great day! We gave a bit of a drive but the kids have a big pool party today. I have such a long week I'm just going to try to relax & enjoy the sun. So happy to see you here, email me later are you on Twiiter?

  51. Corrina - Sometimes those old "tried and true" methods (like Noxema) work great. I think I spent every summer going to sleep smelling it and SeaBreeze; my mom thought these two products cured everything.

    Tigger - Used sports version made for water sports. He has darker hair but very fair skin like me; frustrating to him that blond siblings look at the sun and turn nice tan brown. I felt the same frustration with my own blond siblings who got great tans while I never did, lol. Only tan I've ever had was spray on "fake bake." I use a sun block (not a screen) or I freckle.

  52. LOL FiredUps family are as "brown as toast" burns here. I guess we are out so much...we just get some 30-45 min. a day so we don't burn. Then by summertime we are good to go. Take lots of water breaks...Vit.E...break open capsules and rub gently in worst areas if you have a burn.

    Odd how we are all sort of dirty blondes here...hubby a light brown curly head...but we all have a darker skin pigment...not sure where that comes from! I've got German, Irish and American Cherokee Indian genes in me! LOL A true mixed breed muttess!

    Geesh, do we need another unauthorized documentary on Kate and her life. Is this going to be from a "hater" perspective again?

    I'm a bit nervous about this next episode. I tweeted Kate that I was going to have to "fast forward" the clip of the guy licking her foot! Not ready for my kids to see that one yet! LOL

    I can just hear Charlie Rich in the background of that clip..."And when we get behind closed doors..." LOL!

  53. Linda--I love that about the Noxzema and Sea Breeze curing everything. My sister thought Noxzema and Ambush was the best. Noxzema on her face and Ambush on her wrist--we still tease her about that--plus her green eye shadow.

    FiredUp--I didn't know that about Vitamin E. Another good tip!

  54. Good morning everyone! I'm so excited about this week. It's gonna be a good one for many reasons (b-day perhaps? ;) So I'm thinking I may start off fresh with a new post. I have Kate's interview on the Today show and I'm setting that up for the site right now. How was everyone's weekend? xox

  55. --Kate was terrific on Today. Said nice things about Jon & his relationship with the kids.

    __FiredUp4Kate-We've all succumbed to the urge to engage the AKOs, even tho we know it's an exercise in futility with them. Maybe it will help with people reading them so that they know that the AKOs speak only for themselves.

  56. Peggy, it's so great to see you! Thank you for telling me about the interview. Ive been scrambling to upload Firefox again so I can post the interview and watch it myself. I really want to get a feel for all that's going on and how she's really doing.

    I hope were able to all support and plug the episode for her so that ratings go over a million. Does anyone have any info on the radio interview and when it's on? I

  57. Baby Mama-Thanks. I had trouble posting too. I took Ziggy's advice and downloaded Google Chrome& it worked great. I also had surgery (preventative hysterectomy (Mom died of ovarian cancer) using a Da Vinci robot) and spent last weekend in Gettysburg so I've been otherwise engaged. Glad to see people overcoming posting problems, too.

  58. Baby Mama-I forgot to add. IW posted the radio station interview. Ann&IW posted link on Twitter.

  59. Thank you Peggy. I going to try to get it on for you guys. And apologize to Pam & Anya for swiping it ;) It's all good, I love listening to it. It was too funny. I liked the radio spot more than I liked the interview. what did you think?

  60. New Fresh Paper! Scent of the day is the pretty comforting scent of the perfume Anais Anais. I was thinking of my grandmother today. I miss her and this was the scent she wore.

    Hug your fresh-smelling cotton towels today as a friendly reminder and come post on the new thread ;)